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Easy forgiveness in fan works.

  • Let's just say in Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità, Italy forgave the homophobe and the bully a little too easily. Same with Austria despite having been abused by him for hundreds of years.
  • HERZ: Gendo has been placed under permanent house arrest in punishment for collaborating with SEELE’s attempted global genocide. If he has faced worse punishments, the story does not tell. Likewise, Shinji and Asuka have forgiven him for everytshing he did to them, directly or indirectly. Gendo is pretty aware of how lucky he is.
  • Death Note fics:
  • The Naruto fic Escape From The Hokage's Hat zigzags with this trope.
    • Downplayed - Sakura comes to Hinata, in tears, over Naruto's injuries, and says Sasuke isn't worth Naruto getting hurt so badly. Hinata blames Sakura for what she did to Naruto- begging him to save Sasuke and having "hit him, yelled at him and used him,"- but gives her a hug because "If she cried for Naruto, she couldn't be all bad."
    • Subverted - Naruto looks like he'll do this with Sasuke but comments he still can't forgive Sasuke due in part to Sasuke trying to KILL him while Naruto just wanted to incapacitate Sasuke.
  • In Erika the Radical, Karen Nakahashi and her band of rebellious students had organised what basically mutiny against the Kuromorimine school. The list of heinous acts committed, but are not limited to: forging signatures to official documents (tank repairs and acquisition), Blackmailing the Headmistress of the Nishizumi School, the commandeering of the Kuromorimine heavy tank fleet, resisting arrest by assaulting members of the Absurdly Powerful Student Council, blatantly breaking Sensha-do rules, disrupting everyday school events and publicly broadcasting Erika's drunken escapades from the school's media room. What punishment does she receive from all this once defeated and caught? A literal slap-on-the-wrist and verbal warning from Shiho herself not to disrespect her again.
    • Downplayed later when it's revealed in Season 2 that she was officially sentenced to perform hours of public service for her misdemeanours.
    • The sailors who had stripped the Moral Disciplinary girls of their dignity during the coup however were not so easily forgiven and were targeted for expulsion, had they not preemptively arranged for a student transfer beforehand.
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  • In The Gargoyles Saga Demona gives up trying to destroy humanity, and becomes one of the good guys all because Angela waves a finger in her face. Less than two months after attempting mass genocide of the human race, Demona is eating Christmas dinner with the heroes.
  • In the Professor Layton fanfic bleeding at the sped of sound, the main character, a cyborg vampire, wants to eat Layton and plans on killing Luke first. After luring him away and announcing her intention to kill him, Layton catches her, but she cries, causing him to forgive her and declare his love for her.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fics:
    • Ace Combat: The Equestrian War: Fluttershy holds no grudges against Firefly when she initially berates the timid pegasus for not fighting the griffins. When Firefly apologizes for her behavior, Fluttershy gives her a hug; she is Fluttershy, after all.
      • By the end of the story, Rainbow Dash has no problem in forgiving Gilda for laying a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on her and breaking Medley's wings in chapter 11, stating that:
        Rainbow Dash: There is another face of pride; it's called forgiving.
    • Equestria's First Human: Subverted. While Connor does save Ponyville from Dragonfire, he does it to prove something to himself and help the few friends he's made. He doesn't forget that the town treated him like the plague and plans to skip town. Only when all of Ponyville decides to apologize and show their appreciation does he forgive them.
    • Princess Celestia Hates Tea: Despite Twilight's wild accusations of being a changeling queen that got Celestia attacked by her own staff, getting blasted by the Elements of Harmony, getting her room exploded, and nearly getting her banished to the moon for a thousand years, the old goddess is surprisingly cordial with Twilight in the upcoming mess she caused. And then Twilight Mind Rapes her in an attempt to make her like tea.
    • Post Nuptials: Deconstructed. Twilight's friends are wracked with guilt for giving Twilight the cold shoulder when she accused Princess Cadance of being evil before being proven technically right (the evil Cadance was actually an imposter), and only end up feeling even worse when Twilight calmly and insistently forgives them, since it makes them think she is too good to be their friend. Later subverted when Twilight confesses she is still mad at her friends for how they treated her, though getting her feelings off her chest helps her forgive them for real.
    • Rainbooms and Royalty: Played straight with Celestia and most of Ponyville forgiving Princess Luna for her actions as Nightmare Moon. Averted with Rainbow Dash, who finds it difficult to overlook that just a few hours ago she tried to take away her mentor, tried to conquer Equestria, brainwashed her friends, tried kill her new friends, and tried to kill her. An encounter and a bonding moment with Luna during the celebratory party that followed Equestria's salvation leads to Rainbow letting go of her anger and forgiving her partially, but withholds complete forgiveness until Luna fully proves her redemption.
    • Earth and Sky: At the end of the story, Silver Spoon forgives Diamond Tiara for her past actions pretty easily when seeing how upset and broken she's become. Likewise, Apple Bloom forgives her as soon as Silver Spoon vouches for her.
    • Beneath The Sun's Surface: Justified and deconstructed. After a horribly wounded Celestia is finally rescued and brought to a hospital, Star Yield and Cloud Drop are forgiven for capturing and torturing Celestia for a month before she was rescued, justified because they were being controlled by the Aura Spell. But still deconstructed as Luna really wished Star Yield was acting by his own accord, but since he wasn't no one is punished for the crimes committed against Celestia's life. Star Yield himself is worried that his reputation will be ruined due to nearly killing Celestia under the influence of the Aura.
    • Aftermath of the Games: Justified In-Universe and Deconstructed; Everybody forgives Sci-Twi for what she did as Midnight Sparkle, as they're aware of the fact that Cinch blackmailed and bullied her into unleashing magic, and because she was not as cruel as Sunset had been. However, Sci-Twi is still haunted by her actions and fears the chance she could give into her dark side again. She's also left wondering why Cinch doesn't deserve the same treatment until Sunset explains that, unlike Sci-Twi, the principal refused to take responsibility for her actions and didn't care if people were almost hurt or killed in order to guarantee her legacy.
    • Changeling Courtship Rituals: Zig-zagged. Twilight forgives Chrysalis and her friends forgive her as well eventually, including Shining Armor. However, Princess Cadence refuses to even consider it. In the sequel Twilight and Chrysalis forgive Cadence for her actions against them, but still get a restraining order against her.
    • Equestria: Civil War: Deconstructed. Twilight forgiving Starlight Glimmer and allowing her to live in the Castle of Friendship without any restrictions, in spite of her many crimes that, arguably, were worse than some of the shows' previous villains results in a national controversy. Twilight is accused of being a far too lenient Horrible Judge of Character for immediately forgiving Starlight, while Starlight herself is accused of taking advantage of this trope to avoid any sort of punishment for her crimes. This also extends to other villains that Twilight forgave, such as Trixie (who enslaved the entirety of Ponyville), Discord (who turned all of Equestria into his own personal Cloudcuckooland, in addition to continuing to pester the ponies), and the Changelings (who caused an invasion that, as noted in the story itself, killed and injured numerous poniesnote ). Twilight's decision also caused an increase in crime rates because many criminals think that if one of Equestria's princesses could instantly forgive a terrorist, they would get Easily Forgiven and let off the hook themselves. As such, a checks-and-balances system to monitor reformed villains − known as the Reformed Antagonist Regulation Act (R.A.R.A) − is being put in place with a large number of supporters (including Rarity, Applejack, and even Cadence).
  • Harry Potter fics:
    • In Blood Matters Orion Malfoy (formerly Harry Potter) is so happy to have a non-abusive family that he's willing to give the people who have been trying to murder him since he was one year old and killed his friend last summer a fresh start.
    • Subverted in The Darkness Series. When Ron and Hermione finally realize they were jerks and try to apologize Harry pretends to accept but he isn't going to forgive them this time. He will pretend to go back to being their friend because it's easy but he swears they will never be friends again. Double Subversion later on as Harry comes to warm up to Hermione again and so begins trying to "save" her by making her turn dark too. Also Harry easily forgives Voldemort after turning to The Dark Side and seeing more of Voldemort's memories through their link he comes to see where he's coming from.
    • Inverted in Harry Potter & the Azkaban Parody where everyone demands that Harry forgive them for wrongfully sending him to Azkaban Prison for "one year, three months, two weeks, four days, seven hours, thirteen minutes, and twenty six seconds," killing his owl right in front of him, stealing from him, and destroying his property without actually asking him for their forgiveness. And instead of taking him to a doctor or allowing him to recover from the effects of starvation and the Dementors they immediately force him back into school "where you will be constantly bombarded with all the people you don't want to see until we break you down and force you to forgive us." Needless to say, Harry is less than impressed.
    • Played for Black Comedy in the Slash Fic Yew and Holly when Hermione and the Weasleys find that in order to get Harry to attend their party they also have to invite Voldemort over for the Christmas hols.
    • A common plot thread in HP fanfics is Dumbledore preaching the necessity of easy forgiveness, sometimes even of foes that not only haven't sought forgiveness at all, but are still actively trying to kill the protagonists.
  • In the otherwise-great Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic Mein Schutzengel Il Mio Protettore, one week after Gilbert leaves for his job Elizaveta has an affair with Roderich. Then she discovers that she is pregnant, meaning that the child could belong to either one, and she neglects to tell Gilbert about any of this until shortly before the baby is due. When Gilbert does find out, he isn't mad at her, he immediately accepts the child as his own (even blaming himself for leaving her alone), and she never has to take any kind of responsibility for any of this.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, Samantha Shepard receives near-instant forgiveness for her actions while undergoing a Heroic BSoD (killing millions of civilians). Justified In-Universe due to the belief that she is one of the few that could lead the galaxy to victory, despite the fact that people notice this dissonance and comment on it. This even comes up in Jackie's subplots—Shepard's crimes are likely far worse but it's Jackie who everyone is suspicious of. The cast is also troubled by Sarah post-Heel–Face Turn because they wonder if they're engaging in this trope. Then somebody else points out who they're fighting against.
  • Parodied in the RWBY fic Table Top Adventures. The party fights a group of NPC bandits, and Nora asks if she can keep one of them as her companion. Ren- her heterosexual life partner and the BM- points out that there's no way she can command the bandit's loyalty now that they've killed his fellows. After some pleading from Nora, he allows it anyway.
    "Alright, Nora, he surrenders and becomes your best friend despite your party murdering his friends and comrades."
  • In the Kingdom Hearts fic Reconnected, Sora is willing to forgive Lightning and trust her to help defeat Hades, despite the fact that Lightning was just seconds away from murdering him, in part because Lightning had been tricked by Hades into doing so. Lightning even lampshades it:
    Lightning: Are you kidding me?! I tried to kill you not even five minutes ago and you already forgive me enough to go on this mission with you?! Are you always this trusting?
  • A key point of Touhou Ibunshu is Forgiveness and The Power of Love, with not forgiving people being treated as a terrible sin that corrupts the soul and loving the perpetrator treated as a better fix than any punishment. Actions that are Easily Forgiven range from assault to attempted murder to successful murder to schemes that would wipe out all life in Gensokyo, with no-one questioning the trend. Admittedly, the perpetrator has to show they're trying to make amends before they're forgiven (Mokou, who remains unrepentant, is never forgiven by anybody), with Yukari especially devoting huge amounts of time and effort to fixing the damage she caused.
  • During Code Geass: Cornelia of the Defection, Lelouch gets chewed out by both Euphie and Cornelia about him killing Clovis, but both wind up forgiving him for it afterwards, though in the latter's case she admits that this is partially because he is Marianne's son.
  • In the The Legend of Korra fic Repairs, Retrofits and Upgrades, Kuvira is given a considerable amount of liberty considering her crimes, mainly so she can be used by Raiko to aid in the control of spirit energy weapons and be used as bait for her loyalists.
  • In Final Fantasy VII fic The Fifth Act, Cloud doesn't hold a grudge against Angeal for kidnapping him and selling him out to be experimented on. At the same time, no one holds it against Cloud for attempting a Murder-Suicide with Sephiroth. They all learned to forgive and forget so they can start over and move on for the horrible mess.
  • In the ambiguously canon additional ending of Angel of the Bat the both Catholic and bisexual Cassandra Cain asks her girlfriend Sadie to marry her. When Sadie asks if it means she's abandoning her religion, Cassie says even ostracization can't break her faith in God, and even if she faces religious exile, she will forgive her detractors in a heartbeat.
  • Played with in It's not the Raptor DNA; Owen, Claire, and a few others are willing to forgive Elise, but those who were more directly affected by her rampage treat her like a monster. The most prominently showcased are Debra, the petting zoo director who raised the Apatosaurus herd that Elise butchered, and Commander Blake, who was best friends with many of the ACU troopers Elise killed. It takes dozens of chapters (and a few apologies from both sides) before bridges begin to mend and Blake doesn't live long enough to be truly forgiving.
  • In The Racket-Rotter Chronicles, Shark states that he's already forgiven Sinbad for biting him.
  • Death Note Abridged (Team Dattebayo):
    Souichiro: Light! For being Kira, and squandering our family's reputation, you are GROUNDED, mister!
  • An Invoked Trope in Hellsing Ultimate Abridged:
    Alucard: Sorry about that whole shooting you thing. But, I know if you look deep into your heart... which is currently all over that tree...
  • In All This Sh*t is Twice as Weird, this is invoked in one of Varric's editor's notes when he talks about the reunion between the quarreling Inquisitors. He observes that the reader may consider them to have forgiven each other too easily, but he points out that in their argument, they were both right and wrong, and they were willing to admit it.
    • In the side story Agents Acquired, he invokes it again, this time about himself. He acknowledges that the author is quite annoyed with him for insisting on adding another story to the series, but the reader shouldn't worry about it because she always forgives him. The author admits he's right.
  • In Hop to It, Marinette spends weeks treating Jack coldly out of misguided jealousy because of her friendship with Adrien, and when she's asked to help Jack with a new outfit, she goes so far as to set her up with a replica of Chloé's favourite outfit. When she and Alya find out in the nick of time that Jack already has a boyfriend back in the US, they both scramble to get her out of Chloé's sight, including spraying her with water to distract her, and once they're back at the bakery, Marinette comes clean about her actions.
    Marinette: Alya told me about Diego. If I had known... No, this serves me right. I should have never done what I did in the first place. There were times when I was thinking of scrapping the whole thing because you seemed so nice, but then you’d bring up Adrien and I’d get jealous all over again and... I’m sorry. Please, please, please let me make it up to you. Please give me a chance! I’ll design you a new outfit. I’ll take you shopping. Whatever you want! But if you hate me and never want to talk to me again, I totally understand.
    Jack was speechless. This was the most Marinette had ever spoken to her, and it was all in English.
    Marinette’s eyes fluttered up for a moment, probably wondering what was taking Jack so long to say something. There was a part of Jack that was furious, of course. She had half a mind to yell at Marinette for making assumptions, but there was a much larger part of her that was relieved. She hadn’t done anything wrong — Marinette and Alya’s hatred of her had all just been a big misunderstanding. A bit of her bad luck, as it were. Nothing more.
    Jack: (reaches out and puts a hand on Marinette’s shoulder) No hard feelings.
    Marinette: Really? After everything?
    Jack: Chloé is going to come after you hard after what you just did. I think that’s punishment enough.
  • Telling Lies? No, Mama: After it’s revealed that Lila is indeed a liar with cruel, selfish intentions like Marinette said, the class feels terrible for reducing her claims to petty jealousy and apologize sincerely. While Marinette does express that she was hurt that no one considered her feelings when they pushed her to the back without her permission and easily dismissed her warnings about Lila, she does reconcile with them, and admit that she has let her jealousy over Adrien get the better of her on other occasions.
  • War of the Biju: Played with.
    • While Gaara still forgives his father like he did in canon, his Calling the Old Man Out is much harsher, especially when he learns the truth about Yashamaru. His forgiveness is treated more as a Cruel Mercy, a pity offering of comfort for the man when he inevitably returns to the Pure World.
    • After he gets his ass kicked by Naruto and makes his Heel–Face Turn, Sasuke learns that Sakura still loves him. However, she reinforces the fact that while she still loves him, she also knows he doesn't deserve it, and informs him that he will not only have to earn her forgiveness, but also that of the rest of the Konoha 12 along with the village at large.
  • Justified in The Vain Rose's Garden when the goddesses forgive Sara, the adult film star hired by Aoshima, for her part in his plot in blackmailing Belldandy due to her being an Unwitting Pawn who thought her client was simply some weirdo who wanted to pretend he was having sex with an anime character, not realizing he was using her as a body double for an actual person.
  • I Am NOT Going Through Puberty Again!: A justified case. After the protagonists (with the Hokage's backing) arrange things so documents revealing the Uchiha Clan's attempted coup are released to the public, Itachi is allowed to return to Konoha, where they "commend" him for his "initiative" but punish him still for "subverting the chain of command". He's promptly kicked out of ANBU and demoted to chunin. It's a slap on the wrist, and everyone with half a brain knows it, but it gets the village leadership out of admitting that they ordered a thirteen year old boy to slaughter his entire family, so they all go along with it. The epilogue mentions that Itachi was even named Godaime Hokage.
  • Invoked in Life Ore Death after an attempt to assassinate Ferris by the Forever People is stopped, because Ferris felt how powerful Infinity Man was and has been convinced that they were genuinely misguided, so she tells her teammates to talk it out instead of holding a grudge.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic Vengeance (later by the author of Suffer) has Shadow groping his wife Blaze as a way to prepare to rape her multiple times, as well as attempting to kill her and their son Ryan multiple times, just to get his Revenge for being false accused and convicted of rape by Blazenote . At the very end, Shadow and Blaze quickly forgive each other and become a happy couple again as if nothing happened.
  • Zig-Zagged in Wizard Runemaster and its sequel, particularly in regard to the Orcish Horde. Sylvanas is allied with the orcs but still feels a hint of rage every time one mentions "honor" as she remembers the Old Horde decimating her homeland and butchering her brother. Likewise, even draenei willing to work with the orcs remember the "Path of Glory": a road the orcs paved with the bones of hundreds of thousands of draenei they slaughtered.
  • In A Prize for Three Empires, Carol Danvers finds galling that everything Rogue has to do to be forgiven by her friends the X-Men is to knock on the Mansion's door and say she is sorry.
    She wanted to leave this crazy planet alone. She wanted to be rid of X-Men, Avengers, super-heroes who betrayed your trust, super-villains who broke your body and raped your soul and then had it all forgiven as if it was just a little mistake.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton: After Sam genuinely apologizes to both Danny and Kara, they both forgive her no problem. Danny admits that he never hated Sam and he was afraid that he lost his best friend forever. Kara forgives her because she saw that Sam regretted what she did and also because she don't like holding grudges. It's played more realistically as Sam is aware that she still has to earn back their trust back, despite being forgiven.
  • Total Drama Legends: Zig-zagged with Noah's newfound cruelty. After Noah realizes he alienated himself from the rest of his team, even Owen, he apologizes for how he was acting. Owen accepts the apology almost immediately, and convinces the team to vote him off in order to save Noah. Jasmine however, the main target of Noah's bullying, rejects Noah's apology, not believing it to be genuine. It takes several more chapters before Noah finally earns Jasmine's forgiveness.
  • In Amazing Fantasy, Izuku is amazingly willing to forgive Bakugou for years upon years of bullying because he sees Bakugou as an inspiration: someone who is strong, intelligent and confident with an unyielding drive to succeed. He doesn't even blame Bakugou for actively trying to make him miserable, calling him a product of the society they live in. Even when Bakugou makes it clear that he plans on beating the crap out of Izuku, the latter continues to rationalize it and harps on Peter for faceplanting Bakugou.
  • The Dimensional Drifter: When Yoko sees Judai after three years of him being AWOL, she just slaps him and forces him in the house again. Yuya is nowhere close to as forgiving at first, but after questioning his mother he decides to say nothing, and soon gets sidetracked by more important stuff. It's implied that part of Yoko's reason for putting him in the house again is her Empty Nest syndrome, which nobody is willing to discuss.
  • A Diplomatic Visit: Downplayed in chapter 19. When Slice n' Dice's parents learn the truth about her, her father Johnny Apple recognizes that he's made some serious errors in judgement and intends to make up for it. Her mother Lazuli, who was the more reluctant to disown her eldest, makes it clear that she hasn't quite forgiven him for forcing her into doing so in the first place.
  • Zigzagged with Hux in The Things that Don't Destroy Us and its sequel The Ones who Rebuild Us. Most of the Resistance members were understandably wary of him after Leia and the Council decides to let him continue serving their cause after discovering that he is the First Order spy (with limited freedom, of course), and Finn continues to hate him even after a year, and he's proven himself a changed man. But one of the few people to welcome Hux into their cause is a guard named Betton, whose half-sister was killed during the Hosnian cataclysm. Even Hux is incredulous with the man's ready trust in him, and initially thought Betton was just trying to lower his guard and assassinate him.
  • Downplayed and played straight in The Last Prayer:
    • After Kurenai breaks his nose and stabs him (because she was drunk and mad at Asuma), Naruto initially refuses to forgive her and only accepts her apology because he needs something from her. But a couple months later, Naruto acts like the situation never occurred and views her more positively than Ino, whose crime was "being mean to him" after Naruto accidentally raped her.
    • Naruto consistantly forgives Sasuke for repeatedly trying to murder him despite Sasuke being an Adaptational Jerkass who lacks any of the Pet the Dog moments he had in canon.

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