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Trivia / Dragaera

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  • Creator Breakdown: Brust began treating the Jhereg more negatively after a friend was murdered by the Mafia, and also wrote a novel where Vlad's marriage was dissolving while he was experiencing the same thing.
  • Defictionalization: As fits the series' Food Porn tendencies, available merch includes copies of Valabar's menu from Dzur. Many fans have tried to recreate these and other mouth-watering recipes Vlad describes, with equivalent Earthly substitutions for things like kethna or goslingroot.
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  • World of Symbolism: Subverted in Brokedown Palace, which Brust had meant to write as a socialist political allegory. Word of God is that he had to change gears when the characters stubbornly insisted on acting like people rather than symbols.


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