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As it turns out, Yahtzee is really good at making ironic predictions, either because he turns out to be able to foreshadow almost exactly what's going to happen, or the exact opposite...

  • In his review of Lollipop Chainsaw, he had no idea who James Gunn was, and had to look him up on IMDB, reading off that he was one of the writers of the Scooby-Doo movies. His star has risen a little since then.
  • In his 2007 review of The Orange Box, he says regarding Valve's Episodic Game model "by having shorter games at lower prices released more frequently, and while they have aspects one and two down, they continue to struggle with three." This is well before Half-Life 2: Episode Three would fall into vaporware territory, which helped lead to the meme "Valve can't count to three" due to none of their games having a "3" in the title.
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  • Yahtzee's various digs at John Romero, and his scathing review of Daikatana in particular, became this when Yahtzee was tasked with interviewing the real Romero about Empire Of Sin. The interview ends with Yahtzee and Romero having a hilariously awkward laugh at this.
  • In the review of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Yahtzee proposed a hypothetical situation wherein Valve would release a game sequel containing, among other things, a citrus bazooka that fired lemons. Four years later, Portal 2 from Valve had a memorable sequence where Cave Johnson ranted about life giving you lemons and how he was going to have his engineers create combustible lemons.
  • In the The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Yahtzee says that Nintendo's Wii U-era problems would eventually straighten themselves out. He was absolutely right on the money.
  • This exchange from his review of Alone in the Dark (2008) referring to two hypothetical developers as a metaphor for good ideas with poor execution, upon realizing that absolutely everything within this exchange is a core game mechanic of Lit:
    Terry: Hey again. How about [we put in] a dangerous gooey black floor that becomes neutralized by bright lights?"
    Gonad: Okay again. Now let's make the flashlight incredibly ineffectual against it, and make the floor a one hit kill.
  • Pretty much the entirety of the BioShock 2 review (which largely consisted of him lambasting it as an entirely-unnecessary sequel to a game that tied itself up nicely) is this once his Top 5 of 2013 episode came out and labeled BioShock Infinite as the best game of 2013.
    • 2 being Vindicated by History to the point a The Escapist retrospective called it the best of the series. (One must remember at the time 2 having a multi-player mode was cause for a massive backlash, and considering the state of games these days, that makes it hilarious in hindsight too.)
  • In his review of God of War III, he thinks about how Nathan Drake would fare in a fight against Kratos. Fast-forward to 2012 and the release of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale allowed for such a scenario.
    Yahtzee: (on Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale) I remember thinking Sony must've been fucking kicking themselves for letting Nintendo use Solid Snake, 'cause it meant they had to do with Raiden instead, the knockoff of the popular one that nobody likes. But then I thought "Wait! Actually, that makes him fucking ideal, doesn't it? He's the fucking metaphor for the whole game!"
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  • Similarly, he praised how Kratos stood out from most video game protagonists, complaining about how the medium is saturated by "generic, dark-haired, clear-skinned, hypocritically violent, self-righteous white boys, assigned the role of 'hero' by virtue of being the handsomest guy in the plot, usually voiced by Nolan North". Then in 2012 Spec Ops: The Line came out and turned that entire sentiment on its head, and boy, was Yahtzee surprised.
  • Opening his The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct review, Yahtzee put money on there eventually being a reboot of the God of War series with Kratos being an angsty teenager. Fast forward to God of War (PS4) which goes the exact opposite path, with Kratos now being a middle-aged widower trying to raise his son.
  • His comments in his 3DS video about a head-based mount for the system seems rather amusing after not only the explosion of the Oculus Rift and similar devices, but also how the New Nintendo 3DS attempted to alleviate the problem he was talking about through head-tracking.
  • In his Diablo III review, he remarks how one could recreate a dungeon-crawler RPG using a humorously slapdash method involving Microsoft Excel. Turns out that it's possible in actual game form, though..
  • His Brütal Legend review says that he might have enjoyed the Total War series more if you could tear up the battlefield yourself in some kind of vehicle as the battle went on. This was pretty much the central concept behind Divinity: Dragon Commander.
  • In his Alan Wake review, he criticizes the game's episodic chapter structure, commenting "I've always felt that games that out-and-out instruct you to stop playing them would be difficult to explain to the marketing department". Fast-forward two years and he's awarding ravishing praise (and eventually his game of the year award) to a game which has the latter concept as its central premise.
  • During his Top Ten of 2011 list, Yahtzee hands out praise to Sucker Punch for tying up Infamous while giving it a spot on his Top 5, but mentions that if a sequel is made he'll give the reward over to Minecraft. inFAMOUS: Second Son would then be announced, although in his review, he clarified that he would only change over the recipient of the reward if the game was a direct sequel.
  • In his Torchlight review, Yahtzee jokes that Torchlight likely won't ever be ported to consoles (which it later actually was two years later on Xbox Live Arcade) until a console has a controller the size of a "tea tray", a few years later he would use that exact term to describe the Wii U's controller, to say nothing of the rise in popularity of lapboards.
  • One of his Extra Punctuation columns discussed the idea of easily creating a difficulty curve by starting the player off with a lot of powers, and then having them lose them as the game progresses. Seems like the developers behind Project Maiden and the Lifeline DLC for State of Decay were both thinking along those exact lines, as did SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption in 2018.
  • During his Minecraft review, he talks about how it's better than games like Garry's Mod because it forces the player to gather the materials rather than just giving you them outright. His review was released on January 26, 2011, when the game was in Beta 1.2_02. Fast-forward to September 15 of that year: Minecraft updates with Beta 1.8 and the addition of "Creative Mode"... which does exactly that.
  • As many can agree on, the "Next Gen Buyer's Guide" video became hilariously outdated by the time E3 2013 rolled around.
  • In his Silent Hill: Homecoming he suggested that it is probably unwise to continue a franchise if the original developers are no longer interested in making new entries, as the quality of the subsequent titles will probably suffer. He later named Spec Ops: The Line his game of the year for 2012, a game that was part of an existing franchise but not created by the original developers.
    • The same suggestion also became Harsher in Hindsight after Silent Hills, a game which had accumulated a great deal of hype and anticipation after the P.T. teaser game, was unceremoniously cancelled by Konami.
      • And then even harsher when, after Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was supposed to be the absolute final game in the MGS series (with Hideo Kojima leaving Konami under acrimonious circumstances), Konami announced they were making a new Metal Gear game anyway (a multiplayer-focused zombie survival shooter which has been received about as well by the fanbase as a flatulent hobo at a royal wedding). In 2019 they would put the boot in even harder by announcing they were working on Metal Gear Solid VI anyway, obviously completely without Kojima's input.
      • Way back in his 2008 awards show, he gave Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots the "Indiana Jones in a Fridge Award for Franchise Murder", claiming that the Metal Gear Solid series had been thoroughly "euthanized" and that all of the loose ends had been tied up. The Phantom Pain would come out 7 years later, and the MGS series would infamously be effectively murdered by Konami's meddling and forcing the game's final mission to be cut, leaving several plot threads left dangling with only incomplete cutscenes to tie them together. Even then, the series has become a literal Franchise Zombie with Survive, leaving Yahtzee's original 2008 claim wildly off the mark, for good or for ill.
  • In his Bayonetta review, he mentions at the beginning how Sega have "never been afraid to represent people with hideous birth defects", like the character with an extraneous tail (and presumably by extension an extraneous arsehole)". He mentions how Nintendo wouldn't do something like that. Eh, nope.
  • A minor Running Gag of his involves a placeholder for a media premise being illustrated by "cheeseburger spiders". It turns out this gag predates Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 by a few years.
    • And furthermore, while Bugsnax doesn't have cheeseburger spiders, it does have a cheeseburger-based insectoid creature in the form of Bunger, along with the Fryder, a french-fry spider.
  • In the credits for his Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands review, he states that "They should show video games in cinemas and everyone in the audience chooses on what button to press next."
  • His review of Deus Ex Human Revolution has him noting that ideally, the boss fights would allow you to hack turrets to fight them. Guess what? That's exactly what's recommended you do in the Director's Cut version of Barrett's fight.
  • He mentions that the vigors in BioShock Infinite probably fell out of a rift to the "convenience dimension". Burial at Sea reveals the technology actually was taken straight from Rapture.
  • One of his complaints about Drake's Deception was its outdated portrayal of London, showing an English pub with a red phone box in front of it. Eventually, someone added a picture to the wiki of a real-life example of just that.
  • A complaint for Beyond: Two Souls involved the lead character Jodie Holmes Elliot Page spending part of their time staring at hunky boys. Some time later, Elliot Page came out of the closet.
  • In his review of Shovel Knight, Yahtzee says that "Hoh yes, they don't call him 'Shovel Knight' just for the lol random humour value like his contemporaries, Biscuit Samurai and Fridge Viking." Sounds like he was predicting the ones from For Honor.
  • Yahtzee once called the Instant Kill Grab Attack in God of War the "Fuck-You Button". During his Let's Drown Out of the Doom II Mod, Brutal Doom, it's revealed that pressing F on the keyboard makes the Doom Marine flip off whatever is in front of him, shouting "Fuck yoself!" That's right: Brutal Doom has a literal Fuck-You Button!
  • In whats either this or Harsher in Hindsight, his Dead Space review has this gem that varies with the sequels and viewer:
    Yahtzee: "Isaac Clarke is basically the character who does everything we keep yelling at people in horror films to do. He has a suit of armor that he never takes off, he uses convenient high-powered cutting tools to carve his initials into slime monsters, and he never speaks, because he knows his dialogue would have to come from the same God-awful script that all the other sods are using."
  • In his Super Mario 3D World review, he mentions how stupid of a idea it would be for Captain Toad to get his own game. E3 2014 rolls around, and...
  • One of the credit comments in his video on Batman: Arkham Origins has him complain about how the Mad Hatter has had more appearances in the Arkham series than the Scarecrow. Guess who shows up in the next game? And then Mad Hatter shows up in the game's DLC anyway so he still has more appearances than Scarecrow.
  • His Hyrule Warriors review has him briefly snark about the lack of representation from the cast of Wind Waker. Around mid-2015, the 3DS version of Hyrule Warriors remedies that omission with the King of Hyrule and Tetra.
  • When he names Call of Duty: Ghosts the worst game of 2013 on account of what he feels is blatant racism, he sarcastically wonders if the next game of the franchise is going to feature a deadly bio-weapon that only targets anyone who is not American. Sure enough, the Big Bad of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare creates such a weapon. However, he actually plans on using it against Americans.
  • In his Extra Punctuation feature on the dilemma surrounding Hello, [Insert Name Here], he comes up with the idea of a protagonist's customizable name being read out by some robot companion. While granted, it doesn't use a Synthetic Voice Actor like he suggested, this is still similar to what Codsworth in Fallout4 is able to do.
  • His mission statement in Minecraft about building a skull fortress that cries lava seems a lot funnier in hindsight when you know that Magnus in Minecraft: Story Mode does exactly that in Episode 2.
  • His Bayonetta 2 review (from late 2014) has a brief part hypothetically wondering whether the character would appear in Super Smash Bros.. In December of 2015, this was announced to be the case. He would then acknowledge this in his review of Devil's Third. He also noted in his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate review that Bayo was neutered and resembled someone's old maid aunt.
  • An Extra Punctuation feature on sanity mechanics that talks about Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, has him complain about the idea of the player character being Driven to Suicide if his sanity gets too low. This was of course long before Yahtzee himself used a very similar, albeit more randomized variant on the same idea when he made The Consuming Shadow (he actually defended this decision and explained the reasoning behind it in an Extra Punctuation column).
  • Yahtzee makes a remark in his Age of Conan review about how he looks back on the time spent with MMORPGs and says he could've spent it, amongst other things, writing a best-selling novel. This became so much funnier when he said that he got the idea for his first print novel, "after I stopped playing World of Warcraft".
  • The review of The Force Unleashed II describes Starkiller as "the most hideously overpowered thing in the Star Wars universe until they glue three Death Stars together". In comes The Force Awakens with Starkiller Base, which is essentially a souped-up Death Star several times the size of the original, capable of destroying multiple planets at once.
    • In the review of its predecessor, Yahtzee imagines himself rewriting the Prequel Trilogy to include scenes of Darth Vader breakdancing. Cue the infamous Galactic Dance-Off levels from Kinect Star Wars.
  • The Deus Ex: Human Revolution review has a joke about Adam "being required to carry a heavy vehicle license to walk down the street". Come Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Adam DOES require permits and licenses to walk around as an aug.
  • Yahtzee opens his review of Resident Evil 6 with a remark about the core series doing away with the idea of subheadings. And then Resident Evil 7 came along with a "Biohazard" subheading attached.
  • In his initial review of Demon's Souls he dismissed the game with the comment "A challenge is one thing, but trying to break down a fucking cement wall with your forehead isn't a challenge, it's grounds for getting fucking sectioned!" Years later, after Dark Souls had gotten him thoroughly onboard with the series' trademark brand of "If at first you don't succeed, die, die again" difficulty, "breaking down a wall by bashing your head against it" was still the same metaphor he used to describe the gameplay, only now he was a big fan of it. He has mentioned that fans have asked him to revisit Demon's Souls, but has decided not to.
  • In his review of Darksiders he sarcastically pointed out that it was pretty obvious which horseman you'd play as because, among other reasons, "Death would make things too easy". Come Darksiders II and no, this time you play as Death, and he's not nearly as overpowered as Yahtzee had expected (something he lampshaded when it came time to review that game).
  • While not as complex as he envisioned, Yahtzee's Extra Punctuation column about a Papers, Please successor set in a bureaucracy-laden portrayal of the afterlife seems pretty close to Peace, Death!, and to a different extent, Death and Taxes.
  • In his Catherine review, a one-off joke depicts Vincent rejecting Catherine and Katherine and running off with Qatherine. Then Catherine: Full Body gets announced, and with it, a third "Catherine", nicknamed Rin, is introduced... and her name really is Qatherine.
  • One of the central design principles that Yahtzee had for the game formerly known as Fun Space Game: The Game was a space sim that played towards a stealthy approach. There's an indie game by the name of Objects In Space that takes exactly that approach.
  • Yahtzee starts his Saints Row 2 review by wishing for, "A sandbox crime game where you play as a Batman villain". Merely less than half a month shy of a whole decade later, Lego DC Super-Villains did exactly that.
  • Yahtzee starts his review of Ride to Hell: Retribution with "Fans of The Last of Us, I feel a wedge has been driven between you and I", illustrated with a golf wedge embedded in the ground. In The Last of Us Part II, Ellie watches Joel get killed with a golf club.
  • In his review of Fortnite, he refers to the game as one of the "less successful alternatives that hipsters can say are way better actually" in comparison to Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. While PUBG was the more popular game when he originally published his review in January 2018, it was only a few months before Fortnite eclipsed it in terms of popularity and became a cultural phenomenon, while PUBG (though still immensely popular and remains one of the most played games on Steam to this day) began a sharp decline largely attributed to Fortnite's meteoric rise.
  • In his review of Fallout 76, Yahtzee mocks the game for its attempt to hop aboard the open-world survival crafting bandwagon after the trend had long since gotten stale, but jokes, "Never say die, you could always patch in a Battle Royale mode!" Come E3 2019, Bethesda announces that Fallout 76 would indeed be hopping aboard that long-departed bandwagon as well.
  • An Extra Punctuation column in the wake of his Pokémon Black and White review has Yahtzee question how single-mindedly obsessed the franchise's universe is with Pokémon battles, drawing a parallel with football in the UK. Pokémon Sword and Shield, an entry in the franchise set in a version of the UK, frames its Pokémon tournament in a manner similar to a football league, as given away by the stadium and uniforms.
  • As pointed out in this article on Cracked, Yahtzee's joke review of Duke Nukem Forever seems eerily prophetic of a large number of plot elements used in Wolfenstein: The New Order, particularly when it comes to adding humanity and depth to a previously bland character, being spurred into action by a love interest begging him to help, being set after the villains have taken over, and starting in the ghettos before finishing on the moon.
    • The remark in the same joke review about walking by alternately pressing the triggers to move each leg is also funny considering that Octodad did exactly that five years later.
  • In his 2012 Extra Punctuation article on Black Mesa, he endednote  with the line "I look forward to seeing how you redo the final Xen levels to be less crap, 'cos I'm thinking that's another eight-year job in itself."note  Just over 8 years after this article, the final Xen levels of Black Mesa finally entered beta testing before final release (and yes, the developers did put in an enormous amount of work to make them less crap).
  • In the review of Disco Elysium, Yahtzee said "I won't call it my game of the year." He ended up doing exactly that barely a month later in The Best, Worst & Blandest of 2019. He even lampshaded this himself:
    "Yeah, I said I wasn't going to make this my game of the year, but that was before the rest of the year's games plopped out like marbles from the nose of a remedial student."
    • Adding to the irony, he had panned Planescape: Torment for being "the best book you ever played", saying he didn't play books, he played videogames. He leveled the same complaint at Disco, but apparently it wasn't enough to dissuade the award.note 
  • During his review for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, he wonders why the franchise is even called The Witcher and not Monster Hunter. Geralt would later appear in DLC for Monster Hunter: World.
  • At the end of his review of XCOM 2, Yahtzee questioned the plausibility of the peaceful alien occupation, particularly the improbability of the citizens being willing to accept a snake person ("PC Hissy") as the local constable. Then XCOM: Chimera Squad was announced, where one playable member of the titular counterterrorism squad is, indeed, a Viper.
  • On a personal level, Yahtzee for the longest time was vocal about his intentions to never marry nor have kids, even making his Credits Gag in his review of Amy "Fortunately, he will never breed". As of 2020, both of those things have now happened.
    ZP "Dreams" End Credits: Unfortunately he has bred.
  • In the Amnesia: The Dark Descent review, Yathzee screams, "OH, PISSING BLIMEY, THERE'S JAM COMING OUT OF THE WALLS!" One suspects this is where the inspiration for Jam came from.
    • In his Dead Island review Yahtzee suggested people hoping for a zombie apocalypse would be really bummed out if the entire world was instead covered by carnivorous jam. Given this review came out one year before his novel, he was likely teasing that plot element.
  • The NieR review had Yahtzee comment on Kainé's stripperific outfit and claim that if someone didn't call them out on this, their next game "would have its heroine going into battle in nothing but high heels and three bits of masking tape." Come the next game in question, NieR: Automata, this would be basically true of tritagonist A2, whose entire outfit aside from a cloth strip around the waist was actually a blackened underlayer where her artificial skin had been damaged, and the 'high heels' were directly built into her feet.
    • He was also gratified to see that the main character in a Square Enix RPG wasn't a skinny emo child for once, something that was not only true in the Japanese version of NieR (Yahtzee had played the international version), but also held true for Automata's deuteragonist 9S.
  • Bloodborne may indeed be getting a PC port, and will no longer be beholden to that "loathsome little plastic cunt under [his] TV screen".
  • Near the end of his review of Gears of War 3 Yahtzee commented "Of all the big names getting their trilogies tied this year, Gears of War I consider one of the least likely to get a last-minute death row reprieve. It's a relic of a previous age, too dull for a reboot.", showing the game tied to a stake beside Resistance 3 and Modern Warfare 3. In the years since, Gears of War has continued to plod along, with Yahtzee consequently having to review 4 and 5 (plus the remake of the original), and the series even getting the Gears Tactics turn-based strategy spin-off (which Yahtzee has so far not reviewed). Meanwhile, Resistance (the only one of the three games lined up at the end of the GoW3 review that he actually liked) is long since dead and gone, while the Call of Duty franchise has become an institution of gaming even after the Modern Warfare trilogy ended, and even that has since received a reboot in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019).
  • Yahtzee actually acknowledges the trope when he unwittingly predicted Paper Mario: The Origami King in his Paper Mario: Color Splash review when he said: "Last time it was adhesive, now it's paint. Next time it will probably be rescuing the 6 magic sheets of blank printer paper from the clutches of king Hole Punch."
    Yahtzee: Well, guess what? In Origami King, there's a boss fight against a hole punch. No, really, there actually is. And if the games industry is taking ideas from my sarcastic, exaggerated examples of things that would be stupid, that would fucking explain a few things.
  • In the Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs review, Yahtzee comments on the originality of the game's title, describing it as something an executive would react to with "Couldn't we just call it Amnesia: Revelations or something?". 7 years later, Frictional Games would release the next installment in the Amnesia series: Amnesia: Rebirth. Naturally, Yahtzee was quick to comment on it:
    Yahtzee: Between this and the Paper Mario hole punch boss, I really need to figure out a way to exploit my power to make exaggerated terrible ideas reality. Hey, wouldn't it be crazy if the post office stopped delivering letters and instead delivered free money to my house?!
  • In the Mad Max review, there’s a bit where the personification of the movie industry (represented by Best Picture winners The Godfather and Schindler's List) dismisses the Mad Max franchise based on its premise of “S&M perverts driving around a desert and blowing each other up”. Flash forward to the 2016 Academy Awards, where Mad Max: Fury Road, a movie that was already far more acclaimed than anyone was anticipating, was nominated for 10 awards - including Best Picture - and won six, the most of all the movies nominated.
  • In his The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review, he praised how the game handled exploration by forcing the player to climb the towers, notice landmarks for themselves and mark them on the map manually, "'cause you know at that point in a Ubisoft game, the map would just spooge a bunch of icons like a highly aroused clown with confetti up his dick." Three years later, Ubisoft released Immortals Fenyx Rising, which was openly inspired by Breath of the Wild, but if anything goes too far the other way when it came to exploration:
    Yahtzee: Instead, you have to systematically move your cursor over a load of seemingly empty landscape, waiting for the little sensor to go "widdly wee", at which point another icon gets added to the map like a cornflake in the beard of an ill-fated first date. And there are so many fucking icons to find from any given location that this process is incredibly tedious: standing there, slowly rotating like a car park security camera, checking off every random chest and collectible and adding it to your little notebook, until you're thinking, "This is a fucking day job! I am cataloguing! I am validating data! I am a trainspotter in the middle of a loading depot!"
  • At the start of his review of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, Yahtzee snarked that "after Mass Effect: Andromeda, more Mass Effect is about as hotly demanded as The Jeffrey Epstein Bumper Fun Activity Book for Kids". And then in 2020, EA announced Mass Effect 4...
  • In his double-bill review of Nom Nom Galaxy and Freedom Planet, this was Yahtzee's closing line: "I know people will tell me I'm just a misery-guts who expects too much of everything, but fuck you! You know where we end up if we all stop expecting much? Two words: President Trump!" This was in August of 2015. Trump had only declared his candidacy two months earlier and nobody was taking him seriously


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