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  • Colbert Bump: A majority of the game's soundtrack is composed by the Japanese singer DAOKO. By the game's first week alone, more Westerners are now aware of her and her songs, thanks to the main background theme of this game serving as their entry point.
  • Content Leak: With the game being built around the Unity engine, some dataminers are able to leak contents in the updates earlier than the game's scheduled official annoucements.
    • Leviathan and Lily were revealed to be the game's initial batch of updated gacha content.
    • The Halloween 2018 units were discovered in the first week of October 2018.
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    • Most intriguingly, full body art for "the Masked Girl" (really both time-travel Zethia and also "Empress Zethia" possessed by the Other) was found in mid-October 2018; when this character appears in the actual story, their sprite is cut off past the waist. Even more interesting is that one of those is arranged just like a character portrait for the details screen, with a plinth for them to stand on and everything. What makes this bizarre is that this is for Empress Zethia, who one would imagine won't be playable at all.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Celery" for Celliera, which is easier to remember and pronounce than the character's intended fantasy-sounding name, and it fits her health nut personality.
    • "Dragon Daddy" for Xainfried taking care of two baby dragons, regarding them as if they were his own children.
    • “Xunder” for the rather Off-Model face that Xander has in the “Cleo's Ruse” Wyrmprint.
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    • "Dio Xander" for the reveal that instead of the next banner after the Accursed Archive being the Gala Banner, it was a Water Banner with Xander as main promoted unit, especially with his face photoshopped on the "But it was I, Dio!" meme.
    • "Banana" for Irfan's clothes making him look like one.
    • "Harmacist" for Heinwald, due to his very unique pure Combat Medic nature of his kit.
    • "Buttholder" for Curran, due to his Malaproper during the Accursed Archives event when he meant to say beholder.
    • The “Weenie Crew” is the name given to the group of Elias, Pia and Lowen as child heroes who are led into (mis)adventures by Ranzal and Luca.
    • "Buff/Swole/JoJo Luca" is this for the Luca seen in Dragalia Life #14 after Celliera puts him through serious training that leaves him bulging with muscles to Euden's horror, which turns out to be a horrible dream for him.
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    • The "Dream Summon Special" voucher is seen as a counterpart to the "Surprise Ticket" of Granblue, coming from the same developer. And as such, GBF players call the Dream Summon Special item as "Suptix" even in this game.
    • The High Dragons also have shortened nicknames for many players:
      • "HMS": High Midgardsormr
      • "HBH": High Brunhilda
      • "HMC": High Mercury
      • "HJP": High Jupiter
      • "HZD": High Zodiark
    • “Papa Matsuura” for game director Hideki Matsuura as the game gives quality of life updates and during events, generously gives out wyrmite and summon tickets whether they’re single pulls, ten pulls, or a straight 5* pull.
    • We Bare Bears for the fact there are now three bear themed dragons in the game with Arctos being Griz, Long Long being Panpan and Maritimus being Ice Bear.
    • Jeanne Alter is this for Void Jeanne d'Arc after she was unveiled on July 22, especially with the comparisons between both games.
    • Cleomilla is this for Cleo becoming the DL version of Camilla as having the most alts, especially out of the main characters.
    • "Gnarly Toestep" is this for Nyarlathotep after Curran bungled trying out his own In the Name of the Moon summoning of him in Dragalia Life #153.
  • I Knew It!:
    • Ever since Lily was released, fans of other Cygames titles were expecting more playable characters to be imported from Rage of Bahamut and/or Granblue Fantasy. When a dragon version of Cerberus came in Dragalia, many have thought that the Wyrmprints having Rage of Bahamut characters serve as the clue (Cerberus appeared in Fireside Gathering), while Forte and Albert being the next possible choices due to having Cameos in the Lord of the Skies and Levin's Champion Wyrmprints respectively. Indeed, Albert finally became playable on 2019.
    • People also figured one of these days there was going to be a crossover between this game and Fire Emblem Heroes. Now they finally get that chance in the "Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes" event.
    • Fans of Granblue Fantasy expected that Cygames would implement the "Suprise Ticket" system into Dragalia Lost - a paid item that gives one tenfold summon plus the ability to freely obtain one unit of the player's choice. As of March 26, 2019 it is indeed announced that this game will have a counterpart of it, named "Dream Summon Special".
    • Fans knew that one of these days, Mym would be made a playable unit and they're right as she's the May Gala unit.
    • People had also guessed that whether she would be a Gala or a featured adventurer, Ramona would be made playable. She and her sisters are the featured stars of the Flames of Reflection event.
  • Milestone Celebration: The One Year Anniversary event coincides with a Gala Event which not only releases Gala Euden, but also gives out a whole mess of goodies upon the first login of the day. Each and every recruitable character has special "Happy Anniversary" lines, as well as a special Anniversary version of the Login screen of Continuity Cavalcade of all the characters met in events over the year from Celliera all the way up to Siren. In a change from the usual event formula, the September story event is heavily tied to the main story as part of the anniversary.
  • Name's the Same: While there are characters in Dragalia Lost who have been imported from Rage of Bahamut or Granblue Fantasy sharing the same name and design like Lily, Leviathan and Cerberus, it is not uncommon to come across adventurers and dragons who share the same name with another RoB or GBF character. For example, compare Dragalia's Garuda to Rage's Garuda and Granblue's Garuda. They all have varying designs despite sharing the same name. The designs of the dragons used in this game are actually imported from an old Cygames title Knights of Glory that had a different overall design than the aforementioned two games.
  • No Export for You: Nintendo plans to pull Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes from Belgium on August 27, 2019 in response to fears regarding loot box laws possibly affecting gachas. As Dragalia Lost runs a gacha system, it will not see a release in Belgium.
  • Playing Against Type: While she's proven she has range and talent before, for Cygames fans there was still a surprise concerning Yoko Hikasa's debut in Dragalia. Previously, she played Anne and Selfira in Granblue Fantasy, the two of them being a Genki Girl princess student and a quiet, emotionally-vulnerable violinist, respectively. In Dragalia she plays Celliera, an incredibly hammy knight trainer with Drill Sergeant Nasty tendencies who loves Training from Hell; she's about as far as you can get from either of the other two (and sounds like it, to boot!)
  • Role Reprise: All of the Fire Emblem characters from the "Lost Heroes" event have their voice actors reprise their roles.
  • What Could Have Been: According to Word of God, sylvans would have had cat ears, but then changed to have bunny ears instead.

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     2018 Events 
  • Loyalty's Requiem note 
  • Tricks 'n' Treasures note 
  • Kindness and Captivity note 
  • A Wish to the Winds note 
  • Resplendent Refrain note 
  • The Miracle of Dragonyule note 
  • New Year's Tidings Fortune from Afar note 

     2019 Events 
  • Dream Big Under the Big Top note 
  • Skyborne Spectacle note 
  • Valentine's Confections note 
  • A Waltz with Fate note 
  • The Accursed Archives note 
  • The Hunt for Harmony note 
  • Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes note 
  • Resplendent Refrain (repeat) (May 14-24)
  • Echoes of Antiquity note 
  • A Wish to the Winds (repeat) (June 20-30)
  • New Year's Tidings Fortune from Afar (repeat) (June 30-July 11)
  • Flames of Reflectionnote 
  • A Splash of Adventurenote 
  • A Crescendo of Couragenote 
  • Valentine's Confections (repeat) (August 22-30)
  • Skyward Spectacle (repeat (August 30-September 12)
  • Fractured Futuresnote 
  • Mega Man: Chaos Protocol note 

Character Showcases (All units added to Permanent Roster unless noted)

     2018 Showcases 
  • The Winter Flower and the Tidal Power note 
  • Halloween Fantasia note 
  • The Desert Jewel and the Abyssal Flame note 
  • Winds of Hope note 
  • An Enchanted Ensemble note 
  • Dragonyule Defendersnote 
  • Eastern Emissariesnote 

     2019 Showcases 
  • Circus of Dreams note 
  • Springtime Spree note 
  • Ardent Admirers note 
  • Thunder and Splendor note 
  • The Accursed Archives note 
  • The Hunt for Harmony note 
  • Visions of Amity note 
  • Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes: note 
  • Beauty In Motion note 
  • Ambitions in Bloomnote 
  • Wedding Bellesnote 
  • Festival Phenomsnote 
  • Flames of Reflectionnote 
  • A Splash of Adventurenote 
  • A Crescendo of Couragenote 
  • Windswept Warriors note 
  • Knights of Glorynote 
  • Fractured Futuresnote 

    Gala Dragalia Showcases (occurs every two months) 
  • January 2019: Gala Sarisse
  • March 2019: Gala Ranzal
  • May 2019: Gala Mym
  • July 2019: Gala Cleo
  • September 2019: Gala Prince


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