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Yahtzee is a gun nut...
...or at least has an interest in firearms. A lot of gun images in his reviews are uncommon guns, the IMI Galil and Norinoco QBZ-95 being an example. He also mentions Glock by name in 50 Cent: BotS. Come to think of it, a LOT of varying gun images are used throughout his reviews.
Yahtzee is Eminem from an alternate timeline where he discovered video games instead of rap.
They're both foul-mouthed white men who are famous for their unique style of art, and they both share a love-hate relationship with their fans.
Yahtzee is the gaming equivalent GG Allin
They're both foul-mouthed, deviant white men who have a penchant for using politically incorrect humor and subject matter in their works.

Yahtzee doesn't really care about Episode 3 as a game
Think about it: he's previously expressed his opinion that a series needs to die once the developers can't think of anything new to do with it, and in his Orange Box review, he chided Episode 2 for repeating some of the setpeices from vanilla Half-life 2 and Episode 1. He's also repeatedly shown that he gets a massive thrill from pissing off die-hard fans of any given property, as well as his disdain and confusion at the very concept of a fandom. With those two facts taken together, it would make sense to think that the only reason he's pushing for Episode 3's release before Valve is ready is because he's planning on bombing it and igniting the mother of all firestorms in the heart of one of the biggest fanbases on the internet.
  • Not likely. First, he's a big fan of Valve. Portal is one of the only games he's called "perfect", and YTOTW showed that he was already a fan of Half-Life. Yes, he's criticized the other episodes, but Valve themselves have stated that their experiment with episodic releases isn't working, and that after Episode 3, they'll go back to normal cycles. Since he probably knows that, he's probably urging them to release Ep 3 early as a "Get it over with" scenario.
  • TC (I can't think of any other term), you should probably lay off the conspiracy theory sites for a while.
  • From his Half-Life Extra Punctuation: "You know, I almost don't even care about Half-Life 3 anymore, because it can only remove some of the ambiguity that makes the series interesting. But that's a very, very big "almost". With fireworks bursting out of every letter except the S, which is actually a big snake." Guess we can call this Jossed.

Warhammer 40k is actually a metaphor for Internet Culture and Yahtzee is the Tau Empire
Think about it: Not very great in terms of resources, but influential, will work against the trend even if others dislike it and believes he is a smart person in a swathe of trash and arse. This of course means that 4chan is the Eye of Terror.
  • Even the Eye of Terror has some standards.
  • Plus all the yellow.
  • And they both employ smaller, odd species to help them (Tau with Kroots, Yahtzee with his Imps)

Yahtzee likes Kingdom Hearts.
Think about it. His review of Epic Mickey made it obvious that he must have played Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II at some point, yet he never reviewed the game and took it apart, like he did with Final Fantasy XIII and, to some extent, The World Ends with You. Now, why would he miss such a great opportunity to bash an insanely popular franchise to hell, heavens and back? The reason is obvious: Yahtzee played KH, enjoyed it and thus can't make a review about it that bashes it. Further evidence for this is that, while he mentioned the games twice during the Epic Mickey review, he didn't badmouth it in the slightest, only mention the fact that one can easily read uncomfortable subtext into Sora's interaction with the Disney Characters. Being so nice to a JRPG is really unusual for Yahtzee.
  • I'd be careful with that assumption, that's the same mistake the guys who asked for the Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pokémon White and Borderlands reviews made.
    • I'm not saying he should review it or that he thinks it's a very good game (KH has many flaws, which's existence even hardcore fans like me have to admit) just that he probably enjoyed playing it. Indeed, if he were to review it, he'd probably not give it a very good "score", since its gameplay and the gameplay:story ratio is just way below the standard Yahtzee keeps preaching.
  • Wishful thinking on your behalf. It's probably what the troper right below me said.
    • Or maybe he's played it, didn't like it and was unable to come up with what he deemed a good enough show about it. He has mentioned this happening before, so who knows?
  • The fact that this propped up in the visuals to the Pokemon White review suggests he's read this and jossed it.
    • Technically, he never explicitly said that.
      • Emphasis on suggests, there's the possibility to consider as the middle man.
  • According to the Portal 2 Review, he actually can like games.

Alternatively, Yahtzee is saving Kingdom Hearts...
For an hour long rant or otherwise extra special episode(s). I adore Kingdom Hearts, but I realize it does have its flaws and no doubt Yahtzee has found a couple of them.
  • A stinger at the end of his Majora's Mask 3D review lends further credence to the idea that this might be Jossed.

Yahtzee likes most of the games he plays.
He started his act as a parody of video game fans constantly complaining about everything and has been seeing who "gets it," as a form of My Species Doth Protest Too Much. He keeps his loyal groups of fans around just for his own amusement at how much they miss the point. This would explain why he has such hatred of anyone being a "fan" of something, as he's seen more than his share of vile, hateful words coming from the mouths of people who call themselves "fans." Based on what he says, the one thing he seems to genuinely dislike is the Wii, as it's gone completely against his expectations and sold like hotcakes. And possibly the United States, though that might just be another part of his parody, as it's been quite popular to hate the USA for many years now.
  • Maybe. I get the sense he likes most games but he just feels that to often people (and reviews) overlook the negative when giving 'fair' reviews. Many of the things he mentions in the reviews aren't likely to be brought up but are nevertheless valid points. It seems as if he feels that a good review (critic, fan, whomever) doesn't just review the positive but the negative in equal measure and takes the entirety into consideration.
    • So he rags on a game... because too many professional reviewers aren't thorough enough with their criticism? That's actually an interesting idea, if only we could get his word on this.
    • Uh, he's frequently mentioned this in reviews. He's never made a secret on how he mostly brings up the negative because a lot of other people focus on the positive.
    • Yahtzee does not do Game Reviews. He is a Game Critic. Citing the Heavy Rain transcript, "I feel like I've come to the wrong door. I'm a game critic, you see, and Heavy Rain is a game in the same way that Ian Thorpe is a salmon."

Yahtzee chooses certain titles as the subject of his episodes specifically to see how many nerves he can prod at.
Every now and again, a review of his seems to go past "I don't like this game", even by the standards of the show, specifically ones with fanbases that are known to have skin thinner than the membrane of a bacterium. In short, while he's getting paid to critisize games in an entertaining and yet valid manner, he's also been making his unofficial title of professional troll quite literal when he gets a chance.

Yahtzee is a troper.
He has used trope names several times in his reviews or columns. More specifically, in the Driver: San Francisco review, he expresses his disdain for "Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies". One "Extra Punctuation" column talked about taking darkness in a story too far, specifically using the words "Dark and Edgy" (and eventually "dedgyark") to describe it. Combined with his expressed love for good storytelling, it's not a stretch to think that he found TV Tropes one day and has been trapped here ever since, even if he doesn't have an actual profile.
  • Yahtzee has been using trope words quite a while before Driver: San Francisco, maybe even from the start. And there is no way to know if Yahtzee is Known or not or even if he knows about TV Tropes becuse trope words are used in gaming circles too.
  • If he is hes a troper that named a trope.
  • Pretty much confirmed that he knows TV Tropes after that Shout-Out in the Yooka-Laylee episode.

Yahtzee is Karkat Vantas.

    Zero Punctuation End of Year Big Beautiful Women Pageant predictions and results 
Top 5/Bottom 5 of 2012 predictions
Others can add their predictions as well. Feel free to delete it when the actual list comes out.

Top 5:

  • 5: [PROTOTYPE 2] (He enjoyed getting around, it was more balanced than the original, and despite being relatively silly, he still said it was fun.)
  • 4: Either Dishonored (He did say it came close to Thief's level of excellent stealth gameplay, but was bogged down by the Moral Choice System of Doom), or Doom 3 BFG Edition (Actual context, no objective markers, and much better than the spunkgargleweewee that was Medal of Honor Warfighter -pahahahaha-)
  • 3: *Insert token independent game title here* (More than likely, he'll place it here to counter the arguements that his #4 worst game is a sign of him "selling out")
  • 2: X-Com Enemy Unknown (He welcomed the changes that X-COM purists dismissed, and considered it a large step above Valkyria Chronicles, which was in relatively the same genre)
  • 1: Spec Ops: The Line (It affected him enough to seem genuinely depressed afterwards, and the emotional high is one of the big reasons why he recommended it in the first place. Said emotional high is not at the same "fucking a burning dolphin" level of Silent Hill 2, but it came pretty close)

Bottom 5:

  • 5: Assassin's Creed III (Too much faffing about, not enough stabbing. The only game in the series that he considered boring)
  • 4: AMY (One of the worst horror games he's reviewed, and the fact that it's an indy game didn't stop him from thrashing it. His #3 best game will be set in place to counter any "Yahtzee hates an indy game? HE SOLD OUT HURR DURR OVERPRETENTIOUS DURR" arguments.)
  • 3: Medal of Honor Warfighter (pahahaha) (Bad enough to earn it's own genre name of Spunk-Gargle-Wee-Wee)
  • 2: Resident Evil 6 (Managed to be even weaker than Resident Evil 5, and he didn't hold that game in high regard either. He may put Halo 4 here instead, just to troll the fanboys or because Microsoft broke Bungie's promise of stopping the series -which Yahtzee approved of-, but if not, Resident Evil 6 will be #2)
  • 1: Inversion (Managed to fuck up gravity powers by forcing players to use cover beforehand, thus stripping the game of the only Cadbury Creme Eggs it had.)
    • I doubt he'll put Halo 4 on that list. He said that he enjoyed the story and thought it was a definite step up from Halo 2 and 3(the only other entries of the main series he's played), but it was way too short.

Actual List:

  • Best Of:
    • 5: Dishonored. Brought up his complaints about the moral choice system and dialogue again, but praised the stealth.
    • 4: The Walking Dead: Praised the story and pacing, but didn't put it higher because his keyboard hasn't forgiven him yet.
    • 3: Far Cry 3: Mentioned it was a late edition (Actually the second last game he reviewed before the Best/Worst of), but mentioned again how it was vastly superior to Far Cry 2.
    • 2: X-COM Enemy Unknown: Said it how an old franchise should be rebooted (throwing a Take That! at EA for the Syndicate reboot in the process), and lead it into Warfighter (Ha ha ha).
    • 1: Spec Ops The Line: While he criticized how he now reviews modern shooters hoping for another groundbreaking story like this, he praised the story again, and mentioned that the developers deserve much more love for making it.

  • Worst Of:
    • 5: Resident Evil 6: Said the game hit its prime with RE 4, and that he just wants the thing to die already.
    • 4: Neverdead: Said he found the game cute, but still had massive design flaws.
    • 3: Steel Batalion Heavy Armour: Hated the Kinect support and decided the developers just didn't care.
    • 2: Medal Of Honour Warfighter: (Pahaha) Brought up how warfighter is an actual military word and the spunk-gargle-wee-wee incident, and mentioned he only reviewed it because of his favourite game.
    • 1: Amy: Loathed this game, and noted it was the first Indie game he put in the Bottom Five and said it was downright offensive.

Before the year ends, he's going to do a follow up The Walking Dead review.
After all, he WAS completely wrong about how it would end...
  • Sort of- he gave it No 4 in his Best Of and praised it again.

Predictions for Yahtzee's Top 5 of 2015
Since nobody made another prediction for Yahtzee's Top 5 for two years, I think it's time for another one. Also, I'm not arranging this in a order since I want to open a bit of discussion.

Top 5:

  • Invisible, Inc.: It's rare to see Yahtzee liking a mechanic so much, he dedicated an Extra Punctuation to discuss (and gush about) it. Last time this happened to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, and look where it ended up on his Top 5 of 2014 (granted it wasn't a very good year)
  • Bloodborne: I'm just going with what he said on his Let's Drown Out on Titan Souls.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Since Yahtzee likes a good narrative, and The Witcher 3 provides exactly that, It's very likely he'll put it on the list.
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: He liked the organic sandbox, and that counts for a lot if Shadow Of Mordor is any guide.
  • Until Dawn: He praised it in an Extra Punctuation column as a David Cage-style game done right, and he's a horror fan in general.
  • Splatoon: It's rare for Yahtzee to find a shooter he likes, much less a multiplayer-focused one, and it even let him keep to himself in the multiplayer matches.

Bottom 5:

  • Alone in the Dark: Illumination: So bad Yahtzee gave up playing, and judged the rest of the game based on the mission names.
  • The Order: 1886: Coined the term "Funk-marble-tee-hee" (which is basically alternate setting spunk-gargle-wee-wee)
  • Godzilla: Manages to fuck up the one thing video games does best, blowing shit up.
  • Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water: He couldn't stand it, and his decision to review it over Xenoblade Chronicles X as his last game of 2015 makes me think he was trying to fill out his Bottom 5 roster.
  • Star Wars Battlefront (2015) or Evolve: He's against multiplayer-only games on principle, and found that the one mode he did enjoy in each was swamped by the stuff he didn't. They could also fill in for Battlefield and Call of Duty as examples of bad trends or ideas in triple-A game design.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Undertale: His Extra Punctuation article on the game might be a sign that he's not gonna review the game, unless he doesn't apply his usual rule of only including games he reviewed, reviewed the game later, or make a special exception.
  • Just Cause 3: Didn't dwell on the technical issues, and praised it for the same reasons as Just Cause 2, but "more of the same" generally doesn't make his Top 5.
  • Rocket League: He liked the gameplay, but felt it was over too quickly.

Actual Top 5:

  • 5: Bloodborne: Liked the horror, and From learned from their previous Souls games in making it.
  • 4: Soma: Atmospheric horror on par with Bioshock
  • 3: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: A rare triple-A game that didn't skimp on character or story.
  • 2: Elite Dangerous: Huge sandbox, and the combat's infrequency makes it more engaging and the rest of the game more relaxing.
  • 1: Undertale: Deep narrative and unique gameplay.

Actual Bottom 5:

Bland 5:

Top 5 of 2017 Predictions (again)
Since this year has been a great year for games with releases such as Breath of the Wild, Persona 5, Prey, and other great games, this is probably going to be a fun year to predict what Yahtzee's gonna consider as his Top 5, Bottom 5, and his Bland 5. Same as the WMG for 2015, this won't be in any particular order.

Top 5:

  • Prey: Calling it now since Yahtzee really likes the games that inspired it.
    • Jossed. He basically gave it an honorable mention for being "not quite bland enough for the bland list".
  • Persona 5: Even with the typical JRPG and anime bullshit, Yahtzee does like his life simulators.
    • Confirmed, even if Yahtzee himself was surprised by its inclusion.
  • Night in the Woods: An engaging story-based game that tackles unique themes? It would be more surprising if it wasn't here.
    • Jossed. Not mentioned at all.
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn: It won't be number 1, but he likes it well enough despite being burnt out on wilderness sandbox games; citing that none of the games' flaws are dealbreakers.
    • Jossed. It basically got an honorable mention for being "not quite bland enough for the bland list".

Bottom 5:

  • The Surge: Yahtzee just straight up hates the game with passion, a little ambiguous whether he actually hates the game or just wants to hate a game after so long.
    • Confirmed, though it was actually only his fifth-most hated game of the year.

Bland 5:

  • Outlast 2: Because of how horror has changed over the years, but not bad enough that it'll go to the Bottom 5.
    • Jossed; Yahtzee was so nauseated by it that it made the Worst 5 list instead.
  • Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: Another Ubisoft-like open-world game, what's there that isn't bland about it? Well maybe except for...
    • Jossed, as it turns out that Yahtzee hated it so much that he awarded it Worst Game of 2017.
  • Ghost Recon Wildlands: An actual Ubisoft open-world game, of course there's another one this year.
    • Confirmed.
  • Mass Effect Andromeda: Certainly not bad, but this certainly isn't Bioware's best either.
    • Confirmed.

Actual Results:

  • Top 5:
    • Persona 5: Despite it being a JRPG, he enjoyed the style, music, characters, and " high school girls in vinyl catsuits sticking their bums in the air")
    • Breath of the Wild: Just a really well-made game.
    • Cuphead: Unique, well-realized, and entertainingly difficult.
    • A Hat in Time: He almost gave this spot to Mario Odyssey, but A Hat in Time's charm and freshness won over Mario's polish.
    • Resident Evil 7: "A successful change of tune that also manages the balance between disturbing and knowingly camp that marks Resident Evil at its best."
  • Bland 5:
    • Agents of Mayhem: Volition may have had energy and ideas going into development, but the end result was comparable to them "[rotating] their wrists for a while going 'Buhpidee-buhpidee-buhpidee-buh.'"
    • Mass Effect Andromeda: Bland setting, bland characters, bland dialogue, and bland sex.
    • Destiny 2: A grind so mediocre that it only came in third in a mediocrity contest.
    • Ghost Recon Wildlands: Another bland Ubisoft sandbox consisting of "going to the icon and shooting the thing".
    • Star Wars Battlefront II: An entirely obvious campaign that was clearly focus-grouped by the corporate machine to exploit audience nostalgia so they don't have to develop any new ideas.
  • Worst 5:
    • The Surge: "Annoying and stupid and plays like you're trying to unjam a kitchen drawer."
    • Outlast 2: Bad gameplay, nonsensical plot, and attempts to compensate for its lack of actual scariness by "trying to put [Yahtzee] off [his] fucking dinner."
    • Dead Rising 4: A "stripped-down, tarted-up holiday special" with none of the qualities that made the first two Dead Rising games good.
    • Sonic Forces: Started with a few good ideas, but it quickly goes back to Sonic Team's comfort zone of "shitty characters, horrible physics, and masturbation."
    • Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3: "Ugly, boring, badly optimized, and with a story straight from a twelve-year-old boy locked in the bathroom with a Tom Clancy-themed pinup calendar and severe familial issues"; a game So Bad, It's Hilarious.

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