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To control the mass loads of characters. From the beginning, the middle, and end.

Characters are listed in order of appearance and folder.

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     The Resistance (Main) 

Topaz Rosso
"Oh, get real! I looked thirteen, not twelve!"
The heroine and main focus of the the trilogy. Currently 18 years old in the story, she's the daughter of Red and Yellow from the past. In the beginning of Nevermore, it was her that grouped up part of the main cast and lead them on their expedition to join the Resistance. She has a very leader-like personality, hence the previous statement. She's very strong-willed, and has a tight relationship with nearly all of her friends. Also, as of Chapter 25 of Furthermore, she and Rubin are dating. However, after Chapter 21 of Forevermore, she becomes single again when Rubin breaks up with her. As of Chapter 38 of Forevermore, they are back together and now engaged.

  • Psychic Powers: She has pokemon telepathy and healing from her mother.
  • Samus Is a Girl: In Furthermore, she masqueraded as a boy so the admins wouldn't find them. Gold Sr. had a hard time accepting the fact that she is, indeed, female.
  • She Is All Grown Up: In Forevermore, she seems to be hitting a growth spurt. She's five foot two and apparently doesn't look like a little kid anymore.

Grey Kuro
"I learned something a long time ago. Don't try to be something you're not. You have to be yourself."
The second character introduced and Topaz's childhood friend, Chase Black in this timeline, that is. He is currently 18 years old in the story, and the son of Black and White. He is considered The Lancer of the group, and has a strong sense of reason and common sense, though he can lose it at times, very much for the worst. Like Topaz and Am, he does have a leader-like personality, though he's not very fond of socializing.

There was a time when Grey was not one of the good guys. As of the final chapter of Nevermore, he had made his intro as an antagonist after Synis saved him from an explosion. This continued throughout half of Furthermore, until he got sick of it and returned back to the Resistance. Despite his sudden actions, Am had no problem with promoting him.

Viola Murasaki
"Oh, don't worry about us. We'll befriend ourselves a partner on the way."
A Wild Girl and Topaz's first friend, and the one who introduced her to pokemon. Currently at 18 years old, she's a pure outdoorsman, but more naturally a Badass Bookworm. She's very knowledgeable, and a pure lover of bug pokemon like her ancestor, Bugsy. She's exceptionally intelligent, having a vast knowledge of pokemon even before joining Topaz and everyone on their journey. She is also the one of the only members of the main cast to not have a parent from the original series. Despite this, she does play an important part in the beginning of the series.

Rubin Senri

Classy and savvy, Rubin starts out as Topaz's new male best friend, and later boyfriend and even later, her ex. He is currently 18 years old, and is the son of Ruby and Sapphire, receiving many personality traits from his father, including his trademark hat Rubin presents himself as a sweet and charming boy in the first two installments of the trilogy, being heavily considered as Camp Straight. Ever since the beginning, Rubin was heavily implied to have a schoolboy crush on Topaz, through coming out as more of a friendly figure in her life.

By Furthermore, Topaz and Rubin admit their feelings for each other and become an item. By chapter 21 of Forevermore, however, Rubin catches a very much unintentional kiss with Topaz and Grey and misinterprets it. This takes a major turn for the worst, and Rubin unveils a new layer of his personality. With this, Rubin breaks it off with Topaz, leaving her in tears and himself to her '''very''' much angry brother. However, they eventually get back together.

Jade Sakaki

The chippy and bubbly girl in Topaz's circle of friends. She's 17 years old at the moment, and is the daughter of Blue (f) and Silver. She's got a heart of gold and one of the nicest personalities in the entire series. She's not seen a lot in battle, but over the years, she has taken a level in badass or two. Jade is always fashionable and girly, also inheriting her mother's traits as The Matchmaker, which actually seem to work. She currently is engaged to Plato, being the Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl together. She is always there for Topaz, being one of her best friends and driving forces in her social life.

Plato Bertliz-Palmer

The Smart Guy, more fitting than Viola. Currently at 18 years old, he is the son of Pearl and Platinum. He was originally the Only Sane Man with Topaz very early in the series. However, unlike Amethyst and Grey, he is more expressive of his emotions. He became sort of a balance within the group as well, being a relatively normal guy as compared to the rest of team. He dated, and later indirectly proposed to Jade Sakaki in the holiday special, and now they are engaged. Goldy calls Plato "the guy he considers as a best friend", but even Topaz was surprised to hear this, so it is still unsure.

Diamonda Berlitz Kimu

The Fashionista, but only very early in the story. She is currently 18 and, along with Viola, is the not a child from the Pokémon Adventures cast, but instead is a descendant of Pearl and Platinum. She still considers Plato as her younger brother, even after The Reveal. Dima is considered one of the most developed characters throughout the series, especially after she and Am have a child. She turns a complete 180 and becomes the Cool Big Sis of the girls, as a very caring an motherly figure. She is the mother of Aqua and later the wife of Amethyst.

Amethyst "Am" Kimu

The Leader of The Resistance. First appearing as a soldier of the Resistance who finds Topaz's "run away" crew and a friend of Chase/Grey's, he later becomes the most powerful and influential forces on the team. He's currently 19, and the oldest son of Crystal and Gold. Later, in Furthermore, it is revealed that he's the father of Dima's child, despite his distant personality. He's very serious, but protective of his family, being quite the Papa Wolf when he wants. He later marries Diamonda, and becomes the High Commander of the Resistance in Forevermore.

Gold Kimu Junior

The Handsome Lech, all the way. He's very much his father's kid, being the youngest son of Gold and Crystal. Currently at 18 years old, he's first introduced at the Mt. Silver base for The Resistance. He's a pervert, flirt, and complete idiot, as he expresses himself, and considered the Butt-Monkey or comic relief of the crew. However, if you look behind all of that, he really is a good person. He currently is dating Sapphira Senri, who was his partner even before the story began. He's a very tolerable person, and still loves Sapph despite her violent tendencies.

  • Oblivious to Love: Goldy REALLY didn't get it when Sapph hit him for not telling her she was pretty properly, or even WHY she asked at all.

Crimson Rosso

Topaz's Big Little Brother, first appearing in an early chapter of Furthermore along with his childhood friend, Indigo at only eleven years old. They were thought to be left in the past after the crew returns to the future, but he, along with Indi, reappear at 16 years old in chapter of Forevermore. He is now 17. It is here where we're able to explore his matured personality better, along with his potential relationships with other characters. Despite being the younger brother, he does have a strong Big Brother Instinct, and is very protective of his family, Topaz in particular. This is shown in particular when Rubin breaks up with Topaz and Crimson reacts in a very violent manner, showing that he has inherited his mother's ability to strengthen his pokemon when angry.

Indigo Oak

Crimson's Childhood Friend and Green's (m) daughter. She appeared on an early chapter of Furthermore, alongside Crimson at only eleven years old. She and Crim were only seen for a short time until the crew left back for the future. They were thought to be forgotten, but soon appear later on chapter 18 of Forevermore, traveling forward in time, now at 16 years old. She, along with Crimson, reveal the real ages of the crew, and that she is the younger sister of Cyan. Indi is very spontaneous, and shares a love of battling along with Crimson. Her personality is explored even further in Forevermore, showing that she does have a crush on Crimson, but he really doesn't notice. Indi is an exceptional trainer as compared to most, though she does seem to have an unusually tall stature.

Iolite "Fiori" Kimu

A pure Action Girl, though it's not like she does so anymore. Currently at 19 years old, Fiori is the only daughter of Gold and Crystal and the younger sister to Amethyst, while the older sister to Goldy. She first appears in early Forevermore, after being thrown forward in time by Dialga. She is quickly introduced as a character with Middle Child Syndrome, being straightforward about her jealousy towards her older brother. Despite so, she soon becomes attached to Grey, since he was the first one she shared her feelings towards her brother to. In contrast to her jealous feelings towards Am, she does seem to give a lot of love towards her little brother, though his has toned down ever since Goldy and Sapph started dating.

  • Action Duo: She pairs up with Grey in the Gym Arc.

Cerise Rosso

Cheerful and bubbly, and currently 17, she is the second child of Red and Yellow, being the younger sister of Topaz, and older sister to Crimson. She is first introduced as Rubin's best friend from Littleroot Town, and is later revealed to be another Rosso kid. She is new to the world of Pokemon, but is a fast learner, and having Viridian powers helps.

Navy Kaigun

Originally showing up in Furthermore as one of Synis's admins as Flax attempted to seduce Topaz. Recently, he has ditched the government, claiming that he grew sick of them. He seems to be very relaxed and chill, giving good advice and being very observant of his surroundings. He doesn't really seemed to get worked up about much, and is not really bothered by the fact that not a lot of people trust him yet. His non-aggressive and helpful attitude are what help him gain the Resistance's trust. He's currently 19 years old.


     The Resistance (Minor) 

Scarlet Moore

The Clingy Jealous Girl and ex-girlfriend of Chase/Grey. She's not very well liked, and is mostly just a part of a "phase" Grey was going through. She is described to be quite annoying, thought this is mostly due of her obsessiveness with Chase/Grey. There is a speculation that if past that part of her, she could just be a very headstrong, wild-hearted, battling-loving character. However, this is hard to get by, making her an unpopular figure amongst the group.

She has been confirmed dead as of chapter 12 of Forevermore, dying in the explosion that took out Mt. Silver.

Safaia Naito

A Tomboy Resistance soldier first introduced in Nevermore. She was a close friend of Am, and one of the very first Deadpan Snarkers, possibly where Am got his first mix in the Deadpan Snarker family. She's cool, aggressive, and straightforward. However, she later dies in the war for reasons unknown. She was also shown to be pretty similar to Sapphire, and even decided to make it her nickname. However, fans prefer to call her by her real name due to the fact that Sapph(ira) has the same nickname. She was also hinted to have a good working relationship with Scarlet, and Chase/Grey.

Cyan Oak

The oldest child and the currently 17-year-old son of Green (m). He is introduced in an early chapter of Forevermore as a cadet under Topaz's training when she was still a commander, but he thought he was just a descendant of Green (m) at the time. When Crimson and Indigo come to the future, it is revealed that he is Indigo's older brother.

Esmeralda Emeraudo

The oldest child of Emerald and her mother has been recently revealed to be Soul. She is introduced in an early chapter of Forevermore greeting Topaz and becoming familiar with her. She is a very nice and optimistic girl, but the rest of her personality has yet to be explored. She is currently fifteen years old. It's possible she's good friends with Jewel, as she joined her, Cyan, and Jasper's little trio, and has needed a female friend. Her personality has been explored in a recent chapter and she is shown to be bold and have a daredevil side.

Jasper Daiyamondo

Introduced in Forevermore, Jasper is Diamond's son and the older brother of Dio. He is first mentioned by Topaz as a descendant of Diamond as one of her cadets, but he is seen in person soon after. It is said that he is an excellent cook. He is described to resemble Rubin a little bit during Nevermore and Furthermore as he has black hair and blue eyes, features that Rubin have. It has been implied that he likes Esmeralda, the daughter of Emerald. When Crimson and Indi arrive to help in the war, it is revealed that he is really the son of Diamond. He is currently 17 years old.

Jewel Synis

A young 15 year old girl and Synis' daughter. She is first introduced in an early chapter of Forevermore, one that end the first arc and starts off the second. She's shown to be a little soft spoken, and a little Weak-Willed, but she tries her hardest to fit in with everyone. She eventually finds her way into Cyan, Esmeralda, and Jasper's little group, coming out of her shell. Despite her relations, she's the complete opposite of her father, and doesn't like his actions. It has been recently revealed that her mother's name is Topaz Bosco, and she is a descendant of Topaz, even though Jewel is supposed to be also a descendant of Gold and Crystal.

Alizarin Chrise

A young researcher who works for Professor Pine. He's 15 years old, and just a few inches above Topaz, but is still commonly mistaken for a middle schooler. He works with Viola, but is often seen insulting or getting into fights with her. However, it was hinted at his debut in early Forevermore that he actually has a crush on her. He is shown to be very intelligent and mature, and sometimes feels as if he's the only one.

Argentum Sakaki

First appearing in the Forevermore Christmas Special along with Perla, Argentum is Jade's younger brother, and the son of Silver and Blue (f). He is The Stoic, like his father, but cares a lot about his sister, coming to the future for her. He is childhood friends with Perla, sticking with her. Argent is considerably a lot like Plato, Jade's boyfriend, ironically. He's heavily implied to have a Sugar-and-Ice Personality, being socially distant, but having a soft spot for Perla. Word of God agrees. He is currently 15 years old.

Perla Berlitz-Palmer

A pippy and Cheerful Child, Perla is the younger sister to Plato and daughter to Pearl and Platinum. She's portrayed as very genki and optimistic, despite being stuck in a war in the future. She has a lot of love for her older brother, and came along with Argent into the future to help fight with him. Though it may possibly be because she has never met him before, and is just excited to be with him. She is affectionate to everyone, including Argent, but sometimes just doesn't get it. She's currently 14 years old.

     The Resistance (Kids) 

Timothy King

Topaz's adopted 12 year old brother who first appeared in the first few chapters of Nevermore, but then disappeared later after Topaz ran away. He is described to be what Topaz thought she was originally, a descendant of Red and Yellow. He was soon forgotten until a recent chapter of Forevermore, where he was kidnapped by Flax and Karen to blackmail Topaz. He was saved after Navy shoots Flax to save Indi, escaping a distracted Karen. He is now part of the "Junior Rebel Division" along with Ethan, Evan, and Rosalind. He's still getting used to being around Pokemon, but is being helped by the rest of Resistance in moving in.

Ethan Jin

The adopted 14 year old brother of Gold Jr, and a brown-haired version of his ancestors and Goldy's parents, Gold and Crystal. He's more like his Goldy, being a bit more of a Chivalrous Pervert. On contrast to Evan, he's the fun-loving, laid back twin, being more open about himself. He was said to have hit on Topaz and Esmeralda, who they thought were their age. He was the one who pitched in the idea of the "Junior Rebel Division", and welcomed Timothy in to their own little group.

Evan Jin

The other adopted 14 year old brother of Gold Jr, and another brown-haired descendant of Gold and Crystal. He's less like Gold, being more of the Nice Guy on contrast to his brother Ethan. He's The Smart Guy, getting more of Crystal's genes than Gold's, though he completely got all of his physical genes, looking just like him. Even so, he is also known to be a Chivalrous Pervert, like both of his brothers and his ancestor before him, having said to have hit on Topaz and Esmeralda.

Hyacinth Murasaki

The two year old little sister of Viola Murasaki, also being a descendant of Bugsy. Not much is known about her personality as she is two, but she plays a supporting role in Evermore.

Rosalind Chrise

The younger sister of Alizarin Chrise. She is very nice and sweet, but is very embarrassing to her older brother, calling Viola (his not-so-secret-crush) Mom. She is currently thirteen years old.

     The Government 

Note: Ordered by rank

President Obsidian Synis

The President of the joint regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. Being the Big Bad, he is The Chessmaster of all of the kidnapped kid's lives, having had kidnapped them when they were five, until their escape. He was originally just seen as a power-hungry character, but lately, his story has been revealed to grow deeper. He is obsessive with Topaz, most likely because she is the ancestor and splitting image of his wife, Topaz Bosco. Despite his ways, he is shown to have actually loved his wife a lot, before she died. He is very powerful, both politically and battle-wise, though he doesn't do much about the battling part yet.

Flax Ama

One of the remaining four admins of the government. He first appears in Furthermore at the high school where the gang is all sent to by their parents. He was sent to seduce Topaz, but ultimately failed. He is arrogant and cruel. He is very unpopular among the fans due to his Jerkass behavior. He is 19 years old.

  • It Amused Me: That is seriously the only reason he's doing this. To have fun.


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