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  • Ladd Russo for Baccano! makes it clear that the only reason why he works as an assassin and goes on a murderous rampage on the train is because he FEELS LIKE IT.
  • The twisted Big Bad from Date A Live, Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott. All villains and antagonists in this franchise have motivations, goals and reasons for their actions. Isaac Westcott, on the other hand, is the "only" character that has a goal that can not be justified. He "simply" wants to plunge the world into chaos and death and just want to watch the world burn around him for his own entertainment. This man, has no sense of morality, he just felt happiness when he sees people suffering and dying in despair. He also mentions his goal to Tohka using the word "simple" to complete the sentence about his "dearest-goal". In Westcott's twisted mind, he thinks generating omnicide is something as natural as breathing.... and all this For the Evulz.
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  • (Dis)honorable mention goes to Eliza Reagan from Candy Candy who specifically tortures and abuses Candy a lot just because she can and she is amused at torturing her.
  • Dragon Ball
    • Dragon Ball Z:
      • Outside his lust for power and wealth, about half of what Freeza does is out of extreme sadism. He kills the Namekians after they give him the Dragon Balls and fully intends to destroy the planet once he gets his wish. He even laughs like a lunatic as he blows up Planet Vegeta, declaring it to be magnificent.
      • After achieving his perfect form, Cell explains to Trunks that unlike Freeza, he has no interest in ruling the universe and doesn't really care about Dr. Gero's vendetta against Goku. He just wants to have fun and test out his full power against Worthy Opponents. And the greatest fun, according to him, is to see the looks of fear on people's faces as he kills them. In fact, his original plan upon winning the Cell Games was to slowly hunt down every single person on Earth one at a time and savor their terror and despair as he killed them. After his near-death experience, he decides to just blow everything away in one shot, then go to other planets and repeat the process.
      • The evil Androids 17 and 18 from Trunks' Bad Future display this to a T; they spent years rampaging across the Earth killing whoever and whenever they wanted simply because they could, and even kept score on their body count.
      • Van Zant, the lunatic human gunman introduced during the Buu Saga. He takes advantage of Majin Buu's killing spree to go on one of his own, stating that since Buu's going to destroy the world anyway, he can do whatever he wants. Since he later drops this and decides to try to kill Buu himself so he can go on killing people, it's clear that Van Zant loves hurting and killing people so much that all he needs is an excuse.
      • The motivation, understanding and epitome of villain Majin Buu once he's stripped down to his true form. Super Buu kills every human on Earth to take up some time while waiting for Gotenks to fight him. This is, in hindsight, a hint as to what Kid Buu will be like.
        Goku: No, Buu, no! Why? Why are you doing this?! There'll be nothing, nothing left at all! Please, Buu!
        Kid Buu: (smiles and cackles)
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    • Dragon Ball Super: Goku Black takes this trope to disturbing levels. Remember when Frieza killed Namekians for fun? Black is exactly that, but Up to Eleven. Sure, taking Goku's body is one thing, but using it to cut off and kill his wife and youngest son out of simple spite is another. Furthermore, with all his divine power at his disposal, he could be more methodical and erase the mortals quickly. Instead, he commits carnage slowly and kills billions of men, women and children with sadistic glee, revealing that in the end, Black is a depraved, twisted monster.
  • An odd example in A Silent Voice: Shouya's old friends-turned-enemies Shimada and Hirose follow him from the festival to Shouko's home for nothing but their own dubious amusement. However, their questionable intentions are what leads to their being present when Shouya falls from the apartment building while saving Shouko from her attempted suicide, and they ultimately choose to fish him out from the river to save him.
    • A much straighter example is at the start of the manga before the Time Skip. The reason Shouya and all his classmates relentlessly bully Shouko just seems to be that she’s the new kid and an appealing target. One might think the fact that she’s deaf has something to do with it, but Shouya’s motivation was that he was bored, while Ueno explains to Shouko years later that she just hates everything about her personality and doesn’t even mention the disability as a reason for her bullying. On the other hand, the trope is averted regarding the scapegoating of Shouya for the bullying, since Takeuchi hates him for his perceived slackerness and delinquency, and all the kids go along with it to cover their own asses as well as due to peer pressure.
  • Elfen Lied
    • The reason the cruel kids from Lucy's childhood beat her dog to death and make her watch it.
    • Why Mayu's mother didn't do anything to protect her from her rapist pedophile stepfather and call child protective services to remove him from the family, and actually actively contributed to her abuse.
  • Sora of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V says that he and his friends at Academia are hunting and killing off people of the XYZ Dimension because they see it as a game, and because they just hate XYZ users. Later, the Professor says that their attacks on other Dimensions are some sort of plot to "unite" people, so it seems that both Serena and Sora hate XYZ users and hunt them just because.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
    • Lust (in the manga version) is like this, carrying out Father's orders just because she gets to cause pain and suffering towards humans. Though she isn't as bad as...
    • Envy, who also displays this trait way too much for his own good, as his sadistic tendencies introduce him to a world of hurt when he's up against smarter opponents. (Subverted) Though it turns out that all along Envy was trying to make people act like selfish animals since he envied human bonds and human strength and wanted to think they weren't really better than him at all.
    • Barry the Chopper, though he occasionally does good things.
    • In the first anime, Zolf J. Kimbley plays this completely straight, as he loves to cause explosions and makes people living bombs, because it amuses him. He confirms this during his showdown with Scar.
      Scar: And what is it you fight for?
      Kimbley: Nothing.
      Scar: 'Nothing'?! You mean to tell me you sacrificed all these people, for NOTHING?!?
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00
    • Ali Al-Saachez makes no secret that the many atrocities he's committed (including but not by any means limited to mass murder) are for his own personal enjoyment, and because he finds peace "boring".
    • The trope also applies, at some extent, to Nena Trinity in season 1 who blows up a wedding (which Louise just happens to be attending) because she's tired and simply found the fact that they were having fun a complete insult.
  • Millennium from Hellsing have no motive other than causing as much chaos and destruction as they can, because they REALLY like war. The Major himself lampshades this when he responds to the question of Millennium's purpose with "Our purpose is a complete absence of purpose".
  • In Soul Hunter, Dakki seems to delight in nothing more than sheer sadism to the point that her own allies find her actions incomprehensible, but what makes her truly dangerous is that she's apparently studied the Evil Overlord List, thwarting her opponents at every turn — and then she reveals that everything she's done was all part of a massive Gambit Roulette.
  • A strange deconstruction of this is one of the reasons why Johan Liebert, the namesake Monster, is so horrifying. He has no reason at all for what he does. There's no evidence it's fun for him so it is not for the evulz per se and he demonstrates more than once that he can stop whenever he wants (heck, his plan to commit a "perfect suicide" and Un-person himself before forcing Tenma to kill him is because he's just that bored. And when he actually survives it and reappears in the continuation series, he still treats his immense capacity for evil as no different from his other bodily functions). In other words, while the Joker wants to watch the world burn, Johan just wants to set it on fire and walk away with the same expressionless look he always has.
  • Gauron, from Full Metal Panic!. He inspired Ali in Gundam 00, and, like with Ali, the fandom is divided on whether this makes him horribly, horribly flat, or utterly, utterly awesome.
  • Kuroudo Akabane, the transporter from Get Backers, fits this to a T. He's a transporter for the sole purpose of cutting people into bloody bits — many of whom are not as skilled as him. The goal of this endeavor is to find someone who is a challenge to fight, which he finds with Ban and Ginji. (Cue the Ho Yay.) This is his idea of "fun."
  • There are two quotes from Dangaioh both uttered by the resident Psycho for Hire Gil Berg, who spent his first few appearances getting kicked around by the heroes. He has one of the (teenage female) pilots trapped, and is torturing her. He says "You might think I'm doing this for information, or revenge, but the truth is I just like torturing little girls. I know it's sick, but everyone needs a hobby." Later, after handing the heroes their asses and destroying their mentor, the camera zooms in on his face and he says "Do you know anyone who has as much fun as I do?"
    • Those lines are dub only, though. In the original he was more insanely Axe-Crazy at this point and driven mad with revenge. As another example, in his appearance in Super Robot Wars K, he backstabs every person he ends up working with - because those people killed the leadership of the Bunker Pirates, and he joined their organization (multiple times!) with the intention of killing them all along.
  • Wiseman/Death Phantom from Sailor Moon wants to wipe out all life in the universe with the power of his Evil Black Crystal just because he prefers silence and nothingness.
  • One Piece features Donquixote Doflamingo, who seems to be that universe's incarnation of the Joker his alias in the underworld is Joker, in fact. He's been seen forcing a couple of Mooks to fight each other to the death just because he's bored, has been seen involved in slavery rings, arms dealing, and general bad deeds, and has a near-Perpetual Slasher Smile. Obviously evil, and seemingly falls under this. Then in Chapter 753, we learn his motivation: he really DOES just want to watch the world burn, or more specifically, DESTROY IT.
    • This is how the marines that follow Absolute justice, most prominently Akainu sees pirates: no matter the reason, from genuenly just so the person can do evil, to just being free spirit who wants freedom, if you put up a pirate flag you are automatically evil. in the end, in their eyes, every pirate is a case of For the Evulz.
    • Capone Bege likes to play The Kingslayer, always looking for a leader and finding ways to kill them off. He doesn't do it for power or prestige, however. He just likes to eliminate whoever's at the top of an organization or country so that he can spectate the carnage that ensues among the people trying to take that spot. He's also dedicated enough that he will spend years learning of his target's weaknesses and waiting for them to let their guard down.
  • Although Drosselmeyer in Princess Tutu does have a few things in his back story that give him a motive, there's strong indication that his biggest motivator is he just finds tragedy... fun! As he was a writer, he may be Doing It for the Art and it just so happens that he enjoys his art.
  • Death Note:
    • Light Yagami is a very subtle example, or at least in the manga/anime. Unlike other villains who are Well Intentioned Extremists, his malice and sadism is not the product of a Freudian Excuse or a tragedy that happened in his life. He comes from a functional family that always cared for him, with an entire army of people praising him and bowing to his whims, and he has nothing even resembling real problems. Furthermore, as a hardworking, talented genius, Light was very popular among peers and adored by his family members. He was always a boy who was always given everything and never had to suffer anything. Even Mikami has a stronger excuse than Light ever had.
      • His murder of Naomi Misora is a stand out example, being just cruelty for cruelty's sake. He tells her that he's Kira the moment before the Death Note takes effect, just to see the look of horror on her face as she realizes what's about to happen, and taunts her with offers to get her in touch with the Task Force, knowing that she can't do anything about it.
    • Contrary to expectations, Ryuk is an example of It Amused Me and not For The Evulz. He just wanted to see what a human would do with the absolute power of life and death and didn't care who might die as a result - he didn't enjoy the evil of it, he was just bored and amoral.
    • Beyond Birthday, on the other hand, did what he did because he wanted to become the greatest serial killer in history.
  • Mon and Toshi of The World Is Mine are Mad Bomber Serial Killers (Mon is also a serial rapist) who don't really have a motive, although Toshi is a Butt-Monkey turned Manipulative Bastard who "wants power"; Mon is just pure id. The only demand Toshi gives, "to live in a peaceful world where everyone is equal", is to stall the police and keep them from discovering that their hostage is already dead.
  • This was a common theme in Osamu Tezuka's later manga, such as in Alabaster and MW; evil for the pleasure of evil, power and domination.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Every awful thing Dio Brando does (read: everything he does) that's not motivated out of greed or revenge is for his own amusement.
    • Before him, Kars of Battle Tendency deeply, deeply enjoyed doing horrible things to humans. Why? As a Pillar Man, he felt that he was superior to all other life on the planet. He was willing to defend lesser animals, but even then he did it in horrible ways; his crowning moment was protecting a small dog from being hit by a car... by cutting the driver's hands off and forcing the car to crash.
    • Later on, in Vento Aureo, there was Cioccolata. As a kid, he would poison elderly people and talk them into suicide so he can get their looks on camera. As a doctor, he would deliberately misdiagnose patients so he can operate on them and get their horrified looks on camera when the anesthetic wore off. As a member of Passione, he would spread the mold of his Stand Green Day as much as possible so he can get everyone's looks on camera! Oh, and he doesn't care one bit about who dies. Men, women, children. All he cares for is getting the look of their dying face on camera. The man was so vile, even Diavolo considered him to be trash! Is there any wonder why his beatdown lasted seven pages in the manga?
  • Inuyasha:
    • Naraku had no plans to take over the world or divide and conquer. He simply wanted to break the bonds between people just because he could. Everything he did was motivated towards destroying people's lives. His pursuit of the Shikon no Tama, his manipulation of all the characters and even the setting events he instigated. Inuyasha lampshaded it when he told Naraku that a hanyou's dual heritage meant a hanyou could create bonds everywhere whereas Naraku simply used his dual heritage to destroy bonds. Word of God stated she wanted a villain who was driven by the desire to ruin lives just because he could because it's much harder for normal people to understand this kind of mentality.
    • Gatenmaru, the heartless moth demon in episodes 51 and 52, largely seems to drain human women of blood for fun rather than to satisfy any hunger.
  • Lyrical Nanoha
  • Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Yokoya from Liar Game participates in the namesake game solely for a chance to control, dominate and generally screw other participants, preying on their fear and desperation - unlike other players he's rich and does not need prize money. Being a tyrant and forcing the worst in people to the surface is his hobby.
  • Bleach
    • Gin Ichimaru is notorious for winding up Shinigami. Just prior to Rukia's execution, he offers to save her then "takes it back", tearing apart her resolve to die with dignity and leaving her screaming her despair on the ground. Hiyori's attempt to attack Aizen head-on is pointless because of the vast difference in power between herself and Aizen. However, Gin intervenes to bifurcate her, even though Aizen's in no danger.
    • Sosuke Aizen permits Tousen to cut off Grimmjow's arm for disobedience towards Aizen simply because he can. When Gin outright asks him if he permitted it solely for the fun of it, Aizen admits it.
    • Yhwach admits that he has no reason to praise or critique how his underling Ebern handled his mission, but he kills him regardless.
  • Not that she's a bad person or anything but, this is the only reason why Kämpfer's Student Council President would embarrass Natsuru.
  • Orochimaru, former Big Bad of Naruto, stated the only real motive he has for his (more noticeable) atrocities is that he finds peace too boring and wants to see what will happen when he kills the Kages. Much later, after being resurrected by Sasuke, it is revealed that For the Evulz at least isn't his only motivation, but his true motives have yet to be revealed.
  • Luciano Bradley from Code Geass, one of Britannia's most elite knights, whose every single action and line of text indicate that he's just doing it for the joy of hurting people.
  • Berserk
    • In the very first chapter of the manga (as well as the very first episode of the anime) there is the Baron of Koka Castle. As soon as he hears about the arrival of the Black Swordsman (our protagonist Guts), he goes on to slaughter the town he's been tyrannizing. This is despite the fact that the townsfolk have nothing to do with Guts at all. In the manga, Guts is, at the moment, imprisoned and tortured. Even if this was interpreted that the Baron wants to show Guts that resistance against the Apostles is, in his own words, pure folly, the Baron still could get it over with Guts just by bothering to give an order to dispose of him. The only explanation for the murder spree is because he's decided it would be good fun. As the Baron says:
      Baron: Gold... Prisoners... I don't care about such things. All I wish to see are humans within a fiery apocalypse, trying to escape. All I wish to hear is the sound of snapping bones crushed under the hooves of horses. I don't even need an excuse. None at all.
    • Later in the manga (but earlier story wise), we meet Wyald, another apostle, who considers this his personal philosophy. He seeks nothing but personal enjoyment, no matter at whose expense it happens to be. Even the brutish, bloodthirsty Black Dog Knights, the military unit he leads, are terrified of the guy.
    • The God Hand are five godlike beings who use their powers to manipulate causality for the sole purpose of making humans suffer, both in the world of the living and the eternal torment that comes after death.
  • Medaka Box:
    • You'd think Munekata would be evil, with this little (paraphrased) speech. —Except he's Ax-Crazy, not Chaotic Stupid: he knows killing is wrong and has both an act and horrific rumors of his killing prowess to keep people away.
      "I don't kill for no reason, I have reasons to kill. I'll kill you because I don't want to fight you. I'll kill you because you're in my way. I'll kill you because the weather's nice. I'll kill you because my phone's batteries are low. I'll kill you because I had a good dream. I'll kill you because I'm in a hurry. And I'll kill you for no reason at all. (To Medaka in particular) I'll kill you because the chairman told me not to."
    • Kumagawa. It is technically possible that he might want Revenge against the rest of the world, but all of his actions are just aimed towards torturing other characters, because he can (up to and including intending to return one of his most dangerous enemies to life to hurt him some more). Also, the main character of the series considers Kumagawa the main exception from her character-defining belief that no human is truly evil (rather than twisted by circumstances) and unworthy of trust. Even after he joins the heroes, there isn’t a logical explanation as to why.
    • Chances are if you have a Minus Power in Medaka Box you are in it For The Evulz. (Exceptions are the characters who gain Minus Powers in addition to their original powers, after that arc is over, such as Tsurubami.) At one point the Battle Butler asks his fellow Minuses whether they would prefer to go to a Mountain or the Sea for a vacation. The fact that he was referring to a Mountain of Corpses or a Sea of Blood was a given to the rest of them.
  • This is why Izaya does anything in Durarara!!. It is subverted by the anime's finale in which Simon implies that this is purely an excuse and he is jealous of Shizuo's influential status - only in the anime though. During that scene, Simon says something completely different.
  • Texhnolyze, Yoshii came down from the surface world in order to instigate a massive war between the groups. He states that his goal is to awaken the people from their sleep in order to build leaders of them, or in other words, to help them realize their full potential, even if they don't want him to. This involves him murdering innocent people and starting gang wars because he finds it "interesting", all with a pleasant smile on his face. While he may have an ideological purpose behind it all, it is so obscure that it only makes him look all the more hysterical.
  • School Days: Otome's friends Natsumi, Minami and Kumi are a bunch of unlikeable, backstabbing bitches and not only towards Kotonoha, but to their "friend" Otome and to Nanami. The first is the target of their bullying just because she's pretty and rich; the second is betrayed by them twice as they first videotape her having sex with Makoto and then they have sex with him; the third has her reputation absolutely smeared at school when they not only tape her having sex with her boyfriend, but they show the video to the whole school, especially to the Jerkass sempai. And they do all of this shit for no reason at all.
  • Creepy Twins Hansel and Gretel from Black Lagoon. Gretel does an Evil Laugh when Eda asks her why they're still after Balalaika even though they killed the guy who hired them and then she replies "We don't have a reason. We do it because we want to."
  • While Mukuro of Katekyō Hitman Reborn! does have a reason for doing what he does (Changing the ugly world into a pure and beautiful sea of blood, starting a world war, etc.) no other explanation other than he did it For The Evulz can be made for how during his fight with Tsuna he possessed his friends' bodies, knowing Tsuna wouldn't attack them, and spent some time having Tsuna's friends beat him up, stating (and laughing) all the while that Tsuna "makes a good sandbag".
  • Resident Small Name, Big Ego Prussia of Axis Powers Hetalia does almost everything he does just for this, but most notorious are the times he realizes he's all alone on Valentine's and Christmas... so naturally, it's time to start sinking some ships.
  • In the 2nd Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! anime (the version that was dubbed), this is Dark Malik's motivation. He just wants to cause havoc because he can, really. Not so much in the dub...
  • Agon Kongo from Eyeshield 21 has this as his motivation for playing football. He doesn't particularly like the sport, he just enjoys putting people down and crushing their hopes and dreams.
    • On the other hand, Hiruma seems like he's like this, but does have his reasons. He just happens to accomplish his goals using the most sadistic tactics possible.
  • Tsukoyomi from Mahou Sensei Negima!. While most villains in this series seem to have some kind of motive, Tsukoyomi kills people because she likes it.
  • King Dedede in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, while not necessarily evil, is a mean old bully, who makes other people's lives as miserable as possible just because he thinks it's fun. Especially by buying Demon Beasts/monsters to help him in doing just that.
  • In Holyland it turns out that Katou beat up Shinichi just because.
    • Averted and invoked after Izawa beats the shit out of Yoshi, who was the main antagonist for most of the series. Most characters think everything he did was for the evulz, turns out he was simply jealous of Izawa, but didn't wanted anyone to know it, so he pretended to do it for the evulz. Even when asked directly, he answered "because he's an eyesore".
    • In chapter 172 King gives "fun" as the reason why he brought his drug into town.
  • Pokémon: Zoroark: Master of Illusions: Grings Kodai's Moral Event Horizon is electrocuting a baby in front of its mother for no other reason but sadistic pleasure. He even says he got a kick out of it! While most everything else he does can be chalked up to Selfish Evil and being part of his plan, this is were you know he's a true monster.
    • Mewtwo in Pokémon: The First Movie brings it home in the Japanese version that he really is beginning to enjoy the humans' terror by letting them go... knowing that they know there is nowhere for them to escape to.
  • From Rosario + Vampire, we have Kamiya Kanade, who claims that killing humans is just something he does to pass the time and clear his head. He even claims that his Goal in Life is to simply create a mountain of human corpses.
  • Assuming one character's interpretation is correct, Pariston of Hunter × Hunter falls into this. Despite showing he can do so easily, he's making not attempt to win the election for Chairman of the Hunter's Association. Instead, he's merely dragging the race out as long as possible so he can take advantage of his position to use especially dangerous monsters in the next Hunter's Exam.
    • Tonpa risked his life taking the Hunter Exam every year for the past 35 years despite the fact that he no longer wishes to become one; he simply enjoys going out of his way to sabotage new applicants because he likes watching others fail.
  • Higurashi: When They Cry: In Meakashi-hen, the killer begins with a motivation - avenging the boy she was madly in love with. However, after killing said boy's little sister (who she was meant to be protecting in his stead), she breaks down screaming, which turns into her regular, sinister laughter:
    "Oh, what the hell? I knew it all along. The fact that this side of me has been a demon all along!"
    • She then goes on to dispose of the bodies, attempt to kill her twin sister's love interest (with her imprisoned sister listening from the other room), but ends up sparing him and killing her sister to escape from the police. Then she stabs her now dead sister's love interest. Just because the demon makes her.
      • She thinks the demon makes her. She's just delusional, which wasn't her fault to begin with.
    • In Keiichi's backstory, he shot younger children with a BB gun, for little reason other than boredom/arrogance. However, he still felt guilt when he went too far and accidentally blinded someone; this led him to confess and become a better person.
  • In Popcorn Avatar, Kurando calls Ravanna out for having this motivation, in contrast to Vritra who has a goal and strategy to work toward.
  • While played for laughs, Ryoko of Urusei Yatsura, enjoys tormenting her brother Mendou and the rest of the shows case whenever she's bored.
  • In A Certain Magical Index, Richard Brave tried to trick a little girl named Patricia Birdway into touching a Grimoire, which would have blown her arm off. Fortunately, Stiyl Magnus stopped her in time. Richard said he didn't have anything to gain from doing that, but he thought it would be funny. Overlaps with Stupid Evil because he was planning to ransom Patricia to a powerful magic cabal.
  • In Fairy Tail, Edolas!Erza admits that she hunts people down solely because she likes causing pain.
  • My Hero Academia offers a Deconstruction. Big Bad Tomura Shigaraki just wants to destroy everything for seemingly no reason, but this line of thinking ends up not accomplishing anything. This is in contrast to another villain, "Hero Killer" Stain, who actually has the motivation, the conviction and the determination to accomplish his villainous objectives, which many people actually manage to understand and even sympathize with. Result: the latter villain ends up overshadowing the former in terms of attention from the media and the masses, which ends up upsetting Shigaraki a lot. Shigaraki decides to adopt his ideals with a twist — Stain wanted to destroy "Fake Heroes," while Shigaraki wants destroy them all.
    • Shigaraki's master All For One is this. He established a syndicate for fun. Although he commited horrendous crimes like murder, Quirk theft, mental abuse, terrorism, human trafficking etc., he ultimately admits that the reason he did all of it was because he wanted to play the devil he used to read about in a manga.
  • Ferid of Seraph of the End proves to be even more of a bastard when he tells Crowley he killed Mika and Yuu's entire family in front of them because it was fun. He's a vampire and he thinks life gets boring after living for about 800 or more years.
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Eto's reason for getting involved in the Tsukiyama Extermination Operation was simply because she wanted to see what would happen.
  • Berg Katze from Gatchaman Crowds : an evil alien going from planet to planet bringing their destruction simply for the fun of it. He comes to Earth attempting to accomplish the same thing. He takes great enjoyment out of murdering people on the street while disguised as innocent bystanders, had the time of his life when tormenting Jou & Rui and eventually, managed to ta take over Rui's network and give the power of the Crowds to the most destructive insane people in the city as he sat back and enjoyed the chaos.
  • Sword Art Online:
    • Nobuyuki Sugou revels in being evil, and delights in being able to commit all manner of atrocities in ALO that would see him ostracized in the real world. Then there's his Cold-Blooded Torture of Kirito, where he pins him down and makes him watch as he sexually assaults Asuna, purely for the sake of being cruel and lording his power over the two.
    • The modus operandi of the Laughing Coffin guild is to kill other players without consequence. In fact, the reason Phantom Bullet arc even happens was because two of them wanted to continue the death game that was SAO.
    • Vassago Cassals/PoH's (the founder of the aforementioned Laughing Coffin guild) entire motivation is to have people (East Asians in particular) kill each other for his own amusement. He displays this trait way too much for his own good, as his sadistic tendencies introduce him to a world of hurt when, after being defeated by Kirito in Alicization, insults, threatens, and gloats to him that he will be hellbent on him and Asuna until he finally manages to brutally murder them in real life, leading to Kirito trapping him in the Underworld so he will never log out.


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