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Shout Out / X-Men: Apocalypse

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  • James McAvoy has said in numerous interviews that Charles' suits were ripped off from the iconic outfits worn by Detective James "Sonny" Crockett from Miami Vice, a popular TV series which made its debut in 1984, one year after the events of this film. Don Johnson's wardrobe on the show ignited a fashion trend, so in the movie-verse, it appears that Xavier was ahead of his time style-wise. Michael Fassbender mentions that Erik has a suit which was inspired by Detective Ricardo "Rico" Stubbs, Crockett's partner.
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  • Nightcrawler owns a jacket which is a replica of Michael Jackson's from the famous Thriller music video, which is somewhat recursive because it resembles his costume from the comics.
  • When Quicksilver is talking to his mother, his T-shirt has a cartoon print of The Six Million Dollar Man, and he plays Pac-Man. He also switches the TV's channels from the news to Knight Rider. He later changes into a Rush T-shirt, and during the denouement of the film, he's seen in an Atari one. While rescuing Xavier's students, Peter takes a moment to perform the Moonwalk Dance.
  • The Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Who Mourns for Adonais?" plays on Ororo's TV set.
  • While in class, Jubilee wears a Journey T-shirt.
  • While sending the students back to bed during Jean's nightmare, Charles chides them "Spit spot."
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  • Return of the Jedi is shown to be playing at the movie theater during the mall sequence.
  • Like Professor X, Leto Atreides II in Children of Dune (who is also portrayed by James McAvoy) is captured, placed on a slab against his will, is too weak to fight against his captor, and endures a mental assault which almost causes him to lose his identity.
  • Singer confirmed that the scene when Angel gets his wings back from Apocalypse was inspired by the transformation scene in An American Werewolf in London.
  • In the Opening Monologue, the quote "Give someone wings, and they may fly too close to the sun" refers to the Greek myth of Icarus and Daedalus.
  • The character poster for Apocalypse evokes the Yorick's skull scene from Hamlet.
  • Singer shot a scene which was directly influenced by a seminal moment from Apocalypse Now.
    We're watching a bald man loom out of the shadows in a stone room, somewhere in a violent foreign land. Emotion wracks his face, and a solitary tear trickles down his cheek. We brace ourselves to hear the iconic line "The horror, the horror" before remembering we're not actually on the set of Apocalypse Now, but X-Men: Apocalypse. We're not seeing Marlon Brando shoot a key scene as Colonel Kurtz, but James McAvoy's Professor X. His head's shaved for accuracy, not madness.
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  • "You're going to need a bigger house." Looks like Jaws was on TV somewhere when Apocalypse assimilated the world's culture.
  • In the deleted mall scene, Scott compares Jean with Boy George.
  • Apocalypse's message was to "every man, woman and mutant".


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