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The Image Pickin' forum is the section of the TV Tropes Forum where Tropers go to discuss page images. If a page has an image that doesn't work for some reason (Just a Face and a Caption, poor image quality, can't be used because of copyright issues, etc.), Image Pickin' is the place to go.

Before suggesting a new image in an Image Pickin' thread, be sure to check out the following:

  • How to Pick a Good Image — This gives the rough guidelines for what you should be looking for in a page pic.
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  • About Images and Copyright — This spells out how we deal with copyrighting of images (what can/can't be used, how we can use pics, etc.)
  • The pinned post (information in pink) at the top of this IP thread, which explains the guidelines IP operates under in detail.

Alternative Title(s): Image Picking