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Mefhor Canon Bloc is an Roleplaying Bloc of NationStates, consisting of Mefpan, Horizont, Gigaverse and The Soviet Lunar State (and to much lesser extent: Neo Byzantine Empire and Oaledonia).

The premise is basically if the regimes of said roleplayers interact on the political stage. Throw in Schizo Tech. Reality Ensues. Or not - it all depends on the nation in question.

Imagine, if you will, a world not unlike our own. The entirety of history developed almost entirely as we know it; World War Two ended with the victory of the Western Allies and the Soviet Union, the Cold War was won by the West and the world has endured the first years of the early 21st century and the troubles it had in store for it. Or did it?


Enter the year 2013 - and things begin to change dramatically. A revolt of Greeks in modern Turkey that were never expelled in the aftermath of World War One ends up spiraling into an all-out revolution that, due to sluggish reactions by the West and outright support from other powers including Mefpan, a former German-British island colony somewhere south of India, succeeds in toppling the government and leads to the restoration of the Roman Empire. Soon after, it begins its reconquest of what it considers its legitimate territory, at first restricting itself to the Middle East and the Balkans.

Then, the already-fragile structure of the European Union is struck and shattered by a joint assault of Byzantine and Mefpanian forces to the South and North of Europe, heralding the beginning of the end for the old world - Northwestern Europe, heavily engaged in combat in the Austrian alps, falls quickly to an unexpected naval invasion conducted with submarines. America, in the meantime, is more than busy in an attempt to ward off an invasion by the Mugen Tengoku / Holy Japonian Empire - a resurgent Japan. Likewise, Russia loses its easternmost port as it, too, is far too busy trying to fight off a Japonian invasion to defend its eastern frontier.


A short time later, the world experiences its next shock: The world, already stricken with war, learns that the Third Reich never fell - it only fled to Antarctica to lick its wounds for its eventual return - and it did, only a short time after the subjugation of Europe - with the blessing of Mefpan's government, which willingly turned over Germany and various surrounding territories in the aftermath of a most unfortunate incident involving a colonial governor.

If that wasn't enough, the Reich soon reported having made contact with a remnant of the Soviet Union in a most unlikely place - the Moon. Just like the other nations, they, too, were planning to take revenge upon the world they believed to have betrayed them.

Currently, we write the year 2014 and the lid is closing on the Old World's coffin: Representatives of these nations gather in the ruins of Washington D.C. to discuss the future fate of the world in order to avoid a planet-spanning war for dominance that would lead only to their doom.


The spirit of Man is crushed and trampled upon. Entire peoples turn into puppets and chess pieces for a greater game. Old beliefs are shaken and done away with as the now-dominant powers unveil their greatest achievements in all fields and annihilate long thought valid scientific theories.

Dozens of gambits intertwine, hundreds of plots collide, thousands of plans are drawn up. Where does it lead?

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