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Surprise parents in video games.

  • Ace Attorney:
    • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney takes this trope Up to Eleven when it's revealed to the audience (but not to the protagonist) that Trucy is his half-sister, the guy who got killed in the first case was her father, and their mother is Lamiroir, the blind, amnesiac foreign singer from the third case. Whew....
    • Oh, the third game was pretty good at this too: Evil serial killer Dahlia Hawthorne was coincidentally the cousin of Mia Fey, the lawyer who got her a death sentence, as well as the daughter of the culprit of 2-2. Dahlia Hawthorne is thus also the cousin of Maya Fey and the older sister of Pearl Fey. And so is Dahlia twin sister, Iris. The victim of the last case eventually turns out to have been Maya's long lost mother, who is also Pearl's (and Dahlia's and Iris's) aunt, Mystic Misty Fey, the master of Kurain. So there's no part of the Fey family that's not messed up.
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    • In Spirit of Justice, it's revealed that Queen Ga'ran and Justice Minister Inga are not Rayfa's parents, but her aunt and uncle. Her real parents are the former Queen Amara and leader of La Résistance Dhurke Sahdmadhi, which also makes her Prosecutor Nahyuta Sahdmadhi's sister and Apollo's foster sister.
  • After the first Art of Fighting, Yuri Sakazaki revealed to her brother Ryo and his friend Robert Garcia that, the game's final boss, Mr. Karate, was Takauma Sakazaki, Ryo and Yuri's father. Good thing too, Ryo was about to kill him for thinking he was the Big Bad. That honor belonged to Geese Howard who blackmailed Takuma by arranging for Yuri's kidnapping, so he could work for him.
  • Throughout the adventure game Bad Mojo, there are hints that Eddie, the landlord of main character Roger Samms, is actually Roger's estranged father. In the game's best ending, if you manage to save both Roger and Eddie from the gas explosion that takes out Eddie's bar at the end of the game, this turns out to be the case.
  • At the end of Baldur's Gate (the first), we learn that the man who killed Gorion is Charname's brother.
    • More literal example is the fact that the voice in your head belongs to Bhaal, God of Murder and your daddy. You'll have a LOT more of these revelations as the series goes on.
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    • For one more example, Imoen is one of the Bhaalspawn, and thus your half-sister.
  • In Baten Kaitos, you find out at one point that Giacomo is Georg's son. However, since you find out even later that Kalas is an Artificial Human and therefore has no biological parents, this doesn't mean what you think it means.
  • Inverted in the main campaign of Battle for Wesnoth: The Reveal is that prince Konrad isn't actually related to the King at all.
  • The Principal in Battle High 2 is revealed to have changed his name to Frederick Regisworth, from Bryan Regis Harrisworth II. Considering that a character in both Battle High games is named Bryan Regis Harrisworth III, the outcome should be a no-brainer.
  • In Bayonetta, Father Balder reveals that he is the titular character's father towards the end of the game. In the sequel, the Masked Lumen is revealed to be a younger version of Balder, which is also another variation of this.
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  • The player character in BioShock receives a one-two punch of discovering that his biological father is Andrew Ryan and that Dr. Tennenbaum, Frank Fontaine, and Dr. Suchong were his surrogate parents. Ryan himself only figured this out about an hour earlier.
  • BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger: Jin is Ragna's brother, not just some psycho using Japanese Sibling Terminology. Nu, and therefore Noel are clones of their Missing Little Sister, Saya.
  • In Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow we find out Arikado is really Alucard, which means Alucard is protecting his father's reincarnated soul.
  • In Chrono Cross, it's revealed (in a huge chunk of exposition that arrives immediately before the unexpected final boss) that Lynx, the cat-man who was the recurring villain for the first part of the game, and who you (kinda, sorta, it's complicated) killed two dungeons ago, was actually Serge's father Wazuki all brainwashed and polymorphed. Also, Kid turns out to be Schala's daughter-clone-time duplicate, which adds an extra layer of weirdness to the final boss since Schala's one half of it. And if his backstory hadn't been dropped, masked magician Guile would have been revealed as Magus, Schala's brother and therefore Kid's... something. He might still be if the bonus ending in the DS version of Chrono Trigger is any indication.
  • In the Troperiffic fantasy game parody Darkened Skye, when Skye finally meets her long-lost mother, she finds her to be extremely bitter towards Skye's father and distrustful of men in general. The reason for this attitude is revealed in the game's penultimate battle, where Skye's father is revealed to be The Dragon to the Big Bad. With 3 heads to boot.
  • In Dawn of Mana, it's eventually revealed that Keldric, the protagonist, and Stroud, the antagonist, are brothers.
  • Dead or Alive: The intro video of Dead or Alive Xtreme features Ayame revealing to Ayane that Ayane is her Child by Rape.
  • In Death Stranding, late in the game Sam learns that his father is actually Cliff Unger, and that he was the BB in the flashbacks thought to belong to Lou.
  • This and Luke, You Are My Father happens in Devil May Cry 5. Though Dante realized back in Devil May Cry 4 that Nero was Vergil's son due to the way the Yamato reacted to Nero, he kept Nero in the dark about it. In the endgame of 5, Vergil returns and Dante resigns himself to finishing off his twin brother once and for all, but Nero insists on facing him too since it was Vergil who took his Devil Bringer arm. Not wanting Nero to commit patricide, Dante has no choice but to reveal the truth, to Nero's shock. Vergil for his part had no idea that Nero was his son either. Once again, it's Dante who tells him (during the middle of their fight no less).
  • The Disgaea series. Nippon Ichi loves playing with this, and making them major plot points...
    • It happens at least three times in the first game:
      • Mid-Boss is the reincarnated form of Laharl's father. This is hinted at in game, somewhat more strongly in the anime adaption of the game (even though it lacks the "Seraph Lamington was behind everything" subplot, and confirmed by the World of Disgaea artbook.
      • The Big Sis Prinny is Laharl's mother, paying off the sin of suicide (that she did to save Laharl's life). The game does everything to tell you, short of actually telling you, and the anime preserves this plot point.
      • Jennifer was raised by General Carter. He makes a lousy father, though.
    • As if they didn't beat this trope into the ground with the first game, they brought it back in the second game to beat it under the ground.
      • Adell was given to Mom and Dad to raise by his real parents, Shura (the Masked Man) and Serion (the Masked Woman). Again, the game does everything to tell you, short of actually telling you.
      • Although the game makes clear that Rozalin, as Zenon's reincarnation, cannot be the daughter of the fake Zenon, and out right states that she was kidnapped. The game hints that Rozalin was born into the Snow Clan, and the fake Zenon's attack on them was to secure her. The second point is, once again, confirmed by the World of Disgaea artbook.
    • With the third game, they don't bother even trying to take it seriously anymore...
      • In one scene, Laharl claims to be Mao's father. It doesn't work, mostly because Flonne and Etna can't decide who would be his mother.
      • And in Rasbperyl mode, Master Big Star and Salvatore claim to be the Vato Brothers' parents, while two Prinnies claim to be the parents of Gold Knuckle. All of this, needless to say, is both impossible and absolutely ridiculous.
  • Double Switch: Lyle the Handyman is Eddie's father, and Elizabeth, the apartment manager, is Eddie's mother. All three of them know this, but the player and the other characters did not know about that.
  • Subverted in DragonFable's Ash storyline. One of the necromancers tries to pull this.
    Necro: Ash, I am your father.
    Ash: But my father lives on a farm west of Falconreach.
    Necromancer: Dangit... thought you were one of those orphan heroes with a mysterious unexplained childhood.
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: You find out early that Martin is the last of the Septims and must ascend the throne to save the world. To Martin it's all quite a shock and you must do a little work to convince him.
  • Elemental Master: In the opening cutscene, The Hero finds out that the Big Bad Gyra is also his brother Roki.
  • Inverted in Fallout 4: the Institute's mysterious elderly leader known only as "Father" is actually the Player's son Shaun, who is older than the Human Popsicle player thanks to taking The Slow Path after being stolen from Vault 111 as a baby sixty years ago.
  • In the first Fantasy Zone, the commander of the invading forces turns out to be Opa-Opa's father.
  • The Final Fantasy series uses this often:
    • The first example pops in Final Fantasy II, the Dark Knight in charge of much of Palamecia's military operations turns out to be Leon, the adoptive brother of Firion and Maria.
    • In Final Fantasy IV, Big Bad Golbez turns out to be Cecil's Brainwashed brother, who is being controlled by The Man Behind the Man from the moon.
    • In Final Fantasy VI, it's implied that Shadow is the father of Relm. What's particularly amazing is that it's actually fairly subtle.
    • In Final Fantasy VII, it is revealed near the end of the game that Professor Hojo is the father of Sephiroth and injected him with Jenova Cells while he was still in the womb, though Sephiroth never discovers this. One could only wonder what his reaction would be, considering his low opinion of the man. Likewise, Cloud is led to believe he is a Sephiroth clone implanted with somebody else's memories. While this proves to be false, he instead discovers that he was injected with Jenova cells as an adult in a failed cloning attempt, making Cloud and Sephiroth some weird gene-splicing version of brothers.
    • Crisis Core states that Cloud was implanted with 'S-cells' directly from Sephiroth's body. Cloud's powers were supposedly given to him by Sephiroth through this.
    • In Final Fantasy VIII, this trope is taken to an extreme, when discovered that ALL the PC's except Rinoa and Edea grew up together at the same orphanage. The only reason why Edea is excluded was because she ran said orphanage. On top of that, numerous hints are dropped later on that the other star of the game, Laguna, is Squall's apparent father.
    • In Final Fantasy IX, The Dragon Kuja is a "brother" of sorts of the main character Zidane — they were both artificially created by the same man.
    • Fairly early in Final Fantasy X, Auron reveals to Tidus that Sin is really his father, Jecht, without any explanation for how the human Jecht became a giant Space Whale beyond "you know it to be true." The explanations don't come until much, much later. Why he expects him to believe this...
    • Parodied in Mobius Final Fantasy. Gilgamesh attempts to get Wol to be a better Warrior of Light by coming up with a 'beef' for them, and the best he can come up with is "I am your father".
      Wol: I put up with all of this utter nonsense and all I get is a lousy dad?
    • In Final Fantasy XV, as Noctis Lucis Caelum is being absorbed into the Crystal near the end of the game, Big Bad Ardyn Izunia shows up to reveal that his real name is Ardyn Lucis Caelum. In truth, Ardyn is an ancient ancestor of Noctis and the elder brother of one of the first Lucian kings who swore revenge against his kin when he was scorned by the gods as a result of the corruption his soul suffered when he tried to heal those affected by a plague by absorbing daemons into his being.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Fire Emblem Gaiden: During the climax of Chapter 4, Alm and his army fight King Rudolf, ruler of the Kingdom of Rigel. With his dying breath, said king reveals that Alm is his son, and he wanted Alm to kill him as a part of an elaborate scheme to free the continent Rigel is a part of from the two gods that truly rule it. Needless to say, Alm is miffed at this fact. To add to this, in a nice form of Gameplay and Story Integration, if you have Alm attack Rudolf, Rudolf will never attack him back.
    • Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War: Julia is Seliph's half-sister. By extension, this makes Julius Seliph's half-brother.
    • In addition to Julia and Julius, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 reveals that Arvis fathered a third child: Saias, a priest of Velthomer. His mother is Arvis' aide Aida, and supplementary materials note that he's the one who inherited Arvis' Major Fala blood (Julius has the dreaded Major Loptyr blood that stemmed from his parents being Minor carriers, while Julia has Major Naga blood from her mother Deirdre). There's also Galzus, a mercenary whom we learn at the end of the game is the father of Leif and Nanna's childhood friend Mareeta.
    • Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade: Nergal is the father of Ninian and Nils, Nino turns out to be Canas's niece, Dart is Rebecca's long-lost brother Dan, and Raven is actually Priscilla's brother Raymond.
    • Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones: Joshua is Ismaire's son. He knew this all along, it's only The Reveal to the other characters and the player.
    • Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn: Micaiah is the sister of Empress Sanaki and Soren is the son of Almedha and Ashnard. Yes, the Big Bad of the first game. Inverted for Pelleas, who is set up as Ashnard's son before revealing he really isn't.
    • Fire Emblem Awakening: Validar is The Avatar's father. (Incidentally, Validar's name in the Japanese version is Fauder.)
    • Fire Emblem Fates: Zig-zagged with Corrin's parentage. It's revealed when they returns to Hoshido that they were actually taken as a baby by the one they presume is their father, meaning their real father is Sumaragi and real mother is Mikoto. Except then it turns out they and the Hoshidan royals are Not Blood Siblings, so Sumeragi isn't their father either. However Mikoto is still their real mother. In the end Corrin's actual biological father turns out to be Anankos, the game's true Big Bad... but in a twist on the normal "the villain is the hero's father" trope, the reveal that he's Corrin's father comes with the reveal that he used to be good. And technically, Corrin's father isn't the villainous Anankos you fight in the story, but the Literal Split Personality born of his good side. It is also revealed that Azura's mother, Arete, is Mikoto's sister, thus making her and Corrin cousins.
  • In First Encounter Assault Recon, the Point Man is Alma's first son, Paxton Fettel is Alma's second son, the science experiment that produced them both was headed by Harlan Wade, Alma's father, who contributed genetic material to produce the two "prototypes"... the whole game is a fight within one Big, Screwed-Up Family
  • In the ending of Gex: Enter the Gecko, Big Bad Rez claimed to be Gex's Father. Gex doesn't buy it. In the third game however, he refers to him as "my dad", though this is probably just a joke.
  • Parodied in Giants: Citizen Kabuto in Delphi's arc.
  • God of War: Zeus is revealed to be Kratos' father in a bonus cutscene in the first game and at the end of the second game.
  • In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Hama is revealed to be Ivan's sister.
    • In the same game, one could also say that the Doom Dragon being a fusion of Felix and Jenna's parents and Isaac's father could count for this trope as well.
    • And in Dark Dawn, it's heavily, heavily, "Camelot-does-not-do-subtlety" implied (but never actually stated) that Alex is Amiti's father.
  • Parodied in Grabbed by the Ghoulies, in which Baron Von Ghoul tells Cooper he can join him, and they can rule the mansion as father and son. After Cooper's reply, the Baron realizes he's gave the wrong speech.
  • The Guilty Gear series had a series of revelations long in the making. First, it was revealed that Nice Girl Dizzy was the daughter of Justice, the first Big Bad of the series, which was surprising enough given Justice looked like an asexual biomechanical monstrosity. Then, it was revealed Justice conceived her daughter when she was a human named Aria Hale, and the father was a man named Frederick Bulsara... known today as the immortal prototype Gear Sol Badguy. To drive this Up to Eleven, this revelation only came after Sol's rival, Ky Kiske, married Dizzy and had a child of their own, which means, to their combined horror, Sol and Ky suddenly became in-laws, and the former had been training his grandson unawares (And that's not even taking into account Aria's clones...).
  • In Hometown Story, Midori, the travelling merchant who settles in the village around the time Shinji arrives, is actually his biological mother who gave him up as a child. The reveal occurs late in Shinji's storyline.
  • Indestructo2Tank's Adventure Mode. After Dirk Danger defeats General Betton, Betton tells Dirk that he's Dirk's father.
  • Near the end of Infinite Undiscovery, Iskan Du Bal reveals to Capell that Sigmund is his father. This was heavily implied by Svala explaining that after the newly born Capell was exiled from Casandra for being born an Unblessed, Sigmund, then-King of Casandra, had his Lunaglyph removed, thus reverting back to an infant.
  • I Wanna Be the Guy pulls this out of nowhere with the Final Boss, "The Guy" that you want to kill for his title being a huge version of the player character. Just to make sure you got it he says, "Yes, I did have sex with your mother." before the final phase of the battle.
    The Guy: Check your inventory screen, Kid. You know it to be true.
  • Inverted in Jak 3: Wastelander, where a fatally wounded Damas makes a final request for Jak to find his missing son. Jak realizes that Damas' son is his younger self, whom he sent back into the past in the previous game.
    • A commercial for the game parodied this trope by having Daxter dramatically claim that he is Jak's father. The announcer at the end assures the viewers that the trilogy "won't end like this."
  • In Jay's Journey, Jay's father is Max, the team ditz, who was rendered as such when a magical spell misfired. Jay is less than pleased.
  • You learn well into Kingdom Come: Deliverance that Henry is the bastard son of Sir Radzig, which goes a long way to explain why the local nobility (save for Hans Capon and the Custodian of Sasau) is rather indulgent with him.
  • Parodied twice in Kingdom of Loathing: the Big Bad tells the player she is your mother (quoting, almost word for word, the rest of the exchange from The Empire Strikes Back, right to the Big "NO!")... then insults you for believing her. After you beat her, the Council that sent you to defeat her says "Say, did you know she was your mother?... nah, just kidding" as part of their congratulations message.
    • More than twice, actually. When you kill enough soldiers for both sides in the war in the Mysterious Island quest, you get a choice adventure that lets you choose which boss of which side you get to fight, and the message you get has this. It's even lampshaded that it's been done to death!
  • Semi spoofed in The Legend of Dragoon. Two of the characters are related (it's not hard to guess which two by Disc 2. It's even lampshaded by the older party "There may be a secret connection between us!". Apparently seems to be a spoof in honor of the Final Fantasy VIII father/son thing.
    • Then it goes on to have an actual example. Emperor Diaz is Dart's father and Rose's former lover, Zieg. Then it's subverted — it's actually Melbu Frahma in Zieg's body.
  • At the climax of the main story in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II, Chancellor Giliath Osborne, the man the Big Bad of the previous game assassinated out in the open and turned out to still be alive throughout the Civil War, turns out to be Rean Schwarzer's biological father.
  • Exaggerated in LEGO Star Wars 2: Because of the game's Voice Grunting, Vader is unable to deliver the revelation verbally, and instead settles for pulling out a Polaroid of Anakin and a pregnant Padmé, pointing to Padmé's belly then pointing to Luke.
  • In Luminous Arc 2, Master Mattias is Roland's father. He asked Steven to looked after his young son many years ago before going on his Necessary Evil path. Partly played with in that Master Mattias didn't even know until Steven told him.
  • Subverted in Magic and Mayhem with a plot twist:
    The Overlord: Your mother was Viviane, a woman I once loved. After your birth, she betrayed me. Cornelius, I am your father!
    Lucan: No, Merlin, Viviane betrayed you long before she bore Cornelius...
    The Overlord: But... you cannot mean... NO!
  • In Mass Effect 3 Matriarch Aethyta reveals that she's the genetic father of Liara, which was hinted in the Shadow Broker DLC of the previous game. If told about this, Liara states that she figured it out a while ago since she's now the Shadow Broker.
  • Metal Gear Solid did it quite embarrassingly straight — at least to start with. After that it ran with it, taking it to its logical, truly disturbing conclusion.
    • Big Boss is Snake's father — Clone.
    • Liquid is Snake's brother — Twin.
    • Solidus is not only Snake's brother, he's also Raiden's "father" — Foster.
    • While not part of the reveal, The Boss is Big Boss's "mother".
    • Gene, Big Bad of Portable Ops, is Big Boss's "Brother", raised as a successor to The Boss
    • Ocelot is the son of The Boss and The Sorrow (confirmed by the Database), as well as Big Boss' "brother".
    • Otacon is the son of "Huey" and Strangelove, though she considers him to be her and the Boss' child.
    • Colonel Campbell is Meryl's father.
    • Grey Fox is also the "brother"/father figure of Naomi. He killed her parents and raised her. One could also say he's a further continuation of the twisted familial relationships. He's practically Gene's "Son". And after Gene's death, he becomes Big Boss's protégé to boot!
    • Major Zero started Les Enfantes Terrible to replace Big Boss. Para-Medic did the actual cloning, and EVA is Solid and Liquid's surrogate mother.
    • Zig-zagged in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: while Eli is a clone of Big Boss (and thus, the future Liquid), a genetic test shows that he is not related to Venom Snake whatsoever, because Venom Snake is not Big Boss.
  • In the infamous ending of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, LeChuck is revealed to be Guybrush's brother. Fans are divided over whether this ending is to be considered canonical, or a dream sequence.
  • In Mother 3, the Masked Man turns out to be Lucas' twin brother, Claus, who had been kidnapped and brainwashed by Big Bad Porky.
  • In Neverwinter Nights 2 Shandra learns her father is actually Ammon Jerro. Eventually you will have both PC's in your party (but not at the same time) and figure out their relationship.
  • No More Heroes tell the story of Travis Touchdown, who became the best assassin in the US by a fictive association and that one of the responsible is in fact the wife of his brother that he didn't knew the existence before and that the number one assasin is in fact his half-sister who want to take a revenge on his father because he ran away from her mother.
    • It's actually much more complicated than that. The character that's supposedly number one, Dark Star, claims to be Travis's father, but his half-sister Jeane shows up, kills Dark Star, and reminds him that his father is dead. After all, she's the one that killed him and Travis's mother. On top of this, Henry is not just his brother, but his long-lost twin, and a clip after the credits shows Henry's wife and Travis's main love interest, Sylvia, looking at a painting of the two battling with a young girl who she calls Jeane. Yep, just like Travis's half-sister. And his cat.
    • The Dark Star example is a parody of this trope, as it turns out. Dark Star apparently tells all of his opponents things like that, just to mess with their head so they'll be an easier fight.
  • Oden Cart: A Heartwarming Tale: That 21-year-old Nice Girl who loves oden? She's the cart owner's long-lost daughter, as revealed in her ending.
  • In Odin Sphere, the oracle dragon Hindel tells Oswald the Shadow Knight (who is about to slay him) that his father was a man named Edgar. Oswald dismisses this claiming that he doesn't care to know the name of the man who abandoned him as a baby. Hindel tells him not to forget it anyway. To get the True Ending, Oswald must be the one who fights the undead Darkova Gallon the former king of Titania. When Oswald strikes the killing blow, Gallon reacts with disbelief since a prophecy stated that he would only be slain by one of Titanian royal blood. Gallon then asks Oswald his father's name. Oswald recalls Hindel's last words and tells Gallon that his father was named Edgar. Gallon then reveals that Edgar was his eldest son whom he had assassinated out of fear that he was his prophecized killer. As Gallon dies for good, Oswald muses on this new information and realizes that his parents didn't abandon him but sent him away to the Fairy Kingdom for his own safety. While Titania slowly sinks into the sea, Oswald takes one last look at the homeland he never knew.
  • In Overlord II, the mysterious woman who foresees your inevitable downfall and secretly observes your progress is later revealed to be Rose, the previous Mistress and your mother. This is hinted at first with Gnarl noting how familiar she looks and revealed with this exchange:
    Gnarl: Look, it's our old friend.
    Rose: Oh, do shut up, Gnarl.
    Gnarl: What! How did you know— hang on, I recognize that voice now! Rose! Former Mistress Rose! Or Mrs. Marius now, I should say. Don't trust her. She's a devious, manipulative, abandoner... Oh and she's your mother!
  • A variation in Persona 5: Goro Akechi, the young detective who turns out to be The Mole that betrayed the Phantom Thieves, reveals that he's the illegitimate son of Masayoshi Shido, a Diet member and the Big Bad - in fact, he had known for a long time, and spent a large chunk of his adolescent life assisting him and performing elaborate schemes in order to both boost his own ego and eventually cause Shido's downfall by revealing his heritage. As for Shido himself, he didn't know Goro was his son, but he did suspect it due to his resemblance to his mother. When you reveal that yes, he's the father, he states that he doesn't care. Ouch.
  • Implied by Portal 2, which confirms that Chell is the possibly adopted daughter of an Aperture Science employee, maybe even Caroline, the CEO's secretary/lover who was Turned Into Gla DOS. A Bilingual Bonus supports this, with the lyrics of the turrets song translating to something along the lines of "Goodbye, my sweet child. Stay away from science."
  • Parodied in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. After you beat the game, Lord Vorselon will show up and claim "Rachet, I was... your father's accountant!"
  • Rival Schools: United by Fate reveals that The Hero Batsu is the son of (literal) Big Bad Raizo. In a surprising twist, Batsu also learns that his classmate Kyosuke and the real Big Bad Hyo are twin brothers and Batsu's cousins (their father Mugen is the older brother of Raizo).
  • In Secret of Mana, the hero character's mother is the Mana Tree and his father is the ghost you meet at the beginning of the game who tells you to take the Mana Sword.
  • The Darkshine Knight from Trials of Mana has a backstory that is way too similar to Darth Vader's to be a coincidence. He was once the heroic Golden Knight Loki who fought against the Dragon Lord alongside Hero King Richard of Valsena, only for Loki to lose and be converted into his Dragon. Oh, and he's Duran's father.
  • Borderline example in Shadow the Hedgehog: The titular character was created from the blood of the Big Bad.
  • At the end of Spirit Hunter: NG, Akira puts some strings together and comes to the revelation that his Disappeared Dad is Yakumo Miroku, the man who not only created one of the spirits that Akira fought against, but was responsible for sealing the Big Bad away until his power disappeared. This in turn makes Akira realise that he inherited spiritual power from his father, and that he can use it to seal away the Big Bad himself.
  • In Stardew Valley, one of the fisherman stories in the library ends with the revelation that Gordy was Tex's father all along. Cue dramatic music as the curtains fall.
  • Super Mario Sunshine: Bowser Jr. claims early on that Princess Peach is his mother. This is inverted after you defeat Bowser, when he tells Bowser Jr. that Peach is, rather, not his mother, and further subverted when Jr. in turn reveals that he knew she wasn't his mother.
  • In Super Robot Wars Alpha and Super Robot Wars Original Generation Levi Tolah, one of the invading aliens is actually Aya Kobayashi's Brainwashed and Crazy sister, Mai Kobayashi.
    • Since that wasn't crazy enough, in Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2 it's revealed that neither are related because their "father" Dr. Kenzo Kobayashi brainwashed them into thinking they were his daughters when they were unrelated; their real past and identity are never revealed.
  • This trope is common in the Tales Series:
    • In Tales of Destiny, Leon reveals that he's Rutee's brother and that Hugo's both of their father.
    • In Tales of Destiny 2 this comes up again. Judas is Leon Magnus, and thus is Kyle's uncle and Loni's uncle by adoption.
    • In Tales of Eternia, it's more of a "Luke, I am your mother": Meredy's mother, Shizel.
      • In the same game, after a prolonged sidequest, we find out the lonely painter Leticia sorting through her romantic issues is Max's missing wife.
    • We find out near the end of Tales of Symphonia that Kratos is Lloyd's father. It's hinted at.
    • In the sequel, Marta is the daughter of Brute, leader of the Vanguard, an organization that's out to KILL her. Like Meredy, Marta is aware of this.
    • Tales of the Abyss has this happen to Natalia - her real father is Largo the Black Lion, one of the God-Generals.
      • And ironically, in this case, the character named Luke technically has no father. He's a clone.
    • Tales of the Tempest: Lukius is Caius's Separated at Birth twin brother, and the Pope is his father.
  • A popular Team Fortress 2 theory is the idea that the Spy is the Scout's father. In "Meet the Spy", the BLU Spy reveals that the RED Spy has been sleeping with the BLU Scout's mother. A drawing of the Scout's mother is engraved on the barrel of the Spy's unlockable handgun, the Ambassador. And one achievement for the Spy, "Who's Your Daddy", involves headshotting three Scouts with the Ambassador, the gun on which his mother is engraved.
  • Viewtiful Joe does this quite blatantly when Captain Blue reveals himself to be Silvia's father, to the point of downright quoting Darth Vader. The entire game is one big homage to movies, so it fits.
    • They did it again in the sequel where the Big Bad was Jet Black, Joe's father and yet again the DS game double trouble where the Big Bad was Joe's mother.
  • Wild ARMs 4 repeatedly drops the fact that main character Jude has no father, then has the party meet a mysterious vagrant with the same hair colour as Jude, only a little darker. Jude immediately feels strangely connected to this unknown man. Slightly subverted when it is hinted that this is not Jude's real father (he died), but rather a collection of nanomachines that mimicked him.
  • Xenogears, hoo boy... Wiseman, the mysterious masked man who occasionally shows up to impart cryptic wisdom while beating the crap out of our hero Fei, is Fei's father, Khan. Grahf, the mysterious masked man who occasionally shows up to rant about "POWER!" while beating the crap out of Fei, is also Fei's father, or more specifically, someone possessing Khan. That someone turns out to be Lacan, Fei's previous incarnation from 500 years ago who went rogue and learned how to transfer his mind from one body to another, essentially becoming immortal. Fei-as-Lacan was good friends with the ancestor of present party member Bart, and also Krelian, who later became part of the current Big Bad Duumvirate. The other half of said Duumvirate, Miang, was Fei's mother, due to her being The Virus able to take control of any woman on the planet if her current host dies, and has been The Woman Behind the Man for many leaders throughout history. Id, another recurring menace, turns out to be Fei's Superpowered Evil Side resulting from Miang's experiments on young Fei, a split personality that occasionally takes over and destroys things when Fei goes catatonic. Elly, Fei's Love Interest, is part of a Reincarnation Romance that spans the world's history, and the two have repeatedly come into conflict with Miang's incarnations, ending with one or both of them getting killed. Fei and Elly's incarnations 4000 years ago created Emeralda, a sentient nanomachine colony that they thought of as a daughter, and who is kidnapped by Krelian before joining the party in the game's present. And this is all disregarding how many party members, supporting cast members and antagonists turn out to know each other through their dealings with the advanced civilization of Solaris, not to mention Fei and Elly's pivitol roles in the Ancient Conspiracy as old as humanity.


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