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Many old adventure games used such obvious phrases in the descriptions of unimportant items. For example, examining an unimportant rock could return the description text "It is a rock.".

All examples found in computer and console games are here! They are in alphabetical order!

  • Dying in 1001 Spikes results in a black screen with text declaring "YOU ARE DEAD!"
  • Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies features Sky-Eye who constantly repeats obvious information—like actions you've already taken—back to you. He makes sure you know when you've launched a missile. Though, it is sometimes useful in keeping your situational awareness up when things get really intense.
    Sky-Eye: Mobius One, Fox Two.
    • This is repeated through all of the Ace Combat series since they all have AWACS of some form or another and they all are exactly the same. Your squadron/wingman on Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War and beyond also do this.
    • Also the aircraft's onboard warning system telling you things like 'pull up' over and over again. This is especially annoying on missions where you *have* to fly low (e.g. flying under radar or through canyons to reach a target). Especially funny when it mixes with the aforementioned AWACS/Squadron members and you get something like this:
      You're flying really low and fast on an attack run:
      onboard computer: "Caution: Pull Up"
      Still flying low, trying to concentrate here...
      AWACS: Blaze, your altitude is to low, pull up!
      Squadron member: Captain! Pull up!
      Around this time you'll probably be so distracted that a SAM has got a lock on you so:
      AWACS: Missile lock!
      Thanks man, never noticed all the red 'missile warning' lights...
      onboard computer: beep beep beep beep beep beep...
      Squadron member: Captain! Missile! Break break!
      Hey don't haven't you guys got your own planes to worry about? No wonder you get no kills...
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    • This is even invoked in-universe at one point in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War during a Pearl Harbor-esque level.
    Osean 1: (the attack already well underway) This is not a drill!
    Osean 2: Well, thanks for the heads-up, you IDIOT!
  • Some messages during campaigns in Age of Empires II. For example, in Joan of Arc, you come across a bridge that is quite clearly out, and one of your knights feels the need to tell you "The bridge is out! We must find another way to Chinon!"
    • Lord Saladin, we have captured a Frankish war vessel!
  • In the first cutscene of the first level of the first campaign, "Blood", a crossbowman tells the protagonist, Morgan Black that the Ottomans have landed... as Morgan was looking over a cliff watching hundreds of them, including Sahin, laying siege to the fort!
  • At the end of the first level of Age of Mythology, Krios says, "Another message from Poseidon, Arkantos. His creatures help the pirates!" This is after you fought at least four Krakens throughout the level.
  • The titular character's narration does this a LOT in Alan Wake. Bonus points if he throws in a "literary" reference.
  • The Working Joes of Alien: Isolation have a tendency to say "You're becoming hysterical" whenever someone expresses anxiety such as when the player struggles to free themself from their grapple.
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  • In Ape Escspe, you are given your final weapon known as The Magic Punch.
“This is the magic punch, it’s really powerful.”
  • The opening level of Army of Two includes this gem: "You can die in combat."
  • Yusuf in Assassin's Creed: Revelations - "The hookblade consists of two parts: the hook and the blade!"
  • Chuck from Backyard Football, in the tutorials. In the actual commentary, he's much smarter.
  • In Baldur's Gate you can rescue Yeslick from a cage in the Cloackwood mines. Characters in the party would usually make a random comment about the environment (city, forest, dungeon). Yeslick's eventual comment about any underground dungeon is "'Tis just like the tunnels of my old clan", which is indeed funny if it by chance happens in the aforementioned mines: of course it is like that Yeslick, because Cloackwood mines are exactly the tunnels of your old clan, before the Iron Throne seized them and imprisoned you (the fact that his stats show a quite low value of 7 for intelligence further adds involuntary humour... we can only take his word he's in his clan home when we find him because he can't be sure sure).
  • Bastion's narrator does this a lot. While it is intentional and a big part of the game experience and mechanics, there are points where, for example, the player (known as "The Kid") is just doing random things, such as destroying everything. That action is then followed by the narrator: "Kid just rages for a while".
  • Henry's dialog is often flat statements of obvious information in Bendy and the Ink Machine.
    Henry: (after finding an ax) This will definitely come in handy.
  • Catherine announces each boss with the helpful "... has appeared. It's the killer. Do not die."
  • There's a rather bad one in Condemned: Criminal Origins — in the department store stage when Ethan finds the Matchmaker dead he comments "Well he certainly didn't kill himself!"
  • Ditto Mama in Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends.
  • In Dark Chronicle at the end of Chapter 3, The Sage of the Stars, dungeon, Max and Monica enter the lighthouse on the cape while it is being attacked by the Fire Squall. The lighthouse is pretty much ablaze and is quite visible from where the two and their other party member are standing. A bunch of dialogue ensues, and when Monica gets close to the edge, the flames spurt up almost burning her, Max then exclaims, "Oh no! The lighthouse is on fire!"
    • Inverted at the beginning of Chapter 4, Goodbye Shingala, Pau has already left his house, asking you to watch Shingala, all of a sudden Shingala gets up, Max then exclaims, "He's trying to leave." Even though he had no way of knowing that.
    • Set straight again right after that as Shingala runs to the ocean cave dungeon(which Max and Monica must then explore), Max then says, "He's heading for the ocean!"
  • In Dawn of War: Chaos Rising, every single sentence uttered by nomen omen Captain Davian Thule is painfully obvious. It is, however, consistent with game mythos, as all Dreadnoughts are operated by Marines who are on the verge of death and show many symptoms of senile dementia.
  • Whenever you die in Demon's Souls, the game tells you, "You died." Durr.
  • Crypto in Destroy All Humans! 2.
    [The mothership explodes, killing Pox and scattering the weapons all over Earth]
    Crypto: Uh-oh, that can't be good.
  • In Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Jester says the following line to Dante:
    "You're not going to shoot me, are you? If you do, I'll die, you know."
    • Much later, Dante and Vergil do defeat him, but the one who actually kills him is Lady, his daughter. Yes, by shooting him.
  • Dishonored is another one that tells you "You died," although more verbosely: "You have met your demise."
  • In DuckTales 2, Bubba warns Scrooge McDuck that one treasure chest is a trap that will lock him up. Bubba warns Scrooge immediately after freeing him from said trap.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Online has a "Dungeon Master" feature enabled by default, in which a narrator speaks up at key points in the quest. This helps enforce that tabletop feel, and can be really helpful at times. However, the Dungeon Masters can go into captain obvious mode. ("There is a pair of signal crystals on either side of the door! There must be a way to open it...")
    • If you consider it, it's not that bad: the Dungeon Master is like the one at the actual table, where you (obviously) wouldn't be able to see them.
    • DDO's loading screens will offer you "tips". Some are helpful. Others warn that falling can hurt you.
    • The trap spot can also get like this, as it contiues to show up while the trap is going off. My acute senses make me feel that those giant spikes coming out of the floor are dangerous.
  • The instruction manual for the first Ecco the Dolphin game tells you that "you need to breathe to stay alive" when giving details on Ecco's air meter.
  • Your dog in Fable II. More often than not, he'll bark to tell you there's treasure near just as you're hitting the button to open the damned chest.
  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has this with its loading screen hints, as well as the opening tutorial messages. However, it's Played for Laughs.
    • From the same character, we also have "having sex means getting naked".
      • Although it is possible to have sex without getting completely naked...
  • Final Fantasy IV: The After Years has Leonora and Palom. Palom's the one fitting the trope, but only because Leonora is really asking for it.
    Palom: You know what fire is?
    Leonora: No, what is it?
    Palom: It's a fire attack.
  • Description of the Cursed Shield in Final Fantasy VI:
    Is cursed.
    • Likewise, while Figaro Castle is burning, the guards can only point out "The castle is on fire!"
  • In Final Fantasy X when Yuna is about to jump off the tall tower during her wedding with Seymour, Seymour told her that "If you fall, you'll die.". Yuna did jump off the tower, but instead of falling to her death as Seymour has states beforehand, she summoned her aeon to catch her mid-fall. This summoning action kept her from dying from the fall.
  • The advice given in Gauntlet and its sequels includes, "Use keys to open doors!"
  • Tsutomu in Gotcha Force. His habit of notifying you "This will hit!" after it hits the target is beyond baffling. He even says "Well, it's obvious!" at times, which still doesn't do anything to stop his steady stream of obvious comments. You half-expect him to say "I'm breathing oxygen!" at any moment.
  • In Half Life, after hordes of monsters from another dimension arrive into the facility and turn it into a stage of violence and terror, scientists can sometimes be heard saying: "Well, the dimensional breach is definitely trasmitting organic matter."
  • Alyx Vance in the Half-Life 2 episodes has a tendency to announce out loud every single thing she encounters, including the player's actions, new monsters, and Dr. Kleiner's screencasts. Sometimes her excessive talkativeness reaches the level of Annoying Video Game Helper.
    • She's probably trying to get a single word of response from Gordon.
    • Some of the rebels who accompany you late in the game will often say, "Don't forget to reload, Dr. Freeman!"
      • Sure, happen to have any crowbar ammo?
  • In Halo: Combat Evolved, after you come across a huge cave made out of metal with symbols engraved on it in a canyon that has been obviously cut out of the ground, Cortana says "This cave is not a natural formation. Someone built it, so it must lead somewhere."
    • Made even worse by the fact that you're on what is clearly a constructed ring, one of the eponymous "Haloes" of the franchise. The entire "planet" is not a natural formation...
    • The first part of the quote gets a funny little Shout-Out as a chapter title in Halo: Reach.
    • Cortana does this at the end of the first level as well, informing you that "it would be a very good time to leave" when your spaceship is about to be shot down.
  • The PC Hidden Object Game Haunted Manor: Queen of Death has as its Big Bad a soul-sucking demon which somewhat resembles a giant bat. Whenever it appears onscreen, it hisses at the player and disappears in a cloud of mist while declaring, "I AM EEEEVIL." Did we mention this is a soul-sucking demon?
  • Hotel Mario has this gem: You know what they say--all toasters toast TOAST!
  • In Jade Empire, sometimes the tip box that appears when you die will say "You have died." Though that may just be a nod to old-school games who also usually did it.
  • For Tamagotchi Corner Shop, text like "Tooth treatment for Kuchipatchi." would appear when starting a round of a place in any city.
    Tooth treatment for Marutchi.
  • Jumper Two Editor has a helpful hint as a default text for help-boxes:
  • Kingdom of Loathing has a bag of airline peanuts with a warning label that says "Warning: contains peanuts." Subverted, or something, because the bag actually contains poisonous snakes.
  • Cedric, the (ahem) helpful owl from King's Quest V. Look out, Graham! That bear looks dangerous! That desert looks endless! That sea looks wet! That snake is pOIsonous!note 
  • Connor from King's Quest: Mask of Eternity.
  • Navi from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is considered quite annoying for repeatedly bugging the player to tell him/her the most obvious things (or things she's already recently said.)
    • And even things that have already happened. For example, standing on a ghost ship, reaching land, hopping off, and being greeted by "The ship is sinking! We have to abandon ship!"
      "Do you want to hear what I said again?"
      Yes ←
    • Ciela in Phantom Hourglass significantly ups the ante, especially in the cutscenes following the introduction of the first two spirits.
      Leaf: I am Leaf, the Spirit of Power. Blah blah blah.
      Ciela: Look, Link! It's the Spirit of Power, Leaf!
    • And how could we forget The Minish Cap's Ezlo? Run into a closed door, he will tell you that it's closed. Every time, even if it was an accident. Open a Warp-Mark. He will tell you that the explosion always frightens him. Every time. Come near a small tornado, which you obviously have to jump in to. He tells you to jump in and remarks what a great idea of his this is. God, this guy is annoying!
    • Twilight Princess's Midna doesn't do it as often, and makes up for it by being awesome, but she does have the habit of interrupting boss battles to point out incredibly obvious weak points. This may just be because she doesn't think much of Link's intelligence...
    • And don't forget about Skyward Sword's Fi, with such "helpful" tips as informing you that a ship is under attack by a monster while said monster's tentacles are popping in through the walls and floor all over the place, and then stopping you again as you're about to exit said ship only to inform you that she detects something outside the ship. And said something is probably the monster. Which you have already been informed of. Warning you about low hearts and low batteries on your Wii Remote in spite of the game already having a sound-effect indicating the former and an icon in the corner indicating the latter.
      • Fi is easly the worst of the lot. Fi will also happily repeat everything that anyone tells you to do. If a character tells you to go to the woods, Fi will "helpfully" pop out and tell you that there's an 85% chance that you should go to the woods. Then, once you get to the woods, she will tell you that there's an 93% chance that you should now do whatever you came there to do.
  • LEGO Adaptation Game
    • From a gameplay hint in LEGO Batman: "Toxic waste is poisonous".
    • LEGO The Lord of the Rings has some examples in your inventory; several unique weapons are labeled "X's Y" even though X is always found with that item, can't get rid of it, and nobody else can use it. For example, all versions of Gandalf carry "Gandalf's Staff". Good to know he didn't steal his staff from someone else.
  • Nall from Lunar: The Silver Star. He stated the obvious so often that the game's strategy guide came very close to making a drinking game out of it.
  • John Madden had a horrible tendency to do this in the Madden NFL games.
  • In Microprose's Magic: The Gathering game, each town has a Wise Man who dispenses advice. Occasionally this advice is genuinely useful, other times it's related only to the back story — and sometimes, when another village has given you a quest, he'll say "I see the people of [village] have asked you to [quest]".
  • In Mass Effect, one quest has you looking for an Alliance probe before someone finds it and accidentally sets off its nuclear Self-Destruct Mechanism. You eventually track it to inside a mineshaft, and your two party members will helpfully comment that there's no way it got there on its own and you should expect a trap. One of your responses is, "Your grasp of the obvious is inspiring."
    • Because your squadmates usually have the role of making sure the, ah, slower members of the audience understand what's going on, a lot of their lines can come across this way, in particular their lines when starting combat. ("Enemies in front!" No, really, I thought the half-dozen geth firing assault rifles were part of a surprise birthday party.) Kaidan unfortunately seems to get the worst of it.
      • Justified. In a real life situation, you'll have squad members covering the flanks and rear. Someone NEEDS to focus everyone's attention.
    • And in the sequel, the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC gives us this exchange:
      A giant flying truck hurtles towards you.
      Liara: Truck.
      Shepard: I know.
      Liara: TRUCK!
      Shepard: I KNOW!
    • Another DLC, "Overlord", has the VI in your armored personnel carrier make this remark upon you testing out its rockets on the local wildlife:
      Hammerhead: Analysis: Defenseless herbivores are no match for guided missiles.
    • In the Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC, an Alliance officer warns Shepard that someone is trying to kill him/her. Given that this is the default state of the universe, Shepard and Joker's response is to say "Yeah, we know." She also felt the need to specify that it's bad to land troops on a gas giant.
    • Shepard also gets one in Citadel just before meeting up with his/her love interest during the ambush.
      Love Interest: What do you know about these mercenaries?
      Shepard: They have guns and don't like me!
      Love Interest: That's very helpful. Thank you.
  • In Metal Gear Solid, while searching for one of the male hostages, the main character, Solid Snake, looks down through an air vent and upon seeing a female exclaims "A woman! Not him...".
      • This is actually repeated nine in-universe years later but averts the usual Narm and may even be a Tear Jerker, as when Snake returns to Shadow Moses he encounters the same camera... and then the long-dormant, frozen over camera falls from its wall mount.
    • "You're that ninja!" ("No, it's the other cyborg ninja running rampant in this remote Alaskan base.")
    • Snake also has the tendency to say "LIQUID!" or "Liquid?" every time he appears or when someone else starts about him.
    • Mei Ling and Col. Campbell describe the drawbacks in Snake's Soliton Enemy-Detecting Radar as a consequence of it being made from "currently existing" technology. They probably meant that it's "currently available to the civilian market", since any technology capable of being used at all has to "currently exist" by its very definition.
  • "We've managed to avoid drowning!"
  • Para-medic describing the injury system in Metal Gear Solid 3: "When you get shot, sometimes you'll suffer a gunshot wound."
    • Happens a lot with SIGINT's descriptions.
    You're wearing the snow face paint. Snow face paint was originally invented for arctic operations. If you want to use it efficiently, wear it in a snowy environment.
  • The majority of Samus' lines in Metroid: Other M has her restating something she has just been told or stating something that the player has just seen. She even manages to do it twice about the exact same thing in one of the first scenes in the game: Samus and company enter a room, and see a dead body on the floor. Her internal narration talks about how she could sense this place was dangerous. Then she tells Adam that this place is dangerous.
  • Setsumi gets one of these in Narcissu -Side 2nd- (and the translator even comments on it in the script file):
    Setsumi: Well, you're a devoted Christian, right?
    Himeko: Let's see... if you don't like "fake Catholic"... "former Christian" would work too.
    Setsumi: (narrating) That would mean that in the past it was true, but now it wasn't.
  • In NieR: Automata, Pod 042's analysis and proposals tend to be quite obvious. For example, a giant machine lifeform will appear in front of you, and Pod will point out that a giant machine lifeform has appeared and propose that you destroy it. 2B doesn't seem to mind, but when he starts accompanying A2 in Route C, he gets on her nerves in a matter of minutes.
  • In Normal Super Mario Bros. 2, upon getting a Game Over, you see the message "I think you ran out of health."
  • Issun from Ōkami does this pretty often, but it's possibly justified since most English players aren't too aware about Japanese legends and stuff.
  • In Persona 3 and Persona 4, your Mission Control character tends to do this. Especially Fuuka. Just listen to this remix.
  • In the original Phantasy Star for the Sega Master System, a brilliant villager at Scion reveals that there are "Motavian(s) living on Motavia and Dezorian(s) on Dezoris".
  • Pokémon:
    • Pokémon Red and Blue: "Oh no! I dropped the lift key!" As it appears right next to him.
    • And in Black 2 & White 2: "You see this enormous puddle? They call it an ocean!" NO WAI!
    • Even worse in X/Y: "Oh no! I dropped the Power Plant Pass! I think I dropped it on that giant rock that is 10 spaces to my right! Too bad that I do not have a DOWSING MCHN that I could use to collect it with style."
  • Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal is full of Captain Obvious quotes:
  • Pokémon False Red: If you play as Leaf instead of Fire, the dialogue is completely unedited, so every time someone points out that you're not Red, it comes off as less mocking and more... well, obvious.
  • GLaDOS from Portal has some moments as well: "Hold on. Did you just toss that Aperture Science Thing-We-Don't-Know-What-It-Does into an Aperture Science Emergency Intelligence Incinerator?" and (the curiosity core) "Hey, you're that lady from the test. Hi!"
    • "The enrichment center promises to always provide a safe testing environment. In dangerous testing environments, the enrichment center promises to always provide useful advice. For instance, the floor here will kill you. Try to avoid it."
  • Psychonauts has the G-Men in Boyd's head. Despite obviously being creepy figures in Conspicuous Trenchcoats, they attempt to disguise themselves as members of the community by holding a single prop, often using it in incorrect ways, and spouting off very obvious facts about whatever job they're pretending to do.
    Hedge Trimmer G-Man: These are my hedge trimmers. They help me maintain my hedge.
    Sewer Worker G-Man: I work in the sewer. The sewer carries human waste.
    Housewife G-Man: Children and adults both like to eat pies. Pies come in many flavors. Cherry is a flavor of pie.
    Gardener G-Man: This is my watering can. I use it on the plants to water them. Plants need to have water poured on them, because they have no hands to hold glasses of water.
    Grieving Widow G-Man: The cemetery is filled with dead people. The dead people are underground and I have brought flowers because I am sad.
  • The rather obscure Realms of the Haunting has shades of this when the player selects certain objects for the character Adam Randall to examine. An unintentionally funny one happens when the player clicks on one of the skeletons that's in a hall that seems to be made out of bones and has other skeletons sitting around it (and after a brief cutscene where he even stops and examines one clothed skeleton in particular).
    Adam: Bone. Looks human.
  • Resident Evil:
    • Barry Burton in the original Resident Evil, though the Nintendo GameCube version tones it down. Did you know that weapons are especially powerful against living things? This was originally supposed to be a hint that the acid grenades he gave Jill in that scene are more effective against non-zombie enemies, but the wonky translation resulted in this.
    • Rebecca steps up to fill the void left by Barry in the 2002 Remake. After Chris has ran all about the laboratory, all the while hearing the alarm blaring and a recorded voice loudly announcing "THE SELF DESTRUCT SYSTEM HAS BEEN ACTIVATED ALL PERSONNEL MUST EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY" over and over and over again, what's the first thing Rebecca says to him?
      Rebecca: Chris, the self destruct system has been activated!
    • Come to think of it, Ingrid Hunnigan from Resident Evil 4 is guilty of this, one of the many things lampshaded by the Lets Plays. "You need to get out of there." "You need to find out how to open that door."
  • RuneScape has quite a few examples.
    • There is an "examine" system for most NPCs, items and scenery. And they are extremely helpful.
      • Examine text for precious ore is "Precious ore."
      • Examine text for most rocks are "A rock."
      • Examine text for iron bars are "It is a bar of iron."
      • Examine text for Forgotten Warriors are "A warrior who has been long forgotten."
      • Examine text for most chickens are "Yep. Definitely a chicken."
      • Examine text for a danger sign is "Danger!"
  • Many characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, most notably the robot assistant from Adventure 2, Omochao. It's not so bad in Adventure 2, where he can give you actually helpful advice regarding the gimmicks of certain levels, but even then, he still qualifies, and even more so in later games.
    Omochao: Keep your health meter above zero!
    Omochao: To jump, press the jump button!
    Omochao: Be careful not to fall!
    • DAMN! It looks like all the dialogue in Shadow the Hedgehog represents this entire trope....I feel so sorry for it.
    • Taken to ludicrous levels in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006):
      Sonic: The whole city is on fire!
      Sonic: Lava shoots up from that fiery ground!
      Sonic: That tornado is carrying a car!
      Silver: I can't catch lasers with my telekinesis!
    • It should be noted for that last one that you can.
    • In Sonic Unleashed it's surprisingly not Chip, but Amy who delivers the most Captain Obvious Lines. It's so bad, she's actually standing around during an important dialogue with the Professor, just to comment afterwards on Sonic's normal day-appearance with something along the lines of "Yes, you definitely look better like this!". And her great insight, that she could do something by helping the Professor—half a game after she actually started doing it.
    • Sonic Adventure: after a cutscene where the Egg Carrier transforms...
      Tails: Wow, the ship just transformed. Did you see that?
      Sonic: [Gives him the Captain Obvious Look] Now how are we gonna get to the bridge...
      Tails: I hate it when he doesn't listen...
    • Sonic himself: "There's a great big tree over there!" Which doesn't make sense because he seems to hate it when people do that, and gigantic trees are not uncommon in the Sonicverse.
    • The Final Boss of Sonic Generations consists of your teammates constantly repeating "That looks like a homing shot!". The only one that actually seems to know what a homing shot is is Shadow, who simply says "That's a homing shot".
    • Sonic Boom turns this Up to Eleven, with the characters constantly commenting on obvious things. One of the most often-repeated pearls of wisdom: "Look, ramps!" "We can use these as ramps!"
  • Splinter Cell:
    Enemy soldier: (over radio) Alarm stage decreased, alarm stage back to normal.
    Grímsdóttir: OK, it looks like the alarm stage went back to normal.
  • From here:
    Q: Will you need to have to have an internet connection to play Star Trek Online?
    A: Yes.
  • Upon spawning in most maps, heroes will announce their names in Star Wars: Battlefront 2. The funniest one is probably Yoda's "Yoda I am. Fight I will."
  • A certain NPC from late in the game The Suffering will tell the player to blast the remains of the fire demons or they will revive. But as long as this NPC is alive, they will blast the remains for you. In a more subtle way, the player can unlock diary and scrapbook pages (or even ticker tape) detailing the lay of the land. Much of this is after learning all relevant facts.
  • In the intro to Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario arrives to find that Bowser has grown to Godzilla-like stature and is stomping around the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser still finds it necessary to inform Mario that "I'M HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!"
    • Luigi shouts "STAR!" every time you get a grand star with him in both games.
    • In the Battle Belt Galaxy, a living sign tells you that you need to kill everything to progress. Well, that would be so useful to know if it wasn't glaringly obvious there's no other escape, and more so on the last planet before you had to kill an enemy to progress.
  • Super Mario 64 has a sign in Bob-Omb Battlefield which reads "To read a sign, stand in front of it and press B, like you did just now." A sign that teaches you how to read a sign! The only way it would be of any use to a new player would be if they happened to read that specific sign accidentally.
  • Observe why Hubert so desperately needed to take some badass levels in Tales of Graces.
    Kid!Hubert: They say people with amnesia have trouble remembering things!
  • Genis in Tales of Symphonia with his incredible ability to sense mana:
    Genis: I feel... mana welling up...
    Genis: Wait. I sense... incredible mana.
    Genis: It's mana... Powerful mana is coming out!
    Genis: What could it be? There's a staggering amount of mana flowing from that lightning...
  • Tales of Xillia 2 has Elle as your Mission Control during battle. She tells you the enemy's weakness, which you already either figured out yourself or by pressing R1 to check the strength and weaknesses. And she doesn't shut up about it, either. Thank you, Elle, I knew shooting at the enemy, which I've been doing already, would be the way to go.
  • The Soldier in a Team Fortress 2 video:
    Announcer: Intruder Alert! Red Spy in the base!
    Soldier: A Red Spy is in the base?!
    Announcer: Protect the briefcase!
    Soldier: We need to protect the briefcase!
    • In the context that a Red Spy is loose in their base.
      Blue Spy: Tell me, did anyone happen to kill a RED Spy on their way here? No? Then we still have a problem... (lays a Sniper with a knife in his back on the table)
      Soldier: And a knife.
    • The game itself has one, coincidentally also involving spies. If you aim your reticle at another player and activate the "Spy!" voice command, your character will call out that player's class as an enemy spy in disguise, as opposed to just saying that you've spotted one. If the player already appears to be a spy, the line will be something like "That spy is not our team's spy!" The line fits, if you're pointing to an enemy Spy disguised as a friendly Spy. But this line is also used if you're referring to an enemy spy who is not disguised at all.
  • Lampshaded in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, when Drake and Flynn are inside the museum:
    Drake: All right, there's the tower.
    Flynn: Getting closer.
    Drake: Appreciate that update, Captain Obvious.
  • Lampshaded in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade:
    Ork sidekick: Boss! We're getting shot at!
    Warboss Gorgutz: Ain't you the master of the obvious?
  • In World of Warcraft there is a quest to deliver a message to Arcanist Vandril warning him of a dark presence in the Ghostlands.
  • Albedo from Xenosaga tells us that "Pain is such a vital part in realizing one's existence." Gee, ya think?
  • The video game magazine GamePro give protips for games they review of varying usefulness. One egregiously unhelpful hint was for Doom. note 
    PROTIP: To defeat the Cyberdemon, shoot at it until it dies.
  • Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords: Handmaiden/Disciple's response to Atton's sarcastic "At least we know it's not a trap" (on the Exchange boss' meeting request)
  • Turok: In the 2008 remake, Slade and Turok discover that the bridge they planned on crossing has been almost completely destroyed:
    Slade: What the hell happened here?
    Turok: Looks like the bridge is out.
  • In Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, while in the captain's quarters if you examine the broken engine order telegraph:
    Ace: Ah, a human hammer. They're often used to subdue large men like Seven.
    Junpei: Ace...
    Ace: That was a joke, of course.
    Junpei: Thank you, Captain Obvious.
  • In The Walking Dead: Season One, Lee acknowledges that "this is going to hurt" if he chooses to get his infected arm cut off.
  • Warframe: The Lotus is infamous for warning you of exactly what faction is coming... even though the vast majority of the time, there's only one faction on a map. Not to mention that warning you of any enemies at all is usually redundant, since you're pretty much always already surrounded and outnumbered by the time they start calling for reinforcements.
  • Highway Blossoms: During the Next Exit DLC, Marina notices that the other bidder in a silent auction for an antique license plate started the bid with a single dollar, and increased the latest bid(of $11) by a cent. She comes to the conclusion that the other bidder doesn't have much money.