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"Let's fill the world with handsome men to benefit all women!" Note 

I spent years preparing for the civil service exam. But I can’t believe I died so unfairly…!
Is that so? I was reborn as a beautiful countess. I even got the ability to play games from the God of Beauty.
‘Drawing..?’ Yes, I have the ability to draw for characters.
I have become the apostle of the God of Beauty and benefited the world widely by drawing out ultra rare characters.
[Super Duper Ultra Special Rare-!!!]
— Series Tagline

When a normal 21st century high school girl dies in a terrible accident, the God of Beauty offers her a second chance. The chance to be reborn and serve a higher power. As Chitra Serekino, heir to a dynasty of priest-royalty serving the God of Beauty in a feudal society, our protagonist can have it all — power, riches, and handsome men to tend to her every need. But she's got to put in the work to get those perks! The kingdom our protagonist inherits when she becomes Chitra is falling apart due to mismanagement. Crime is rampant, the armed forces are embezzling funds, and subjects are leaving for greener pastures. Chitra must use the skills she gained on Earth while studying for the civil service exam to whip her kingdom into shape and collect followers for the God of Beauty. And those attractive men she was promised? Because this new world functions like an RPG, the God of Beauty offers her the opportunity to obtain handsome helpers by drawing from from the God's exclusive gacha system.


Chitra's first draw nets her the incredibly powerful (and good looking) [Super Super Ultra Special Rare] Five-Star Warrior Butler hero Radelk. More heroes soon follow, like the sexy [Super Ultra Special Rare] Five-Star battle wizard Tyrex and pretty-boy [Super Ultra Rare] Four-Star strategist Tornian, along with a host of other hunky allies.

But this new world isn't all level-ups and lover boys for Chitra. If she wants to complete her quests from the God of Beauty, she'll have to put herself in danger as she builds her kingdom and confronts opponents. And if she fails? She'll die again — and this time there's no +1 extra life.


Tropes Found in Chitra:

  • Amazon Chaser: Although he's loyal to Chitra and calls her Master, Tyrex is still attracted to certain masculine features. In a humorous Imagine Spot in Chapter 44, he fantasizes about Chitra being taller and more muscular (...and more interested in having an intimate relationship with him):
    Tyrex: There'll be a day when our Master will need to use her stamina. It'd be nice if she used it on me. It'd be so wonderful if our Master could grow to be two meters tall with a six-pack and still have lots of energy after going a few rounds a day~
  • Archived Army: The high-level hunky helpers Chitra draws from the God of Beauty's gacha system are famous warriors, mages, and strategists from the past. It is not made clear how so many historically important figures ended up with their souls and life essence sealed away in magical gems, waiting for the day when a new master would summon them from the gacha system, but there are various average soldiers and tradespeople from the past who are also available as prizes.
  • Army of the Ages: When Chitra doesn't receive a super-rare, world renowned warrior, mage, or strategist from the gacha system pulls, she gets average soldiers and tradespeople from the past. But "the past" was a time when magic was better understood and more commonly deployed in all facets of life, not just warfare. The "average" archer or architect or farmer from the past was augmented with enhanced speed, stamina, and minor magical abilities that allowed them to heal more quickly from injuries, build faster, or produce more crops.
  • Bad Ass In A Nice Suit: Radelk wears an immaculately tailored suit while performing his duties — which include being Chitra's personal bodyguard, meting out punishment to Chitra's detractors, and assassinating enemy commanders on the battlefield.
  • Battle Butler: Long ago Radelk was a famous warrior who defeated the Demon King — until he retired to become a butler. Though he dresses in a nice suit and serves a perfectly brewed cup of tea, he retains his incredible combat prowess and magic casting abilities.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness: The law of the God of Beauty's kingdom. Virtuous and faithful subjects will be rewarded with dewy skin, flawless hair, and peace and prosperity. Criminals and traitors will be "given an ugly face" to match their intentions (meaning Chitra will have Radelk beat them senseless). When Chitra gains Stat-O-Vision, she uses her powers to grant some of her virtuous subjects a facelift in Chapters 34 and 35 in the "Men's Beauty Project."
  • Bishōnen: A cast full of 'em.
  • Emoticon: In Chapter 81, Chitra learns she has the ability to check the Gods' "Interest Index" — a Sudden Game Interface popup that reveals what the gods of the world think of her as a numerical score. She's taken aback when she learns the gods are also using emoticons to convey their impression of her (like the God of Beauty's jealousy over her popularity with other gods, or the fervent support from the Goddess of Domination).
    God of Beauty, (???) > 2
    Relationships with other gods increased.
    Goddess of Domination, Admona > 5
    Is supporting you.
    God of War, Hakata > 4
    Is trying to attract attention.
  • Fantasy Pantheon: The world is filled with gods who jostle for power and status by collecting worshippers. Some of the most prominent gods own territories where they endow the royal family with special powers to aid in their administration and attract more citizens/ worshippers. Some of the gods introduced so far include:
    • Phobinus, God of Beauty: The god who offers the protagonist a second chance at life, and the patron god of her territory. He can bless those he deems worthy with fair looks and good health.
    • Goddess of Beauty: Phobinus' "older sister", she doesn't care to involve herself in the human realm the same way her brother does. She finds mathematical patterns and natural phenomena more worthy of her attention.
    • Admona, Goddess of Domination: The goddess of those who rule and conquer, she's taken an interest in Chitra and blessed her with powerful artifacts.
    • Hakata, God of War: A powerful deity who also takes an interest in Chitra once she defeats a military force sent by his Duke. The god worshipped by Philbatan.
    • God of Chaos: A god worshipped by creatures like goblins, to whom Green and Grey were offered as sacrifices.
    • Dionysus: Patron god of the Empire's royal family. Even his influence is not enough to keep the royal family safe from assassins and sickness.
    • Wuskur, God of Time: The god that Enclive worships.
    • Mite, God of Commerce: A god that takes interest in Chitra once she expands her territory.
  • A Form You Are Comfortable With : The God of Beauty has only ever appeared to Chitra as a pants-less rabbit. In Chapter 15 she unlocks his golden idol for her village, only for it to appear as a 50-foot tall statue of a headless man (with the assurance that when the statue's "true power" is awakened, the face will become visible). Chitra wonders to herself why he chooses to appear as a rabbit:
    Chitra: According to the memories of this body, it's said that the God of Beauty was so handsome he intentionally doesn't show his face. He's so handsome that just one glimpse of his true face, one's soul would be taken away. That's why every time he appears, his face was covered or he was in his rabbit form.
  • Fourth-Wall Observer: When Tyrex catches Chitra on her way up to the baths in Chapter 70 he offers to accompany her, complaining that both Radelk and Tornian have been allowed to give her "bath service" (like washing her hair and scrubbing her back). Chitra rebuffs him by telling him he'll raise the rating on their manwha if he does that — not that he has any idea what she's talking about.
    Chitra: ...if the scene shows me in the bathroom with Tyrex, the age restriction of this manwha will change to 18 and older.
    Tyrex: Master, what are you talking about?
    Chitra: Oh, it's nothing.
  • Geas: As part of her effort to reform the corrupt armed forces she gains control of, Chitra has Radelk place a "slave curse" on any member of the guards corp who used his position to steal money or property. If they disobey her orders to return the stolen goods, the curse will cause them immense physical pain. And if they find some way around the curse, she threatens to have them beheaded (like the murderers and rapists she's already dealt with).
  • Genre Savvy: The protagonist grew up in modern day South Korea, playing a lot of Freemium games before she wound up isekai'd into a medieval-esque world that functions like an RPG and rewards her successes with gacha pulls. While at first she's disappointed to end up in a world where her rewards are based on chance, she soon figures out how to maximize her gains from the gacha pulls.
  • Ghost Memory: When the protagonist wakes up in the original Chitra's body, she gains all of Chitra's memories in a painful, sudden burst.
  • Gods Need Prayer Badly: The God of Beauty wants to become a major player in his world's pantheon, like the God of Lightning or the God of War. To do this, he needs Chitra to gather faithful subjects to his lands. The more devotees a god has, the more powerful they become. A flashback in Chapter 37 shows that Tornian even compares belief in the gods to a form of currency among the divine:
    Tornian: A god's power will increase with the number of believers they have. Devotion is like currency to them, like money is for humans.
    Chitra: Then let's say, in an extreme situation, that all those believers die. What will happen?
    Tornian: Since forgetting about something is the same as it disappearing, I assume that the god will cease to exist.
  • Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal: Phobinus, the God of Beauty, is said to be so beautiful that mortals could die if they see his true appearance — so he appears to Chitra as a cute white rabbit wearing a snazzy suit jacket, vest, ruffled shirt, cravat, and... no pants.
  • Healing Hands: The Holy Golems have the ability to heal small wounds and ailments, but it's couched in their ability to "beautify" good subjects and "curse" the unfaithful.
    • The first housecall the "Innocent" and "Cute" type golems make is to a sickly elderly woman whose food has run out. Their introduction is to hit her with "beams" of healing that leave her skin refreshed and her illness healed, before dumping a freshly-killed deer on her threshold to get her though the rest of the winter.
    • In Chapter 23, the golems are sent out to gather followers among the subjects who deserted the kingdom when the army raised taxes to an unsustainable level. They go on a terrifying rampage of goodwill, healing the farmers of their minor ailments and skin blemishes and causing chaos as they recite the gospel of the God of Beauty. The "Cute" type golem even cures a man of his constipation with a healing beam.
      Cute Type Golem: A small scar can turn into a terrible disease. A pure heart will give birth to a healthy body!
  • A Hero to His Hometown: Tornian is explicitly aware that his policies have hurt and killed the enemies of his previous masters, and does not care if others consider him a villain for his actions. In Chapter 36, he's surprised to hear that one of Chitra's other summons, the "1-Star Soldier Hero" Sergeant Neil Gagne, recognizes Tornian from a "past life" as a Prime Minister for a former master and still considers him a hero.
    Tornian: Do you know of me?
    Neil: Ah, I was born in the Achel Empire. I've heard many things about the Prime Minister since I was younger.
    Tornian: So, what do you think? Am I as wicked as the rumors say?
    Neil: I don't know how the histories have described you, but you're considered a hero in our village.
    Tornian: What do you mean?
    Neil: Our local lord was one of the nobles among the others that were executed during the war. I remember my grandmother feeling great gratitude for it.
  • I Control My Minions Through...:
    • Authority: Chitra is the chosen apostle of the God of Beauty, and the body she inhabits is that of a priest-princess whose family has served the God for generations. When she first asserts her authority, she argues that her divine birthright makes her fit to rule.
    • Fear: When she first regains control of the armed forces and the kingdom, Chitra sets out to make an example of the criminals who have run rampant in the absence of a governing figure — rapist and murderers are publicly executed, and the leaders of territories who rebelled or soldiers who defied her orders were beaten within an inch of their life by Radelk.
    • Loyalty: Summoned helpers are automatically loyal to Chitra, doing their utmost to help her succeed and gain power. The summoned helpers she's made Magically Binding Contracts with are even more loyal because their life is tied to hers — if she dies, they too will die. Chitra also treats her subjects and summoned helpers better than their previous rulers/ masters did, engendering their loyalty the old-fashioned way.
    • Material Benefits: Living in the God of Beauty's kingdom isn't such a bad deal — the God of Beauty promotes a meritocratic society (albeit one based around physical appearances) where the faithful and virtuous are rewarded with beauty and health, while the cruel and unjust are given an ugly face to match their ugly hearts. Chitra herself works to improve the material wealth, health, and happiness of her subjects in order to make the kingdom an attractive place to live.
    • Mind Control: Minor criminals, especially those in the armed forces, were spared execution specifically because Chitra was able to put them under a slave curse. She orders them to return the money and property they've stolen. Failure to do so (or attempting to circumnavigate the slave curse) will result in their execution.
  • Idol Singer: In Chapter 73, Arthur tells Claire about Chitra's plans to spread the gospel of the God of Beauty by recruiting handsome men to sing and perform, and how he was approached to join the new project. Arthur is aware that the project aims to create what their ruler calls an "Idol Group," even if he's got no idea what an "Idol Group" is. He turned down the offer because it comes with the Idol Genre standard Contractual Purity, and he wanted to pursue a relationship with Claire.
  • Isekai: The standard Isekai plotline — the protagonist is run down by a speeding truck, and a god offers her a second chance at life in a fantasy world. She'll have to complete quests, gain power, and utilize RPG mechanics to level up her skills and grow a harem of beautiful men to help her on her quest.
    Phobinus, the God of Beauty: The reason why I'm hear is to give you a new opportunity — The chance to live a second life! Of course it's not for free. You'll have to complete tasks given by me in your new life.
  • It Always Rains at Funerals: In Chapter 68, Chitra arranges a funeral service for the mother of the elven twins, whose body was found with them at the goblin's camp. Grave Clouds abound, and it begins to storm once the funeral attendees are back in the castle — perfect gloomy weather for Tornian to make a shocking discovery in the library, and for the twins to tell Chitra (in the creepiest way possible) that they'll "never let her go."
  • Korean Honorifics: Tornian refers to Chitra as "Master Noona" from the moment she summons him in Chapter 25. "Noona" is used to refer to older sisters or trusted older female acquaintances, indicating Tornian's attempts to ingratiate himself to Chitra.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Radelk and Tyrex are the most prominent examples in the cast, with waist-length hair that never seems to get tangled or frizzy. Other minor characters include the "Innocent" type Holy Golem, Orange Icetea (whose orange braid falls to his knees) and Polartin (whose multicolored purple-and-pink hairdo reaches past his waist).
  • Look Both Ways: The protagonist dies in the first chapter when a vehicle runs her down at a crosswalk.
  • Loot Box: The mechanic by which the God of Beauty rewards Chitra — when she completes quests or gains followers for the God of Beauty, she gets tickets that allow her to "draw" from gachas of equipment or handsome male supporters.
  • Lower-Deck Episode: Several Chapters break from following Chitra's adventures in ruling & being surrounded by beautiful, amorous super-soldiers to focus on the life of Claire, a poor girl from the God of Beauty's territory who joined Chitra's army after the corrupt soldiers were purged from the ranks. The Claire-focused Chapters show what life is like for the subjects under Chitra's reign, and how the policies made by the new ruler affect the land's commoners. Claire's little sister Milia (who is learning to read in order to get a job in Chitra's new administration), rival Ophelia (a fellow soldier in Chitra's forces), and love interest Arthur (a baker who has earned the designation of a 1-Star Hero) are recurring characters.
  • Living Statue: Some of the One-Star helpers Chitra pulls from the gacha are animated statues that can preach the gospel of the God of Beauty. Though she's disappointed with her first statue draw in Chapter 17, Chitra soon realizes how useful the statues can be at recruiting more faithful followers. They even come in different flavors! Like the hunky beefcake "Patriot," the Long-Haired Pretty Boy bishonen "Innocent," the boyishly charming (and slightly Yandere) "Cute" type, the down to earth Boy Next Door "Friendly" type, and the mysterious "Dark" type!
    A statue golem that moves through God's holy power. Contrary to golems who move through magic, since they are brought to life with God's holy power, the more holy power is accumulated, the stronger it gets.
  • Magic Contract Romance: All the handsome men Chitra forms a Magically Binding Contract with end up falling in love with her, and she feels a great degree of affection for her summons. Tyrex and Tornian both expect that Chitra will treat their bodies as little more than playthings for her own amusement, as their previous masters have done; they're pleasantly surprised (and slightly frustrated) when they discover that she fully intends to respect their autonomy.
  • Magically Binding Contract: Chitra has the option to form magical contracts with her summons, binding their life to hers — if she dies, they die. It requires her to consume the gem containing their soul.
  • Make an Example of Them: When she takes over the Kingdom of the God of Beauty, Chitra's first job is to get the citizens back under her control. It won't be easy, what with the leadership vacuum having resulted in widespread corruption in the armed forces and crime running rampant. She freely admits she doesn't have the facilities or staff necessary to keep all the criminals in prison, so she decides to make an example of the worst offenders in hopes of restoring a semblance of order. Rapists and murderers are publicly executed during the first days of her reign. Territorial leaders who refuse to submit to her rule are beaten and deposed. The head of the army, who openly challenges her right to rule, is beaten and executed by Radelk.
  • Media Classifications: LampshadedChitra tells Tyrex he better not follow her into the baths or their manwha will get an 18-and-Over rating.
  • Medieval European Fantasy: The God of Beauty's world appears to function at a medieval or renaissance level of technology, and certainly borrows from the aesthetic of medieval European fantasies. The army is equipped with armor and swords, no one bats an eye when criminals are executed in public, and Chitra's stronghold is a walled castle. Chitra's summoned heroes dress differently from the brown-and-grey garbed peasants (Radelk wears a tuxedo and Tyrex wears booty shorts), but they are mentioned to have come from a previous era when magic and magi-tec artifacts were much more common.
  • Mental Time Travel: Third Prince Enclive, Chitra's first official consort, has the power to rewind time (with Ripple Effect-Proof Memory) when he's killed. He wears gloves because for each trip to the past he loses a fingertip. When he meets Chitra in the comic, he's on his fifth attempt at surviving the minefield of political alliances and godly factions that surround the throne. In his third life he ascended to the position of emperor, only for Chitra to kill him. In his fourth life, he married Chitra and was killed by one of her loyalists after scheming against her.
  • Multicolored Hair: Two-Star hero Summoner Polartin has a flippy, purple-on-top pink-on-the-bottom hairdo.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Tornian's heroic title is "The Man of Blood and Iron", and he's introduced as "the genius with no blood or tears!" Radelk recalls that Tornian's other titles included "the genius war strategist and military tactician" and "demon administrator."
  • New Life in Another World Bonus: The God of Beauty offers Chitra the ability to "enjoy reality like a game" in order to entice her into agreeing to serve as his apostle (causing her to experience her new life with RPG-Mechanics Verse style Sudden Game Interface popups and Stat-O-Vision). He also gives her the ability to summon super-attractive male helpers and magical equipment through the God's gacha system.
  • No Periods, Period: Averted. By Chapter 32, Chitra has spent enough time in her new world to resent how difficult it is to deal with periods without modern conveniences. She's also worried that she might embarrass her all-male staff if she mentions that she's feeling off for feminine reasons. (Radelk's internal monologue reveals that he's totally aware of what's going on, and just as worried that he'll embarrass her if he lets on that he knows.)
    Chitra: "I'm on my period!" "My eggs are acting crazy on their own!" "I feel like shit and it makes me want to behead all the criminals in this world!" -is what I want to scream, but... People from long ago are pretty conservative. Radelk is someone who lived a long time ago... So he would definitely feel uncomfortable and embarrassed about it.
  • Ordinary High-School Student: The unnamed protagonist was a normal student in 21st century Korea, studying hard to take the civil service exam and having fun playing mobile games. That all ended when she was run over at a crosswalk, and reincarnated in another world.
  • Playboy Bunny: In the humorous outro to Chapter 15, Chitra compares the God of Beauty's headless golden statue to a "bunny girl."
  • Reincarnate in Another World: The nameless protagonist was given the body and memories of Chitra Serekino when the God of Beauty placed her in his world. Chitra was the beloved priestess-princess of the kingdom that worships the God of Beauty, but she lost much of her power when her parents were killed and her relatives seized her lands.
  • Reverse Harem: The God of Beauty rewards Chitra with male helpers, all of whom are gorgeous pretty-boys devoted to helping her gain more power (and eager to pursue romantic relationships with her).
  • RPG-Mechanics Verse: The world Chitra is transported to functions much like an RPG - Chitra is able to view the stats of her allies when she first summons them, training allows her to level up her own skills, and she receives quests from the God of Beauty through Sudden Game Interface popups. There's also the gacha system she can use to obtain allies.
    Chitra: Damn it! There is going to be a strategy simulation, a love simulation, and even a training simulation too! Out of all the games, you give me a draw-mobile game that sucks all your money away.
  • Scam Religion: Before she was hit by a truck and transported to the God of Beauty's world, the protagonist's sister got involved with a "deviant sect" that peddled fake artifacts (in reality just cheap ceramics) purported to attract wealth. Because of her own family's experiences with unscrupulous religious groups, Chitra is suspicious of the motives of all the Gods in the new world.
  • Set Bonus: Equipping all the armor/ weapons in the God's item set grants bonuses to stats like strength, health, dexterity, and the items' individual effects. It also unlocks additional skills. Chitra completes the sets of Admona, Goddess of Domination, and Hakata, God of War in Chapter 48, after discovering that those gods are "keeping an eye on her" (and likely influencing her draws from the God of Beauty's gacha).
  • Sexy Soaked Shirt: Radelk ends up with water sloshed all over his shirt when he helps a weakened Chitra into the bath, and she nearly loses it when she sees all the clingy fabric.
  • Soul Jar: The handsome men Chitra summons from the God of Beauty's gacha are, technically speaking, as dead as she is. Their souls are bound to marble-like gems, which allows them to return to the living world and serve under her command. She has the option to form a Magically Binding Contract with her summoned helpers if she consumes their soul gem (literally consuming the gems, by putting the jawbreaker-sized gems in her mouth and accepting the contract that pops up in the Sudden Game Interface window).
  • "Spread Wings" Frame Shot: When she first sees Radelk pouring a drink for her in Chapter 3, Chitra is so over-awed at his beauty she compares him to a Red-Crowned Crane. The panel illustration from her POV includes a crane posing behind Radelk in such a way that it seems as if Radelk has wings.
  • Stat-O-Vision: One of the God of Beauty's boons for Chitra is the ability to view a person's "Virtue" and "Faith" stats with the "Eye of Faith" skill, which she gains in Chapter 32.
  • Sudden Game Interface: Chitra's quest notifications, skill notifications, and inventory all appear as floating text boxes in front of her.
  • Took a Level in Badass: When she first wakes up in the old Chitra's body, the "new" Chitra finds it weakened by starvation and sickness to the point where she can barely stand or walk without assistance. It takes weeks of healthy eating and training to get her back to normal. While she undergoes consistent physical conditioning to strengthen her body and practices with weaponry under Radelk's tutelage, there are two major developments that make Chitra into a formidable fighter: the first is when she assembles all the pieces of the goddess Admona's Ceremonial Garb. The second is he magical training she receives from Tyrex. The the armor and attack bonuses provided by Admona's Garb mean that she can go toe to toe with monsters that lurk in her kingdom's wildlands, and the magical training she received lets her use the power of the elements to augment her speed and unleash devastating special attacks.
  • Transformation Sequence: When Chitra equips all items in the Holy Priestess Ceremonial Outfit in Chapter 48, she's taken by surprise by the magical transformation sequence that follows. The slinky Holy Priestess Leather Dress even changes appearance to resemble a short, poofy magical girl dress to match the theme.
  • The Theocracy: Each kingdom in the God of Beauty's world is dedicated to the worship of a certain god. The rulers of these kingdoms fill the role of priests, though they act more like feudal royalty.
  • Utility Magic: When Chitra asks Tyrex about his skills in Chapter 21, she doesn't just care about his demon-slaying battle prowess — she also wants to know what he can do to earn his keep around the castle! Tyrex is glad to tell her how useful he can be:
    Chitra: Because Tyrex is a wizard, there must be something that you can do, right?
    Tyrex: Don't you need light?
    Chitra: Light?
    Tyrex: I could make a semi-permanent magic lamp for lights in the castle, and I can make a cooling item to store foods longer. I could also make a temperature setting device for setting the temperature inside the whole palace.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Tyrex's defense goes up if he reveals more skin so... he spends a lot of time wearing some pretty revealing clothing. His default summoning outfit includes hotpants, knee-high boots, and a "shirt" that looks more like a statement necklace or a bolero. Since joining Chitra's household, it seems she's provided him with a warm cloak that he wears over his booty shorts and micro-crop-top.
  • Whip It Good: In Chapter 12, Chitra pulls the 3-star item "Holy Priestess Leather Whip", a magical item that once belonged to the Goddess of Domination. It grants her the ability to buff an ally's stats or decrease an enemy's stats whenever she lands a hit. Despite her initial reluctance to use the item (not wanting to look like a dominatrix and all), Radelk insisted that she learn how to use it if only for self-defense. Several dozen chapters later, her training leads to Chitra becoming proficient at using the whip in limited combat. She also uses its stat-boosting effects in training/ socializing the feral elvish twins Green and Gray — gently tapping them with the lash at the end of the whip is enough to impart the ally-buffing effects.
  • Would Hurt a Child: An ominously vague flashback in Chapter 34 shows Tornian strangling an small, anonymous figure holding a toy horse. The implication appears to be that he was willing to hurt even children in his quest for power.


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