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Fridge Brilliance

  • How does Yukio have electric powers and is in the X-Mansion instead of living with the Yashidas like the old timeline? Well, with the revelation that Ichirō was Evil All Along in The Wolverine, Logan might have told Charles about her to prevent Ichirō from adopting her and trained her in the X-Mansion, where she unlocked her electric abilities.
    • That might explain how she ended up in the X-Mansion, but not how she went from having precognition about the manner of peoples' deaths, to electricity-based powers. It's much more simply because Deadpool 2 and The Wolverine are set in different universes because of the timeline change.
    • It could also be a secondary mutation similar to Emma Frost.
    • She looks completely different, possibly alluding to a different parentage, meaning genetically, she would get a different set of powers.
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    • Yukio isn't a unique name. It may simply be another, wholly unrelated mutant who happens to have the same first name.
  • How does Cable exist when the future of Logan showed that no new Mutants have been born in the last 25 Years? Well, remember Logan and Laura did take out the lead scientist that caused the sterlization of Mutant births in the first place and it's likely the X-gene started to slowly re-emerge again.
    • The entire Fox X-Men timeline is basically a Shrug of God at this point (as is the comics' X-Men timeline).
    • Deadpool's constant meddling with time in The Stinger practically justifies the film series' Continuity Snarl.
    • Cable is older than Firefist and is implied to be artificially bred.
    • Real world governments aren't going to invest in a second widespread method of mutant control when the first one already works, meaning that the Essex mutant collars would have invalidated the need to develop the corn syrup. The Logan timeline most likely came about from Firefist killing the Essex people as intended, thus leading to the development of corn syrup as a replacement.
  • It seems odd Wade would try to use the same sword parry he did in X-Men Origins: Wolverine when he already has a healing factor and knows he can tank the bullets with no problem... until you remember that due to his 4th wall awareness Wade probably remembers the events of that film (whether he wants to or not) even after the X-Men changed the timeline and probably decided it was worth a shot.
  • Céline Dion's Ashes actually ties in perfectly to the film's main theme of redemption. Cable plans to kill Russell to prevent a Bad Future, while Wade's team believes they can change Russell to prevent him from ever causing the Bad Future. Wade himself is truly a hero despite his rough edges, therefore also being beauty that rose from ashes.
    • There is also a lot of literal ashes at scenes of tragedy: The apartment shared by Wade and Vanessa after Wade tries killing himself, Cable's home and the Essex School, both courtesy of Russell.
    • Even more literal is the fact that in the final act, Wade's Deadpool costume gets covered in ashes. So, Wade's sacrifice (both times), as well as Russell's change of heart both times can be literally seen as "beauty coming out of ashes."
  • In the comics, one of the reasons that Deadpool is a Death Seeker is because he's in love with Death and wants to be with her. In this film, rather than being in love with Death, the woman he loves is dead, at least until the end.
    • In fact, the entire thing could be a reference to the Thanos-Death-Deadpool triangle. In the comic, to prevent Deadpool getting Death, Thanos cursed Deadpool with living. In the movie, the man who shares the same actor with Thanos used his power to prevent Deadpool's death, which also prevents Deadpool from being reunited with his loved one in the afterlife.
  • Deadpool's desire to make X-Force as a "gender-neutral alternative" to the implied patriarchy of a team called the X-Men seems like Hypocritical Humor on his part, considering Domino is the only female member to sign up. Then all the other members are killed and the X-Men members who show up at the climax (Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Yukio) to help Deadpool, Cable, and Domino ends up balancing out the gender ratio, serving as an even better example of the diverse superhero team Deadpool was aiming for.
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  • The reason why Deadpool included Peter who is an average human with no superpowers, in the X-Force team is clearly part of a running gag involving Dopinder's desire to be a contract killer. However, in retrospect, given Deadpool's repeated jabs at political correctness, Peter's inclusion in X-Force can be considered a stealth jab at diversity representation. After all, Peter can be considered part of a different species from the mutants.
  • Why would they keep in Shatterstar's ridiculous origin while keeping Juggernaut a generic mutant (unlike his comic book incarnation, where he's a human that's been empowered by a deity named Cyttorak)? Well, if you pay attention in the movie, Juggernaut's never actually referred to as a mutant by Wade (who's a big fan of his), nor does he himself claim he is one. He's being kept in the Icebox, which IS a prison for Mutants, but he's not restrained by the same power-sapping necklaces that all of the regular mutants are. Instead, he's housed away and restrained much more carefully than the other mutants. Why would they need to go through all that extra trouble if simply slapping a neck restraint on him will deprive him of his dangerous powers? Simple; like Shatterstar, Juggernaut keeps his original origin, and isn't a Mutant at all, so the neck restraints won't do anything to him. It's likely that, as a dangerous human with superpowers, keeping him in the Icebox was more out of convenience than anything else, as it's already a high-security prison for superpowered individuals.
  • In the beginning of the film, Deadpool references Batman v Superman, specifically that he was "fighting a guy in a cape until I found out both our moms were named Martha". Later in the film, in his first exchange with Cable, he quotes "I'm Batman". So Wade = Batman, Cable = Superman, and they both fight each other throughout most of the film but team up in the end to take down a bigger, unstoppable threat. Also, one of them ends up dying and the other brings them back to life, although it doesn't take them a whole other movie to do it.
  • It is more or less stated by that the creators that Logan is not canon and is an alternate timeline. Like stated before, this is justified by Cable and Deadpool's use of the time watch. With the past changed a second time in the X-Men franchise and some "loose-ends" being tied up, Logan won't be on a crash course with death now. Somehow... We don't know yet how Cable's presence or Deadpool's meddling stops all those events yet.
  • It seems odd that neither Wade nor Weasel (who, unlike the former, does not benefit from Wade’s 4th wall awareness) are surprised by Shatterstar's origin of being from another planet until you remember who are going to visit Earth in the 90s in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.
  • It may have been easier for Cable to attack Firefist when he was still an infant, or even a baby, and his powers had not manifested yet. However, he's probably at this point because, being the first recorded crime of Firefist, he knows where to find him. If he had appeared at some earlier date, he would have to do detective work to find him.
    • Addressed in the movie when Cable says that the longer the time-distance traveled, the less precise the landing. And the fact he only has one charge left (to go home), so he can't 're-jump' to a more opportune time.
  • Other than Lazy Writing, Cable's time traveling device only having 2 charges makes a lot of sense. It's to prevent somebody, like Deadpool, from messing with the timelines too many times. You get 1 trip there and 1 trip back. Anything else and you're stranded in the past.
  • Why does Colossus resort to fighting dirty against Juggernaut? it's because in the first movie being a gentleman nearly got him killed by Angel Dust. It also helps that Juggernaut and Colossus were evenly matched and the helmet wasn't coming off any time soon.
  • It's no wonder why Wade is such a big fan of Juggernaut; they're both played by Ryan Reynolds. Green Lantern isn't so lucky.
  • Wade's main goal throughout the film is to reform Russell through non-violent means (regarding the kid himself, everyone else is fair game.) When he gets hit by Russell's fire, the red on his suit gets burned/infused with ash and turns gray. Add in a hood and some prayer beads and you've got Zenpool.
  • Due to extremely high fire rate, high recoil, and short barrel, MAC-10s are notoriously inaccurate at any distance. So why does Domino treat hers like a long-range rifle and attach a bayonet? Because she's lucky, so she's used to hitting targets at a distance regardless of how inaccurate her gun is supposed to be!
  • Karma really did take care of the Headmaster.
    • He's ran over by Dopinder, who's of Indian origins. Karma is a Buddhist concept, and Buddhism originated in India.
    • Dopinder has been spending the entire movie wishing to make his bones as a contract killer, and he got his wish - his first kill - in the end, and on someone who actually deserved it.
  • The Frozen reference makes an awful lot of sense. Wade resolves Cable's problem with Russell by Taking the Bullet for the kid. In Frozen, Anna resolves the conflict by stepping in between Hans' blade and Elsa. A suicidal Elsa, who thought she had accidentally killed Anna, the one person she loves more than anything. Furthermore, much of the strife between Elsa and Anna in the movie is because Elsa pushed Anna away, believing that she's a super-powered Doom Magnet - which is exactly what Wade does to Russell. Plus, Elsa is An Ice Person, and Russell is Playing with Fire: both are elemental powers.

Fridge Horror

  • The collars that inhibit Mutant powers. The very kind of things that were seen in the Bad Future in X-Men: Days of Future Past. It means parts of such a future are still happening despite the changes to the past that led to the current timeline. It's only used on Mutants who became criminals... so far. Essex's plans are probably not stopping there, even though they haven't gone as far as Trask Industries and their Sentinels.
  • While in the Icebox with their powers negated, Wade says he'll die of cancer and Russell will "win an award for softest mouth." It's also heavily, heavily implied the employees at the Essex facility sexually abuse the children there.
    • With Wade wearing the power suppression collar, he really would have died in the original timeline as Cable never gave him the chance to escape. That's why Cable didn't recognize Wade despite his power giving him near immortality.
  • Everyone at the Ice Box seemed perfectly willing to let Wade succumb to cancer with his healing factor suppressed. Now consider how many mutants there might be incarcerated who are stuck in Body Horror, And I Must Scream or slowly dying because their powers have been suppressed while they were in the middle of their own bodies experiencing an effect of their own powers, which would normally be covered by Required Secondary Powers?
  • What is Essex planning? In X-Men: Apocalypse, he sent men to collect DNA samples of Wolverine and now is backing the abuse, torment, and seemingly the experimentation of young mutant children? One can only shudder. Is it something similar to what Transigen did or worse?
  • Did they just leave the motherfucking Juggernaut alive and free to roam around, with his helmet on so that Charles can't just pull off a psychic attack on him?
    • They thought he was dead and there's a good chance after what he's been subjected to, even he would need time to recover, enough for the X-men to find out and prepare for the next battle.
  • Deadpool killing Ryan Reynolds before shooting Green Lantern means Reynolds never gets to meet and marry Blake Lively, which also means Reynolds and Lively's children are never born.
    • Killing Ryan Reynolds in the past has far more consequence than that. It would in truth mean that the first Deadpool (2016) movie wouldn't exist, and that this film would also be written out of existence. Joking aside, that scene is intended as a joke, so don't take it too seriously.
    • And of course, the obvious implication: in killing Reynolds, Deadpool pretty much killed himself. Or at least, this incarnation of him.
  • The "Heaven" scene where Wade gets reunited with Vanessa is touching and all, but imagine being trapped with your girlfriend in that apartment for all eternity.
    • Given the way afterlives tend to work in a lot of fiction, the apartment is probably is just Wade's entrance lobby into the afterlife; if he had died for good, he and Vanessa could probably leave and go to some other part of the afterlife.
    • It might look that way as it's where Wade spent the best times of his life: in there with her.
  • Just how many people died as a result of Domino's Final Destination-esque powers? She's letting the giant prisoner truck run around and has numerous cars flip and crash into things while in a populated city.
    • Perhaps not that many people died since she has luck powers and is acting as a hero sort of. Anyone who should not die likely just avoided death since many people dying would cause trouble.
    • Domino doesn't cause these mortal dangers anyway. She just survives them by luck.
      • The initial car crash is debatable, but she was definitely responsible for the convoy truck crashing through an occupied building (and into a bunch of cars).
    • And how do we know a side-effect of her being lucky isn't everyone else near her being unlucky? She might have killed off most of the X-Force just by being on board (though the survival of our heroes in the final battle would imply otherwise).
  • The shot of Deadpool's vestigial regenerating penis. To put into context, the regenerating body parts of his are referred to as "child-like", which basically makes it child pornography. However, not every instance of visible genitalia makes something pornography. Especially not in a scene as absurd as this.
  • The fact that Deadpool KNOWS Wolverine, Xavier, and the X-Men will die horribly in the future (Logan). Wade is keeping that information to himself, not warning them about their terrible fate. Heck, we don't even know if Wade survives in Logan's future timeline.
    • The timeline of Logan is confirmed to be an alternate future and not the future for the X-Men timeline so even if he does know about it (which he does), he knows it’s not going to pass so there's no point.
  • Assuming that Juggernaut from this timeline was the same as the original timeline, just what in the actual fuck did Cain go through to become this large and hulking?
    • Ultimate X-Men has the answer. It could be that he's a mutant...who ALSO found the Gem of Cytorak, thereby giving him DOUBLE super strength.
  • The X-Men film series has yet to see the mastermind behind the whole sterilization process of mutants and the abuse of mutants at the orphanage — Nathaniel Essex a.k.a Mister Sinister. Somewhere in the shadows, watching events behind the scenes — hell he might be in plain sight as one of the workers at the orphanage for The Dean. All the more unsettling is that he might make an appearance in The New Mutants, which is already classified as a horror movie.

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