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  • The title screen music, Owaranai Sekai de (In An Unending World) by DAOKO, really opens up the game well with a feeling of adventure for new and returning players.
  • The Home Menu tracks, Home (Bokura no Network) and 2nd Home Music - Cinderella Step, feature bouncy beats and soft synthesiser music respectively that really make you feel at home.
  • The victory theme, played after an easy victory or a hard fought battle, is just a 5 second clip of ShibuyaK.
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  • Ryusei Toshi, the boss theme, is a remix of the opening song of the game.
  • The music that plays during the fights against the Greatwyrms is an incredibly catchy piece. Same goes for the High Brunhilda remix, which is just as good as the original theme, if not better.
  • Not only is Zodiark's unique battle theme, "The Sound of Hope", very good at being Sad Battle Music in stark contrast to the normal Greatwyrm theme, there's also the chant-like lyrics that can be interpreted as cries for help, which would be fitting, given his hostility towards the protagonists was not of his own volition.
  • The "Trick or Treasure" event boss music, DRIVE (DRAGALIA LOST Arrange), works well while fighting the infamous Pumpking. It really drops the beat.
  • Oni-san Kochira (Mr. Demon, Look This Way!) has amazing haunting dubstep when fighting Phraeganoth, Hypnos, Valfarr, Thanatos, Qitian Dasheng, and Barbary. The lyrics treat each boss as a game of tag and they're it.
  • Every song from the Resplendent Refrain event is just godly to listen to.
  • And now for the New Year's event, New Year's Tidings: Fortune from Afar, we have Dawn that makes you do the Dance of the Sunrise to the fast and catchy beats when fighting Ieyasu and Shishimai.
  • The Void Battle theme now adds Yume Utsutsu (Dreams and Reality). This is a theme for bosses that are taking the kid gloves off and need proper strategy to take down, especially as the clock winds down. There's a Void Jeanne d'Arc remix that makes the fight against her much more harsh since one of the kindest dragons can just as well be corrupted.
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  • The "Valentine's Confections" Event Menu theme, ~ 24h, is a funky theme made by Daoko and Yoh Kamiayama. Their lyrical version is not in the game but in her album.
  • The Fire Emblem theme song sung by both DAOKO and Scha Dara Parr in the Fire Emblem Lost Heroes crossover event has a mix of the traditional tune of the Fire Emblem theme song and rap music.
  • Lizzie Freeman, the English VA of Lily, did an English cover of "Bokura no Network" which has cutouts of the main gang and herself dancing along to the beat.
  • Remember that catchy Select Quest menu music? Well now there's a whole of that from The Mercurial Gauntlet challenge event, "Vs. Fafnir Roy III", when you're fighting the giant golden dragon and beat his challenges to receive loads of treasures in under 60 seconds real time!
  • During the One Year Anniversary celebration, the main menu has the theme titled, well, "a n n i v e r s a r y." The music video has her dancing and singing along with the cast of Dragalia Lost as well.
  • Daoko does it again with Oide Oide, which plays against powerful Astral Raid Bosses, making it sound like a dance party.
  • The main theme song to the Stirring Shadows is "Onaji Yoru," a haunting theme for a Lovecraftian story.
  • Mega Man: Chaos Protocol has the stage theme be "Dr. Wily Stage 1 (Dragalia Remix)" worthy of not just Dragalia Lost, but also Mega Man.
  • Chapter 11 adds in "Ichiban Boshi" (First Star) as the unique boss music against Laxi.
  • The "Scars of the Syndicate" event has "Get Up" by MADKID as its theme, a harder and angstier piece compared to usual Dragalia Lost tracks.
  • "Timeworm Torment" has "Force Your Way" by Takayoshi Tanimoto as its theme, which ends up being fast paced and intense in contrast to the former.
  • In Chapter 14, when Zena comforts and talks to Euden about saving Zethia, the emotional fast-paced song "case i" by Lucrezia plays. The song's lyrics reflects Euden's desperate and conflicting thoughts about saving his sister. Without the story context, its lyrics can be considered as a Villain Song.
  • "Rhythmic Resolutions" has two versions of the song "Bon Fever", and the Festival version. Both songs were sung by Sekihan and they're both really catchy.
  • "Doomsday Getaway" has "Steath Dance" by Shiki Aoki, which is not only catchy in its beat and lyrics, but also very similar to the main theme to Danganronpa.

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