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Albion First.

"Show your ID and visa please."
"Here it is." (Shows ID, ticket, transitional visa, and social credit card.)

It is year 2018. Following Brexit in 2016 and the rise of a Europhobic government, the Department of Euro Aliens has the citizenship of people with less than two generations of British citizenship revoked, and has herded many of them into "relocation camps", with the inevitable outcome of deportation unless they each make £30000 per year (£2500 per month). You are one of them, and has been assigned the job of BouncR to make ends meet... and to, as Integration Officer Jupp said, maybe stay in the country. Maybe.

December 31st, 2018. New Year's Eve Ball. You are tasked with checking everyone's tickets for the Albion First Ball. Then the Buckingham Palace's dome gets blown up, throwing things into chaos.

Not Tonight is a self-proclaimed "dark political comedy RPG set in (a) dystopian Post-Brexit Britain". Much like Papers, Please in gameplay, only instead of being a border checkpoint inspector, you are a bouncer checking everyone's ID and papers to see if they are in order. Throughout your career, you encounter odd sorts of people while trying to stay in the country through increasingly lucrative work, and eventually discovers resentment toward the ruling government and the reality that "Britain Alone" isn't as great as the leaders claim it to be.


Beyond the game itself, Not Tonight also has a Discord server with an alternate reality game of sorts. Or a metagame. We are not sure. Tread carefully; some members consider it Serious Business.

The full game was released on August 17, 2018 on Steam. A story DLC known as One Love, starring the King's Head owner Dave in his escape to France, was released on 25th June 2019.

Currently has a wiki. Needs some love.


Integration Officer Jupp will arrange a site visit to help with these tropes' orientations and likely expulsion:

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    The Game Itself 

    The Discord Metagame/Alternate Reality Game (WARNING: SPOILERS!) 

"Sorry, your job (writer) is currently banned."
"But I have important edits! Please!"
"Get out."
"I'm now in limbo..."


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