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Awesome / Dragalia Lost

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  • The concept of making pacts with dragons to transform into them in battles is an awesome idea for a mobile game Nintendo collaborated with Cygames.
  • All the music composed by Daoko are awesome to listen to! Just look at the Awesome Music page.
  • Chapter 8, Leonidas proves to be far too powerful for the party to face, and as he prepares to finish them off, Mym jumps in and basically dares Leonidas to attack her with the full force of his dragon's flames. Sure enough, he does... only for Mym to No-Sell the attack, absorbing the intense flames to allow her to temporarily transform into High Brunhilda and turn the arrogant prince's flames against him.
    Mym: Sorry, what was that about razing?
    Leonidas: WHAT?! Impossible!

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