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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.


  • The concept of making pacts with dragons to transform into them in battles is an awesome idea for a mobile game Nintendo collaborated with Cygames.
  • All the music composed by Daoko are awesome to listen to! Just look at the Awesome Music page.
  • While defeating any of the High Dragon fights is awesome on Expert or Master, this video from IeTeya has him construct a team of Mikoto, Xania, Halloween Lowen and Sarisse to autoplay Expert High Midgardsormr while set to "Insatiable," the boss theme in Final Fantasy XIV's Shadowbringers expansion. Xania gets a Dying Moment of Awesome as what would have been a Total Party Kill after the last revive was used, she provides the kill shot.

Main Story

  • Chapter 8, Leonidas proves to be far too powerful for the party to face, and as he prepares to finish them off, Mym jumps in and basically dares Leonidas to attack her with the full force of his dragon's flames. Sure enough, he does... only for Mym to No-Sell the attack, absorbing the intense flames to allow her to temporarily transform into High Brunhilda and turn the arrogant prince's flames against him.
    Mym: Sorry, what was that about razing?
    Leonidas: WHAT?! Impossible!
  • Chapter 12 ends on a pretty epic note, as Euden and Leonidas clash forth in their respective dragon forms, neither side giving in, while espousing both their ideals against one another! Eventually it ends with both fighter exhausted and out of their dragon forms as Euden lies prone and Leonidas readies his sword to make the killing blow. Only for ALEX of all people to intercept and sneak attack Leonidas at the last second! Winning the battle in Euden's favor.
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  • Chapter 14 ups the stakes big time! Especially near the end where of all people: BEREN pops out of nowhere during the Other's possession ritual, and proceeds to absorb in the middle of it while the demon can only scream in anger for his power back as he's sucked in! Afterwards its shown that Beren has complete control of his abilities, and outright mocks Morsayati afterwards.

Adventurer Stories

  • Chapter 4 of Patia's adventurer story fully solidifies her status as a One Woman Army as she and Elissanne are cornered by 100 Empire soldiers. Patia tells Elissanne to retreat and call in the cavalry and that she'll keep the enemy off her back. Except by the time Elissanne returns with said Cavalalry, the 100 soldiers were just about to keel over while Patia was still standing and ready for more. The General had the army retreat, thankful that they now had the excuse of the cavalry coming in and not the more humiliating: Because we all got whooped by one girl.
  • Honestly a good chunk of Lazry's adventure stories are made of awesome. To which there are two stand out moments.


  • The 1st Anniversary started off with a bang, quite literally with its Fractured Futures raid event. Not only is the story very intense for an event, but it also features the return of Aurelius both as his old self and playable counterpart Audric and Future Zethia. Characters that havent been featured for over a year. Not to mention the fighting the raid boss: Chronos is a blast! It is not only the BIGGEST raid boss by far, but it uses variations of attacks made by previous raids too! Making conquering this event extremely satisfying!
  • The December 24th 2019 Dragalia Digest announces that in January 2020, there will be a Monster Hunter crossover and Rathalos will be involved.
    • Not only does the event include Rathalos and Dreadking Rathalos, but also Fatalis as the main Big Bad of the event, but also Berserker, Vanessa, and Sarisse decked out in Hunter gear.
    • In the climax of the event's story, as the heroes are preparing to assault Fatalis' nest... Rathalos swoops in and enters the rift, and then there's a full 3D cutscene of Rathalos flying in to challenge Fatalis as well, as the two monsters roar at each other defiantly.
  • The Scars of the Syndicate event has a lot of great moments of awesome from Aldred himself to the introduction of a new antagonistic organization lurking in the background. The biggest standout though may the scene before the final battle. The doctor uses the Princes own kindhearted nature to lure him into a trap to fuse him with the fiend Aspidochelone, and makes an offer to Aldred that if he allows the fusion to succeed, he will offer his own life to him since he would accomplish his goal. Aldred shuts him down, saying that he refuses to let other people go through the same kind of suffering and pain that he did when he became what he was, spits in the face of the doctors philosophy of how being "Evil" is something that takes resolve and true strength with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, and and tells him that the Prince and his friends are the ones with true resolve for doing everything they can to protect everything dear to them along with others despite the odds against them. He proceeds to shapeshift along with the Prince to break him and his allies out of the trap and they all prepare to face the Doctor once and for all after he fuses with Aspidochelone himself, all while the event theme "Get Up" plays. It's like something straight out of an anime scene.
  • "Fire Emblem: Kindred Ties" gives us the Colisseum mode which allows the different elemental teams to fight their opposites against waves of heroes, escalating with each difficulty, especially on Lunatic. Now you get to feel what it's like fighting against the meta.
    • Wind: Round 1 is a Sibling Team between Louise and Lowen with her pelting you with arrows while he's healing his sister. Round 2 is Akasha who summons undead fiends to her side while she flings magic at you. Round 3 is the Peng Lai trio of Su Fang, Ku Hai and Lin You. Round 4 is Victor showing just what four Svenitlan elites can do with a team of him, Noelle, Kirsty, and Joachim. The final round is Gala Ranzal teamed up with Midgardsormr.
  • Kindred Ties also gives us an awesome moment in the ninth story episode - Zethia reclaiming control of her body from The Other, if briefly, in order to aid her brother.
  • Near the end of "Doomsday Getaway", Norwin figures out that the curse on Scylla's island is triggered by saying you trust someone in response to that person saying they trust you. Amane then proceeds to turn the tables on Carmen, the little gremlin who's been toying with the heroes all this time, by tricking Carmen into saying she trusts her, causing Carmen to get hit by the curse. This causes Carmen to vanish while Scylla is so furious that the heroes ruined her game that she reveals herself and attacks the heroes head on, finally giving them the chance to beat Scylla for good.

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