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    Anime and Manga 
Damn it...that piece of shit... That asshole went on about being a soldier and all that time in hand-to-hand training, you were going easy on me?! You're pretty damn strong. I can't even move. You were seriously talented. You could stay calm and see the big picture in any situation. You put your comrades ahead of yourself. I can't believe I wished that one day, I could be as strong as you.
Eren Yeager, Attack on Titan

Gren: I looked up to you. I believed in you.
Vicious: There was nothing to look up to. There was no me to believe in.

I really looked up to you, Ken. I dreamed of being just like you. And now that I know you're my sworn enemy, all I can say is...and I mean this: YOU CAN KEEP YOUR CRUMMY AUTOGRAPH!

    Comic Books 
"During my visit it took every bit of discipline I could conjure to keep from asking Bruce that one terrible question I'm stone cold certain our relationship can't survive. 'What happened in those last moments between you and Stephanie, and why did you keep me from being there?'"
Tim Drake, Robin Series

Damn it, I've had enough of this girl. She's not the angel my Dark spoke of. She's not the angel I gave my thanks to at night. She's a fucking nightmare!
Mizore Shirayuki, Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness Act VI

To think we used to respect you both.

Studying talent... was that all Hope's Peak had really cared about? Enough to let someone who'd attempted murder walk free?
What a dumb question. Of course it was. She'd seen what they'd done to Hinata-kun and Kamakura-kun; why should this surprise her?
The more she learned about what really went on at her school, the less Chiaki liked it. She used to be proud to attend Hope's Peak, proud to call herself "talented", even if she thought her talent wasn't nearly as useful as most of the others'. She'd been proud and happy because it was where she'd met Hinata-kun, Yukizome-sensei, and all her friends. But now... how could she say she was a student of that place with any sort of pride?
Extra Life, Chapter 6: Skill Grinding

I don't hate you, Cap. It's just hard for me to trust you all as fully as I once would have.

    Film — Animated 
Syndrome: All I wanted was to help. I only wanted to help! And what did you say to me?!
Mr. Incredible: *in flashback* Fly home, Buddy. I work alone.
Syndrome: It tore me apart, but I learned an important lesson: you can't count on anyone. Especially your heroes.
Mr. Incredible: I was wrong to treat you that way. I'm sorry.
Syndrome: See, now you respect me. Because I'm a threat. That's the way it works.

This is crazy. I finally meet my childhood hero and he's trying to kill us. What a joke.
Carl Fredricksen, Up

(Donald is forcibly carrying Mickey out of the palace)
Mickey: We can't leave our posts like this! What would Captain Pete say?!
Donald: Captain Pete is the bad guy!
Mickey: Captain Pete is the bad guy?!
(Mickey grabs onto a statue to escape Donald's grasp)
Mickey: Captain Pete's trying to kidnap the princess?
Donald: Exactly!
Mickey: But, he... he made us Musketeers.
Hans: What happened?
Anna: Elsa, she struck me.
Hans: You said she would never hurt you!
Anna: I was wrong.

Shifu: Then why didn't you quit?! You knew I was trying to get rid of you, and yet you stayed!
Po: Yeah, I stayed. I stayed because though every time you threw a brick at my head or said I smelled, it hurt, but it could never hurt more than it did every day of my life just being me. I stayed because I thought if anyone could change me... could make me... not me, it was you, the greatest kung fu teacher in all of China!
Shifu: But I can change you! I can turn you into the Dragon Warrior, and I will!
Po: Oh, come on! Tai Lung is on his way here right now, and even if it takes him 100 years to get here, how are you... gonna change this into the Dragon Warrior?! Huh? How... how...? HOW?!
Shifu: I DON'T KNOW! I don't know.
Po: That's what I thought.

    Film — Live-Action 
Robert Ford: I can't believe I woke up this morning wondering if my Daddy would loan me his overcoat, and here it is just past midnight and I've already robbed a railroad train and I'm sitting in a rocking chair chatting with none other than Jesse James. ... Many's the night I've stayed up with my mouth open and my eyes open, reading about your escapades in the Wide Awake Library.
Jesse James: They're all lies, you know.

This man declined the Nobel Peace Prize. He said that peace is not an achievement, but a responsibility. See, it's stuff like this that gives me trust issues.

Nicholas Angel: It all started with my Uncle Derek. He was a Sergeant in the Met. He bought me a police pedal car when I was five. I rode around in it every second I was awake — arresting kids twice my size for littering and spitting. I got beaten up a lot when I was young, but it didn't stop me. I wanted to be like Uncle Derek.
Danny Butterman: He sounds like a good bloke.
Nicholas Angel: Actually, he was arrested for selling drugs to students.
Danny Butterman: What a cunt.

You know, Bill Boss, I used to look up to you. I used to idol-worship you! I worked 10 years for you, and I grew this stupid mustache to look like you! But I know what you are. You are a sadistic vile asshole!
Dwight, The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence

If you can make God bleed, the people will cease to believe in Him.
Ivan Vanko, Iron Man 2

Tell me, "friend", when did Saruman the Wise abandon reason for madness?
Gandalf the Grey, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Is this the guy they gave they Key To The City to?

You want to know my 'vision'? Dollar signs. Money. I want to retire on some tropical island filled with naked women. THAT'S my vision. THAT'S Zefram Cochrane. This other guy you keep talking about, this historical figure? I never met him. Can't imagine I ever will.
Zefram Cochrane, Star Trek: First Contact

You didn't betray me. You betrayed yourself.

I looked up to you. I wanted to be like you. But Redtail was my mentor. I owe him more than any cat. And you killed him. You killed him and betrayed the Clan. I'd rather die than follow you.
Dustpelt, Forest of Secrets

Defiant: Dragon, Miss Militia and I have each worked directly under Alexandria at some point. It’s something of an unofficial policy to have anyone that’s being considered for a leadership position working under each member of the triumvirate for a time.
Skitter: Must have been real fun for you guys when you found out what they’re really like, last month.
Miss Militia: Not fun at all.

    Live-action TV 
Vince: That's your hero?
Howard: Yeah. He's gone a bit wrong.

Don't remember me like this.
Det. Superintendent Harry Woolf, Life on Mars (2006)

It's true what they say though, isn't it? You should never meet your heroes. You'll only be disappointed.
Dougal, Father Ted

I believed that I could resurrect a god. But instead, I freed the devil.

The Doctor: Genius. He's a genius. The genius. The most human human there's ever been. Now — we're gonna hear him speak! Always, he chooses the best words. New, beautiful, brilliant words.
William Shakespeare: SHUT YOUR BIG FAT MOUTHS!
The Doctor: [taken aback] ...Oh, well...
Martha: You should never meet your heroes.
Doctor Who, "The Shakespeare Code"

It's not a question of age
That's one thing we know for sure
It's a question of realization
'Cause we're not kids no more
When you find that your heroes are all assholes
You'll put that pedestal away
When you find that your heroes are all assholes
You'll try to make it all make sense some way
The Copyrights, "My Heroes Are All Assholes"

Just when I thought it wouldn't get no sicker... Woke up one morning and heard this weird ass mothafucka talkin' out the side of his neck. Me and all my peoples, we always thought he was straight. Influential mothafucka when it came to the business. But now... Since we know how you really feel, this how we feel.
YG, "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)"

Say it ain't so, Joe, please, say it ain't so
That's not what I wanna hear Joe
And I got a right to know
Say it ain't so, Joe, please, say it ain't so
I'm sure they're telling us lies Joe,
Please tell us it ain't so.
Murray Head, "Say It Ain't So Joe"

    Tabletop Games 
Horus was weak. Horus was a fool. He had the whole Galaxy in his grasp and he let it slip away.
Abaddon the Despoiler, Warmaster of Chaos, Warhammer 40,000

Death to the False Emperor!
Jago "Sevatar" Sevatarion, First Captain of the Night Lords,note  Warhammer 40,000

Keller: ...Why am I bad?
Chris: I know you're no worse than most men but I thought you were better. I never saw you as a man. I saw you as my father.
All My Sons

    Video Games 
The gilding on the mask had cracked to reveal the rot underneath.

I thought Andrew Ryan was a great man... I was a fool.
Diane McClintock, BioShock

Davian Thule: You pile heresy upon heresy, traitor! How could the Emperor ever have trusted trash like you?!
Eliphas the Inheritor: Wonder instead how we could ever have trusted one such as him, brother.
Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

The higher you place your faith in one man, the farther it has to fall. Farnham has lost his soul, but not to any demon. It was lost when he saw his fellow townspeople betrayed by the Archbishop Lazarus.
Adria, Diablo

Psh, you're pathetic, Qwark. I can't believe I once looked up to you.

Mordin: No! But... assumed... never argued with necessity of Genophage.
Maelon: How was I supposed to disagree with the great Dr. Solus? I was your student! I LOOKED UP TO YOU!

James Vega: You know the Commander?
Ashley/Kaidan: I used to.

I used to think you were a hero. A holy knight and all that. I guess I should've known better...
A NPC calling out the Divine Crusader with infamy, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

I knew you as you used to be, long ago. You were once a fine investigator, and an example to others on the force. I'm sorry to learn that you are no longer that person.
The Judge, to Damon Gant, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Heroes? In the end, You can only depend on yourself.

I wanted to believe it wasn't true... I had clouded my vision for so long... My eyes were truly blind... Blind, and unable to see the true self behind this one horrible man...!
Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

When I was a child, I looked up to my grandfather for all the great things he accomplished in his life. He was my hero, and I wanted to be a great scientist like him... but...did he really mean to destroy us?
Dr. Robotnik, Sonic Adventure 2

All my life, I've put up with deceit and denial. I thought the Jedi would be different. You've shown me otherwise.
Jaesa Willsaam, Star Wars: The Old Republic

Doctor Octopus: Peter... I saw you as a son. I should've known you'd turn on me, just like all the others.
Spider-Man: Turn...? Turn?! I worshipped you! Your mind... your conscience... wanting to help others... the way you never gave up!
Doctor Octopus: That's because men like us have a duty. A responsibility. To use our talents in the service of others. Even if they don't appreciate it... we have to do what's best for those beneath us. Whether they understand it or not!
Spider-Man: No, you're wrong! You were everything I wanted to be! You just... threw it away!
Spider-Man, Spider-Man (PS4)

Even so, I won't be able to regard this person with the same esteem I had before, but then he'll never again see me as just another freshman, either. I guess that's a part of growing up; finding that one's idols are just people after all.
Funny... in my whole life only one authority figure has never let me down: Dad. Make that two: Dad and Kell.

    Web Original 
If the section marked "Bill Cosby's Defenders" still has people in it after reading this cover story and the gross shit he said in his leaked deposition, there's no hope for them. Bill Cosby himself could say, "I dippity dop dop did it," and they would still cover their ears while screaming, "Not TV's beloved father!"

Congratulations, Tampa! You just won yourself 10 years of getting defensive whenever someone mentions collegiate rape accusations! ...You won’t even realize what’s happened until you’ve got yourself an egg avatar and you’re beefing with everyone in sight. "This girl can’t keep her story straight GET THE FACTS!"
Drew Magary, "Why Your Team Sucks 2015!: Tampa Bay Buccaneers"

We always said Bruce Willis was so cool, there was nothing he could do to become not-cool. That's probably still true, but does he really have to keep trying?!

What happened to you, Lycerius? We trusted you!
Mikuro, in response to Lycerius' 'Eternal War'

Hyzenthlay: I thought you were better than this.
Lucy: I suggest you lower your expectations.

Cloud: Well, becoming a 1st Class SOLDIER was a dream come true...
Cid: Well alright, boy!
Cloud: ...and then I got to work alongside my hero...
Cid: That's awesome!
Cloud: ...and then he destroyed my village.
Cid: F**k that guy! Never meet your heroes, boy, because heroes are people, and people are shit.

Yahtzee: Here is every Spider-Man story: Peter Parker feels guilty over something and any father figure he finds ends up a super-villain.
Lyle: [long beat as he re-watches all the Spider-man Movies in his head] ...You are not wrong.
Yahtzee: Hell, it happens like three times in this game alone!

    Western Animation 
You TRAITOR! I dedicated my life to you!
The Lieutenant to Amon, after realizing that he can bloodbend,The Legend of Korra

Bravestarr: I still don't understand. You tried to kill me. How? How could you? You were my hero...
Jingles Morgan: I never asked to be your 'hero'.
Bravestarr, "Fallen Idol"

Grunkle Stan: Please don't press that shutdown button, you gotta trust me.
Dipper: And I should trust you why?! After you stole radioactive waste?! After you lied to us all summer?! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE!
Gravity Falls, "Not What He Seems"

Whoa! That prince is a total wimp! Cross 'royalty' off my dream boy wish list!
Clover, Totally Spies! ("The Wedding Crashers")

I used to kiss the ground you walked on, Blandy. But after seeing this... I wouldn't even spit in your direction!
Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob SquarePants

I don't believe it. Goliath wasn't Sevarius' partner - it was you all along! I trusted you! You turned me into a monster and I defended you!
Derek Maza/Talon to David Xanatos, Gargoyles

My whole life I've looked up to the League, you were my heroes, every one of you, and you, you were more than a hero, I idolized you, I wanted to be you. Whenever I was out there facing down the bad guys, I think "what would Superman do?", now I know. I believe in fair play, I believe in taking people at their word and giving them the benefit of the doubt, back home I've come up against my share of pretty nasty bad guys, but I never had to act the way they did to win a fight, I always found another way. I guess I'm saying I liked being a hero... a symbol. That's why I'm... quitting the Justice League, you don't act like heroes anymore.
Captain Marvel, Justice League Unlimited, "Clash"

Jinx: I wanted someone to look up to. I thought you were cool.
Madame Rouge: Life is full of disappointments. You are one of them.
Teen Titans, "Lightspeed"

SpongeBob: Hi, Patrick!
Patrick: Hi, SpongeBob! Did you get into that club?
SpongeBob: Yeah, but I turned them down. It's not about Kevin, it's about jellyfish!
Patrick: SpongeBob, I'm glad you learned your lesson. (Camera zooms out to Patrick wheeling away a man in a jellyfish costume) Hero worship is unhealthy. Come on, Jeffrey!
SpongeBob SquarePants, "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic"

Everything we were running from... She was right there all along... Using us for her little war, smiling at us with those knowing eyes, making me believe in a better future that I couldn't see, because it wasn't real. And now, here we are: our friends, shattered, and corrupted. Of course, she was a Diamond. What a long road she took to torture us like this.
Sapphire, Steven Universe, "Now We're Only Falling Apart", about Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond

Numbuh 1: Why couldn't you leave the Kids Next Door gracefully? I looked up to you! We all did.
Chad Dickson: That's not my problem!
Numbuh 1: You were the best there was!
Chad Dickson: I. Still. Am!
Numbuh 1: No. You're not.
Codename: Kids Next Door, "Operation T.R.E.A.T.Y."


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