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  • An Alternate Keitaro Urashima: Granny Hina's top priority no matter what is to come up with all manner of ways to excuse the often-inexcusable behavior of the girls at her dorm. It's to the extent that when Motoko gets herself arrested for trying to challenge Keitaro to a duel, Hina is more concerned with defending her than the fact that Motoko threatened her grandson with a deadly weapon in public.
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  • In Code: Pony Evolution, Twilight Sparkle thinks it's more important not to be late than to avoid death. Even though if any of the ponies die on Earth, X.A.N.A wins
  • In Equestria: A History Revealed, The Equinus Republic demonstrates this by placing great priority not on the starving population, or the increase in aggressive monster raids, but in the action of banishing all of its political critics to Tartarus, the Pit of Monsters. The Lemony Narrator shows off her own Skewed Priorities by justifying their actions by stating that they couldn't allow the critics to stay, or they would lower national pride. And then what would become of all the money they poured into the Equestrian Games?
    • Loose Change then points out that if the money on the games was wasted, it might as well been used for some stupid, like feeding the starving population.
    • It seems like this trope seems to fit the Equinus Republic in general, as they spent weeks debating the simple creation of a road before throwing out the case all together, while approving the abolishment of penalties for homicidal evisceration in less than an hour.
  • In the Haruhi Suzumiya fanfic Kyon: Big Damn Hero, the Computer Society President finds strange that Haruhi's biggest priority on Kyon's first "encounter" with Yamane (which ended with an attempt to kill Tsuruya followed by Kyon dangling Yamane outside a window in the third floor) is Kyon's record, and preventing it getting back to Kyon's mother.
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  • In X-Men fanfic Mutatis Mutandis by Artemis's Liege, teenagers Rogue, Anole, and Northstar are trapped on the edge of a battlefield during the Marvel Civil War, facing an armed Punisher. Rather than help explain the misunderstanding, Jean-Paul begins texting on his cell phone, not for help, but for entertainment, as a gun is held to his face.
  • Invoked in Shades of Twilight, the sequel to the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic/Mass Effect crossover, Mass Effect The Equestrian Equation, when everyone who is involved in leading The Herd dismisses Rarity's insistence that they need to set up Equestrian tailoring as more of her fashionista frippery. Rarity eventually takes matters into her own hooves by pointing out, as part of a live broadcast interview, that non-Equestrians don't have the social training they do, and so any pony who insists on going "furclad" is giving anyone behind her (or him) a real eyeful of their most private parts whenever they move their tail. When Twilight Sparkle privately tries to point out that they weren't embarrassed by this when they didn't know it, Rarity points out it's better they be embarrassed and take steps to rectify it now, then ignore it and end up getting a reputation as primitive beasts who can't even understand modesty later.
    • As if to hammer the point home, an Equestrian worker suffers only minor injuries despite being caught in a fuel pipe explosion that should have charred him to ashes because he was wearing one of Rarity's work uniforms, thanks to the combination of her fashion designer wizardry and space age materials.
  • In Nothing but Trouble, Naruto correctly predicts that his fiance Anko would be more freaked out that he's been married before than the fact that he's really the Kyuubi and Naruto's been dead for years. Though her reasoning does make an odd bit of sense: she barely knew Naruto but she's fully aware that she's rather crazy and is worried that Naruto/Kyuubi will divorce her if he wasn't willing to work things out with his previous wives (Naruto/Kyuubi quickly reassures her that he did work things out with them; he just outlived them).
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • In Act III chapter 13, when it's discovered that the ghoul inside Tsukune had infected Kokoa with its essence, which caused her to rape Tsukune against her will, Felucia is more concerned over where having Kokoa rape Tsukune fits in with the ghoul's Evil Plan than anything else. Ahakon even asks her why that's the only detail she can focus on; in Felucia's defense, however, she does admit that it was a stupid question.
    • In Act V chapter 23, with Yokai Academy's festival ruined and several students dead as a result of Tsukune's bloodlust-fuelled rampage, Rin's primary concern is that the fireworks show has been cancelled. Somewhat justified, as Ran explains to the others that she and Rin have seen far worse while explained to Babylon.
  • In No Gods, Only Guns, Gaige decides that the best time to start working on SCIENCE! and robotics is while she's in the middle of a giant battle with a bunch of geth.
  • In the Magi fanfic Five Times Hakuryuu Screamed Judal's Name and One Time He Was Silent, the second time Hakuryuu screams Judal's name involves him chasing after Judal seeking revenge for a prank that's been pulled on him, and this exchange occurs:
    Hakuryuu: Judal! When I get my hands on you, I'm going to cut off your braid and hang you on it!
    Judal: No! Don't cut off my braid!
  • In the Zelda fanfic The End of All Things, when Zach and Midna inadvertently get caught in the gullet of a giant Deku Baba, Midna is more focused on the string of insults Zach just launched at her than the prospect of being eaten alive.
  • When the dragons break free and go on a rampage in When the First Task Went Wrong, several Slytherin students are more interested in blaming Harry than running for their lives. They die when one of the mortally injured dragons falls out of the sky on top of them.
  • This Bites!:
    • Nami's misery as they leave Alabasta, not because Vivi is forced to come with them after being assigned a bounty, but because they didn't get the solid-gold crocodile statues from Rain Dinners.
    • When Yasopp finds out that Usopp has become a Straw Hat Pirate from Cross's SBS broadcast, he and Shanks instantly get into a brawl. Yasopp is pissed because Shanks's protégé dragged his son away from his quiet, safe life, Shanks is pissed because Yasopp's Spit Take caused him to waste good booze.
  • Played with in Hitting the Tomes when the Gryffindor quidditch team, several of Harry's housemates, and McGonnagall all think Harry has his priorities all wrong when he quits the team because it's his OWL year and he needs to study. Though the real reason is he needs time to study for his GSCEs.
  • Requiem for a Loud features an extremely rare Played for Drama example; Lincoln is diagnosed with brain tumors and will die within the next two weeks, but the reactions that his friends and family have to this are what he considers to be the most devastating.
  • Defied on Xander's suggestion in Time and Again when he explains to Harry Potter that if any Task seems beyond him in the Triwizard Tournament, he should simply concede as his goal is survival, not winning. Harry admits he's right and is embarrassed by once taking Wood's advice to "Get the snitch or die trying" seriously given that Quidditch is only a game.
  • Akira is accused of this in The Evil Queen by his Persona Arsene. Akira doesn't want to risk his life in the Metaverse to change Makoto's heart, but was about to get in a fight with Ryuji to keep him from breaking another student's gaming handheld.
    Arsene: THIS is the great cause you will stand and fight for? A child’s toy? You would damn the whole school to a year’s worth of tyranny, but a single boy’s suffering drives you to heroism?
  • In A Man of Iron, what is Tywin Lannister's reaction to a flying knight who shoots magical laser beams bursting through the ceiling and threatening the lord of the castle? Annoyance that said knight is wearing Lannister colors without his permission.
    • Tony's reaction to Jon saving him from Ivan Vanko is to point out that the armor Jon is wearing isn't one which he (Tony) made.
  • In the Miraculous Ladybug AU To Hench or Not to Hench, where Chat Noir has been fighting alone for years, Marinette is so set on having that internship at Gabriel she ends up accepting to work as Hawk Moth's henchwoman in exchange. At least she used the situation to turn it into a paid internship (plus lavish pay as a henchwoman)...
  • In Fates Collide, when Crescent Rose gets damaged during Ruby Rose's sparring match with Cu Chulainn, she attempts to repair it, ignoring him even though the fight wasn't paused. He calls her out on it.
  • Petunia Dursley of Child of the Storm is horrified by the fact that her neighbors think she's scum, never mind the fact that she earned that contempt by abusing a child.
  • In Ultra Fast Pony, Princess Celestia only seems to care about tea. When Twilight Sparkle saves the world from the destruction in the opening two-parter, Celestia punishes her for missing a tea party while she was saving the world. When the malicious Reality Warper Discord begins wreaking havoc, Celestia only cares that Discord stole her teacups. In Celestia's mind, a fire destroying a major city is less important than Princess Luna holding a tea party without inviting her.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • Goku prioritizes his food first, followed by his friends, followed by the friends he considers "emergency foods", and then his son.
    • When Chichi was injured Goku's first question to her is where the food is - she'd called that one of their meals was ready. Then he asks about what happened to her and her dad. When she finally points out Gohan was just kidnapped, Goku complains he'll be late for the meal.
    • Bulma is outraged that Krillin destroyed the remote she created not because it means Cell can absorb 18 but because it took her twenty hours to make. Later when Vegeta agrees to let Cell absorb 18 Bulma is delighted that she won her bet on who would screw things up.
  • RWBY Recaps: In "The End of the Beginning", Ruby is completely unconcerned about Yang (her sister), losing an arm and is more worried about whether Roman Torchwick (her enemy) had died from being Swallowed Whole.
  • Winter Thorns Of Highgarden: Willas Tyrell's decision to abduct and marry Lyarra Snow is a humongous scandal amongst the Westerosi nobility, and it's implied House Tyrell's reputation took a serious hit because of it. Mace Tyrell is deeply upset by the fact his eldest son refused to invite him to his wedding. Okay, it showcases his political ineptness, but this is rather sweet.
  • Some of the lower ranked shinobi in Kyubed: Shinobi's Revenge on Naruto give Naruto (and later his team) a lot of flak for the fact that despite his perfect stealth, he's much less impressive in a straight fight. Only the higher-ups realize that being able to fight is less useful than getting the job done without getting caught. So while his classmates will talk smack, the entirety of Team 7 is recruited into ANBU after their first Chuunin Exam.
  • Deconstructed In Total Drama fanfic Monster Chronicles were despite the fact that a supernatural serial killer has forced Duncan to work for him and the danger he and the other contestants are in, Duncan is more concerned with his bad boy rep and avoiding being seen as good than using his knowledge to expose Cedric to the others. Even Cedric mocked Duncan for how foolish his behavior, and called him a coward for it. Duncan eventually realized he was right and decided stopping Cedric was more important then being seen as a bad boy, even performing a Heel–Face Turn.
  • In Brilliant Lights Will Cease To Burn, Izuku is scared of not finishing his homework or running his errands while several dozen cops are pointing their guns at him.
    "There’s no time to waste. Izuku has homework. He has school tomorrow. He has so many errands to run. He doesn’t have time to get arrested."
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, Lexi Luthor is more concerned with finishing her essay on Danganronpa than her classwork or that a giant robot is rampaging in the cafeteria.
  • This is exploited by Prince Jewelius in Loved And Lost, an extended retelling of "A Canterlot Wedding". After Twilight Sparkle has stopped the Changelings with the shrinking spell Jewelius showed her, the latter's assistant Vivian leads the wedding guests and some royal guards to the wedding hall right as Princess Celestia tells Twilight as per canon that the latter has a real wedding to put together. At that point, Jewelius calls all the other heroes but Twilight out of their canon mistakesnote  and brings up the collateral damages those mistakes caused everypony in Canterlot. This — combined with the heroes' failure to defend themselves against Jewelius' aggressive accusations, and the failed escape attempt Celestia initiates right after Jewelius has promised to rectify their mistakes — convinces everypony that the heroes are irresponsible fools who care more about the wedding than everypony's safety, allowing Jewelius to seize the throne and turn the public (and later Twilight as well) against the heroes.
    • After the disgraced heroes and the entire Changeling army have escaped from Jewelius' clutches, the public is afraid of a new Changeling invasion. Jewelius refuses to do absolutely anything to prepare against the Changelings (who, especially Queen Chrysalis, have a score to settle with him) before he's finished with the heroes, even though the public — as well as Twilight — acknowledges the Changelings are more of a threat than the heroes they're starting to forgive. Not only Jewelius' immature behavior leads to Twilight and Canterlot's citizens realizing what he truly is, but he's left completely helpless once the heroes have defeated his army and cornered him in the climax, allowing the Changelings to swoop in and eat him as revenge.
  • In Leave For Mendeleiev, Adrien/Chat Noir is more interested in his supposedly 'Destined Romance' with Ladybug, tending to prioritize flirting with her over fighting the akuma. When she finds out that he caused an akuma by lying to him about their relationship, then lied to her and made her think she was responsible and calls him out, he's still more concerned about convincing her that they're meant to be than actually acknowledging her concerns (or apologizing).

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