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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.

"Kiss me like you miss me, Red!"

  • We are shown that Wade and Vanessa's relationship is still as strong as it was in the previous film. It doesn't last, sadly. At least, until The Stinger.
  • Deadpool and Colossus hugging each other at the X-Mansion.
  • Wade’s determination to prevent Russell's death, seeking instead to redeem the boy before he becomes a murderous psycho.
  • Ashes. The parodying nature aside, it's a good fable about how from "ashes", i.e. Wade's mutation, can come beauty (him in the eyes of some, his relationship with Vanessa et al).



  • Wade rushes back to celebrate his anniversary with Vanessa and they give each other small gifts that the other truly appreciates, with him giving her a skeeball token in remembrance of their first date while she gives him her removed IUD, leading to an ecstatic celebration as they're both ready to start a family.
  • The fact that Deadpool remembered Colossus' "four or five moments" speech from the previous film and started reciting it (with some Deadpool-appropriate additions).
    • There are cuts to Colossus that show how touched he is that Deadpool was paying attention back then. In fact, it rings with So Proud of You because he thinks Deadpool is finally becoming the hero he believed he could be.
  • Deadpool's mutual affinity for Yukio, Negasonic's girlfriend. He also never makes any sarcastic quips about their relationship and even comments that the two do make a cute couple.
    • Yukio in general is just a big ball of sunshine, so it's not hard to see why Deadpool adores her so much. Nearly all of their scenes together start and end with a cute "Hi/bye Wade!", "Hi/bye Yukio!" exchange.
    • Deadpool's only snarky remark regarding the pair came from Negasonic having a knee-jerk defense reaction when introducing Yukio, and is born from Wade clearly being offended that she thought he was homophobic. No, his issue is: why would anyone date Negasonic?
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  • Deadpool finally gets his wish and dies and finds peace as he is Together in Death with Vanessa. He gets sent back to the land of the living because his surrogate family needs him, but Vanessa says she'll be waiting for him. Then the mid-credits play merry havoc with the timeline.
  • Cable travels back in time to before the fight (which he could only do one more time to travel back home) and places the skeeball token he took from Wade earlier which stopped the bullet that would kill him. It ties back to Colossus' speech about how being a hero only really takes a few moments to do what's right.
  • Cable's teddy bear turns from worn out and colored by ashes to clean once Russell changes his mind, meaning the horrible fate of Cable's wife and daughter has been erased from history.
  • Cable also has a surprisingly meaningful reason for teaming up with Deadpool. It's not just a random odd couple setup: Cable's wife shares Deadpool's dark sense of humor, which is largely how she copes with the bad future. While everyone else (but Vanessa) treats Deadpool's actions as deadly serious, Cable explicitly calls him "funny." Cable even praises their handling of stress in comparison to his own reaction of numbness. It's a short but very heartfelt bit of appreciation, coming from a very cold character and directed to a very unappreciated character.
  • On the team's first mission, Zeitgeist lands in a garbage truck's grinder after parachuting. Peter tries to help him, only to have Zeitgeist's acidic vomit splattered on him, dissolving his arm and killing him. At least Peter tried to be good.
  • So Deadpool gets his hands on Cable's time travelling device and gets Negasonic and Yukio to fix it for him. What's the first thing he does with it? Go back to the beginning of the movie and stop Vanessa from dying in the assault on their apartment. And after that, he even goes ahead and saves Peter, the person with the least business being with X-Force despite doing his best, and orders him home to safety (the rest of X-Force are still implied to be dead, though).
  • The friendship between Firefist and Juggernaut. Juggernaut could easily walk away from the kid, but he keeps his word and is more than willing to help Firefist get revenge on the orphanage that abused him.
    • And how did it start? Russell goes to Juggernaut's cell, slides a food tray through a slot, and says he wants to hang with Juggernaut. Yes, Russell's doing it for protection, but he does it with a sign of trust, honesty, and treating him like an ordinary person with the 'we need a pass code' bit.
  • Deadpool's relationship with Peter definitely counts. He is nice to him and apologizes for yelling at him (telling Peter that's it's only to impress the other members of X-Force). He also refers to Peter as "Sugar Bear" while promising he won't let anything bad happen to him. Sure enough, when he gets the ability to time travel, the second thing he does is save his friend.
  • While it’s not played upon as much (considering this is Deadpool’s film) the X-Men seem to have retained the positive public opinion that they will have in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. When Colossus, Negasonic, and Wade arrive to help contain Firefist, they don’t really have any trouble from the authorities, and the reporter present there has a pleasant if not a bit surprised reaction at their arrival.
  • Although this could be viewed as some sort of extension to her luck powers, Deadpool, outside of initially making fun of her superpower, seems to legitimately respect and like Domino. The most obvious example of this is that he attaches her photo to his corkboard with a pin through the border, completely aligned, whereas the other members of X-Force are crooked and pinned the the board with throwing knives, dangerously close to their foreheads. He also gives her his Adventure Time watch upon his death. It may have been retconned, but it's the thought that counts.
    • It's also worth noting that Domino isn't completely dismissive of Wade, either. During their attack on the convoy, despite their back-and-forth quips, there's never any real indication that she doesn't have some semblance of faith in him.
      Domino: You're doing great!
      Deadpool: X-Force!
    • She even goes to the extra mile of carrying his dismembered body parts after Wade was ripped in half by Juggernaut.
  • During the initial mission to deal with Russell, Deadpool immediately starts considering what the underlying causes of his rampage might be, when even Colossus is thinking more of just putting the kid down, and starts trying to reason with him. Then when he finds the signs of abuse on Russell's neck, his tone instantly turns dead serious as he demands to know who he has to kill for doing this to a kid.
    • Even after being tackled by Colossus after shooting 2 of the guys responsible, he doesn't crack any jokes and instead flat-out says that what he did was right.
  • Apparently every single person in Wade's life has been conspiring to keep him from learning about David Bowie's death.
  • After getting bodyslammed through an iron gate and being impaled on it, Deadpool is stuck until Colossus comes and rescues him. Colossus has Wade in a Bridal Carry and tells Wade that he will not fail Wade just like Wade will not fail the boy. Deadpool then tells Colossus that despite all the crap he puts Colossus through, he considers the big guy his best friend. Colossus then goes after Juggernaut.
  • The fact that Wade's afterlife is a happy place with the woman he loved. It shows that, despite it all, he was a good person and isn't destined to burn in hell or be tortured... he earned his happy ending.
    Wade: Is this heaven?
    Vanessa: It is now.
  • Domino rescuing the kids at Essex, making sure that their childhoods won't be like hers or Russel's.
  • While he does make fun of Professor X for being in a wheelchair, it was strangely sweet to hear Juggernaut acknowledge him as his "brother."


  • The viral video with Ryan on "King of Masked Singer" is shown to a bunch of cast members including Morena Baccarin (Vanessa), Julian Dennison (Russell), Zazie Beetz (Domino) and Josh Brolin (Cable). Guess who's the biggest fanboy of the lot? Cable!
  • Ryan and Josh insulting each other like 12-year-olds and giggling the whole time.
  • One of the trailers for the Once Upon a Deadpool recut has Deadpool go on a rant on how he's sick of everyone complaining about Nickelback. Fred Savage apologizes for setting Deadpool off and the two then reconcile while singing "How You Remind Me".
  • The tribute to Stan Lee which follows the final after credits scene of Once Upon A Deadpool.
  • It was announced that upon Disney officially buying 20th Century Fox that Deadpool would carry over with Ryan Reynolds. Subsequent interviews have since revealed that not only would Reynolds carry over, but the entire main cast as well.


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