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The main and supporting cast members of Øyevitne. Beware of spoilers!

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Main Characters


Philip Karlsen

Played by: Axel Gehrken Bøyum

The 15 year-old foster son of local sheriff Helen Sikkeland, and one of the series' titular eyewitnesses.

  • Alone with the Psycho: Ronny lures Philip into a trap, texting a cry for help message from his mother's phone that he knows will have the boy come running. As Philip tries to flag down a car to take him to his mother's, Ronny pulls over, lets him in — and locks the doors. Philip realises to his horror that he's alone with the killer and that no one knows where he is.
  • Anguished Declaration of Love: After he and Henning witness the murders in the quarry, Henning is so wracked with concern that his sexual experimentation with Philip will be made public — "DNA and all that shit" he panically says — that he cools right off, to the point of being openly abusive. Philip is crushed, but still tries to talk to Henning about their relationship, only to be briskly brushed off. It takes until episode 5 for them to reconcile.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Philip is a passive, withdrawn young man, but when his schoolmate Mia nastily snarks that she feels sure it must have been Henning who died in the quarry, Philip snaps, belts her round the face, and is tackled into a wall by Ketil and the rest of her shocked friends.
  • Bungled Suicide: Implied and later opined by Henning's mother, Laila. Following their falling-out, Philip witnesses Henning kissing Mia at a party and lingers dejectedly nearby, getting more and more drunk on a bottle of vodka Henning has hurled his way. In despair over losing Henning (and Helen refusing to believe his account of the murder), he wanders utterly wasted down the train-tracks at Slitu, seemingly not caring at all if the oncoming train flattens him. Luckily, he either dodges at the last minute or the train manages to brake in time (we don't see), but he's discovered passed-out next to the tracks by Helen and Sven.
  • The Caretaker: For his mother, Anne Britt, a medication addict who's woefully ill-equipped to look after herself, let alone a 15 year old son.
  • Cassandra Truth: The fifth episode deals with Philip telling Helen that Henning witnessed the murders in the quarry. Unfortunately, nobody believes him because Henning, worried that his sexuality will be exposed, refuses to corroborate his story and Helen catches Philip in what she believes to be another lie.
  • Closet Key: For Henning. It’s pretty clear that prior to their sexual experimentation in the cabin, Henning hadn’t yet confronted his sexuality or feelings for Philip. It takes Philip’s gently sincere admittance of attraction and a little bit of comfortable suggestion – “what would you do if I was your babe?” – to get Henning to reveal his feelings.
  • Coming-Out Story: What Philip's story-arc amounts to, aside from his involvement as a witness to the murders that fuel the main plot. Having previously told his mother about he and Henning, in the final episode, with Henning in a coma, he finally comes out to Sven, tearfully explaining that he and Henning are in love — "vi er glade i hverandre". Sven, being the kind supportive man that he is, simply says "well I think that's wonderful".
  • Crying Wolf: Philip often fibs to Helen about his whereabouts, mostly so that he can make time to visit his mother in rehab, so she therefore doesn't initially believe him about Henning witnessing the murders.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: His mother Anne Britt is an immature medication addict who can barely look after herself, let alone a teenage son. Philip mentions to a shocked Sven that he’s seen a dead body up close and personal when he discovered his mother’s friend Øyvind dead on their sofa – presumably from an overdose.
  • Disappeared Dad: Philip notes to Camilla that he has no idea who his father is and given his mother Anne Britt’s character, it’s possible she’s equally in the dark.
  • Distressed Dude: When Ronny finds out through his relationship with Camilla that Philip is a witness to his murder-spree in the quarry, he kidnaps Philip, duct-tapes his mouth shut and throws him in the boot of his car. Helen posits that his plan, based on his modus operandi, is to make it look like Philip killed himself. A combination of Helen's passionate pleas and Camilla racing to the rescue to intercept Ronny saves his life.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: After he's spurned by Henning and witnesses him kissing Mia at a party (to which he was not invited), Philip gets wasted on a bottle of vodka Henning hurls his way (adding a few crushed apples for taste). Utterly broken, he then wanders up the railway line at Slitu and narrowly misses being crushed under an oncoming train.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: In a pleasing aversion of Bury Your Gays, both he and Henning survive Ronny's attempts to dispatch them as witnesses. For Philip, his story ends on a high; his mother is taking rehab seriously, Henning is recovering from the accident Ronny staged and the pair can continue to explore their relationship, and he and his foster mother Helen have bonded over her heroic efforts to try to save his life.
  • Foster Kid: Since his mother Anne Britt was an irresponsible medication addict, he was placed into foster care with Helen and Sven by social services. He kicks against the set up when we first meet him, clashing with Helen, though less so with Sven. By the finale, and with his life at stake, Helen refers to him as “my son” when pleading with Ronny to let him go.
  • Gay Guy Seeks Popular Jock: It's implied Philip is a relative newcomer to Mysen, having been placed in foster care with Helen and Sven. Popular, sporty Henning is therefore his only real friend, as well as being the object of his affections.
  • He Knows Too Much: Due to being in the cabin in the quarry at the time of Ronny’s murder spree, Philip is able to identify him as the culprit. After seeing him again on a train a few days after the murder, Philip ducks out of sight. Later on, after Camilla begins a relationship with Ronny, she starts unwittingly relaying information about the case back to him, including Philip's identity as a witness, and he therefore becomes Ronny's number one target.
  • Heroic BSoD: Because Helen refuses to believe him and Henning pushes him away and humiliates him, Philip breaks down and calls social services, demanding to be relocated. He then gets drunk and ends up wandering dangerously down the Slitu train tracks before passing out and being safely brought home by Helen and Sven.
  • Keeping Secrets Sucks: Having witnessed Ronny's murder spree, the biggest problem for Philip is having to go completely cold turkey on his relationship with Henning, who makes him swear he'll tell no one what they saw that night — or more importantly, what they did.
  • Longing Look: When he and Henning are temporarily estranged due to the latter's fear of being outed, Philip dejectedly follows him about, looking on sadly as Henning puts on a show of normality.
  • Love Confession: In the opening scenes in the cabin, after having a couple of beers and collapsing with laughter on a camp-bed, Philip makes his first move, starting off safely — "do you ever bring babes up here?" — with his Held Gaze making it clear that he wants to be Henning's babe. Henning initially laughs it off and play-fights with him, but after realising Philip is serious, he tells him to turn out the cabin lights and the encounter moves on to something far more romantic.
  • Love Hurts: Whilst their love is mutual, it's Philip who outwardly suffers the most when Henning temporarily puts the brakes on their budding romance.
  • Momma's Boy: Anne Britt is a total mess of a medication addict, and whilst Philip cares for her deeply, being sure to call her regularly, it's clearly him that takes care of her.
  • Oh, Crap!: When he borrows Camilla's mobile and her lover Ronny pops up on a call, his face is a picture of terror, having immediately recognised him as the murderer.
  • Only Friend: Philip’s only friend is Henning, so after the two temporarily fall out, and he smacks the school Alpha Bitch Mia in the face (in Henning's defense, it should be noted), he moves right into Eating Lunch Alone territory until he and Henning make up.
  • Pretty Boy: A sensitive young man with hay-coloured hair, a sweet, eager face and large, blue eyes.
  • Secret Relationship: With Henning, though it's clear that whilst Philip is closeted, he's far less so than Henning and is more instigating and open in the initial phases of their relationship. It's his loyalty to Henning, and the latter's wish to keep things strictly private, that induces his silence on the matter.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Philip is sweet, vulnerable, melancholic and passive, and enjoys comic books and sci-fi judging by the Star Wars anthology and large stack of comics by his bed, in contrast to his lover Henning, who is boisterous, playful and into macho sports like motocross.
  • Silent Snarker: After he and Henning make up, back at school Mia sneers that she thought Philip was planning to move away. Henning immediately jumps in, denying the fact and also confirming that Philip is now the producer for his stunt videos. Philip gives Mia a "yes, bitch" look.
  • Straight Gay: Philip, whilst being sensitive and romantic, doesn't exhibit any particularly identifiably 'gay' mannerisms.
  • Tender Tears: Philip is crushed when Henning cools off after their romantic encounter and spends a fair bit of time in a state of anxious upset. However, when Henning finally apologises, his tears turn to Tears of Joy as the couple reconcile.
  • Troubled, but Cute: Being a foster child and having endured something of a Dark and Troubled Past, Philip, whilst being likeably cute, is also melancholic and defiant, clashing frequently with his foster mother, Helen.
  • Troubled Teen: Having endured a childhood dealing with a Junkie Parent, then being put into foster care and coming to terms with his sexuality — all before witnessing a quadruple murder — his withdrawn and at-times disobedient nature is perhaps expected.
  • Uninvited to the Party: After Philip smacks her round the face, Mia makes it very clear that Henning’s “violent friend” is not invited to her Wild Teen Party.
  • Would Hit a Girl: When the school Alpha Bitch Mia jokes that it's likely Henning who died in the quarry due to his reckless biking stunts, Philip snaps and delivers her an almighty smack round the face. From then on, he's pegged as Henning's "violent friend".
  • You Have to Believe Me!: A key element of Philip's arc. He witnessed Ronny murder the bikers in the quarry, and relays the details to Helen and Sven (leaving out the part about him and Henning being lovers), though because of his previous fibbing, and Henning's denial, Helen initially won’t believe a word.



Henning Øby

Played by: Odin Waage

A talented motocross racer and the object of Philip's affections, he's the other titular eyewitness of the series.

  • Armoured Closet Gay: Henning in spades, whose macho father may have something to do with his internalised homophobia, and the fact that he’s something of a popular jock at school due to his skills as a star motocross biker.
  • Bruiser with a Soft Center: Outwardly, he's cool, tough and laddish, enjoying his status as something of a Big Man on Campus due to his impressive motocross skills and ice-blond good looks. However, his relationship with Philip reveals a far softer side to his character, especially when he thinks Philip has had it with him and is planning on being re-homed away from Mysen. His slightly nervous, genuine apology is what's needed to mend their relationship.
  • Cool Bike: Henning's a highly talented stunt-biker who competes at a national level. His penchant for death-defying stunts is exploited by the killer, Ronny Berg Larsen, who sets up a trap to send him plunging head-first down a waterfall.
  • Destroy the Evidence: After witnessing the murders in the quarry, Philip wants to go to the police, but Henning is more concerned about being labeled gay than being witness to four murders (or possibly five since he fired Ronny's gun and believes he killed the man). Philip agrees not to say anything since Henning saved his life and they throw the gun into the pool beneath a waterfall.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: In a pleasing aversion of Bury Your Gays, both he and Philip survive Ronny's attempts to dispatch them as witnesses. Despite being hospitalised and at one point dangerously near death, he recovers from the accident Ronny staged and can continue to explore his relationship with Philip more openly. The series even ends on the following Quip to Black he makes to Philip:
    I dreamt you'd got yourself a motocross bike. Sometimes I dream the weirdest shit!
  • Emotionally Tongue-Tied: Henning is a laddish, uncomplicated sort of guy, so when he's finally ready to apologise to Philip after brushing him off and treating him cruelly, he manages a very sheepish little "sorry" before simply giving him a huge hug and then a passionate kiss, which is all he needs to do.
  • Frying Pan of Doom: After murdering his captors, Ronny strides towards the cabin where he and Philip are hiding. Henning's adrenaline kicks in after Ronny threatens to shoot Philip, and grabbing a nearby skillet, he smashes Ronny to the floor and then once again over the head.
  • Gayngst: Henning massively struggles to accept his sexuality, calling Philip a "homo" and a "fag" on a couple of occasions whilst he deals with his internalised homophobia, which is hugely exacerbated after he witnesses several people getting shot right after his first kiss with a boy. By the end of the series however, he's comfortable with his relationship with Philip.
  • Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?: Gets a case of this after temporarily breaking things off with Philip, calling him a "stalker" and using homophobic slurs ("fag" / "homo") when around the other kids at school. He also deliberately kisses Mia when he knows Philip is watching to try to prove his heterosexuality. It doesn't stick.
  • He Knows Too Much: Due to being in the cabin in the quarry at the time of Ronny’s murder spree, Henning is able to identify him as the culprit. After Ronny begins a relationship with Camilla, and discovers through stealing confidential files from her phone that Henning is a key witness, Ronny immediately targets him. He lays a trap on his motocross course to Make It Look Like an Accident, firing a taser at Henning, who goes tumbling over a waterfall and ends up lying comatose in hospital.
  • Heroic BSoD: After witnessing the murders in the quarry, and struggling to come to terms with his sexuality and relationship with Philip, he's sent into a tailspin of anxiety. Unable to sleep out of fear the killer will seek him out, he at one point accidentally almost punches out his mother when she wakes him up for school. Only after he and Philip reconcile does his mood improve.
  • Hunk: A younger version. He's broadly built, with white-blond hair and handsome features. Helped by the fact that his actor Odin Waage is also a model.
  • The Insomniac: Witnessing the murders in the quarry, and his subsequent (self-chosen) separation from Philip, causes him deep anxiety and an almost total inability to sleep — so much so that he resorts to stealing his father's medication and scoring valium from a drug-dealer in downton Oslo in an attempt to knock himself out.
  • Keeping Secrets Sucks: Having witnessed Ronny's murder spree, Henning is overwhelmed with anxiety and struggles to sleep, but is initially adamant that he and Philip must tell no one about the murders they witnessed, or their relationship, no matter the deep emotional strain hiding the truth puts them under.
  • Lovable Jock: He's a popular jock at the local high school due to his badass motocross skills, blond good looks and boisterous persona.
  • Love Hurts: Whilst his love for Philip is clear and mutual, he decides to back right off after their initial romantic experience in the cabin out of fear of being outed. As well as having PTSD after witnessing the murders, and fear over the killer coming after him, his cruel rejection of Philip and their separation renders him an anxious mess.
  • Love Revelation Epiphany: Prior to their encounter in the cabin, it’s clear that any romantic feelings he had for Philip remained firmly unvoiced. However when Philip plucks up the courage to make a Love Confession, Henning (whilst initially a little tentative) is liberated to admit his mutual feelings and they begin to explore a romantic relationship.
  • Made of Iron: He survives being tasered in the chest, then careening off his motorbike into a deep pool and being pinned underwater by his own bike. He's submerged for at least seven minutes before being rescued, and after being rushed to hospital where he's placed on life-support, he suffers no less than three cardiac arrests before making a seemingly full recovery by the close of the finale.
  • Manly Gay: Henning doesn't exhibit any stereotypically gay mannerisms and is something of a boisterous, macho jock. His sexuality is only apparent in his romantic interactions with Philip, where he takes more of a dominant role, whilst Philip is more submissive.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: After he realises that his cruel spurning of Philip almost drove the latter to drunkenly wander in front of an oncoming train, he's wracked with guilt. After saying a genuine sorry, the pair embrace and passionately kiss.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Henning is boisterous, playful and into macho sports like motocross, in contrast to his lover Philip, who is sweet, vulnerable, melancholic and passive, and enjoys comic books and sci-fi judging by the Star Wars anthology and large stack of comics by his bed. 
  • Shirtless Scene: On a couple of occasions Henning gets shirtless, though it's mostly presented as angsty, as opposed to fanservicey.
  • "Well Done, Son" Guy: He’s desperate to please his boisterous father and his decision to hide his feelings for Philip undoubtedly derive from fear over how he’d react.


Helen Sikkeland

Played by: Anneke von der Lippe

The sheriff of the small town of Mysen and foster mother to Philip, Helen runs a tight but efficient ship.

  • Always on Duty: She's guilty of bringing the stresses of work home with her, and when she and Sven are discussing Philip's future in their care, she defaults to 'Sheriff-mode', which Sven quickly shuts down.
    Helen: We have to openly assess whether...
    Sven: You're not on duty now, Helen.
  • Anger Born of Worry: She's quite firm with Philip, but only because she's a decent person and is concerned for his safety. As he's her first foster child, and having had no children of her own, she feels pressure to get it right.
  • Blood from the Mouth: When Helen opens fire on Ronny, her squadmates shoot back at her, unaware of his duplicity. She collapses to the floor, blood bursting from her mouth. It's only Lars' quick thinking and immediate attendance that save her.
  • By-the-Book Cop: Helen follows procedure strictly and methodically — at one point even stating that she does things “by the book” —which thoroughly riles up Lars when he joins the investigation from Oslo's OC division. The pair frequently butt heads as the case progresses.
  • Disney Death: During her final confrontation with Ronny, she pulls a gun on him as he attempts to get away and starts shooting. Her alarmed colleagues, not yet realising that Ronny is the killer, open fire on her and she's shot in the back. When she begins coughing up blood, Lars starts yelling for the ambulance, screaming "we're losing her!!" with anguished intensity. In the next Bait-and-Switch scene, we see Helen lying in what could either be a hospital, or a mortuary, but when Philip starts speaking to her and she opens her eyes, which fill with tears when she realises he's still alive, we know she's made it.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Whilst she may have taken a bullet and almost died, she ends the series having solved the Mysen murders and recovering in hospital, overjoyed at the strong bond she now shares with her foster son Philip.
  • Fair Cop: Helen's a fine looking woman and is also Mysen's head of law enforcement in her capacity as sheriff.
  • Happily Married: To the good-natured Sven, a warm, supportive man who acts as a voice of reason whenever Helen wobbles in her mission to find the killer.
  • The Hero: Helen's a respectable By-the-Book Cop who's struggling to raise her foster son Philip whilst conducting an inquest into the quarry murders as Oslo's Organised Crime Unit begins to muscle in on her case.
  • Heroic Spirit: Her truly heroic side emerges in the finale where, having learned from both Henning and later Philip that Ronny is the quarry killer, she confronts Ronny (who has kidnapped the titular eyewitness Philip) and pleads with him to let her foster son go — even resorting to completely uncharacteristic bribery (offering Ronny an alibi) if he'll free Philip unharmed. Her impassioned speech ultimately drives Ronny to suicide and Philip is freed safe and unharmed.
  • Hidden Depths: As well as being an experienced, effective sheriff, Helen is also skilled in the sport of harness-racing (in which a jockey is pulled behind a small cart or sulky) and trains horses for local competitions.
  • Like a Son to Me: Realised after almost losing Philip twice; once when he wanders drunkenly in front of a train, and later on in the finale when he’s in Ronny’s clutches, by which time she refers to him as “my son” when pleading for his life.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: It's clear that she finally loves Philip like a son when she desperately resorts to maternally-panicked bribery when confronting Ronny, knowing he has kidnapped Philip — something utterly against her character.
  • Mama Bear: Helen has no children of her own (her husband Sven does) and throughout the early part of the series she finds Philip's fibbing and moodiness very challenging, even suggesting to Sven that maybe the boy should indeed, as Philip wishes, be rehomed with another foster family. However, after almost losing Philip when he wanders drunkenly onto a railway line, and later when Ronny actually kidnaps him, Helen drops all of her by-the-book police procedural training and begs Ronny to release Philip, even promising to let him get away (literally with murder) if Philip is left unharmed.
  • Maternally Challenged: Helen is obviously uncomfortable with parenthood, speaking tersely with Philip and finding him frustratingly impolite and sneaky. Her husband Sven, by contrast, is warm, easygoing, and communicates well with his foster son.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: When Philip identifies Ronny as the killer, Helen realises to her horror that she’s been unknowingly feeding him information on the case, including tipping him off about the key witnesses; Henning and her own foster son Philip.
  • Parental Substitute: Having met Sven later in life and having no children of her own but plenty of space, she and Sven decided to foster Philip after his own mother, a medication addict, lost custody.
  • Please, I Will Do Anything!: When she finally has a chance to confront Ronny, after he’s kidnapped Philip, she quickly begins trying to bargain with him (out of earshot of her police colleagues), offering him safe passage and an alibi, stating that Philip is "her son" and that she'll therefore do anything to secure his safe return.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Helen treats her staff with respect in her capacity as sheriff, and despite their fractious relationship, she's also a fair-minded foster mother to Philip, only acting firmly when required for his benefit.
  • Saying Too Much: After Henning comes clean to her, Helen confides in Ronny in his capacity as head of the Organised Crime Unit that there were witnesses to the murders he committed, with absolutely no idea that she's just put a huge target on both Henning and Philip’s backs.
  • The Scapegoat: After coming up short with any leads on the identity of the murderer, the public and newspapers begin clamouring for updates. To deflect blame, Helen’s pompous superior, Chief Olsen, makes her the fall-guy during a TV spot, citing her role as a ‘mere sheriff’ as being unqualified for handling the escalating case. By episode 3 Ronny is drafted in to take over, his duplicity still utterly unimaginable.
  • The Sheriff: Mysen is a small town and she's the head of law enforcement, using the title of 'Sheriff'.
  • Talking the Monster to Death: It’s her impassioned speech, made out of love for Philip, as opposed to a shoot-out, that ultimately defeats Ronny and drives him to suicide. Philip hears every word whilst tied up in the boot of Ronny’s car, and later tells Henning that Helen was "awesome" and that her words "pushed him over the edge".
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: She's forced to collaborate with the Norwegian capital Oslo's Organised Crime Unit, headed up by the aloof Ronny (aka the killer), the hot-headed and possibly misogynist Lars, and the well-meaning but naive Camilla. The two investigative branches clash over procedure on multiple occasions and the lack of information sharing turns the investigation into something of a competition.
  • That Liar Lies: She often accuses Philip of lying to her, whether it be about visiting his mother in rehab, or regarding the murders he claims to have witnessed. Whilst she's often right regarding him visiting his mother, she's dead wrong about his account of the murders in the quarry, which temporarily drives a huge wedge between them and hampers her investigation.
  • Wake-Up Call: The peace of her sleepy, well-ordered town is thoroughly shattered by the events of the series, but despite the trauma she goes through, it does help her realise her true potential as a policewoman and mother by the finale.


Ronny Berg Larsen

Played by: Per Kjerstad

The new head of Oslo’s Organised Crime Unit, who seems mysteriously intent on burying the Mysen murders case…

  • Ax-Crazy: A disturbing example, as he's very cold and sociopathic. Strangling his underage lover Zana to death with his bare hands with no hint of remorse takes the cake.
  • The Bad Guys Are Cops: Despite being the Head of Oslo's Organised Crime Unit, he is revealed to be the killer and series' Big Bad from the very first few scenes. Having conducted a paedophilic relationship with 15 year-old Zana Korda, he coldly executes four members of a biker gang her Balkan gangster father sends after him, before relentlessly trying to suppress the investigation into their murders from the inside. When Zana starts getting in his way, he stages her suicide by hanging and later on, when he's made aware that Henning and Philip witnessed his murdering rampage, he stages a bike accident that puts Henning in a coma and abducts Philip to presumably make it look like he killed himself too. Luckily, his Evil Plan is thwarted by Helen, whose impassioned speech (in which she actually offers him a way out) gets to him so much that he's Driven to Suicide.
  • Beneath Suspicion: Ronny entered the investigation with an unimpeachable record of service to King and country — so much so that Helen, an incredibly astute woman, not for one minute thinks he could possibly be the multiple murderer and paedophile she's desperately trying to apprehend. Most tellingly, she even confides in him about key aspects of the case, including tipping him off about Henning and Philip’s involvement as witnesses — something utterly unthinkable if she had even an inkling of suspicion.
  • Bound and Gagged: When we first meet him, he’s tied up in the boot of Christer’s car, awaiting execution on Hamit’s orders. He soon manages to skilfully free himself and shoot his captors dead.
  • The Cracker: After Camilla is placed on witness protection duty (via his influence), he manages to beguile her into bed. Whilst she sleeps, he secretly steals her phone, creeps into the bathroom and downloads all of her confidential case files to his laptop, from which he discovers Henning’s identity as an eyewitness to his crimes.
  • Detective Mole: He plants himself at the very heart of the Mysen quarry murders case and uses his position and influence as the senior investigator to throw his colleagues off his scent at every opportunity.
  • Driven to Suicide: In episode 5, Philip and Henning finally come clean to Helen about witnessing the murder spree in the quarry, and after seeing Ronny’s face pop up on Camilla’s caller ID, Philip identifies him as the culprit. When Helen confronts Ronny, she does so knowing he’s kidnapped Philip, and passionately pleads for his release, even resorting to bribing Ronny with an escape route and alibi. Tied up in the boot of Ronny’s car, Philip hears every word, and after Ronny shoots himself in the head, Philip later tells Henning that Helen “pushed him over the edge" with her impassioned speech.
  • Ephebophile: The whole mess is started because he began an illicit relationship with a 15 year-old girl, whose gangster father hired a band of biker thugs to kidnap and kill him.
  • Evil Is Not Well-Lit: Scenes within his creepily minimalist apartment are typically only lit by the blue glow from his laptop.
  • Fluffy the Terrible: A murderous, paedophilic killer named 'Ronny'. Downplayed from a Norwegian perspective, as the name isn't quite so chummy and playful sounding as it is in English.
  • From Camouflage to Criminal: He started his career in the Army Special Forces, but his career soon took him abroad, first as a Scandinavian liaison in Bucharest, then as a UN police officer in Kosovo, before joining Europol in Berlin as a narcotics investigator. As the series progresses, he uses the skills he picked up in these previous roles to cover his tracks and murder those who could identify him.
  • Gratuitous English: Zana's a Swedish Balkan, so he should be able to communicate with her in his native Norwegian, as Swedish and Norwegian are mutually intelligible. It's very telling that Ronny will only speak to her in English, likely to further conceal his background.
  • Have You Told Anyone Else?: Says this almost word for word to Zana when she begins openly discussing their illegal relationship and notes that she "knows what 'pedo' means". He then proceeds to strangle her to death in case she blabs.
  • Internal Reveal: In the sixth and final episode, Philip borrows Camilla’s phone to play Angry Birds, when suddenly Ronny’s face pops up on her caller ID. Having immediately recognised him from the night in the quarry, in a state of shock, Philip calls Helen and identifies Ronny as the murderer.
  • Killer Cop: A peadophile and murderer who also happens to be head of Oslo's Organised Crime Unit.
  • Leave No Witnesses: His entire arc revolves around him hunting down and dispatching those who could implicate him in his crimes, including having a relationship with an underage girl and murdering the bikers sent to kidnap and kill him by her father. He first kills Christer, a biker actually acting as a mole to try to rescue him, then Zana, the underage girl in question. He then turns his attentions to Henning and Philip after he finds out (through stealing confidential files from Camilla’s phone) that the pair are the boys who witnessed him killing the bikers in the quarry.
  • Make It Look Like an Accident / Never Suicide: His modi operandi in dealing with those who could reveal his identity:
    • He strangles his underage lover Zana to death when she becomes a nuisance and sets it up to look like she hung herself.
    • Once he is made aware that Henning was one of the witnesses to his murderous rampage, he sets up an ambush on his motocross trail. As Henning approaches a jump over a waterfall, Ronny fires a taser into Henning's chest, which causes him to flip over the handlebars and tumble into the pool below, the bike then landing on top of him and pinning him underwater. He's down for a good seven minutes before Philip and his protection officer can get him free and almost doesn't make it, going into cardiac arrest at least three times before stabilising and recovering.
    • In an attempt to kidnap the other witness, Philip, he breaks into his mother Anne Britt's apartment, sends a fake distraught message from her phone, and sets it up to look like she's taken a heroin overdose.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Having pulled strings internally to have Camilla placed on witness protection in Helen’s team, he first charms her into bed, then steals confidential case files from her phone which identify Henning as the witness she’s protecting. From that point on he uses her as his own (unwitting) mole to pass him regular information about the case’s progress, helping him stay one step ahead.
  • One of Our Own: When Helen realises that the killer is staying one step ahead of them at every turn, she posits (to him of all people) that the killer could well be a policeman.
  • Online Alias: Zana only knows him as "Nixon", an online alias he uses to pick her up in a chat-room popular with paedophiles.
  • The Reveal: At the close of the third episode, the police assemble at a briefing to meet Oslo's new Organised Crime lead, Ronny Berg Larsen, who'll be taking control of the murder enquiry. Initially filmed from behind, the Wham Shot reveals that he and the killer in the quarry are one and the same, and he's now been tasked by the higher-ups with trying to solve his own murderous crime.
  • Run for the Border: At one point, when he's feeling cornered, he starts researching flights down to Rio on the Lufthansa website.
  • Shirtless Scene: Of any character in the series, he's the most likely to appear partially or fully naked, though due to his immoral nature, it's never presented as particularly fanservicey. In fact, the scenes in question are either disturbing (his murder spree), intense (his sweat-drenched exercise routine) or duplicitous (stealing Camilla's phone after he sleeps with her).
  • The Sociopath: Forms a relationship with a vulnerable, underage girl whom he then kills with no remorse when she gets in his way. He also executes four men in cold-blood, including one who was trying to help him escape at the time, before coldly and relentlessly pursuing anyone, including Philip and Henning, who could out him as the murderer.
  • Turn Off the Camera: Due to his duplicitous nature, Ronny is very keen to avoid unnecessary publicity or scrutiny, which is most in evidence when an NRK TV crew visit the Police HQ (unbeknownst to him) and start sticking a camera in his face, asking questions about the case. He politely but very firmly pushes the camera away and tells them (twice) to delete the footage they've just taken.
  • When It All Began: His illegal relationship with 15 year-old Zana Korda kicks off the entire plot of the series when her gangster father Hamit cuts a deal with the local Ferrymen biker gang to dispose of him.
  • Would Hurt a Child: He corrupts 15 year-old Zana Korda, engaging in a sexual relationship with her before strangling her to death with terrifying simplicity when she becomes a nuisance. He also has no compunction with disposing of both Henning and Philip (also 15) when he discovers that they witnessed his murder spree in the quarry, though thankfully both survive their encounters with him.


Camilla Bjerke

Played by: Yngvild Støen Grotmol

An undercover cop from Oslo's Organised Crime Unit with a family connection to the case.

  • Action Girl: She's in peak physical condition, and at one point we see her skillfully handling herself in a self-defence class, witnessed by Ronny. Later on, she pursues Ronny without backup or a thought for her own safety when he kidnaps Philip.
  • Affectionate Nickname: She's nicknamed 'Lara Croft' by both Henning and Philip, due to her role as Henning's protection officer.
  • Fair Cop: Camilla sports hay-coloured hair and pretty, smiley features, as well as a toned physique. She also gets a couple of nude and shower scenes later on in the series.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Camilla, whilst being indiscreet, is a police officer with a sense of protective duty. Her sister Siri is a biker and party girl who neglects her baby son.
  • Frame-Up: Prior to the series, Camilla had encouraged her sister Siri’s husband Christer to become a police informant, which leads to his death in the quarry at Ronny’s hands. Siri is full of vengeance, exacerbated by the fact that she believes Christer and Camilla were sleeping together, and plants a drugs package Christer was holding for Olle in Camilla's apartment, which leads to her being raided by the vice squad and slapped with a temporary suspension.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Starts a relationship with Ronny midway through the case, obviously with no clue that he's a paedophile who's responsible for the very murders she's trying to solve. That being said, whilst he's charming (in a low-key sort of way), he's also her boss and at one point he manhandles her very violently into a wall when she airily admits their relationship is the subject of work gossip. Despite this assault, she dreamily continues her relationship with him right up until he's outed as the killer.
  • It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: She convinced her biker brother-in-law Christer to become a police informant and pass information to her about the activities of the Ferrymen biker gang. This backfires spectacularly when Christer is amongst those killed by Ronny in the shoot-out at the quarry, leaving her relationship with her sister Siri in tatters.
  • Lemming Cops: When Ronny is revealed to be the killer, and speeds off with Philip in the boot of his car, Camilla immediately gives chase with no backup whatsoever.
  • Loose Lips: She unwittingly relays full detail of every aspect of the murder case, including information on the two key witnesses, Philip and Henning, to her boss (and lover) Ronny, with no clue that he's the murderer she's after.
  • Modesty Towel: Lars pays a call whilst she's showering, and she greets him sopping wet in just a towel.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: After disbelieving both Helen and Philip that Ronny is the killer, it takes literally having to show an image of Ronny to a hospitalised Henning, who immediately goes into cardiac arrest at seeing him, for her to realise the truth.
  • Plethora of Mistakes: Camilla, incarnate. It was her decision to get her brother-in-law Christer to act as a mole within the Ferrymen biker gang — which leads to his swift death at Ronny's hands. She then begins a casual fling with Ronny (her boss), of course not realising he's the killer, but also feeding him literally all the information he needs to stay one step ahead of the investigation, including information on the key witnesses, Henning and Philip, whom Ronny then directly targets. Whilst supposedly on duty watching over Henning in hospital after Ronny causes his bike accident, she's more concerned with playing Angry Birds than protecting her charge.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: Initially, Camilla is sensitive to Siri's feelings over Christer's death, despite the vitriol and accusations she spews her way. However, when Siri plants a stash of cocaine in Camilla's flat and tips off the vice squad in an act of blind revenge, Camilla has had enough of her shit and fully unloads on her at their mother's house, accusing Siri of being a selfish, neglectful, disloyal sister, mother and daughter all at once.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Happens once she finds out that Ronny is the killer. Up until that point, her character had been slightly ineffective and careless (certainly with regard to blabbing confidential information), but when Ronny drives off with the kidnapped Philip in the boot of his car, Camilla immediately speeds after him in Hot Pursuit, with no back up apart from a tracking helicopter. She arrives at the scene fully ready to confront Ronny but he's already killed himself prior to her arrival.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Having pulled strings internally to have her placed on witness protection in Helen’s team, Ronny first charms her into bed, then steals confidential case files from her phone which identify Henning as the witness she’s protecting. From that point on Ronny uses her as his own (unwitting) mole to pass him regular information about the case’s progress, helping him stay one step ahead.
  • Verbal Tic: A nervous little “okay...” when faced with awkward or unexpected situations.
  • Vomiting Cop: Upon seeing her brother-in-law Christer amongst the dead bikers, Camilla pukes all over the crime scene.


Lars Strømme

Played by: Tobias Santelmann

An undercover cop from Oslo's Organised Crime Unit who clashes with Helen.

  • Combat Medic: Lars is a highly trained member of the OC Unit and saves Helen's life with his quick-thinking and immediate attendance to the gunshot wound she suffers in the shoot-out following Ronny's reveal as the killer.
  • Cowboy Cop: Downplayed, but his more casual attitude and laddish behaviour in the office puts him at odds with By-the-Book Cop Helen from the get-go.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: He's a definite hot-head but deep down he's a good guy — and very much into Camilla. He can't seem to get her to reciprocate however, and whilst they clearly had something of a fling prior to the events of the series (he has a key to her flat), she's sweetly, but firmly decided that they're Better as Friends.
  • Embarrassing Ringtone: Lars reveals something of a geeky side (or maybe he just thinks it sounds badass) when his phone goes off a few times throughout the series and the first few bars of “The Imperial March” from Star Wars start playing.
  • Hot-Blooded: Lars approaches both his job and his love-life in a similar 'barrelling in head-first' manner. This poses a big problem when he has to cooperate with the far more considered Helen, and at one point he becomes so angry with how she's handling the case that he's openly and aggressively rude to her, always referring to her as "that bitch" to his team thereafter.
  • How Dare You Die on Me!: When Helen opens fire on Ronny, after she finds out he's the murderer, Lars' teammates (unaware of Ronny's duplicity) return fire, hitting Helen in the back. She collapses to the floor, blood bursting from her mouth, and Lars yells for the ambulance, all the while shouting encouragement at Helen to stay conscious. It's likely his quick-thinking that saves her life.
  • Fair Cop: Officer Lars is tall, fair and handsome (he's played by Tobias Santelmann afterall).
  • Noble Bigot with a Badge: He's definitely one of the good guys in his capacity as an audacious member of the Organised Crime Unit, but he can be big-city patronising, as well as exhibiting something of a misogynist streak in his rancorous dealings with Helen and him constantly referring to her as “that bitch”.
  • Not So Stoic: Lars is too cool for school but drops all of his bravado when Helen takes a bullet.
  • Relationship-Salvaging Disaster: Throughout the investigation, he makes it clear that he can't stand Helen and thinks her handling of the case is massively flawed. However, when she takes a bullet, following Ronny's reveal as the killer, he's the first on the scene and arguably saves her life with his quick thinking.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: He's forced to collaborate on the murder case with Helen, the local Sheriff of Mysen, who runs her precinct by the book and takes exception to his big-city bluster. The two investigative branches clash over procedure on multiple occasions and the lack of information sharing turns the investigation into something of a competition.



Zana Korda

Played by: Tehilla Blad

A mysterious young girl whose connection to the killer starts off the whole story.

  • Balcony Escape: After her father Hamit locks her in her room, she makes her escape over the balcony and down to freedom using a roll out fire-ladder.
  • Bratty Teenage Daughter: Perhaps understandably, as her father is a neglectful crime-boss who locks her in her bedroom after she runs away from her home in Sweden to visit him.
  • Forbidden Love: Zana may well be in love with Ronny (she tells him so, in fact) but their relationship is completely illegal and immoral on his behalf. When her father Hamit somehow finds out about it, he employs a group of Ferrymen bikers to travel Sweden and intercept the couple. The Ferrymen succeed in kidnapping Ronny, tying him up and driving him across the border into Norway to be executed, but he escapes. Zana, who was present when the bikers snatched Ronny, is left traumatised and wanders brokenly down a motorway reservation into Norway, looking to speak to her father.
  • Gratuitous English: Zana's a Swedish Balkan and so should be able to communicate with the Norwegian Ronny in Swedish, as the languages are mutually intelligible. It's very telling that Ronny will only speak to her in English to hide his background; she literally knows nothing about him, not even his real name.
  • Jailbait Taboo: At 15, Zana's relationship with Ronny (late 30s) is not just appallingly immoral on his part but also completely illegal.
  • Mysterious Waif: When first encountered, she's wandering moodily down a motorway reservation with her makeup smeared and her very long hair hanging loose in a very Final Girl-ish manner.
  • Never Suicide: Ronny decides he needs to dispose of Zana before she gets too chatty, so strangles her to death and fakes her suicide by hanging.
  • Saying Too Much: When she's reunited with Ronny, the pair travel to a remote cabin. She starts chatting away about their future together, saying "you have to take me somewhere!" when Ronny tries to cool it off. Realising that she could reveal all at any point, Ronny strangles her to death and sets it up to look like suicide.
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: Notwithstanding her repellent relationship with "Nixon" (aka Ronny Berg Larsen, some 25 years her senior), she also defaults to flaunting her sexuality when a lorry driver whose cab she's stowed away in catches her. After he wisely rejects her flirtations, she cries rape and runs off.
  • When It All Began: Her illegal relationship with Ronny Berg Larsen, who’s some 25 years her senior and the head of Oslo's Organised Crime Unit, kicks off the entire plot of the series when her gangster father Hamit cuts a deal with the local Ferrymen biker gang to dispose of him.
  • Your Makeup Is Running: When we first meet her, she’s wandering down a motorway reservation looking disheveled with her eye makeup smeared and running down her cheeks.

Family Members

     Anne Britt 

Anne Britt Karlsen

Played by: Cecilie A. Mosli

Philip's medication addict mother, who consequently lost custody of her son.

  • Addled Addict: She has a history of medication dependency and is in rehab — though she doesn’t take it particularly seriously and is in danger of losing her place after constantly falling off the wagon, to Philip’s deep consternation.
  • Death by Adaptation: Anne Britt is saved Just in Time by the paramedics after Ronny attacks her and sets the scene to make it look like an accidental heroin overdose. However, in the US remake, Eyewitness (2016), one of the biggest deviations from the original story is that Philip’s mother dies from the overdose the killer administers.
  • Junkie Parent: She turns up at the Sikkelands’ house utterly off her face and demanding to see Philip. When Philip takes her back to Oslo, it's telling that she knows all the local homeless and drug-dealers hanging out by the station. As Philip also relays to a shocked Sven, he’s seen a dead body up close and personal when he discovered his mother’s friend Øyvind dead on their sofa – presumably from an overdose.
  • Make It Look Like an Accident: After Ronny sneaks up and attacks her from behind, he sets the scene to make it look like she's overdosed on heroin, then uses her phone to lure Philip to her apartment. Smartly, Helen realises that Anne Britt is a medication addict, not a heroin addict, and the whole thing is a set up. Luckily, the paramedics arrive Just in Time to bring her round and save her life.
  • Manchild: Anne Britt is incredibly immature, giggly, and prone to maternally-outraged histrionics.
  • Parents in Distress: When Philip becomes Ronny's number one target, Helen is careful to sequester Philip away. However, Ronny uses Anne Britt's phone to message Philip a plea for help, which he of course responds to, sending him right into Ronny's path.
  • Parental Neglect: Whilst clearly loving, her immaturity and drug dependency render her incapable of being a mother to Philip and social services therefore placed him into foster care with the Sikkelands prior to the events depicted by the series.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Unsurprisingly, given she spends most of her screen-time completely strung out, Anne Britt is also the sweariest of the characters, frequently using “faen!” (literally ‘the devil’ but analogous to using “fuck!” in English) when angered or harassed.

     Laila & Runar 

Laila & Runar Øby

Played by: Marianne Mørk Larsen & Fridtjov Såheim

Henning's sensible, supportive mother and boisterous father.

  • Boisterous Bruiser: Runar is brash, bolshy and loud. At a dinner party given by the Sikkelands, he becomes increasingly merry, happily downing the summer cider on offer.
  • Dude, He's Like, in a Coma!: When Henning is lying comatose in hospital, Philip plants a kiss on his lips, which causes an explosive reaction in Runar, who accuses Philip of being a pervert. Luckily, Laila is on hand to calm him down.
  • Noble Bigot: Runar's a jolly, decent man, but he also displays a homophobic side, as evidenced by Henning's chronic anxiety that his father will find out about his relationship with Philip, and when it finally is made public, Runar barks aggressively "Henning isn’t a homo!"
  • Open-Minded Parent: Laila, unlike Runar, encourages Henning to follow his passion for motocross, vicariously enjoying his achievements in the dangerous sport. She's also kindly supportive of Philip when he comes to visit Henning in hospital, telling him "I'm glad you're here", even after their romance has been revealed.
  • Overprotective Dad: Runar is quite strict with Henning and disapproves of his passion for motocross — mostly out of worry, as Laila relays to Helen. He also keeps a beady on Henning's relationship with Philip, perhaps noticing (to his displeasure) that they may be more than friends, even before he witnesses Philip kissing him.
  • Vicariously Ambitious: Unlike Runar, Laila thoroughly enjoys and encourages Henning's passion for the dangerous sport of motocross, though she tells Helen this out of earshot so as not to upset Runar.
  • Women Are Wiser: Laila is far more sensible and less volatile than her husband.


Sven Sikkeland

Played by: Bjørn Skagestad

Helen's supportive, loving husband who's very much her emotional sounding-board.

  • The Conscience: He always impresses on Helen that they have a duty to try their best to raise Philip with love and understanding, even when he kicks against them. When things get increasingly fraught between her and Philip as the series progresses, Sven firmly talks her out of it when she wearily suggests that Philip may be happier with another family.
  • Cool Old Guy: Sven is a chilled out, reasonable guy and when Philip finally comes out to him, explaining that he and Henning are in love, all he has to say on the matter is "well I think that's wonderful".
  • Fostering for Profit: He's accused of this by Philip when their relationship is at its most strained. Sven is very quick to firmly reassure Philip that this is not the case. Indeed, it's Sven who encourages Helen to improve their relationship with Philip.
  • Happily Married: To Helen. The couple enjoy a mutually supportive and passionately romantic relationship.
  • Milholland Relationship Moment: Throughout the series, Philip keeps his relationship with Henning completely private from his foster parents due to Henning’s ashamed assertion that they mustn’t tell a soul. Consequently, when Philip finally chokes out to Sven that he and Henning are in love, as the latter lies comatose in hospital, he does so nervously and under emotional distress. However, Sven simply notes that he thinks it’s wonderful and says he’ll talk to Laila (Henning’s mother) to help smooth things over on his behalf.
  • Parental Substitute: Having met Helen later in life, after his own kids were all grown up and married, they decided to foster Philip after his own mother, a medication addict, lost custody.
  • Second Love: Helen is his second wife and he already has two grown up children. When Philip's life is increasingly in danger, the family make for his daughter Ingrid's flat to hide out.
  • Silver Fox: Played by the dashingly handsome, at-the-time 64 year-old Bjørn Skagestad.
  • Understanding Boyfriend: He's very patient and supportive of Helen's police career, despite belonging to a generation of men who perhaps expected women to Stay in the Kitchen.


Siri Johansson

Played by: Mariann Hole

Camilla's wayward, irresponsible half-sister.

  • Drowning My Sorrows: After Christer is murdered by Ronny, she goes into a tailspin of self-destructive drinking and partying, neglecting her one year old son, Jimmy.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Siri is a biker and party girl who neglects her baby son. Camilla, whilst being indiscreet, is a police officer with a sense of protective duty.
  • Parental Neglect: Camilla confronts Siri over her wild partying following Christer's death, and the fact that baby Jimmy has seemingly been foisted onto their mother while she self-destructs.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: She goes utterly nuts after Camilla reveals that Christer has been murdered, screaming at her that it was her idea to have him act as The Mole within the biker gang and pass on information about their illegal activities. She tells Camilla she "has no sister" and that she's dead to her.
  • Revenge Before Reason: After finding out that Camilla had encouraged Christer to become a police informant (which leads to his death in the quarry), Siri is full of vengeance (she also accuses them of sleeping together) and plants a drugs package Christer was holding for Olle in Camilla's apartment, which leads to her having a very difficult conversation with the vice squad.


Wenche Bjerke

Played by: Ingrid Vollan

Camilla and Siri's put-upon mother. 

  • Good Parents: After Siri's husband Christer is murdered and she goes completely off the rails drinking and partying, Wenche immediately makes herself useful by looking after her grandson Jimmy and freeing up Camilla's time to concentrate on solving the case. 
  • Parental Favoritism: During the appalling row between her daughters, she finds herself stuck in the middle but clearly takes Siri's side, hushing Camilla even when she makes valid points about Siri's erratic, neglectful behaviour and not once sticking up for her, even though Siri's actions — including trying to get Camilla arrested — are reprehensible. After Camilla storms out, she coddles Siri and strokes her hair.
  • Parental Substitute: As Siri spirals further into full on Parental Neglect, Wenche finds herself becoming a full-time babysitter to her grandson — something which completely infuriates Camilla, who accuses her of being a Pushover Parent and spoiling Siri. 
  • Standing Between the Enemies: Following Christer's murder and the revelation that Camilla had convinced him to become a police informant, all hell breaks loose between Camilla and Siri. At one point things become so ugly and heated that Wenche finds herself caught in the middle of a full on screaming match between her daughters that she desperately tries to calm down. 
    Camilla! Girls! Please take it easy, let's sit down.

The Sixers MC


Olle Kjøsteng

Played by: Kim Sørensen

A member of the Sixers biker gang.

  • Cooperation Gambit: Olle was secretly commissioned by rival gang-leader Hamit Milonkovic to organise the Ferrymen bikers to kidnap and kill Ronny Berg Larsen — the man responsible for grooming Hamit’s underage daughter Zana — in exchange for a haul of cocaine that would settle Olle’s debts. When Olle’s gang-leader finds out about this clandestine deal, he is brutally excommunicated.
  • Interrogation by Vandalism: When a reporter publishes a story about Christer being an informant, Olle offers Siri protection. What she doesn't initially realise is that this 'protection' is in exchange for the whereabouts of a drugs package Christer was holding for him (payment, in fact, from Hamit for kidnapping Ronny), and he proceeds to aggressively trash her apartment, barking at her to find it whilst he smashes up all her belongings.
  • Lower-Class Lout: He's a violent psychopath with a rough, orcish look about him.
  • Mark of Shame: Due to his undercover dealings with Hamit and the Ferrymen, his Sixers tattoos are forcibly burnt off with an iron, the scars left behind as a constant reminder of his treachery.
  • Schmuck Bait: He leaks details of a big drugs import to Lars' team in exchange for full prison isolation, but when they turn up at the warehouse, expecting to find a huge stash of marijuana, all they find is a singular joint, defiantly hanging in an empty shipping container.
  • Treachery Is a Special Kind of Evil: When the Sixers President finds out that Olle has gone behind his back and cut a deal with rival gang-leader Hamit Milonkovic to kidnap and kill Ronny Berg Larsen in exchange for a haul of cocaine, he's utterly furious — especially as the deal goes sour after Ronny escapes and kills his captors, leading to accusations of a set up and violent retaliations on both sides. In shocking scenes, Olle is tasered, interrogated, and strapped to a chair where his biker tattoos are burnt off with an iron, excommunicating him forever.
  • Vigilante Execution: After his dealings with Hamit go sour and he's banished from the Sixers for bringing shame upon them, he cooly executes Hamit outside his restaurant in broad daylight.


Raymond Berg

Played by: Frank Kjosås

A reckless, naive member of the Ferrymen bikers. 

  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Clean-shaven, baby-faced Raymond appears much younger than the rest of the grizzled biker crew and is constantly trying to prove himself with displays of puffed-up manliness. 
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: After mistakenly believing that Hamit had betrayed their deal and ordered a hit on his brother and the other Ferrymen bikers in the quarry, Raymond decides to take matters into his own hands and bombs Hamit's restaurant in revenge. His biker superiors are utterly furious, as his actions destroy the club's reputation, and they brutally torture him, leaving him a blood-soaked mess. He isn't seen again following this incident...
    Olle: You just decided to avenge your brother? What do you figure the Z-Gang and the rest of the country think? They think we blew up the restaurant! Killed that eight-year-old girl! Everyone thinks we did it. But we didn't. It was Raymond, right?
  • Drowning My Sorrows: He gets completely wasted at the wake for his brother Stig and the other bikers killed in the quarry. 
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: You'd be forgiven for thinking Raymond is a particularly butch-looking lady-biker at a casual glance, as his actor's features are quite androgynous if not outright feminine.
  • Gratuitous English: "Unleash the fucking fury!"
  • Misplaced Retribution: Raymond is aware of the deal set up between Hamit Milonkovic and Olle's bikers to kidnap a mark in Sweden, but when the mark (later revealed to be Ronny Berg Larsen) escapes and kills his captors, including Raymond's brother Stig, Raymond is convinced Hamit set them up and bombs his restaurant in an act of misguided Revenge.
  • No-Respect Guy: He's constantly being hushed, roughed-up, and is generally treated with a kind of bullying Tough Love by the rest of the crew. 
  • Reckless Sidekick: Whilst the rest of the Sixers and their Ferrymen supporters are more measured and disciplined due to age and experience, Raymond is a loud-mouthed Young Gun and shows his reckless side when he bombs Hamit's restaurant in mistaken revenge for his brother's death. 


Christer Johansson

Played by: Åsmund Brede Eike

Siri's husband and a member of the Ferrymen biker gang.

  • Badass Biker: Has the Viking-esque look down pat as a member of the Ferrymen biker gang.
  • Delinquent Hair: Sports a white-blond mohawk that's shaved at the sides to reveal tattoos.
  • The Mole: Camilla immediately recognises her brother-in-law Christer among the victims of Ronny Berg Larsen's murder spree in the quarry. She'd previously convinced him to act as a police informant and as the series begins, he nips into a service station bathroom and quietly tips her off about the kidnapped man (later revealed to be Ronny) he and his gang have tied up in the boot of their Audi.
  • Unwanted Assistance: After pulling Ronny out of the boot of the Audi, he tells him, sotto voce, that he's there to help him escape. Despite Christer's terrified protestations, Ronny shoots him straight through the head.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: He appears at the very beginning of the series and is executed within the first 10 minutes.

    Sixers President 

President of the Sixers MC

Played by: Reidar Sørensen

The incredibly intimidating leader of Norway's chapter of the Sixers Motorcycle Club. 

  • All Bikers Are Hell's Angels: The Sixers (and their supporting club the Ferrymen) are a thinly-veiled analogue to the infamous Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and sport the prerequisite leather garb, tattoos and heavy metal rocker vibe, as well as demonstrating a clear hierarchy (with him at the pinnacle, at least in Norway) and observance of rituals. 
  • Badass Biker: He's got the look down pat, being a huge, intimidating man with an icy stare and imposing build. His actor, Reidar Sørensen, is also the lead vocalist in the heavy metal rock band ''Freak''
  • Enemy Mine: Later on in the series, after the clandestine deal between Hamit's Z-Gang and the Sixers' Olle has gone sour, he meets with the leader of the Balkan mafia, with whom he is usually at odds, to discuss the situation, noting that the common enemy is not each other but the police and that they must reign in the reckless behaviour on both sides before they all find themselves in prison. 
  • Large and in Charge: He's a huge grizzly bear of a man and is the leader of Norway's Sixers chapter. 
  • No Name Given: He's never named in-series, which adds to his menace, and is only credited as "Sixers President". 
  • Number of the Beast: The gang name ‘Sixers’ has clear allusions to '666', which he has emblazoned on his biker jacket. 
  • Tranquil Fury: He never once raises his voice and is all the more terrifying for it. 
  • You Have Failed Me: When he finds out that his subordinate Olle has gone behind his back and cut a deal with rival gang-leader Hamit Milonkovic to kidnap and kill Ronny Berg Larsen in exchange for a haul of cocaine, he's utterly furious — especially as the deal goes sour after Ronny escapes and kills his captors, leading to accusations of a set up and violent retaliations on both sides. In shocking scenes, Olle is tasered, interrogated, and strapped to a chair where his biker tattoos are burnt off with an iron, excommunicating him forever.

The Z-Gang


Hamit Milonkovic

Played by: Mahmut Suvakci

Zana's father — a Balkan gang leader, drug kingpin and nightclub owner.

  • Balkan Bastard: Provides a classic example in his capacity as an abrasively aggressive drug lord at odds with the local Norwegian Organised Crime Unit.
  • Conspicuously Public Assassination: After Olle’s deal with Hamit goes sour and he’s excommunicated from the Sixers, Olle (thinking he has nothing to lose) simply walks up to Hamit as he leaves his restaurant and shoots him in the chest — in public, in broad daylight — and is subsequently tackled and arrested by Lars' team.
  • Cooperation Gambit: He strikes a secret deal with Olle and certain members of the Ferrymen biker gang (with whom he is usually at odds) to kidnap and execute Ronny Berg Larsen after he finds out about Ronny’s relationship with his underage daughter, Zana. With mistrust and retaliations brewing on both sides after Ronny kills his Ferrymen abductors, it ends badly for all concerned, especially as Zana is murdered by Ronny after he escapes and Hamit ends up being shot in the street by Olle when their dealings are exposed.
  • The Mafiya: He's the head of a local Balkan drug cartel the 'Z-Gang' and uses his nightclub as a cover and centre of operations. This obviously puts him at odds with the police and the local biker gang.
  • Papa Wolf: Hamit might be a morally corrupt drug kingpin but he loves his daughter Zana and goes to great lengths to protect her — including soliciting the services of the Sixers biker gang to kidnap and kill her paedophile lover "Nixon", later revealed to be the killer in the quarry, Ronny Berg Larsen.
  • Ruthless Foreign Gangsters: Ronny explains, in his capacity as head of the Organised Crime Unit, that Balkan gangs like Hamit's are an increasingly common presence in Norway, due to the nation's wealth and vulnerability in terms of being unprepared and under-funded in dealing with them.


Kryetar Korab

Played By Vladimir Dikanski

The shadowy leader of the Balkan mafia operating in Oslo.

  • Enemy Mine: Later on in the series, after the clandestine deal between Hamit's Z-Gang and the Sixers' Olle has gone sour, he meets with the Sixers President, with whom he is usually at odds, to discuss the situation, noting that the common enemy is not each other but the police and that they must reign in the reckless behaviour on both sides before they all find themselves in prison.
  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: Wears a sour, stern expression behind neat spectacles.
  • The Mafiya: A cold, shadowy figure and the controller of the Balkan mafia’s activities in Oslo. Ronny notes to his colleague that Korab’s presence is ever-growing in their unprepared capital and vows to take him and his organisation down.
  • The Man Behind the Man: Hamit may be full of bluster and swagger in his capacity as leader of the Z-gang but he’s by no means in charge; the real authority behind the Balkan mafia’s Norwegian operations is the icily stern Korab.

Mysen Police


Eirik Thømte

Played By: Duc Paul Mai-The 

A Mysen police officer tasked with protecting Henning when he’s revealed as an eyewitness to the murders. 

  • Big Damn Heroes: Ronny lays a trap for Henning on his motocross trail, tasering him so that he goes tumbling over a waterfall and ends up being pinned underwater by his bike. Philip is first on the scene, diving into the pool to try to release Henning but finds he isn't strong enough. Frantically, he presses Henning's emergency GPS tracker, which sends Eirik running their way; he dives into the pool and with all his might heaves the bike off of Henning, drags him out of the pool and begins emergency CPR — ultimately saving his life. 
  • Ditch the Bodyguards: Eirik is initially a little frazzled keeping tabs on Henning as he's prone to speeding off into the woods on his bike and out of Eirik's sight.
  • Fair Cop: A smiley, handsome protection officer, who's Tall, Dark, and Handsome amongst a mostly fair-featured cast.
  • Minority Police Officer: Eirik's actor is of Vietnamese heritage and he's one of the few minorities on the Mysen force, though in rural Norway that's to be expected.
  • Witness Protection: Eirik is assigned as Henning's protection officer when he comes clean about being a witness to Ronny's murders. He sticks close by and also provides him with an emergency GPS tracker. 

     André & Elisabeth 

André Hagen & Elisabeth Tangen

Played By Yngve Berven & Ingjerd Egeberg

Helen's loyal deputies at the Mysen police bureau. 

  • "Eureka!" Moment: Helen and her team initially have no leads on the identity of the murderer — that is until André manages to extract Ronny’s DNA from the skillet Henning used to beat him over the head. Later on, the Danish police identity the same DNA in Zana’s mouth, linking the murders. Helen is then able to use this crucial evidence as a bargaining point when negotiating with Ronny after he kidnaps Philip. 
  • Jurisdiction Friction: Helen's team clash badly with Lars’ Oslo-based Organised Crime Unit throughout the series, right up until the finale where they are united in horror over the killer turning out to be One of Our Own, Ronny Berg Larsen. 
  • Number Two: The pair share a similar level of authority on the Mysen force, answering only to Sheriff Helen.
  • Twitchy Eye: A benign version with André, who has a tick that causes him to frequently double-blink — especially when praised.
  • Undying Loyalty: In the face of mounting pressure from Helen's irascible superior, Chief Olsen, and Oslo's OC unit striding about the place trying to take charge, both of them stick by Helen and support her out of fierce loyalty and team pride. 

The School


Mia Olsen

Played by: Nini Bakke Kristiansen

A classmate of Henning and Philip’s, who has a crush on the former.

  • Alpha Bitch: She's a popular, pretty, bratty girl with a flippantly bitchy sense of humour. Her Beta Bitch best mate Katrine is never far away.
  • The Beard: Despite making inappropriate jokes about Henning crashing his bike, she clearly finds him attractive, and at a party she throws, Henning takes full advantage of this to prove his straightness to an onlooking Philip by giving her a passionate kiss.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: When the school is abuzz with gossip about the deaths in the quarry, she very darkly jokes that it's bound to be Henning who died, due to his crazy bike stunts.
  • Incompatible Orientation: Mia is delighted when Henning turns up at her party and gives him a passionate kiss to welcome him. However, when Helen and Sven turn up later on that night looking for Philip, Katrine is comforting a tearful Mia, who’s clearly had her advances spurned. Henning later tells Philip that “it’s nothing” with him and Mia.
  • Kids Are Cruel: She’s a classic high school bitch who gets in Philip’s face for no apparent reason and makes a flippantly cheap crack about Henning dying in the quarry.
  • Rejected Apology: When Philip tries to shake hands the next day after slapping her, she's having none of it.
    And you, you're just so dead! You're sorry? Fat lot that helps. My face hurts real bad. You could've broken my nose! Or busted my eyes!
  • Talk to the Fist: Joking with Philip that it was probably Henning who died in the quarry, after what they'd been through the night before, was not a smart idea, and an enraged Philip delivers her an almighty smack round the face.
  • Wild Teen Party: Throws one of these later in the series, to which Philip is not invited, and when Sven and Helen turn up looking for him, we see drunk teens dancing and staggering about.

    Katrine, Ketil & Ronald 

Katrine, Ketil & Ronald

Played by: Elvira von der Lippe, Thomas Johansen & Eirik Haakenstad Dammyr

Mia's friends who make up the popular crowd at Mysen Upper Secondary School. 

  • Beta Bitch: Katrine is this to Mia and the pair are always together. When Helen and Sven turn up at Mia’s party looking for Philip, Katrine is comforting a tearful Mia — likely due to Henning spurning her advances.
  • Chilly Reception: Philip is a relative newcomer to Mysen and all three of them treat him with unfriendly, sarcastic disdain.
  • Gang of Bullies: All of them indulge in sarcastic banter with Philip — especially after the below incident with Mia. Due to Henning's Popularity Power, they start treating him more civilly once he and Philip make up. 
  • I Will Protect Her: After Mia makes a very dark joke, suggesting that it must have been Henning who died in the quarry and gets right in Philip's face, he snaps and belts her across the cheek. Amidst shocked gasps, Ketil immediately grabs Philip and slams him into a wall face-first.