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This is the character sheet concerning the main characters from the Mugen Tengoku / Holy Japonian Empire of Mefhor Canon Bloc.

An Absolute Monarchy ruled by the enigmatic Tennou, His Shogunate (Bakufu) and the Council of the Fist of Steel, the Mugen Tengoku is largely a Confederacy of (mostly) autonomous Governorates over Territories which have recognized the sovereignty of the Tennou.

Surprisingly, the regime is relatively new, having only been around since the Absolute Revolutions of 2009 around East and Southeast Asia. Given the little time it had, the Tengoku has come to carve out an enormous empire from large portions of the world through many methods, being able to call itself the Land where the Sun never sets, and truly, Land of the Rising Sun - it governs an empire rivaling the former British Empire in size. A rather contradictory regime on many issues, which the simplest words that could be used to describe it are "a brutal fascist regime that actually care for and about its citizens, more or less".


Feuds exist between it and the Neo Byzantine Empire, and the Tengoku is acting as the only thing holding the Byzantines at bay, away from the Protectorate of Grand Germania. A significant ally to both Mefpan and the Fourth Reich - very much modern day's Axis Alliance.

Tropes for the Mugen Tengoku faction:

  • A Commander Is You / Faction Calculus: The Tengoku's military is broken down into the following categories:
    • Balanced Faction, with a fair combination of all types of units.
    • Generalist Faction, sometimes leaning to Subversive or Brute.
    • Loyal Faction. Sometimes, the Industrial/Economic faction.
    • Armies fielded and personally commanded by the Shoguns count as Powerhouse/Elitist.
    • Armies fielded and personally commanded by either The Tennou or the Supreme Shogun (Sakahara) are usually the Game Breaker.
  • Bigger Is Better: Having adopted the doctrine from Nazi Germany, and more recently, Mefpan, the Tengoku has come up with tank projects of its own. Given the secretive nature of the Tengoku, however, not even the blueprints managed to slip outside.
  • Canon Foreigner: The regime isn't even supposed to exist.
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  • Disproportionate Retribution: As long as the situation allows. A friendly politician or one of their relatives is killed in an assassination attempt. Its resolution? Raise multiple revolutions, start wars, use chemical gas and heavy artillery, not retreating until the enemy leader surrendered - which is usually synonymous with most of the population of the attacked nation is dead.
  • The Empire: In spades.
  • Industrialized Evil: The Tengoku sure makes Evil looks like a true Industry of its own right.
  • The Men in Black: How the Tengoku politically functions, overall.
  • A Million Is a Statistic: Up to Eleven.
  • Schizo Tech: A mix of fantasy and postmodern tech.
    • It's actually hiding arsenals from the far future somewhere in deep space.
  • Secret Police: People don't even know if such an agency exists.
  • State Sec: Plenty of them. Zeroth Legion is an example.
  • Unperson: Not as prominent as the Reich, or the Soviet Union...
    • ... because government agencies are filled with clones of The Tennou and the Supreme Shogun (Sakahara), mind-controlled, or both.

Notable Characters:

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Sakahara/ Izangi

The Supreme Shogun of the Mugen Tengoku, Sakahara is a mysterious Magnificent Bastard and The Dragon to The Tennou. While The Tennou is the figurehead ruler of the Tengoku, he is the real driving political power, and is also the Villain Protagonist of the Japonian faction. There are few who know about his background, and the political machines of the Tengoku seems content to keep it that way. His love life is rather... interesting, at least according to myths.

Later on, it's revealed that he is in fact a Physical God from an entirely different reality, along with The Tennou, came to this reality to expand the influences of The Tengoku and the Ragnarok Campaign.

  • Multi-Melee Master: Can use melee weapons with quite an expertise. Not that he can't use ranged weapons with ease.

    The Tennou/ Hideki Minamoto 

The Tennou/ Hideki Minamoto

"It's a good day... to kill them all!"

Possibly the most evil character in the New World Order, he is The Tennou of the Tengoku.

    The Tennou's Secretary/ Kuroneko 

The Tennou's Secretary/ Kuroneko

The secretary with short red hair of The Tennou.
  • The Reveal: Her name, given by The Tennou, is Kuroneko (probably still not her real name), and she's been around for as long as he has.

    Anakin Murakami 

Anakin Murakami

An aging General and father to Hisoka and Kotori. He sacrificed himself to save them during the Civil War.

    Hisoka Murakami 

Hisoka Murakami

A youthful General, the son of General Anakin Murakami and the big brother to Kotori Murakami.

With the Heroic Sacrifice of his father, he is now left as the only one other than Sakahara who can fend for his sister Kotori. He didn't learn about his sister becoming a Magic Idol Singer.

    Kotori Murakami 

Kotori Murakami

"Nii-chan... We will go through everything... with the power of love!"

The naive, innocent little sister of Hisoka Murakami; if a little Tsundere. In the Tengoku, she's a member of the Idol Singer group SYS 60.

With the Heroic Sacrifice of her father, she is now left with only her big brother and Sakahara to fend for her. Eventually, however, she became a Magic Idol Singer.


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