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     Story and Lore 

Concerning Harle and certain recurring Cygames characters
His resemblance to Sandalphon from Granblue Fantasy isn't a coincidence. He is this universe's Sandalphon, and is in the service of this world's Lucifer... who is closer to his biblical inspiration and is a villain in this setting. At the very least, Harle seems to have no respect for the other inheritors and even strikes a surprisingly non-deferential tone with Emperor Aurelius (although he does show more deference to "Empress Zethia"), and is extremely on board with and not surprised by the leadership shift from the start. This would make sense if he's an agent of a power above the original dragon-human-fiend conflict, and the reveal of this kicks off the expanded, wider-universe plot of Dragalia.

Regarding the Masked Girl
While it's obvious that she's related to Zethia in some way and chapter five makes it clear she is Zethia somehow, there are a few possible things that could've happened.
  • Time Travel/alternate universe shenanigans. This isn't the first time Nintendo has had a time-travelling Masked maiden from the future before. In which case, she likely came from a bad future or parallel universe. Chapter 5 suggests fairly heavily that this interpretation is true, though it still doesn't outright confirm the situation.
  • Cloning blues could be a possibility too.
  • It seems like there's a decent chance she'll be back even after chapter 5, if only to give us a playable Dark Zethia as opposed to "Empress Zethia".
  • The first one in confirmed, the Masked girl is Zethia from another world.]]

Theory on the True Villain
It seems highly probable that the Other is the demon, Morsayati, summoned into the First Binding War, or at least a fragment of its power that escaped through the seal. According to the first video of The History of Alberia, the humans were desperate enough to call upon a powerful demon from another realm to defeat the dragons. The Other is intent on eliminating dragons, keeping with the initial intent of its purpose of being called into the world. At least, that's what it claims through its guise as Empress Zethia. The second video then reveals the origins of the Dyrenell Empire, formed by people that wanted to return to their advanced civilization and no longer live in harmony with dragons to the point that they sought to bring Morsayati back. The first thing that the Other does at the first opportunity of possessing Aurelius? Turn Alberia into the new Dyrenell Empire. And apparently, it has grown wise with age as it seized the opportunity to take over the Auspex to prevent itself from being purged unlike the first time when Ilia and Elysium pacted together to seal the demon away. Additionally in the prologue, when confronting the party for Zethia and the Sacred Shard, Zethia's prayer allowed the Prince to briefly transform into Elysium, to which the possessed Aurelius regarded with disdainful familiarity.
  • Confirmed as of Chapter 8, where the Other's true name is casually dropped numerous times.
  • As of Chapter 14 Morsayati has had his soul abdorbed into the fifth scion making his situation unknown

The fifth scion
Chapter 6 reveals that there was a fifth scion, but whatever happened to them was before the Prince's time. There's a chance that they may still be alive and may run into the Prince's group in the future. There's also a slight (but maybe unlikely) chance that the Prince may have met them already.
  • Chapter 10 ends in a cliffhanger: Harle finds a book that talks about the Alberian bloodline. It notes a major event that happened when the twins, Zethia and the Prince, were only ten days old, but the chapter ended there without going into further detail. Could this hint at the fate of the fifth child?
  • Because of one of the Wyrmclan leaders' resemblance to Euden, there's the possibility that they ended up in Hinomoto... somehow. After all, the dragon Wyrmclan hasn't been discussed yet.
    • This is jossed as the fifth heir has been imprisoned in Alberia this whole time.
  • Chapter 11 has received an interlude that also featured Elisanne, who learned of a secret...
    • Chapter 11 merely showed that Elisanne learned that Euden died when they were but a newborn baby nothing about the fifth child was revealed. This was confirmed in Chapter 12's interlude.
  • The preview for Chapter 13 says that the fifth scion will be revealed.
  • Chapter 12's interlude has the fifth heir's silhouette. As said heir has been locked up as a secret, this officially josses the possibility that the group met him prior.
  • Chapter 13 officially confirms the fifth scion's identity: Beren.

The sixth Greatwyrm
In the story, only five have been shown so far, with the sixth's identity currently unrevealed.
  • As mentioned above, it could be Bahamut but given Cygames' incredibly preferential treatment towards it in other works, them deciding to off it offscreen seems unlikely.
    • Alternatively, a weakened version similar to Proto Bahamut from GBF could be feasible.
  • Elysium, since it is the one dragon of great import in the story currently unaccounted for
    • A dragon representing the Earth element, the element triangles of Dragalia are incredibly similar to Granblue with the one exception of the Earth element being missing.
    • One option being thrown around is that Cleo is the sixth dragon whose memories and form have been sealed away for security's sake. It would explain why she's still so young even by sylvan standards.
  • All jossed. It's Chthonius, who has been sealed along with Alberius in the Other's resting place. He presumably died at the end of chapter 10 with Alberius.

Leonidas will be possessed by The Other
He makes it clear that he will do anything for power, including unleashing a piece of an Eldritch Abomination just to get a piece of its power to get stronger. Somewhere around the way in the main story, Euden will finally drive the Other out of Zethia. Seeing that Leonidas is just utterly tainted with pure evil, it hops into his body, making the World Ruler the main Big Bad of the series at this point.
  • Jossed. Zethia is still possessed as of chapter 10 and even joined with her, but it's been revealed that Morsayati can possess any of the royal siblings thanks to Alberius's actions.
Bahamut and Lucifer will be added to Dragalia Lost on or around the first official Anniversary of the game
As is known by anyone that’s been following Cygames for a long time, Bahamut and Lucifer are among the most used Series Mascots in Cygames. As they are also often heavily associated with the Anniversary’s of Cygame’s games with Lucifer even being a recurring focus character for the anniversary events of Granblue Fantasy as well as both characters receiving uncaps corresponding with the anniversaries of Granblue and both often receiving preferential treatment over other Cygames characters, it’s very likely they’re both being saved for the first anniversary of the game to make their appearances, both of which will likely be Grand.
  • Jossed. The first event instead featured a completely different dragon called Chronos, who isnt even playable, but rather a boss. As for the summonable dragon, the closest was the 6th Greatwyrm Cthonious.

Jupiter is a Stepford Smiler with a Jerkass facade
The fandom usually personifies him as an utter sociopathic psycho who took glee in turning Prince Dane from a kind man into a brutal emperor and also putting a Let's You and Him Fight situation between Euden and Emile for the right to forge a pact with him. He'd rather act like a jerk so that he's not crushed by the guilt of being The Corrupter to Dane. Especially if Dane was the first Dyrenell Emperor.
  • Confirmed. As his story via High Jupiter showed him having regrets by leading the brutal emperor down his path and his lackadaisical attitude is hiw way of coping with the guilt until Alberius came along.

All the cats in certain character portraits are Chelle's spies
Chapter 9 shows that she has multiple “cats” who have eyes and ears around the kingdom gathering info. She could be quite literal about it too since they show up in character portraits. If Chelle's dragon is ever seen, its name is Bast.
  • Jossed. While her dragon is definitely a giant cat, its name is actually Cat Sith instead.
  • Tying into that, Mikoto's cat Mineuchi is her best one.

Celliera's watermelon is gonna be an epic Brick Joke
Dragalia Life #133 has her give a blindfolded homerun swing to a watermelon that sends it flying out of the park. By the time it ends up landing, it's not only gonna hit Euden square in the face, he's gonna see everybody in super buff versions like Celliera trained them.

Leonidas will join the party in Chapter 13.
In Chapter 12, Phares attacks with the Void Battle dragons of all things, attacking both Leonidas and Euden. And from the looks of it, it would seem like Euden and Leonidas might be forced to do some Teeth-Clenched Teamwork (At least, from Leonidas' side) and battle Phares in Chapter 13. Bonus points if Leonidas goes through a character arc and joins Euden for good as a new unit.
  • Jossed. He spends the chapter recovering after the void dragon attack and goes back to Valkaheim afterwards. Either he or Leif could become the May 2020 Gala.

Svenitla will end up becoming the main enemy once the Other is defeated
Chapter 12's interlude, along with other characters from the north like Victor, Noelle, Kirsty and Joachim are hinting at North Grastaea being the main focus. Even moreso if it turns out that Euden is related to Svenitlan royalty.
  • Perhaps the Other will be forced out of Zethia but not defeated, and flees to Svenitla to gain strength and new allies.
    • Not likely. They can still jump into any of Alberius's descendants. Considering Emile has been missing since Chapter 11.
if he's not outright dead, this would be a way to bring him back big time]].
  • Looking more likely. Chapter 13 ends with Valyx leaving Sol Alberia to deal with "northern intruders."
  • Morsayati has now been absorbed by Beren in Chapter 14, though there could still not only be Svenitla, but Grams, which is the seat of the Ilian Church.

The hooded individual who represents "the darkest secret of the royal family" that Phares met during his interlude in Chapter 12 is actually the original Euden
One of the hidden secrets of the royal family is that Euden died as a baby, so it's very likely that the hooded individual that was kept in a cell is actually the original Euden in a more twisted form, which he referred Phares as his "brother."

Elisanne and Alex will pull a Face–Heel Turn and side with the other royal siblings in chapter 13. Euden's other friends (Luca, Ranzal, Lexi, and Cleo) would also follow suit and pull a Face–Heel Turn as well
Seeing that the Euden they are serving isn't the real Euden (since he's a Replacement Goldfish) and Alex and Elisanne found out of the awful truth, it's more or less that the Euden that they are serving isn't the real Euden and decide to betray him and side with the other royal siblings that sided with possessed Zethia. It's also very likely that the individual who represents "the darkest secret of the royal family" is the real Euden and it's very likely Luca, Ranzal, Lexi, and Cleo will follow suit and betray Euden and side with the real Euden.
  • Jossed so far.

The Fifth Scion is also the Shadow Agito
The 1.5 Year Digest video revealed the Water (Ciella) and Fire (Ayaha and Otoha) Agito, and also implied that the Agito will factor into the main plot just as the Void Dragons do. Since they all have an axe to grind with some element of society, the Fifth Scion will target the concept of the royal family itself and cite whatever reason they had for abandoning him as justification.
  • Doesn't seem to be likely, the remaining Agito sillouette is one of a colossal man, the fifth scion meanwhile is the size of a child.

All the other Royal Siblings except Zethia knew Euden was never biologically their brother
It would have the reason Emile's such a Big Brother Bully to Euden in a whole different light and why Leonidas barely even registered his existence until Chapter 8. Far as they're concerned, their father brought home this imposter.
  • During Chapter 13, Beren was quite close to telling his own little brother he's not an actual Alberian prince.

Phares is a high-ranking member of the Syndicate
Considering he's the Second Scion of the Alberian Royal Family, he would be in a prime position of power in the Syndicate, not to mention he's already been shown to be very willing to commit some serious war crimes if it means curing his condition.

Pazuzu was the dragon who killed Leonidas's mother
Leonidas's mother was killed by a tornado created by a dragon, and Pazuzu creates storms with his very presence.

The new adventurer that will join the party in chapter 14.
In May 2020's edition of This Month in Dragalia, the article mentions of a new adventurer joining the main cast in chapter 14. Possible theories:
  • Leif: He's been part of the game from the very beginning, but only now has started to have more of a presence.
    • Jossed. He was May 2020's Gala character.
  • Mascula: It's very likely that we'll get Mascula as a playable character (assuming we don't get a Gala version of him), seeing that Laxi appears to play a larger role in chapter 14.
  • Zethia: It's possible that Euden will finally free her from Morsayati's control; although it's very likely that Zethia will die in chapter 14 (see the WMG below on Zethia). It's also possible that we may get a future version of Zethia as a playable character instead
    • Half-confirmed. Present Zethia is still alive, though we have Future Zethia in the form of Zena!
  • Chelle: Considering she's indirectly helping Euden by acting as a triple agent and fighting him at the same time, it's very likely that we may get her a playable adventurer for good.
  • Valyx: Being the most honorable of the siblings, will probably have his limits in regards to the empire's brutality and will decide to pull a Heel–Face Turn and join Euden's party.
  • In a massive plot twist, Leonidas.

Zethia will die in chapter 15 or at the end of chapter 14
In the 1.5 anniversary Dragalia Digest, the end tag line for the preview for chapter 15 is: "Zethia, I'm so sorry". It's very likely that Euden will end up killing Zethia in her possessed state.
  • Zethia is no longer possessed as of Chapter 14 now that the Other has left her, so that part is jossed. She is unconscious at the end of chapter 14. We've yet to know her fate in Chapter 15.

The Other will transfer into Euden in Chapter 15 after the latter learns about the truth.
With the release of the Chapter 13 Interlude, things appear to be falling into place. We see a silhouette of Euden burning with black mana and the teases of the next two chapters. Perhaps Euden will learn about the truth about himself and whether willingly or unwillingly gets possessed by the Other, becoming the new Emperor of Dyrenell. But I feel there's gonna be a major difference than the timeline we've seen Second Zethia in: Zethia will become the new Queen of New Alberia and fill the shoes of Euden. Narrowing down the options, this seems to be the most logical conclusion. Now everything about this might not turn out to be true, but the potential exists.
  • This theory is very likely, seeing that Euden offered his body to become the next vassal for the Morsayati in order to save Zethia in chapter 14.
  • The Other almost transferred himself to Euden in Chapter 14. Beren, the fifth scion, intervened and hijacked the process.

Elisanne is descended from the Thirteenth Auspex
Azazel’s story says he doesn’t know how long he was imprisoned for his rebellion against God, but the one who found him had a trace of her aura while described as a key of perdition, which Elisanne is.

The unknown black-haired individual Elisanne meets at the end of chapter 14 is the leader of the Agito.
Thanks to the introduction of the Tier two weapons through Master Volk we know that there is someone who was responsible for giving all the Agito their incredible power and their ability to go One-Winged Angel. This man is likely that individual. That is why Ciella and Volk were looking for the documentation about the Prince, why Volk is looking for the Auspex, and what that threat from the north was. He was the one behind all of it, likely as revenge. In addition, he will be a foil to the Prince, like how the Agito's were foils to the main cast.note 

The odd factor out in this timeline compared to every other one...
Not only is it that Euden died of wyrmscale and being replaced with an identical duplicate, but also Harle messing around with everything else for a yet to be revealed plot.

The mysterious man at the end of Chapter 14 is actually Zethia's real twin brother.
The man who approached Elisanne said Zethia is his younger sister, and the man who talked to Volk said he told "the Paladyn woman" he'll be at the northern border. There's a good chance that these two people are actually the same. This would mean that the prince who supposedly died from wyrmscale either survived or came Back from the Dead, and it raises the possibility that Elisanne willingly let him take Zethia because he's the real prince.
  • While there's increasing evidence that the mysterious man, or Nedrick, is indeed Zethia's brother, it also turns out that Elisanne didn't just hand over Zethia to him; he simply incapacitated her.

Morsayati will pull a Hijacked by Ganon
While he may be absorbed into Beren for now, he'll somehow find a way out of his current prison and make him utterly pay for his indignity before taking his rightful place back as the Big Bad of the series, Agito or crossover or space-time continuum be damned!

The Cubes are a result of the Timey-Wimey Ball collapsing in on itself
  • Chapter 14, along with Zena's story revealed quite a bit of info. She had basically been hopping to other worlds to find some way to stop Morsayati, or at least keep the tragedy of her brother from ever taking the deal that lets Morsayati flow into his body. Her meddling in the space-time continuum is going to cause an utter time crash leading to the next round of Bonus Bosses that'll make the Agito look like weaklings.


There will be new weapon types
To coincide with new characters, there would also be new weapon types like either guns which would basically play more like bow users and fists, which play more like dagger users.

There will be continuations to each adventurer's storyline
While there are holiday versions of characters that provide new stories for characters, it would be more along the lines of in a future update that either in tier 4 or tier 5 of their mana ring, they have an exclusive quest chain not only dedicated to them, but they have to be involved in the party.
  • One example would include Xainfried fighting against the tribe that killed his own and his dragon sons' parents.
    • Double confirmed. Dragonyule Xainfried's story has him fighting against two members of the clan responsible for his own's eradication.

Dragons will be able to be promoted to new ranks
It's been revealed that some of the 4-5* dragons in this game have actually come from one of Cygames' previous games, Knights of Glory, which shows they had baby forms not unlike the 3* dragons. Somewhere down the line, they'll make it where 3 and 4* dragons will have to be fully unbound, max level and have max bond level just to increase their rank.

There will be an Advanced Imperial Offensive mode
The idea for this one being that instead of fighting waves of soldiers along with a Captain, you'll be fighting one of Euden's siblings. We had a preview of it in Chapter 6 with Valyx. Valyx is Light, Phares is Water, Leonidas is fire, Chelle is shadow and Emile is wind. When they reach Overdrive, they call upon their dragon until reaching Break, reverting back to human, then repeat this until they're defeated.

Two New Ranged Weapon types will be introduced in December 2019
The Chapter 11 teaser states that it's called Android Anguish, and it can be clearly seen that one of the characters teased has a rifle over their shoulder. So Rifles or Guns are on the table. This story chapter is due for release in December 2019, but that month will also see the Mega Man crossover event occur. And while it might work for the Mega Man characters to use the established weapons or even rifles, it would also make sense for them (and other androids, and theoretically some of the more tech-savvy human characters like Su Fang or Marty) to use Blasters. Two new ranged weapons makes sense, since that would make five ranged weapons to match 5 melee. It would also make ten in total, which means there would be two dojos each requiring a certain Imperial Insignia (as it is right now Violet and Amber Insignias are only used for one dojo each, and the others are all used by two each).
  • Jossed. There were no new weapon types introduced, Mega Man uses a Wand, and the Android Laxi uses a Blade.

At some point we will see non-Staff Adventurers with kits that focus on healing
Grace is the first staff-user who doesn't heal the party. As a counterpoint, other weapons will receive adventurers who function essentially like traditional staff-users, just with a different weapon.
  • Somewhat confirmed. Zena has the ability to heal via her force strikes after using her skill 1, but she isn't focused on healing
  • Wedding Elisanne and Odetta are Sword adventurers that possess healing in their kits, but they're often built as damage dealers (although the former is a case where she applies a field where it provides healing for allies standing in the field). Templar Hope is the true example of a non-Staff adventurer that is focused on healing (in this case, a passive that provides health regeneration whenever he receives a defense buff, and he also has a teamwide defense buff to boot).


Future Raid events
The Loyalty's Requeim event has been a fire type event that favors water type characters. Just as the elemental dungeons cycle each week, there would be elemental raids each month.
  • The next raid event was Kindness and Captivity, a wind type event that favors fire type characters. Will they go full circle and introduce a water raid event? Only one way to find out.
  • We eventually cover all elements: The raids after were Shadow (Resplendent Refrain), Light (New Years Tidings), and water (Skyborne Spectacle). So far, the raid events occurring each month has been confirmed.

Other Raid/Facility events will introduce Dragalia versions of real-world countries
Since the New Year event shows that Hinomoto is the DL version of Japan, perhaps we can expect one event to have an event that has characters from the DL version of Russia, China or even Australia for example.
  • A DL equivalent of China is confirmed, courtesy of the Skyborne Spectacle raid event. Not only do the adventurers and dragons bear the Chinese naming style, traditions are also carried over, including kung-fu and fireworks. The dragon from the raid is the traditional serpent, while the gacha dragon resembles a panda.

Other New Years events will introduce groups like Ieyasu's as well as Euden's
Since Ieyasu's is primarily Shadow elemental, have their own dragon and their leader is named after a famed shogun from the Feudal Era of Japan, the next event will have something similar, with a Light-theme raid/facility event, and with the leader of that group being Nobunaga.
  • Partial credit. A gender flipped Nobunaga and her entourage are the next group to bring in a Hinomoto New Year to the Halidom. However, the main leader of the event is actually Mitsuhide; Nobunaga was tagging along.

Other holiday events
Since there have been raids or facilities coinciding with holidays, shall we take a guess on what holiday would fall under each element? And also what new alternate units there would be.
  • April Fool's Day: This would definitely be a light themed event. Perhaps one of Luca's pranks goes horribly wrong which summons a raid worthy fiend which needs to be put down.
    • There were April Fools' Day festivities, but instead we got a top down shoot-em-up featuring Notte.
  • Easter: Definitely a wind themed event and a chance to get a wind themed Elisanne in another bunny costume.
  • St. Patrick's Day: Very wind theme! Especially if it introduces the DL version of Scotireland and has a leprechaun dragon.
    • As we approach St. Patrick's, we get...Accursed Archives, which has no Irish connections and is Shadow attuned. Jossed for now.
  • Independence Day: If there's a DL version of the United States, this is the event to introduce it!
    • Jossed; July 4 passed during a rerun of New Year's Tidings, while the event that followed...revolves around the blacksmith sisters instead.
  • Thanksgiving: While the game would have to write a way for it so both US and Asian audiences can understand it, it would let in a Fire version of Xander.
    • Unfortunately, this is at risk of being jossed. The game was around during Thanksgiving references thereof in game. Also, very few—if any—Japanese media have referenced the American holiday.

Other Raid/Facility events would have different genre types
“The Accursed Archive” shows that the game can go right into Cosmic Horror territory. Perhaps other events would involve a detective noir thriller.

A pro wrestling event will somehow pop up in here
It would most likely be a facility event, but it goes like this: the group (minus Luca) go to a wrestling show only for it to get overrun by fiends. The featured units of the event would help join in to fight those fiends with a dash of Pro Wrestling Is Real. Since pro wrestling is popular on both sides of the pond, who do we get to voice the characters, hmmm? On the Japanese side, it would be Kazuchika Okada while on the English side, it could be Kenny Omega. Hell, since Kenny speaks Japanese, he can just as well do both languages.
  • We got a sumo wrestling dragon (Takemikazuchi), so a wrestling event would not sound out of place in the Dragalia-verse.

Dragalia Lost first year anniversary
Several predictions on Dragalia Lost first year anniversary:
  • There will be an introduction to a "spark" system similar to Granblue Fantasy and recently Princess Connect! Re:Dive (which was introduced in their first anniversary) in Dragalia Lost where after 300 pulls, the player have a chance to choose an adventurer or dragon of the player's choice. This will add more appeal to F2P players in Dragalia Lost. However, their "spark" system will only be limited to limited-time banners or Gala Dragalia banners.
    • Jossed.
  • There will be two Dream Summons. One will allow the player to pull any non-limited dragon or adventurer and another one where the player can pick up any limited time adventurers or dragon, including Gala adventurers.
    • Semi-confirmed. The Platinum showcase guarantees one Gala Adventurer for each tenfold summon performed with Diamantium.
    • There was a Dream Summon that was released during the anniversary, but it was released after the Fractured Futures event.
  • There will be an anniversary Gala Dragalia note .
    • The anniversary Gala Dragalia will be Gala Zethia.
    • Euden does get a new look at the end of chapter 10...
      • Gala confirmed, as is Gala Prince.
  • For a limited time during the anniversary, there will be a temporary discount for buying wyrmprints with Eldwater and all limited wyrmprints will be available in the shop during the anniversary event.
    • Jossed.
  • A "lunatic" difficulty will be introduced for the story missions, which will be Nintendo Hard.
    • Jossed, though they did announce that new difficulty levels will be introduced for the Advanced Dragon Trials.
      • No longer Jossed, as a Very Hard mode has now been implemented into the story missions.
  • Euden will be announced in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and there will be collaboration event with Super Smash Bros.
    • In addition, there will be a poll for the playerbase choosing another character from Dragalia Lost as 2nd playable representative as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros (the choices will be the main characters and the Gala Dragalia characters). This will show how Masahiro Sakurai is able to create a new fighter from scratch for Super Smash Bros.
      • All jossed so far.

Dragalia Lost second year anniversary
  • A "spark" system will be added into the gacha
  • Another collaboration event will be announced, which is confirmed in the August edition of This Month in Dragalia Lost. Seeing that Megaman collab was announced in the first annivesary, these are the possibilities below:
    • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Euden will be announced as the Dragalia Lost representative for Super Smash Bros, or maybe Sarisse since there are too many swordsmen in Smash and Sarisse is a relatively popular character among the fans according an interview with Okada:
      Uchiyama & Asai: We'd also like to share one request from our listeners. They say that they love how cute and energetic Sarisse is and are sad that she doesn't often get to play a part in the main campaign. Plus, since she is a Gala adventurer, unfortunately many people have not been able to get her and play as her in Dragalia Lost. To help even more people realize how great Sarisse is, they hope that you will give her more chances to shine in the main campaign and consider giving her out as a story adventurer.
      Okada: Well, Sarisse is an important adventurer, so I'll keep that feedback in mind as well.
    • Guilty Gear: Although it's very unlikely, Arc System Works will most likely would want a Guilty Gear collab in Dragalia Lost to promote Strive.
    • The Legend of Zelda: With Link as a welfare 5* Wind Sword adventurer.
    • Any of Cygames original works like Shadowverse, Granblue Fantasy, or Princess Connect! Re:Dive.
    • Persona5: Since we have Danganronpa style event with "Doomsday Getaway", having a Persona collab isn't out of the woods.
    • Devil May Cry: Fire Sword Dante and Water Blade Vergil anyone?
    • A collab with the Tales Series since this is an easy collab to work it
    • Dragon Quest collaboration
    • Kid Icarus: Pit as a free 5* Light Bow adventurer.
    • Resident Evil: Fitting for a potential Halloween themed third party crossover.
    • Final Fantasy VII: To promote the remake of the game.
  • Gala Dragalia will be announced like last year, this time it'll be Gala Zethia or Zena since they'll most likely play an important role in chapter 15.
    • In addition, the second anniversary will most likely have a raid or facility event tied to Gala Zethia or Zena themselves.
  • The encyclopedia feature will finally be implemented.
  • A lot of old adventurers from last year or initial launch like Maribelle and Mikoto will get Mana Spirals. And although unlikely, some Gala adventurers will get them as well.
  • A Dream Summon will be announced like last year's anniversary.

There will be sequel events
There could be events that could connect to or continue the story of a previous event.
  • Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes: the sequel(s) could have characters like Sharena pre-Book III as the free unit. Sequels could feature Manakete, Laguz, Taguel, Kitsune and Wolfskin adventures whose transformations could work like Gala Mym, instead of the equipped dragon they turn into their own alternate forms.
    • Another idea would be that it would be called "Fire Emblem: Lost Fates" in that it would also involve Loki once again meddling with time and space by bringing the Hoshino/Nohr conflict to Alberia. As for the free unit, it would either be Sharena to represent FEH again, or Corrin/Kamui as the Fates representative. Of course now the problem would be which gender Corrin will be or if both genders will be available.
    • We got a confirmation of a FEH crossover sequel in the 1.5 anniversary Digest. The characters released then are yet to be revealed, though.
  • Confirmed.
    • The Summer events when the Halidom cast went to a beach, "A Splash of Adventure" and "A Crescendo of Courage". The second is the direct sequel after Siren asked them for a favor after helping them with Barbary in the first event.
    • The Accursed Archives event gets a sequel called Stirring Shadows.
    • While it's mostly the same event as last year, Valentine's Confections 2020 has a new story that has Fleur trying to find the perfect gift for Euden.

Future raid events/Dragons to be involved based on other legends/mythologies
  • There could be one that involves the legend of Izanami and Izanagi with the former as a shadow raid boss and the latter as a humanoid shadow dragon. The seal that had contained her is weakening and he and the adventurer of the episode needs Euden's help to seal her away. They'll definitely downplay the Brother–Sister Incest between them for the western market.
  • Another raid to be involved would be anything based on multiheaded monstrosities of myth like the Orochi or the Hydra. If the Hydra is involved, it would introduce the DL version of Greece and perhaps a DL version of Heracles.

The next Heinwald and Curran event will be a raid event
The Accursed Archives was a facility event and the Stirring Shadows was a story event. The trifecta will end up having a raid event which sees Akasha's Ancient One finally come through. If it's not Cthulhu as the main boss, then he'll be that event's premium dragon (not welfare). Another contender would be Shub-Niggurath, the Mother of a Thousand Young.

There will be a Romance of the Three Kingdoms themed event
The Three Kingdoms era in Chinese history is one that’s been told across different media over the years, and a game like this would be no different.

It would have to simplify it, though it would have some of the major names involved like Liu Bei (accompanied by Guan Yu an Zhang Fei), Cao Cao and Sun Quan as Wind, Water and Fire units respectively who perhaps have to fight a raid sized Lü Bü.

  • Considering Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing were part of a rebellion, it’s likely they were in Dragalia's Yellow Turbans phase.

The next Fractured Futures event won't be a rerun but a sequel
Just like how DL's predecessor, Granblue Fantasy has "What Makes the Sky Blue" its anniversary event, Fractured Futures would be a recurring anniversary event where the Timey-Wimey Ball collapses on Euden's life once a year and he has to sort it out.

A Crisis Crossover will be responsible for the Ancient One's summoning
Now that the Syndicate has bern introduced as willing to commit any crime and atrocity for power and science, Akasha could just as well play each side open and hidden (Euden, Heinwald, Dyrenell, Hinomoto, Taiwu, the Qilin, Agito, the Church and the Syndicate) into finally unleashing the Ancient One.

There will be palette swaps for each raid boss
It has been seen with Hypnos (Wind) and Thanatos (Shadow) , Sabnock (Shadow) and Valfarre (Water), Phraeganoth (Fire) and Asphidochelone (Light), Qitian Dasheng (Wind)and Mei Hou Wang, (Shadow) and now Barbary (Fire) and Scylla (Water). There may come a time when each boss has a version for each element to challenge the Halidom.

The "Doomsday Getaway" sequel would be more reminiscent of the Zero Escape series
"Doomsday Getaway" had been compared quite a bit to Danganronpa when it was first released. With the Sequel Hook that someone else was also revived following Scylla's defeat, we may end up getting Charybdys, who was opposite of Scylla. Barbary was fire and Scylla was water, so Charybdys would be wind!

     Future Characters 

The Gala Adventurer pattern
January 2019 introduced Gala Sarisse as a fire character and March 2019 introduced Gala Ranzal as a wind character. May will be a water character, July as a Light character and then September as a Shadow character befor cycling back to fire in November.

New theory: Since March was Ranzal and July was Cleo, then November will be another one of the main cast to get a Gala. It'll either be Elisanne, Euden, or Luca.

  • Euden was confirmed for the September Anniversary Gala.

Void Dragons will get Promoted to Playable
Either as an optional skin you can put on the vanilla dragons, or completely separate characters the way the standard and High Greatwyrms are separate with different power levels and rankings.

Notte will be an April Fool's Day Bonus Boss
Notte will become ridiculously buff like Sabnock and need a raid to take her down. Of course, her bonus boss fight lasts only for this one whole day, but the rewards are worth it in the end.

Adventurer alt predictions
Starting with Zardin with his Beautician variant, some adventurers have received alternate versions of themselves added to the permanent roster. This is where we predict potential alts for existing adventurers. Note that adventurers with seasonal alts already aren't completely out of the running, as we saw with Elisanne.
  • Hope had aspirations of becoming a knight. What if he finally gets that chance? He can be a sword or lance user, with a flame, wind, or light attribute.
    • Hope gets a Templar alt, so this counts! This version of him is a Wind Sword.
  • Another main character adventurer alt will be Luca, since there isn't an alt for Luca yet (due to his Butt-Monkey status), it's very likely that he'll get an alternative version of himself in the near future. In fact, Surfer Luca would be most likely should Cygames wants to do a summer themed banner.
    • Luca does get a Summer variant but in gameplay the surfer is Summer Ranzal though the latter's main motif is a griller while the former is only surfing in a Wyrmprint.
  • A bow version for Addis or Ieyasu. A new Castle Story released during Flames of Reflection has the two of them getting into an archery contest at a festival Yaten and Natalie are throwing.
    • Confirmed! A Valentine's version of Addis has him as a bow unit.
  • Luca will get a Vernal Banquet alt in the event rerun. The first event didn't have any seasonal alts—everyone was a new character. But with Luca falling behind the other main characters in terms of alts, he'll get one to go along with the festival. His adventurer story will feature him holding his own banquet at the Halidom and sharing it with sylvan, human, rokka, and qilin alike.
    • Jossed. Luca did not get a Vernal Banquet alt. However there were new rokkan characters in Lazry and Gault.
  • A new set of Wedding Belles, and in fire to contrast 2019's wind. The two obvious candidates would be Philia and Chelsea, though just to balance out the crazy, Wedding Alex.
    • June 2020 nears its end without a wedding banner in sight. Jossed.

Fafnir Roy III will be a recruitable dragon
Perhaps the only way he can be recruited is either as a void reward or for getting level 50-60 across all elements in the Mercurial Gauntlet.

Future Gala Dragalia Adventurers
  • Nina (the shopkeeper) and Ramona (the blacksmith): While one instance is hardly a pattern, Sarisse was a prominent NPC before the first Gala, and these two have that in common with her.
    • Ramona has become Promoted to Playable for a Flame Facility event and is now on the permanent roster alongside her sisters Rena and Renee. Her gala chances are now uncertain.
  • Leif: Despite being propped up in the loading screen like he's an important character, he's only shown up all of ONCE! in the story while Harle has had more relevance. This would allow him to finally have some relevance in the story and as a Gala character be a Game-Breaker like Sarisse.
    • Leif reappears in a side story in Chapter 8, when he apparently gets an invitation of some sort. That may hint that he'll be given for free in Chapter 9. That will not joss the chances of Gala Leif, though, since Ranzal got a Gala skin even though he was playable since towards the beginning.
      • Turns out that he was involved in Chapter 9, only to be not given out as a free adventurer. Odds of Leif being a gala adventurer instead may have improved.
      • Looking even likelier for May 2020 since he pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment in Chapter 13.
      • Even likelier again since he serves as the first round boss in the Light Colisseum in Fire Emblem: Kindred Ties
    • Confirmed! As a Wind sword adventurer.
  • Zethia: For the anniversary celebration, it's very likely that we'll get a Gala Zethia where she is an alternative Zethia that did not get possessed by the Other. Considering she's one of the focus characters in the game, she'll most likely be a Light Staff unit
    • Jossed! It's Gala Euden, and he's a Light Sword.
  • Elisanne: Maid Elisanne will be featured as a Gala adventurer. Considering the official Japanese twitter account tweeted a picture of Elisanne in a Maid outfit in celebration of "Maid Day" in Japan, it's very likely she'll be featured as another Mechanically Unusual Fighter Gala character in a Gala Dragalia.
    • There is a Gala Elisanne, but she's the Grand Paladyn and not a maid. That would be more Gala Melody though.
  • Chelle: She's slowly inching her way back into people's good graces thanks to her actions in Chapter 11 subtly helping her brother. She'll possibly be a Fire Dagger, since she's described as "the Inferno" and daggers are a weapon commonly used by the more sneaky adventurers. Also, like Mym and Lathna, she'll be locked into only one dragon regardless of equipment, in this case Cat Sith.
  • Mascula: His adventurer story will be about the group finding a way to build him a new body and repair his heart without harming Laxi, making him playable alongside her. He'll still be a Blade, either Shadow (to go with his purple colour scheme) or Water (thematic, since he's designed to stop the Flame-attuned Laxi).
    • Gala Mascula (or Gala Laxi) is very likely, seeing that both played a major role in chapter 14 in the storyline.
  • Luca: He's now the last member of the starting team without a Gala form (and only has one alternate form at that). He'll likely stay a Light Bow since all the other main characters have kept their element the same.
    • Confirmed! However, he’s a Light Blade that uses Mascula’s blade instead of his bow!
  • Valyx: The other Token Good Teammate of the Prince's siblings, he'll become playable as a Light Axe (the data of which is already confirmed in the game) and be shapeshift-locked into Thor.
  • Alex: She'll become a Shadow Staff, as there aren't any Gala Staff adventurers yet and it would symbolize her being able to heal instead of just do harm.
    • Partially confirmed. The element is correct, but she is wielding a sword instead.
  • Jupiter: Dragalia Life #199 teased him holding a picture of himself in human form to Ranzal. If Chapter 12 has him turn into a human like Brunhilda to Mym, his human form would be light and default to dragon form on the first transformation then High Jupiter the second.
    • Jupiter has nothing to do with Chapter 12, so that's jossed.
  • Euden...again. As the main character he'll have the honour of getting a new Gala form for every anniverary event, until he has one in every element. Assuming theories about the game focusing on Svenitla after the events of Chapter 15 (coming in August, a month before the anniversary), this variation will be Wind-attuned and the story will be about him seeking his origins.

Now that April has added Gala Mars, we may start seeing a trend where even months are Gala Dragons and odd months are adventurers.

  • Gala Thor: So far the only time Thor, Valyx's dragon, has been seen, has been at the end of Chapter 6 and that was to show he's stopped playing around with Euden and is taking him seriously, and even then Thor was framed in shadow. We might even get to know if the rest of the Norse pantheon are represented as dragons.
    • Well, Freya is already around as a wind dragon, so it's quite likely.
  • Gala Cat Sith: Chelle's catty dragon (pun intended) would definitely fill the shadow end of the spectrum and have some very foreshadow-y esque quotes in the Dragon's Roost, due to being her spymaster.
    • Confirmed on both ends. She’s June's Gala Dragalia dragon and she's Shadow.
  • Gala Elysium: The in-game model has existed since day 1, though he only appears to repel Emperor Aurelius from the Halidom.

The rest of the Greatwyrms will get Mini versions
The 1 Year and 1.5 Year Anniversaries respectively had Mini versions of Midgardsormr and Zodiark. Since it seems likely they come around every milestone, then on September for the 2 year anniversary, the other two will be available to buy while a new one is given out as a reward in either Mini Brun, Jup, or Merc.

Johannes will become a playable character
Whether he appears in the main story or in an event, the former Grand Paladyn will reveal he's been Faking the Dead after the events in Gala Alex's story drew out those in the Perditionists who wanted to see him, as well as his successor Elisanne, dead. Elisanne would ask him to come back, but he says she's a worthy heir to the title of Grand Paldyn until she dies or steps down.

Wukong will be made a playable character in the future
When the Echoes of Antiquity raid event is given a repeat, not only will Wukong be Promoted to Playable, but his unique dragon will be Qitian Dasheng regardless of what dragon is equipped.
  • Confirmed to be Promoted to Playable courtesy of the sequel event "Timeworn Torment". Other details are not known yet.
  • Now that the event is live: the part where he gets a unique dragon is jossed. Typically that requires an innate skill which Wu Kong does not possess.

Future Cygames original characters becoming playable adventurer or Dragon
Assuming all are 5* adventurers or dragon:

  • Vania: Most likely a Shadow dagger adventurer with paralysis resistance
  • Aerin: A Water stun resistant Soul Weaver.
  • Anne: Either a Flame Wand or a Flame Lance adventurer.
  • Cagliostro: Fire or Wind Wand
  • Elta: A light Soul Weaver adventurer.
  • Goblin Mage: A wind freeze resistant Wand adventurer.
  • Medusa: Shadow dragon that gives the adventurer life drain.
  • Monika: Light Sword
  • Narmaya: Shadow Blade rokkan
  • Yggdrasil: Wind Dragon
  • Grea: A Fire Dragon
  • Orchis: A blind resist Shadow wand adventurer with her own "dragondrive" gauge summoning Lloyd.
  • Feena: A Wind bow adventurer with Bog resistance just to replace Louise as the Wind Bow adventurer with bog resistance.

Notte will become an event dragon in the future

It isnt too far fetched for her to have a dragon form. After all faeries are distant relatives of dragons.

A Fractured Futures sequel will introduce heroic versions of villains
The banner will have things like a Harle who tries to keep order, an Akasha variant who didn't submit to the ancient one, and versions of the Agito who didn't get transformed into their main-timeline forms.

Eventually we'll see non-plot related Android adventurers
Chapter 14 saw the androids beginning to feel emotions like Laxi and Mascula. This could lead to some of them developing their own personalities and taking on unique appearances, weapons, and elements.

     Bonus Bosses 
Future Dragon fights
So far, High Midgardsormr is the first of the main five dragons to get an upgraded boss fight. Eventually, the other four will get the same treatment.

Future Void Dragons
We've now seen Void Zephyr and Void Agni who are basically lighter, but no less harder, versions of High Midgardsormr and High Brunhilda. The next tier 3 void dragon to be released will be based on High Mercury, with others based on High Jupiter and High Zodiark. Since they're all based on the 5* dragons available from when the game first launched on September 27 2018, that means the next one will be Void Poseidon, then we'll have Void Nidhogg or Void Jeanne d'Arc depending on which one gets released first between High Jupiter and High Zodiark.
  • Confirmed. Void Poseidon will be released next.
    • Void Jeanne d'Arc is the 4th.
    • And to round it off, Void Nidhogg has appeared.

Other options for Advance Dragon Trials
Perhaps once Void Nidhogg and Void Jeanne d'Arc are released, they go in the opposite direction for season 2. For example, we face High Zephyr and Void Midgardsormr and so on.

The other members of Agito
While we've yet to meet them, considering how dangerous Volk was, whoever the Light member is will definitely play Light Is Not Good straight and the Shadow member really play up Dark Is Evil. Considering this unlocks after Chapter 10, it's a good chance They were sealed up by Alberius for being five of Morsayati's biggest followers.
  • The Light member, Kai Yan, confirms this somewhat, as he seeks to cull coexistence. However, his affinity is more of Shock and Awe than Light 'em Up.

Motives of the remaining Agito
So far, we got Volk and Kai Yan, each with an established vendetta (Volk attacks those that are privileged, while Kai Yan vows to end coexistence between the races). It appears that they also target a member of the main cast with the respective element (Volk targeted Ranzal due to his Saint Lotier connections, Kai Yan targeted Luca who vowed to bring races together in harmony). For the other three:
  • Don't be surprised if the Water Agito happens to be a perditionist and goes after Elisanne. Alternatively, they may target anything associated with religion.
    • Since the Water Agito, Ciella, has been revealed, the "kill anything religious" card could still be on the table especially if she suffered Fantastic Racism just for being a sylvan.
    • Turns out she targeted nobles who made contributions to the Ilian church before Elisanne intervened, and was a former Paladyn who taught Elisanne before she turned her back on the church. Close enough to the latter!
  • The Flame Agito may seek to destroy connections between dragons and people. Mym (and likely the Prince) would not approve.
    • Now that the Flame Agito are revealed to be twins Ayaha and Otoha, they may end up as a foil to Laxi and Mascula. While she and Mascula are androids, he shares her body and has to serve as her heart so she doesn't get too violent and with Laxi being an emotionless girl, these two members of Agito revel in their violence and are in sync with one another and very expressive. They could still become one on Expert by doing a Fusion Dance.
    • Turns out Ayaha and Otoha, the Flame Agito duo, emphasize on freedom and mischief. So, this officially josses the original WMG. The twin setup as a counterpart to Laxi and Mascula, twin androids who vouch for peace, is definitely likely to be confirmed.
  • Shadow Agito possibilities:
    • The Shadow Agito may target areas of historical significance. If anything associated with Alberius is targeted, Cleo may have an issue with that matter.
    • There's a good chance that the Shadow Agito is the Fifth Scion that, if he's not dealt with in Chapter 13 or later, he becomes this to even Gala Euden, being considered the darkest secret of Alberia.
      • Jossed; the last silhouette is a larger figure than the small stature of the Fifth Scion.
    • Alternatively, the Shadow Agito can be an assassin who sees Alex's atonement as a weakness, and would target those who sinned. This can coincide with...

Dorothy is the Shadow Agito
Regardless how she hooks up with them, she would definitely fit in with them. She definitely has a personal grudge against Alex, has purple colored clothing and has a bear-shaped flail. In Expert, she goes from being a Pintsized Powerhouse to a giant bear.
  • The yet-to-be-revealed silhouette from the Agito's introduction does not match up with Dorothy, so consider that jossed. Ciella, Kai Yan, and Ayaha and Otoha's silhouettes match up to their character art, and the remaining silhouette is rather masculine in shape.

The Weapons of the remaining Agito
Each weapon set is themed after a different culture's mythology, like Volk with Norse and Kai Yan with Chinese.
  • Ciella: the name has French and Spanish origins, both of which are Romance languages, so possibly the weapons will have Latin names.
    • Jossed. They're based on the Arthurian Legend.
  • Ayaha and Otoha: The duo have Japanese names, so naturally the weapons will as well.
  • Shadow Agito: Possibly English or, more specifically, Arthurian.
    • Arthurian is the theme for Ciella's weapons, so that option's right out for Shadow.
      • Alternatively the Shadow Agito’s weapons could be named after Mesopotamian Mythology with weapons named after the most famous figures in those myths.
      • Since it's been looking like we're going to North Grastaea, where Svenitla is, it might also be Slavic Mythology.
      • With the reveal of the Shadow Agito’s name being Tartarus, it’s very likely that his weapons will be named after Greek mythology.

The Master Agito battles will have an even stronger transformation.
It was bad enough for Expert to show they have a One-Winged Angel form, but once they go to Master, you'll find out even on Expert, they were just holding back how dangerously powerful they were. It's when they're finally all defeated on Master do you get the ending to that arc and perhaps a hint to the next batch of bonus bosses after them.
  • Seems to be missed with Master Volks release. However they instead start in their One-Winged Angel form.

Defeating an Agito on Master allows you to recruit them into the Halidom
Not only is defeating someone like Volk on Master showing that your fire team will burn away any sickness he brings, but that he can never defeat anyone as privileged as Euden and his friends, making him join the team, for example. Not only would they be recruitable, the Agito will be the only 6* adventurers that can't be summoned from the gacha pool just like how you have to defeat the High Dragons to get them into the stable. Of course there's a caveat. Strengthening their mana circle, especially their mana spiral, will involve materials from their respective boss battles, meaning someone with a Level 100, 70 mana circle Agito character with a fully unbound 6.2 weapon will be the biggest Olympus Mons for their elements.
  • Jossed, at least for now. Defeating them on Master simply gives you materials to craft stronger Agito weapons, much like the High Greatwyrm weapons.


Concerning Bahamut
In a game about dragons, it's almost axiomatic that Cygames' Big Guy is gonna show up sooner or later, but he is pointedly absent from the initial series lore and introductions. There's a few possibilities:
  • He's going to be introduced as an incredibly powerful being who is above most of the conflicts seen to date - to dragons what dragons often are to humans. Contacting him could be a major crux of the finale of the first arc.
  • Bahamut was involved in the instigation of the original conflict that became the first Sealing War. As such, his name has been blotted from history and his re-introduction into world affairs will be a big deal that helps convince others to rally behind the Prince.
  • Possibly related to either idea: Bahamut is The Other, in opposition to Elysium. "Empress Zethia" does gain some very prominent horn-styled hair decs...
  • Another possibility is that he's a Sealed Can Of Evil a la Rage of Bahamut: Genesis with the seal and its keys or Granblue's Zinkenstill shrine containing a major portion of Bahamut's power.
  • He's dead and is actually the dead sixth Greatwrym.
    • Jossed. Cthonius is the sixth Greatwyrm and can be summonable.

Concerning Lucifer
Aside from Bahamut, another Series Mascot for Cygames who constantly appears in most of their fantasy-themed RPG games is the angel Lucifer. He already had an appearance or art asset from Knights of Glory, an older Cygames title which Dragalia Lost serves as a Spiritual Successor to.
  • With this in mind and with the usual gimmick of Cygames reusing character designs to make them easier to import to other games, it is very likely that Lucifer's first appearance in Dragalia could be a dragon.
  • However, there might also be that one possibility wherein Dragalia wouldn't directly receive a character named "Lucifer". Imagine Nintendo having to semi-own a character named after a biblical character who is mostly associated to be the same entity as Satan. It wouldn't do well for a game with colorful aesthetics from a child-friendly company to have such a controversial biblical character out of the blue. Yet, there can be remedies for this, like how Cygames has already done with their other English-translated games for a long time ago.
    • Considering the fact that they added a Dragon with the name Pazuzu, which is the name of a demon’but most people know the name from The Exorcist movies, without any issue it’s not hard to believe that Nintendo would allow Lucifer to keep his name regardless of the implications. It’s even more likely that an imported Dragon Lucifer would keep his less “dark” Arch Seraph Lucifer form, the form in which he isn’t “evil” as he hadn’t fallen yet, so that could possibly get cancel out the negative connotations of having a character named after a satanic figure. It would possibly help a bit, the fact that the form he has isn’t satanic. It’s unambiguously angelic and is often described as such in the Flavor Text of the games he appears in.
    • Resort to Dub Name Change - Rename "Lucifer" into another similar or related name that doesn't outright refer to the biblical character. "Light Bringer" would be a perfect replacement. Like the Dub Name Change that happened in Shadowverse where cards representing the Cygames character "Satan" were renamed to either "Prince of Darkness" or "Cocytus" while retaining said character's design.
      • That example of a Dub Name Change doesn’t work in this scenario. Lucifer appears in Shadowverse as well and he retains the name Lucifer in both English and Japanese the listed examples going through name changes. Also, it seems like all the dragons in Dragalia Lost don’t have titles for names, so renaming him to “Light Bringer” instead of an actual name would make him an Odd Name Out.
    • Import another look-alike incarnation of him - While not importing Lucifer directly, another solution to avoid such a controversial biblical character's name is to apply the Adaptation Species Change or Expy tropes - changing a part of the character's background or simply import a character derived from Lucifer. There are indeed characters in Granblue Fantasy whom the fandom calls Lucifaces for being look-alikes of Lucifer despite being different entities related to him. In relation to the Dub Name Change solution above, one of them is Lucio who represents a servant of god in-story, while also having the true name of "Helel ben Sahar", alongside a more divine appearance.
    • Lucio appearing in Dragalia Lost even if it’s just in-name only would be highly unlikely, given the fact that despite new lore claiming he is the first Luciface to appear in Granblue Fantasy, in meta he is not regarded as THE Lucifer for Granblue Fantasy. Instead, the summon/NPC character Lucifer is treated as such. According to the new lore revealed in “What Makes The Sky Blue: 000”, there should be no reason to believe that Lucio/Helel ben Sahar would appear in the world of Dragalia Lost, as he was created by the omnipotent itself to serve a singular purpose in the world of Granblue, and could only justifiably exist in that world. The same goes for Lucilius. Neither character could reasonably exist in the world of Dragalia Lost since the Luciface lore is a plot thread exclusive to how the world of Granblue came to be. They’re both regarded as original characters for that game that just happen to look like Lucifer. Lucifer NPC gets slightly more preferential treatment in a way due to him actually sharing a name with the Series Mascot Lucifer as well as the summon that was initially based off of Rage of Bahamut Lucifer. Cygames Lucifer, however, as a character, is a Legacy Character and Series Mascot for Cygames. He appears in every original IP of theirs, so long as it survived long enough for him to be implemented. It’s highly unlikely that they would break their streak of having a character that looks like, sounds like and actually is named Lucifer appear in their game just because Nintendo had an issue with the name. But as stated above, due to their implementation of another demonic named figured into the game, it doesn’t seem like having characters named after demonic figures would be an issue enough for Lucifer to undergo a Dub Name Change at all, given that the name of said demonic character, who in this case is the famous Pazuzu, keeps his name in all the games languages. Changing Lucifer’s name to “Lucio” for the English translation would only cause confusion if they went that route, since most Granblue Players know that Lucio is a separate character, whose design is a slight deviation from Lucifer’s as we know him. Lucio is now known to have chibi wings to differentiate him from Lucifer. We only see him with Lucifer’s famous 6 wings in his battle sprite but nowhere else. Lucifer summon/NPC, however, is always seen with the iconic 6 wings, due to him having the strongest meta ties with Rage of Bahamut Lucifer. and that’s how fans know the difference between the two outside of their names.
    • Adding to the above, there is demonic lore built into the world of Dragalia Lost with there even characters that supposedly worship the demons of their world, hence the likely reason why a character named after or for a demon wouldn’t be out of place in the world of Dragalia Lost, child-friendly or not. This doesn’t seem like a worry to Nintendo. This also could serve as another justification as to why a Dub Name Change for Lucifer wouldn’t make sense.

Potential crossovers
As Cygames has pretty much done all kinds of crossovers with their other original IPs and Nintendo's involvement opens up a lot of new doors that the other mobile games don't have.
  • Fire Emblem, the big obvious one as Nintendo's already pre-existing fantasy series containing oodles of dragons in every installment.
    • Confirmed via Dragalia Digest for update 1.6. Characters obtainable in the crossover event were all 5* adventurers: Marth (flame sword), Fjorm (water lance), and Veronica (shadow wand, though her model was modified to carry a tome instead) were summonable, while Alfonse (light sword) was the freebie.
  • The Legend of Zelda is another one that would have obvious thematic similarities to Dragalia. Bonus points for getting a Volvagia or Valoo dragon!
  • A Shadowverse or Granblue Fantasy direct collab (as in, outside of Cygames' usual mascot characters who show up in all their works) isn't out of the question, though Granblue may be a slightly weirder proposition since it isn't officially available outside on Japan. It also depends on how much Nintendo wants to promote games outside of the Nintendo ecosystem.
    • While Shadowverse or GBF have yet to crossover into the game, other characters from the series like Albert and Lily have become recruitable characters.
  • I have a better one in mind that still involves dragons. How to Train Your Dragon crossing over with this game would be amazing, especially with Toothless as a 5* shadow dragon.
  • Kid Icarus could work especially since Uprising had Pit have new weapons besides a bow which could have some equivalents.
  • Castlevania, probably not one of the Belmonts though (unless they do a Mechanically Unusual Fighter like they did with Fire Emblem Heroes' Veronica and map the Vampire Killer whip to an existing weapon like the Blade or something). Alucard could work either as a Sword or Blade unit. Eric Lecarde from Bloodlines could be a Spear Support unit. Grant Danasty from Dracula's Curse could be a Dagger unit.
  • Super Smash Bros.: Considering that there is a good chance a Dragalia Lost representative (Euden) will appear as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it's very likely Cygames and Nintendo will do a collab event (as an anniversary celebration for Dragalia Lost) with Super Smash Bros with characters from various Nintendo and third-party characters that appeared in Smash. The characters the player may most likely summon would be Link (Wind Sword), Pit (Light Bow), Greninja (Water Dagger), Joker (Shadow Dagger). Summonable Dragons would most likely be Ridley (Shadow), Bowser (Flame), Charizard (Flame), Pikachu (Light), Squirtle (Water), Ivysaur (Wind), and King Dedede (Water). The freebie 5* character welfare will most likely Mario (who would most likely be a Flame Fist character, providing if fists were introduced as a new weapon type).
    • Marth and Chrom would also be available from the summon, either as they were for the fire emblem events or special smash variants.
    • While the Smash event runs, the Mega Man Chaos Protocol event would get a rerun, allowing all smash characters together.
  • Pokémon: Lance, Clair, and Drasna are all characters who both fit into the world's aesthetic and have dragons they can bring with them. Lance would naturally come with Dragonite, probably be a Sword wielder, and the duo would be either Light or Flame. Clair could be Shadow or Water, perhaps have a Blade or Dagger, and have Kingdra (also Water). Drasna would either be Staff or Wand, and her and Noivern would both be Wind. Beyond those three there are other non-dragon trainers whose appearances mesh with the Dragalia aesthetic like Koga and Janine (Shadow Blade with Dragalgae), Wikstrom (Light Sword with Dialga), Phoebe (Shadow Wand with Giratina), or Kiawe (Flame Wand with Turtonator).
    • Alternatively they could have the Trainers use their own Pokémon to fight instead of giving them weapons. Maybe have the ‘Dragons‘ be Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza as Flame, Water and Wind dragons respectively. Maybe with a semi-unique shapeshift where they gain their Primal Reversions/Mega evolution after shapeshifting more then once.
      Alternatively they could could use Dialga, Palkia, or Giratina instead as Light, Water and Shadow dragons respectively possibly to coincide with a possible Gen 4 remake.
  • Valkyrie Profile. Any number of the characters in the franchise can be featured.
  • Since there's a Mega Man crossover, other Capcom franchises might be possible:
  • One idea would be for Final Fantasy XIV for a raid event. It would involve the Scions of the Seventh Dawn being pulled into the Dragalia-verse while pursuing Ascians and be surprised that Euden and the gang are friends with dragons that bear the names of their enemies who are either primals or dragons. The raid event would involve either the Empire or some other cult summoning their own primal to bring about a Calamity which Euden and the Scions stop. As for which Scions it involves, it would be Y'Shtola (Light Staff), Thancred (Shadow Dagger), Alphinaud (Water Wand, though have a book like Veronica does) and Alisaie (Fire Sword).
    • Or if played for laughs, it would be a Hildibrand adventure with him, Nashu, Briardien and even Godbert and Julyan pulled into the world to solve a mystery and fight the boss of the day. Once it's all over, Hildibrand gets either smacked into the sky by Mym or blown out by Midgardsormr just as the dimensional portal allows them to go back to Hydaleyn.
    • Even if FF14 can't be used due to licensing issues, the franchise as a whole can still be used with Final Fantasy-themed alts and wyrmprints with a lance alt being played like a dragoon, sword units played like either paladins or dark knights, daggers like ninjas, wand units played like black mages and staff units like white mages.
  • Love Live!
    • Granblue Fantasy had a crossover event involving the Aqours girls (With the μs girls being teased for the game during said event.), so there is the possibility that this game may end up having a crossover event with the PERFECT Dream Project members in the future, assuming Nintendo would be fine with LL! characters appearing in one of their games.
  • My Hero Academia. They have similar design aesthetics and both Deku and Euden are very keen on making friends with people and protecting them from harm. The weapons situation might be difficult since most of them don't use any weapons, but it's easy to imagine Bakugo as Flame, Uraraka as Shadow, Todoroki as Water (perhaps instead of becoming a dragon he activates his Flame side), Iida as Wind, and Deku as Light (with his dragon form being him going beyond: Plus Ultra). All Might could also appear as a dragon.
  • Pretty Cure. Cure Black and White already appeared in Granblue Fantasy, so there's certainly precedent, and if they wanted more adventurers they could get Cures from a later season like Smile or A la Mode.
  • Persona 5. Joker was in both Granblue and Smash Ultimate, so translating him over to Dragalia as a Shadow Adventurer would be easy. Not to mention the various Personas could become dragons, especially considering how much the game has stretched out the concept of what a dragon could be.
  • World of Warcraft. While highly doubtful, it would be a way to introduce the Dragonflights to the DL-verse, especially if Mym sees Alexstraza as competition for Euden as a red dragon who can also turn into a human.
  • The Witcher. Let's get Geralt in here! Considering he's been in games like Soul Calibur VI and Monster Hunter: World, it would be a likely bet. He'd probably have to tone down his usual level of violence and profanity for this game. Of course Yennifer, Triss and Ciri would be involved as Euden and friends get dragged in to fight the Wild Hunt. And yes, Doug Cockle would still voice Geralt even then.
  • Dark Souls. Yes, there's a bit of a tonal contrast between Dragalia Lost and Dark Souls, but it's been proven that Dragalia Lost can do dark, as proven by the Heinwald and Curran events and Fractured Futures. Maybe we could have the Gaping Dragon as a Shadow element Dragon that heals the Adventurer for every kill you score.
  • Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000. With Japan gaining some interest in Warhammer, it probably wouldn't look too out of place to have New Alberia face off against the forces of Chaos.
  • Panzer Dragoon. Unlikely for Adventurers but most likely for dragons.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles. Every game in the series has characters who could fit in perfectly in Dragalia Lost.
    • From the first game, Shulk could be a light sword (his element in XC2), Reyn could be an axe user with a unique weapon, Fiora could be a wind adventurer (her element in XC2) who uses two daggers, Sharla could be a staff user with her rifle, Dunban could be a blade user, and Melia could use wands. Riki would be tricky since his weapon doesn't have an obvious analogue in Dragalia Lost.
      • Perhaps Riki could be either an Axe or Wand user with a unique melee combo with the latter.
    • From Xenoblade Chronicles X, Elma could be a shadow adventurer (her element in XC2) with two daggers and Lin could be an axe adventurer with her shield. They could have a unique ability to switch between melee weapons and ranged weapons, with Elma having dual guns and Lin having a gatling gun. There are other characters who can fit in too, but those two are the main characters along with the Player Character.
    • From Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the characters could be Rex, Nia, Tora, and Zeke. Mòrag is kinda tricky since she uses a pair of Whip Swords, which don't have any analogue besides being another flame sword.
      • Rex could be a flame sword who can switch to the light element, and he can even have a Super Mode where he gains the advantage against every element like Pneuma.
      • Nia could be a water dagger with her twin rings who is actually classified as a healer. She could also have the ability to change into her blade form as a Super Mode.
      • Tora could have the ability to switch between three different stances with his drill shield, mech arms, and variable saber. While the drill shield and variable saber could be classified as an axe and sword respectively, the mech arms would be tricky to classify.
      • Perhaps he could be an Axe user, with each stance giving a different combos and skills.
      • Zeke could be a light sword who has access to a Super Mode where he unleashes his Eye of Shining Justice.
      • Perhaps Mòrag could be either a Flame Lance or Blade, maybe with a unique combo not unlike Nadine.

DAOKO will eventually be made into a recruitable hero
Since her songs provide most of the music in the game, she would eventually be released as a character in an event, either pulled from the gatcha or having to be leveled up in friendship like in raid events. She'd also provide her own voice in the Japanese version.

Other Rage of Bahamut/Granblue Fantasy characters and arcs
Since they've shown they'll make heroes and even dragons out of characters from the previous Cygames games, what's to say they won't do one of the stories involving a corrupted Jeanne d'Arc to give her a Shadow version as well as a bit of an Enemy Mine situation between the heroes and The Empire to save her soul?
  • Now that Void Battles are introduced, they'd probably just slap Void Jeanne as a boss with no build-up or explanation and she's just there for new challenges and weapons.
    • Confirmed. Void Jeanne is just there as boss.

Dark Angel Olivia will appear in Dragalia Lost as a Shadow Dragon
DAO is also among the Series Mascot ‘s of Cygames, though she has yet to make an appearance in Cygames’ properties as often as Lucifer and Bahamut have. While she appeared as a playable unit in Granblue Fantasy due to the nature of her character, I think it’s unlikely that in Dragalia Lost that same play style could be replicated and thusly she would likely be relegated to being a dragon instead alongside Lucifer and Bahamut. It helps a bit that in Granblue Fantasy, she appeared as a summon at first as well.

Mega Man Adventurers
  • Mega Man: 4 star Light and either Wand or a new weapon type.
    • Partially confirmed. He is a Wand user, but is attuned to Flame instead and is a 5 star unit that must be obtained via Friendship.
  • Roll: 4 star Fire Lance or Staff (with a special weapon themed after a broom)
  • Bass: 4 star Shadow Wand or a new weapon type.
  • Zero: 5 star Fire Blade
  • Protoman: 5 star Fire Staff or a new weapon type.
  • Rush: 4 star Fire Dragon.
    • Sort of. He appears in Mega Man's dragon shift regardless of what's equipped.
  • Treble: 5 star Shadow Dragon.
    • All jossed. Mega Man is the only unit being introduced. Roll cameos in a wyrmprint, however.

The Monster Hunter event will be a raid event.
We just recently got the announcement of a Monster Hunter event with Rathalos itself as a recruitable dragon. This implies that we’ll be getting a raid event, possibly with a Deviljho as a raid boss with alternate forms similar to Chronos and Chronos Nyx in the form of Savage Deviljho.
  • Confirmed on the raid, but jossed on Deviljho. That spot belongs to Fatalis.

We will get Monster Hunter Sarisse alt as one of the adventurers that can be pulled in the Monster Hunter collaboration banner
The promotional trailer of the Monster Hunter collaboration has a Monster Hunter alternate for Sarisse. However, considering her popularity, it's very likely that she'll be a 4* adventurer from the gacha banner for those who are unable to pull Gala Sarisse (since 4* characters are easier to pull and there have been 4* alts for popular 5* characters like Ezelith and Xainfried).
  • The banner is a two-parter, so it's a very good chance she'll be a 5* adventurer on Part Two, as she is absent in Part One.
    • Mostly confirmed, Sarisse has a Monster Hunter version of herself in part two of the Monster Hunter banner.

Future Hunter alts in a Monster Hunter rerun
While it may be a long time before they rerun the "Monster Hunter: Primal Crisis" event, the wyrmprints have shown adventurers in Hunter themed armor.
  • Pia in Gammoth armor would be Water axe and playing like a hunting horn unit.
  • Lin You in Amatsu armor as Wind axe and playing like a switch axe unit.
  • Laxi in Kirin armor as a Light blade and playing like a long sword unit.
  • Jurota in Naracuga armor as a Shadow dagger unit playing like a dual blade unit.
  • Euden would get his own Rathalos armor.

The Fire Emblem Heroes sequel characters
  • Shareena: Light Lance, and she'll also be the free adventurer.
    • Confirmed! She will be involved in the 2020 Fire Emblem Heroes event.
  • Anna: She is a recurring character within the Fire Emblem franchise, so it wouldn't make sense not to include her.
  • Gunnthra: Wind Wand, since there weren't any wind heroes in the previous event.
  • Peony: Wind Dragon. Since Fairies are related to Dragons in this setting, and Peony is essentially a fairy, this will cause her to be considered a Dragon in the world's magic system. Imagine everyone's shock when her friends shapeshift - into her!
    • Confirmed...but the element and style is jossed. She is instead a Light Wand adventurer, with her flower serving as a weapon texture override.
  • Byleth, Edelgarde, Dimitri and Claude: Wind Sword, Fire Axe, Water Spear and Light Bow respectively. With Fire Emblem: Three Houses being the biggest and newest main series entry in the Fire Emblem franchise, it would make sense to add in characters from that game, and most likely pre-timeskip. Their Heroes Relics like the Sword of the Creator would serve more as glamours. Bonus points if Claude is introduced upside-down.
  • Bernadetta: Bernie is another contender for guest character and as a fire bow because of being in Black Eagles. Her Shrinking Violet personality would clash quite explosively with some of the hammier cast members of the game.
  • Corrin: Water Sword. Come on, next to Tiki, Corrin's probably Fire Emblem's most popular Dragon Morpher.
    • Jossed, but Tiki was confirmed.
  • The rest jossed. Chrom is the last Fire Emblem character.

     Mana Spiral 
Wind adventurer Mana Spiral predictions
  • 5 stars:
    • Maribelle: Considering that she is almost never used due to the nature of the High Mercury fight (and Hawk outclassing Maribelle in terms of ranged DPS), she's most likely be the candidate of getting a mana spiral. Her first skill will have a higher defense down debuff and inflict poison or bleed while her second skill will have some sort of poison punisher. She'll also have a relevant mechanic important for the Ciella fight.
    • Louise: Her kit will mostly will have increase damage modifiers for her poison infliction and poison punisher damage and one of her skills may inflict an additional effect like defense down or bleed. Her Overdrive Punisher will also increase her Force Strike to synergize with Overdrive Punisher.
      • Final effect: First skill gets an HP recovery, second skill gets a damage boost the higher her HP.
    • Sylas: His first skill will inflict poison and his second skill will have another additional effect of boosting the entire team alongside with the initiate skill recharge from his second skill.
      • Confirmed on both counts.
    • Victor: His first skill will have a poison punisher and his second skill will have a bleeding punisher effect alongside with buffing the entire team's defense.
    • Wedding Elisanne: Her first skill will heal more HP with her field while her second skill applies a constant poison debuff. Both of the fields will also be significantly larger with her Mana Spiral as well.
    • Akasha: Her first skill will also cleanse bog and grant the entire team strength up while her second skill will apply poison punisher debuff effect whenever enemies are standing in the field, giving her more offensive utility.
    • Wedding Aoi: Her first skill will inflict bleed while her second skill will apply team HP regen when striking bleeding foes. Her "Sleep = Team Strength" will be buffed to "Sleep & Bleed = Team Strength."

  • 4 star:
    • Original Ranzal: His first skill will inflict poison and his second skill will apply either a strength up buff or defense up buff.
      • Cygames confirmed that Ranzal's kit will involve dispelling buffs for Ciella. It's currently unknown how he will dispell the buffs.
      • Final effects: Gains Dispel and poison on his first skill. Second skill has more defense and a 20% Life Shield.
    • Pia: Her first skill will apply poison and her second skill will have secondary effect alongside with energizing the entire team (since her second skill is basically a do nothing skill).
    • Eleonora: Stronger poisoning effects.
    • Noelle: Because she was powercreepd by Tobias, her first skill have an additional effect alongside with buffing the entire party's strength, while her second skill will inflict poison on enemies. Much like Maribelle, she may have a relevant mechanic important for the Ciella fight.
    • Musashi: He'll not only having stronger poison damage, but his second skill will last longer and improve his force strike damage.
    • Lowen: His first skill will provide HP regen and he'll also gain a mechanic that is important for the Ciella fight.
      • Final effect: First part is jossed; there is no HP regen. He can dispel an enemy buff after using the first skill, though!
    • Wedding Xania: Almost similar to Lowen, but her first skill will buff the entire team's attack instead.

  • 3 star:
    • Melody: Because she was powercreeped by Noelle and Tobias, her first skill will have an additional effect that will allow her to differentiate from Noelle and Tobias.
      • Final effect: She gets a force strike boost after using her first skill. Her second skill gets a poison effect.
    • All other 3* wind adventurers will be given poison effect one way or another.
      • Confirmed for Sophie, whose second skill inflicts poison when upgraded.

Fire adventurer Mana Spiral predictions
  • 5 star:
    • Mikoto: Although he's most likely will never get one (since he had a strong kit on initial release), Mikoto as a fire blade adventurer has been super power crept by other fire blade characters that can inflict burn (even Nobunaga deals significantly more damage than him). If he ever gets a Mana Spiral, his mana spiral will not be focused on burn. Rather, his mana spiral will be more focused on strong basic attack damage with his critical hits or push him more into force strike centric kits (since blades generally have strong force strikes anyways).
    • Rena: Much like Mikoto, Rena was power crept by Nobunaga when Nobunaga's Dream Offensive damage was buffed. It's very likely that her burn damage modifiers will be increased with Roaring Furnace and her Brazier Boost will have an effect where her force strikes will inflict burn or always critical hitting.
    • Student Maribelle: Since Xania, a 3 star adventurer, completely outdamages Student Maribelle, it's very likely that her defense down effect on Study Break will increase alongside with adding a dispell effect. Her second skill will most likely will have a burn punisher.
    • Ramona: Her first skill will be given a burn punisher while her second skill will apply a secondary effect that would benefit the entire team.
    • Lea: Her mana spiral will push her into a force strike centric kit.
    • Chelsea: Since her kit involves a high-risk, high-reward kit and she often runs Dreadking Rathos because of the way her second skill her, her mana spiral will involves strong synergy with Dreadking Rathos.
    • Valentine Hildegarde: Her first skill give more energy buff stacks, and her second skill will end up combining Halloween Lowen's HP and defense up effects, making her superior to Halloween Lowen.

  • 4 star:
    • Serena: It's very likely that her Critical Hit Class centric kit will be buffed rather than giving her burn infliction such as the number of hit-combo for getting the critical buffs reduced so it makes it easier to chain her combo with her sword to get the critical buffs.
    • Verica: Her healing skills will provide defense up and HP up for her first and second skills respectfully.
    • Sinoa: Her Custom Concoction will have additional effect that will benefit the entire team and her second skill will inflict burn.
    • Laxi: She'll have a force strike centric kit that involves her second skill amplying her force strikes, but will cause her to take more damage, fitting into her "high risk, high reward" playstyle.
    • Vanessa: Both her skills will inflict burn.
    • Melsa: Her first skill will involve inflicting burn while her second skill will deal more damage based on how many hits on her combo.
    • Emma: Her first skill will buff the entire party's attack rate while her second skill provides health regen.

Water adventurer Mana Spiral predictions
  • 5 star:
    • Lily: She seriously needs a mana spiral because a lot of ranged water adventurers power crept her (heck even Pipple deals more damage than her). Cygames solution to her is just give her frostbite like most water adventurers' mana spiral and one of her passives will have an additional effect.
      • Final Effect: Her first skill, Glacial Blossom, inflicts frostbite. Her second skill, Frozen Gale, gives herself a self buff called ‘Crystalian princess’ that lasts for 30 seconds and lets her standard attacks deal bonus damage against frostbitten enemies, effectively making her a 5* Pipple, and increases the size of her second skill.
    • Xander: His second skill will grant himself a bunch of random buffs that will synergize well with his first skill. Also, his first skill will have a bog or frostbite punisher effect.
      • Final Effect: His first skill, Majestic Tide, causes frostbite and gives himself a self buff effect, "Born Ruler," where his next force strike acts like a ranged attack akin to Gala Ranzal and Hunter Berserker and gives a passive 5% strength bonus thanks to his first ability. His second skill also gains the same effect his first skill originally had. The "Born Ruler" effect is also consumed when his third variation of Majestic Tide is used or by using force strikes.
    • Laranoa: Her first skill will most likely have a frostbite punisher effect, and her second skill will have an additional buffing effect.
    • Summer Celliera: Her entire kit will most likely be reworked like her original version where she becomes a high-risk, high-reward adventurer.
      • Final Effect: Her first skill now fires 8 sharks instead of 6 with a slightly better chance of causing Bog. Her second skill has a 5% increase to her defence and attack rate buff values, with the attack but going up by 3% instead with no change to its damage modifiers.
    • Dragonyule Cleo: Her kit will mostly likely be reworked to be a more Critical Hit Class centric kit.
  • 4 star:
    • Halloween Odetta: Her second skill will most likely be buffed to have an additional buff effect.
    • Orsem: Fitting into the ice theme, Orsem's kit will most likely have his first skill inflict frostbite and be a frostbite enabler.
    • Luther: Similar to Orsem, but his first skill will most likely inflict bog instead.
      • Jossed on the bog part, his first skill inflicts frostbite instead. His third ability also lets his force strike cause frostbite after getting a critical hit.
    • Renee: Her first skill will have a higher bog infliction chance and will have a kit built with a mix of bog and frostbite punisher effects.
    • Regular Elisanne: Her first skill will mostly have an additional effect, and her second skill will have an extra gimmick that would play an important role in the Fire Agito fight.
      • Given the previous spirals for The Prince, Cleo and Ranzal all got Dispel in their kits it’s likely regular Elisanne will follow with Dispel being on her second skill. All the while the Flame Agito has something that dispelling would help make the fight easier. She’d also be qualified to get Frostbite like how the Prince got burn or Ranzal got poison.
    • Thaniel: Because Jiang Ziya powercreeps Thaniel, his entire kit will be reworked to make him function like a Combat Medic instead.
  • 3 star:
    • The rest of the 3* characters will most likely be given either frostbite for bog effects in their skills depending on their theme (or if they already inflict bog, will have a higher chance of inflicting bog). Cibella's first skill will most likely be reworked as a healer/defensive support while Jakob's second skill will be more offensive support inclined akin to Patia. Ricardt's healing in his Mana Spiral will most likely resemble that of both Lowen and Halloween Lowen.
      • Zardin now causes frostbite on both of his skills.
      • Ricardt’s first skill heals burn, and his first ability now also increases his recovery potency when at full HP.

Light adventurer Mana Spiral predictions

  • 5 Star:
    • Julietta: Buff her first skill to deal more damage against Paralyzed foes and her second skill could have a 20% HP life shield. Alternatively she could gain a more Critical-hit based playstyle like Lin You just with Thunderbolts instead of tornadoes.
    • Hildegarde: She'll most likely have her first skill cleanse poison in addition to healing since there aren't many adventurers that have poison cleansing across from Felicia (who isn't even 100% poison resist), her second skill will most likely have a stronger shield and will provide defense up to the entire team. Finally, she'll most likely have force strike dispell like most healers with Mana Spirals.
    • Lucretia: An overall improvement with Energy such as an increase to the amount gained with her first skill and the addition of inspiration from her second skill.
    • Albert: An improvement on his second skills cooldown letting him be electrified more often, his first skill will also gain Paralysis punisher.
    • Annelie: Her first skill will most likely will inflict Paraylsis and her second skill will most likely have a paralysis punisher effect. Her energy mechanic in both of her skills will also affect all allies and not only herself.
  • 4 Star:
    • Luca: His first skill will cause Dispel along with paralysis, and his second could deal more damage against Paralyzed foes. Alternatively he’ll gain either a buff or a debuff one one of his skills like an attack up buff or defense down buff.
    • Vixel: An increase to the amount of energy gained with his second skill, as well as a buff such as attack or defense. As well was an on-element resistance.
    • Amane: Her first skill will most likely inflict paralysis to increase her damage output. Her second skill will either last longer, have it's skill point reduced, or make her function similarily like Pipple where her standard attacks are enhanced.
    • Rawn: Her first skill will inflict paralysis and his second skill will have some sort of paralysis punisher effect.
    • Odetta: Her first skill most likely inflict paralysis, and her second skill will affect all allies regardless of range and will have an additional effect.
    • Fleur: Because she was power crept by Mitsuhide and she already inflicts paralysis, she'll most likely will have her damage modifiers improved on her skills, and her second skill will most likely have an amplifying effect on her first skill.
  • 3 Star:
    • The rest of the 3* characters will most likely be given Paralysis and paralysis punisher in their skills.

Gala Ranzal will be the first Gala adventurer with a Mana Spiral

While it'll most likely never will happen (since Gala adventurers are supposed to have very strong kits even without a Mana Spiral like Gala Cleo), should one of the Gala adventurers be the first Gala adventurer to get a Mana Spiral, it'll be Gala Ranzal since a lot of his kit is very underwhelming (and even Gala Leif has a better kit than him).

  • Alternatively, Gala Ranzal, Gala Sarisse, and Gala Mym will all receive spirals at the same time. Simply put, these three are the weakest Gala units we have right now. Gala Ranzal is a Junk Rare unit with some pretty poor damage when compared to other members of his element. Gala Sarisse is outclassed in the ranged use role by Xania or Chelsea. And she only sees use thanks to the existence of her dual resistances being invaluable for Volk. And Gala Mym is also outclassed in the melee role by Ezelith, Euden and especially Marth even after her Chain Co-ability being a great buff. They’ll all likely receive their Spirals during the second anniversary:
    • Ranzal will get an overall damage buff in his values and with boosts like Xander’s skill 1 effect note  and the addition of doublebuffs on his abilities.
    • Sarisse will have an increase to the amount of shots she can fire on her first skill from 7 to 9. Her second skill will have an additional offensive buff added to it such as Critical rate, critical damage or attack haste along with the defense buff. And finally an increase to her ‘Sylvans Strength’ values or a decrease to how high the combo needs to be.
    • Mym will get burn punisher on her skills as well as a passive burn punisher that goes up to extremely high values when shapeshifted not unlike Lathna. Her High Brunhilda form will also be able to cause the burn status. It’s also a possibility that she will gain a small defense debuff on her skill 2.

Crossover Characters' Mana Spiral upgrade speculation
Since the original four Fire Emblem Heroes characters are annouced getting Mana Spirals in the 1.5 year anniversary digest, here is a section to speculate on what changes the crossover characters might get from a Mana Spiral.

  • Fjorm:
    • To compliment her Chain Co-ability, her 2nd skill "Ice Mirror" at lvl 3 can inflict Frostbite. In turn, her 1st skill "Frigid Smash" at lvl 4 can do extra damage to frostbitten foes.
      • Her actual upgrades: her "Frigid Smash" skill also inflict Frostbite, her "Ice Mirror" skill gives some self healing, her "Last Bravery" ability can now activate twice.
  • Veronica:
    • Her kit is built around a "high risk, high reward" playstyle. To help her reach the low HP threshold, her first skill, Gespenst; and her second skill, Nosferatu, will inflict a negative effect on her when above 50% health (self damage on Gespenst and inflict herself Poison with Nosferatu) while having a positive effect when her health is below 50% (Gespenst will cleanse herself Poison and give herself strength up before damage is dealt with Gespenst while her Nosferatu will heal more). Both Gespenst and Nosferatu will inflict bleed and poison respectfully regardless of her HP pool.
      • Her actual upgrades: her "Gespenst" skill now does more damage to poisoned enemies, "Nosferatu" has increase in health restoration and cap, and her Last Destruction ability gives 10% skill damage for the rest of the quest and Veronica gets an additional 30% skill damage when below 30%
  • Marth
    • As with all Flame attuned adventurers with Mana Spirals, Marth will be given a burn centric kit for both Flickering Flames and Fire Emblem skills, Flickering Flames will also bestow Marth a stackable shield for better survivability and his Last Boost passive will also give the entire party another effect.
      • His actual upgrades: His "Flickering Flames" get burn, "Fire Emblem" deals more damage against burned enemies, and his "Last Boost" ability can activate twice.
  • Alfonse
    • His first and second skills will inflict Paralysis for more damage output and he'll have another effect for his "Last Burst" passive when his health drops below 50%
      • His actual upgrades: His "Blue Radiance" skill inflicts paralysis and has a higher strength buff, "Sol" heals more and deals more damage the lower his health is, finally Last Boost gives a 40% strength to the party for ten seconds when below 30% health and a permanent 10% strength buff when below 30%
  • Mega Man:
    • He will get a special style switch (i.e. Lazry type) that can swap out his skills to better emulate his Variable Weapons System in order to use the other Special Weapons of the Mega Man 2 Robot Masters. The switch layout will be in the shape of cardinal directions with set 1 on top, set 2 at bottom, set 3 is left and set 4 is right. The skill swapping pairs are based on which Robot Masters were paired in the event Wyrmprints.
    (Default) Skill set 1: Metal Blade & Leaf Shield
    Skill set 2: Quick Boomerang & Bubble Lead
    Quick Boomerang will be rapid fireable boomerang multi attacks in a fan spread radius in front of Mega Man and inflicts more damage to enemies with Bleed.
    Bubble Lead is a slow straight attack that does splash damage and inflicts Bog.
    Skill sets 3 & 4: One and other of the respective Robot Masters appearing in the Wyrmprints "Wily Warriors: Flash & Heat" and "Wily Warriors: Air & Crash"
    Time Stopper can inflict Stun on enemies in a wide radius, exhausts weapon gauge on use and delay recharging its weapon gauge by 5 seconds.
    Crash Bomber deals increased damage to Broken enemies and gives a unique Force Stike that places a bomb on the field or on one enemy which detonates in 5 seconds or after the attached enemy is defeated inflicting splash damage.
    Atomic Fire when equipped have the normal attacks get low chance to Burn and gives a unique Force Strike that has high chance to Burn.
    Air Shooter creates multi-hit small tornadoes that dispels 1 enemy buff per 5 hits and gives a slow charging 3 stage Force Strike that exhaust the Weapon Gauge in proportion. The 1st stage is a slightly larger single tornado that goes straight and draws enemies in. The 2nd stage creates 3 tornadoes which goes in split directions with the two side tornadoes being smaller, faster, going 55° away from the center tornado and have no dispel. The 3rd stage is similar to the 2nd but the side tornadoes go in a curved path and when the three tornadoes collide with each other they create a larger tornado area that draws in enemies.
  • Hunter Berserker
    • Will receive an increase to his damage modifiers on Moonbreaker, he’ll likely get Burn punisher as well. Lions Maw will increase force strike damage by 100%. Greatsword Expertise will deal 30% more damage instead of 20% to enemies in the break state and Reduced Defense Devastator will be increase to 25%.
  • Hunter Vanessa
    • Corkscrew jab will be stronger and have a longer lasting paralysis. Enraged Guard will last for longer, most likely 5 seconds instead of 3. Lance Expertise will give a 35% to force strike damage and Reduced Defense Devastator will be increase to 25%.
  • Hunter Sarisse
    • Tactical retreat will deal more damage and increase force strike damage by 120%, and Haste rain will increase force strike charge rate by 35%. Bow expertise will only increase Force strike damage by 35% and finally Force strike damage & charge rate will only have the force strike damage increased to 35%, the charge rate will remain at 20%.
  • Peony
    • Her Flower of joy and Gentle dream will only have an increase to damage dealt, no changes to its buff values. Aid of the Ljósálfar will only add an extra 5% to Shadow resistancenote .
  • Chrom
    • Will receive an increase to the modifiers on Exalted sword, Aether, and Awakening Aether enough to make his Awesome, but Impractical play style less impractical.
  • Tiki
    • Divine Wings and Dragon Valor will increase the Divine dragon gauge more then it originally did. When in Divine Dragon form Breath of fog will have a longer lasting frostbite, Divine Dragon blow will deal more damage. In her Divine Dragon form the damage dealt to her would reduced by 60%. Finally she will also receive damage boosts from Dragon damage wyrmprints and will also be able to use any weapon and Shared skills while in her Divine Dragon form.

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