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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.


  • Dragalia Life #6 has Ranzal checking the temperature of the spring before getting in. It makes sense since he's a Wind unit that's weak to Fire attacks.
  • One of Fjorm's abilities obtained from the mana circle is Skill Prep 100%. In her home game, Fire Emblem Heroes, she comes with the skill Shield Pulse, which reduces the skill cooldown by 2 at level 3 if the unit has a defensive skill like Pavise and if it's the first turn. Her Secret Art, Ice Mirror, qualifies as such, and with its cooldown of 2, Fjorm has it ready from the start.
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  • The reason why Marth is such a Game-Breaker against High Midgardsormr is because by the end of his own game, he will have racked up several dozen manakete kills. A dragon like regular or High Midgardsormr would be no issue.
  • Alfonse can obtain Curse Resist 100% from the Mana Circle. In his home game, he is cursed by Hel, Queen of the Underworld, that he will die in 9 days, the same curse that killed his father Gustav. He boasted to Hel that he'll use that time to find a way to kill her.
  • One will immediately notice that Thanatos looks like a purple version of Hypnos. This is actually fitting, since in Classical Mythology, Hypnos and Thanatos were twin brothers.
  • Mega Man being attuned to Flame may confuse some players. Veterans of his series, meanwhile, can credit his decreased mobility when underwater in his games, as Water has an advantage over Flame. It's also the reason there's no Wyrmprint for Brainwashed Midgardsormr, taking in the whole boss pattern from the series. It may also be a reference Mega Man being solar powered.
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  • Volk and most of the Agito bosses are noted to be harder than Master difficulty High Dragon Trials (more noticeably, he inflicts two Standard Status Effects rather than one). This is mainly because the Agito group is aware that Euden is forging wyrmpacts with the greatwyrms and they need every arsenal they can to take down the greatwyrms alongside with Euden, including the "high" versions of them.
  • Kagutsuchi's description mentions fried chicken being very popular in Hinomoto. While this may seem like an offhand bit of world-building, remember that Hinomoto is supposed to be a stand-in for Japan, and what food is eaten in Japan as opposed to the Christmas turkey?
  • Dragalia Life #220 has Fafnir Roy III give Euden his molted skin as a present the same way the player gives gifts to the dragons. Considering he gets bigger with each level in Mercurial Gauntlet, he's shedding away his skin each time, much like a caterpillar or other exoskeletonic organisms.
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  • Why do both the Flame-attuned Manticore and Volcanic Chimeratech weapon lines usually mention their wielder going into an Unstoppable Rage when used? Because both the beasts they're made from have a passive ability that functions as such (Manticores have Fury, which keeps them in a constant Overdrive state and prevents them from being Broken, and Chimeras have Frenzy, which reduces the damage they take and increases the damage they deal over time.)
  • Typically, adventurers obtained for free during events require you to forge a friendship with them in order for them to remain on your roster. Sharena does not have this requirement. In Fire Emblem Heroes, Sharena sees the heroes as friends, and she views the Dragalia cast the same way. Therefore, the friendship is already forged.
  • During the lead up to Fire Emblem: Kindred Ties event many players were speculating on what adventurers would be revealed and what element they would be, such as Tiki. And when the aforementioned Tiki was revealed she turned out to be Water element to the surprise of many instead of say Light or even Flame element. But then again, in her home series after transforming she always had either Ice Breath or Breath of Fog. And what element do Ice attacks fall under? Water. And how does fog happen? When water vapour condenses near ground level.
  • Special stamina items from events (like the Yule Roast or the E Tank) give 100 stamina upon use...except the Stamina Potion, tied to "Fire Emblem: Kindred Ties", which only gives 99. What is the max stamina for Fire Emblem Heroes? 99.
  • In the Chapter 13 Interlude, besides his ideology of hating those with privilege, Volk would of course be against Ciella because he's Wind and she's Water.
  • Selfie Fiend Nadine is revealed to be a lance user. Selfie sticks, anyone?
    • Even better, "Sands of Reflections" has her call for a selfie stick at the end of the story!
  • Cait Sith is amazing in the boss fight against High Jupiter, one of the Greatwyrms who happens to resemble a bird. Cats, most notably domestic housecats, hunt and eat birds both for fun and for food.
  • Ayaha and Otoha being evil twins in a game with Mega Man. They're practically Gemini Woman.


  • "The Hunt for Harmony" shows that Luca and Sylas, in their youth, have basically invented mustard gas. In small bombs, they're good for stink bomb pranks, but in industrial quantities if the Empire got their hands on that recipe along with refinement, it would be a very catastrophic to the point of using it very straight like World War 1!
  • The flavor text for the 5 star tier 3 shadow lance weapon, Mistilteinn, describes it as not the name of a single weapon, but also having different forms like a sword, a lance and a plant sprout. An evil weapon that changes form? Are we talking about Soul Edge?
  • The Bad Future shown in Audric and Parallel Zodiark's stories has a lot of disturbing implications, with the biggest one being that Euden was possessed and then used Zodiark to murder Zethia. The vague time period also leaves up in the air just how many of the characters known along the way are dead or alive, especially with dragons like Phantom and Sylvia being forcibly controlled by the villains.
  • Akasha being able to Backstory Invader the main cast easily means she could just as easily do the same to the rest of Euden's siblings. The only reason she probably won't is because it's not part of the Ancient One's plans.
  • Amane's story of wanting to hunt down dragons due to being a survivor of a dragon attack means she could have just as easily have been one of Euden's worst enemies if she went to Valkaheim and went to Leonidas instead since he has an utter hatred of dragons for killing his mother.

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