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Tear Jerker / Dragalia Lost

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Character Stories
  • Erik's predicament. In his third episode, "No Home to Return To", his noble family considered him as dead from a shipwreck—they even gave him a gravestone. He can't bear to show himself to them.
  • Cibella's backstory, being the Sole Survivor of a fiend attack on her church. Some of her home screen quotes has her reflect her memories of that church.
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  • Thaniel is clearly going through some horrible inner turmoil during his story. Despite his loyalty to the Prince being completely genuine, his inability to tell him that he just wanted to escape the hellish navy causes him to break down sobbing when he actually fesses up.
  • Naveed's reason for his hesitation around women. According to his story's third episode "Love Is Fleeting", he was engaged to someone, but after his business went south, she left him for another man. He worries that the next woman he'd love would do the same.
  • The beginning of Odetta's travels. Her family once owned a mansion until her parents died, leaving her with the servants. Soon the servants left, with the heartless of them looting the place before parting. Finally, a rival house of nobles seized the estate, forcing Odetta to leave.
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  • Audric’s story is just one tragedy after another. The whole thing takes place in the Bad Future from the Fractured Futures event, and the first thing that happens is the future version of Raemond making a Heroic Sacrifice so Audric can retreat from the empire’s dragons into the ruins of the Halidom. There he reunites with Sinoa, Ranzal, and Erik, who convince him that his only option is to return to the Prince’s time and prevent the future from ever coming to pass, even knowing that it’s a death sentence for all three of them. On his way to find Cassandra, who knows how he can get to the past for good, he brings along a group of villagers, hoping to lead them to safety in the process. Unfortunately, the villagers catch wind of his goal to leave this world, and decide Cassandra must be tricking him. To stop him, they kill Cassandra and Notte, who was trying to dissuade them at the time. Fortunately, Cassandra left Audric with the means to sever his link to his time, but before he has a chance to go back, the villagers decide that if he won’t protect them, the empire will grant them favor in exchange for Audric’s head. The final tragedy Audric faces is having to kill every one of the villagers he once protected before finally managing to make it back in time to begin setting everything right.

Main Story

  • Near the end of Chapter 5, once the Other left King Aurelius, he took a fatal hit directed at his youngest son, the Prince, from the now-possessed Zethia. After that, he offered himself to Zodiark to replenish his mana.
  • Whatever happened to Emile in the past. Euden's mention of it implies its not pretty and is the crux of the reason Emile is the way he is.
  • Cleo's reunion with Alberius, in which she has to help Euden slay Alberius, who is on the verge of rampaging after having so much miasma in his body for so long.


  • The raid event "Skyborne Spectacle": According to Su Fang's grandparents, Su Fang left his parents after a spat about showing pyroblossoms to the world. Once he returned, he finds his parents dead from a pyroblossom accident that burned down the workshop.
  • The Valentine's event sees Hildegarde shunning the mere concept of merriment, and Mym and Ezelith call her out on it. In the second episode of her event story, she reveals that she was separated from her parents and sent to an orphanage. Special events celebrated in the orphanage gave her so much sorrow due to memories of her time with her parents that she spends each special occasion as a shut-in.
  • "A Waltz With Fate" is one tragedy after another for Felicia. She's kidnapped from her village by her Stalker with a Crush Thanatos because he wanted her to dance just for him. All's well and good, as she held on hope that she could be rescued and returned to her village... except Thanatos laid ruin to the place shortly after he took her. That's on top of Thanatos doing everything he can to stop Phantom, the Prince, and the crew from taking her back. While the heroes manage to defeat Thanatos and secure Felicia's freedom, the best they can offer is a place to stay at the halidom. Unlike most other events where it turns out everyone's okay, in "A Waltz With Fate" it's implied that Felicia's village and its inhabitants are gone, either by perishing during Thanatos' attack or being untraceable after the fact. Felicia certainly didn't deserve any of this.
  • The Bad Future that Audric takes Euden to in "Fractured Futures" starts with Euden discovering the Halidom in ruins, but also finding Notte wandering said ruins. When he tries to talk to her, Notte turns out to have crossed the Despair Event Horizon, furious at Euden for something his future self did and declaring that she'll get revenge on him somehow. This is punctuated with full CGs of her crying her heart out, and the whole speech in Japanese is chilling. The fact that the usually plucky Notte is reduced to a terrified, crying mess speaks volumes of how bad things have gotten.
    • Before this Despite his best efforts, Euden fails to protect future!Zethia due to Chronos being able to basically rewind his own time. Poor Zethia can only ask her brother for forgiveness before she expires.

Dragon Stories

  • Roc's story. She had a pact with a noble known only as the Mercenary Prince. The story is about his death. Roc tries and fails to bring him to Phoenix. The Mercenary Prince assures her that he has no regrets, except for one: he regrets not being able to see the world in a more peaceful state.
  • Phantom's story reveals he was shunned by people and dragons alike for his appearance his entire life. One day he saw people were being terrorized by fiends and felt compelled to save them out of nothing but the goodness of his heart. When the fiends were all gone, the townsfolk turned on Phantom, calling him a fiend and accusing him of causing all of their problems. Even when Phantom tried to explain himself, they refused to listen, sealing Phantom in the void between worlds.
  • Liger, of all dragons, gets one as well. As a young dragon, he and a boyhood friend of his discovered the circus and enjoyed it. Of course while Liger is in the prime of his youth dragonwise, his friend grew old and died, leaving him heartbroken and depressed until Annelie found him and recruited him for the circus.

Dragalia Life

  • In strip #160, Audric tries to do some parenting for Euden with bedtime stories, only to accidentally induce more nightmares by talking about the Bad Future. Even in the lighthearted spinoff comic, Audric can't catch a break.

Real Life


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