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"We've all seen The Matrix. We've all joked about 'What resolution is life?'. But it doesn't blunt the shock. Of waking up one morning...

And seeing dead pixels in in the sky."

"She had seen Erik lurking about these last few days - well aware that a moving shadow was often more then just a shadow[...]"

"Living on the razor’s edge of society, your eyes open up to the possibility that there’s something more to this world, something most people are too blind or too preoccupied to notice- even if it’s right under their noses, and has been all along. I only noticed small things at first: roads that appeared and disappeared; folks who travelled by way of gates drawn in chalk on brick walls; houses bigger on the inside than the outside; magic trinkets sold at yard sales; street shamans capable of taking out the cancer inside you... But it wasn’t until I found myself face to face with werewolves in New Orleans that I realised there’s a Secret War going on..."
Sandy "Moose" Jansen, The Secret World

"The lovely, willowy woman gives her paramour a rose. She offers to tell him a secret, but he must keep that secret. He swears, and she swears, and they both prick their thumbs on the rose, and let a single drop of blood fall on the already red petals. When he looks up, his lady-love is a creature of dappled sunlight through willow branches, her dreadlocks transformed into long, whip-like branches swaying in the breeze, and her eyes are the deep green of forest moss."

It was real.
The girl is a Good Samaritan that can fly.
The monster was a golem made by one who must be found.
What was seen is what was."
Arthur J. Arthur, El Goonish Shive , on live television.

"Harry — yer a wizard."
Rubeus Hagrid, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone note 


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