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Monster Mash is fun and all, but it's just a little too cheesy. Hey, we've got all these colorful historical figures, why not throw them all together as a Quirky Miniboss Squad?

Justified in different ways: They could be simulacra, clones, or magically reanimated. Or brought forward in time. A Super-Trope to History's Crime Wave and related to Jury of the Damned and Stupid Jetpack Hitler. Could be the result of superpowered historical figures teaming up.

See also Army of the Ages, for fighting forces composed of warriors from different eras who aren't famous figures.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Drifters has this on both sides in a crapsack fantasy world - the good guys summoned there at the verge of death while the bad guys were those who historically died tragically.
  • Fate/stay night and its prequel Fate/Zero is pretty much the mythological version of this, although some (like Gilles de Rais and Alexander the Great) were historical people.
    • With some exceptions, the heroes summoned were all real people at some point. Their appearance and personality may change based on perceptions, however.
  • Nobunagun has the E-Genes, the essence of famous figures ranging from Jack the Ripper to Oda Nobunaga to Mahatma Ghandi extracted at the point of death. Certain people in the present day have inherited these E-Genes and are able to draw out powers based on them (guns for Nobunaga, an axe for Geronimo, gravity control for Isaac Newton, etc.), while also communing with their spirit from time to time.
  • Read or Die: The I-Jin are all made up of famous figures from the past, most notably Ludwig van Beethoven. They're cloned.
  • Samurai Deeper Kyo's concept.

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 

    Films — Live-Action 


    Live-Action TV 
  • One episode of Lois & Clark involved clones of Al Capone, as well as Bonnie and Clyde and John Dillinger. They were cloned by a scientist who wanted to prove evil wasn't genetic, and apparently turned out to be wrong.
  • Red Dwarf: The episode "Meltdown" features a war between robot duplicates of the greatest and the worst people in history in an abandoned theme park.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The Savage Curtain". The Hero team is Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Abraham Lincoln and Surak of Vulcan. The villain team is Genghis Khan, the Klingon Kahless, Colonel Green and the Mad Scientist Zora. Everyone except Kirk and Spock are actually alien rock creatures masquerading as humanoids.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In the Gamescience adventure The Future King, Doc Holliday, Nostradamus, Bruce Lee, Harald Hardraada, Owen Glendower and Cyrano de Bergerac are gathered together to find and wake King Arthur.

    Video Games 
  • The Fallout 3 expansion "Mothership Zeta" has you team up with several cryogenically-preserved warriors on the alien spaceship: a military doctor from Operation Anchorage, a contemporary slaver, a wild west cowboy, and a samurai.
  • In The Legend of Zelda spin-off game Hyrule Warriors, Time Travel lets an incarnation of Link and Zelda battle alongside heroes (and villains) from the Era of the Hero of Time, the Era of Twilight, and the Era of the Sky. The developers have said it's basically Zelda's version of The Avengers.
  • Toukiden has Mitama, the spirits of heroes devoured by oni across the ages that have been freed by Slayers. Slayers can commune with these spirits to gain special powers and the Player Character has the uniquenote  power of communing with a very large number of them.
  • If you stretch it a bit, this is basically the concept of the Warriors Orochi series — bringing together legendary warriors from China's Three Kingdoms Period, others from Japan's Warring States Era, and a few guys from mythology for good measure — just so Orochi can have a decent challenge. Certainly, a teamup of Masamune Date, Lu Bu and Sun Wukong invokes the same sort of feeling...
  • The Nexus in Heroes of the Storm does this, pretty much literally, but with simulacra of characters from Blizzard's various IPs. Their fighting skills, personalities and such are translated into the Nexus albeit somewhat imperfectly. They have been chosen to fight these battles on behalf of the shadowy rulers of the Nexus: such as the Grave Keeper and the Lady of Thorns. You and your friends can assemble your Quirky Miniboss Squad, to fight with an opponent's similar squad. To make your squad extra quirky, you can summon alternate-universe versions of some characters: which may have very different looks and themed powers, or even different voices. The alternate universes tend to have wacky themes like Professional Wrestling, Christmas, or Robots: meaning even the characters from more Grimdark settings can get silly skins. Other times a character will get a new skin because of Ascended Fanon: like Jaina's Dreadlord skin.

    Web Comics 
  • The eponymous Chitra of Chitra is rewarded for completing quests in the RPG-Mechanics Verse she's been isekai'd into with coupons for pulls in The Gods' Exclusive Gacha System. Prizes from the gacha are attractive male supporters to aid her in administering and expanding her territory. The high-level prizes are all in-universe famous warriors, mages, and strategists from the past; like Radelk the famous Warrior Butler, Tyrex the Battle Mage, and Tornian "the genius war strategist and military tactician". (While its not made clear how so many historically important figures ended up sealed away in magical gems dispensed as prizes from a celestial slot machine, awaiting the day when a new master would summon them into service, there are also various average soldiers and tradespeople from the past available as lower-level prizes.)
  • In the old comic Life of Riley, when Jezebel strikes against her opponents in an all-out paintball war (it's a long story), she uses the memories of various souls that have fallen to her over the ages. The first few eras - your Caesars, your Napoleons, et cetera - weren't all that effective against modern tactics. Eventually, though, she moved onto blitzkriegs, which ... also weren't that effective in the end, but for different reasons.

    Western Animation