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Here's my Troper Wall. Vandalize it at your leisure, but please leave your signature on each of your comments (preferably potholed to your Troper Wall and/or contributor profile). Thank you.

You may be asking how I thought of this username. It's a funny story to be honest: Back in 2007, I was just setting up a profile for Xbox Live to play Halo3 online and needed to make a username. I was thinking, " no no!", then my brother shouted, "AIDS!". We laughed for weeks and months afterwards. I have used this name ever since from forums to Video Games themselves, though I have since resigned from Xbox Live entirely.

My Anime List profile can be found here, and my Steam profile can be found here.

The works that I Entry Pimp for include:

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     My life in the Tv Tropes forums 

Most of my time is spent in the Forum Games, but you'll see me hang around Manga and Anime Recommendations quite a bit too.

I am sometimes active on the Image Pickin forums as well, and I've had some success with my ideas. Below are the tropes that I have personally helped to produce images for and succeeded in some way. No asterisk means I just provided the image. One asterisk(*) means that I have provided both the image and the caption, and two asterisks(**) indicate that I all I did was provide the caption and not the image itself. note 

The Trope Pantheons is another forum I often congregate. As expected, I've risen some characters to godhood there, and here they are in Character, Trope - House order:

There are other characters that I had a hand in ascending and/or major editing, but I didn't write the initial profile for them. These include...

     Tropes that directly describe me 

     My Favorite Trope list 

I admit that these can be played poorly, but I can't think of any truly awful cases of these among the shows I've seen in recent memory.

     My Pet Peeve Trope list 

I admit that these can be played well, but I often see them poorly done or just there to be a vice with nothing more than a Hand Wave to be there.