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Synis: "Now that we're done with this touching reunion, let us continue."
(Topaz's narrative): But, sadly, he didn't get to because whoever was screaming at Chase earlier stormed up to us. It was a guy. He had short dark blue hair with eyes to match. He looked about sixteen, and was quite pale. He had on a black and red baseball cap, black t-shirt, leather jacket, dark green combat trousers, and trainers.
Safaia: ""Black, I thought I told you to stay with me!"
(Topaz's narrative): His voice was awfully high for a guy...
Grey: "Sorry, Sapph. But Am's here, and so is-"
(Topaz's narrative): Sapph? Talk about a girly name-
Rubin: "Are you a boy? Or a girl? I can't decide."
(Topaz's narrative): I wanted to facepalm so badly at that moment.

Rubin: "Wow, Topaz. You look like... a girl."
Topaz: "There's a reason for that, you know."
Plato: "Wow, Rubin. Just... wow."
Rubin: "What?"

Topaz: "Dang. Does everyone know you, Chase?"
Safaia: "Pretty much. Especially Scarlet."
Grey: "Oh, for the love of Arceus. Do not go there."
Safaia: "Why not?"
Grey: "Because I said so."
Safaia: "That's a great reason."
Am: "Both of you, just shut up."

Scarlet: "You guys are weird. But that's okay!"
Topaz: "You have no idea what hell we've been through. So just shut up!"
Scarlet: "You wanna go, blondie? You obviously think you're something special!"
Topaz: "Yeah, right. Fu-"
Grey: "Both of you shut up. I want to know what the hell is going on right now."
Viola: "You know guys, fighting is not the answer. We need to go through this with rational minds."
Rubin: "I have to agree with Viola."
Scarlet: "Shut it, girly-boy. Butt out, Chase. If she wants a battle, I'll give her one!"
(Topaz's narrative): Raiden and Chuey are already in each others faces, cheeks crackling. The Raichu was much bigger than the Pikachu, but Raiden had spunk to back him up. But I didn't move from my spot. I really wasn't in the mood for a fight.
Jade: "Leave Topaz alone. Who do you think you are?"
Scarlet: I am Scarlet Moore, descendant of Red and Yellow, and Chase's girlfriend!"
Plato: "Well, that explains a lot."
Topaz: "What?" I wasn't sure what I was yelling about; the descendant or girlfriend part.
Scarlet: "You heard me right. Beat that."
Rubin: "Topaz can totally beat that! She's Red and Yellow's daughter!"

Viola: "Look at all the bug Pokemon."
Topaz: *shivers* "As long as the Ariados leave me alone, I'm good."
Rubin: "Something brushed my leg!"
Plato: "It's just an Ekans.
Rubin: *faints*
Safaia: "Can we just leave him here?"

Goldy: "The name's Gold. You are?"
Topaz: "Topaz."
Goldy: "Well, Topaz, you are the most sexy lady I have ever seen. What do you say? You, me, a romantic dinner outside Lake Valor..."
Diamonda: "Topaz? Sexy?! In what world? Did you even look at her? She looks like she's twelve!"
(Topaz's narrative): Oh, get real! I looked thirteen, not twelve!
Goldy: "And what are you? A slut who leaves little to the imagination? I'll take modest girl any day."
Diamonda: *turns bright red*
Sapph: "Gold, please. Keep your hands to yourself. You're almost as bad as your namesake!"
Goldy: "At least I'm not a wannabe jungle girl."
(Topaz's narrative): That earned him a punch. Not a slap. A punch. I decided I liked Sapph.


Flax: "Ladies, ladies, there's no reason to fight. Torie, you need to stop picking fights. It's not very attractive."
(Topaz's narrative): I fought back the urge to snicker again. Torie looked truly horrified. Oh, man. Flax was awesome!
Sapph: "Yeah, and you remember that."
Torie: "Fighting makes you unattractive, too."
Sapph: "Like I care?"

Gold: "Whoa! Topaz is a girl!"
Other Pokedex Holders: "WHAAAAT?"
Topaz: "Yes, I'm a girl, you idiot! Arceus, now they're going to find us!"
Ruby: "Well, this is awkward."

Gold: "How old are you again?"
Topaz: *deadpans* "Sixteen."
Gold: "You sure don't look like it."
Crystal: "Gold! That's rude!"
Gold: "But it's true!"
Crystal: "It's still rude!"

Green: "Bluey? How do I look?"
(Topaz's narrative): It looked like Green had finally appeared. She was wearing the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen. I knew one thing: both the Golds were drooling. Red wrinkled his nose, Blue's jaw had dropped, and the rest of the guys had similar reactions. Dear Arceus.
Yellow: "Really, Green? Can't you wear something more appropriate?"
Green: "Oh, my dear Yellow. Unlike some people, I like to show off my figure."
Crystal: "We can see that."

Rubin: "Topaz! You have to see this! Come on!"
(Topaz's narrative): He grabbed my arm and yanked me to my feet, and preceded to drag me to the edge of the beach, where the ocean met the sand. And I saw what they were talking about. There were Luvdisc freaking everywhere. This was the first time I had ever seen the Pokemon, and there were so many of them. They were jumping in and out of the sea water, having a blast.
Rubin: "Do you know what this means?"
Topaz: "Uh... no."
Rubin: "It means Jade and Plato will have true love!" *squeals*
Plato: "Yeah, right. That's an old wives' tale."
Jade: "It is not! My parents saw a Luvdisc together, and so did Rubin's!"
(Topaz's narrative): All the other Pokedex Holders and the rest of my crew had joined us to watch the Luvdisc. I wondered if there was a Luvdisc for each couple here? It made me feel sad and lonely.
Green: "This is so romantic! We all have true love with someone here!"
Blue: "Yeah right."
Ruby: "They're so pretty! My master has one."
Sapphire: "Green is right. Wouldn't it be so romantic if on your wedding a bunch of Luvdisc appeared?"
Ruby: "Who are you and what have you done with Sapphire?"
Sapphire: *glares* "I do have feelings, you know! Don't you remember?"
Emerald: "Please! Do not start bickering now! You two act like a married couple."
Crystal: "That is true."

Rubin: "Topaz, wait!"
Topaz: "What?"
Rubin: "Uh, well, since, uh, there's a slight possibility that, uh, we might not, uh, come out of this alive, I, uh, just want you to know, uh, that, uh, I..."
Topaz: "That you what, Rubin?"
Rubin: "Uh... I love you, Topaz."
Topaz: *moments later* "Rubin... I love you, too."


Jade: "It's all so crazy. All of this... I wish we were normal, Plato."
Plato: "Jade. Why didn't you tell me? I have a right to know how you feel. I can't try to make you feel better if you don't tell me."
Jade: "I'm sorry, Plato. Everything's just been so hectic, and we've had no time to relax, and we've been getting surprise after surprise lately. I'm just tired of all of this, Plato. I'm not cut out for war. I just feel like this is never going to end. I want to grow up. I want to get married. I want to have a family. How can I have all of this when there's a constant death threat above our heads? We're almost adults, Plato! We should be thinking about the future, not worrying about if we're going to die the next day! I just-"
Plato: *cuts off by kissing* "Jade. Relax. I understand. I... want the same things you do. But we've got to hang on. Only we can end the war, Jade, and you know it."
Jade: "R-Really?"
Plato: "Yes, really. I would never lie to you."

Sapph: "Um, you think I'm pretty?"
Goldy: "What?"
Sapph: "You heard me. Well?"
Goldy: "Well, facial wise, you have this wild beauty about you...but, body wise, you suck. Seriously, you have barely any more boobage than Topaz!"
Sapph: "SHUT UP!"
Goldy: "Ow! You asked for my freaking opinion, woman!"

(Topaz's narrative): Hell hath fury like Sapph scorned.
Rubin: "Really, Gold, really? Gah, you two are hopeless."
Goldy: "Look, can we talk about this? Calmly and rationally?"
Sapph: "HELL NO—hey is that an egg?"
Topaz: "Yes. Raiden and Joy... made it..."
Sapph: *grinning slyly* "Hey, doesn't that make it like your kid?"
Rubin: "Don't say things like that, Sapph!"

Sapph: "Fiori! Argh, you need to smack some sense into your brother! He still won't apologize to me!"
{Grey's narrative): Ah, that must be about their fight or whatever. Well, it was up to her if she wanted to go in there. As soon as Sapph said those words, she looked over to the boy. Uh oh. The kid was in definite trouble. She smiled, and trotted behind him on the couch.
Fiori: "You know, Gold, you really have to treat girls right. You won't live a healthy life without a girlfriend like Sapphira. Heh! Cute little bro, just apologize to get girl! And stop behind so stubborn! Because you know a man is never happy if his woman isn't!"
(Grey's narrative): Yeah, she was a weird one.
Goldy: "Ow! Ugh, she's not my woman!"

Scarlet: "So you're another Pokedex holder's kid? Hmph. What with you guys and time travel?"
Fiori: "It's pretty obvious, isn't it? Pay attention, Scrally."
Scarlet: *eye twitches* "Excuse me? What did you call me, you b-"
Topaz: "Okay, really, Scarlet. We all know your PO'd about what happened to your legs, and, Arceus, any freaking girl who freaking speaks to Grey for even one freaking momentis suddenly on your bad list. Can't we all just get along?"
Rubin: "I second that emotion. Can't we all just live without drama?"
Scarlet: "Well, at least I'm not a whore!"
Topaz: "I am not-"
Grey: "Shut up. All of you, just shut up."I am sick and tired of all this crap. I thought you got over whatever your problem is, Scarlet, but apparently you haven't. Rubin is right. This drama is pointless and useless. A freaking waris about to start, and we're all bickering like immature children. Most of us here are almost adults, if not already. Let's act our age for a change. We need to be unified, not separated."
Fiori: "Heh. I SUPPOSE I could try. As long as she doesn't cause any ruckus that makes me lose sleep."
(Grey's narrative): Then she let go of Gold, who looked relieved for a second, until she kissed him on the cheek and winked at him.Yep, she was a strange one. Poor Gold. Scarlet scowled harder. If she kept on doing that, she's get wrinkles on her face early. That actually might serve her right. Fiori walked passed me, probably headed for the door, but then she turned around, and grabbed my arm, yanking me towards her. What on earth was she doing? She glared at Scarlet with a devilish smile on her face. Oh Arceus.
Fiori: "By the way, I've taken an interest in this man. If you have a problem with that, you can always say it to my face. I'll be right back, I'm going to grab a snack, I'm hungry."

Cyan: "What?"
Jewel "That... That was amazing, Cyan..."
Jasper: "Yeah! Why did you ever quit?"
Esmeralda: "I knew it! You can sing, too, right?"
Cyan: "You might have gotten me to play guitar, but there is no way in hell you're going to get me to sing."
Esmeralda: "Aaaw! You're no fun, Cyan!"


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