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  • 8.8: Some of his critiques (most notably Super Smash Bros. Brawl and The Last of Us) ended up causing a reaction like this. Also a notable inversion, in that his reputation as a Caustic Critic whose humor derives off of taking the piss out of games causes some people to shrug off his negative reviews as "Meh, it's Yahtzee, he shits on all games."
  • Acceptable Targets: Almost everything in his eyes. These are just the most frequent ones.
    • Swindon, George Lucas, generic modern-military first person shooters (Nicknamed "Spunkgargleweewee" after Medal of Honor Warfighter) and others.
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    • Nintendo and their franchises gets ripped a lot too, largely for what he sees as "gimmicky motion controls" and a lack of innovation in main franchises from the Wii onwards. However, it's also very Zig-Zagged in the Eighth Generation of Consoles. He will still rail on Nintendo for their practices, but he's praised the Wii U the most of the eighth generation because it's been for him the only gaming console that wants to function AS a gaming console, rather than an inferior PC.
    • Even though Yahtzee Hates Everyone Equally, he shows a clear preference for insulting Britain (his homeland), Australia (his past residence), and the United States (because he can get so much material from Eagleland, Boorish Flavor). He has a particular disdain for Margaret Thatcher.
    • Anything Japanese, especially anime and JRPGs. People who enjoy them to any degree are also unfailingly stereotyped as fat, virginal nerds who pleasure themselves to the female characters. His new Hatfall game even contains an Easter egg that, while host to some original jokes unrelated to Japan, is still set up as a massive Take That! against visual novels and those who play them.
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    • By extension of George Lucas, Star Wars never receives any kind words from Yahtzee (He even claimed Empire, A New Hope (at first) and the original KOTOR are the only good things from it in his Force Unleashed 2 review, labeling the acclaimed Super Star Wars games and universally beloved Clone Wars TV series as crap while proclaiming his hate for the series and its fans). His Extra Punctuation article "Why Exactly Do We Care About Star Wars" is rather blatant in this regard.
    • Nazis, as noted in his review of Sniper Elite V2. To sum up: They're basically the ultimate acceptable targets, and no matter how gory the kills are, you'll never feel bad, because they're Nazis! He also notes how Wolfenstein: The New Order completely dodges all possible moral debate in killing the enemy by making the enemy Nazis, and screw those guys.
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    • He also seems to greatly dislike kids.
    • Used in one review where he, upon realizing he'd been exclusively insulting Trump and the Right (mid-rant no less) he switches gears to start insulting the Left.
    • The DC Extended Universe. It's not that he prefers Marvel to DCnote , so much as that he's of the opinion that the MCU is a massive success and had already won the contest for cinematic supremacy before DC started desperately trying to play catch up. (In reality, Yahtzee professed one comic he enjoyed reading as a teen: Preacher.)
  • Anvilicious:
    • Yahtzee refers to the nightmare world of INSIDE as Thatcher's Britain. In the same review Yahtzee refers to mindless drones controlled by the player as "Brexit Voters."
    • He's also had a history of making pretty blatant jabs towards America and their politics, including the 2016 election and their candidates.
  • Ass Pull: Did a last-minute review of Undertale so he could include it in his Top, Middle, and Bottom 5 of 2015. Not a negative example, though; he had explicitly praised it in an Extra Punctuation article and in his Let's Drown Out series, and said that the experience couldn't be explained in detail without dulling it for those who haven't played it yet.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • Boxer shorts with googly eyes in the LittleBigPlanet review. At the very end of the review it then came back as a Ringu-esque Screamer Trailer. Possibly connected to an earlier comment about "[sticking] googly eyes all over your mission hub".
    • The boxers come back in the hundredth Zero Punctuation for a split second.
    • The SimCity Societies review ends early and includes a Team Fortress 2 Heavy/Medic love tragedy told in pictures.
    • It's a bit of a meta one, but approximately 3 minutes and 22 seconds into his review of The Talos Principle there's a sudden crossfade transition between two shots that sticks out like a Great White shark in a pet shop aquarium, as it is literally the only such transition in the entire history of Zero Punctuation.
  • Broken Base:
    • Generally divided into people that think he's hilarious, entertaining but not to be taken seriously, or unfunny, irritating, and bigoted.
    • And on a different note, the theme song. Awesome or generic? For some, the issue is not that the song is bad, but that his older reviews began and ended with songs either fitting or ironic toward the game reviewed.
    • Also there's people that say that he's too narrow-minded with his Bias Steamroller frequently showing in reviews of genres of games that he doesn't normally enjoy (i.e. JRPGs, Real-Time Strategy, Fighting Games, Modern Military FPS) while others find that it makes him interesting.
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • Overlapping with Manipulative Editing is most of his criticism of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He states that the social divide caused by cybernetic augmentation rings hollow, (he calls critics of augmentations "the sore losers club"), implying that the only reason people won't accept augmentation is that it's "unnatural" and "unfair", putting himself in real life as an example of human augmentation because he wears glasses. The problem is that he's deliberately ignoring a massive detail that renders his entire argument moot: in-game users of cybernetic augs are required to take a specific and extremely expensive drug for the rest of their life, which is monopolized by a single Mega-Corp, who are basically holding every enhanced human hostage lest they suffer a lifetime of terrible pain and horrible symptoms, including an early grave. What drives it into Manipulative Editing territory is that this is not just a throwaway line in the background. There are several sidequests based around the drugs, helping to smuggle them to poor people in need, and rescuing prostitutes that are forced to get augmented in order to keep them prisoner through said drugs (mirroring real life forced addiction in sex workers). Even putting that aside, a massive portion of the plot revolves around this and the fact that, for some reason, Jensen doesn't need such drugs to make his augs work. With him being the key to true free augmentations for everyone, it drives a central conflict with the antagonist Mega-Corp who wants to maintain a monopoly on it. The fact that this detail goes completely unmentioned in the whole review (and its sequel) despite being so prominent in the story, means he must have deliberately ignored it to make his arguments work.
    • His attempt at picking apart the Scarecrow's plot in Batman: Arkham Knight feels like it left out some details. He questions why the Scarecrow gave Gotham advance notice of the gas attack, prompting almost everyone to leave the town, supposedly rendering the gas attack useless. What Yahtzee leaves out is the fact that the evacuation of the town was so that Scarecrow could have less resistance when taking over Ace Chemicals to manufacture and release the gas, which he was planning to use across the entire coastline, not just Gotham.
    • In his Super Mario Maker review, he makes a claim that all of the level styles are just aesthetic changes. Failing to realize that all four of the engines are different. For example, you can't wall jump or ground pound in any engine besides the NSMB one.
    • In his Extra Punctuation column after 2014 where he elaborates on why he won't be reviewing the fourth Super Smash Bros game, he makes the argument that, "none of the characters in Smash Bros. were best known for being melee fighters in their original properties", conveniently ignoring characters like Link, Little Mac, Kirby and Meta Knight, just to name a few. And that's further ignoring the fact that Mario's one-two-punch-kick attack combo is based on when he did the same thing in Super Mario 64. There is a grain of truth, though, in that many of the well-publicized newcomers in the at-the-time recent fourth game rarely fought in their home series, including Villager, Duck Hunt, Wii Fit Trainer, and Rosalina.
    • One example that he later admitted was the result of his schedule restricting him from playing much of the game was in his Valkyria Chronicles review, where he claims that protagonists are unable to die and that weapons only have a linear upgrade path, two traits which stop being true later in the game.
    • In his review of Killzone 3 he remarks that the British are depicted as Nazis and criticizes America for it, saying that they were depicting themselves as the heroes. The developers of Killzone 3 are based out of the Netherlands.
    • In his review of Alone in the Dark: Illumination, he keeps calling Theodore "Ted" Carnby "Edward", even though Edward is the name of Ted's ancestor.
    • In his review of Ghost of a Tale, he makes an aside to Vermintide II, and one of his claims is that it has lootbox microtransactions. He "found out" this information by the fact that you get treasure chests for completing missions, and assuming that there would inevitably be lootboxes. Except that there are no lootboxes, something it was commended for.
    • In his Let It Die review he makes the common mistake of attributing development to Suda51. While Grasshopper Manufacture is Suda's company, he himself had very little involvement in the actual game.
    • In his Paper Mario: Color Splash review, he says that all the friendly NPCs are Toads, when there's plenty of friendly NPCs that aren't, such as the non-hostile versions of Bowser's troops.
    • In his Star Wars: Battlefront II review, he makes a joke about X-Wings and Y-Wings. Except instead of a Y-Wing, he has an image of an Imperial Shuttle.
    • His Yakuza 0 review has him chew out Kiryu for helping out someone being shaken down for cash by street thugs rather than doing the shaking down himself. This ignores the fact that Kiryu was confronting the thugs for muscling in on his family's territory, and didn't really care about the person being mugged.
    • In his review of Kingdom Hearts III, he criticizes the game of having an awkward mixture of menu-based combat and real-time, while mentioning how much it slowed you down when you needed to cast a spell (Cure). Ignoring the fact that feature has been in nearly every Kingdom Hearts game since the original, what he calls poor design is his own inability to figure out that the game has a "Shortcut" feature made specifically to streamline this (Which is pretty impressive, as he made it far enough to obtain the Cure spell.) He also expressed confusion as to why Sora was visiting Hercules first - a fact made clear within the opening cutscenes.
    • In his Far Cry Primal review, he complained that the game kept shutting off his detective vision. In options, you can switch the vision to not shut off automatically.
    • In his Middle-earth: Shadow of War, he complained that he didn't have enough in-game currency to afford fort upgrades during Act IV, not knowing players could sell their useless gear to gain more.
    • As pointed out by RazörFist in his own retrospective on the Thief series, Yahtzee's statement about Looking Glass Studios making "Flight simulators that nobody bought" is simply untrue, to say nothing of Yahtzee leaving out Looking Glass' pre-Thief catalogue:
    RazörFist: They effectively pionreered the sandbox RPG format with the almighty Ultima Underworld in 1992 (you're welcome, The Elder Scrolls). They invented the modern RPG-shooter hybrid with the original System Shock as early as 1994 (think nothing of it, Mass Effect). When Terra Nova dropped in '96 despite bombing harder than Ralphie May after gastric bypass, it became the standard forebearer for squad-based tactical mech gameplay (looking at you, MechWarrior). And contrary to what Yahtzee reported after 15 full seconds of exhaustive research on Wikipedia, Looking Glass' Flight Unlimited series was both a critical and commercial success within the flight sim genre, which at the time was still more lucrative than France's white flag industry.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Very fond of racial/sexual jokes, stereotypes, and other forms of very politically incorrect humour.
  • Face of the Band: Even before the Escapist lost or fired most of their content creators, people (and Yahtzee himself) made jokes about Zero Punctuation being the most popular thing on the site by far. After the launch of V2, the announcement of a Yahtzee/ZP focused mini-documentary caused the jokes to resurface.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • This quote from his review of The Walking Dead is not as funny after the closure of Telltale Games as of September 2018, which also means that The Final Season may never be finished.
      Telltale Games is a fucking one-company conservation effort. They're simultaneously trying to keep alive the point-and-click adventure game, the concept of episodic gameplay, every conceivable franchise that the original creator doesn't care about and which could always bleed out a few more pennies, and presumably also themselves if there's time left in the day.
    • In his Top 5 of 2012 video, when talking about XCOM: Enemy Unknown, he mentions how reimagining a '90s franchise for the modern audience is sometimes a necessity. The game his avatar is holding during that sentence? Dungeon Keeper.
    • On a more meta level: the jokes about Yahtzee being the only contributor of The Escapist were the sad reality for a period of time, as most other contributors, like Jim Sterling, jumped ship.
      • Related was his announcing in 2013 he'd be at the second annual Escapist Expo convention, saying "It's almost like it's a regular thing now." It would be the last Escapist Expo.
    • In the Top 5 of 2013 video, Numbers 4 and 3 indicate "Shaking hands with Kofi Annan" (Fourth Best), "Realizing your flies were unzipped the whole time you were shaking hands with Kofi Annan" (Fourth Worst), discovering that "It wasn't Kofi Annan at all, it was Nelson Mandela" (Third Best), and "Hang on, Nelson Mandela's dead, and you've just committed a faux pas at an open casket funeral" (Third Worst). Almost five years later, and we've come to the realization that Kofi Annan, too, has passed away.
    • In his review of The Order: 1886, Yahtzee says that the plot of the game is "like if Kevin Spacey just flat-out hadn't appeared in the final mission and the final boss fight was instead with Kevin Spacey's pet Staffordshire Terrier, with Kevin Spacey mockingly saluting from a hang glider with 'Sequel Hook' written on it." With the sexual allegations against Spacey, that quote is starting to make fans and people very uncomfortable.
    • His review of The Inpatient and DOOM VFR had him criticize the latter for getting too easy in the later levels, "when all the ridiculously powerful guns have been introducednote  and are now just lying around everywhere like there was an earthquake in an American high school locker room."note  The episode was first released on February 7, 2018, just one week before the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. Even worse, it was uploaded to YouTube just two hours before the shooting, with commentators immediately noticing the unfortunate timing.
  • Golden Mean Fallacy: Yahtzee kept calling Trump and Clinton both equally evil. Several years later, the statement is cringeworthy by viewers and if the comments and jabs are anything to go by, Yahtzee himself.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • His "iPhone Games" video praises the mobile gaming scene as the place where actual innovation seems to be happening and that it's not full of the shameless cash grabs that he's come to expect from the console gaming industry. Fast forward to today, and a great many people will argue that almost none of those compliments are still valid with the rise of tons of Clash of Clans clones and predatory microtransaction practices in games that are ostensibly free but in reality exist almost entirely as engines by which to extract money from the player.
    • In his review of the Walking Dead game (which, at the time of his review, only episodes 1 and 2 were out), he states that it would end either with the "evil military" coming in or "best case scenario, 2 to 4 of the least ass-holey survivors go and live on an island somewhere". He was... wrong. In fact, to quote a comment:
      Ellimation360: Ah hahaha, oh, none of the stereotypical endings happen...
      • In fact, there have been cries for Yathzee to do a re-review for the game if only for the conclusion.
      • His review of The Walking Dead Survival Instinct mentions him being emotionally hit hard by it.
    • Watch his review of Far Cry 3, play the game, and then watch it again. He briefly mocks the characters' whining, complete with an image of one of them saying "my bum hurts." The joke becomes much, much darker when you realize that Buck was raping his prisoner...
    • The part about Oliver not getting his mother back, taking up taxidermy and wearing her dresses in his review of Ni no Kuni becomes far darker once you find out that she doesn't come back.
    • His review of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 opens with a desire for Duke Nukem Forever to come out just so he could play a shooter which allowed you to carry more than two weapons at a time. And then DNF came out, and it turns out it didn't (though a patch was later released for the PC version that allowed you to carry four weapons at a time).
    • When his review of Yakuza 4 was about to go up, the 2011 Japan earthquake hit. Realizing that a lot of the video was about Japanese cultural quirks that he finds weird/creepy and that this trope would come back to bite him in the ass hard if left as-is, he quickly went into a bit of damage control and made sure the video started with a disclaimer about the recent events and how he would never wish ill will upon a people who he has always had his admiration and respect, and he hopes they'll forgive him for the savage mocking that was about to commence.
    • In his review of the first Assassin's Creed, he praised it for trying something different in an increasingly homogenized industry, even if it wasn't perfect. Fast-forward to the present day, and Yahtzee now views Assassin's Creed as one of the most Strictly Formula and uninspired franchises in existence.
    • While reviewing Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Yahtzee praised the game's sailing system but stated he could not see any way it could be implemented in other periods. Come Origins and Odyssey Yahtzee was annoyed at how Ubisoft was seemingly forcing in sailing systems simply because it was in Black Flag.
    • At the end of his Freedom Planet review, he goes off about how ceasing expectations culminates in "President Trump". Come November 8th, he is the official 45th President of the United States (Donald Trump, that is, not Yahtzee, although that would be cool).
    • Yahztee once made a joke about nobody visiting The Escapist on days besides Wednesdays. Said joke became a reality - at least up until the late-2018 announcement of the site being rebooted under mostly-new management, all of the site's other talent outside of Yahtzee left.
    • One week after he released the review of "The Inpatient and Doom VFR", which has a joke about guns in high school locker rooms, another mass shooting occurred at a school in Florida.
    • On a grander scale, the "PC Master Race" joke he made quite some years ago was meant to be satire. However, some of the players took it upon themselves as a serious title but were also thought to be relatively harmless people having a laugh about it. As the years passed, more and more of those players ended up being (or becoming) really obnoxious gatekeepers to gaming; leading Yahtzee himself becoming more and more jaded on them as the years passed with jokes about said "PC Master Race" getting less subtle. Finally, in his ''Kingdom Come: Deliverance" review, he saw a group of those people praising the game's obnoxious design ideas and begging the developers to not change them because "if they do, the plebs might get into it", leading to him cursing a storm and now wishing he never used that term to describe those people.
      Yahtzee: Fuck you, toffee-nosed PC Master Race shitheads! I wish I'd named you something else now, like the "PC Gaming Dick-Slurp All-Stars"!
    • His review of Anthem opened with a rather funny sequence where he portrayed the game as the result of poor Bioware being driven by the manic whims of publisher Electronic Arts, characterised as an indecisive and temperamental Manchild that demands Bioware make a copy of Destiny for it even though it's not what they're known for or experienced at making. After Jason Schrier's famous article dropped in April 2019 it emerged that not only was the decision to make the game an open world online looter shooter one that Bioware had made themselves rather than being forced into it by Executive Meddling from EA, but during the game's overlong development the staff were actively forbidden from comparing the game to Destiny, which prevented them from using it as a point of reference to avoid making the same mistakes that Destiny had already made and corrected.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Has its own page.
  • Ho Yay:
  • Hype Backlash:
    • Subverting this trope is basically Yahtzee's self-professed goal with his yearly E3 reviews. He repeatedly warns against E3 game trailers that rely on pre-rendered cinematics with no significant length of actual game-play footage, sighting this as a red flag that there's something wrong with the game-play that the developers "don't want us to see". He pointed this out for the Metal Gear Solid release when the developer rep actually fast-forwarded through game-play footage of the fast travel system because it was boring. He also despised the hype over the next-gen consoles because they were, in his opinion, overhyped, overpriced social networking platforms that alienate the player and undermine gaming history with console exclusives and the omission of backwards-compatibility (at least until Microsoft started offering it in 2015).
    • Not that Yahtzee himself isn't subject to this trope, thanks in part to how well known he is and the reactions of his Misaimed Fandom.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race". It originally appeared in his review for the first Witcher game as part of a gag about it's interface being unnecessarily clunky and thus impossible to port. It was meant as satire (Yahtzee believes PC and console gaming are equally shitty) but it quickly became an Appropriated Appellation. There's even a subreddit named after it (which, to be fair, is somewhat tongue-in-cheek). In one review, he took back the appellation, and gave them a less appealing sobriquet.
      • He later wrote an Extra Punctuation article addressing concerns over its use, deciding that it's one of the most effective ways to say Take That! to the Third Reich - using a term they coined in such a spurious and (generally) joking manner completely deflates what the Nazis were hoping to achieve.
    • From his review of Dark, "TELL ME MORE ABOUT X", mocking the unnatural conversation flow resulting from poorly-written dialogue trees.
    • Press X to Not Die achieved memetic status so much so that it got a trope named after it (and another one too, by extension).
    • The "gaming industry never learns" jingle that pops up time and time again. Infinitely applicable, and hella catchy, too!
  • Misaimed Fandom:
    • A portion of his fans are notably outspoken, and tend to feel strongly about his opinions towards works, an attitude he regularly decries.
    • The appropriated use of the "PC master race" by PC users is another one. The phrase was meant as satire in the first place. Yahtzee himself would alternate on reviews between playing it straight when a console version fails to deliver what a PC version could, but then bashes on it when the issue comes to the player-base being obnoxious. However, as of his Kingdom Come review, Yahtzee finally hit his breaking point with the term when he believes that those same players didn't want the developers to fix the game's save system because "the plebs might be able to play the game". This caused Yahtzee to let out a massive cursing stream, wishing he named those types of players something much harsher instead.
  • Mis-blamed: Zig-zagged. Yahtzee caught a lot of flak in his Papers Please/Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons review on the grounds that he was transphobic. Part of it was a clumsy joke that he apologized and later edited out (the "sucking off pre-op transsexuals" line), but the "no trannies" sign he drew up for the Papers Please half was actually Yahtzee hanging a lampshade on the game (border guards are ordered to detain trans people if their paperwork isn't in order), not an endorsement of transphobia. (Nonetheless, it didn't stop him from naming Papers, Please as the second-best game of 2013.)
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Yahtzee apparently has a long-standing fear of theme park mascots, which he's previously let known in his old blog, that he conquered playing Epic Mickey. This was not helped during a trip to Disneyland, especially with the parade.
      The grins. A sea of grins. Staring. Judging.
      • This fear was apparently not-so-conquered, as he brought it up again in his review of Five Nights at Freddy's, saying that he couldn't play the game for more than three minutes at a time because it made him too tense.
    • From the series proper, in his Bioshock Infinite review, he lets out a surprisingly intimidating "Get Out!" when reminded of BioShock 2.
    • His suggestion in the "Nintendo Needs To Reboot Mario and Luigi" Extra Punctuation article that it would be a great thing if a failed reboot of Mario caused fans to commit suicide.
    • At the end of the video review for Doki Doki Literature Club!, we get this bit of Fridge Horror:
      What I want to know is where all these girls' parents are while they're going around flirting with suspect boys and hanging themselves.
  • Older Than They Think: Yahtzee hits upon an idea in his Watch_Dogs review of a game built entirely around the CCTV-based character escort missions. This, however, is an idea that République already did almost half a year before Watch_Dogs was released note . And before even that, back on the Playstation 2, there was Operator's Side
    • He touts the Brutalities in Mortal Kombat X as a new mechanic, even though they've been around since Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, albeit in a slightly different form.
    • His Extra Punctuation column on making other types of gameplay turn-based suggests the idea for a turn-based racing game. This idea actually exists in board game form with Formula D, and in video game form (albeit without cars) in the form of Quadriga.
    • In his review of Diablo III he decried the use of procedurally-generated dungeons, comparing it to a book with randomly ordered chapters: "If a book randomly rearranged its chapters with every read, then every chapter would have its characters doing fuck all, because the plot wouldn't make sense otherwise. So the end result will always be a fucking boring book." Someone actually did write such a book, in which the chapters are unbound and can be read in any order, and true enough, nothing much happens in any given chapter. It's open to debate whether the end result is a boring book however.
  • Reviews Are the Gospel: Yahtzee despises both this sentiment among gamers and the fact that professional critics use scores. That being said, his more zealous fans follow this practice with his own reviews.
  • Unacceptable Targets: Transsexuals, judging by the comments under the Papers, Please/Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons review. See Mis-blamed.
  • Values Dissonance: He suggests that this is why he dislikes games such as Call Of Duty. The games rely on the premise that the player possesses some degree of nationalism towards the United States, and for obvious reasons, he has no such feelings. That being said, his extremely negative portrayal of America isn't that flattering to those that are American or support the country either.
    • A gag (one of the signs on a border guard shack reading "no trannies") from the Papers, Please review got him in trouble. The USSR really was transphobic, a byproduct of trying to have a secular morality by copying Russian Orthodox dogma. It's also really one of the rules you're supposed to enforce in the game.


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