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Due to the nature of this page, BEWARE OF SPOILERS BELOW.

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     Single Player Story 
Pearl and Marina are Agents 5 and 6
They just have to be, right?
  • Possibly Jossed as one of Marie's dialogues in the game should you talk to her multiple times has her mentioning looking for an Agent 5, although the duo could still help out in the story at some point...
    • More or less Jossed as of right now, but if they expand the Story Mode as some of the dialogue and a Sunken Scroll might suggest, then they might have a chance.
    • The possibility has once again been raised thanks to the upcoming DLC campaign.
      • Jossed. They don't take the names of Agent 5 and 6, as Cuttlefish didn't know that Marie had brought in Agent 4, and he only calls Agent 8 that due to their Test Number before the duo come in as Mission Control. It's possible they might become members of the NSBS in 3, however.

Octo Canyon Hard Mode where Callie helps you find the missing Marie
After you beat Splatoon 2's story mode once, you'll get a second playthrough where Marie goes missing instead, and Callie is the one who helps you find her.
  • Jossed in that there's not yet a Hard Mode for Octo Canyon, not even for 1000% completion.

The Big Bad isn't Callie
It's a tertiary threat that has kidnapped both Cap'n cuttlefish and General Octavio and is forcing Callie and the octarian troops to make attacks to further their own aims for power.
  • Somewhat Jossed. It's not Callie, but Octavio is still the main baddie.

One of villains will be a Mimic Octopus
A mimic octopus is a real life sea-creature that can change its appearance to blend in. Perhaps this universe will have a villainous Octarian who can impersonate others and as such, Said villain would make themselves look like Callie so the player will THINK she's turned to the dark side, when she actually didn't...
  • Alternatively, Pearl is a Mimic Octopus, as shown by her having the same fang placement as Marina, and is hiding as an Inkling for some nefarious purpose.
    • Jossed. There's no Mimic Octopus in the Story Mode.

Marie's Parasol is actually a Splat-Brella.
And should the Big Bad attempt to kidnap Mission Control, they'll learn that the hard way. Alternately, the reveal will come with Marie offering more direct support against one of the bosses, while Sheldon or another ally takes over the other Mission Control duties.
  • Marie doesn't use a Splat-Brella, but she does use a Charger in the final boss fight to snipe off the glasses mind-controlling Callie.
  • A conversation between Callie and Marie confirms that it is, in fact, just a normal umbrella.

Whatever happened to Callie, she and Marie will make up in the end.
When they reunite, maybe they'll have one last "fight" with Marie expressing Anger Born of Worry, they'll have a heart-to-heart talk, then they'll make up and become friends again. As for whether they'll make their stage return afterwards or decide to stay off of it to live more peacefully and help Off the Hook get their own time in the spotlight, that's another question.
  • Kind of? The two actually are on good terms to begin with (barring the brainwashing), but the ending indicates that they've started performing together again at least occasionally, as shown in their appearance at the Niconico concert.

In the event of Callie being brainwashed, the key to freeing her from it is Calamari Inkantation
And then from that point on, she'll help you out in defeating DJ Octavio.
  • Sort of: the key is Marie shooting off the glasses mind-controlling Callie, but Calamari Inkantation is the final step in breaking the brainwashing, and the two then perform a duet of it to help you defeat Octavio.

The final boss fight was completely staged.
Callie was never mind controlled to begin with and Marie was never really worried. Since it had been a few years for both of them to pursue solo careers, on the day they met up (before Callie's mysterious disappearance) they discussed the possibility of a reunion tour and came up with a plan. They staged Callie getting kidnapped and hired Octavio to help put together a concert to kick off the reunion. The Zapfish also wasn't stolen; it was on loan to Octavio for the performance. The only person not in on it was Agent 4, which made it easier to preserve kayfabe and make it look like the whole thing was real.
  • Possible, but if so, then Octavio hijacked the whole thing. But even then, the final boss fight was only seen by Octarians, not Inklings - Agent 4 excepted.
    • Kayfabe. Octavio's actions were all loosely planned out in advance as well as Marie's rescue. As for it not being broadcast, the first confrontation was also played off as an underground concert. Callie's sudden disappearance and reappearance is enough for a media blitz, and word of the concert could have spread through Inkopolis virally from Octarians present; Marina can't be the only one who left the valley and integrated into society. Also, consider. They had a single ready to be released once Callie was 'rescued.' How else would that be possible unless it was all staged?

     Game Modes and Mechanics 
Salmon Run will have a final boss too
Something resembling one. Final challenge, in this case.
  • It's the head of Grizzco Industries, upon realizing his true intentions.

Possibilities for future stages
  • An art museum.
    • The art museum was added in the first game (Museum D'alfonsino), hopefully to return in the sequel.
    • No outright art museum yet, but we do have a history museum with Shellendorf Institute, which includes some ancient Inkling art.
  • An airport terminal, runway, or hangar.
  • A scrapyard or junkyard, or a landfill.
  • A schoolyard, or a school building and its immediate surroundings.
    • CONFIRMED: an art school campus was confirmed with "Inkblot Art Academy".
  • A park or golf course.
  • A factory.
  • A parking lot.
    • Technically confirmed, since Moray Towers is already a parking garage.
  • A street intersection.
  • A stadium designed specifically for ink competitions.
    • "Goby Arena" looks like it's more designed for basketball than turf wars with the hoops in the center, but it is still a sports stadium, so we can mark this as confirmed.
  • A fine-dining restaurant.
  • A performance theater.
    • Depending on what type of theatre experience you think "Starfish Mainstage" provides, this could be as good as confirmed.

Possibilities for future weapons.
Ideas that haven't been explored yet (I don't know how harebrained some of these might be; it's just brainstorming):
  • A Charger meant for inking over splatting, resembling a vacuum cleaner. This Charger has the high range all other Chargers have and paints the widest line of ink, but it requires two hits to splat someone and does not have the lightning-fast charge time of a Bamboozler.
  • A Roller based on a floor buffer. It flings small bits of ink in every direction and spreads out radially as long as the user continues to remain in one spot and not move with the trigger button held down. Once the user starts moving again, the radius quickly returns back to its minimum.
  • The classic sword and shield, resembling a fountain pen and an eraser. Inks only by flinging the pen like an Inkbrush, though with a slower speed. Can instantly splat someone by swinging the pen at an opponent point-blank. The eraser shield, held up when standing still, blocks all ink flung at it (but doesn't protect exposed areas).
  • A bouncing weapon that looks like a stamp. The Inkling bounces as long as the trigger button is held down. When let go, the Inkling dismounts upon landing. Each time it lands, it inks a wide, circular or square area. The way it jumps would allow the user to travel up short walls, but its inking isn't very efficient and can only splat by landing on top of or right next to an opponent. They take lower damage if further out but still within inking range. If out of ink, they can still bounce, but at a lower height and won't produce ink.
    • Somewhat confirmed - there is a stamp-like weapon in the form of the Ultra Stamp, but it's a special weapon and not a main weapon. It also functions as a giant sledgehammer.
  • A bomb arsenal. Can switch between every sort of bomb that would be detected via Bomb Sniffer, beginning each match with Burst Bombs, with each bomb consuming 1/5 of the ink as normal. It only has sub-weapons that are not bombs, such as Squid Beakons or Sprinklers and will never have Bomb Rush as a special.
  • The Paint Hammer.

A special weapon is introduced that targets whoever is in the lead.
The Seekers and Curling Bombs are the Splatoon counterparts to Mario Kart's Red Shells and Green Shells, respectively, meaning the Blue Shell needs a counterpart too, and the use will be simple: Some sort of flying bomb that seeks out whoever's in the lead and splat them with dodging being very difficult. Whatever the game constitutes being in the lead though, is open for interpretation, and could be mode-specific.
  • Maybe the player on the opposing team with the most splats?

The Final Splatfest for Splatoon 2...
The second to last Splatfest will be Marina vs. Pearl, while the final one will be Squid Sisters vs. Off the Hook.
  • With a catch: you can't participate if you haven't beaten the single-player mode, since Marie would still be out looking for Callie, and the Squid Sisters don't reunite until after you beat the final boss.
  • Maybe the two duos could perform a new song together on stage in the Square, and maybe make another remix of "Calamari Inkantation" for the second half of the event? Or possibly each team could have their own battle theme. Team Squid Sisters could use "Spicy Calamari Inkantation" for their battle theme, with their version of "Now or Never" for the last minute, while Team Off The Hook could use "Fly Octo Fly" for their battle theme, with the remix of "Ebb & Flow" for the last minute, just like in the final boss of the Octo Expansion.

Another possibility is to have a tournament-style Splatfest similar to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tournament in NA/EU or the Sanrio tournament in Japan. Round 1 could be a rematch of Callie vs. Marie, Round 2 could be Pearl vs. Marina, then the finals could be the winning Squid Sister vs. the winning Off The Hook member.

  • Jossed. The final Splatfest will be Chaos vs. Order.

Blasters are in a class of their own this time around.
In Splatoon, blasters were a sub-class of Shooter weapon. In the July 6 Splatoon 2 Direct, however, they got their own formal introduction alongside Chargers, Rollers, etc. It seems the game developers (or Sheldon, if you prefer) decided they're distinct enough from more standard Shooters to be considered a unique class.
  • Confirmed: There's a Hero Blaster in Hero Mode.
    • Eh, semi-confirmed. There's a Hero Blaster distinct from the Hero Shot in single player, but otherwise they still recycle the animations from Shooters when using them or examining them at the store.

East v West Splatfest!
Since the Octo Expansion will have Pearl and Marina dressed as Biggie and Pac respectively it's time to finally settle this most classic of 90's rap beefs.
  • Jossed.

After the final Splatfest, there will be an update making some or all variants of Shifty Station available for play outside of Splatfest
It's such an interesting level/set of levels, it would be a shame for it to become permanently unavailable after Splatfests are no longer provided for S2.
  • If this Famitsu interview is anything to go by, this could be on its way to being confirmed.
    • Confirmed, as of the final Splatfest's announcement! Splatfest battles will be accessible in private battles in the 5.0.0 update, and all Shifty Station stages will be available to play.

On the final hours of the July 2019 Splatfest...
...All matches will have "Fly Octo Fly" as its music to give a similar sense of finality that "Calamari Inkantation" had for Splatoon 1's final Splatfest.
  • As in the version which plays during the final Turf War of the Octo Expansion?
    • Indeed. Either that, or it will play only on the final Shifty Station (which is exclusive to the final 24 hours).
  • Confirmed: It played for all matches during the last 24 hours.

The final Shifty Station (currently known as Dear Senpai)
The screenshot shows only Pearl and Marina in their helicopter, not showing any of the stage itself. Judging by the lack of screens in the sky and the fact that Pearl designed this one instead of Marina, this one is likely aboveground, in or near Inkopolis instead of in Octo Canyon like the other ones.
  • Confirmed; it takes place out in the sea and Inkopolis can be seen in the distance. As a matter of fact, you can even see Commander Tartar's NILS statue post-destruction.

     Characters and Lore 
The new cat shown alongside Judd is...
  • A clone of him.
    • Implied to be the case in the Sunken Scrolls.
  • His child.
  • One of his relatives that was found also in suspended animation.
    Interviewer: "And something that seems to be Judd’s child makes an appearance."
    Producer Nogami: "We don’t know for sure if it’s Judd’s child yet, but since they judge matches along with him, they may be related. We may find the answers to this someday, too."
  • According to the official relationship chart, Li'l Judd is a "replica" of Judd. Li'l Judd possesses a degree of angst about the situation, while Judd himself is seemingly oblivious.

Judd is already a clone
Notice that a cat was present in Splatoon 1's Sunken Scrolls' depiction of Inklings' ancient period. Since the survival capsule can generate clones, there's no good reason to believe Judd's the first one to get out.
  • Jossed; the artbook confirms that Judd is literally immortal.

Humanity is not extinct.
Pretty much what it says on the tin. In the Splatoon universe some humans didn't make it when the sea started rising, the fossil is proof of that. However humans aren't as stupid as the scrolls believe them to be. When they saw the tide rising most of humanity packed up and left. Maybe we'll see some of this in the sequel.
  • I would think there'd be Waterworld-style ruins like oil rigs. Maybe even power plants like in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. The second game can perhaps star an Inkling Adventurer Archaeologist that enlists the help of the Player Character to claim these areas before the Octarians do. Of course, these can be turf war stages too.
  • Possibly Jossed, but then again, we don't know who Mr. Grizz is.
  • The Ruins of Ark Polaris map in Salmon Run shows that humans were at least putting a major effort into space travel. Whether any humans have survived this long remains unknown though. If they're in space, it's very unlikely the Inklings will learn about it anytime soon unless humans return to reclaim Earth.

The sequel will feature human relics.
in the form of 5 machines each powered by some form of Green energy. the machines aren't bad but they are trying to "fix" the world the way it was when humanity was still present.
  • Jossed for the main campaign, where the new bosses are also Octoweapons that run on Zapfish power (though Word of God is that much of the Octarians' technology is scavenged from old human relics).
    • But sort of confirmed for the final boss of the Octo Expansion, who's an ancient human-made AI trying to destroy the world (via a laser cannon combined with a human statue) so it can fill it with lifeforms of its own creation. Plus, the four Thangs do make up a human relic in a sense... a Blender.

A hypothetical sequel...
Would feature the Inklings and Octarians joining forces to fight a common threat. Plus, y'know, the credits imply they made peace anyway, so that's not too much of a stretch. Both Inklings and Octolings would be playable as a form of further aesthetic customization.

The enemy species will be "sea hares" (a real-life sea creature that can apparently spurt ink) - but actual amphibious rabbits similar to one of the game's original concepts.

  • Pitch this game to Nintendo. NOW.
  • The common threat could also end up being the Salmonids. Although the Octarians and Salmonids are currently sort-of-allies with a solid trade relationship, that situation could change. Or even better, the alleged relationship could actually just be anti-Octarian propaganda, with the Octarian technology actually being stolen by rather than traded to the Salmonids, and the Octarian possession of Power Eggs merely being the spoils of war from having to constantly fight them off.

The flooding and the intelligent sea life were both deliberate.
And not by humans, though humans became the victims of them. Rather, a civilization from another planet had been looking for another planet to call home after space had run out on their own, but they can only live submerged in low-salinity (but not salt-free) water and chose Earth as it's the only planet they can find with liquid water and a suitable temperature. With their extremely advanced technology, they teleported water gathered from other areas of space and, over a very long period of time, put it all on Earth, hence the rising sea levels, which would explain why there's more water on Earth than it should have and why this excess water doesn't get forced under the crust via plate tectonics.

As they chased the humans off the planet (or killed them off, indirectly or no), they began to colonize in the ever-deepening oceans. However, they discovered Earth has abundant sea life, and using more of their technology, accelerated and guided their evolution to become amphibious, then to live on land, to safely get them out of the aliens' way. The truth, however, is that they don't care one bit about any other life form on Earth and want it all to themselves, intending to submerge every last bit of land so that they can use it. The Octarians, living underground, have somehow stumbled across scraps of this ultra-high technology and have reverse-engineered it to a limited extent (but without fully understanding electricity), hence their more advanced devices.

This extraterrestrial civilization underneath the waves will then be the antagonistic force of Splatoon 2, where Cap'n Cuttlefish will discover something weird in the oceans that leads him to this civilization. Inklings and Octarians will team up when they learn the horrifying history of this planet and fight the aliens' forces to drive them back, realizing the Ancient Turf Wars were the aliens' fault. In doing so, they will hopefully lower the sea levels to open up more land to share, especially as the aliens have no intent to share themselves. The direct result of this is a split among different cities with different cultures, architecture, music, and climates. But Splat Wars will still be popular in every region with a lot of Inklings and Octolings.

  • Jossed for Splatoon 2. The flooding was caused by human wars, repeated nuclear attacks on Antarctica melted every trace of Antarctic ice.

There will be an important pigeon.
Towards the end of the trailer, there is a single shot of just a pigeon, surrounded by shots of other notable returning characters and new characters who look to be important, such as Crusty Sean, Marie, the Octarians, and the new urchin kid. Therefore, this pigeon will be important.
  • I think you're looking into things a bit too much there, trooper.

The game will have a theme of depression and overcoming it
With the events stated in the Squid Sister stories and the new locations area looking bleaker and scarier than than last time, Splatoon may have a focus on overcoming the adversity of depression

Grizzco Industries is evil
The whole set up of Salmon Run seems rather sketchy. Invading the homes of fish to steal their eggs? And we have no idea what they even want with the golden eggs in the first place, only that they intend to "change the world". The Squid Researcher even calls it "one suspicious part time job" in the Nintendo direct.

Expanding on the Above: Grizzco, rather than the Octarians, will be the villains of Splatoon 3
But only if Salmon Run is very popular. If not, Nintendo will let the plot thread about "that sketchy job" drop and come up with something else, but if a lot of people play it, then Nintendo will opt for the Player Punch message of "Remember that sketchy job you took without understanding the motivations of the company? Well, now you are partially responsible for allowing this evil organization to rise to power."

Pearl likes to think she's a Princess.
She always wears her crown to signify her "status" and her bratty streak comes from a sense that, as a Princess, she should always get her way.

  • Her name in Japanese is literally "Princess" (Hime), so that's basically confirmed.

Pearl actually needs glasses.
Given the way she scowls at things, particularly when she spots the player watching her and Marina in the studio, Pearl might have terrible eyesight and either doesn't realise it or she refuses to wear glasses and has to squint to see anything.

The buisiness side of Off the Hook is mostly taken care of by Pearl.
Not because Pearl looks like the type to do taxes, but it makes more sense for them to be done by someone who actually has a legal inkling birth certificate and hypothetically learned how Inkopolis tax works in school. And also because Marina does basically everything else.

Salmonids aren't evil

They're hostile, to be sure, but this is due to being protective of their Golden Eggs-they get enraged and attack everything in their path when retrieving them. Otherwise, they're happy to be left alone, like any wild animal.

Of course, this also begs the question of why they've been an army of fishy death for so long. Well, it's simple-Mr. Grizz has been stealing their eggs for that long. He's actually the last sentient mammal alive, given intellect and immortality by human Mad Scientists, and he's collecting the Golden Eggs to power a machine to refreeze the ice caps and make the planet livable for cloned mammals again. This will have the unfortunate side effect of also chilling the planet to the point where all the Inklings, Octarians, and Salmonids freeze to death. He doesn't care.

Grizzly bears are a creature of myth in Inkling society
Consider; the salmonid migrations have been a threat to inkling civilization since before the days of feudalism. They used to wipe out entire cities before inkling technology advanced far enough to combat them effectively, and one of the sunken scrolls has what appears to be an excerpt from an inkling holy book that tells of a prophecy where the salmonid devour all land-dwelling life.If inklings remember grizzlies, they might be considered protectors against the salmonids - if the salmonids remember grizzlies, they might be considered monsters.In any case, Mr. Grizz isn't actually a bear, he (and his company) is just named after a legendary creature so powerful it can eat salmonids for breakfast.

Mr. Grizz might really be a bear, or an evolved descendant of a bear
Grizzly bears are known to be capable swimmers, so it's not entirely impossible for some bears to have survived the rising sea levels.

Salmonids and power eggs
In the Japanese version, power eggs have been called "ikura", or salmon roe, since splatoon 1, so it seems reasonable that all power eggs come from salmonids. Most of inkling technology is powered by the three types/sizes of zapfish, but they seem too large to be used for power for smaller things like cars, so maybe inklings use salmonid power eggs for certain things (or maybe it's just Sheldon).

The octarians certainly seem to use power eggs for some of their war machines. The grizzco employee handbook claims that some of the more advanced technology used by salmonids is bought from octarians, so maybe the salmonids are willing to sell their own or enemy salmonids' eggs. (or maybe the octarians have an operation running similar to Grizzco)

Golden eggs seem to be basically much more powerful versions of power eggs. There's probably a connection between the golden eggs and the goldie salmonid - perhaps the eggs hatch into goldies, or they're laid by goldies, or both. Aside from goldies, everything that drops golden eggs is either a war machine or using some kind of advanced weapon system, like Steelhead's ink launcher or whatever lets Maws hide in ink like an inkling, so it's probable that the salmonid use them as a power source themselves. Whether because they'll hatch into goldies or just because they're a rare power source, the salmonid are very protective of these eggs, and their unwillingness to trade them away might explain why you never find any golden eggs in Octo Valley.

  • Indeed, the developers have confirmed that the primary reason why the Octarians trade with the Salmonids is to acquire their power eggs.

Pearl's personality may be tweaked for later NA Splatfests.
While she and Marina are still friends, and Pearl is still the more experienced of the two, it will eventually show that her exasperation at losing and her bratty attitude are just part of a minor Inferiority Superiority Complex she has against Marina. Despite being a newcomer to Inkopolis Square, Marina has the looks, the bite, the charm, and the singing voice that seem to resonate with the people more than she does. Combined with the fact that apparently Splatfest rules dictate that whoever wins is considered legally superior, it's no wonder why she would want to get an edge in before the inevitable Pearl vs. Marina fight.
  • Well, Pearl doesn't cite the rules when she won the Mayo vs. Ketchup Splatfest, instead choosing to rap about it. But I think she might get some character development over the course of the Splatfests.
  • Octo Expansion indicates Pearl is actually pretty open about her admiration for Marina (and vice-versa), so this probably isn't gonna be the case.

Mr. Grizz is actually a salmonid himself.
He seems intent on gathering golden salmonid eggs, and is quite spiteful towards most salmonids. He's actually one salmonid that managed to get a higher education to start his own business, but is still an outcast for what is for inklings, an evil monster, and to the salmonids, a traitor. His real plan is to gather up golden salmonid eggs to raise a new generation of civilised Salmonids to redeem his species.
  • While I'm on board with the idea that Mr. Grizz is a Salmonid, I'd say it's more akin to selling out his entire species in the name of good ol' fashioned capitalism instead of justice. He knows the ins and outs of Salmonid culture in immense detail (much more than the Inklings and Octarians know about each other), and capitalises off both the Inklings and his fellow Salmonids without caring about how much either of them gets battered as long as he reaches quota and his employees don't start a union. Him taking on the avatar of a salmon death god isn't only to avoid any suspicion and lead everyone into thinking something else, but also to help him avoid legal trouble- both from his own species and the fact that unauthorised contact with Salmonids is expressly forbidden by law, so he never shows his face and communicates only with a bear shaped radio, this is why his business is so shady. If he had intentions to mingle with the Inklings, I doubt he'd care so little for their safety and overall well-being.
  • It could also be to raise up a new generation of salmonids... to make himself the greatest warlord of salmonid kind. Massive swathes of his kind's population, delivered into his clutches, to raise and train as he sees fit. And of course he hides behind the iconography of a death god; to hide his nature from the inklings, and to terrify the salmonids into accepting him as their one true warlord. Which will make the next Salmon Run... interesting.
  • And he'd be able to harvest even more power eggs to further his business and weaponry without paying anyone a dime, the efficiency! What a better future for tomorrow.

Salmonid "engineers" construct from scrap according to instinct, rather than any actual engineering ability
Akin to Ork Meks, salmonids have, perhaps from genetic experimentation done by humanity before our removal from Earth, an intuition about how to construct certain types of machinery from readily available, despite lacking the intelligence that would normally be necessary for such.

The Splatoon games are set in a Bad Future of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE
Maybe Fortuna Entertainment didn't get the opportunity to perform the Opera of Light. Maybe they did, but were still defeated. Maybe they defeated Medeus, but in a way that wasn't permanent enough to keep him from coming back. The end result was that humanity was left to struggle against the Shadow Dragon for millennia, until they finally found a way to gain the upper hand. The nuclear warhead that hit Antartica? That was the coup de grace that finally finished him off.

It also caused the catastrophic sea level rise that led to the extinction of humanity.

Many years later, some primitive inklings stumble upon an old-world television that, by some stroke of luck, still works. What do they end up seeing on it? An old broadcast sent out into space, then reflected back to earth; the music video for Tsubasa and Eleonora's song Dream Catcher. For the Inklings, it may have been some of the first music they've ever heard. It feels almost like a gift from a higher power. So they do their best to remember the song. It becomes a part of their culture, recreated over and over again in a thousand different ways. So, even if the heroes couldn't save the world, at least they created something lasting.

Salmonoids were a genetically engineered food source gone Out Of Control
As humanity neared the end of its rope, one of the major problems would be inevitably lack of food sources, in particular fishing. Finding that fish was a far healthier alternative to other food animals such as pigs, cows, and chickens, but with overfishing effectively causing genocide to various edible species, genetically engineered and breed farm grown fish became popular to sate humanity's craving for seafood. In order to keep up with the growing demand, scientists created a strain of salmon that would grow to adult sized fairly quickly and even bigger than stock created up to that point. Unfortunately, this had the unforseen side effect of the salmon strain practically evolving with every subsequent generation, until finally becoming intelligent enough to realize they were being used as food. And to return the favor......

The human who did not escape the rising sea levels were the lucky ones, with the salmonoids officially bumping down humans as the planet's apex predators, who then proceeded to eat every other land mammal on Earth, and then going dormant until the Inklings and Octarians became dominant and went after them as their own replacement to mammalian flesh. The various cookware and crockery weaponry are a genetic memory the race has of their origins of being a mass produced food source, as well as indicative of being a horde of flesh eating monsters.

This brings up the next theory......

Mr. Grizz is a former bioweapon
Combining the WMG of Mr. Grizz being an actual bear, Grizz might have been a genetically engineered bear designed and created specifically to deal with the Salmonoid hordes, under the belief that the best creatures to deal with rampaging salmon were its natural predators. While Grizz and probably others like him with resounding successes in the short term, they were eventually overwhelmed by sheer numbers alone. Thus, Grizz was one of the surviving bioweapons to be chosen to be put into cryogenic status to be awakened again at a later date. Unfortunately, by the time Grizz awoken, humanity was long gone and the Salmonoids were still causing trouble the dominant species, this time being the Inklings. While Grizz did manage to fight off the Salmonoids for the Inklings for a while, he was mostly going through the motions, despondent that he indirectly failed his mission of protecting humanity from destruction, bored over his mission of eradicating the salmonoids is just as impossible as before due to their extremely fast reproduction and annoyed that the Inklings treat him like a God instead of an equal like that stupid cat.

When Inklings discovered that Salmonoid eggs could be used as an alternative power source to zap fish, and the Golden Eggs having even more energy than regular Power Eggs, Grizz then had the idea of starting up his own company as a means of putting actual meaning back into his created purpose. That new purpose: Money, Dear Boy! Namely, harvesting and selling Power Eggs to the masses. After killing off a couple hordes of Salmonoids to get some start up product and setting up radios to conceal his identity so that the Inklings don't start worshipping on the spot, he began hiring scores of Inklings to do his dirty. Not only is he able to do his original task of destroying Salmonoids through a mean that was both productive and entertaining, he can also watch as Inklings run the risk of getting murdered by the hordes, as he considers the Inklings to be inferior inheritors of the Earth when compared to humans.

  • If he didn't want them to start worshiping him or anything like it, why link his company so strongly with bears at all? He could've easily used a different name to avoid being associated with bears as well, and with how prominent bear iconography is with him, this doesn't really make much sense.
  • There's a difference between using iconography of a religious figure, and being an actual religious figure. Grizz on purposely hides behind bear symbols to give the illusion of a being a person who's a little too into bear "myth" as a means of preventing people from looking too closely into him.
  • Honestly, with all the talk of sketchiness and shadiness of his company, I'd say it's bound to be looked into regardless. If anything, wouldn't plastering a company with religious figure iconography with talks about making a better future make it just a little more... off?

Mr. Grizz is an elderly (or at least middle-aged) Inkling
According official sources, Inklings cannot assume humanoid form until around the age of 14. Since we never see Cap'n Cuttlefish in squid form, it's also been speculated that older Inklings eventually lose the ability to enter squid form and may also produce a lot less ink. It's possible that Mr. Grizz' true form is an Inkling who used to hunt Salmonids solo, but when he got too old for that, he instead channelled his vendetta against the Salmonids (and greed for Golden Eggs) into founding Grizzco and hiring a bunch of younger Inklings to continue and expand the scope of his work.

This is supported by the fact that the "Grizzco Blaster", an unbelievably overpowered and obviously-not-tournament-legal customized weapon, occasionally makes it into the weapon rotation in Salmon Run, which prompts Mr. Grizz to offhandedly mention that it's "one of his favorites". The sheer fact that he can (or was at one point able to) use ink-based weaponry strongly supports the idea that he is an Inkling. That weapon is likely a relic from his days of solo hunting, but since he doesn't have the time or resources to make super-powerful custom weapons for every employee, he mostly pads out the Grizzco arsenal with cheap mass-produced regulation-compliant sporting gear, and compensates for the weaker weapons by sending out employees in teams of 4.

Of course, this theory assumes that "Mr. Grizz" is an alias rather than his real name, and the fact that he communicates through a bear-shaped radio is merely symbolic of his attitude towards salmon rather than indicative of his true identity.

There is no Mr. Grizz
It's been suggested that the voice you hear over the bear-shaped radio may just be a synthetic voice playing pre-recorded messages. If that's the case, then the entire "Mr. Grizz" persona could be a complete fabrication. Which leads us to our next theory...

Grizzco is secretly run by Octavio
The mention in the Grizzco manual of Salmonids trading with Octarians is a lie, meant to divert suspicion that they are running the salmon-hunting operation. In actuality, Salmonids are smarter than they look and build their own weapons, which the lie also covers up to make them seem more like stupid animals that can be massacred without guilt.

Octavio used to send Octoling Troopers to hunt Salmonids for him, but then he realized that Inklings could be easily enticed to do it with stupid little capsules full of counterfeit money, Crust Bucket coupons clipped from the newspaper, and cheap mass-produced clothing. Indeed, just for those cheap rewards the turnout of Inklings to work Salmon Run shifts greatly exceeded the size of his entire Octoling army.

When he stole the Zapfish again, he knew full well that his forces couldn't hold them against even one very determined Inkling agent, and that he would end up locked in the snow globe again, but he did it anyway to distract attention from his real scheme to power Octo Valley using Golden Eggs.

Marina is Pearl's only friend
In the announcement for the Money vs Love Splatfest, Marina implies that Pearl is the loneliest person she knows. And given Pearl's generally obnoxious personality, it's not surprising that very few others would be willing to put up with her for very long.

The rising sea levels weren't really why humans went extinct
Oh, it didn't help matters any, but the real problem was the Salmonids. These special salmon were genetically engineered to be enormous, fast-growing, and immune to the toxic sludge that had taken over most coastal waters, with the intent to use them as a food source for the increasingly crowded human population with decreasing amounts of viable surface farmland.

However, the roles ended up being reversed and the Salmonids ended up eating all the humans. Since then the Salmonids have evolved to be able to sustain themselves with nothing but the toxic sludge itself, but even thousands of years later are still instinctually aggressive to anything that looks remotely human. This is why they swarm onto land to attack whenever Inklings show up, even though they can't actually eat Inklings since they are just goo blobs with no meat. This is also why they ignore rather than trying to capture or destroy the life preserver housing the Inkling remains in Salmon Run. When an Inkling they successfully beat to death goes splat instead of leaving behind a tasty carcass, they are momentarily confused, but quickly redirect their attention to the other tasty-looking people in the area. When all are gone, they disperse, making no effort to prevent the life preservers from launching themselves back to the boat (explaining why Grizzco employees can survive a crew wipe).

The Identity of Turquoise October
So a common fan theory is that Turquoise October was Marina's solo career before she defected from Octarian society, with a fair bit of evidence. (The Ebb & Flow demo has the five-note jingle and burp sounds present in many of their songs, the futuristic style of the music can be heard in Off the Hook's music as well, the English name may refer to Marina's hair color) I personally do support this theory, but want to take it one step farther, saying that Warabi of Diss-Pair and the Octoboy DJ from Sashi Mori have both also been "Turquoise October" at some point, likely a little after Marina. Since the identity of Turquoise October has been hidden from us, it's very much possible that the band simply consists of one person that regularly gets replaced, especially considering that many of the traits seen in Turquoise October's music can also be heard in Diss-Pair and Sashi Mori's music as well! This is also a decent explanation as to why every Octoling musician we've seen is a DJ. Obviously, there could be counters to this theory, perhaps the elements of their music are just common in Octarian culture and every Octoling musician is a DJ because of their proficiency with technology, but it's a possibility I'd like to raise nonetheless.
  • In this interview, lead composer Toru Minegishi outright states that the Hero Mode music is composed in-universe by "DJ Octavio and his direct subordinates [plural]", implying that Turquoise October is more of a songwriting collective led by Octavio himself, rather than an individual artist. As far the recycling of musical elements? Well, they're fricking DJs; reusing and remixing preexisting samples is part and parcel of the job description!

The series was set in the Shin Megami Tensei universe all along.
Not only is the final Splatfest of 2 basically Law vs. Chaos, but it's also referred to as the "Splatocalypse". And SMT is known for practically having one global apocalypse per game.
  • Well, Splatoon 1 didn't have one as such, even if it was set after an apocalypse, but Splatoon 2 would have two - the Splatfest one, and the Bad Ending to the Octo Expansion.

Mr. Grizz is going to be a major antagonist in Splatoon 3, no matter who wins the final Splatfest.
The final Chaos Vs. Order Splatfest may or may not have an impact, but no matter how it pans out, things look good for Mr. Grizz — and bad for anyone who gets in his way..
  • If things remain as they are, with maybe a grungier/shinier paintjob, Mr. Grizz will remain the CEO of a powerful, morally dubious corporation with a stockpile of incredibly powerful weapons. Not, in short, someone to trifle with. The single-player campaign will naturally see the player trifling with him.
  • If Chaos wins and turns society into a lawless waste, Grizzco is likely to be dissolved. But Grizz himself still has that stockpile of weapons, the smarts and skills that brought him to the top... and also he's a bear.note  He'll soon maul some Inklings and Octolings into being his post-apocalyptic raider clan.
  • If Order wins and turns society into a cyberpunk dystopia, Grizzco will become a Mega-Corp even more powerful and insidious than it already is. He could easily become The Dragon to the new regime, aiding them with firepower in exchange for their patronage, or even rise to the top himself.

Chaos vs. Order reflects altering factions, and will determine the antagonists of the next game.
On Team Chaos is DJ Octavio and the Salmonids, while Team Order has Commander Tartar and the Octarians. If Chaos wins, the next main antagonist will be Octavio (again), but after he has been somehow separated from his Octarian army and taken leadership of the Salmonids as a new force. If Order wins, Tartar will be revealed to be Not Quite Dead or come Back from the Dead and take control of the Octarians in a new bid to purge the world.

Why Mr. Grizz wants Salmonoid Eggs.
Mr. Grizz must have some reason for wanting Salmonoid Eggs.

  • He wants to eat them. He's basically paying you to get food for him.

  • He wants to hatch them, grow them into adult Salmonoids... and THEN eat them.

  • He's raising a Salmonoid Army with which he plans to Take Over the World.

In reality, Inklings, Octolings, and Cuttlelings (humanoid cuttlefish) are all cousin species, or even the SAME species
Long ago, octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish all formed an uneasy alliance on land. They lived together for generations, evolving and changing in tantem. Interspecies hybrids occured on ocassion, but they either never got anywhere OR this was the beginning of an entirely new species, when all three hybridized with each other. Over time, those with similar traits interbred, causing the appearence differences we see today. This si why Commander Tartar claims "you wage war over minor genetic deviations", it's because they're more similar to each other genetically speaking, then they are different! The Calmari Inkantion is something genetically ingrained into all three groups, causing enchanced strength. This is how Octavio managed to survive being exploded, he was made more durable by the Calamari Inkanation, although he's still highly opposed to it and doesn't wish to hear it due to his deepseated racism against squids. The groove is irresistable, it sticks in the brain of the octopus, squid, or cuttlefish who hears it and is etched into their mind.

     Octo Expansion DLC 

Some spark of DJ Dedf1sh's original personality persists.
She never stops playing music because it's all she has left. She clings to the music and dares not stop, lest she loses the last vestiges of who she originally was.

The final boss will be Agent 3.
Sure, Cap’n Cuttlefish is on your side, but Agent 3 might not be. First of all, the way she glares at Agent 8 means she doesn’t completely trust her. Second of all, she’s BLUE. You know what else is blue?! The other enemies!
  • You do fight a Brainwashed and Crazy Agent 3 in the seventh phase of the final stage, but there's an eight phase. That being said, a memory/fantasy version of Agent 3 serves as the Bonus Boss when all the tests have been completed.

It will be revealed that the Octolings haven't willingly served Octavio since the end of the first game
It's been noted that the Octoling enemies fought in Octo Canyon no longer wear their original goggles from the first game, but instead wear something resembling the Hypno-Shades that were used to brainwash Callie. It was strongly implied in a Sunken Scroll that Marina defected to the Inklings' side after seeing the musical duel between Octavio and the Squid Sisters. What if she wasn't the only Octoling who had that response, but instead is the only one who escaped, with the remainder being captured and brainwashed using the hypno-shades to go back to serving Octavio? That might explain why she looks so nervous all the time: she's worried about her friends still stuck under Octavio's rule, and/or afraid that she too might be recaptured.

It's been hinted that this DLC will reveal a lot of depth in backstory elements that had previously only been vaguely hinted at, it would be interesting if even the seemingly shallow Octo Canyon mode actually had some heavy foreshadowing hidden in it, with hidden significance that will become apparent here.

  • Sort of confirmed; while it's unknown whether any Octarians have continued to stay loyal to Octavio, Octo Expansion outright states that Agent 8 and Marina aren't the only Octolings to leave for Inkopolis. That said, the Mem Cakes imply that they still retain a certain degree of respect for their former boss.

The Music
The background music will be done by Off the Hook, but in a distinctly Darker and Edgier hip-hop style than what we've heard before.

Except this is actually their original style that first made them famous, while most of what we've heard from them so far is actually a Lighter and Softer variant of their style adapted for the dance-party atmosphere of Splatfest by incorporating elements of pop and EDM and generally being more upbeat.

  • While we're definitely getting at least a few Off the Hook tracks, it seems that most of the music is actually from a different Octoling DJ going by the name "dedf1sh".
    • Indeed, dedf1sh does most of the tracks, though Off the Hook takes over the music once Agent 8 starts making their actual escape. As far as style-wise, "Nasty Majesty" and "Shark Bytes" are definitely a bit edgier than their Splatfest music, but "Fly Octo Fly" would be a perfect fit for the final Splatfest, and "Into the Light" is a borderline Squid Sisters tribute. Also, "Ebb and Flow" is outright stated to be the track that first put them in the spotlight.

Cuttlefish has lost his mind
That's why he's now convinced that he's some sort of rapper. The reason this happened is that he spent nearly two years alone with little to no company except for Octavio imprisoned in the snow globe, which he had to babysit for most of that time. Two years of nothing but Octavio and his terrible puns about "dropping the sea bass" and such. And so that's why this happened.
  • Actually, the liner notes for the Splatoon 1 album state that he's the guy spitting hot fire in the first game's end credits theme. Taking that into account, I'm pretty sure rapping is just something that Cuttlefish likes to do.
    • Maybe that's the effects the Deepsea Metro has on him, instead of removing his memories like Agent 8 and the other Test Subjects.
      • Except he did the rapping for Maritime Melody, which was presumably recorded well before his journey into the deep.

The story will end with a full reunification of Inkling and Octarian societies
And in addition to Octolings becoming playable, the stupid tentacle Octarians will also show up in the square as non-interactive NPCs similar to the jellyfish folk.

Octavio is still in prison, though. The tyrant deserves it anyway.

  • Confirmed from a chatlog late into the game.
    • Sort of; Octolings are confirmed to be moving to Inkopolis en masse, but it's unknown whether it's all or even a majority of them, and the tentacle Octarians are still no-shows.

Agent 8 didn't actually fight Agent 3 two years ago
That memory took place during the final boss of Splatoon 1, while the Squid Sisters were playing Calamari Inkantation. However, no Octolings appeared during that fight to aid Octavio against Agent 3, and indeed any who were present were probably too enchanted by the music to intervene.

Also, during Splatoon 1 agent 8 was two years younger, and probably still just a cadet too young to be deployed in any of the other situations where Agent 3 fought Octolings.

Instead of being an actual memory, the Bonus Boss was actually a hybrid nightmare from combining the more recent memory of fighting possessed Agent 3 with the original memory from two years ago. In actuality, being possessed by Tartar probably made 3 more powerful and was at least partially responsible for some of the apparent superpowers. However, Agent 8 somehow got it into her head that 3 was actually in a weakened state during that encounter, and that fighting 3 at full power would be much harder and damn near impossible.

This is because the Octarians were all raised to believe that their Great and Powerful Fearless Leader, DJ Octavio, was basically invincible. When 3 defeated him singlehandedly, it seemed in 8's mind that 3 would have to be something like a demigod for this to be possible.

Marina and the playable Octolings are inherently different from the ones fought in story mode
Marina and the playable octolings all have eyes that look much like those of Inklings whether in octopus or humanoid form. Meanwhile, the NPC octolings never show their eyes in humanoid form, but their octopus forms have the exact same green sclerae and purple irises of all other Octarians. Octarian-style eyes aren't even an option when designing your octoling.This might be a coincidence, but it does seem curious that there's a 100% correlation between good-guy octarians and normal-eye octarians.

  • Option 1: The green-purple Octarian eyes are an outward sign of buying into the Octarian bad guy shtick, or, if they're being mind controlled, a side effect of the mind control. Either way, the Calamari Inkantation clears it and gives dissenters regular eyes. Unfortunately, the one image we have of Marina from before her desertion has her eyes obscured, so this can't be proven or disproven.

  • Option 2: Human-eyed octolings are a normal subspecies of octoling, like how Pearl is a Pygmy Inkling. It's complete coincidence that all the deserters are of this subspecies.

  • Option 3: Human-eyed octolings are a subspecies of octoling, and it's no coincidence that they're the only deserters. Something in their genetics makes them uniquely susceptible to the effects of the Calamari Inkantation; it could be that they're more inclined to intelligence or free thought (Marina was a child prodigy and 8 at least managed to pass all of Amabo Corp's tests), or it might be as mundane as other Octarians' crazy eyes making it impossible to hide out in Inkopolis.

  • Option 4: Octarians can change their eye color at will, and abandon the green-purple to better fit in with the Inklings. This implies that 8 was planning to jump ship even before they fought with Agent 3 and found themselves in the Deep Sea Metro.

Power Eggs are a key ingredient in the manufacture of overpowered weapons
In Octo Valley, your weapons start out no different from what you would use in multiplayer, but when Sheldon upgrades them using Power Eggs retrieved from Octarians (who apparently got them from Salmonids originally), they become much more powerful.

And you know who else has overpowered weapons? Grizzco. And do you know who else has access to Power Eggs? Again, Grizzco.


Maybe, to be honest...

The in-universe reason the lifesavers are used in Salmon Run
is that a proper respawn platform, like they have in the turf war arenas, uses a lot of energy, and that building and maintaining as well as powering one in a remote outpost would be nigh impossible, or at least too difficult for Mr. Grizz to want to bother with.

The in-universe reason Grizzco weapons are so infrequently assigned in Salmon Run
is that as a side effect of their massive power boosts, they need to be repaired or replaced after a very short peirod of use, unlike the normal weapons that can be used in multiplayer which are designed to be very durable and require little to no maintenance. The Hero Weapons are also very durable despite their increased power, but while Hero Weapons are professionally made military equipment, the Grizzco weapons seem to be more like a product of crazed hotrodding. A side effect is that they lack the durability of other weapons, and need massive repair or total replacement after only a few uses. As a result, Grizzco cannot afford to lend them to employees very often, despite the clear increase in productivity they can give.

Possibility for a future song
In a free update, there will be a song, either from a new band or just as a Surprisingly Gentle Song from Wet Floor, that sounds recognizably like a Silly Love Song despite its gibberish lyrics. Its title? "Woo Me!"

The final Splatfest for Splatoon 2 will be Inkling vs Octoling
Datamines have shown that playable Octolings are in a state of planning/development further along then anything found in the first game. Presuming they become playable at some point, said Splatfest would be racially divided, with Pearl and Marina being the team leaders, respectively. This would act as a symbolic return of the Great Turf War, and would be a way to up the ante from the idol-worshiping final Splatfest of the first game. The result of this Splatfest would become canon as a way to bring Pearl and Marina into the story.
  • As a WMG within a WMG, the Splatfest will be fueled by anti-Octoling sentiment from Marie.
  • Partially confirmed! It wasn't the final Splatfest, but on July 20-21, 2018, this was a global Splatfest to commemorate Splatoon 2's first anniversary. Even better, players on Team Squid were Inklings and Team Octopus were Octolings, regardless of the player's in-game toon or DLC purchase status.

Splatoon 3 will have a very different story and possibly location
Similar to how the third generation of Pokemon changed the story from defeating gang members to preventing the end of the world and removed most references to past regions, the inevitable Splatoon 3 will be very different from its predecessors.

The most obvious change will be that Inklings and Octarians have reconciled after the events of Octo Expansion, and the option to play as one will be available from the start. A consequence of this is that the story can no longer be "Oh No The Octarians Have Stolen The Great Zapfish Go Get It Back". The new story could involve the Salmonids or a new antagonistic race.

In addition, little to no previously existing characters (except maybe Judd/Lil' Judd) will appear. They may appear in sunken scrolls, however. People will scream about this on the internet for years after the game is released.

The base mechanics and game modes will be the same, aside from any changes made to fit the game onto a new console.

New antagonistic character/faction idea

The "superior species" envisioned by Commander Tartar in the Octo Expansion.

Full idea: Although Tartar himself is dead, perhaps enough of the primordial ooze is left from which the species in question can spawn from. I highly doubt it's the various Octarians you fight (at best, they may have just been "prototypes" of sorts), as I imagine that Tartar would want his species to be quite different from the races currently inhabiting the world.

More Amiibo Outfits

The upcoming Off the Hook and Octoling amiibos provide a total of five new potential outfits, assuming they scan in like prior series. So here's some guessing on what they could be:

  • Pearl: The old Octoling armor, from the first game.
    • Jossed. It turns out to be the Pearl's outfit from Octo Expansion. The old Octoling gear set would be Salmon Run rewards.
  • Marina: Agent 8's outfit from the Octo Expansion.
    • Jossed. It's Marina's OE outfit.
  • Octoling Boy: In line with the historical theme of the Inkling Boy Amiibos, a Noh actor suit resembling an Oni.
    • Although it is historically-themed, jossed. The outfit will be knight armor.
  • Octoling Girl: In line with the school outfit theme of the Inkling Girl amiibos, a fuku (maybe with an octopus tiara).
    • Jossed. The outfit will be a witch costume.
  • Octoling Octopus: In line with the power armor theme of the squid Amiibos... well, more power armor.

The Squid vs Octopus Splatfest will have consequences in Splatoon 3.

Marina is being Properly Paranoid when she expresses concern about how dangerous the theme is. It's doubtful that the "hair trend" excuse will hold up forever. Splatoon 3's story could very well involve the Octolings being exposed for who they really are, and the results of the splatfest could lead to fallout. (Particularly with that "the winner of the Splatfest is objectively better" rule.)

  • Then again, the Japanese version (the one the devs would use as reference) has it so that they're explicitly arguing about human-era cephalopods, all the way down to which one tasted better. Also, they've confirmed that most Inklings are still under the impression that the Octolings are actually just squids with funky hair.
    • Splatfest themes are mostly thousand-year old arguments (Callie vs Marie was an exception, because it was a current argument between the two at that time). It is true that Pearl and Marina are arguing about human-era cephalopods. Even in the English localization, when they actually argue about the ancient species they're based on (squids having ten tentacles, octopuses are smarter). Marina's paranoid reaction to the announcement referenced our reaction, that we treated this as an Inklings vs Octolings Splatfest seriously.

Pearl and Marina weren't actually intended to have a punny name when put together
It's Common Knowledge here on TV Tropes (and elsewhere) that their names are a pun on Pearl Harbor, with "Marina" being similar enough to "harbor" to work. But why would Nintendo, a Japanese company, put a reference to an attack on the US by Japan in the version of the game distributed in the states? Maybe they didn't, and we're just all overthinking it. Maybe the names "Pearl" and "Marina" were chosen because of the connection to the ocean and not because of World War Two.

Someone will most likely lampshade this. Possibly a member of Off the Hook.
  • Jossed: the game will take place in Splatsville, described as a "city of chaos", reflecting Chaos's win in the Splatfest.

Splatoon 3's Calamari Inkantation won't be sung by Callie and Marie
It will have been made by a desanitized Dedf1sh. A good title idea for this version would be "Desanitized Calamari Inkantation."

As for why it wouldn't be the Squid Sisters, they could be away for some reason, like being on tour, or a mission somewhere else, and aren't close enough to Agent (5/7/Whatever) to be able to make it to the Final Boss in time. Or, they ARE there, down on the battlefield with you and the other agents.

Pearl and Marina will have joined the Squidbeak Splatoon as Agents 5 & 6 by the time the third game takes place.
They know Agent 3, Agent 8, and Cap'n Cuttlefish after all, and the Squidbeak Splatoon would likely consider Marina's knowledge of Octarian tech a major boon.

There is a new group who are popular with the kids of Inkopolis Square
Given that the Squid Sisters now aren't well recognized like they were in the first game (Go figure), there may be a new bunch of characters who will be doing the announcements and other things too.
  • Confirmed with the reveal of the new band Off the Hook. Pearl and Marina are the news and Splatfest hosts this time around.

You will be able to change your hairstyle as a new Character Customization option.
The Inklings were shown with different hairstyles during the Switch's reveal trailer and the game's proper reveal trailer, though it hasn't been explicitly confirmed.
  • Hairstyles could either be bought or chosen in the character creation screen or both.
    • The second of those is confirmed, hairstyles are not sold like gear but can be changed in the character setup screen that is also used to change your gender, your skin color, and (oddly enough) your pants.

The plot of this game is to find what happened to Callie.
In a Blink-you-miss-it shot in the Splatoon 2 trailer, they very briefly show Marie but Callie is nowhere to be found.
  • Confirmed by Squid Sister Stories. Callie has disappeared and Marie fears she has been kidnapped so she enlists your help.

There will be a wave-based game mode in the future.
Wherein a group of four (maybe eight) players go up against hordes of Octarian baddies, either in current arenas or specially-made ones.
  • Confirmed! It's not Octarians, but it is a new race of fish called "Salmonids".

The deal with the Salmonids in Salmon Run will be explained
In a sunken scroll or two in story mode.
  • Semi-confirmed, though they don't go into too much detail besides noting that Salmonid migrations happen every 70 years or so, and that at least one Inkling religion considers them to be harbingers of the apocalypse.

The Squid Sisters have broken up in the time between this game and the first one, with both Callie & Marie pursuing solo careers.
At the time of this edit (January 15), only Marie's been seen in the game proper and Callie has been confirmed to still be making an appearance despite her absence in the reveal trailer. It could be theorized that the two split off to do their own careers while focusing on different types of music (Callie will continue singing pop music like her previous act did, while Marie will do more along the lines of jazz/lounge music since that's what their solo songs [Bomb Rush Blush and Tide Goes Out, respectively] seemed to echo).
  • Partially confirmed; the Squid Sister Stories indicate that, following the final splatfest, Callie and Marie have become separated, thanks to their obtained fame giving them different schedules. That said, the ending indicates that they've gone back to at least occasionally performing together again.

Marina either left the Octarians or was never a part of their cause.
There's the fact that Off the Hook is a duo consisting of both an Inkling and an Octoling. Pearl and Marina appear to get along just fine. The Inklings during the Splatfest also doesn't seem to care that Marina is an Octoling.
  • Confirmed in the Octo Expansion chatlogs and the Sunken Scrolls: Marina left for Inkopolis after witnessing the musical duel between the Squid Sisters and DJ Octavio at the end of Splatoon 1's Hero Mode.

If there is a fight against Callie, Marie will try to get through to her.
During the fight, Marie will continuously try to convince Callie to fight back against the control of the Octarians, to no apparent effect. Eventually, Marie will broadcast her singing a sad remix of Calamari Inkantation through the arena, causing Callie to react and fight against the brainwashing, signified by her clutching at her head. This will serve as the theme of the next phase of the fight, eventually ending in Callie breaking free of the brainwashing after the final hit.
  • Basically confirmed, though Marie actually breaks the brainwashing by shooting off the glasses controlling Callie, with a fast remix of Calamari Inkantation being only the final step in breaking the brainwashing.

Amiibo costumes will be a thing
  • Confirmed; you unlock special gear. Specifically, S1 Boy/Girl/Squid reward their old S1 outfits, Callie & Marie reward the S1 Hero Outfit and Armored Hero Outfit (respectively), and the S2 Boy/Girl/Squid unlock new outfits with a similar theme to the S1 crew - Boy unlocks a Ninja set, Girl unlocks a different school uniform, and Squid unlocks armor that is styled more like classic knight armor. Also, the Off the Hook amiibo unlock their Octo Expansion outfits.

Callie has been kidnapped by Octarians and brainwashed into joining them.
Likely. The silhouette image of her on the single-player mode's poster seems to imply as much.
  • Confirmed by Octavio during the final boss].

Cap'n Cuttlefish will appear in the story
Making a surprise appearance as Agent 5 at some point.
  • Jossed in the main campaign. He's on a trip with Agent 3. But confirmed for the Octo Expansion DLC, where he's part of the crew.

Obligatory playable Octolings guess!
Hey, given some of the WMG above and below, as well as what's already confirmed for the game, making playable Octolings a reward for beating Hero Mode or an update down the road makes a heck of a lot of sense this time around, especially with Marina hanging around now.
  • While not a reward for beating Hero Mode (yet), datamining shows that they are planned.
  • Maybe as a prequel side story, where you play as an Octoling agent under DJ Octavio's command playing out Callie's kidnapping?
  • Confirmed. Playable Octolings will be part of the paid Octo Expansion DLC released in 2018; it will consist largely of a new story mode starring an Octoling and completing this mode will unlock playable Octolings for multiplayer.

Male (humanoid) Octolings will appear in-game this time around.
In the Famitsu interview, the developers stated that the Inkling girl was designed first, and designing Inkling boys ended up as more of an afterthought, which may be reflected by the appearance of only female Octolings in the single-player mode.However, one of the sunken scrolls in said mode did depict DJ Octavio in humanoid form, suggesting that male Octolings could exist, and Splatoon 2 gives them the chance to appear.
  • Not in the main game, but confirmed for Octo Expansion.

Pearl was Marina's first Inkling friend.
It would make sense for Pearl be this to Marina, especially given the past feud between Inklings and Octarians. Perhaps Marina left her octarian home to explore Inkopolis out of curiosity, or maybe Pearl stumbled across Octo Valley and did the same. Either way, Pearl could have been the first Inkling to really bond with Marina, could have motivated her to form Off the Hook together, and could have also helped her to become accepted into Inkling society.
  • Confirmed through the Octo Expansion.

Regardless of any other story speculation, Marina's "character arc" will touch on racism in some way.
If nothing else: it really feels like the first Octoling idol in Inkopolis being, to human eyes and standards, a person of color is not even remotely a coincidence.
  • Confirmed in Octo Expansion, where Marina very much worries about what might happen if she reveals her actual species to Inkopolis, though it quickly becomes clear that even old Great Turf War vets like Cuttlefish would be mostly fine with it.

The story's main theme will be letting go of the past.
It will be revealed that Callie let DJ Octavio loose, and intentionally engineered a situation similar to the first game, because she was happier as part of the Squid Sisters. She'll ultimately have to accept that she can't go back.

DJ Octavio will present it from a different angle. There will be a growing number of Octarians who would prefer to integrate themselves into the Inklings' society, rather than continue to live underground. Some of them, like Marina, are being successful. DJ Octavio, though, will continue trying to fight the Turf War the Octarians already lost.

  • Jossed for the main story, mostly. Callie was actively brainwashed, and while you can interpret Octavio as being obsessed with the past, no real depth is gone into it.
  • That said, confirmed for Octo Expansion, who would like to say hi in a couple of places:
    • The Big Bad: Initially an AI who was built as a bastion of human knowledge, his idealized view on humanity as well as the several misdeeds that both Inklings and Octarians committed led to him attempting to execute both species and leave the Earth as his blank slate for his Ultimate Lifeform to start anew. Tartar's misdeeds all spur from this idealized view of the past that he himself fails to see that humanity had the same, if not similar, flaws. Likewise, parts of his aesthetic attempt to harken to this bygone era, with the NILS statue being a copy of an Apollo statue, and his own form being one of an old telephone.
    • Marina: It had already been established that she committed treason against the Octarian army through desertion. However, her moment which connects to this theme is in the chat logs, when Cuttlefish reveals to Pearl a dossier that establishes her as one of the highest core figures within it, having designed several key machines of the Octarian army, which only reinforces Pearl's companionship with Marina. The next chat log has Pearl apologizing that she saw this document, as well as Marina contemplating what would happen to her should this information be declassified. Pearl reassures her that everything would be all right regardless, and even Cuttlefish releases his prejudices a bit because of this.

The individual who preserved Judd is in some way related to the testing facility.
Whether or not an even madder scientist than themselves, or even they themself found a way to survive nuclear war and the subsequent flooding of Earth, they may have had a had a hand in the odd experiments that have occured in the subways or their research is being used by the Big Bad of the Octo Expansion.
  • Maybe? Tartar was built by some scientist, anyway. If it was Judd's owner, that just makes it even more depressing if you fail and Judd/Lil' Judd are wiped off the face of the Earth along with the rest of Inkopolis.
  • Confirmed, sort of. The devs confirmed in this interview that Tartar's creator was indeed Judd's owner.

The Squid Sisters will continue doing announcements. However...
Before you beat story mode, a cardboard cutout of Callie will take her place. After you beat it, the real one is here.
  • Should Marie go missing as well halfway through the story, a cardboard cutout of her will stand in for her too until it's complete.
    • Then who will actually say the announcements?
  • This entire WMG is effectively jossed in that according to Squid Sister Stories, they have already split up and retired the Squid Sisters a while ago.
  • Fully jossed as of the July 6 direct. A new group known as Off the Hook will be doing this role.

The new cat will be named Juri
You know, like "Jury". It would go well with Judd's name being based on "Judge", plus it's an actual name, so it would be perfect! I can't think of a better name.
  • Unfortunately jossed. His name is the much less creative "li'l Judd".

Callie is dead.
But even as a ghost, she's still a pop star.
  • Jossed. An interview revealed that Callie is very much alive. And she appears again in the Final Boss fight.

Judd is a living Fore Shadow to a sequel plot
Weird that Judd is explicitly the only land animal in the whole game, isn't he? If this game gets a sequel, it will turn out he's actually fore shadowing the antagonists of the sequel just by being in this game. After the Octotarian menace is beaten back once again, the citizens of Inkopolis are attacked by an army of ravenous, bloodthirsty cats. Unlike the Octotarians, who are trying to conquer Inkopolix for the sake of it, the cats are enslaving the populace to use as cattle because they are strict carnivores and their usual food source is slowly dieing off/going extinct for mysterious reasons and are forced to harvest what they believe to be the best available food source out of desperation - namely, the aquatic citizens of Inkopolis.

Judd himself will turn out to have been either a sleeper agent sent to Inkopolis to gauge the Inklings' ability to fight, thus why he judges the multiplayer matches, and report back, but eventually starts to see Inkopolis and wishes to help defend it against his own kind; or becomes a staunch ally from the get go, having fled his homeland having foresaw the coming food crisis and traveled the world to find solutions for it before settling in Inkopolis.

  • Ultra-jossed, Judd is a (likely genetically modified) cat left in cryogenic stasis for 10,000 years by his owner before humanity was wiped out by a the rising oceans, and is likely the last living mammal.
    • That Judd is the last mammal is Jossed now - Judd has another cat for a partner (called Li'l Judd).
  • It's never explicitly stated that all land animals went extinct when humanity did. There are birds in Inkopolis square, for example. The idea that the Octarians are just violent is also Jossed, since the Sunken Scrolls reveal their intentions - the power inside their domes is failing due to neglect, and Octavio is trying to save them. There's also hints that relations between the two cephalopod groups are patching things up.

Scanning Callie's amiibo will instantly beat story mode
Without even playing it.
  • Jossed.

Marie may go missing and get brainwashed too
  • This could happen halfway through the story.
  • And there will be a fight involving both Squid Sisters.
  • The replacement Mission Control could be the hosts of Off the hook, possibly also adding some extra story into Marina and why she may have left/refused to join the octarians.
    • Jossed.

Callie has joined the Octarians out of envy
After the final Splatfest, Callie grew jealous of her more popular sister. Eventually, she not only grew to hate Marie, but also the entirety of Inkopolis. Therefore, she chose to go to Octo Valley and rebuild the Octarian army.
  • Jossed in that Callie and Marie don't seem to have any ill will towards each other. However it is revealed that she was kidnapped by the Octarians and brainwashed into joining them.

Jelfonzo isn't actually a Suspiciously similar substitute
Because he, in fact, IS Jelonzo. The Funny Foreigner character in Splatoon 1 was simply an act, and Jelfonzo is either his true personality or yet another act, put on for some mysterious reason (Possibly just marketing)
  • Jossed. Word of God is that Jelfonzo was born when a part of Jelonzo split off into another jellyfish (meaning that Jelonzo is technically his dad).

The figure that was presumed to be Callie in the singleplayer trailer was actually Cap'n Cuttlefish.
He masterminded another invasion by enemy Octarians because he was lonely and just wanted to see his granddaughters, and he generally means no harm to Inkopolis.
  • Jossed.

If Callie is in fact brainwashed, then Marie will end up brainwashed as well.
The player will then be forced to fight them both at the same time.
  • Jossed.

Marina was a major factor in Callie joining the Octarians and sequentially is also a major factor in why Marina appears to be worried all the time.
Going off the 'Callie joined the Octarians of her own will' theory, perhaps her chance meeting with Marina and seeing how she wasn't really any different from an Inkling after getting to know her was what made her realize the Octarians really had it bad and didn't deserve what they got. This may also be why Marina appears to be a Nervous Wreck; on top of being an Octoling in an Inkling world, Callie helping her become famous as 'Off the Hook' and then disappearing to help the Octarians would likely hint at a lot of foul play in regards to the Squid Sisters disappearing towards her. Marina is terrified that the Inklings would get the wrong idea and demand her head for it.
  • Jossed. Callie was kidnapped and brainwashed, and every indication is that Marina actively sought out Inkopolis after the "life-changing experience" that was the final boss battle of Splatoon 1.

The story will touch on radicalization.
As a related theory to the above, a theme (or perhaps the theme) of the single-player story as it unfolds will be young people getting radicalized and how that can hurt the ones they love - handled in an E-10 manner, of course. It's fairly dark subject matter for Nintendo or Splatoon, but it's painfully relevant to many parts of the world and feels like a topic the young-ish staff of Splatoon would want to tackle.

The idea here is that Callie was either abducted or otherwise spoke at length with Octavio and/or other Octolings, and came around, of her own "free will", to the idea that the Octarians were the injured party and if she wanted to do right and be famous again, it's them she should be helping. This isn't really "brainwashing", but it stems more from the fact that Octavio & co. are all too eager to continuously feed her THEIR version of events and isolate her from competing viewpoints, helped by nagging feelings of doubt and hurt over the Splatfest and whatnot. By the time we catch up to her, she's pro-Octarian, through and through, and it will take multiple confrontations in order to bring her around.

But the other side of this is Octolings like Marina, who know that obsessive, single-minded opposition to Inkling-dom just isn't accomplishing anything anymore, and even if on some level Octavio has "justice" on his side, his obsession with the old war and his radicalizing of young Octolings and one Squid Sister is only causing more people to get hurt, rather than actually doing anything to remedy the Octarians' plight. Eventually Marina joins in on the final tear-down of Octavio and helps convince Callie to come home, and that she doesn't need to fight someone else's crusade, even if what was done to that other party was unjust, and proves that, however slowly, Inkling and Octoling can reconcile and move forward...

... which is a perfect lead-in for the reward for clearing single player (or perhaps a patch feature for those who completed): playable Octolings.

  • Sadly jossed. Callie is being actively brainwashed, the story isn't nearly that complex and Marina only has a minor part in the single-player.

She actually kidnapped initially but later decided join the octoling/octarians because she believed they're did nothing wrong, she development feeling for them than all Octolings aren't villains and they deserved better treat. She tried to help Octolings, to make another solution of this problem, maybe Callie try to unite the Octoling and Inklings in peace.

Of course she gonna do that, after all Callie is one's biggest Nice Girl in Splatoon game.

  • Sounds possible, as one of the members of Off the Hook, Marina, is an Octoling. She and Pearl get along just fine and the Inklings love Off the Hook even with an Octoling in the group.
    • Jossed. From what Octavio says during the final boss, it's indicated she was brainwashed...

Callie is helping the Octarians...
...because the last Splatfest helped her sympathize with them always being the "underdogs" compared to Inklings.
  • Jossed. She's being brainwashed.

One of the Squid Sisters will sacrifice themselves.
Either Callie will sacrifice herself to try and make up for her actions, or Marie will sacrifice herself because she doesn't want to lose Callie again.
  • Jossed. Both Squid Sisters survive the final fight.

Assuming Callie is now the Big Bad, Octavio has been Demoted to Dragon.
Can't have two radical musical leaders.
  • IT's more like the other way around.
  • Jossed. Octavio is still the main baddie.

Cap'n Cuttlefish is dead.
This may be why Marie is seen in the trailer alone on the surface of Octo Valley while dressed in black. Her and Callie's grandfather could have passed on, and if this is the case, they have to uphold his legacy and continue to protect Inkopolis from Octarian attacks. This doesn't excuse Callie's absence, but it's plausible.
  • The black jacket she's wearing appears to be a happi, which are normally worn during matsuri. Beside, the color for mourning in Japan is white.
  • In the prequel story Callie and Marie mention that they haven't seen him in a while, so his status is unknown at this point.
  • Jossed, according to this interview.
    • Also, Marie outright mentions that Cuttlefish is doing fine; he just went off on a research trip with Agent 3.

The main villains of the second game will be Octoling versions of the Squid Sisters.
DJ Octavio is pretty much the Evil Counterpart to Cap'n Cuttlefish. Since it's revealed that the Squid Sisters are Cap'n Cuttlefish's Grand daughters, we can imagine that DJ Octavio would have his own grandchildren, sexy Octoling versions of the Squid Sisters who would take over as leaders of the Octarians and who want revenge on Cuttlefish and Agent 3 for taking down their grandfather. They would be Courtney Gears-esque evil Idol Singers that could have their own Villain Song.
  • In addition to this they'll start by stealing Agent 3's gear and you'll have to find it to unlock it.
  • That would make our Splatoon2 Player Character Agent 4. With their own hero outfit.
  • And their names will be Tako and Yaki.
    • Jossed: It's still DJ Octavio who's behind everything.

The sea urchin kid is Spyke's son.
The one-eyed sea urchin kid who briefly appeared in the trailer. Perhaps Spyke was able to graduate from being a street dealer to owning a successful business in the new Inkopolis.
  • Or the kid could be Spyke's sibling. He could also be the new blackmarket dealer in the game, judging by the Super Sea Snails behind him.
  • Well, whatever he is, he does know Spyke.
  • And he even helps Spyke out with getting the Super Sea Snails, in exchange for the usual stuff Spyke offered in the original.
  • Jossed. Word of God is that they're from two different towns that happen to be relatively near each other. That said, Murch is an employee of Spyke's.

There will be an unlockable Octoling hairstyle
Whether or not Octoling's are unlockable, their hairstyles will be unlockable as you go through single player.
  • Jossed. The main single player campaign doesn't unlock anything octoling related. The Octo Expansion DLC campaign will unlock octolings, but they're far more than a hairstyle option since they also have different animations, different voice clips, and different-shaped ears.

Marie is Off the Hook's manager, or at least responsible for Off the Hook's popularity.
In the Direct where Off the Hook is formally introduced, Marie appears to be dancing happily (or at least as happily as she could) during the Splatfest. It's possible that she intended Off the Hook to be the Squid Sisters' successors and it's highly likely that they'll have a role in the Single Player mode, just like the Squid Sisters did in the original.
  • They don't have any role in the Single Player, and when they announce the news that Marie is back, they refer to the Squid Sisters as 'competition' - so possibly Jossed.
    • Pretty much jossed by Octo Expansion, which states that Off the Hook established their own popularity in part by taking advantage of the Squid Sisters moving on to other things.

Marina could actually be DJ Octavio's daughter
The reason she's on seemingly friendly terms with the Inklings is because she doesn't approve of the Inkling-Octarian wars, and wants to make a peace treaty between the two in spite of her father's desire to crush them.
  • Or maybe she's his granddaughter, just like how Callie and Marie are the granddaughters of Captain Cuttlefish. Either way, her full name is possibly Marina Octavio - but she prefers to be called by her first name.
    • Jossed - her full name is Marina Ida. Also, her file gives zero indication of a familial relationship with Octavio, despite being fairly detailed otherwise.

The second Octoling shown in the trailer will be Agent 8's rival.
In the trailer there is a shot of what appears to be Agent 8 in a suspended state, alongside a second, male Octoling. While this Octoling might not be playable, he may appear in some stages as an AI partner for Agent 8, or as a recurring boss to battle.
  • More likely, that is simply the male playable octoling option. Though I suppose it could be both, with the one you're not playing being the rival, sort of like how Brendan and May worked in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.
    • It's been confirmed that he's indeed the male playable option. Whether or not the expansion will pull a Ruby and Sapphire remains to be seen, though.
      • Jossed with regards to being Agent 8's Rival.

Agent 8 is a true octoling, the ones agent 1-4 fought were not.
Octopi tentacles can survive for some time after being removed from the creature itself and DJ Octavio appears to have used this to create an army for himself in Splatoon 1. All of the main octotroopers are some variety of tentacle along with the bosses being run by what appears to be a detached DJ Octavios scarred tentacle. Given the clear difference of design between Agent 8 and the old Octolings it seems clear that the old version are just more tentacles of Octavios with slightly more independence and brain capacity. Agent 8 meanwhile is a true octoling, a young person from her species that exists as an independent individual rather then an offshoot of someone else, which is why the old ones and the octotroopers are hostile toward her.
  • Jossed, Agent 8 is former octarian military and is advised at first to try talking to 'her old comrades' before the shooting starts. Unless otherwise stated at some point in future old octolings and new octolings are one in the same.

Octo Expansion will release on August 8th
'Cause y'know, Octo- means eight and August 8th is 8/8 worldwide.
  • Jossed. The release date on the eShop purchase screen is July 31.
    • The release date on the eShop is possibly a placeholder. It's going to release on July 13, the same release date as the Off The Hook amiibo.
      • The release date has been confirmed to be June 13 (14 in some time zones). All 3 aforementioned dates have been Jossed.

The Squid Sisters will play a role somehow.
You didn't think that holographic concert was just for fun, did you? At some point, the Squid Sisters will show up and collaborate with Off the Hook to help get Agent 8 out of the subway.
  • Jossed. Only Off the Hook play a role as such, outside of Cuttlefish and Agent 3. Aside from cameo appearances as Mem Cakes and a few lines of dialogue from Marie if you complete every stage in the Deepsea Metro, the Squid Sisters are completely Out of Focus.

You will be able to play in Octo Canyon as an Octoling after beating the DLC
I know it's small, but roll with me. When Callie returning was shown in the Nintendo Direct trailer, she says "So if you play nice, I'll drop some knowledge about Agent 4 from Marie's Factopedia!" The "if you play nice" could imply that she doesn't fully trust whoever she's talking to, and it seems weird that she would refer to Agent 4 as Agent 4 if that's who she's talking to. Unless Callie's outright breaking the fourth wall, it seems like pretty conclusive evidence that Agent 8 is going to be able to play non-DLC single player levels. And it isn't like being an octopus is going to stop you from slipping through the grate. This is barely a wild guess, but who's counting?
  • Supported by the fact that the dialogue said to Agent 4 is different from the lines shown in the trailer.
  • If that were true, and it actually had alternate dialogue in all the levels to take that into account, it would be... interesting, especially with all the racist comments Marie makes about Octarians when playing normally. It would be especially interesting if it were possible for new players buying the game+DLC bundle to play Octo Expansion before Octo Canyon.
  • If you couldn't play Octo Canyon as an Octoling, a simple way to block the grate would be to just have Marie keep standing on it instead of retreating into it when you approach.
    • Jossed - only the Inkling version of your character can play in Octo Canyon, but your Octoling self remains for multiplayer and the Octo Expansion.

Agent 8 has no memory because of the Hypno Shades.
Since the Octolings have hypno shades in this game, it's implicit that they're not willing soldiers in Octavio's army this time around. Agent 8 is an octoling captured for brainwashing, but the process was broken at Octavio's defeat. This freed her, but left memory loss to recover from.
  • Jossed. They just hit their head.
    • Or, at first it seems like it, but it's actually due to the Deepsee Metro's effects on the memories of test subjects.

Mr. Grizz is one of the characters in the trailer.
Specifically, the isopod, since both the isopod and Mr. Grizz have shady, borderline criminal airs about them.
  • Probably jossed, Iso Padre is nothing like Mr. Grizz personality-wise, and it's implied he's been stuck on the subway for a while.
    • Indeed, Iso Padre doesn't even actually remember his own name, so he's in no shape to be running Grizzco, not to mention the fact that the inhabitants of the Deep Sea Metro are outright banned from even contacting the surface.

Agents 5,6, and 7 will appear or be mentioned.
What, did you think that the Octoling was called Agent 8 as a joke? Well, maybe, but they still filled out the other numbers.
  • Will Off the Hook be two of them?
    • Maybe Pearl and Marina will have unnumbered code names, while 5, 6, and 7 will be briefly hand-waved as other unnamed recruits who were brought on in fairly rapid succession but each one "didn't work out" and are no longer part of the organization, with it being left ambiguous what exactly happened to them.
      • Jossed. Pearl and Marina don't have agent numbers, and the only reason Agent 8 is called that is that they are the 10,008th Test Subject.

The secret test facility is run by Grizzco
And in addition to the ethically dubious experiments they've been running on captured Octarians, there are also Salmonids in the facility, which may also appear as enemies in some levels. Perhaps in addition to using them as a power source, Grizzco has been hatching some of those Golden Eggs, and running experiments on what comes out.
  • Jossed. It's a completely different company which runs the facility.

The story of Off the Hook and their history will be unlocked...
...through the amiibo for Pearl and Marina. Their stories are incomplete (well, more like almost nonexistent), and there's promise of upcoming content that will flesh them out some more. amiibo for Pearl and Marina are pretty much guaranteed considering their popularity, and they would be a fitting place for their stories (if not ideal for the player, as it will essentially be paid DLC in a game full of free DLC).
  • Looking to be jossed; Off the Hook amiibo has been confirmed, but it's also been confirmed that their backstory is going to be in the Octo Expansion DLC. Also, the Japanese have already gotten somewhat more material regarding Off the Hook's backstory than everyone else.
  • Fully jossed; Octo Expansion deals with their backstory, while the amiibo primarily unlock their OE costumes and allow you to take pictures with them.

Urchin Underpass will be the final stage added to Splatoon 2.
Plenty of stages from the first game have made their return, with nine of them being in the game at the time of writing. However, Urchin Underpass, otensibly the first Splatoon stage, and an iconic one that was able to make its way into Mario Kart 8 is still absent. I have a feeling they're saving it for last, perhaps introducing it at the beginning of December/end of November, depending on your time zone.
  • Jossed, it was confirmed in the September direct that Skipper Pavilion would be the last stage in the game, unless they were really going exact words with "The new stage in October will be the last one added."

The final Splatfest will be Off the Hook vs. The Squid Sisters.

And the results will determine which band will be the news hosts of Splatoon 3. (Of course, there will probably be an impact on Single Player content as well.)

  • Jossed. The final Splatfest was confirmed on June 8th 2019 to be Chaos vs. Order.

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