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Late Phases is a 2014 horror drama film.

Ambrose, a blind Vietnam War veteran who is independent and sometimes rude, moves with his dog German Shepherd into a retirement community, at the edge of a forest. That same night his neighbor Delores, who shares the duplex with him and who is the only one to who he has been friendly from the start is attacked and brutally slashed to death. Ambrose hears the commotion and is also attacked by a massive werewolf. During the attack his dog dies, after bravely defending Ambrose.Even if blind, putting together the clues both from his remaining working senses and from informations given to him by other people, he understand that what attacked him and killed his neighbor was not a bear or a puma, but a werewolf and that he has exactly one month to prepare himself for the next attack, while, in the meantime, fixing the broken relationship with his son.


Provides examples of:

  • Badass Grandpa and Handicapped Badass: Ambrose is old and blind, but he kills not one single werewolf, but five of them!
  • Enemy Within: a literal case Griffin doesn't exactly transforms, but apparently the werewolf grows inside him, complete with fur, and he rips off his skin to free him.
  • Good All Along: Father Roger: in spite of some conversations with Ambrose, where the pastor talks about how he put in a cage his evil side, and other apparent clues, he was a very well meaning person, trying to help everyone. Including both Ambrose and the real werewolf.
  • Heroic Dog: Ambrose's German Shepherd. It starts growling at Ambrose to keep him away from the room where the werewolf is, and then attacks again and again the beast, which has just proved to be so strong to be almost able to punch through walls, to protect his master.
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  • Police are Useless: apparently once a month a person is brutally and viciously slashed to death in the retirement community of Crescent Bay. All they do is saying to stay far away from the forest and to close accurately the entrance door. The fact that the first person we see killed was killed after the werewolf broke in bursting through the closed entrance door and that the beast a first time almost breaks in Ambrose's house through a damn wall removes any doubt about the utility of these advices.
  • Resist the Beast: zigzagged Griffin has asked help to Father Roger, telling him he was possessed. On the other hand, he -as human- willingly bites viciously other persons to make more werewolves
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Ambrose has killed a children during war. Even if blind, he keeps seeing the kid's face. The fact that he had no other choice and might very well invoke I Did What I Had to Do doesn't help him to forget and forgive himself.
  • Sour Outside, Sad Inside: Ambrose
  • Transformation Horror: when Griffin transforms, he viciously rips off his skin to let the werewolf out. Father Roger is so shocked that, instead of running away immediately, he remains petrified almost till the end of the transformation.
  • War Is Hell: Ambrose went to war hoping to save lives, he ended up killing people.


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