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Concerning Harle and certain recurring Cygames characters
His resemblance to Sandalphon from Granblue Fantasy isn't a coincidence. He is this universe's Sandalphon, and is in the service of this world's Lucifer... who is closer to his mythological inspiration and is a villain in this setting. At the very least, Harle seems to have no respect for the other inheritors and even strikes a surprisingly non-deferential tone with Emperor Aurelius (although he does show more deference to "Empress Zethia"), and is extremely on board with and not surprised by the leadership shift from the start. This would make sense if he's an agent of a power above the original dragon-human-fiend conflict, and the reveal of this kicks off the expanded, wider-universe plot of Dragalia.

Concerning Bahamut
In a game about dragons, it's almost axiomatic that Cygames' Big Guy is gonna show up sooner or later, but he is pointedly absent from the initial series lore and introductions. There's a few possibilities:
  • He's going to be introduced as an incredibly powerful being who is above most of the conflicts seen to date - to dragons what dragons often are to humans. Contacting him could be a major crux of the finale of the first arc.
  • Bahamut was involved in the instigation of the original conflict that became the first Sealing War. As such, his name has been blotted from history and his re-introduction into world affairs will be a big deal that helps convince others to rally behind the Prince.
  • Possibly related to either idea: Bahamut is The Other, in opposition to Elysium. "Empress Zethia" does gain some very prominent horn-styled hair decs...
  • Another possibility is that he's a Sealed Can Of Evil a la Rage of Bahamut: Genesis with the seal and its keys or Granblue's Zinkenstill shrine containing a major portion of Bahamut's power.
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  • He's dead and is actually the dead sixth Greatwrym.

Concerning Lucifer
Aside from Bahamut, another Series Mascot for Cygames who constantly appears in most of their fantasy-themed RPG games is the angel Lucifer. He already had an appearance or art asset from Knights of Glory, an older Cygames title which Dragalia Lost serves as a Spiritual Successor to.
  • With this in mind and with the usual gimmick of Cygames reusing character designs to make them easier to import to other games, it is very likely that Lucifer's first appearance in Dragalia could be a dragon.
  • However, there might also be that one possibility wherein Dragalia wouldn't directly receive a character named "Lucifer". Imagine Nintendo having to semi-own a character named after a biblical character who is mostly associated to be the same entity as Satan. It wouldn't do well for a game with colorful aesthetics from a child-friendly company to have such a controversial biblical character out of the blue. Yet, there can be remedies for this, like how Cygames has already done with their other English-translated games for a long time ago.
    • Considering the fact that they added a Dragon with the name Pazuzu, which is the name of a demon’but most people know the name from The Exorcist movies, without any issue it’s not hard to believe that Nintendo would allow Lucifer to keep his name regardless of the implications. It’s even more likely that an imported Dragon Lucifer would keep his less “dark” Arch Seraph Lucifer form, the form in which he isn’t “evil” as he hadn’t fallen yet, so that could possibly get cancel out the negative connotations of having a character named after a satanic figure. It would possibly help a bit, the fact that the form he has isn’t satanic. It’s unambiguously angelic and is often described as such in the Flavor Text of the games he appears in.
    • Resort to Dub Name Change - Rename "Lucifer" into another similar or related name that doesn't outright refer to the biblical character. "Light Bringer" would be a perfect replacement. Like the Dub Name Change that happened in Shadowverse where cards representing the Cygames character "Satan" were renamed to either "Prince of Darkness" or "Cocytus" while retaining said character's design.
      • That example of a Dub Name Change doesn’t work in this scenario. Lucifer appears in Shadowverse as well and he retains the name Lucifer in both English and Japanese the listed examples going through name changes. Also, it seems like all the dragons in Dragalia Lost don’t have titles for names, so renaming him to “Light Bringer” instead of an actual name would make him an Odd Name Out.
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    • Import another look-alike incarnation of him - While not importing Lucifer directly, another solution to avoid such a controversial biblical character's name is to apply the Adaptation Species Change or Expy tropes - changing a part of the character's background or simply import a character derived from Lucifer. There are indeed characters in Granblue Fantasy whom the fandom calls Lucifaces for being look-alikes of Lucifer despite being different entities related to him. In relation to the Dub Name Change solution above, one of them is Lucio who represents a servant of god in-story, while also having the true name of "Helel ben Sahar", alongside a more divine appearance.
    • Lucio appearing in Dragalia Lost even if it’s just in-name only would be highly unlikely, given the fact that despite new lore claiming he is the first Luciface to appear in Granblue Fantasy, in meta he is not regarded as THE Lucifer for Granblue Fantasy. Instead, the summon/NPC character Lucifer is treated as such. According to the new lore revealed in “What Makes The Sky Blue: 000”, there should be no reason to believe that Lucio/Helel ben Sahar would appear in the world of Dragalia Lost, as he was created by the omnipotent itself to serve a singular purpose in the world of Granblue, and could only justifiably exist in that world. The same goes for Lucilius. Neither character could reasonably exist in the world of Dragalia Lost since the Luciface lore is a plot thread exclusive to how the world of Granblue came to be. They’re both regarded as original characters for that game that just happen to look like Lucifer. Lucifer NPC gets slightly more preferential treatment in a way due to him actually sharing a name with the Series Mascot Lucifer as well as the summon that was initially based off of Rage of Bahamut Lucifer. Cygames Lucifer, however, as a character, is a Legacy Character and Series Mascot for Cygames. He appears in every original IP of theirs, so long as it survived long enough for him to be implemented. It’s highly unlikely that they would break their streak of having a character that looks like, sounds like and actually is named Lucifer appear in their game just because Nintendo had an issue with the name. But as I stated above, due to their implementation of another demonic named figured into the game, it doesn’t seem like having characters named after demonic figures would be an issue enough for Lucifer to undergo a Dub Name Change at all, given that the name of said demonic character, who in this case is the famous Pazuzu, keeps his name in all the games languages. Changing Lucifer’s name to “Lucio” for the English translation would only cause confusion if they went that route, since most Granblue Players know that Lucio is a separate character, whose design is a slight deviation from Lucifer’s as we know him. Lucio is now known to have chibi wings to differentiate him from Lucifer. We only see him with Lucifer’s famous 6 wings in his battle sprite but nowhere else. Lucifer summon/NPC, however, is always seen with the iconic 6 wings, due to him having the strongest meta ties with Rage of Bahamut Lucifer. and that’s how fans know the difference between the two outside of their names.
    • Adding to the above, there is demonic lore built into the world of Dragalia Lost with there even characters that supposedly worship the demons of their world, hence the likely reason why a character named after or for a demon wouldn’t be out of place in the world of Dragalia Lost, child-friendly or not. This doesn’t seem like a worry to Nintendo. This also could serve as another justification as to why a Dub Name Change for Lucifer wouldn’t make sense.

Regarding the Masked Girl
While it's obvious that she's related to Zethia in some way and chapter five makes it clear she is Zethia somehow, there are a few possible things that could've happened.
  • Time Travel/alternate universe shenanigans. This isn't the first time Nintendo has had a time-travelling Masked maiden from the future before. In which case, she likely came from a bad future or parallel universe. Chapter 5 suggests fairly heavily that this interpretation is true, though it still doesn't outright confirm the situation.
  • Cloning blues could be a possibility too.
  • It seems like there's a decent chance she'll be back even after chapter 5, if only to give us a playable Dark Zethia as opposed to "Empress Zethia".

Theory on the True Villain
It seems highly probable that the Other is the demon, Morsayati, summoned into the First Binding War, or at least a fragment of its power that escaped through the seal. According to the first video of The History of Alberia, the humans were desperate enough to call upon a powerful demon from another realm to defeat the dragons. The Other is intent on eliminating dragons, keeping with the initial intent of its purpose of being called into the world. At least, that's what it claims through its guise as Empress Zethia. The second video then reveals the origins of the Dyrenell Empire, formed by people that wanted to return to their advanced civilization and no longer live in harmony with dragons to the point that they sought to bring Morsayati back. The first thing that the Other does at the first opportunity of possessing Aurelius? Turn Alberia into the new Dyrenell Empire. And apparently, it has grown wise with age as it seized the opportunity to take over the Auspex to prevent itself from being purged unlike the first time when Ilia and Elysium pacted together to seal the demon away. Additionally in the prologue, when confronting the party for Zethia and the Sacred Shard, Zethia's prayer allowed the Prince to briefly transform into Elysium, to which the possessed Aurelius regarded with disdainful familiarity.
  • Confirmed as of Chapter 8, where the Other's true name is casually dropped numerous times.

Potential crossovers
As Cygames has pretty much done all kinds of crossovers with their other original IPs and Nintendo's involvement opens up a lot of new doors that the other mobile games don't have.
  • Fire Emblem, the big obvious one as Nintendo's already pre-existing fantasy series containing oodles of dragons in every installment.
    • Confirmed via Dragalia Digest for update 1.6. Characters obtainable in the crossover event were all 5* adventurers: Marth (flame sword), Fjorm (water lance), and Veronica (shadow wand, though her model was modified to carry a tome instead) were summonable, while Alfonse (light sword) was the freebie.
  • The Legend of Zelda is another one that would have obvious thematic similarities to Dragalia. Bonus points for getting a Volvagia or Valoo dragon!
  • A Shadowverse or Granblue Fantasy direct collab (as in, outside of Cygames' usual mascot characters who show up in all their works) isn't out of the question, though Granblue may be a slightly weirder proposition since it isn't officially available outside on Japan. It also depends on how much Nintendo wants to promote games outside of the Nintendo ecosystem.
    • While Shadowverse or GBF have yet to crossover into the game, other characters from the series like Albert and Lily have become recruitable characters.
  • I have a better one in mind that still involves dragons. How to Train Your Dragon crossing over with this game would be amazing, especially with Toothless as a 5* shadow dragon.
  • Kid Icarus could work especially since Uprising had Pit have new weapons besides a bow which could have some equivalents.
  • Castlevania, probably not one of the Belmonts though (unless they do a Mechanically Unusual Fighter like they did with Fire Emblem Heroes' Veronica and map the Vampire Killer whip to an existing weapon like the Blade or something). Alucard could work either as a Sword or Blade unit. Eric Lecarde from Bloodlines could be a Spear Support unit. Grant Danasty from Dracula's Curse could be a Dagger unit.
  • Super Smash Bros.: Considering that there is a good chance a Dragalia Lost representative (Euden) will appear as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it's very likely Cygames and Nintendo will do a collab event (as an anniversary celebration for Dragalia Lost) with Super Smash Bros with characters from various Nintendo and third-party characters that appeared in Smash. The characters the player may most likely summon would be Link (Wind Sword, although he'll be Suddenly Voiced for the purposes of this game), Pit (Light Bow), Greninja (Water Dagger), Joker (Shadow Dagger). Summonable Dragons would most likely be Ridley (Shadow), Bowser (Flame), Charizard (Flame), Pikachu (Light), Squirtle (Water), Ivysaur (Wind), and King Dedede (Water). The freebie 5* character welfare will most likely Mario (who would most likely be a Flame Fist character, providing if fists were introduced as a new weapon type).

The fifth scion
Chapter 6 reveals that there was a fifth scion, but whatever happened to them was before the Prince's time. There's a chance that they may still be alive and may run into the Prince's group in the future. There's also a slight (but maybe unlikely) chance that the Prince may have met them already.

Future Raid events
The Loyalty's Requeim event has been a fire type event that favors water type characters. Just as the elemental dungeons cycle each week, there would be elemental raids each month.
  • The next raid event was Kindness and Captivity, a wind type event that favors fire type characters. Will they go full circle and introduce a water raid event? Only one way to find out.
  • We eventually cover all elements: The raids after were Shadow (Resplendent Refrain), Light (New Years Tidings), and water (Skyborne Spectacle). So far, the raid events occurring each month has been confirmed.

Future Dragon fights
So far, High Midgardsormr is the first of the main five dragons to get an upgraded boss fight. Eventually, the other four will get the same treatment.

The sixth Greatwyrm
In the story, only five have been shown so far, with the sixth's identity currently unrevealed.
  • As mentioned above, it could be Bahamut but given Cygames' incredibly preferential treatment towards it in other works, them deciding to off it offscreen seems unlikely.
    • Alternatively, a weakened version similar to Proto Bahamut from GBF could be feasible.
  • Elysium, since it is the one dragon of great import in the story currently unaccounted for
    • A dragon representing the Earth element, the element triangles of Dragalia are incredibly similar to Granblue with the one exception of the Earth element being missing.
    • One option being thrown around is that Cleo is the sixth dragon whose memories and form have been sealed away for security's sake. It would explain why she's still so young even by sylvan standards.

DAOKO will eventually be made into a recruitable hero
Since her songs provide most of the music in the game, she would eventually be released as a character in an event, either pulled from the gatcha or having to be leveled up in friendship like in raid events. She'd also provide her own voice in the Japanese version.

Other Rage of Bahamut/Granblue Fantasy characters and arcs
Since they've shown they'll make heroes and even dragons out of characters from the previous Cygames games, what's to say they won't do one of the stories involving a corrupted Jeanne d'Arc to give her a Shadow version as well as a bit of an Enemy Mine situation between the heroes and The Empire to save her soul?
  • Now that Void Battles are introduced, they'd probably just slap Void Jeanne as a boss with no build up or explanation and she's just there for new challenges and weapons.

There will be new weapon types
To coincide with new characters, there would also be new weapon types like either guns which would basically play more like bow users and fists, which play more like dagger users.

There will be continuations to each adventurer's storyline
While there are holiday versions of characters that provide new stories for characters, it would be more along the lines of in a future update that either in tier 4 or tier 5 of their mana ring, they have an exclusive quest chain not only dedicated to them, but they have to be involved in the party.
  • One example would include Xainfried fighting against the tribe that killed his own and his dragon sons' parents.

Other Raid/Facility events will introduce Dragalia versions of real-world countries
Since the New Year event shows that Hinomoto is the DL version of Japan, perhaps we can expect one event to have an event that has characters from the DL version of Russia, China or even Australia for example.
  • A DL equivalent of China is confirmed, courtesy of the Skyborne Spectacle raid event. Not only do the adventurers and dragons bear the Chinese naming style, traditions are also carried over, including kung-fu and fireworks. The dragon from the raid is the traditional serpent, while the gacha dragon resembles a panda.

Other New Years events will introduce groups like Ieyasu's as well as Euden's
Since Ieyasu's is primarily Shadow elemental, have their own dragon and their leader is named after a famed shogun from the Feudal Era of Japan, the next event will have something similar, with a Light-theme raid/facility event, and with the leader of that group being Nobunaga.

Dragons can be promoted to new ranks
It's been revealed that some of the 4-5* dragons in this game have actually come from one of Cygames' previous games, Knights of Glory, which shows they had baby forms not unlike the 3* dragons. Somewhere down the line, they'll make it where 3 and 4* dragons will have to be fully unbound, max level and have max bond level just to increase their rank.

The second and third Gala adventurers will be Nina (the shopkeeper) and Ramona (the blacksmith), in no particular order
While one instance is hardly a pattern, Sarisse was a prominent NPC before the first Gala, and these two have that in common with her.
  • The second Gala adventurer is revealed and it's...neither. Instead, we get a sword version for Ranzal.
  • The third Gala adventurer is, again, neither: we get Mym instead, who uses a flame lance. Thus, the WMG is jossed; whether or not Nina or Ramona will get Gala versions in the future is uncertain.

Leif will be a future Gala character
Despite being propped up in the loading screen like he's an important character, he's only shown up all of ONCE! in the story while Harle has had more relevance. This would allow him to finally have some revelance in the story and as a Gala character be a Game-Breaker like Sarisse.
  • Leif reappears in a side story in Chapter 8, when he apparently gets an invitation of some sort. That may hint that he'll be given for free in Chapter 9. That will not joss the chances of Gala Leif, though, since Ranzal got a Gala skin even though he was playable since towards the beginning.

There will be a Gala Zethia as an anniversary Gala Dragalia where she happens to be an alternative Zethia that didn't get possessed by the Other
For the anniversary celebration, it's very likely that we'll get a Gala Zethia where she is an alternative Zethia that did not get possessed by the Other. Considering she's one of the focus characters in the game, she'll most likely be a Light Staff unit

Maid Elisanne will be featured as a Gala adventurer
Considering the official Japanese twitter account tweeted a picture of Elisanne in a Maid outfit in celebration of "Maid Day" in Japan, it's very likely she'll be featured as another Mechanically Unusual Fighter Gala character in a Gala Dragalia.

Other holiday events
Since there have been raids or facilities coinciding with holidays, shall we take a guess on what holiday would fall under each element? And also what new alternate units there would be.
  • April Fool's Day: This would definitely be a light themed event. Perhaps one of Luca's pranks goes horribly wrong which summons a raid worthy fiend which needs to be put down.
    • There were April Fools' Day festivities, but instead we got a top down shoot-em-up featuring Notte.
  • Easter: Definitely a wind themed event and a chance to get a wind themed Elisanne in another bunny costume.
  • St. Patrick's Day: Very wind theme! Especially if it introduces the DL version of Scotireland and has a leprechaun dragon.
    • As we approach St. Patrick's, we get...Accursed Archives, which has no Irish connections and is Shadow attuned. Jossed for now.
  • Independence Day: If there's a DL version of the United States, this is the event to introduce it!
  • Thanksgiving: While the game would have to write a way for it so both US and Asian audiences can understand it, it would let in a Fire version of Xander.
    • Unfortunately, this is at risk of being jossed. The game was around during Thanksgiving references thereof in game. Also, very few—if any—Japanese media have referenced the American holiday.

While highly doubtful, there could be a crossover with World of Warcraft
It would be a way to introduce the Dragonflights to the DL-verse, especially if Mym sees Alexstraza as competition for Euden as a red dragon who can also turn into a human.

Other Raid/Facility events would have different genre types
“The Accursed Archive” shows that the game can go right into Cosmic Horror territory. Perhaps other events would involve a detective noir thriller.

Geralt will somehow pop in here!
Considering he's been in games like Soul Calibur VI and Monster Hunter: World, it would be a likely bet. He'd also have to tone down his usual level of violence and profanity for this game. Of course Yennifer, Triss and Ciri would be involved as Euden and friends get dragged in to fight the Wild Hunt. And yes, Doug Cockle would still voice Geralt even then.

A pro wrestling event will somehow pop up in here
It would most likely be a facility event, but it goes like this: the group (minus Luca) go to a wrestling show only for it to get overrun by fiends. The featured units of the event would help join in to fight those fiends with a dash of Pro Wrestling Is Real. Since pro wrestling is popular on both sides of the pond, who do we get to voice the characters, hmmm? On the Japanese side, it would be Kazuchika Okada while on the English side, it could be Kenny Omega. Hell, since Kenny speaks Japanese, he can just as well do both languages.

The Gala Adventurer pattern
January 2019 introduced Gala Sarisse as a fire character and March 2019 introduced Gala Ranzal as a wind character. May will be a water character, July as a Light character and then September as a Shadow character befor cycling back to fire in November.

Notte will be an April Fool's Day Bonus Boss
Notte will become ridiculously buff like Sabnock and need a raid to take her down. Of course, her bonus boss fight lasts only for this one whole day, but the rewards are worth it in the end.

There will be an Advanced Imperial Offensive mode
The idea for this one being that instead of fighting waves of soldiers along with a Captain, you'll be fighting one of Euden's siblings. We had a preview of it in Chapter 6 with Valyx. Valyx is Light, Phares is Water, Leonidas is fire, Chelle is shadow and Emile is wind. When they reach Overdrive, they call upon their dragon until reaching Break, reverting back to human, then repeat this until they're defeated.

Future Void Dragons
We've now seen Void Zephyr and Void Agni who are basically lighter, but no less harder, versions of High Midgardsormr and High Brunhilda. The next tier 3 void dragon to be released will be based on High Mercury, with others based on High Jupiter and High Zodiark. Since they're all based on the 5* dragons available from when the game first launched on September 27 2018, that means the next one will be Void Poseidon, then we'll have Void Nidhogg or Void Jeanne d'Arc depending on which one gets released first between High Jupiter and High Zodiark.
  • Confirmed. Void Poseidon will be released next.

Other void dragon options
One thing that could be done in the future is for the void dragons to be released as either optional skins to put on the dragons so long as you own even one of them, or as a new form like having Midgardsormr and High Midgardsormr being different power levels and rankings.

Leonidas will be possessed by The Other
He makes it clear that he will do anything for power, including unleashing a piece of an Eldritch Abomination just to get a piece of its power to get stronger. Somewhere around the way in the main story, Euden will finally drive the Other out of Zethia. Seeing that Leonidas is just utterly tainted with pure evil, it hops into his body, making the World Ruler the main Big Bad of the series at this point.
Bahamut and Lucifer will be added to Dragalia Lost on or around the first official Anniversary of the game
As is known by anyone that’s been following Cygames for a long time, Bahamut and Lucifer are among the most used Series Mascots in Cygames. As they are also often heavily associated with the Anniversary’s of Cygame’s games with Lucifer even being a recurring focus character for the anniversary events of Granblue Fantasy as well as both characters receiving uncaps corresponding with the anniversaries of Granblue and both often receiving preferential treatment over other Cygames characters, it’s very likely they’re both being saved for the first anniversary of the game to make their appearances, both of which will likely be Grand.
Dark Angel Olivia will appear in Dragalia Lost as a Shadow Dragon
DAO is also among the Series Mascot ‘s of Cygames, though she has yet to make an appearance in Cygames’ properties as often as Lucifer and Bahamut have. While she appeared as a playable unit in Granblue Fantasy due to the nature of her character, I think it’s unlikely that in Dragalia Lost that same play style could be replicated and thusly she would likely be relegated to being a dragon instead alongside Lucifer and Bahamut. It helps a bit that in Granblue Fantasy, she appeared as a summon at first as well.

Dragalia Lost first year anniversary
Several predictions on Dragalia Lost first year anniversary:

  • There will be an introduction to a "spark" system similar to Granblue Fantasy and recently Princess Connect! Re:Dive (which was introduced in their first anniversary) in Dragalia Lost where after 300 pulls, the player have a chance to choose an adventurer or dragon of the player's choice. This will add more appeal to F2P players in Dragalia Lost. However, their "spark" system will only be limited to limited-time banners or Gala Dragalia banners.
  • There will be two Dream Summons. One will allow the player to pull any non-limited dragon or adventurer and another one where the player can pick up any limited time adventurers or dragon, including Gala adventurers.
  • There will be an anniversary Gala Dragalia note 
    • The anniversary Gala Dragalia will be Gala Zethia.
  • For a limited time during the anniversary, there will be a temporary discount for buying wyrmprints with Eldwater and all limited wyrmprints will be available in the shop during the anniversary event.
  • A "lunatic" difficulty will be introduced for the story missions, which will be Nintendo Hard.
  • Euden will be announced in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and there will be collaboration event with Super Smash Bros.
    • In addition, there will be a poll for the playerbase choosing another character from Dragalia Lost as 2nd playable representative as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros (the choices will be the main characters and the Gala Dragalia characters). This will show how Masahiro Sakurai is able to create a new fighter from scratch for Super Smash Bros.
There will be sequel events
There could be events that could connect to or continue the story of a previous event.
  • Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes: the sequel(s) could have characters like Sharena pre-Book III as the free unit. Sequels could feature Manakete, Laguz, Taguel, Kitsune and Wolfskin adventures whose transformations could work like Gala Mym, instead of the equipped dragon they turn into their own alternate forms.

Future raid events/Dragons to be involved based on other legends/mythologies
  • There could be one that involves the legend of Izanami and Izanagi with the former as a shadow raid boss and the latter as a humanoid shadow dragon. The seal that had contained her is weakening and he and the adventurer of the episode needs Euden's help to seal her away. They'll definitely downplay the Brother–Sister Incest between them for the western market.
  • Another raid to be involved would be anything based on multiheaded monstrosities of myth like the Orochi or the Hydra. If the Hydra is involved, it would introduce the DL version of Greece and perhaps a DL version of Heracles.

Other options for Advance Dragon Trials
Perhaps once Void Nidhogg and Void Jeanne d'Arc are released, they go in the opposite direction for season 2. For example, we face High Zephyr and Void Midgardsormr and so on.

Adventurer alt predictions
Starting with Zardin with his Beautician variant, some adventurers have received alternate versions of themselves added to the permanent roster. This is where we predict potential alts for existing adventurers. Note that adventurers with seasonal alts already aren't completely out of the running, as we saw with Elisanne.
  • Hope had aspirations of becoming a knight. What if he finally gets that chance? He can be a sword or lance user, with a flame, wind, or light attribute.
  • Another main character adventurer alt will be Luca, since there isn't an alt for Luca yet (due to his Butt-Monkey status), it's very likely that he'll get an alternative version of himself in the near future. In fact, Surfer Luca would be most likely should Cygames wants to do a summer themed banner.

Fafnir Roy III will be a recruitable dragon
Perhaps the only way he can be recruited is either as a void reward or for getting level 50-60 across all elements in the Mercurial Gauntlet.

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