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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.

"Move or die!"

  • Wade getting brutal, silent revenge on the gangster that killed Vanessa. He nearly gets away until his car crashes into another. Wade then slams the guy out of his car before grabbing him and having them both stand in the way of a truck that strikes both of them but only kills the gangster.
    • He got the guy out of his wrecked car... by full-on ramming the driver's side door with his own body so hard his target flew out of the passenger door and into the street.
  • Wade's non-lethal takedown of Russell at the orphanage, throwing one of his katanas and beaning the kid in the forehead with the hilt.
  • Wade's first battle with Cable in the Ice Box. Even being out-matched with his Healing Factor negated doesn't prevent Wade from giving the futuristic man-cyborg with superior weaponry something resembling a hard time. Although the highlight has to be Cable using his mechanical arm to block, disarm, and hammer Wade across the room in three moves. It is all delivered with the same, unfazed expression. Considering we're used to seeing Wade as unstoppable once he gets into a fight, it's both awesome and sobering. Another high point is Wade trying to choke out Cable, using his own shattered arm as a garrote.
  • Domino hijacking the convoy on her own, proving that luck IS a very cinematic superpower (if you haven't seen it, just imagine someone weaponizing Final Destination's premise).
    • The great bit is how while Wade is snarking on comms about how "luck is not a super power", we see cars flip over and lightposts fall with just the perfect timing to allow Domino to leap off of them and casually somersault into the passenger seat of the lead truck. The guy in the driver's seat has her dead to rights with a pistol... which jams.
    • Later, while Domino is taking on several of the Essex House staff, several of her foes are taken out by bizarre twists and falls; one slips and breaks his neck on a bedpost, another slips on a random toy and accidentally stabs himself, and a third is pinned down under multiple racks and then has his head crushed by a falling shelf. Quite a Domino effect.
    • It's not just for killing or personal movement either. She muses about how she needs a bus to get the kids out and, seconds later, a bus crashes against the wall.
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  • When Russell's new best friend turns out to be JUGGERNAUT!
  • The Juggernaut destroys a large bridge with a shockwave of a simple punch, and then ripping Deadpool in half like it's nothing. He gives a Curb-Stomp Battle to Colossus later, only losing because of Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio arriving to back him up.
    • The long awaited fight between Colossus and Juggernaut in general. Although it was good to see Kitty Pryde outsmart Juggy in X-Men: The Last Stand, Colossus VS Juggernaut is the fight fans have been waiting for. To give the chrome Russian his credit, he get several good hits and takedowns on Juggernaut despite being ultimately outmatched. In the comics (and other versions) Colossus is strong but nowhere near Juggernaut grade and being able to stand in the ring with him like that is an achievement!
  • In a hilarious Call-Back to the first film, Deadpool enters the final fight without a gun. He asks Cable for one of his, but is denied. Wade's solution? Pick up the nearest brick, and proceed to bash everyone in the head with it.
  • Cable not only using his only chance to go home to save Wade, but it pretty much means he relived every little bit of the final battle and did everything just as he did before to a tee.
  • Dopinder gets his moment when he ruthlessly plows his taxi into the evil headmaster when the latter has been spared and starts ranting at the mutants that they're going to hell.
  • The Stinger wraps up the film on a hilariously awesome note. Wade uses Cable's repaired time travel device to save both Vanessa and Peter from their respective deaths, kill Weapon XI and kill Ryan Reynolds before he can sign on to Green Lantern. All set to Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time".
    • For longtime fans, it's gloriously satisfying to see Deadpool shoot his Origins counterpart (several times!), as if the movie is saying "Fuck you fake Deadpool, make way for the real deal". Though it's just a gag and mainly consists of stock footage, this is the closest thing we get to seeing Reynolds's Deadpool and Jackman's Wolverine share the screen together.
  • It's a bit of a Freeze-Frame Bonus, but Juggernaut can be seen hauling himself out of the orphanage's pool as Wade and the others walk away. Even having electrical wires shoved up his ass before being thrown into a pool of water wasn't enough to stop him.
  • Let's face it, it's kind of hard not to squee a little when Professor X and the other X-Men pop up on screen, even if it's just for a five second joke.
  • Wade's plan to get through to Russell in the climax. After Russell badly burns him, Wade pulls out a power blocking collar and puts it on himself and calmly tells Russell to do it again, knowing if Russell goes through with things that he will die. Then he takes a bullet for Russell while still wearing it. Talk about a Heroic Sacrifice!
  • Russell's rampage through the orphanage definitely qualifies. With no reason to hold back, he quickly discovers just how powerful he is. He isn't just capable of starting fires, he can also cause already existing ones to grow stronger.
    • His slow chase after the headmaster also counts as this. The man runs like a coward and Russell goes full on Implacable Man, slowly and deliberately following him, burning everything in his path. All while calling for him to "say it!"
      Russell: Say what you said every time you tortured me! "Blessed are the wicked who are healed by my hand!"

"Now, let's go get our fuck on." note 

  • The "Meet Cable" trailer gives us very good glimpses of Cable's awesomeness.
    • His looks and the way he talks already ooze absolute badassery. Not to mention he packs quite the big guns.
    • Blocking bullets with his cybernetic arm and a telekinetic shield, then kicking the ass of a whole squad of high security prison guards equipped with riot shields.
    • Leaping onto the armored convoy that's driving right in his direction.
  • "The Trailer":
    • Cable proves how much of a badass he is when he wipes the floor with Wade in seconds.
    • Cable goes down a building by sticking his cybernetic arm in the facade's wall to slow down his fall, a la Hulk in The Avengers.
    • As hilariously meta as it is, we get the establishment of the X-Force.
    • Near the end of the trailer, Deadpool jumps onto the hood of a truck and tears the windshield off. The driver pulls out a pistol and fires it at him, but Deadpool covers the barrel with his hand. The bullet tears through his hand, but causes the barrel to get caught in the hole. Deadpool then TURNS THE GUN AROUND AND SHOOTS THE DRIVER IN THE HEAD WITH HIS OWN GUN.
  • "The Final" Trailer:
  • The fact that they not only got Céline Dion to record a song for the soundtrack, but the song in question — "Ashes" — was as beautiful and heart-wrenching as her most famous works. In the music video, Deadpool himself declares the song and her performance to be too good for the raunchy superhero sequel they're attached to.
    • The song is used for the opening credits, which are done in a parody of the Daniel Craig James Bond film. Viewed in this light, some have said that "Ashes" is better than the actual themes used for the Craig Bond films.


  • While promoting the movie in South Korea, Ryan had something else higher on the agenda - appearing on "King of Masked Singer". Turns out it was backhanded promotion in hindsight - his unicorn outfit bringing to mind something that appeared in the first Deadpool, and the song choice actually popping up in Deadpool 2. Regardless of that, to say that the audience went crazy upon the Dramatic Unmask would be an understatement.
  • In the PG-13 rerelease, Fred Savage is not intimidated in the slightest by Deadpool tying him up, and even shoots back that Fox's Marvel movies suck.
    • For anybody sick of the over-the-top hatedom that Nickelback gets, Deadpool's rant about their successes and achievements can be pretty cathartic.
  • The film not only received the very same amount of critical acclaim as the first, receiving a 83% on Rotten Tomatoes (compared to its predecessor's 84%); given how sequels tend to be even vastly better or worse than the original, it's very rare for a duology of films to get equal amount of praise.
    • On top of this, this film topped the first one's grossing of $783 million - admittedly by just $2 million. This now means that the top two places for highest grossing films in the entire X-Men Film Series are both held by The Merc With A Mouth himself; and he now has the highest grossing series in the franchise as opposed to just a standalone film.


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