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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Some people go by the idea that the Prince is a hardcore party animal that would rather have fun then go against Dyrenell, due to the amount of events that take place between chapters.
  • And You Thought It Would Fail: The game came out of nowhere and is the first Nintendo mobile game that isn't based on an existing franchise. The idea of being an original franchise alone caused some game journalists to be doubtful about the game's prospects for profitability as it ranked lowest among the first week revenues of other Nintendo mobile games such as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Super Mario Run, and Fire Emblem Heroes. Come its second week and Dragalia Lost made approximately $16 million, easily overtaking Animal Crossing in the third spot. In its first month? It overtook Super Mario Run with a revenue of approximately $28 million, putting it in the second spot just behind Fire Emblem Heroes. By year's end, it was still in the #2 spot behind the juggernaut that was FEH, but it had earned $54 million in about three months - a pace that would've made it nearly tie with FEH if both games had run for a full year.
  • Breather Boss: Among the Void Battles, the Blazing and Violet Ghosts are the most approachable if you're going in fresh. Their main gimmick of ranged resistance is easily bypassed by bringing in melee characters. Additionally, only one of their attacks have any form of Interface Screw, and even that one goes in an easily dodgeable pattern. As long as you have a strong water or light element melee adventurer, you can take on the Blazing and Violet Ghosts.
    • Void Poseidon is considered to be the easiest among the Void Dragons, as his Whirlpool ability doesn't deal any damage and can be escaped by spamming dodge rolls, his attacks are heavily telegraphed and easy to dodge, and even the attack that requires entering a bubble isn't even a One-Hit Kill. As long as you have a good Void weapon that pierces through his skill resistance, Void Poseidon is considerably easier to approach than the likes of Void Agni and Void Zephyr.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome:
    • Any adventurer who's the focus character of a banner is bound to be really common, since many people re-roll their accounts until they get a 5-star adventurer they want. Some notable examples include:
      • Ezelith is ridiculously common online due to being the game's very first focus character. It's pretty common for more than one person to use her on the same team even though only one copy of her co-ability can be active, and she also tends to show up in non-Wind maps. Some people even use her in Water maps, even though she's at a disadvantage due to being a Fire Adventurer.
      • Lily is also rather common, being the second ever focus character and one of the best crowd-control characters in the game, since her first skill is a ginormous AoE which inflicts Freeze. Once again you can even find Lilies getting put into wind maps, despite her being at a major disadvantage (she's really too squishy for those kinds of shenanigans).
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    • Among the launch adventurers, Hildegarde is the go-to character for healing duties. Both of her skills provide team healing, with one even granting a shield that blocks one attack under a certain percentage of her teammate's HP. Additionally, her passives can grant boost her healing potency and provide up to 100% Skill Prep, meaning that she can have her healing skills ready right from the beginning. Finally, she's a light-element adventurer, which means she has no weaknesses, so in most quests Hildegarde will be welcomed.
    • On the dragon side of things, you'd be pressed to find someone who doesn't use Jeanne d'Arc as their go-to Light dragon. While hard to pull on behalf of being a 5* (although during the game's launch period, she was more common as a re-roll target), her immense attack and Defense-boosting special make her a valued tank in co-op.
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    • Phoenix is a popular choice for a support dragon. She's one of the few who can heal, and on top of that she also grants regenerating health for a short while. Her healing ability is so useful that there is usually no objection if someone selects her as their shapeshift dragon, even if the adventurer is not of the fire element or the quest has water enemies in it.
    • During Raid Battles, expect to see a lot of people equip their teams with Shapeshift Prep Wyrmprints. This is because the effect of Shapeshift Prep stacks with each copy, and they even stack with other players' wyrmprints during Raid Battles. If 3 characters on each team are equipped with Dragon Arcanum, a common 2 star Wyrmprint that grants 10% Shapeshift Prep when fully unbound, then everyone starts the battle with 120% of the dragon gauge filled, allowing everyone to transform immediately with another transformation not far behind.
    • The general team setup for High Dragon Trials, Imperial Onslaught, and raid/facility events are generally 3 DPS adventurers and 1 healer. The DPS adventurers are generally equipped with a 5* elemental weapon with Dragon and wyrmprints that increases attack or skill damage while the healers are generally equipped with dragons that boost HP and wyrmprints that increases healing power (since healing is scaled based on the user's HP).
  • Ear Worm:
    • The Home menu theme has a really catchy, upbeat tempo that will likely get stuck in your head. Even the characters bob their heads to it.
      • Now has an official DAOKO video here, the song called "Bokura no Network."
    • The quest select music is also fiendishly catchy for such a short loop.
    • The Halloween event music, Trick or Treasure Home Menu music is creepy and really catchy with the clock sounds, making the event even more spooky.
    • Every song composed by DAOKO counts, it may need a page.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: As a gacha game with a ton of recruitable characters and summonable dragons, it's only natural that some of them would become quite popular.
    • Berserker is a Blood Knight and is liked for his cool and dark design. His surprising Hidden Depths and usefulness in battle, being one of the best Shadow units, has greatly helped.
    • Xander has become popular with much of the fanbase for his Large Ham tendencies and comedic self-delusions.
    • Celliera, the heroine of the first event, similarly stormed her way into people's hearts almost as soon as she debuted, thanks to her over-the-top, comedy-angled Drill Sergeant Nasty characterization (and it hiding some Hidden Depths also helped) and for being very useful even outside of the event. For those listening to the JP voice track, Yoko Hikasa getting to go full ham on said trainer antics helped even more.
    • Orsem gathered plenty of fans due to his friendly attitude and love for skating, as well as being very useful in battle.
    • Mym is a rather popular character, largely helped by her Ms. Fanservice outfit and her crush on the player. Cygames took notice and made her available as a playable Gala adventurer
    • Phantom is beloved for having a legitimately terrifying design that contrasts with his noble heart, a heartbreaking backstory, and a touching bond with Felicia. Being an attack-boosting 5-star dragon available for free also helps.
    • The Fire Emblem Heroes characters introduced during the crossover event (Alfonse, Fjorm, and Veronica) are notably much more well-received than they were in their own game, thanks to the event stories and their adventurer stories giving them better and well-defined characterization.
  • Escapist Character: Euden is a young boy who attracts a notable amount of suitors of all kinds to fall for him (Elisanne, Cleo, Philia, Estelle and Malora) as well as participating in some ship teasy situation of others and even some men fall for him (Orion and Naveed). Even those not attracted to him will praise him endlessly.
  • Fandom Rivalry:
    • If it's not Friendly Fandoms as mentioned below, DL has this kind of relationship with Fire Emblem Heroes, both being tied as Nintendo's most popular gacha game. Best exemplified during Christmas 2018, where the playerbase contrasted Cygames giving DL players a truckload of free wyrmite and summoning coupons to Intelligent Systems giving FEH players practically nothing.
      • More fuel was added to the fire when Nintendo requested the microtransactions of its mobile games to be tuned down so that players don't have to spend much, while a statement from the developer's parent company CyberAgent mentions that they could have earned much more from the players, but had to comply with Nintendo's statement. Many Dragalia players implied that Cygames would comply with this in the future, or have already shown signs of complying prior to this announcement, by releasing numerous freebies in the past months. Cue some Dragalia players who branched out from FEH mocking that the developer of Heroes (Intelligent Systems) "didn't get the memo", with the detractors claiming that Intelligent Systems generally didn't show any signs of being consumer-friendly on the past months compared to the developers of Dragalia.
      • The rivalry seemed to have subsided when a crossover event between the two games was announced, but it rose back up again when the event actually started, adding in character-related reasons on top of it. Many players of FEH praised how Alfonse, Fjorm, and Veronica's characters were written and handled during the event, while simultaneously mocking how poorly their characterization was handled in their own game (often citing Book II for their reasoning).
    • Suprisingly, there's also a similar case with the Granblue Fantasy fanbase weeks after Dragalia was released. On October 2018, an interview with the game's director states that the executives want "DL to be the new face of Cygames". Mentioning this phrase would not be well-received in GBF communities, seeing as GBF is basically the Cash Cow Franchise of Cygames and that replacing it as the most popular Cygames IP would be possibly risky for the company (since this game is co-developed with Nintendo in the first place). This is also the same reason why there existed a rivalry between GBF and Rage of Bahamut fans - having a new title represent the company while another existing and established title is making the money. Thankfully, this rivalry died down late 2018 at the announcement of Granblue Fantasy Versus and Granblue Fantasy Relink, seeing as the "new face" statement wasn't as negative as some pointed it out to be, and that Granblue is still getting recognition. Afterwards, some Dragalia fans claimed that the interview article, or the quote itself was an unsourced information, or simply a hoax, and that Granblue fans have nothing to worry about it the first place. Ever since, it wasn't brought up again, subverting this trope and placing the relationship between the Granblue and Dragalia playerbases into Friendly Fandoms once more.
    • Dragalia Lost also has a nasty rivalry with Fate/Grand Order fandom as well, as both Fate/Grand Order and Dragalia Lost are relatively popular gacha games from the top competitive rivals from Sonynote  and Nintendo respectfully. The nature of the gacha from both games can be a very touchy subject. Dragalia Lost fans would argue that the "pity" rate Dragalia has makes their gacha more forgiving when compared to Fate/Grand Order and Cygames generally hands out a lot of freebie goods where they save up enough wyrmites and Tenfold Summon Tickets that the player can easily save up for 3-4 months to have a good chance of getting their favorite 5* character/dragon (as opposed to Fate/Grand Order where most players would need to save Saint Quartz for several months to even have a good chance of getting their favorite 5* servant). Fate/Grand Order fans, however, would argue that their gacha is more forgiving when it comes to duplicates because getting extra copies of a 4* or 5* servants yields more benefit of boosting the servant's Limit Break whereas Dragalia Lost will only reward the player extra Eldwater for extra copies of 4* or 5* characters the player already has.
      • Much like the situation above with the Fire Emblem Heroes and Dragalia Lost rivalry. Fate/Grand Order fans used the situation with Nintendo asking microtransactions in mobile games to be toned down to justify their game being more successful than Dragalia Lost while Dragalia Lost fans would argue that the Fate fanbase is already established with other means of revenue (i.e. manga, anime, figmas, posters, and even book covers to promote the works where the servants were based on) while Cygames's business model is built around gacha games (since Cygames's gacha games tend to be more attractive to free-to-play players as opposed to Fate/Grand Order).
      • And with wyrmprints removed from the summoning pool and made available with Eldwater, the fandom rivalry between the two games is much more heated.
  • Friendly Fandoms: With the game being co-developed by Nintendo and Cygames, it is fairly common to see Dragalia players making references to the popular gacha games of both (Fire Emblem Heroes and Granblue Fantasy respectively). As such, there are those who have branched into Dragalia seeing as one of their favored developers collaborated with the other in creating this game, mainly resulting into a mixed playerbase from both titles. Regarding Cygames, the expected inclusion of popular characters from their older titles like Rage of Bahamut also encouraged several Cygames fans to try out this game.
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • Raptors shoot out elemental tornadoes that inflict knockback, knockdown, and even stun on hit as a regular attack, and their charge attack fire these in three directions at once.
    • Eyeflies sometimes perform a small charged area-of-effect attack that can inflict a status aliment, usually well outside the reach of your spell casters or worse, your screen.
    • Rats constantly dash all over the place and their attacks can knock you down, wasting your time.
    • Wolves are just as bad as they come in packs and always do their spin attacks to knock you down.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • Force Strikes can be chained together much faster than usual if they're used after an attack that makes the user airborne, like the final attack in the sword or dagger's combos. This is quite useful, since Force Strikes reduce Overdrive gauges more quickly than regular attacks. This exploit has since been removed from the game, though.
    • While purple Area of Effect attacks will normally hit you even if you're using a skill, for some reason the purple AoE attacks in the Light Imperial Onslaught can be avoided through skills. This has also been removed.
    • For some reason, when the 2-star wyrmprints are max level and fully unbound, they have stats on par with max level and fully unbound 5-star wyrmprints. This was eventually removed.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In Johanna's Chapter 2, Ranzal doubts that she's the daughter of a famous knight considering they're much cleaner and she spends her days fighting fiends. Then Chapter 7 comes around and you learn Ranzal is nobility himself, being the exiled prince of St. Lotier.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Curran and Heinwald can come off as Like an Old Married Couple in their bantering. Their introductory chapter in the event that introduces them has the two men bantering about who is at fault that they are late. They can also come off as a couple raising the girl that is coming with them.
    • Alfonse and Euden's interactions get... pretty intimate during his Adventurer story. It culminates in actions such as Alfonse willingly falling off a cliff to save Euden, with Euden returning the favor by going wild on attacking Imperial soldiers. Hell, even the story name (Don't Let Go) can fuel the imagination.
      Alfonse (when recruited at max Friendship): You open the hearts of those around you. Even mine.
  • HSQ: The announcement of an upcoming Dragalia Lost and Fire Emblem Heroes crossover event being announced blew people's minds away!
  • Internet Backdraft: Mentioning that Dragalia Lost is underperforming.
    • Naturally like on any gaming community, Dragalia fans are not appreciative when there exists "doomposters" who attempt to undermine the mobile game's performance. Players go as far as doing further research to counter-act the negativity that these posters are trying to spread. And it works, as the Western fandom is quick and accurate when it comes to discrediting doomposts into fake news territory, stating that these posters only want to spread fear into existing players and discourage newcomers altogether.
    • Likewise, any statement from CyberAgent (the parent company that owns Cygames) mentioning that Dragalia is underperforming will most likely be debunked by the fandom. The fandom's evidences conclude that the game is really not underperforming as CyberAgent claimed it to be. One of the reasons found was that CyberAgent invested a lot on a streaming service named AbemaTV which unfortunately didn't go well with their financial expectations, and that they merely coincidentally associated such failure with the release of Dragalia Lost. It turns out, Dragalia made up to $75 million since launch up to February 2019, with articles stating that it performed well for a gacha game that doesn't rely on an existing franchise unlike other mobile Nintendo titles or top grossing gachas on the mobile market. Naturally, these claims convinced fans to debunk the aforementioned cases of the game's "underperforming" controversies, calling it a scapegoating strategy by CyberAgent for the failure of their other project.
  • Junk Rare: Five Star Wyrmprints, generally speaking, are not nearly useful or powerful enough to justify their rarity, with many Four Star Wyrmprints actually being far more useful and better to use, since it's not as hard to unbind and increase their level. This is not helped by the below mentioned Scrappy Mechanic of how they can be picked instead of Dragons or Characters with that same rarity level. Wyrmprints as a whole would later be removed from the summoning pool starting in the late weeks of April 2019; instead, they would be purchased via eldwater.
  • LGBT Fanbase:
    • Much like Granblue, plenty of male characters have lots of gay fans, though The Big Guy Ranzal is the favorite, with Curran easily rivalling him in fan count. Xander, Hawk, Berserker and Kleimann also have plenty of gay fans. Joe is also very well received for have being canonically in love with a man in his backstory.
    • Characters like Julietta (whose admiration of Elisiane resembles a person crushing on their superior) and Vanessa (a very obvious Amazon Chaser who becomes obsessed over Elisiane) have been embraced by lesbians and bi women in the community.
  • Misblamed: Some of the common causes of Internet Backdraft among the playerbase is mentioning that the game is underperforming. It also doesn't help that CyberAgent (the parent company of Cygames) once called it as such. And with the statement that Nintendo required the affiliated mobile game developers to adjust the rates following player complaints and that a CyberAgent mentions "Nintendo is not interested in making a large amount of revenue from a single smartphone game", many Dragalia fans now thought that Cygames alone is the one who mentioned that statement just because it's a child company. But there are still articles correctly explicitly tracing the statement's source from CyberAgent and not Cygames.
    • A few weeks before this, CyberAgent was also reportedly trying to scapegoat (passing the blame on) the failure of their AbemaTV service to Dragalia's recent launch. But despite of this, there are those still trying to pin the blame on Cygames's side when they are not even involved on the scapegoating. All of these misblaming stems from the idea that many unknowingly interchange the two companies' names (Cygames and CyberAgent) thinking that they are one and the same, but in reality, that is not the case. It goes even as far as players from other Cygames-related fandoms calling out on the misinformed and correcting the confusion, stating that the parent company (CyberAgent) prioritizes earnings which is a clear contrast to how its child company (Cygames) operates - being a consumer-friendly company known in the gacha community for its generosity from providing in-game freebies.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Pretty much every single song made by DAOKO is this. Just look at the Awesome Music and Ear Worm tropes!
  • Nightmare Fuel: "The Accursed Archives" has shown that even the world of Dragalia Lost is not safe from the Cthulhu Mythos when one of the main players involved is Nyarlathotep, especially when it put a whole village into an And I Must Scream situation by stuffing them all into books!
  • Popular with Furries:
    • The Boss of the Skyborne Spectacle Raid Event, Valfarre. He's a big, burly anthropomorphic tiger that shows up flexing his muscles.
    • The Recruitable Dragons are also a source of attention for many, with the most popular seeming to be Brunhilda, Midgardsormr, and Pazuzu.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • For some, the controls. Using Force Strikes in particular is an exercise in frustration, as the game sometimes misinterprets your hold inputs as wanting to move your character instead. Thankfully this was patched about a month after release, making Force Strikes far more reliable.
    • Getherwings, the resource used to join co-op quests. They replenish at a rate of one per hour if you're below six, and even then you can only have 50 at most. It generally costs one Getherwing to join a quest, with an additional Getherwing needed based on the stamina needed to host the quest divided by 10, e.g. a quest that costs 10 stamina to host will require two Getherwings to join. However, 10 stamina is restored in an hour, meaning a quest that requires just one hour to host can require two hours to join. Because it's easier to host a quest than to join one, this results in a surplus of hosts and a scarcity of people joining them, resulting in long wait times for the hosts. For a game that encourages co-op play, it feels really restrictive. This was later alleviated when the normal cap was increased to 12 and the reserve cap to 99, and then Getherwings were changed so the host also has to use Getherwings, reducing the surplus of hosts.
    • Summoning employs a pity rate system, in which the odds that you'll pull a 5-star item increases as you pull lower-star items. The problem is that the items include adventurers, dragons, and wyrmprints, and getting a 5-star version of any of them resets the pity rate. It's quite disheartening to have a high 5-star rate, only to have it blown on a wyrmprint.note  The difference between the rate for 5* Wyrmprints and Dragons/Adventurers is notable, in that out of the 5.5% chance of 5* being summoned, 2.74% is the chance of getting a Wyrmprint, while both Adventurers and Dragons have a chance of 1.36% each. Starting late April, wyrmprints would be removed from the summoning pool and become obtainable via purchasing with eldwater. This change elated the fanbase.
    • Getting duplicates of 4* and 5* adventurers also count. While there is certain benefit of getting duplicate 4* and 5* dragons and even wyrmprints, the said cannot be said the same for adventurers, as getting duplicate adventurers give the player Eldwater. Worse yet, promoting an adventurer from a 4* to a 5* isn't worth it, as it costs 25,000 Eldwater to to promote the adventurer in addition to the extra Mana Circle nodes that usually cost around a total of 75,000 Eldwater. An update in late April increased the Eldwater rewards for getting duplicate 4* and 5* and offered compensation to players who obtained multiple copies of 4* and 5* adventurers.
  • That One Attack:
    • Pumpking's forward rush is the bane of single player runs due to its massive range and long duration, meaning your allies can still get hit even if you time your skills carefully. It doesn't help that Pumpking likes to spam it when he enters overdrive.
    • Pretty much every purple Area-of-Effect attacks is just as dangerous as they deal more damage and ignore the player's skill attack or transformation. Dodging them is not as easy either as most bosses, like the aforementionted Pumpking and Raid Bosses, has their attacks too big to dodge in time and usually take less time to charge. Since they can only be avoided by getting out of the way, they also tend to be real time wasters, which can be costly if the battle has a short time limit.
  • That One Boss:
    • The final boss of Chapter 5, Zodiark, is a Wake-Up call for those taking the game on easily. First, he uses Chaos Cage, which traps party members in bone cages that they can escape by dealing enough damage to them. However, if you have some form of staff-user on the team, expect it to take them a while to get out. And then Zodiark enters overdrive. When in overdrive, Zodiark begins to use Accursed Venom, which does MASSIVE damage over time. Combine this with Chaos Cage, and let's just say that party member is doomed.
    • The boss of the Halloween 2018 event, Pumpking, is notably vicious, even in easy difficulties, making hard for lower leveled players to fight it alone, due to his high damage output and easily cursing players, which stops them from using skills or turning into dragons. Co-op is a requirement to defeat him in standard difficulty.
    • Every Raid Boss like Phraeganoth and Hypnos counts as they have high HP and devastating attacks that are hard to dodge. Especially in Extra mode, where they are highly aggressive and really fast. Good luck trying to beat them under 90 seconds for an new title and on a No Death Run.
    • Void Battles brings Void Zephyr, who not only comes with the ability to dull your attacks but also can suppress your dragon gauge. In addition, during Overdrive, he has some additional attacks, such as an unavoidable cascading attack and a move like High Midgardsormr where he targets a specific adventurer to kill them instantly, that can only be countered by grouping together to share the pain. Good luck if the healer is targeted.
  • That One Level: Any level that cannot be played through co-op is likely to be this due to the game's absolutely miserable AI, especially if there are rewards for keeping the whole party alive. The Facility event's challenge battle is infamously one of them, as the player has to fight 5 waves of mobs before facing the Boss of that event.
    • Dream Big Under the Big Top facility event takes this to another extreme with the introduction of Master difficulty for the challenge battle, which is exactly like any facility event's challenge battle. Except the enemy monsters can deal a whooping 200-300 damage per attack. Not to mention, this is also a massive Difficulty Spike which requires your team to have at least 12,000 might (as opposed to the typical 8,500), meaning it requires some of the best adventurers and equipment to fully clear this challenge quest.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy:
    • Bows were considered one of the worst weapons in the game due to their low damage, their projectiles not homing in on enemies like the other ranged weapons, most of their offensive skills targeting just one enemy or requiring very careful positioning to hit multiple enemies, and their force strike being slow and covering a small area.note  What's worse, many bow users have abilities that only work if they use their force strikes and abilities that only work at full health. The only bow users that mostly escaped this fate are Eleonora, Louise, Hawk, Nefaria, and Gala Sarisse, but this is because the Eleonora and Louise aren't fully dependent on force strikes or needing full health (with Louise being one of the best bow users for Wind team compositions), while Hawk and Nefaria have reasonable stat lines for a 5* bow user despite their typical bow skill set (and Gala Sarisse considered flatout broken). Bows users were later Rescued from the Scrappy Heap with an update that made their Force Strike land faster with shorter delay, making some of the more Force-Strike heavy bow users more viable.
    • Despite being very common online, Ezelith is considered to be one of the worst 5* adventurers in the game due to her mediocre kit. Her first skill has an incredibly long animation, leaving her highly vulnerable to purple area attacks, and is often noted to deal less damage overall compared to simply spamming her regular attacks. Her second skill is arguably even worse, as while a 15% strength boost is good, a measly 15% chance to reduce the enemy's defense by only 5% for 5 seconds is often very unreliable. For reference, Euden, a free 4* unit that everyone owns, has his second skill be able to land that same defense debuff with a longer duration, MUCH higher base chance, nearly half the charge rate, and also deals good damage on top of that. Heck, even her 4* Valentine's version (while limited) can land a better defense debuff than her!
    • Any skill that requires the user to be at full health is practically worthless due to how easy it is for enemies to damage you. Unless you're good at dodging or have a very good healer, these skills will be useless most of the time. While ranged characters can benefit a bit due to the player being able to kite with them, having this skill on a melee character is fully detrimental due to them needing to be in close combat, which would make it easier for enemies to damage the character.
    • Dragons that only boost HP. Unless they have a useful support skill like Phoenix's healing, or if you're using them on healers, they're simply outclassed by dragons that boost attack, since damage output is much more useful than having more health.
    • Defense focused adventurers are generally low tier primarily due to the fact the player needs to kill the boss as quickly as possible (not to mention that that certain challenge quests and raid quests actually have a time limit). Julietta, Karina, and Ryozen completely avoided this trope, as the former two have a kit closer to a Lightning Bruiser while Ryozen is considered to be a very solid tank with a strong synergistic kit.
    • Many of the free 4* adventurers Cygames give out are either incredibly great (i.e. Celliera, Botan), or relatively decent on their role (i.e. Melsa, Felicia, Su Fang). Elias, however, happens to fall into this, as he's considered to be the worst free 4* adventurer ever released. First, his attack stat is low, so low that is even lower than most 3* adventurers and have the lowest attack stat of all adventurers released. In addition, he's classed into a weapon type that supposed to do constant single target damage (bows) and his kit is built around a Support Party Member. Not only that, his second skill that increases the team's energy level, requires specific adventurer synergy in order to make maximum use of (i.e. Lucretia and Vixel). Without any energy based light adventurers, Elias generally has a hard time building the energy level of his team and his second skill is basically a do-nothing skill that doesn't provided extra perks like what Lucretia and Vixel has.
  • Unexpected Character: Lily, or specifically her implementation in this game. No, she was indeed data-mined ahead of time and her look is similar to how it's always been... but in previous appearances she's always been a buffer or healer. Lily being a pure caster and hard-core AoE damage monster was very surprising to Rage and Granblue veterans.
  • Vanilla Protagonist: Euden's most dominant trait is that he has an unearthly amount of compassion and kindness towards other, as well as being utter clueless about the affection he receives from many women... and Orion. Outside of that, he doesn't have much depth.
  • Values Dissonance: The 2019 New Year event plot actually runs into this, for some English players. In the narrative, Botan is upset that Ieyasu cut off their friendship after ascending to the head of his wyrmclan. He did this because the soulpact with the dragon of the clan will shorten his lifespan, and he did not want to put Botan through the pain of knowing he would die well before she did. In English this can seem rather eye-rolling and a bit of an overly-melodramatic Idiot Ball, but in the deeply Japanese context of the characters in question (Hinomoto being patterned heavily off of Tokugawa Japan) this actually makes sense. Ieyasu is essentially engaging in a particularly heavy form of gaman, the concept that one's suffering and struggle should be endured silently and with grace, and that to burden others with your troubles - even things like illness - is a grave moral deficiency. And for an average person, that would be bad enough, but for someone in Ieyasu's position, it is especially important for him to maintain decorum and face as a clan leader, and so it naturally follows that he would put distance between himself and Botan. Botan's non-acceptance of this and willingness to stand by him regardless of what he suffers is meant to be emblematic of her rebellious, free-spirited character - she doesn't care about gaman, she doesn't care about "burdens", she cares about helping Ieyasu live the best life he can, social expectations be damned (with the plot overall being a bit of An Aesop about the harms of taking gaman too far). A lot of this context simply doesn't translate into English, though, and it can be confusing as to why Ieyasu is initially so insistent on not renewing his friendship with Botan.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Besides a few obvious outliers like Mym, Prometheus, Jeanne, and Phoenix, most of the dragons just look and sound like androgynous fantasy creatures. It's near impossible to guess what gender they are without reading their story or description.


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