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Nightmare Fuel / Deadpool 2

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.

It's another R-rated gorefest, what do you expect?

  • During the attack on the convoy, Deadpool's hand gets shot by a mook, leaving a nasty hole in it... and then he proceeds to grab the gun through said hole to shoot in the mook's head.
  • Deadpool's healing factor and gruesome injuries, while Played for Laughs, have large quantities of Body Horror involved as expected.
    • The beginning where he blows himself up with propane tanks, bits and pieces of Deadpool scatter everywhere (complete with close up shots of Deadpool's head and severed limbs flying everywhere) and Colossus has to drag the pieces back to the Xavier Institute.
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    • While imprisoned, Deadpool loses his powers (courtesy of the power dampening collars inmates are supposed to wear) and his cancer is starting to spread again. Thankfully, the cancer halts when the collar is removed, but his death would have been much worse had things gone differently.
    • Although it's Played for Laughs (again), seeing Deadpool regenerating his lower half borders on Body Horror and Uncanny Valley with his legs regenerating as small baby legs. Even Cable and the rest of Deadpool’s team, despite getting used to Deadpool’s healing abilities, find this unpleasant.
    • One of the deleted scenes was going to feature Deadpool going through a whole suicide montage of using different methods to kill himself. Given how touchy the subject is and the large quantity of Body Horror that would have been involved, its likely that even the film crew decided to scrap this idea.
      • They bring it back for the super duper cut.
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  • During his time as a vigilante, Deadpool has become a Mook Horror Show and The Dreaded amongst criminals due to his healing factor and high body count. Granted, his victims (gangs, criminals, and the like) deserved it. However, when Wade Wilson wants someone dead, they die... horribly. Beware the Silly Ones indeed.
  • Take a former mercenary who fell in love with a stripper with basically the same brain as his, diagnose him with cancer, send to a mutant workshop for treatment, torture him into having said cancer envelop his entire body to the point of driving himself insane to the point of making said girlfriend think he's dead, have him kill the man responsible for said torture and finally have him and the girlfriend live Happily Ever After. Sounds good, right? Then why is this on the Nightmare Fuel page? Welllllll... what if, we add some Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome, mix in some Back for the Dead and then stuff the girlfriend into the fridge? Yeah. If a man who's defined by insanity is no longer tethered by anything or anyone, God help everyone.
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  • Deadpool is ripped in two by Juggernaut in very graphic detail. Unlike the other times he's been injured, he reacts by completely freaking out. Granted, it becomes funny immediately afterwards (mainly due to the requisite "I can't feel my legs joke, which is quickly smoothed over when he grabs his discarded lower half) but from a guy like Deadpool it’s kind of disturbing.
  • The deaths of the X-Force members, barring Deadpool and Domino. In particular, Shatterstar gets shredded by helicopter blades, Zeitgeist gets sent through a wood chipper, and that's only after he accidentally pukes acid on Peter and burns off most of the right part of his body, and Vanisher gets electrocuted and burns to death. Bedlam probably got off lightly, as he was "only" hit by a bus.
  • The headmaster's abuse of the orphans, which includes Russell and Domino, essentially created Cable's Turdtastic Bad Future. That Holier Than Thou attitudes makes him all the worse.
  • There's something very... off-putting about Dopinder's increasing thirst for bloodshed. Keep in mind, the guy wants to become a contract killer. By the time he kills the Headmaster, he seems outright disturbed in the head.
    • In a way, Dopinder is Cable's Exhibit A for the idea that killing one guy would cause someone to become a future mass murderer.
    • Keep in mind that even Deadpool seems put off by Dopinder wanting to go full hitman, at least at first, and firmly shuts him down whenever he brings it up for most of the movie. That should tell you something.
    • Who's Dopinder's role model? Deadpool. Who wants a kid? Deadpool. Who doesn't want their child to grow up like themselves? Deadpool. Uh-oh...
  • Three words: The Juggernaut, bitch.
    • While the original Juggernaut was more human in appearance, the New Timeline Juggernaut looks much more grim with his helmet looking more rusted and grittier and his height is more true to the original comic book counterpart. Apparently, the years have not been kind to him.
    • Then there’s the fact he can easily destroy a bridge in seconds, causing massive amounts of destruction on a freeway bridge. Cable and Domino both had a good reason to be cautious around him.
    • While the Ominous Latin Chanting chorus is Played for Laughs, hearing it while Juggernaut is charging at you can lead to a tense atmosphere. Holy shitballs, indeed.
    • It says something that Cable, a seen-it-all grizzled soldier from the future, seems to think that freeing Juggernaut is crossing the Godzilla Threshold.
  • The Russell we know, while angry and violent, is also funny and sympathetic. The Russell of the future is downright terrifying. Cable says he went after his family because he was angry that Cable kept almost catching him. We see a face utterly devoid of emotion; not just of guilt or sorrow, but even anger or joy. He's killed so many times that even doing it out of spite doesn't garner a real emotional reaction.
  • Although Domino, herself, seems perfectly nice, her superpower of luck seems to have a nasty mean streak. This is most evident when she's chasing after the prison convoy, as what's good fortune for her tends to be really bad fortune for anyone else who happens to obstruct her path. Car crashes, collapses, explosions... the chaos left in her wake is more than enough to make you wonder if she's more of a luck leech than a luck beneficiary.