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  • Alain's tendencies to have retreating strategies. During the main screen, he could say that he mapped out the exits or have completed retreat preparations.
  • The 5-star wyrmprint "Luca's Prank" depicts Luca tricking Eleonora into opening a chest containing a fiend. The refined version has her chase him.
  • Halloween Althemia sometimes shouts For Science! when she performs a Dash Attack and says "bleh" like a vampire when she rolls. Her actor's delivery is what sells them.
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  • After giving Ifrit a gift, he may say this as he gives you something in return:
    "Hey, look at Mr. Deep Pockets over here!"
  • Promoting Melody's rarity from 4 to 5 gives this line from her:
    "I-I did it! I'm finally a real mai—Aaaaaaah who put stairs heeeeeere?"
  • Nintendo releases Dragalia Digest for version 1.6. As Notte wraps up the presentation, Feh crashes the video with her cameo as part of a crossover announcement.
  • What does this game do for April Fool's Day? Give Notte her own Bullet Hell shooter segment in "Notte's Slumber Shot!" The game makes it very clear that it's All Just a Dream.
  • Valentine's Ezelith shouts, "Behold, my genius!" when performing a Dash Attack. It's the performance that sells it.
  • There are times when a character says something amusing when opening a chest.
    • When breaking open a chest, Marth may express surprise that they didn't need a key to open it. For Fridge Brilliance, in many Fire Emblem games, chests in map cannot be opened unless the player uses a Chest Key or have a thief with a pickpocket skill.
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    • Some comment that they seek something relevant to them, even if they make little sense. Veronica would hope that a Hero popped out of the chest or hope for some tea, Lin You would hope it's meat buns, Su Fang would hope for pyroblossom materials, Fleur would hope it's art supplies or a smock, or Yue would hope to find meat.
    • One of Alex's lines has her ask who would leave their treasure out in the open.
  • When viewing the castle grounds, it is possible for Louise to call out to Lowen asking where he is while he's right next to her.
  • "Hitting the Books" wyrmprint sees Brunhilda attempting to study in library. Skipping forward two uncaps later and said library is on fire.

Character stories

  • Elisanne just doesn't want to admit that her hobby is collecting cute animal dolls.
  • When Luca and the Prince set out to gather food in Luca's story, the Prince finds chuckleberries, which cause one to laugh uncontrollably upon consumption. That gave Luca the idea to bake them in a pie as a prank. This backfires when Sarisse orders him to test the food before serving.
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  • The heroes meet Orsem when he beats them to a purse snatcher they're pursuing. Upon catching the thief, he dramatically declares (to the thief, since he's the only one listening) that he's an adventurer who travels the world to promote the ideals of ice skating. The thief's stunned response?
    "I know those words, but they don't make sense in that order."
  • Edward shows up on your castle's doorstep to offer service as a butler out of nowhere. Cleo and Ranzal suggest the Prince to take him in on the spot, only to quickly make themselves scarce when Edward starts bossing them around the castle like a strict secretary.
  • Estelle's introduction. Having a priest threatening Euden based on a rumor of indecency with woman in castle is hilarious enough. But what's even more funny are Cleo and Elisanne's curious reaction to Euden's response:
    Cleo & Elisanne: ...?!
    Cleo: "Hmph. Is that so?"
    Elisanne:"Nothing...special...? I...I see..."
    Euden:"Did the temperature just drop...?"
  • During the second part of her story, Ranzal asks Xania if she can do party favors since he wants to impress the crowd. She says that she doesn't, but offers to have him do animal impressions, and makes him imitate a frog. Cue Ranzal ribbiting away.
  • In his story, Rawn quickly sees the Prince as a friend as the latter is friends with a bear. By bear, he meant Ranzal, to Ranzal's dismay.
    • Later on in Rawn's story, he tries to imitate Notte by... hopping around attempting to simulate her flight.
  • The castle story Plunder Pals focuses on Maribelle, Notte, and Karina trick-or-treating around the castle. The pranks they perform include:
    • The group pilfering the food Vice and Xainfried were cooking for dinner.
    • Maribelle fiddling with Ryozen and Raemond's game of chess and preventing Raemond's checkmate.
    • Notte interfering with Verica's fortune-telling for Philia.
    • Karina distracting Estelle with word of the Prince in costume so the group can avoid Estelle's Loving Hand.
  • Lucretia's story starts as an escalation of laughter. Her first episode has her quitting her singing career while hoping to help the prince in some way. Except she didn't formally quit her career, she kept her scheduled appearances open and left her orchestra partners hanging. Her second episode has her causing extreme amounts of disaster in doing chores because her servants were the ones doing them in her life, causing Cleo to ban her from doing any more chores.
  • Near the end of Zace's story he admires Elisanne from a distance and mutters "How beautiful" under his breath. Notte and Ransal overhear this and tell Zane he should tell her his feelings. He's rejected and when asked what he said he said that he admired qualities of Elisanne's skeleton! He then compliments Notte's coccyx, which is her BUTT. When Notte demands where he saw her naked he says clothes are no obstacle in him admiring another person's bones creeping Notte out.
  • In final episode of Alex's story, she takes in orphans from the streets to try and give them better live in Halidom. Upon arrival, Ranzal and Luca play with children that arrived previously by pretending to be fiends coming to steal food.
    Ranzal & Luca: (getting picked on by the children) "They're too strong! They got us! Noooo!"
    Elder Orphan Brother: "What are those weirdos doing?"
  • Odetta getting excited over new things she hasn't seen before in Halidom, including... Cleo's painting from Cleo's own story episode. The Sylvian keeper can't help but questions why is it suddenly there.
  • Philia believes in the concept of fate, so much so that she falls into Love at First Sight when she bumped into the Prince by accident and follows him everywhere. Naturally, the Prince tries to avoid her one morning by heading out on patrol early... except that a bird came down on Philia's shoulder, giving her a hint of where he is.
  • Gala Mym's adventurer stories have her fantasizing about a married life with the prince. The rest of the main cast stand in for various other characters, like "Groom's Friend", "Vendor", and "Horse". Her delusions also begin with a disclaimer that everything is made up, and even that gets a bit short with each subsequent episode.
    • The first chapter sets the bar for hilarity with the imagined wedding ceremony, with Cleo as the Priest, Notte as the Groom's Mother, Luca and Elisanne as the Groom's Friends, and Ranzal as the Horse. The Groom's Mother expresses how she might like the bride more than her "own child" while the Groom's female Friend vehemently objects to the union and expresses her RAAAAAAAAAGE! Mym seems to not notice her rage and is instead worried that there's no bouquet of flowers to throw, using the Groom's male Friend as a substitute and throws him at her. Euden then gushes that he has a wife that hurls his friends around the room.
  • The first chapter of Nurse Aeleen's story proves that her choice to Pursue the Dream Job as a nurse doesn't affect her alter ego in the slightest. She desires to support from the sidelines, only to find herself clobbering a fiend in true Aeleen fashion while tending a patient, to the others' surprise.

Main Story

  • After the Prince forms a pact with Brunhilda, the Firewyrm decides to transform into a more fitting form for her new pact bearer: an incredibly attractive woman that immediately flirts with the Prince. The Prince is completely dumbfounded by this, as is the rest of the party.
    • One of extra mission nodes has Notte talking with Brunhilda about the Prince's boundless kindness. Cue Brunhilda faking injuries out loud, only for the Prince to drop by and instruct Cleo to heal her. Then Cleo gives Brunhilda a pair of Prince's old gloves to 'heal her wounded heart'.
    • A little bit later you find out a little gem about Dragons. They are not suppose to shapeshift like that and no one understands why Brunhilda can.
    • Some months after the game's release and Brunhilda became playable adventurer.


  • Trick or Treasure sees some shenanigans, including:
    • Luca and Ranzal going trick-or-treating, although they were too early according to Cleo.
    • Althemia trying to deliver a pumpkin...and crashes.
    • The ending shows that Emile was the one who painted the symbol that draws in the fiends. It does cause problem for sure, but the mental image of a noble prince resorting to childish graffiti pranks can comes off as hilariously pathetic.
  • The Miracle of Dragonyule
    • The event, which began at the end of 2018, begins with Euden planning for new year festival only for Xander to blow the funding on a statue of himself. The reaction from Cleo and Nefaria says it all.
    • Jeanne D'Arc wounds up wearing a cute dress by getting dragged into it by Mym. Jeanne is clearly flustered by her fellow dragon's insistence to celebrate Dragonyule.
  • Shishimai's entrance during his raid boss battle. He leaps around the edge of the ring before dropping into the arena. He opens his mouth, and instead of a roar, a deep voice booms "Let the games begin!".
  • In Accursed Archives, Curran is shown to flub up some quotes constantly. One notable messup has him say "...just like beauty, heretics is in the eye of the buttholder." That didn't go unnoticed by Notte, who lampshaded his goof.
  • Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes: When Alfonse tells the Prince's group about Loki and how she is a Master of Disguise, Ranzal assumes she has an extravagant wardrobe of wigs and assorted disguises. Note that Loki is a rather busty woman, and she was found masquerading as the prepubescent Veronica, making Ranzal's guess look very farfetched.

Dragalia Life Comics

  • #1 has the main party characters imaging what the Windwyrm (Midgardsormr) looks like. Notte hopes it's a cool and strong dragon, taking on the form of Agni. Zethia hopes for a beautiful and kind dragon, taking on the form of Poli'ahu, Euden (the Prince) thinks of a doll-sized animal he can cuddle, the Cynder Drake. Bonus points for the description sounding suspiciously like a certain lizard from another Cygames mobage...
  • #14 is about Celliera taking Luca out for training. When he gets back, he's bulging with muscles and also taller than everyone to Euden's horror. Turns out he was having a nightmare while Celliera and Luca are by the fire.
    Celliera: “Aww, Euden's dreaming about doing drills with me! He must really love training!
    Luca: “Somehow I doubt that's it...”
  • #51 is a New Year's comic that's loaded with a Hurricane of Puns that makes Notte groan.
    Ranzal: Fish for New Year's? That's what I call...SOLE food!
    Luca: I wouldn't...BREAM of eating anything else!
    Elisanne: I had never eaten mochi before, but this is quite...RICE!
    Cleo: I've heard bad food puns before, but this one...takes the CAKE!
    Notte: Aw, not you guys too!
    Mym: Oh don't be so serious, Notte! If you keep whining like that, this'll become a...New Year's BRAY!
    Notte: If you guys don't stop, I'm gonna PUN-ish you all!
  • #67 has Thaniel overhearing Euden tell Cleo that he wants fish for dinner, so he goes out to a lake looking to catch a proper big fish for dinner. After so many catches, he ends up catching a giant fish that would make Goku proud! Of course by the time he gets it back, they already ate.
  • #72 has Euden's reaction to having Wellspring Imp taken away and told to feed Ranzal instead, the last panel showing an exaggerated sad face.
  • #103 has Cibella training and Celliera overhears her. Soon as Euden does, the memory of Buff Luca comes back to haunt him, only now joined by Cibella who's strong enough to crush iron. He's doing his best to talk her out of it.

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