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Deadpool 2 and its related materials have numerous references to works by other creators.

Promotional Material

The Film

  • Wade claims all good family films begin with a vicious murder, including Bambi, The Lion King and Saw 7.
  • Wade escaping an army of criminals, yelling at Dopinder from afar to start the taxi before diving into the vehicle and ending up upside-down in the process is taken directly from Indiana Jones's escape in the Action Prologue of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Wade notes he's basically Bigger Than Jesus because his first film made more than The Passion of the Christ worldwide (and almost as much domestically).
  • Wade tells Dopinder to "Talk to me, Goose"
  • Dopinder explains his desire to become a Professional Killer using an extended Interview with the Vampire metaphor involving Kirsten Dunst, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.
  • Wade tells Vanessa he was late because he was got into a fight with a "badass in a cape" whose mom was "also named Martha."
  • Wade and Vanessa watch Yentl, at which point Wade questions why "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" from Frozen sounds so much like "Papa Can You Hear Me?". It becomes a Running Gag from there on.
  • Wade and Vanessa discuss whether Luke banged his sister in Star Wars: A New Hope or The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Wade suggest Cher as a baby name.
  • The movie's opening credits are styled like those of a James Bond movie — with Deadpool taking not just the role of the manly action hero, but also the sexy Bond girls. Just add funny descriptions and some nonsense instead of names.
  • Director David Leitch's credit gag in the opening is "One of the guys who killed the dog in John Wick". His credit is also synced with a stacks of tokens falling in the background, a reference to those films' usage of special metal coin currency.
  • Wade quotes lyrics from George Michael's "Careless Whisper" and then opines Michael had passed away.
  • Weasel and Dopinder then have to hide from Wade the fact that David Bowie had passed away the previous year.
  • Deadpool initially refers to Yukio as "Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony".
  • Deadpool refers to a creepy-looking orderly at the Essex House as Jared Kushner.
  • Russel refers to Negasonic Teenage Warhead as Justin Bieber as Deadpool tries to approach him during the orphanage standoff.
  • When Colossus asks Russel to surrender;
    Colossus: Come quietly, or there will be trouble.
    Russel: You stole that from Robocop!
    Deadpool: It's Robocop!
  • When Negasonic introduces Wade to Yukio and assumes he's going to make a homophobic crack, he responds "Pump the hate brakes, Fox & Friends".
  • Russell says he's a gangsta like Tupac. Also doubles as an Actor Allusion to the actor's previous role in Hunt for the Wilderpeople.
  • After a mutant inhibitor collar takes away his powers, Deadpool laments that if he had a bow and arrows he'd basically be Hawkeye.
  • Cable has a dial on his custom future rifle that goes up to 11.
    • During the parachute sequence, Deadpool crashes into a sign advertising a puppet show at an amusement park, referencing one of the more famous punchlines from the same movie.
  • Wade refers to Cable as a "Grumpy old fuck with a Winter Soldier arm."
  • When Cable asks Deadpool who he is, Wade responds by saying "I'm Batman."
  • Wade wonders which gang the "sorting hat" will put him and Russell in when they get to the Ice Box.
  • In the Super Duper Cut, Wade when he regains consciousness after Cable knocked him out (and broke his collar) starts speaking Spanish - a nod to Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 3.
  • After learning Cable's from the future, Wade asks "Which Sharknado are we on?"
  • Cable and Deadpool have a Running Gag going about whether Dubstep is still popular in the future, before Skrillex momentarily starts playing.
  • When explaining the Darkest Hour trope, Deadpool uses the moment when John Candy loses his prized bobsled in Cool Runnings and when the cast of the The Human Centipede signed up to be in the film as examples.
  • When Bedlam explains his Brown Note powers, Deadpool compares him to the Dave Matthews Band.
  • Deadpool's long series of "No"s to Domino saying luck is a superpower includes a "Mario Nopez".
  • Over the childish doodle that is Deadpool's action plan, you can notice that the DMC Prison sport a drawing of Wolverine tagged "Prisoner 24601". That's Jean Valjean's prisoner number in Les Miserables, naturally played by Hugh Jackman.
  • Naturally, fighting a killer cyborg from the future results in several jabs at Terminator, including calling Cable "John Connor".
  • Wade calls Cable One-Eyed Willy, as a reference to The Goonies, which was the first film of Cable's actor Josh Brolin.
  • Deadpool describes wearing a shirt and no pants as "Full Winnie-the-Pooh."
  • Weasel describes Wade's regenerating form as looking like a Muppet, specifically Grover with a dick.
  • Weasel calls Cable "The Time Traveler's Wife's... husband".
  • Deadpool does the Basic Instinct leg cross... with tiny baby legs and a baby-sized penis.
    Cable: Is that really necessary?
    Weasel: It's his basic instinct.
  • Wade jokingly calls Domino "Black Black Widow." Made hilarious when you remember Ryan Reynolds used to be married to the current Black Widow.
  • Dopinder responds to Cable's "I'm here to proposition you." with "The Proposition has a wonderful Guy Pearce performance!"
  • Deadpool wakes up Colossus at the X-Mansion by playing music from an iPhone held over his head in reference to the most famous scene of Say Anything....
  • Juggernaut threatens people with an Ass Shove using other people, which is straight out of Hancock.
  • While fighting Juggernaut, Deadpool mockingly recites "Hey, big guy. The sun's getting real low," the mantra used to calm down the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Deadpool quotes to Colossus "It's time to sweep the leg, Johnny." from The Karate Kid.
  • The climatic showdown between Deadpool, Cable and Russel is set to the song "Tomorrow", from Annie. Specifically from the 1999 Disney Made-for-TV Movie version, Annie (1999).
  • Wade gives Yukio his Adventure Time watch.
  • The film references the music video for "Take On Me" by A Ha as a unplugged version of the song plays when Vanessa reaches through the barrier, grabs Wade's arm, and pulls him through, where his appearance changes.
  • When Cable plants the coin on Deadpool to prevent him from taking the bullet that originally kills him, Deadpool says "Somebody swiped right", a reference to the dating website Tinder.
  • Wade calls Dopinder "Brown Panther".
  • In the mid-credits scene, Deadpool refers to Negasonic Teenage Warhead as Eleven due to her previous buzzcut hairstyle.
  • In The Stinger, Wade also kills Ryan Reynolds before he can take the lead role in Green Lantern.
  • Matt Damon is credited as Dickie Greenleaf, Jude Law's character whom Damon assumes in The Talented Mr. Ripley.
  • When Wade sneaks into Blind Al's apartment, she's listening to The Jack Benny Program. In particular, it's the famous "I'm Thinking It Over!" scene, known for getting the biggest laugh in radio history.
  • The sign on top of Dopinder's Taxi reads "Alpha Flight".
  • In the X-Mansion, Wade wears a shirt that says "Meredith & Olivia - Best Friends Purr-ever!". Those are Taylor Swift's cats.

Once Upon a Deadpool

Cable: Who Are You?
Deadpool: I'm Batman!

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