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R-Rated Opening speculations
  • As a shit on everyone who brought kids to see this one as well, it opens with an all-new Sex Montage covering all the holidays that were left out of the first one.
    • The new song? "Centerfold" by J. Geils Band.
    • Or "I Just Had Sex" by the Lonely Island, with Andy Samberg getting a cameo as Conner4Real as a Brick Joke.

Opening Credits Speculation

Dr Killbrew is introduced as the guy who gave Ajax his orders
  • Jossed

Squirrel Girl will show up in a future Deadpool sequel
Instead of a hack/slash one of the sequels will instead be a comedy of Deadpool and his Sitcom Arch-Nemesis. The fourth wall will be obliterated.
  • Jossed as Marvel Studios owns her.
  • Unjossed for potential sequels as Disney now owns FOX.
    • It should be noted that Disney is only in the process of buying FOX and that the films at both companies were being made long in advance of that, so it'll be a lot more time than some fans are expecting for the properties to really fuse together (if that's even what they go with).

The sequel and Cable
  • Cable will appear as a time traveler trying to prevent the events of X-Men: Apocalypse, but won't go back far enough, leaving him stuck with Deadpool. It would be a nice way to explain his absence from that movie.
  • Cable will be played by different actors, as his interference with the time stream affects his personal history. He could very well be played by both Dolph Lundgren and Keira Knightley.
  • Cable will come back to kill some other villain in the timeline and won't be connected to Apocalypse since Apoc had his own X-Men movie. The X-movies are comfortable with changing things from the comics in order to have things make sense onscreen.
  • Scott and Jean will play a significant role as Cable's future parents. Part of the plot will involve Deadpool and Cable trying to ensure that the latter is conceived.
    • All Jossed.

Wolverine will cameo in the sequel.
There'll be a running gag about how the success of the first movie means they can afford many more characters. Cable and Deadpool will meet with Wolverine to get a key piece of information. Cable will get the information, while Deadpool dances around spastically, ranting about how awesome it is that he's finally important enough to get Wolverine in his movie...then Cable will literally have to drag him away, kicking and screaming... They might also make a Shout-Out to his cameo in First Class by having them run into him in a bar and him dropping an F-bomb...only for Deadpool to inform him that since they're in an R-rated movie they don't have to hold back on the swearing.
  • Alternatively, Wolverine will appear in the sequel as part of the build-up to X-Force. No, not Logan. Laura Kinney. Wade will of course lampshade the hell out of it.
  • Confirmed, but it's only archive footage from X-Men Origins.

In the sequel, Cable will be played by Keira Knightley
Wade wasn't kidding. That's seriously who they want for the part. It's gonna be... different from the comics.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead will be in the sequel or a future X-Men movie
No, not the character, who is a given. The song by Monster Magnet upon which her name is based.
  • Jossed.

When the Fox-Marvel Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally cross over, Deadpool will be the first character to do the honors.
After years of inter-studio rights issues, who better to bridge the gap between the universes than the guy who knows he's in a movie and can make fun of the inter-studio issues?
  • Furthermore, it will happen in the context of the next standalone Spider-Man film. Allowing for glorious snark to snark combat between Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland.
A future sequel will introduce the Deadpool Corps
It will be comprised of the original Deadpool himself and his alternate universe versions, including Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, Headpool, and Dogpool, as well as possibly the Champion of the Universe (A.K.A. Championpool) and Cable, with the whole thing being a parody of Avengers, Assemble!-type movies like The Avengers (2012) and Justice League (2017). And just because that alone isn't enough Deadpools in one movie, the villain will be also be a version of Deadpool... specifically, Dreadpool.

There will be a pseudo-sequel called The Deadpool.
More of an Interquel really, taking place during the Roaring Rampage of Revenge montage as Wade has to travel to Japan when following his leads. This leads up to the Forging Scene for the katanas and his final costume, and includes some actual Japanese porn stars to provide the fanservice.

Fellow fourth-wall breaker She-Hulk will appear in a sequel
When she and Deadpool meet each other, they'll both have a contest over who can break the fourth-wall better. She'll also try and beat him up at one point... only for him to remind her that she still has to wait for Marvel Vs. Capcom 4.
  • Jossed.

Keira Knightley will play Domino.
Since casting her as Cable will invoke WTH, Casting Agency? from the fans, it's no-brainer that she'd play this luck-changing member of the X-Force. Plus the two do have a history together.
  • Since Knightley has also already played one Domino in the past, it's also a font for meta-humor.
  • Jossed with the casting of Zazie Beetz.

The sequel will have manufactured romantic tension between Deadpool and Vanessa.
Based on the fact that her crazy and his crazy no longer match. She will, at one point, be utterly fed up with him, telling him "We are not characters in a movie!" And he will reply "Oh, yeah? Then who are all those people?!" and we'll see a shot of the film crew standing around awkwardly. Vanessa will insist there's no one there.
  • Jossed.

Angel Dust will join the X-Men.
Colossus was shown carrying her to safety during the explosion, and considering how persistent he was to make Wade one, it's likely he'd offer to recruit her as well. And due to Francis' death, it's unlikely she'd have anywhere else to go.
  • Part of Deadpool's 4th Wall Power includes Precognition.
  • Deadpool: Your poor wife!!
    • Jossed.

The film will reveal that the workshop which gave Wade his powers is Alkali-Transigen, and is part of the same X-## projects which gave rise to X-23 and X-24.
  • Bonus points if Wade's experiment was classified as X-11.
    • Jossed.

Deadpool's sequel will be a sequel to Logan
The bleakness of Logan making setting anything before it seem kinda pointless. So there will be a Time Skip to after the events of Logan, which Deadpool will note, and then he will explain that he is the X-23 kiddies' new bodyguard in Canada. This will lead to another Wolverine/Hugh Jackman joke such as Deadpool stating that co-staring with Wolverine's "daughter" is good enough. Then Cable will show up and the real plot will start.
  • Jossed. Deadpool's sequel appears to be set in the present day. Further, Word of God now establishes that Logan is set in a third, completely different timeline. However, Wade Wilson is aware of the movie and even has a "Dying Logan" action figure.

There will be fake posters for other superhero films in some scenes.
  • Jossed.

Deadpool will make a Thanos reference.
Since Josh Brolin is set to play Cable, it would be a crime to not include a nod to his other major Marvel role.
Deadpool: Have you ever thought about investing in some golden gloves? I think that shit could suit you.
  • This would be especially funny since Cable is missing his left hand, which just so happens to also be the hand that Thanos wears the Infinity Gauntlet on.
  • You guys do know that Thanos is so jealous that Death loves Deadpool he actually cursed Deadpool with Immortality, right?... If they don't use a joke like this it's a wasted plot.
  • Because Disney now owns the film, this is almost an inevitability, and the movie has the legal freedom to go wild with it.
  • Confirmed with the latest trailer: "Pump the hate breaks, Thanos!". The film itself also includes the mention, but in a different scene.
    • To be clear, the above quote was not made towards Cable, however, Deadpool does straight up call him Thanos.
Tommy Lee Jones will make a cameo as an older Cable
Considering his uncanny resemblance to Josh Brolin, it would be the perfect Actor Allusion to another movie involving both actors as the same character.
  • Jossed.

Keira Knightley will still be in the movie or another X-Men film.
  • Jossed.

Shiori Kutsuna's character.
Japanese actress Shiori Kutsuna has been cast in an undisclosed "Key role" in the movie. She is playing one of the following:
  • Armor
  • Surge
    • The second trailer gives points to that theory with Shiori Kutsana seemingly wielding electrical powers and having purple hair (although Surge traditionally have blue hair).
  • Jubilee, with a Lampshade Hanging about the actress being recast.
    • Seems unlikely, given that it would be a pretty dick move, since Lana Condor only got a small role in Apocalypse and would most likely want to be Jubilee again with a bigger part.
  • Psylocke, with the same gag.
  • Lady Deathstrike
  • A Canon Foreigner
  • Sunpyre
  • A fictionalized version of herself.
  • A normal human woman who will be cut to at random points throughout the movie getting caught up in silly scenarios.
  • A member of Cable's X-Force, who will appear in the X-Force movie that they are already confirmed for.
  • The One Above All
  • Current insider information hints she's the Morlock known as Electric Eve.
    • All Jossed. She is Yukio, recast from her apperannce in The Wolverine.

Every time TJ Miller is on screen, someone will take a potshot at The Emoji Movie
For bonus points, Patrick Stewart will show up at the end...only as an excuse to take more potshots at The Emoji Movie.
  • Weasel will constantly get ragged on for sounding like TJ Miller.
    • Jossed.
  • Even if Stewart doesn't appear (which seems likely due to his statements about Logan being his last time in the franchise), Xavier will be referenced...but only by Deadpool, who refer to him exclusively as the Shitty Poop Joke Shit, to the confusion of the other characters.
    • He did say he'd be willing to reprise the role one last time for a deadpool movie, so it's possible.
      • Jossed.

Taskmaster will make an appearance.
And he and Cable will clash over who can have the greatest amount of Ho Yay with Wade.
  • Jossed.

Nathaniel Essex (Mr Sinister) will be the villain
His whole deal is being obsessed with the Summers and he was the villain of the Deadpool game. It makes sense if he was the villain.
  • The film will also reveal Essex Corp. was the parent company for Transigen, thus connecting him to X-23.
    • Jossed; however his name appeared on the Orphanage in the movie.

Dopinder will be the main villain
Turns out Wade's influence on Dopinder sends him down a dark path, becoming an Evil Overlord in a Bad Future that Cable travels back in time to avert. Dopinder will still act exactly the same as the first movie, only now he will have inexplicable badass moments over his enemies, often involving taxis. It'll be mentioned that he defeated a revived Apocalypse and that he's somehow even worse than the big blue blight in ways that are never elaborated upon.
  • Jossed. He does get considerably darker though.

The voices inside Deadpool's head will appear
  • Jossed.

Deadpool will have a dream of appearing in a popular TV sitcom
It'll be an actual sitcom instead of a made-up one and all the actors from that show will reprise their roles. Deadpool will kill them and then wake up and say "I hope that's not the season finale!"

Connections to New Mutants
Deadpool 2 will directly reference The New Mutants:
  • The hospital where the kids are being held is related to the Workshop (see above).
  • Colossus will be looking for his missing little sister, which gets him involved with the plot of this film.
  • It will be implied that an older Cannonball is an ally of Cable in the future, as a Mythology Gag to having been a member of the X-Force in the comics.
    • Jossed.

Tie-ins with the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Now that Disney owns Fox, more in-depth tie-ins and shout-outs to the MCU are possible, whether or not they're actually canonical:
  • Medusa will appear as the owner of a wig store, as a Take That! towards the poor handling of her character in the Inhumans TV series.
  • Certain details from the first movie being brought up and retconned into MCU connections, such as the crashed helicarrier coming from S.H.I.E.L.D., and Bob specifically being a former H.Y.D.R.A. agent.
  • Trevor Slattery could be a good idea for an MCU cameo character. His wacky, scatterbrained alcoholic junkie character fits right in with Deadpool's brand of humor (arguably more than with Iron Man), and maybe the Merc with a Mouth could bust him out of jail for some plot-fulfilling reason.
  • Howard the Duck. He also fits right in with Deadpool, and could be teased as another one of Wade's sidekicks for Deadpool 3 and follow up from his appearance in The Stinger of Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Scarlet Witch. At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos finger-snaps her out of existence, but that's not to say that she could simply end up reappearing in a different universe. Because the character is shared between Fox and Marvel, simply using Elizabeth Olsen's version of the character probably wouldn't be too much trouble. Despite how the deal hasn't been "finalized" and all the other legal stuff, they are doing a lot of stuff with the preemptive synergy ("Step on the hate brakes, Thanos", the Avengers rejection letter tweet). It's unknown whether there'll be anything meaningful in the movie itself but they might begin to set something up very subtly.
    • All Jossed, though MCU characters are mentioned in Fourth Wall jokes.

There will be a scene where Deadpool, on his knees begging and crying for mercy, will say:
"Oh my god, please don't kill me Mickey Mouse!"
  • Jossed.

The film will reference various MCU fandom memes.
  • Deadpool will attempt to bribe someone by promising a slice of "that sweet Marvel money", possibly even referencing how much the last Deadpool movie made.
  • Deadpool tries to disguise himself with a baseball cap and sunglasses...while still wearing the rest of his costume.
  • A fight will start off in a hallway, but instead of turning into an epic oner Deadpool will tear through the opposing mooks in less than thirty seconds and the rest of the sequence is four minutes of Deadpool casually walking down the hall.
  • An actor from Community will make a cameo, or someone will make an Arrested Development reference.
  • Deadpool will comment that they're still missing a white guy named Chris.
  • Someone will make a "Language!" joke directed at Deadpool.
    • Colossus did in the first movie, but now Wade will call him "Captain America" in retort.
  • For ultimate Refuge in Audacity/Biting-the-Hand Humor (as well as a Call-Back to the leaked test footage) X-Force will massacre a bunch of Inhuman expies, ending with Deadpool cheerfully waving to the camera and going "Hi Ike!"
  • Deadpool will pretend to be dying and yell out "I don't feel so good" and/or "I don't want to go!"
  • Deadpool figures out who the true Big Bad is through seeing him wear a suit and tie with a vest.
  • Someone will say "I understood that reference" in response to a Shout-Out followed by another rolling their eyes.
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead plays Galaga at one point and when someone asks, Wade responds with "That girl is playing Galaga. She thought we wouldn't notice, but we did!"
  • Two words: "puny god."
  • Zendaya makes a cameo appearance and nobody knows who she's playing.
  • Deadpool and the rest of the X-Force go out for shawarma afterwards.
  • Deadpool complains about how a movie he loved was so poorly received and declares that DC Comics rigged the reviews before making an Aside Glance.
    • All Jossed. However there is a Hawkeye, Winter Soldier and Thanos references, and Juggernaut swings Wade around by one leg much in the style of the Hulk.

The cameo will be...
It was recently announced that reshoots included two hours of work on a surprise cameo. The cameo will be:
  • Dafne Keen reprising her role as X-23 in a post-credit scene setting up her movie, and involvement in X-Force.
  • One of the cast of The New Mutants now that it is being released after this film, to help set it up.
  • Gambit, because Fox still thinks the movie is going to happen.
  • A character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe
    • Hawkeye because of the giant meme about him not being in Infinity War.
    • Captain America, specifically one of his "life-lessons" videos being shown in the kid's class like in Homecoming.
    • Spider-man, because him and Deadpool have a Thing.
    • Thanos himself in a cutaway gag...although does it count a a cameo if the actor's already in the movie?
  • Epic Voice Guy
  • Wolverine, because awesome. He could be randomly hanging out in the X-Mansion and Deadpool just misses him.
    • Or another X-Men character who was hanging around the mansion.
      • Both confirmed. Wolverine appears through Time Travel in archive footage, while four main cast members of new "X-Men" show up in the mansion for a few seconds.

A bit of an obvious twist, but it's going to be revealed that Cable isn't looking to kill the kid, but prevent him from dying and starting the Bad Future. Wade's line about letting Cable kill him is either him making incorrect assumptions or just a trailer-exclusive line to throw the audience off.
  • Jossed. Trailers did lie about other things though.

More Deadpool rap!
The first movie adapted the Deadpool Rap by Teamheadkick. Ergo, at some point, He's Fucking Cable will play.
  • Half-confirmed. He's Fucking Cable doesn't play, but there is an X-Force remix of the Deadpool Rap.

Deadpool will try to commit a Heroic Sacrifice for Julian Dennison's character
.He will point out that Logan "ripped off" the first film's R-Rating so he's decided to rip off Logan's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Both confirmed! He tries to kill himself to rip off "Logan" in the opening which doesn't stick, but then he does sacrifice himself for Russel, which is only undone with a Reset Button.

Julian Dennison will be the big bad
Cable will have had the right of it all along.
  • Close. The team settles on prevening him from becoming the Big Bad instead of killing him in the present.

Peter is Forget Me Not
  • This would probably be jossed but Peter might end up as Forget Me Not as in he gets those powers or he had those powers all along. Also Deadpools 4th wall breaking may help with remembering him
    • Jossed.

The thing Colossus stops with a punch

Peter will save the day.
  • Peter will somehow be instrumental in defeating the Big Bad or at the very least, ends up saving the main characters in a Big Damn Hero moment.
    • Jossed.

... Or Peter dies hilariously.
  • As a counterpoint to the above, Peter dies a few seconds into the mission in an over-the-top and bloody way. Bonus points if he dies while jumping out of the plane.
    • Confirmed. Although he does last longer than every member of the X-Force without a Healing Factor or supernatural luck.

All the new X-Force characters, like Shatterstar and Bedlam, will die due to the parachuting sequence.
There can be a hint of Reality Ensues in this case, as Wade used to be a Special Forces operative, and Domino is a mercenary, meaning that the two know how to skydive safely. The rest of the X-Force... not so much, so they will all go down in brutally comedic ways. Hence, only Domino and Deadpool will survive, which will lead into the armed convoy fight seen in the trailers.
  • Partially Jossed in the trailers: We see Bedlam and Shatterstar fighting on the ground, and the context appears to be after their jump on the convoy. Doesn't rule out them dying later, but at least those two make it to the convoy fight itself.
    • Nailed it! Everybody did die, including Peter and the Trailers Always Lie. Even Deadpool and Domino only survived due to their Healing Factor and supernatural luck, not their mercenary skills.
      • Perhaps partially Jossed though. While Shatterstar was turned to goo Bedlam only hit a bus and in the background he is receiving CPR, so it is entirely possible he was saved and could return.
      • Also, Deadpool used Cable's repaired time slide device to save Peter, and there's nothing to say he didn't do the same for the rest of X-Force off-screen.

Shiori Kitsuno's character isn't a part of the X-Force team.
The scenes she's in appear to be a different fight, with Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus.
  • Confirmed. She's Yukio, who is a member of the X-Men in this timeline.

Peter ends up being the final boss.
Maybe whatever bad thing happens to the kid that causes the Bad Future Cable comes from was actually triggered by Peter, and since Deadpool brought him along he'll feel responsible and team up with Cable to stop it.
  • Jossed.

Russell is Cable's past self
He's back in time to either kill his past self and erase himself from history, to ensure the kid grows up to be him, or to get him to do something else with the time travel stuff.
  • Jossed.

Vanessa will die early in the film.
She has only appeared in two scenes in "The Trailer", so her lack of screentime could unfortunately ensure her status as a Sacrificial Lion. Plus, Deadpool in the film has been described by the director, David Leitch, as facing "an existential crisis" and having "a deeply personal cause". What better way to do that than to have the one true love who still accepted his disfigured appearance die by the hands of Cable?
  • Also, Céline Dion's song released with the film, "Ashes" may have a deeper thematical meaning: what if this song is basically an extended requiem for Vanessa?
  • Confirmed. She is Stuffed Into Fridge early on, but then The Stinger has Deadpool use Cable's Time Travel device to undo her death.

Peter is Pete Wisdom from Excalibur
Admittedly Deadpool's Peter is more "schlub" than "secret agent", but most ordinary people can't parajump out of planes either.
  • Jossed.

Domino's powers caused the deaths of the X-Force
Think about it. Domino's power is to manipulate luck. Could it be that her presence led to the deaths of the X-Force members?
  • This veers into Fridge Brilliance territory if her power isn't being lucky so much as stealing other peoples' luck. In other words, she (presumably unwittingly) drained the luck of all her team members leading to their horrible deaths, but this in turn provides the luck needed for her to survive.
  • The above if this is the way it works in the movie, but jossed if it works the way it does in the comics. Domino's powers are explained as being "subconscious telekinesis" which means that Domino is unwittingly controlling the events around her in a way that could be perceived as luck. If this is the way it works in the film universe too, why Domino's luck didn't help her teammates stay alive (because having no teammates to fall back on is decidely UN-lucky) could be considered a Headscratcher.
  • Alternatively, if her luck put her on the X-Force in order to eventually give her revenge against Essex House, perhaps her luck also killed the first X-Force in order to necessitate the inclusion of its future members. She does seem to think Essex House is the reason she joined the team, which would suggest her luck power isn't actually telekinesis here.

Wade saved all the X-Force members
While the post-credits scene only shows him saving Peter, Wade actually used the time-slide device to save everyone else off-screen. And that they didn't show it leaves enough ambiguity to allow the characters to appear again.
  • The fact that Zeitgeist doesn't fly into the woodchipper while Peter's walking off lends some credence to this theory.

If someone tried to put a suppressant collar on Domino, the latch would always jam, or the wiring would end up being faulty.
Not a big detail, but it might be funny to see in a sequel, and it would make sense, considering that her luck seems to protect her from most harm.
  • Considering that the collar must connect directly around the neck to start working and Domino's affecting things about ten feet away, they might not even get close enough without Death by Falling Over.

The reason of the lack of Stan Lee's Cameo is...
That Thanos killed him, in Infinity War
  • These are two different universes. The only reason Wade knows about them is because of his Fourth Wall-breaking powers.

Deadpool DID die.
Just not the way we expected. While Deadpool was brought back to life, Origins-Deadpool was killed by Deadpool.
  • As an added bonus, that way he also topped Logan in technically dying before him.

Deadpool killing Origins-Deadpool makes sense in universe.
A superficial analysis may conclude that the events of X Men Origins Wolverine (set in 1979) no longer apply, due to X Men Days Of Future Past changing the timeline from 1974. But hold on. If we assume that Wade Wilson in X Men Origins Wolverine was the same age as Ryan Reynolds in 2009, then that version of Wade Wilson was 33 in 1979. Meaning Origins-Deadpool was born in 1946, that is 28 years before the timeline was changed.

Meanwhile, the Deadpool movies are set in the present, and if that version of Wade Wilson is the same age as Ryan Reynolds, then Deadpool-Deadpool was born in 1976. This means that Origins-Deadpool and Deadpool-Deadpool are two different people, born 30 years apart from one another. They just happen to have the same name, the same job and the same look (further wild guess: they are father and son).

From this premise, it's not a stretch to imagine that Origins-Deadpool survived the same ordeal in the new timeline as he did in the old one. All Deadpool-Deadpool had to do was travel back to 1979 and kill (his father?) Origins-Deadpool.

This is still the McAvoy timeline
In the first movie, Deadpool mentions being confused over the original Patrick Stewart timeline, and the rebooted McAvoy timeline. In part 2, he claims the Cerebro helmet smells like Patrick Stewart. But it is not the helmet worn by Patrick Stewart. It must be worn by McAvoy. Once again, Wade is confusing timelines. Juggernaut appears for the second time because this is the McAvoy timeline's version replacing Juggernaut from the Patrick Stewart timeline. Days of Future Past and Apocalypse both happened, and the X-men seen in the office are the rebooted X-men introduced in the rebooted 80's. Dark Phoenix may or may not reference these X-men.

Deadpool can access non-canon timelines through his own awareness
The bodyslide device allows Wade to access the realities he is aware of through his own fourth wall breaking awareness. This includes meta-fictional realities where he is aware of what actors are playing in which movies, including his own actor playing his own movies, and Wade can access "non-canon" timelines because they don't have to fit in the continuity of the current X-men timeline, they are just other parallel movies/realities to access. Wade is aware of the "X-Men Origins" reality, "Logan" reality, "Infinity War" reality, "Batman v Superman" reality", and "Green Lantern" reality, and these are not tied to a linear timeline where continuity has to make sense or follow any particular sequence.

"X-Men Origins" and "Logan" are alternate timelines
Wade is aware of both "X-Men Origins" and "Logan", but both are no longer tied to the current X-men timeline. A time traveler affecting the current X-men timeline would create a new timeline, so Cable's future is not the same future as "Logan", and the future of "Logan" is not affected by events in the present, because "Logan" is not the definite future.

"Logan" is the future
Because the New Mutants are formed in the future of "Logan", Cable's awareness of the team inspires his travel to the past, forming the X-Force team. Like in the comics, he should have been the responsible for forming and leading X-Force, but Deadpool leading the team caused an alternate series of events that lead to their death. Cable doesn't mention this because it's embarrassing.

Deadpool's fight with Juggernaut references Shatterstar's fight with Juggernaut in the comics
Deadpool is a composite character with Shatterstar, and fights Juggernaut with two katanas like Shatterstar in the comics.

Deadpool's death in Cable's timeline
During the cab ride to the orphanage, Cable mentions that Deadpool died in the future. If you take out Cable's interference when he invades the mutant prison just to kill Russel, then his Start of Darkness is starting to make more sense. Russel attempts to bond with Wade after he came to his defense after killing some of the orderlies at the orphanage. However due to the inhibitor, his cancer is starting to take hold and likely to die from it. This would be one of the few ways he would snap. And once he discovers The Juggernaut, the both of them would succeed in killing everyone at the orphanage, turning into a full-fledged villain.

Vanessa wasn't keeping Wade from joining her in the afterlife. Wade was.

Throughout the movie, Wade is grappling with severe guilt, blaming himself for Vanessa's death. Wade subconsciously feels that he doesn't deserve to be happy, thus he can't pass into "heaven" until he gets over his self-loathing. The only person he needs to prove himself worthy to is himself.

No one died during Domino's initial demonstration of her powers
Any bystanders were close enough for her 'good luck' powers (subconscious probability manipulation, i believe) to protect them as well.
  • The civilians are fine, but depending on how you interpret the segment, it's possible Domino's luck caused the deaths of the other X-Force members. (Elaborated on further up the page)

Yukio can't speak English and is just parroting back things she hears
Notice that she's basically reduced to a few catch phrases like "Hi Wade!"
  • Seemingly jossed, considering the final line of "We probably shouldn't have done that" never having been said in the movie prior. She seems to have some kind of English comprehension, even if limited.

The X-Men who closed the door so that Deadpool won't see them weren't the real X-Men
They are simply too young, as the Deadpool movies take place in our time, unlike the new X-Men movies. The "X-Men" were in fact the actors who play the X-Men both in real life and in-universe, and were shooting the next X-Men movie in the real X-Mansion!

The Vanessa Wade kept seeing when he died wasn't his Vanessa. It was Mistress Death.
Mistress Death may have finally made herself known to Wade after his first successful death attempt by taking on the guise of Vanessa after the real Vanessa died. She may have hoped seeing Vanessa would prompt to him try even harder to kill himself. And he successfully does in his attempt to save Russell. And when Cable went back to change the outcome of Wade's death by putting the token into place where Wade would get shot, she sensed it before he went back to change things, prompting her to tell him to him to go "be with his family" and believing that whenever he did die again for real, she'd be able to lure him back in with her Vanessa disguise. However, what she didn't expect was for Wade to use time travel to go back and save the real Vanessa and Paul (and possibly the other members of X-Force, see WMG above), which probably has left her in a bit of a bad mood, but still wanting Wade nonetheless. Her "There's a time for us, but not now" sounds strikingly similar to the times when Death has told Deadpool in other forms of media whenever he's about to pop back to life from the dead realm (one such example is from the Deadpool video game, where her last line to Deadpool in the game is, "Our time will come").

While Deadpool was using Cable's time travel device in The Stinger to undo X-Force's deaths (and kill off his Origins self and Ryan Reynolds before he could become Green Lantern), he ended up encountering Steve Rogers during his own travels through time to return the Infinity Stones
And this will end up being how Deadpool joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


     Speculation re: Changes to "Once Upon A Deadpool" 

Content cut/redone for rating purposes:
  • Any implications of pedophilia will be cut. The orphanage will just be physically (and obviously mentally) abusive.
  • Juggernaut will crush Deadpool's legs (or perhaps his entire body) with the train car, thus removing his legs/walking ability in a more bloodless fashion.
    • This also removes the baby d**k.
      • To add to the above, since they already have an alternate render of the d**k covered with a loin cloth used in certain countries, it would not cost any more of the budget and will take only seconds to replace.
  • The sauna scene from the beginning of the movie will be cut, because somewhat gratuitous gore and partial nudity do not mix well with PG-13.
    • Confirmed: That entire beginning montage has been removed.

Added Content
  • Obviously, the Fred Savage Scenes. Including:
    • An intro where Fred wakes up in a torture basement, taped to a chair... with an NES playing a baseball game in the room with him.
    • Parroting dialogue from "The Princess Bride" if Savage complains about scenes with him and Vanessa.
    • Some sort of "Wonder Years" reference.
  • More MCU references/cameos, especially since A) the movie is partially being made for charity, meaning Disney would be more willing to lend a character or two to get butts in seats, B) the merger is nearing completion, so introducing Deadpool to MCU characters now could be beneficial, C) a joke line about "The X-Men (trainees) in the MCU? It's a Christmas Miracle!"
  • Assuming that Fred Savage isn't the new character Ryan is talking about introducing to the movie, it will be...
  • A Running Gag in which Wade can't decide where to best use the one PG-13 unfortunately bleeped f-bomb.
    • For maximum impact, Cable says it, when he calls Deadpool a "dumb f**k" after releasing Juggernaut, with Wade getting pissed at him for having wasted the one f-bomb on such lazy writing. If not, remove all of the F-bombs, complete with voice dialogues of [[Wreck-It Ralph|Ralph]] being spoken in Japanese instead of English in place of all of the nasty words being said.
  • Footage from Star vs. the Forces of Evil being used, albeit with the audio being played in Japanese instead of English, for Obvious reasons. Wade would even have this dialogue:
Wade Wilson/Deadpool: "What the prick is this show? An Alternate Company Equivalent to a different Magical Girl franchise from [[Sailor Moon|Japan we all know and love]] who is a Dumb Blonde?" where he thinks the show being Disney's Decon-Recon Switch to the Magical Girl Warrior Science Fantasy subgenre.
  • In a similar fashion if footage from Star vs. the Forces of Evil is shown, footage from Wreck-It Ralph would be shown too in Japanese.

     Sequel Speculation 
Deadpool 3 will be released after the Disney merger, and will be a very loose adaptation of the comic arc 'The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly', which will serve as Deadpool's introduction to the MCU
  • The movie will feature Mr. Sinister, in order to tie up that loose end when FOX's universe ends. It will also feature a team-up with Steve Rogers (or Carol Danvers, as a stand in if Rogers dies in Avengers: Endgame) and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, who will, as a meta joke on the supposed finality of Logan, be very grumpy about being dragged out of retirement. The movie will be a loving tribute and parody to the Fox X-verse, and will lampshade the living fuck out of the fact that Deadpool and the Avengers have supposedly coexisted for years, and yet neither have helped the other in their confrontations.
  • Even better if Chris Evans returns as Rogers in the movie post-Avengers-4-death, and the movie tries to come up with some contrived explanation for how he's alive.
    • Deadpool will tell the viewers he knows most of them probably already expect the stones will eventually be used to undo all deaths they caused but this is too much of a spoiler. "What else did you expect from people who don't understand no movie series should go past the second one?"
    • Deadpool will call Rogers "Johnny" as an allusion to Evans' other Marvel role.
    • He'll also ask "How was it like spending all those years inside the Snowpiercer?"
    • He'll ALSO also ask: "How's Carol doing? Are you two and Scott Pilgrim still talking?"
      • The inverse of this line will be spoken if Danvers shows up but Rogers doesn't.
There will be a big Take That to Professional Wrestling Matches
After all, it would be pretty cool to see Ryan giving a big Take That Scrappy to Brock Lesnar in Live-Action/CGI.
Bedlam will return in a sequel or in X-Force
  • When compared to the other members of X-Force and their deaths (turned to goo by a helicopter, fed into a woodchipper, electrocuted and bursting into flames, arm melted off and bleeding to death) Bedlam's accident was rather tame (hit a slow moving bus). His powers were never mocked, unlike the rest of X-Force (and infact Wade never mocked him at all). And most importantly while he did die as Wade is walking away we see people giving him CPR. It is likely then that Bedlam was resuscitated and could return for a Deadpool sequel or more likely the X-Force film. Most likely with a joke about how everyone comes back to life in comic books.

Deadpool 3/X-Force will have its own version of Warpath.
  • And he will be played by none other than WWE's first opponent to defeat the Undertaker's streak, Brock Lesnar. After all, want a Bloodier and Gorier Deadpool 3 with Professional Wrestling inspired matches?

If the Gambit solo movie doesn't end up happening by the time Deadpool 3 rolls around, Gambit will appear in Deadpool 3, and Channing Tatum will finally get his chance to play the Raging Cajun
  • And of course, Wade will poke fun at it.

X-23 will appear in either X-Force or Deadpool 3
Now that the time slide device is fixed, Cable or Wade will collect Laura from her future. She and Cable will form a surrogate father/daughter relationship because Laura misses Logan and isn't able to see him in the present so as not to alter the timeline, (which Wade will Lampshade the hypocrisy of) and Cable misses his own daughter, Hope, because something prevents him from returning to his own time.

Vanessa will become Lady Death.
And a link to put Deadpool in the MCU.

Deadpool 3 will have Dopinder becoming a villain.
  • He's clearly developed a taste for killing, and if he can't get it by helping out Deadpool, then he'll get it some other way.

Negasonic and Yukio will be honorary X-Force.
  • At this point Negasonic Teenage Warhead is more closely associated with Deadpool than any of the other X-Men. Might as well have her and Yukio as full on Deadpool support.
  • Colossus probably won't participate in any X-Force missions, but will be on standby should they need him.

Dopinder will take over bar tending duties.

The next movie will feature Deadpool hunting down and killing TJ Miller and Bryan Singer
Both are alleged sexual assailants that have been involved in the X-Men Cinematic Universe, and we all know Deadpool feels very strongly about people being abused that way. However, it would likely be played for laughs, which could lead to horrific tonal dissonance if not done very carefully.

They wouldn't even appear; only stand-ins. Or maybe only the remains, which are somehow labelled haphazardly or they could just be on a hit list somewhere. Or an opening monologue from Deadpool explaining how they were Killed Offscreen in an outrageous Noodle Incident.

  • Alternatively, they'll get offscreened before the film opens up, and the film will open with Deadpool mentioning he was hired to blow up a "TJ Singer" and a "Bryan Miller", but then say how he keeps on mixing up their first names.

The third film's opening line.
It'll be Deadpool making a Call-Back to his opinion on making a third Deadpool film.

X-Force Roster Speculation
A new X-Force will be assembled, and this time the roster will stick. New lineup will include:
  • Deadpool
  • Cable
  • Domino
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead
  • Yukio

Potential (possibly disposable) new members could be:

  • Bob, Agent of Non-Specific Evil Organization
  • Outlaw. Super strong cowboy gal is easy on the budget and on the eyes.
  • X-23. Bryan Singer mentioned her as part of the original X-Force pitch.
    • Added Fridge Brilliance in that if Deadpool joins the X-Force line-up, Deadpool and "Wolverine" would finally get to interact with each other on the big screen, as fans have wanted for a while. Hey, it's not Jackman/Reynolds, but if Keene comes back, she's shown that she can hold her own, and she'll do.
  • Psylocke. Olivia Munn has already expressed her interest in returning.

The third film (not X-Force) will feature Evil Deadpool as a minor villain.
Since large segments of the previous two films have had Wade escape from bad situations without body parts, having Evil Deadpool (a Frankenstein's monster of discarded Deadpool limbs) would make sense to show up at some point in the series. It would also pay off the Brick Joke set up by Ajax about parts growing back him.

Bob: Agent of HYDRA will replace Weasel.
There will be a major lampshade filled monologue about the replacement as well.

Cable will be pivotal in averting the bleak future in Logan.

The X-Force members who died will return in the sequel, with increasingly flimsy reasons for being alive.
Hit by a Bus? Wasn't actually fatal. Chopped up by a helicopter? He's an alien so he heals better than you. Turned to pulp by a wood chipper? He walked it off. Deadpool may or may not snark at comics always bringing back characters.

Weasel will be recast.
Most likely with an actor who looks as different as possible from T. J. Miller. Deadpool will comment on how he looks less like an asshole lately.
  • Wade will be the only person to recognize that Weasel has been recast.

Alternately, Weasel is just replaced at the bar.
By Kris Kristofferson in a deliberate sendup of Whistler. He claims Weasel got sent to boarding school or something else just as stupid, which should be obvious from how much he drinks.

The villain in X-Force/Deadpool 3 (if released under Disney) will be...
  • Mister Sinister, to finish off the arc that the X-Verse was building to.
  • T-Ray
  • Madcap
  • Evil Deadpool
  • Daken

Nolan North will play live action Deadpool.
  • Now that Ryan Reynolds is dead, someone has too.

There will be a reference to Detective Pikachu
  • The Yellow Detective is voiced by Ryan himself, it's obvious.
    • Like him playing the game mentioning it's his favorite?
    • Perhaps he'll play the most recent main series game that's out, and complain about the lack of a dress-up mode for his Pokemon, noting that he'd love to dress his Pikachu in a detective costume.

Blake Lively will play...
  • Lady Deadpool
  • She-Hulk, if the sequel happens post-merger and the creators manage to navigate the legal nightmare surrounding her rights.

Deadpool will make a quip about Spider-Man's film rights being shared between Sony and Disney as well as the Incredible Hulk's future in film being complicated by Universal's ownership of distribution rights to solo films.
  • Deadpool's all about meta commentary, and giving his two cents about these things would be a perfect fourth wall joke for him to make in a Deadpool film released after the tentative Disney/FOX merger.

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