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Note: All the descriptions so far are copy-pasted from their sources, those are yet to be summarized.

Note2: Folders contain tropes for both the gladiators and their animators.

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FluidAnims Gladiators

Animator: Terkoiz
With an eluded name and a mysterious purpose, "FLLFFL", or "Alfa" seen through illusion, is arcane. He possesses a foundation of never killing his opponents, a moral code that gives him great control over his emotions. Appearing to be in his late-middle ages, he has always been known to be very dependent on his specialized sword. Although no one knows what it's exactly made of, his sword has always protected himself and destroyed others. No one really knows why he's here, speculations range from creating another legendary weapon to seeking someone who can defeat him.


Animator: stone
Born in sheer mayhem and raised in crucible of struggle, he fought his way through his life as an underdog just barely making it to see the light of the next day. When he was about 17 years old when he'd found an extraordinary weapon buried in the rubble of the RHG Coliseum. This weapon seemed like any other geological landmark to anyone else, but Andre noticed something peculiar about this rock formation, As he approached the rock it exploded in a fiery electric display releasing his destiny.

Animator: Jomm
Stayed low for awhile polishing his sword. Eventually he grasped his sword and the almighty SOLDIER was born. This badass has great pride for his clan and will take on anyone who dares belittle the SOLDIER name.

Animator: Hyun
Too poor to buy a real weapon, this teenager modified the average yo-yo to be an explosive and lethal tool for his opponents. The micro generator inside his yo-yo stores massive amounts of energy as it spins in high speeds, unleashing a devastating shock of power on the next hit.

Animator: Endo
One day Chuck was out busking on the streets with a nunchuck act that everyone loved. He had just finished his second act and was lighting his smell-good candles for meditation when a truck loaded with containers of toxic waste lost control and fell on him. Ever since the accident, he has been awesome.

Animator: oxob3000
Oxob used to be a rich stuntman that lived life to the fullest. One day he lost both his hands but since he was rich he can afford to buy mechanical replacements. Later on, these hands were upgraded, constructed in carbon steel and modified with power-concentrating ability. After these upgrades, Oxob was all out of money and turned into a poor guy with no belongings. Despite this, Oxob still tries to live each day with joy, and makes friends wherever he goes. But those who try to pick a fight with him leave with at least a broken nose.


    Mr. Pix
Animator: Geo
A computer program designed to gather knowledge and return it to a source, similar to a Google Spider. He has lost an integral part of his programming, the location of his source, and can do nothing but gather information about everything he senses. His quickest method of obtaining information is through the sense of touch, and once he grabs a hold of an object to absorb it, he cannot consciously abort the action. He cannot speak, but can emulate sounds, a la an 8-bit sound driver.

    Fox and Q
Animator: Kidkei
Fox was part of an international space program who auctioned planets on the black market after wiping out their inhabitants. One mission they went to this planet called "Que", known for its ferocious creatures. As the team progressed into the planet's depths, they were wiped out by an ambush of black creatures and Fox barely escaped with his life. Stranded and slowly dying, Fox managed to live for a while until one day he came across another black creature. Unlike the others, this one helped him live and they soon became friends soon after. He returned to Earth with 'Q' (or so he named the creature) and joined a fight club since he's no longer eligible for his former job. In one match he was close to losing, so Q stepped in which disqualified Fox for cheating. That was where he was invited to join Zetabrand and the RHG system.

Animator: Supranova
Styr was walking through the woods far from home when he was a young boy. He was lost, helpless, and alone, trying to find food and shelter in a territory that he did not know. He had given up hope of returning home, where his abusive parents had left him on the side of the street to starve. In the deepest corner of the woods, Styr came upon a large spear, one left behind by the native people in that area. Styr, overcome by curiosity, picks up the spear, examines it briefly, and moves on thinking little of what he had just seen. As he is walking away, he hears a whooshing sound coming from where he had just been. The now airborne spear slices through the air toward him, cutting his right cheek to leave a pertinent scar, the scar of ownership. Styr, realizing the power of this tool, uses it to hunt and hone his skills to become a master of this unique weapon.

    Indestructible Dave 
Animator: PlaguedSoul
Dave is a rather famous person, people like to make movies about him. Although he likes to think of himself as your average Joe, he cannot be one. He is unsure when he found out about his powers or when he developed them. He does not have eyes, and he isn't sure why he can still see like he would if he did but just a strange symbol is there. Almost like he sees from the symbol.

People seem to think Dave is a criminal, but he only uses his "powers" for good. After a recent exploration of ancient ruins, Dave found a decrepit prison which showed the same symbol on the wall as the symbol for his eye. He began to follow through the prison and came to a room, where there were two skeletons on the ground that wore clothing from the early fifties.

They looked to be explorers, and it seemed they died in that room from something unspeakable... could it have been Dave?

He found one of the skeletons to have a holster and a backpack on, and the other a sheath to a sword. Dave warped in his weapons and they both fit into each casing; he warped his weapons out and looked into the bag. The bag contained a book of magic, with once again the same symbol on his head in there. He set down the book and looked to the pedestal in the center of the room to see that it looked to have once held a human figure, "Could this have been my prison?" Dave said. He got up and lay on it and it fit him perfect, but suddenly the room started to shake and on the ceiling the same body form was there. Dave realized this fast and quickly rolled off the pedestal to land on the ground; he didn't want to be imprisoned again. The room still shook and as he saw the door start to slowly close, Dave quickly grabbed the book and dove through the door. And now you know what he is so far.

Animator: Miccool


Animator: oreo

Animator: Murph
  • Logical Weakness: Being made of inked paper, he's dangerously susceptible to fire.
  • Spontaneous Weapon Creation: He's limited to only simple weapons like swords and bows, guns and explosives are out of the question.

    The French
Animator: Avanz
A strange gladiator who's a hired hitman from France, he fights gladiators because he's contracted to do so.

Animator: Steel_Cold
Once known as Andy Walker, Steel became a lab experiment in order to get money to get through college as a mechanical engineer. The scientist experimenting on him, unbeknownst to Steel, was an executive in a mercenary business who enslaved him to fight and do his master's bidding. He someday hopes to escape, although he wouldn't know what he would do once he escaped.

Animator: Nhazul
Nhazul is a purple Rock hard Gladiator with a blue scarf, a very intense popular stickman, and was featured as a Top Stick and was a fighter in Fluidanims. He an elite ninja swordsman with immense strenght and agility. He is best budds with Tentionmaru. Nhazul is also the leader of Zetabrand and carries a large jetpack cross that sheathes his blades, (sword in the top & two daggers in the side). His cross can also be used as a heavy weapon or a shield.Nhazul is all about intense accelerated attacks, force and lightning fast dashes and his arch nemesis is Descrye.

Animator: Tentionmaru
Tentionmaru (tention) is a badass stick figure that wears a red transformable cape. This Rock hard Gladiator originated from Fluidanims and is a member of Zetabrand and also best budds with Nhazul. Tentionmaru is one of the few over powered(OP) RH Gs that can only be found every few generations. "He is most commonly seen as a light blue stick with white eyes, but his normal form is a black stick with blue eyes", which is only seen if he powered down completely. He mostly uses energy attacks, and along with immense strength, it he can be highly critical to opponants.

Animator: Drifts

    Benman / Gel 
Animator: Zee

Animator: WeiEn
A time-displaced soldier from Imperial China, forced to work for the Rock Hard Gladiators system.

StickPage Gladiators

Animator: Camila

Animator: Resh
  • Attack Drones: Of the bladed variety.
  • Facial Markings: Has irradiated veins around his eyes.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: Is ambidextrous. Revealed in his fight vs. Frankie.
  • Meaningful Name: Wields an umbrella-shaped weapon.
  • Phlebotinum Overdose: His weapon's power source has irradiated him badly, leading to his signature eye markings.
  • Swiss Army Weapon: His umbrella can function as a sword, a shield, a gun and even a jetpack.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Winds up joining Nemesis, an organization that he had been tasked with eliminating.
  • Unwitting Pawn: After his memory was wiped by the Umbrella Division, he had no idea that what he was doing was wrong, and was just following orders.

Animator: C3WhiteRose

Animator: Blublublublu
  • Let's Fight Like Gentlemen: Often imposes a special rule in fighting, where the first person to be knocked down five times immediately loses.
  • Save Scumming: His main power in a nutshell.
  • Weak, but Skilled: He's no different than an average person without his Negate Link but he wins his fights through careful usage of his power and his conservative fighting style.
  • White Collar Worker: Until he gained his powers.

Animator: CaM

Animator: CoZen
  • Razor Floss: His sword contains a reel that spans three planets.

Animator: Anubis

    King Loxias 
Animator: TrulyEpic
  • Flash Step
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: His attacks hit 20x harder when holding his weapon with both hands but prefers to save it for finishing moves and dire emergencies.
  • Instant Runes: Appears whenever he uses his sword's TaxinGladus ability.
  • Katanas Are Just Better
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something
  • Speed Echoes: An integral part of his fighting style, Loxias can leave behind two different kinds of afterimages after a flash step. White afterimages are intangible and serve to distract the opponent's concentration while red afterimages move on their own, which can be hit to inflict fatigue on Loxias.

Animator: Fordz

    The Handyman 
Animator/Writer: WafflesMgee

Animator: Shuriken255
Formerly an ordinary person, he got killed by a bolt of lightning. After three days he was brought back to life, this time with superpowers. He has always dreamed of joining the famous Zetabrand clan and as of March 5, he just did it.

Animator: Dracko
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: Prefers to fight hand-to-hand despite possessing a karambit.
  • Iconic Item: He wears a red Sarung, a traditional garment worn in Indonesia.
  • Super Mode: His Kuda Spirit.

Animator: ACB
Bog is a mysterious entity and it isn't clear what motives he has in mind to pursue. Little is known of Bog and so it is hard to predict what he will do in order to kill. Bog is usually neutral but if he begins to get hungry he and his blood will search for living things to eat and will not be swayed or stopped so easily.

Dojo Duelists

Animator: X
Yupia comes from a rich, higher class family of biological scientists and she had been the target of multiple experiments since childhood, due to the experiments she has lost her eyes, but all of her other senses had exceeded the norm.Because of her family's greed she is disgraced by the state of human nature, and wishes to rise above humanity. She has been seeking power since her early ages to make up for her lack of sight, and to quench her thirst for power she wishes to use the worlds knowledge against it.
Animator: Hyun
One travels the lands of Cier in search of his little brother he lost years ago due to the war of Aether and Blackwatch. He tends to stay away from confrontations unless he needs information in which he will do everything in his power to obtain it. Spending most of his life as a Blackwatch slave and surviving the onslaught of Blackwatch soldiers/assassins sent to kill him after his escape, One has grown an intense hatred towards the faction and other governments in power. Not only does he seek unhealthy revenge upon people overtaken by greed and political power, he strives to become stronger and compete in the new Dojo Duels to find more information about his brother.

Animator: Gildedguy
A knight, former slush fighter, and retired painter living on the outskirts of what seems to be a large plain next to a mountain. Wielding an extending sword and decked in armor 24/7, he's prepared to deal with whatever the world throws at him. His status is not confirmed as of now, however, GG still retains his painted stylus.


The Imitator

Appears in the Imitator Collabs. Ultimately defeated by Fordz.

Enemy Stick Figures

Appear in multiple videos and army fights, they usually serve as fodder in gladiator demos. Can have any color but most are black for simplicity.


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