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These guys rock! From left to right Mace Daniels, Ben "Smasher" Jackson, Hawk Mason and Alana Mc Kendrick.
Fighting Force is a 1997 Beat 'em Up game developed by Core Design (creator of the original Tomb Raider series). It was released for the Playstation 1, Nintendo 64 and the PC. The game is about a man named Zeng who predicts the end of the world which doesn't happen. He then decides to make the end of the world happen himself! Four brave fighters decide to take him on!

A sequel was released for the Playstation 1 and Dreamcast with the only playable character being Hawk. It didn't do well.

Another sequel was in development for the Playstation 2 but got cancelled.

Fighting Force provides examples of:

  • Bare Your Midriff: Mace Daniels does this wearing her black bra.
  • Batter Up!: Mooks often swing at you with bats but you're free to knock them out of their hands, pick them up and have some swings at them of your own!
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: The female enemies you fight on the 5th stage have this.
  • The Big Bad: Zeng, running a criminal empire trying to end the world just to fulfill a prediction he had after all!
  • The Big Guy: Ben "Smasher" Jackson is this having attacks that do the most damage, however he is the slowest of the four playable characters.
  • Blown Across the Room: All of the few guns in the game do this whether done by the player to an enemy or vice versa.
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  • Breakable Weapons: Every melee weapon in the game will break after a certain amount of uses.
  • Camera Lock-On: The game's camera will center on your character and attempt to adjust itself to wherever the player is moving on the map.
  • Co-Op Multiplayer: You and a friend can fight together split-screen against Zeng's horde of Mooks!
  • Critical Existence Failure: Your character can take a licking but keep on ticking but when they lose the last hitpoint they are through unless there are some continues. Averted with enemies who will show some fatigue after being beaten down.
  • Elevator Action Sequence: There are 2 of these one with an enclosed elevator and one with an exposed one. You fight tons of mooks on both and in the former you got a lot of melee weapons to work with including a fire escape axe.
  • Everything Fades: From defeated enemies to items not picked up in time, everything just flickers and disappears.
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  • Evil Laugh: Zeng has this especially when he's getting the upper hand in the final level/boss battle with him.
  • Extra Lives: This game allows the player to earn continues based upon their score. Basically you want to be able to live another day? Then score up some points!
  • Final Boss: This game has a few including Zeng himself as well as a woman on a jetpack!
  • Genre Shift: Fighting Force 2 changes the genre into a third-person action-adventure in the vein of Tomb Raider and surprisingly plays like Oni, but slower paced.
  • Grievous Bottley Harm: Smashable bottles are one of the many melee weapons in the game.
  • Happy Ending: Zeng, is defeated and jailed and the world is saved!
  • Heads-Up Display: The player has one which displays their health, the health of the most immediate enemy, the score, etc.
  • Hover Bike: Enemies drop down from these in the later levels.
  • Hurricane Kick: Hawk Mason has this as a special move.
  • Improvised Weapon: You can throw various things at enemies such as car tires and suitcases.
  • Item Drop Mechanic: When killed, enemies drop items such as sandwiches which replenish health. Don't wait too long to pick them up as they will disappear after a while.
  • Jet Pack: A boss in one of the later levels aptly named "Jetpac" has one of these.
  • Life Meter: Not only does the player have one displayed in the HUD the enemies have their own displayed on the player's HUD too.
  • Loading Screen: Basically just the title of the game with the loading bar underneath.
  • Mooks: Zeng has a lot of them, this is what makes the game the game.
  • Multi-Mook Melee: Basically what the whole game is about, having to fight group of mooks after mooks.
  • Muscles Are Meaningful: Ben "Smasher" Jackson looks strong and IS strong. His attacks do the most damage compared to the other 3 characters.
  • Police are Useless: Played up pretty high considering they just lounge around traffic blockades set up which form the boundaries of the level on occasion. After being defeated by the player Zeng is arrested by them however.
  • Rewarding Vandalism: You get points for breaking things such as vending machines and control panels.
  • Roundhouse Kick: A basic move that all the characters have.
  • Save Point: The player is allowed to save after beating every few levels.
  • Scoring Points: You get points for killing enemies, breaking things, picking up items, etc. basically for kicking ass!
  • Spin Attack: The jump spin kick signature move that Hawk Mason has serves as this.
  • Spinning Paper: Happens at the end of the game when you defeat Zeng!
  • Suplex Finisher: One of the special moves that the characters can do.
  • Static Stun Gun: Some mooks near the end of the game have an arm that can shock the player, knocking them down and taking some health.
  • The Syndicate: Zeng running one is what makes him such a threat.
  • Team Shot: The cover (shown above) and the character select screen with the heroes all standing together.
  • Throwing Your Gun at the Enemy: You can do this with empty or even loaded guns though a hit only takes away a minuscule amount of their health.


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