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Rocket: How much for the gun?
Bucky: Not for sale!
Rocket: OK, how much for the arm?
[Bucky gives him a disgusted look and walks off]
Rocket: Oh, I'll get that arm...

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  • The meme. Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

  • X is wearing a suit and tie with a vest, therefore he's the villain. Explanation 
  • "Give the rights back to Marvel already!" Explanation 
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  • Nick Fury = Demoman. Both are badass black men with eyepatches.
  • Back when Spider-Man was Exiled from Continuity, it became popular Fanon to depict Spidey as existing in the MCU as a Memetic Loser Woobie who's constantly being blocked from joining the Avengers by Nick Fury. Now that he's finally being made a part of it, the joke has mutated to him finally being let in and proceeding to completely steal the thunder from Ant Man, who was just getting recognized.
  • "Captain Dorito", about how Cap's shoulder-to-waist ratio matches a Dorito. Has since become an Ascended Meme after Robert Downey Jr calls Chris Evans "Dorito" several times at Comic-Con 2014.
    • This ascended further in an interview with Evans and Hemsworth in which they are both handed a bag of Doritos. Chris Evans is kind of grossed out when he bites into one, while Chris Hemsworth just grins and says "So that's what you taste like!" Cue Tumblr breaking.
  • "HELP ME TONY", in reference to Cap supposedly getting hit severely with The Worf Effect outside his own movies.
  • The "I'm Just A Civilian" Starter Pack: Baseball cap, hoodie (or jacket) and sunglasses. Explanation 
  • "It's all connected" for MCU as a whole. It gets used as Arc Words in promotional material for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and is even stated word for word by Daisy "Skye" Johnson in a season two episode.
  • Darcy being the fandom bicycle, to the point that it forms a sort of feedback-loop where any time a new character is introduced the MCU there will inevitably be at least one fic pairing them up with Darcy.
  • The three Chrisses (Hemsworth, Evans and Pratt). Though he's not in the MCU, Chris Pine is often included as an honorary fourth Chris, especially in light of him joining the cast of Wonder Woman (2017) and voicing Ultimate Peter Parker in Into the Spider-Verse.
  • Thanks to overzealous accusations of bribery, online reviewers (particularly on YouTube) now joke about Marvel/Disney paying them off to praise the MCU and trash other superhero movies.
    Corey: (Discussing a harsh review of X-Men: Apocalypse) Did that one guy get his Disney check?[...] 'cause Disney just paying everybody off to talk shit about superhero movies!
  • MCU synchronicity/synergynote 
  • BRING BACK BETTY Explanation 
  • Hallway fight scene! Explanation 
  • Joss Whedon has betrayed Marvel. Explanation 
  • Sad/Confused Kevin Feige Explanation 
  • Beware the Marvel snipers! Explanation 
  • Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo's complete inability to keep secrets about future Marvel plot points. By the time Infinity War rolled around Marvel embraced their status as leakers and used their rep to promote the Infinity War poster reveal. Sometimes Sebastian Stan is grouped in to make it a trio after a joking comment he made about Captain America becoming Nomad in Infinity War. note  This got to the point that some fans giving Holland and Ruffalo Fan Nickname "Spoiler Bros", akin to how fans calling Tony Stark and Bruce Banner "Science Bros".
  • Remember, this series takes place in same universe as... Explanation 
  • Superhero Fatigue. Explanation 
  • "Never Trust an Elf" Explanation 
  • In spite of the character never really shown partaking in such things, you'll find no shortage of fanart or incorrect quote posts of Peter Parker being a Totally Radical meme machine who annoys his fellow Avengers by quoting the likes of Vine or Twitter. That or teach Fish out of Water Thor to do stuff like this.
  • After Stan Lee passed away, the meme of him passing his characters to Kevin Feige has been making the round. Using the final scenes of Toy Story 3 make for a massive TearJerker.
  • Out of context spoilersExplanation 
  • Photoshopping men of the MCU (usually Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth) to have acrylic nails, hoop earrings, and/or wigs to poke fun at stereotypes of black and latino family members (as such it's also generally accepted that only those groups should be making the images).
  • Captain America always looks like a bird just flew away with his hot dog. Explanation 
    • And the bird's name is Sam.
  • "Now this is an Avengers level threat." Explanation 
  • Disgruntled Stark employee Explanation 

Cap: Patience!

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