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     Deadpool's healing factor inconsistency 
  • Deadpool was given a fatal gunshot wound from Cable, due to the power-limiting collar worn by Deadpool. Firstly, it was obvious that the scene was played for drama, because logically Russell and Domino could have removed the collar just like they did in the revised timeline, and therefore let the healing factor kick in.
  • On the other hand, it is possible that the writers thought that inflicting a fatal gunshot wound on a Deadpool without his powers is fatal even if the healing factor kicks in after. In this case, the inconsistency comes from earlier on in the movie where Deadpool had his healing factor shut off, had his neck/back AND collar broken... Yet he recovered almost immediately. That fatal injury should have remained fatal if remaining consistent with the movie's climax.
    • They were going to remove the collar, but Wade specifically told them not to. So presumably once the collar was removed he would heal like he did before.
      • If that's the case, as far as Cable is concerned, his sacrifice by using the last energies of the time machine to save Deadpool would be so unnecessary to the point of stupidity. The purpose of the scene is both for drama and for Deadpool to meet Vanessa one last time, but Cable isn't supposed to care. Regarding this scene, I can imagine Ryan Reynolds doing his Deadpool impression again to repeat "bad writing".
    • The point was, Deadpool figured since he was dying of the gunshot wound, to let it happen because it's poetic — he gets to be with Vanessa again after proving to himself his heart was in the right place (specifically, between Russell and the bullet). But in the revised timeline, he's not dying of the gunshot wound, and by comparison lying there to die of all his cancers is long, drawn out, and painful.
      • Not to mention Wade had probably already caught on that, if Cable could alter events to save him from being shot, then Wade could potentially do the same for Vanessa. Before the revised timeline, the prospect of getting ahold of the temporal dial hadn't seemed viable, because Wade assumed Cable would be returning home immediately.

     Juggernaut's helmet 
  • Why was The Juggernaut imprisoned with his helmet on? Having his helmet off makes it a lot easier to stop him as his whole deal is that once he starts moving, he can't stop.
    • If his helmet was off, how would we know he's the Juggernaut? That's pretty much the only reason, fanboy wank.
    • Probably a case of "just try and take it off me."
    • Considering the helmet took hits from Colossus without a scratch, you'd probably have to kill Juggernaut to take it off without his consent.
    • Cain is a biter.

     Are the mid-credits canon? 
  • Does that mean Vanessa is alive?
    • Probably, yes. Unless they retcon it.
    • According to the AMA with the writers, those scenes are canon. That said, they've also said that they're probably not going to mess with time travel anymore in future installments.

     Future Russell 
  • If Future Russell was in his 40s when he killed Cable's family, does that mean Cable already exists in the present timeline (possibly as a toddler)?
    • The current slew of X-Men films show that mutants age very slowly. For instance, Charles Xavier does not appear to have aged much between the events of X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and X-Men: Apocalypse even though the three films take place ten years apart form one another. Russell could very well be 100 years old in Cable's timeline for all we know.
    • Cable is also a mutant, though, and he definitely looks older than Future Russell. That was a legit headscratchers moment for me as well. I wish they had made some reference to that discrepancy (poking fun at the weird, post-First Class aging in the process, probably) somehow.
    • Is this version of Cable a mutant? He never demonstrates any telepathic or telekinetic powers, so he might just be a "regular" Super Soldier.

    • At one point he "summons" his gun to his back. This might be some sort of futuristic magnetic holster, or it could be showing his telekinetic powers.

     Why not shoot the Headmaster? 
  • Cable knew Russell turned evil after killing the Headmaster and wanted to get to him before that could happen. He had multiple opportunities to kill the Headmaster and he certainly seemed to believe the guy deserved to die, so killing him should take away Russell's thirst for violence and death. That way, he can avoid conflicts with Deadpool and have an easier time completing his mission.
    • Because, killing the headmaster before Russell gets the chance, when Russell wants to...would risk blue-balling Russell, thereby making him WORSE.
    • Not particularly. If Cable were to shoot the headmaster in the final sequence, this may be in effect; however, if Cable were to kill the headmaster while Russell was in the icebox, it would likely be more cathartic to Russell than blue-balling. Then again, as with many headscratchers if Cable did that, we wouldn't have a movie, so...
    • Cable believes Russell to just be too far damaged. It wasn't that he just killed the Headmaster but also the other kids as well in his attack and he liked it. If it's not a kill today then it's a kill tomorrow.
    • Who ever said that the death of the headmaster would end his thirst for violence and death? In Cable's original timeline, it didn't. Firefist killed LOADS of people after killing the headmaster, and then Cable's wife and daughter. Cable couldn't care less about the headmaster, his death is no directly linked to the one of his family. He returned to that point to kill Firefist there, just because it's the beginning of his killing spree (but killing him some years earlier would have worked just as fine).
    • Cable kind of really wanted to kill Russell, given he has been chasing him in the future for a while and he killed his family.

     No Thanos jokes 
  • Josh Brolin not only plays Cable, but Thanos in the MCU. I find it odd that Deadpool hasn't made one Thanos joke in the entire movie. Not even an infinity gauntlet joke. How come? Such a missed opportunity.
    • Deadpool calls him Thanos at one point.
    • They had the perfect opportunity to make one more joke about that, with Cable keeping Deadpool from dying, a very Thanos thing to do.
    • Remember that both films were released with just some weeks of difference. When Deadpool 2 was being filmed, Infinity War was also being filmed, and they didn't know the plot in advance. Before the film, there wasn't much material about Thanos to joke about.

     Is Deadpool an X-Man now? 
  • Did Deadpool earn his place as an X-Man after saving Russell? Is he free to enter and exit the mansion as he wishes to visit Negasonic and Yukio?
    • It's not a fortress or prison, they probably couldn't stop him
    • He's not an X-Man yet. Also, 2 of the 3 people who are ever in the mansion were in that room, it's easy to sneak there. Who's going to stop him? The putz with the giant pigeon wings?
    • He's probably still a trainee.
    • Everybody in the mansion is aware that Wade is Colossus' half-friend, half-pet morality project.

     What's next for Russell? 
  • He appeared to walk with Deadpool instead of Negasonic and Yukio back to the X Mansion. Does this mean he joins Team Deadpool, or would he eventually go to the X-Men?
    • To be completely honest, considering how he seems like a "sequel character" that is only meant to play a part in this movie, it seems like the only team Russell will end up on is the X-Bus.
    • I don't know if this is really a headscratcher. He has options and the X-Men seem to make sense. Colossus is going back to the school. It makes sense for Russell to walk with the people he actually knows.

     Negasonic Teenage Warhead's name 
  • Why would she name herself that? It seems like the type of name a 90s kid would use to sound cool and EXTREME. This movie version doesn't strike me as the type of teenager that would use a name like that.
    • She's probably just a fan of Monster Magnet.
    • Maybe it's like the comics and all the good X-Men names were taken
    • Some millenials are just like that. Awesome in their online identities, boring as hell in real life.
  • The more important question is would Negasonic Teenage Warhead keep her name when she turns 20? Negasonic Twentysomething Warhead doesn't have the same ring to it...
    • She will probably switch to Negasonic Mutant Warhead. Which is already her name in Italian.

     Timey Wimey 
  • Is it me or do a couple of the mid-credits scenes note  present Cable's device as working through Mental Time Travel, when it's shown as physical displacement in every other example? Any explanation?
    • It's portrayed as mental time travel when Cable uses it for the second time as well. Maybe the device works by making it mental time travel if the user was alive when the events were happening, to keep duplicates from existing. Or maybe it's just lazy writing.
    • But Cable looks older than the Fire Fist that killed his family that would imply that he is older than him, hence he would have been born first, Cable would have had a younger body to timetravel into.
    • Maybe the thing just has two settings: mental time travel and the regular kind. If Cable mental time traveled in his original time jump, then he probably would never have met his wife while chasing down Russell and thus his kid would never be born. However, Deadpool did lampshade the shitty writing attached to the device, so it's probably just as much Rule of Funny.
    • Or maybe it is always displacement and the traveler is protected by changes to the timeline (although the traveler's belongings such as Cable's Daughter's Bear are not). Cable screams when using the device to jump into his own body because he is telefragging himself. Deadpool telefrags himself just for fun to save Vanessa.

     Juggernaut's species 
  • Did the movie ever actually SAY Juggernaut is a Mutant? I don't recall that ever coming up.
    • Well, he is never constrained with one of the mutant-power-nullifier collars, even when he's in prison, so that kinda implies his powers come from a different source.
    • However his character section and the YMMV section insists he was adapted to a mutant once again, while nothing in the movie supports that.
    • He is in a prison for mutant and even if they could find a collar his size if his power is still near invulnerability the collar shock won't work. The collar doesn't work on magic.
    • Not to mention he doesn't really have a neck...

     Timey Wimey 2: The Timewening 
  • I thought it was a plot point that Cable only had enough time turner juice to come to the past and return to the future once each? How did Wade perform his time hops and what does it have to do with Negasonic and Yukio fixing the device?
    • Presumably when they say "fix" they mean "recharge". Or whatever.


     Still more Timey Wimey 
  • Is it me, or would killing Deadpool-in-Name-Only from X-Men Origins: Wolverine not actually fix the timeline? How exactly does he go from being non-canon Deadpool, to dead, to more familiar Deadpool?
    • Knowing Deadpool, he probably did that out of spite. There's no way he'd allow a butchered hackjob version of himself sully his good name! Everyone can agree it was for the greater good.
    • To be fair, he's just "cleaning it up" not actually fixing it. The actual (tenuous) logic of the X-Men film series is that Days of Future Past caused that version to never exist. So Wade can do whatever he wants in the movies before First Class and Days of Future Past with literally no consequence. Including say permanently removing all your worst mistakes from all of space time. How he actually manages to jump from his timeline to a now erased alternate one of course makes no sense, but his logic at least, in a Wade Wilson kind of way, is airtight.
    • X-Men Origins: Wolverine was set in 1979. If we assume that the Wade Wilson character played by Ryan Reynolds was the same age as him, then that character was 33 in 1979, meaning he was born in 1946. Days of Future Past only changes the timeline as far as 1973, which means 1946!Wade still existed in the new timeline. The Deadpool movies are set in the present, so if the Wade Wilson of those movies is the same age as Ryan Reynolds, then he was born in 1976. So 1976!Wade is another person: he just happens to have the same name, look and job as 1946!Wade. They could even be father and son (what do we know about Deadpool's dad?). 1976!Wade simply went back to 1979 and shot 1946!Wade in the head.

     The timeline issue that ultimately makes no difference but someone was going to bring up anyways 
  • In the post credits scene for the first Deadpool, Wade gleefully promises that Cable will be in the sequel. In their first meeting in the sequel, however, Wade asks Cable his name and doesn't seem to know him at all.
    • Considering the dubious canonicity of the first movie's Stinger, this is the least concerning of the continuity issues in even the Deadpool franchise, but some jerk was going to bring it up, might as well bite the bullet.
    • Deadpool did have no idea who would actually play Cable in the first film's Stinger (Keira Knightley? She's got range.) and was also expecting a 6'8" tall monster as opposed to a 5'11" Josh Brolin. So just chalk it up to there being too many "grumpy old fucks with Winter Soldier arms" in the Marvel comics.
    • It is also perfectly within Deadpool's humour to deliberately contradict himself.
    • There's something of a divide between what Deadpool "knows" via the fourth wall and what he "knows" from his experiences. He's surprised at Cable, but later on points out that he's not nearly as tall as Cable's supposed to be in "the comics." Which is to say ... chalk it up to Rule of Funny.
      • Given he expected a 6'8" guy and didn't know who would be cast, he probably didn't even recognise Brolin as Cable.

     Disliking the Green Lantern movie 
  • I get the movie wasn't a masterpiece, but did Reynolds (and the audience) forget he met his second wife on the set? Without Green Lantern, Mr. Reynolds's marriage to Blake Lively and the birth of his kids would not happen. Wouldn't that be like hating the mall where you met your soulmate?
    • Rule of Funny / MST3K Mantra
    • Ryan Reynolds is NOT Deadpool.
      • I wasn't referring to the Deadpool character. I was talking about Reynolds in real life.
      • It's a joke. You're really overthinking this.
      • To explain: Deadpool wouldn't give a crap if Reynolds met his wife on the set of Green Lantern, because Deadpool isn't Ryan Reynolds.
    • What's the original point? Ryan Reynolds was also probably paid pretty well for Green Lantern and had reason to be happy about that, too. It doesn't keep Green Lantern from being the most panned super hero flick since Catwoman, nor does it keep Reynolds (a grown man and an actor) from being able to lampshade the fact that he starred in it.

     Why aren't the authorities trying to track down Deadpool? 
  • Ignoring his normal murder-sprees, Deadpool shot a dude in public in front of dozens of officers. Why isn't anyone concerned about him being dragged off by the cops?
    • Cause Police Are Useless in the Deadpool films? They even needed Colossus to take down Wade in the first place. There's plenty of easy in-universe explanations though. Like: Wade bribed the police with stolen drug money. He should have a lot of that after all the criminals he killed in the opening.
    • Yes and he was sent to prison when he shot the dude so why track down an arrested guy? For all the police knows Deadpool is presumed dead during Cable's assault on the Icebox.

     Why didn't the X-Men take in Russell in the first place? 
  • The film presents Russell with only two options: Returning to the orphanage, or going to the Ice Box. What about Taking A Third Option by having him go to Xavier School, which would have been a healthier and more productive choice than either? Especially since the X-Men are public knowledge in this continuity.
    • Because the mission was led by Colossus, not Cyclops. Film Colossus wouldn't willingly get in law enforcement's way. If they wanted to take the kid to the ice box, it's what actual judges decided as far as he's concerned. It's a bit ridiculous yes, but between being To Be Lawful or Good, Colossus would rather be lawful. That way there is always conflict with Wade, who would rather be unlawful (and occasionally good).
    • I'm not saying to just up and snatch the kid, but for someone just to make the suggestion of having him remanded to the custody of the Xavier school as another alternative. Then you can have one of the officers blow them off, or tell them to take it to the judge, or handwave it because he's got too long of a rap sheet, or whatever. The fact that no one could even make an offer just smacks of the Idiot Ball to force the plot along.
    • The conflict between humans and mutants is already volatile as it is, without adding "they harbor known criminals" to the mix. Being from a persecuted minority does not mean that murder attempts and wanton destruction are allowed.

    Save the X-Force 
  • If Deadpool could use the time-travelling device to tell Peter to just leave, why didn't he use it to stop the rest of the team from screwing up their landings or change their strategy for arriving at the convoy?
    • Because he's the only one he tolerates. He said it himself: "The good news is I don't think anyone is gonna miss Shatterstar, he was a bit of a prick."
    • Wade's not just a Heroic Comedic Sociopath, he's a Sociopathic Hero too. If he doesn't like you, he couldn't care less if you live or die. In fact, if you in any way went into a line of work where you're expected to put your life on the line, he may very well kill you himself and piss on your corpse if he thinks it'll make himself feel even a little better.
    • If Deadpool was that much of an asshole, Colossus and the X-Men wouldn't tolerate him. Shatterstar's obviously an expendable douche, and Bedlam's last seen with paramedics trying to revive him, so Deadpool can "reasonably" assume he'll be okay, but it doesn't make much sense for him not to give Zeitgeist and the Vanisher a hand when they've been dependable so far. Deadpool can usually be counted on to put in the bare minimum of teamwork, if nothing else; why would he be friends with someone as spineless as Weasel otherwise?
      • How are Zeitgeist and Vanisher dependable? They both failed in epic fashion.
      • Was it their fault they didn't maneuver their parachutes properly, or did the wind just blow them off-course (the former would admittedly make sense, since Peter made a perfect landing)? All of them except Shatterstar seemed to be making a good faith effort, which I'd think would count for something; Deadpool's extremely crude and obnoxious, but he's not a sink-or-swim disciplinarian unless he's hamming it up, and letting the people he personally hired stay dead just because they couldn't hack it their first time around seems uncharacteristically callous. We're talking about the same guy who recognized one of Ajax's mercenaries by name mid-fight and settled for knocking him out when he had every reason to just cut him to pieces.
    • Peter is a normal human, who knew and admits that he was in over his head. The others were all mutants (or aliens) who wanted to go on a mission; helping them would have meant continuing the mission with them, and Deadpool already knows that the timeline works out as is, so messing with it might just screw everything up again.

    Juggernaut hating Deadpool 
  • Other than it being the perfect set up to the baby legs joke, is there any reason why the Juggernaut rips Deadpool in half in their first meeting?
    • Juggernaut's a bad guy and Deadpool is really annoying.
    • It could be that fat boy told Juggernaut how much he hates Deadpool.
    • Also, in The Stinger, Deadpool kills Weapon XI and Ryan Reynolds. Given that Juggernaut was also played by Reynolds, this could be considered a meta Running Gag.

    Why the HALO jump? 
  • Even minus the high winds, it's the worst possible way to approach a moving target in an urban environ.
    • Because Deadpool cares about the Rule of Cool. Yeah, he could have used roadblocks, snipers, and intercept vehicles, but he wanted to give a big speech and then jump out of a plane.
    • Also because Deadpool's the idiot who told X-Force to jump proclaiming he's their boss so they should do what he says, despite Domino advising against doing so.

    Cable not going back to the prison 
  • After Cable falls out of the prison, he catches himself before falling off the cliff. And Russell is still in the prison without anyone to protect him. Seems kind of an idiotic thing for Cable to not go back to the prison and just finish him off, huh?
    • Before he had the element of surprise. After the first attack security is going to be significantly increased, even to the point a badass mutant warrior from the future would think twice of attacking again.
    • By the time they'd fallen out, Russell had surrendered and the prisoners had already been brought back under control, so it was probably too risky for Cable to go back. Deadpool, on the other hand, is practically invincible, so a better question might be why he didn't go charging back in, or why he needed to assemble that big a team to attack the convoy later on, although I guess shooting off his legs and then slapping a collar on him could bring him down.
    • Deadpool is not invincible, especially to the guy with power dampening collar. He started the movie blowing his body to bits and running from guys with guns because Healing Factor doesn't mean can't be shot to hamburger meat, just that you'll get better tomorrow.

    Where’s his guns? 
  • Why is Deadpool using a pan and kitchen knives when the mercenaries attack his apartment? It’s Deadpool!
    • Guns need bullets, and we've already seen that he has a habit of forgetting to bring reloads. Given that he's just got back from a mission — a mission that he ended up running away from — it's fairly reasonable to assume he's out of ammo.
    • He's in sweat pants and a t-shirt. He is clearly and obviously not wearing any weapons during that scene, and when there's a dozen guys pouring through the front door, you don't have time to go back to your armory, wherever it is.

    How are the X-Force still a thing after the first part of the stinger? 
  • With the time device, he has much easier ways to protect Russell (including offing the Headmaster and other Essex staff before they can abuse him), so...why recruit X-Force to begin with?
    • If you think about it, Vanessa being alive wouldn't change the plot significantly, except for Wade's motivation. It changes from him going through grief, to proving he can be a responsible father. Instead of being recruited by Colossus, Wade can go to him and say he wants to "change his ways". And assuming he doesn't change anything else too significantly, he can still follow the plot, pretending that he doesn't know what is going to happen, including recruiting for X-Force and letting most of them die.

    Orphanage orderlies ignore Headmaster in trouble 
  • How come the orphanage security don't acknowledge the headmaster being under attack by Russell? Why send all their forces upon Deadpool and Cable? Were they expecting to just eliminate Deadpool and Cable and then go for the fat boy?
    • Fat boy can burn them to death, soldier guy and gimp with a brick look pretty easy to handle but dangerous enough they can tell Mr. Sinister they at least killed some people.

    Juggernaut Helping A Kid? Why? 
  • Juggernaut's always been a selfish, self-centered jerk who doesn't care about other people. Why the heck would he go along with helping this random kid for seemingly no reason? I mean, sure he was given some food, but it'd be more likely that he'd just see him as some annoying brat.
    • Juggernaut's a jerk, but he also has a history of being a team player who works with or for other villains. Russell helped break him out of prison, and their brief interactions show they have a bit of a rapport. Juggs can return the favor and get on with his life.
    • I think this is the good old Even Evil Has Standards trope in action. Russell probably told Juggernaut about the abuse he suffered at the hands of the Headmaster, and even a thug like him couldn't help but feel repulsed and angry about the situation.
  • It's also important to note that the Juggernaut, at least in the comics, was physically abused by his father. It's not hard to imagine him feeling sympathy for another abused kid.

    Domino's good luck power 
  • Her good luck power keeps her from dying, right? If that's the case, then why not send her off to missions alone? Also, what happens if she face off against an army of super villains? Would she win?
    • In universe she's lucky, not a miracle worker. Perhaps she has a luck-tank or a luck-range, and she could fail by overusing her luck. Otherwise, her only limit would be the impossible, and she could be a Vegas-made billionaire who stumbled upon thousands of other windfall successes. Out of universe, they'll use her power to the best extent they can, which is mainly humor. Putting her against super villains/the main conflict would ruin her character, as either she wins with ease and becomes a Mary Sue or loses.
    • It's also possible that, if the odds of success get too low for a task, her luck will focus more on survival than success, ie having her thrown into convenient foliage and knocked out until the threat has passed.
    • Her luck is useful for good luck for her - she just turned up for the X-Force on an impulse. Turned out that she got lucky with that orphanage. You can't have somebody like that just go off on their own on assigned missions.

    Deadpool's err...seedpool 
  • Anyway, we know Deadpool is essentially living cancer at this point, and he and Vanessa were trying to have kids. But wouldn't his living cancer thing include his testicles? Now I'm not implying that it would give Vanessa cancer (Biology doesn't work like that), but wouldn't that essentially render Wade sterile? Or is there some reason to assume he can still impregnate her?
    • Wade is not literally cancer in the shape of a man. He's a mutant that has cancer that should be killing him, which is kept in check by his healing factor.

    What year is it actually supposed to be? 
  • Okay, this is a little bit of confusion. We assume that due to the presence of technology (smartphones, laptops) and vehicles (such as there are two Telsa Model 3s seen in the convoy scene that end up crashing) hints that it's at least within recent years. However, when it comes to the X-Mansion scene where Wade complains about how it's only Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio being there, we see a shot where we have the X-Men in the background as the doors are being closed. However, the X-Men we see is from the recent films, where they're all still young circa the late 1980s/early 1990s, going from the last film's setting and Quicksilver's Nirvana T-shirt. I get that their appearance is a gag and that for the comics in the 1990s, the X-Men and several government agencies had some advanced tech (for example, the government having the Sentinals), but there's no way for Telsa Motors to have come into existence decades before, nor Apple to release a current iPhone decades before they came up with it. So, the question is, what year is the film suppose to be taking place where the X-Men are still circa late 1980s/early 1990s and modern tech is present?
    • Uh, yeah, well, whenever you notice something like that... a wizard did it.
    • More Doylistically, it was probably easier to wrangle the younger actors for a 5-second cameo than the older cast. The joke still lands either way, and that's what matters.

    Cable's birth year 
  • Assume Cable is about the same age as Josh Brolin (or a bit younger but worn by fighting, grief and time travel. Or older but kept fresh by cybernetics and judicious application of lip balm). He hunted mutants in a dark future and travelled back in time from a point where Russell was an adult and Cable had a family. So, when was Cable born? Would he have been witness to any X-Men shenanigans first hand? Most importantly, is Cable a millennial?

    Black Domino bringing diversity 
  • So it was stated that they choose to make Domino an African-American in order to bring more diversity. The problem with that logic is that she was already a minority in the comics — she was an albino. While black people are a minority too, albinos are more underrepresented, not to mention they tend to be depicted as villains in fiction; Domino was among the rare heroic examples. So how, exactly, does changing Domino from an albino to a non-albino African-American make the movie more diverse, rather than less?
    • Domino isn't an albino in the comics. At least not in the conventional sense. Her bleach-white skin comes from the X-Gene, not a lack of pigmentation as is the case with albinism (most importantly is her hair. A true albino human would not have black hair like Dom's).

     Deadpool in Heaven? 
  • A small bit, but why does Deadpool go to Heaven considering he's still basically a psycho killer? Yes, he has some good qualities but still. He did die from a Heroic Sacrifice so maybe that automatically makes one go to Heaven?
    • It could also be to contrast how the Headmaster kept ranting about mutants all going to Hell, with what the actual afterlife of the films' 'verse may really be like, i.e. not nearly so arbitrary or unforgiving in its judgment towards peoples' sins or inborn qualities as that slimebag presumed.
    • Another possibility: This isn't Heaven nor Hell. It's Death's domain. That's right. I'm saying that the Vanessa that we've been seeing in the film could actually be Mistress Death trying to lure Wade to her, using Vanessa's appearance as a means to do. It's not the first time she's done it in any Deadpool related materials (see her first appearance in the Deadpool video game as an example, where Wade wakes up in his apartment and finds himself dancing with her). It's possible that the times that Deadpool "officially" died, he was ended up in her domain, and she recreated the apartment as a means of not trying to freak Wade out. This also explains her "Your heart is not in the right place" comment when he first ends up there, trying to clue him in on how he could officially die. Not to mention, she senses Cable's change to the timeline before he jumps back to save Wade. The whole thing works out that way, just as much of it being "heaven".


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