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Travis are a post-Britpop band from Glasgow, Scotland. Formed in 1990, the group consists of: Fran Healy (vocals, rhythm guitar, songwriting), Andy Dunlop (lead guitar), Dougie Payne (bass), and Neil Primrose (percussion).

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  • Good Feeling (1997)
  • The Man Who (1999)
  • The Invisible Band (2001)
  • 12 Memories (2003)
  • Singles (2004)
  • The Boy with No Name (2007)
  • Ode to J. Smith (2008)
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  • Where You Stand (2013)
  • Everything at Once (2016)

This band contains examples of:

  • British Rockstar: Averted. According to the music press, they're seen as being Nice Guys.
  • Darker and Edgier: 12 Memories compared to their other albums.
  • Food Fight: The video for "Sing" has one occurring at a fancy lunch. Notably re-enacted on Top of the Pops.
  • Long-Runner Line-up: While there were lineup changes within their early years, the current one has been stable since 1996.
  • Lyrics/Video Mismatch: "Flowers in the Window", which is a sweet love ditty about the singer comparing the woman they love to the beautiful flowers around them, is set to a music video that features the band wandering into a village populated exclusively by heavily pregnant women and then finding the sole man in the entire village chained up like an animal in a cage and screaming for help, prompting them to flee for their lives. It does become slightly more relevant if you're familiar with the term "flowers in the window" being a euphemism for "pregnant", in which case the song becomes a celebration of the singer's love for their pregnant wife. Still doesn't make the ending of the video anything less of a Shocking Swerve.
  • New Sound Album: The Man Who is a more melancholic-sounding album than the more outright Britpop Good Feeling.
    • 12 Memories and Ode to J. Smith are Darker and Edgier than their other works, the former introducing more distorted guitars while the latter is a more indie rock-sounding album.
  • Nice Guy: The whole band, to the effect that they and their music are sometimes considered "boring".
  • Silly Love Songs: "Flowers in the Window"


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