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  • During the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017, Hisashi Nogami did an...interesting pose after speaking a bit about the game following the reveal trailer. In a Famitsu interview done about the game a month later, the interviewer brings the moment up.
    Interviewer: Speaking of “2”, that “2” pose during the presentation was really something…
    Nogami: I… was prepared for the cold reception. (Dry laugh)
    Interviewer: Still, I didn’t think you would do it twice in such a tense, crowded atmosphere. And the second time made me think “He did it!!”, it had a strangely emotional feeling to it. (Laughs)
    Nogami: I thought just once wasn’t enough. The second time also had that slight pause. (Laughs)
    Interviewer: Your spirit was amazing! This is getting a little off topic, but it seems the foreign developers who were present were thinking “This is what that Nogami guy is like?” (Laughs)
    (Both laugh)
    Nogami: No no, that was the Squid Researcher, not me. (Laughs)
  • After the debut trailer was shown, Hisashi Nogami joked that Callie was too busy with her business to participate in filming the trailer. You know...her new business.
  • The MakoMart map, themed around Wal-Mart esque super stores, was released on Black Friday note .
  • One of the promotional screenshots for the new 3.0 gear shows Judd wearing one of the new pieces of headgear.
  • The trailer for the game's Salmon Run Mode begins with a 1980s-style job recruitment video, revealing that the in-game justification for your Inkling fighting on a desolate island covered in mutant salmon is... that it's a part-time job for Grizzco Industries.
    • YouTube comments later pointing out how similar the Squid Research Lab portion of the video is to the analysis videos that GameXplain is famous for.
  • How are Marina and the Octo Expansion Octolings able to intermingled with the Inkling society despite the two races being at war with each for over a hundred years? According to Word of God, Inklings don't see them as Octolings but rather Inklings with exotic tastes despite the very obvious differences in their physiology such as the eyes and tentacle hair. Even better is that creators went along with this mindset when discussing about Marina, refusing to confirm that she is an Octoling (only that she's considered to be very exotic-looking) until the Octo Expansion came out.
  • The very idea that immediately after just narrowly avoided being blended to a pulp themselves, Agent 8's first Splatfest is deciding whether or not they prefer orange juice with or without pulp. Even funnier when you choose to imagine that most Octolings don't even know what orange juice is.
    • Which is then followed-up by a Splatfest that determines whether squid or octopuses are the superior species, when the Octo Expansion had the other characters reassure Agent 8 about race relations between Inklings and Octolings improving.
  • Like Callie and Marie in the first game, Pearl and Marina's names when put together are a Punny Name...specifically, Pearl Harbor.
  • In the first year anniversary art, which shows all the primary characters from Octo Canyon and Octo Expansion, Agent 4 has their face crammed into the corner, like they were trying to photobomb or didn't get into the shot early enough.
  • The trailer for the version 4.0 update was styled like an Japanese anime opening, from Inklings and Octolings posing next to the credits, right down to having a segment for sponsors at the very end.
  • In the official Twitter's announcement for the Octoling amiibo, Nintendo revealed the gear that each would unlock. The Girl gives a witch costume, the Boy some knightly armor, and the Octopus...a theme park mascot ("Balloons not included.").
  • Not directly related to the game, but in an interview with Nogami and Nintendo EPD general manager Shinya Takahashi, the two briefly talk about Shigeru Miyamoto. Takahashi mentions how rare it is to hear him give compliments, saying that he's usually too shy to do so. Nogami backs this up, saying in a deadpan manner that he's never once received any sort of praise from the man in the 20+ years he's worked at Nintendo.


  • The Auto-Bomb looks like a submersible with legs. It's literally a "Sub"-weapon.
  • Players can now fast forward Sheldon's dialogue, causing his voice to sound squeaky. If they make him stop in the middle of said fast-forwarding he just stands there dazed and wondering what just happened...only to snap back and continue on when they do.
  • When Judd and Li'l Judd danced to Off the Hook's music in the July 6 Direct, they used the same motion they make when declaring the winner of a match.
  • Most of what comes out of Craymond's mouth.
    (Entering the shop offline) Craymond: SMELL YOUR MODEM!
  • If you lose a Salmon Run shift without collecting even one Golden Eggnote , Mr. Grizz comments that maybe he should have you Read the Freaking Manual.

    Stage Announcements 
  • Arowana Mall
    • This exchange:
      Pearl: The shops here sell different stuff than the ones in The Reef. I love it!
      Marina: I know! It's so cool you found a place that carries XXXS-size shirts!

  • Blackbelly Skatepark
    • Marina is terrified at the prospect of Pearl whipping out the Sting Ray in the studio due to her being her overenthusiastic self. Those intimately familiar with the Sting Ray will agree.
    • Apparently the studio has Insistent Terminology enforced into their broadcasts.
      Pearl: I can't get enough of this map.
      Marina: It's a "stage", not a "map"! Are you trying to get us fired?!
    • And this glorious exchange:
      Pearl: I just LOVE having 10 limbs in squid form. I couldn't live without a single one!
      Marina: ...
    • Pearl gets a jab in at Marina's good looks.
      Pearl: You should feel right at home here, Marina. You're used to skating by on your looks.
      Marina: Ouch... Okay, that was pretty good.

  • Camp Triggerfish
    • Like anyone, even Off the Hook will suffer from a well-timed bomb throw.
      Pearl: Whoever keeps tossing Splat Bombs over the walls here-KNOCK IT OFF!
      Marina: Seriously. I always get splatted out of nowhere!
    • This:
      Pearl: My phone always malfunctions here and makes random calls. Magnetic fields?
      Marina: Pretty sure you're just butt-dialing people when you dodge roll.

  • Goby Arena
    • Pearl attempting to be a trendsetter:
      Pearl: Yo, this stage is straight up SLOPPY!
      Marina: Are you STILL trying to make "sloppy" happen? It's not going to happen.
    • Pearl wants Marina to stand under the hoop. Marina immediately asks her if this is gonna be the umpteenth time she does so just so Pearl can dunk via Super Jump.
    • Pearl warns mistaking the court hoop for the Clam Blitz hoop would be disastrous. Marina's response?
      Marina: I would have gone with "calamity".
    • There's also this:
      Pearl: What are the three most embarrassing words in the Inkling language?
      Marina: "Splatted by Sprinkler."

  • Humpback Pump Track
    • Pearl being the Straight Man for once:
      Pearl: Here's some advice-don't rent the bikes here. They're falling apart.
      Marina: That just makes for a more exciting ride!
    • Marina points out there's one problem with Pearl's wish to ride a bike...
      Marina: First you'll need to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels.

  • Inkblot Art Academy
    • Pearl brings up the time when they performed at the school's music festival, much to Marina's dismay.
      Marina: How could I forget? You started a mosh pit and broke a bunch of sculptures...
    • Pearl lampshades the fact that an art school is a Ink Battle site. Marina responds with:
      Marina: Ink battles ARE the classes! It's performance art!
    • This exchange:
      Pearl: I heard the designer that made our outfits graduated from here.
      Marina: I wonder if she wrote her thesis on ridiculously large zippers.

  • Kelp Dome
    • Pearl has trouble understanding the concept of corn:
      Pearl: So wait—they grow adult corn here, but they don't grow baby corn? That's wack.
      Marina: Uh... Those come from the same plant.
    • Yet another burn flung Pearl's way.
      Pearl: Grrrr... I can't hit anyone with my charger here!
      Marina: Right. "Here".

  • MakoMart
    • Pearl has an insane sweet tooth.
      Pearl: Yes, they have my favorite brand of peanut butter, Swee-nut! It's so good!
      Marina: Um... Have you read the nutrition facts on this? It's literally 99% sugar.
    • We get a look at Marina's shopping habits:
      Pearl: (mockingly) "Look, Pearl! There's a sale on cordless jump ropes! I'm gonna buy 'em all!"
      Marina: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time!
    • And this classic line.
      Pearl: Is this where your family's personal shoppers bought groceries from too?
      Marina: (incredulous laughter) ...What?

  • Manta Maria
    • Why Pearl shouldn't man the helm.
      Pearl: I bet I'd make good ship captain! HARD TO STARBOARD!note 
      Marina: Abandon ship!
      • This is made even better by the fact that Inklings and Octolings have Super Drowning Skills, so jumping off a ship would effectively be suicide.

  • Moray Towers
    Pearl: Wanna know the key to winning here? Make sure Marina is on the other team.
    Marina: Har har.
    • Even Pearl and Marina are curious over Judd and Li'l Judd's relationship with each other.
      Marina: My head-canon is that Li'l Judd is a time-traveling Judd from the past.

  • New Albacore Hotel
    • Pearl being bitter about a past Turf War incident on this stage.
      Pearl: Remember that time you tried to drown me here? Good times.
      Marina: (laughing) For the last time, I was trying to help you get to the floating stage!

  • Piranha Pit
    • Pearl screws up a Plague of Shadows joke, and Marina is not amused.
      Pearl: How do you make an octopus laugh? Eight tickles!
      Marina: #FIREPEARL
    • Marina points out the conveyor belts heavily go against Pearl's short legs when she advises to not to run against them.
    • Marina really likes the heavy machinery here.
      Pearl: Last time we were here, you spent the whole time taking pics with your phone.
      Marina: But I still didn't get a selfie with you in front of the excavator! Pleeeeease!

  • Port Mackerel
    • This glorious exchange:
      Pearl: Marina! Hit us with the trick to using sponges effectively!
      Marina: I like to build up a good lather and then scrub like crazy!
    • Pearl getting overexcited:
      Pearl: The acoustics are great on this stage! HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
      Marina: Pearl, we're still in the studio! It's just a picture on the screen!
    • More pokes at Pearl's (lack of) driving skills.
      Pearl: I've always wanted to operate one of those giant cranes on the piers.
      Marina: Follow your dreams, Pearl! Just make sure I'm not around!
    • It's almost a Running Gag that Marina doesn't get that Pearl means the ink sponges on the map.
      Pearl: I think it's gonna come down to who uses the sponges best.
      Marina: Use the... sponges? but one of my best friends is a sea sponge!

  • The Reef
    • This exchange:
      Pearl: I bought WAY too much here yesterday. Used up my entire allowance.
      Marina: You...still get an allowance?
    • Turns out pigeons are not liked in Inkopolis, though not for the reason you'd might expect...
      Pearl: The pigeons here are really aggressive!
      Marina: They always try to bite my hair...
    • Marina gets a bit more relatable to most gamers, especially if it happens with a game you want that's coming up.
      Pearl: A new shop just opened up here, Marina! Let's go this weekend!
      Marina: (pouting) I would, but this new game comes out this weekend, and I'm DYING to play it.

  • Shellendorf Institute
    • Marina's less than impressed by Pearl's... less than helpful attempt at being the weather girl.
    • Just in case you forgot this game technically qualifies as a post-apocalyptic shooter...
      Pearl: I went digging in my backyard earlier today, and I found some old bones!
      Marina: Human bones, huh? Yeah, those things are everywhere.

  • Skipper Pavilion
    • A little Ascended Meme from Off the Hook:
      Pearl: Forget inking turf. It's all about getting as many splats as possible!
      Marina: You're the type of teammate who doesn't booyah back, huh?
    • Pearl quizes Marina what to call someone using the Booyah Bomb at the last 10 seconds of the match.
      Marina: After-School Special!

  • Snapper Canal
    Pearl: When I was a kid, this is where my dad taught me to ride a bike.
    Marina: And yet you still use training wheels...
    • The sheer amount of ways Marina's words can be interpreted is hilarious.
      Pearl: I've been here before. A boy from school brought me when I was a kid...
      Marina: REALLY?! Was it a date? A battle? Spill it, Pearlie!
    • We all have had matches that go like Marina's...
      Pearl: Don't you love it when your entire team moves as one unit? Coordination, yo!
      Marina: Coordination?! My team always runs in one-by-one and gets splatted!
    • Pearl runs into a minor problem while attempting to give advice:
      Pearl: Listen up, Marina, because this is SUPER important. Whatever you do, don't eat th
      Marina: DON'T EAT WHAT?! Your text box ran out of space!

  • Starfish Mainstage
    • Pearl calls Marina a hardware geek. She prefers "Enthusiast".

  • Sturgeon Shipyard
    • A little Fun with Homophones:
      Pearl: Marina, I'm a cake girl at heart... but I also like octo pie.
      Marina: Aww, Pearl. I'm not sure whether to be touched or terrified.
    • Pearl quizes Marina what to call someone using the Tenta Missiles at the last 10 seconds of the match.

  • Walleye Warehouse
    • Pearl notices the lack of personnel working the place. Marina quickly points out that robots took their jobs.
    • Pearl voicing some people's opinion of being up against good Charger mains:
      Pearl: OK, can I ask the people with chargers here to stop sniping me from up high?
      Marina: I mean, you can, but they probably won't listen.

  • Salmon Run
    • This exchange:
      Pearl: Yo, check out this new jingle I wrote for Grizzco Industries!
      Marina: Aaaaaaaaand it looks like that's all the time we have!
    • Pearl doesn't quite get Grizzco:
      Pearl: (grumpy) I cook Salmonids all day, but Mr. Grizz keeps crying about eggs or whatever.
      Marina: (amused) Pearl, did you even read the Grizzco training manual?

  • When announcing the winner of the Cake vs. Ice Cream Splatfest, Marina gets in a good zinger on Pearl:
    Marina: Well, I guess that settles it. Ice cream is officially better than cake.
    Pearl: Well, I don't know if it's "officially" better...
    Marina: Actually, according to article 3, section 2 of the Splatfest rules, it is. Ice cream is now legally better than cake. It's the law, Pearl.
    Pearl: (throws a fit)
    • And by amazing coincidence, the day after this Splatfest was Ice Cream Day in the US. What perfect timing! Would've been awkward if Cake won...
  • With the announcement of the first Splatfest in the main game, Mayonnaise v. Ketchup, Pearl gets a zinger right back:
    Pearl: Whoa. OK, we get it. You don't like mayo. But at least mayo is true to itself. Ketchup is just wannabe jam.
    Marina: (takes a defensive-looking cross-arm pose) Sorry... what?
    Pearl: You basically just take some fruit and mix it with sugar. Boom. Jam.
    Marina: It's not jam.
    Pearl: It's tomato jam. Tomato is a fruit, Marina.
    Marina: I mean, well, technically yeah. But not REALLY.
  • For Flight vs. Invisibility, when announcing it, Pearl voices her approval of flight because she could skip traffic and fly to the store. Marina comments how she can just Super Jump there and Pearl promptly counters how you need to have an ally there first.note 
  • Vampires vs. Werewolves has Pearl dragging the conversation somewhat off topic thanks to misunderstanding Marina and going from there.
    Pearl: This isn't even a contest. I mean... vampires are immortal, yo!
    Marina: Vampires might technically be able to live forever, but they're not immortal. Those suckers are super easy to slay. Ever heard of sunlight? Garlic? Stakes?
    Pearl: Pssh... Steaks? You can't kill a vampire with a slab of meat!
    Marina: ...
    Pearl: Vamps don't even eat steak! They drink the juice inside of it like civilized beings.
    Marina: Um...
    Pearl: Werewolves, on the other hand, eat steak straight from the source! They're mindless, slobbery dogs with zero sophistication or impulse control. Steaks? Get real, Marina.
    Marina: OK, Pearl...
  • Marina's response to Pearl's victory rap after the Sweaters vs. Socks Splatfest? "OK, I deserve a raise." Clearly, she's getting used to losing Splatfestsnote .
    • This Splatfest overall was pretty funny, seeing as neither girl seems to care much about their chosen topic and really only picked because they had to.
  • The announcement of the Chicken VS. Egg Splatfest has Pearl and Marina discussing which came first, though they talk about it so much that it confuses Pearl which side she's supposed to be on.
  • The announcement for the Baseball vs Soccer Splatfest shows that Pearl hates something just as much as Marina hates mayo. The two girls are at each others' throats quick-like.
    Pearl: So, what team are you on?
    Marina: Soccer, for sure. The teamwork! The tension!
    Pearl: The snoring! Soccer is BOOOOOOOORING! I'd rather watch ink dry... at the post office... WITH SHELDON.
    Marina: Oh, because baseball is so exciting... a starfish moves faster than a game of baseball!
    Pearl: At least baseball players don't flop on the ground at the lightest contact!
    Marina: At least soccer is a real sport which is played by athletes who are actually athletic! Baseball is the most contrived, artificial sport ever created! "Try to throw this ball past that player, but only in this small area... And if she hits it, pick it up and throw it at her, but only if she's stealing a-"
    Pearl: You don't know how to play baseball, do you?
    Marina: What?! Of course I do! You just grab, uh... the club and smack in a touchdow-- OK FINE. I don't know how to play baseball...
  • The two girls tear at each other when dissing people who either pick orange juice with pulp or without it. Doubles as Heartwarming when they realize they might have taken their usual jabs too far and quickly forgive each other.
    Marina: OJ with pulp is for indecisive cowards who can't make up their minds!
    Pearl: People who don't like pulp are broken inside... AND I DON'T TRUST THEM!
    (Pearl and Marina look at each other in shock)
    Pearl: Look, we both said some things...
    Marina: All fair's in love and Splatfest.
  • When it was announced that the game's one year anniversary would be commemorated with a Squid vs. Octopus Splatfest, the Western fanbase immediately devolved into a slew of "race war" jokes. Something which managed to carry over into the in-game announcement, with Marina voicing some concern.
    Marina: Uh... Pearl? Don't you think this theme is kinda... I don't know... DANGEROUS?
    • Pearl obfuscating stupidity about the recent Octoling migration after Marina points out the potential problem, with Marina catching on and following suit... only to nearly blow her cover while gushing about her evolutionary ancestors.
    Marina: An octopus could be hiding right under your nose, AND YOU'D NEVER KNOW IT...
    Pearl: Uh...
  • The "Adventure vs. Relax" Splatfest shows that Marina didn't learn anything from the Starfish Mainstage prank Pearl pulled on her a while back.
    Marina: I can see it now. The sun, the breeze in my tentacles, a quick dip in the ocean...
    Pearl: Marina, did you forget that we LITERALLY DISSOLVE in the ocean or somethin'?
  • After winning the Retro vs Modern Splatfest in a total sweep, Marina points out how Squid Beatz 2 is an improvement over the original, but that alone isn't funny; it's Pearl's sole response: "I AM ERROR." Apparently, either the washout or Marina's logic caused Pearl to break down.
  • The following Splatfest, Marina won again, this time 1-2 in her favor. When Pearl accuses her of bribing Li'l Judd with candy, Marina decides to fix Pearl's sour attitude... by having Sheldon modify her Tenta-Missile launcher to fire candy corn and bombard Pearl with the stuff 'til Halloween! Pearl is not pleased.
  • When announcing the "Knights vs. Wizards" Splatfest, Marina notes with excitement that the timing is perfect, as a brand-new RPG she's looking forward to has those as the two main classes. Pearl has never heard of this game, prompting Marina to exasperatingly remind her that they wrote the theme song for it. Pearl responds to this information with a shrug.
  • The "Hare vs. Tortoise" SpringFest Splatfest announcement has Pearl and Marina do their usual back-and-forth, only for Marina to be completely caught off guard when Pearl somehow vocalizes a misspelling.
    Pearl: Ooh... Too shay!
    Marina: Uh... What? Did you jus—
    Pearl: Aight! Tortoise and the hare. REEEEEEE-MAAAATCH!
    Marina: OK, but I'm pretty sure you just said-
    • Pearl using "Hare" winning as an opportunity to pitch an action-packed summer blockbuster sequel film to any investors that might be watching.
  • For the Splatocalypse (Chaos vs. Order), Pearl makes a remark that heavily implies she's referring to Rule 34 (though, amusingly, it's still rather accurate even if you discount that).
    Pearl: For one, the fans like you [Marina] more than they like me. I've seen the Internet.
  • After asking why they're having a "Super Size vs. Super Star" Splatfest when Splatocalypse was supposed to be the Grand Finale for the game's community events, Marina then assumes that Pearl would be choosing Team Super Star, only for this exchange to occur:
    Pearl: What?! No way. Super Mushroom for life!
    Marina: Oh, really? I thought maybe you wouldn't want to, uh, admit...
    Pearl: ADMIT WHAT?!
    Marina: Um... Just, uh... You know, that you're not... Eh... Big...enough...already?

    Single Player Campaign 
  • Marie brings the player to a mysterious location and makes some cryptic comments about the Octarians while mysterious sounding traditional Japanese music starts to play. She then tells you not to be star struck and that she needs your help...cue the player staring at her blankly as Marie realizes you have no idea who she is.
    Marie: You've never heard of me? For eel?
  • "As soon as I saw you wandering aimlessly around the square, I knew you were the one."
  • "Now let's go tear those Octarians limb from limb *pause* from limb from limb from limb from limb from- Well... you get the picture."
  • If you continuously pester Marie when you see her in a map, she has some rather funny and cruel things to say...
    Marie: I'd ask what your multiplayer rank is, but I don't want to demoralize you.
    Marie: (It's times like these that I miss Agent 3.)
    Marie: (Agent 4? More like Agent Snore...)
    Marie: (Maybe I should start looking for an Agent 5...)
    Marie: (Mmm, I could really go for a nice slice of pineapple-free pizza from the future...)
    Marie: (Commence operation Awkward Silence...)
    Marie: (Dude... Shut your face and get to work already!)
  • When Sheldon gives you a Slosher to use in one of the levels, he has this to say about it:
    Sheldon: Say hello to a simple weapon with a fantastic profit margin — the Hero Slosher! It's just a bucket!
  • Want a Squid Ring? They're morbidly delicious!
  • The first boss is an oven that plays with/weaponizes Projectile Toast as its only method of attack. Throughout the battle, Marie makes a long string of bread puns. Then, the oven starts to armor the bread, leaving Marie at a loss for words.
  • One of the stages has a car getting "washed" by Ink Pistons. Sheldon, upon seeing it, requests to Agent 4 to never allow him to wash his car there.
  • The third boss subtitles are a total riot.
    I'm BAAAAAAAAAAACK!The Octostomp
    • And after you bust its first tentacle...
      And I brought this sweet new coat!Neo Octostomp
  • The Octoshower, otherwise That One Boss, has some rather amusing moments in its intro and inksplosion scenes concerning the rubber ducky that accompanies it.
  • Like in the first game, you can rematch the Final Boss at any time, and Marie's dialogue becomes more humorous than in the initial battle. Not only that, but why does Callie return to fighting on DJ Octavio's side for the rematch? She puts the hypno-shades that brainwashed her back on because they look good on her.
    • One of Octavio's rematch lines Crosses the Line Twice.
      Octavio: I re-remixed Callie's brain! AND NOW I'MA REMIX YOUR FACE!
    • Marie finally realizes her name combined with Callie's form a punnote , but cuts her line short.
  • How does Marie find out that it was Callie who is working with the Octarians? By Callie hacking into Marie's radio channel to leave a threatening message...only to find out she was holding her phone upside down, with her text appropriately upside down as well.
  • "Don't get cooked! (Our catchphrase was better.)"
  • As of the 3.0 update, Callie has returned in Tentakeel Outpost with Marie. What's the very first thing she says to you when you first see her there?
    Callie: Oh! Uh hey, Agent 4...It's Callie...Remember? I tried to kill you?
  • After defeating the Octoshower boss, Marie makes it clear that she's more or less bossing you around, in a hilarious way:

    Octo Expansion 
  • One of the little details seen in the Octo Expansion was Iso Padre, a large, seemingly-imposing Deep-sea Isopod in the subway train Agent 8 walks through — a quick glimpse at his suitcase reveals that it is stuffed to bursting with blobfish plushies. He collects literal moeblobs. Also, if you pay attention to his design, you'll notice that even though he wears sunglasses, they don't actually cover his eyes.
  • The way the telephone speaks with its "Contemporary Speech Mode" active. If that's not funny enough, its attempts to speak in slang are butchered by [SLANG_NOT_FOUND] and [ERROR] messages.
    What is crackalacking, home skillet? Let us bounce to the promised land fo sho.
    I am bout it bout it, so listen while I [SLANG_NOT_FOUND] you the facts.
    Only cats who have proven themselves can [ERROR] the promised land. Do you dig, dog?
    Here is your CQ-80 and CQ card. They are so bad. Guard them with you lizzife, because if you lose them, you will be [ERROR].
  • When Pearl and Marina first contact Captain Cuttlefish, he and Pearl get into a brief rap battle.
    • After pulling Agent 8 and Cuttlefish out of the testing facility, the first thing Pearl does is resume the rap battle.
  • The very first chat room log that Marina sends you:
    Webmaster> MC.Princess has joined the chatroom
    MC.Princess> Ayo its Pearl! aka MC Princess, aka The Baroness of Bars, aka MC Foreign Policy
    DJ_Hyperfresh> ...
    MC.Princess> OH SNAP its Marina
    DJ_Hyperfresh> Hey, Pearl...
  • Pearl's many titles and nicknames that she assigns herself, which, aside from the 3 listed above, includes MC Reverse Psychology and MC Danger Noodle.
  • During one of the chat logs, Pearl asks Marina how to maximize the chat window, to which Marina responds Alt+F4. You know what happens next.
    DJ_Hyperfresh (Marina): Can't believe that actually worked...
  • When Cuttlefish first joins the chat, he promptly begins to chat in L33t L1ng0. On accident.
  • Capt'n Cuttlefish's innocent bigotry manages to be this, with him regularly backtracking on any negative statement he makes about Octolings as soon as they admit to being fans of the Squid Sisters (i.e., his granddaughters).
    CraigCuttlefish: "I don't see species."
  • The battle at Drop the Bass Station is with another Octostomp. Its boss tag includes, "Back like I never left!"
  • The "thangs" you collect. Funny once you start seeing your Octoling taking a selfie with one, then seeing them trying to push it into the train. Becomes dark comedy when you realize they're all blender parts to assemble, with your Octoling's only options when asked to enter the completed device being blind acceptance or deadpan snark and refusal.
  • One of the chat logs has an audio snippet of a demo Pearl made before she met Marina and started Off the Hook. While the song itself is pretty amusing (despite being a metal song, Pearl's voice is still as high-pitched as ever), the conversation after Pearl shares the demo is equally funny. And if you take a listen, there actually is a prolonged Sound-Effect Bleep, meaning that, yes, Pearl is swearing.
    DJ_Hyperfresh (Marina): I always liked this one... What's it called again?
    MC.Princess (Pearl): "#$@%* Dudes Be #$@%* Sleepin"
    DJ_Hyperfresh (Marina): LOL that's right. I remember the stations refused to play it. For obvious reasons.
    • Even better, not only does the song end with Pearl breaking the stage equipment (to the stunned gasps of the audience), but the recording continues to play for even longer after that, during which we can hear someone (presumably the owner of the venue) angrily grumbling in the background while Pearl herself quietly mumbles an apparent apology into the mic.
    • Additionally, despite the bleep masking any swears in Inklish, one of the words that Pearl screams sounds very similar to 'kisama'note .
  • The bonus chat log you receive from completing all 80 tests is Marie stumbling upon the chatroom. Much of the exchange between Marie and her grandfather is Heartwarming, but her initial confusion upon entering the place...
    Agent 2 (Marie): What's the deal with this chatroom? Ew... this isn't like a dating site, is it? No, that would be... ew.
  • The final boss battle segment:
    • Marina is seen furiously typing on a laptop as if trying to hack the NILS Statue...until she shows to Pearl (and the audience) crude drawings done on something similar to Microsoft Paint of what the thing does and the plan to stop it. The kicker is that her anime-style drawings of Pearl and Agent 8 look much better.
    • Marina gives herself, Pearl, and Agent 8 roles for their plan to succeed...
    Cap'n Cuttlefish: What about me?
    Marina: You the hype man.
    Cap'n Cuttlefish: You got it! World about to blow — SQUIDBEAK, LET'S GO!
    Agent 8 looks at him with a squinty-eyed, "What the hell?" face.
    • Some fine Mood Whiplash: During the Beam-O-War between Pearl and Commander Tartar, the end-of-match results meter shows up on screen to determine who's winning the battle, before Pearl's side of the meter explosively breaks through the other end, resulting in an 888.8% victory for the Good Guys. The fight against the NILS Statue itself is also introduced like a standard Turf War battle.
    • After the final boss is dealt with, Pearl opens her arms for a hug from Marina, who enthusiastically nuzzles into her, to the point of knocking her over.
  • Overlaps with the main campaign: one of the conversations that Callie and Marie can have after she comes back involves Marie telling an urban legend about a strange creature that lives on Mt. Nantai to spook Callie. It's a funny, if inconsequential story, but it isn't until you play through the Octo Expansion and learn that Mt. Nantai happens to be Marina and Pearl's favourite place to hang out that you realize the monster in the story is actually Pearl indulging in her love of metal.
    Marie: I heard a tiny, pale shadow wiggles and writhes deep within the forests of Mount Nantai. And if you listen closely on a quiet night... you can hear an ear-splitting scream loud enough to shatter glass!
  • The fact that the ultimate reward for defeating the Bonus Boss and the single most difficult challenge in the game, is a golden toothpick is mildly amusing. The fact that said toothpick is shaped like a Takoyaki (a fried ball of minced octopus meat) is substantially funnier, due to the double whammy of Agent 8 having nearly been minced during the story and the fact that they probably feel like a fried octopus ball after the Bonus Boss is done with them.
  • Completing all the tests rewards you with the Conductor Cap headgear, which looks exactly like the hat that C.Q. Cumber wears. The hat is hilariously tiny, yes, but the real joke lies in the innate ability the hat has — 'Sub Power Up'. That's right, the hat of C.Q. Cumber, who most likely blew you up dozens of times for failing a test, makes your bombs more powerful.


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