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The musical duo of this game will be a pair of brothers.
In the first game we had the Squid Sisters, while the second gave us Pearl and Marina (all of them are girls). It would be an interesting change of pace if one or both of the new idols are boys.

Alternatively, the idols of Splatoon 3 will be virtual Youtuber-esque idols, and there'll be a campaign revolving around the mystery of their non-virtual identities.
As VirtualYouTubers are becoming popular due to the proliferation of several talent circles specializing in such, there may be a reflection of that trend in Splatsville's idol duo. While they won't be the focus of the main Hero Mode campaign like in Splatoon 2, there may come along a DLC story mode which revolves around them disappearing under mysterious circumstances and the player character conducting an investigation.

Bonus points if one of the idols is a clear pastiche of a certain Vtuber heavily associated with octopi and art.

The Idol duo will be punk rock based.
The splatland's arid climate covered in rusty metal is slightly evocative of
The Apunkalypse, and could have two punkish stars to fit the theme.
  • Supported by the fact that the Splattack theme played in the trailer sounds rock-like.

The idol duo will be a Country or Cowpunk band.
This is to tie in to the Splatlands resembling the southwestern United States.

One of the Idols will be a humanoid Salmonid.
Or, SalmonKID
  • Alternatively, there could be an Idol who is an Urchin.

About the final boss of the Hero Mode Campaign.
As the game will be taking place away from Inkopolis and surrounding environs, DJ Octavio will not have as heavy a presence in Hero Mode (barring any potential fringe corps from the Octarian Army). Hence, the major villain of the campaign will be one of the following:
  • Mr. Grizz, who's begun engaging in highly unethical scientific experimentation as a side job apart from Grizzco (or perhaps because Grizzco went belly-up before this game is set);
  • Pearl, who's let the victory from the Splatocalypse go to her head;
  • Marina, who's been captured and brainwashed or worse and begun antagonizing everyone; or
  • Commander Tartar, who's been revived by unknown means and is seeking revenge for its defeat.
  • Some sort of Salmonid leader intent on claiming the Splatlands either out of desperation or pride.

Octavio actually will wind up being the final boss, either directly or via Hijacked by Ganon.
However, he'll retire the Octobot King for something dramatically more powerful/imposing, likely using Golden Eggs.

DJ Octavio's going to be an ally this time
Either he'll be pleased to know that Inklings and Octolings are coexisting peacefully now and would thus be more willing to help the protagonist on their adventure, something will happen to provoke an Enemy Mine situation, or both.

The ship they were building at Sturgeon Shipyard will show up in completed form as a stage

The singleplayer campaign will be a mix between Hero Mode and Octo Expansion styles of progression.
Where the player is given a good variety of levels to play through, but must complete a specific amount (not all) before taking on a boss battle for a progression item necessary to access the final set.

The Splatlands are in Europe, rather than Japan.
Hence the wrecked Eiffel Tower and the repurposed espresso machines.

Alternatively, it's in Las Vegas
Explaining both the Eiffel Tower and the desert setting.

Potential New Weapons
  • A whip like weapon.
  • Melee weapons.
  • A Charger-like weapon that functions more like a charge shot in Mega Man or Metroid, where charging results in a bigger, more powerful shot rather than a longer shot.
  • Weapons based on the Super Scope, Wii Zapper, and/or Toy-Con Blaster.

Stages from the previous games will return, but not exactly the way they were in Splatoon 2.
Rather than battling in the very same location, there will be Splatsville locations, establishing some of these locations as chains. Examples might include the Splatsville branches of Mako Mart, New Albacore Hotel, Flounder Heights, and Arowana Mall.
  • Appears to be supported by a piece of news that announced the development team is looking to hire a level designer, and one of the jobs listed is labelled as "renovating existing stages" - this likely means that some stages from the previous games will indeed return, in different forms.

The bow in the trailer is the game's featured new weapon, like the Splat Dualies in Splatoon 2.
It will be a prominent icon for Splatoon 3, appearing in the box art and being featured as a selectable weapon in demos and/or potential global testfires.

There will be more romantic subtext between Pearl and Marina
What with Nintendo having done away with gender-restricted character customization options, as well as doing away with gender altogether in the character customization screen, similarly to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it seems reasonable to surmise that they wouldn't skimp on other LGBTQ+ content in Splatoon 3. Plus, snippets of dialogue between the two, both in 2's Octo Expansion and outside of it, have already hinted at their devotion to each other.

If Salmon Run returns, it will be slightly different from Salmon Run in Splatoon 2
Because it appears as though Salmonids may not be a threat anymore, the players may face a new one that they must fight and take their version of the golden eggs from. Said new threat may be another form of sea life (like sharks or mantas) or a different species of fish such as pike or trout.

The new idols won't be a duo in this game
Considering that the first two games both had two idols, having something like a trio instead of a duo could provide an interesting change to the formula where there's an extra person to complement the other two. Another, less likely possibility is a quartet, or even just a single person doing everything.
  • Three might be difficult to handle because there has to be two separate sides for Splatfest (unless if they include a Neutral option). Four might be more reasonable, but they'd have to be juggling so many characters at once with their different personalities.
    • Could potentially be remedied by having the potential third person not take any sides, having them stand in the center instead (akin to Sheldon, Judd and Mr. Grizz in the Splatocalypse art who are between the other characters who each sided with either Chaos or Order). So there could still be exactly one person per side, and the last one would either be neutral or the "I like both" type, or they could in fact even have a preference but choose not to take their preferred side to maintain a neutral bias.

Alternatively, one or more of the previous idols will make a comeback as the hosts.
We'll find out more about the mastermind behind Grizzco
In Splatoon 2, Salmon Run missions are described as being "pretty sketch" and the most we know about Mr. Grizz is that he communicates using a bear-shaped radio/walkie-talkie device and wants to collect as many golden eggs as possible. Splatoon 3, especially with the presence of a Smallfry as the player's "little buddy", may very well involve the revelation of the truth behind Mr. Grizz and his company - he could be an insidious Inkling, Octoling, or someone else we don't know about. For all we know, Mr. Grizz may even be a Salmonid himself, working in secrecy under the aforementioned alias to veil his true identity; possibly an outcast or truly villainous Salmonid whose primary directive is to collect as many golden eggs as possible to raise his own army to strike back at the other Salmonids, and using Inklings and Octolings to aid him.
  • One piece of official Splatoon 2 artwork has the words "Save Our Salmons" hidden in the waves of the ocean, lending this WMG more credence.


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