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    Prerelease Theories 
An Inkling will be a DLC character for the 3DS and Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros.
They have already been getting plenty of support recently and with Nintendo promoting the game hugely I think It's entirely possible''.
  • Highly unlikely with the revelation of the Mii Gunner Inkling outfits. Trophies and maybe even a stage could still happen, but a fully playable character? ...hey, something to save for Smash 5.
    • They have a few costumes, so what? Link has a costume, does that mean we should cut him out?
      • And remember how the Meta Knight Mii mask was revealed before Meta Knight himself? I don't think Costumes diminish their chances.
    • Given that the Link Mii costume was revealed after the game had been out for months, it's hardly the same. That also goes for helmet-only items like the Meta Knight mask and Samus helmet, which aren't even full costumes. In any case, the Inklings aren't even in the same league as icons like Link or Samus, so it's a false equivalency to claim that costumes of a new character with one game are the same as one of a beloved character who's been in every Smash to date. Not to mention it would be very poor planning on Nintendo's part to reveal a Mii costume - which costs money, don't forget - and then later go "oh, hey, you know these costumes? Yeah, the money you spent on them was a total waste, now go buy the actual characters." And again, saving the Inklings for a future Smash game would be a much smarter idea. It'd be a wonderful way to start off promoting the game with an Inkling intro similar to how Villager or Mega Man were revealed.
    • There's talk about a trophy for the Inkling girl coming soon. That doesn't mean that the theory is completely jossed, however. Remember what eventually happened to Mewtwo and Lucas? Only time will tell, though.
    • Trophy confirmed, came with same update that added the inkling Mii Gunner outfits/Squid hat.
      • Confirmed, but is an Ultimate basegame newcomer.

The Inklings were made by Professor E. Gadd.
To elaborate, the Inklings were born from the ink spread by the brush that Bowser Jr. used in Super Mario Sunshine.
  • Well, the game started as a Mario spinoff, so... I guess that was actually Nintendo's idea for the inklings all along.
  • Jossed. It is stated in game that the inklings evolved along with other aquatic life to to live on land after the world was flooded

The Reason why Judd the cat is the only non-aquatic animal in the game is because...
He was sealed inside a time capsule for thousands of years.
  • You just got this from the leak, didn't you? In any case, Confirmed.

The Inklings are actually just avatars of the ink, which is trying to spread itself.
Fairly straightforward, the Inklings aren't actually separate creatures but more concentrated forms of the ink that they spray, and they aren't respawning so much as the ink is just focusing on forming a new avatar.
  • Jossed. The lore states that the Inklings evolved from regular squids, and it was only well after this that Turf Wars were developed around their ink-shooting. Also, the ink apparently disappears soon after it is sprayed.

The game will have a ridiculous parody of CoD plots as a story mode.
It will consist of evil, disposable Purple terrorists, an invading army of Blues, and rants about how Orange must be mobilized and reawaken to war by General Squidpard.
  • Jossed. But this is a cool idea. Something for a sequel perhaps?

One of the custom designs for the Inklings will be Odangos.
There's nothing cuter than to have a choice to have that hairstyle and shooting ink at people. If we got pigtails and ponytails, I'm sure this could be an option.
  • Sadly Jossed, there is no hair customization. Maybe in the sequel?
    • It looks like hair customization will be in the sequel, if this is anything to go by. However, there's no confirmation if there will be this particular hairstyle.

Each of the Inklings will have their strengths and weaknesses
Since it was just a demo, all the Inklings seem to operate the same way. However, if each Inkling was better at a certain type of gun based on their appearance then it could add depth to the game. (Of course, this troper can see people abusing this and just go for the best of he best instead of a situational thing).
  • Confirmed, in the sense that abilities are gear-based...

There will be a crossover of some kind with Jet Grind Radio.
If a Jet Grind Radio 3 ever gets made with Nintendo's help then it will be a nice gesture to include the Inklings in some form. Maybe as an unlockable gang as an Easter Egg.
  • There is interest on their side of the fence, and Nintendo does have some level of influence over their former foes these days.....

Getting doused in rival ink
-doesn't actually hurt per se; rather, it's more like a tingly, almost numbing sensation. Rival ink doesn't become a real problem until you get splattered.

Getting splattered hurts like hell.

  • One problem: if getting splattered hurts a lot, then why would the average teen Inkling want to participate in Turf Wars as a recreational activity?
    • Why do humans play paintball?
    • For fun, of course. But let's compare the hurting... human paintball is with armor and helmet on (armor that matters of course, in Turf Wars, armor is almost meaningless), getting hit by a paintball doesn't hurt "like hell" (YMMV, but it does hurt,) also, humans don't explode during paintball.
  • Alternative, splattering can hurt like hell, but it's worse the longer the inkling holds out before their body dissociates in conflicting ink. During turf wars and other sport, it's good sportsmanship to let this happen as soon as possible, which only hurts enough to add adrenline to the game, by the time they catch their breath while waiting out the respawn timer, then reform at base, they're ready to go all over again. On the other hand, Agent 3 holds out as long as possible before their body forcibly dissolves, then reconstitutes ASAP, so after getting splatter too many times without making progress, they're in such excruciating pain they have to retreat from the dome entirely to gather themselves before trying again.

The game might have character customization. So let's talk possibilities!
  • It definitely should have Hats!
    • Confirmed.
  • Gun finishes, decorative ammo containers!
    • Gun finishes confirmed, the amiibos unlock hero versions of the Splattershot, the Splat Charger, and the Splat Roller, which only differ in appearance.
  • Crossovers! Plumber outfits, princess outfits, Toad/Toadette hats, Captain Falcon's helmet, etc.
    • Splatoon Link.
    • Confirmed for non-Nintendo franchises: Japan, at least, is getting a Squid Girl outfit! And the rest of the world's getting it too, presumably, since everyone else has to interact with Japanese players...
  • Shout-outs to its "rival" Real Is Brown shooters! Soldier fatigues, stealth suits, terrorist hoodies and masks, etc.
    • Well there are gas masks, camo jackets, vests and beanies...
  • And of course, RPG Elements just like the other shooters! Leveling up, unlocking (and maybe, or maybe not upgrading) weapons and scopes and grips, new classes, perks, abilities, kill streak rewards. Wait, actually, please don't.
    • Partially confirmed. Guns don't come with customizable parts, but new items are unlocked in the shops based on your online rank.
    • Completely confirmed after the august update. After level 20, every five levels warrants you a piece of three star gear made by Cuttlegear, and a replica of the Octoling's Octoshot.
  • Jill from Drill Dozer, evidenced by one of the official Tumblr posts casually namedropping the game.
  • With Sega's permission they include a few items and hats based on Jet Set Radio maybe: Beat's glasses, Gum's helmet, Combo's Yen necklace.
    • Stated to be a dream project by the game's creator.

The Inklings are part of an underground resistance movement.
In keeping with territorial control being the main theme of the game, the Octopus creatures have taken over Inkling society, and in the single player campaign the kids have decided to fight back.
  • The reverse is true. The Octarians lost the last Turf War and were driven underground. Their attempt to invade the surface world and stealing its main power source is what kicks off the campaign.

The Mad Scientist-type in the trailer is E-Gadd's cousin.
Yes, I mean that he's his cousin. From another universe. (Unless this IS part of the Mario universe.) He also created the Inklings.
  • The Mad Scientist-type in the trailer is Captain Cuttlefish, an old war veteran from the Great Turf Wars and not a scientist in the least.

Splatoon takes place in an Alternate Timeline from the Mario games
The split occurs in Super Mario Sunshine. In the timeline where Mario succeeds, everything is pretty much normal and leads to Super Mario Galaxy and beyond. In the timeline where Mario fails. Isle Defino and eventually the rest of the world, is lead to ruin from all the ink and most of the species in the main Mario universe goes extinct. Bloopers survive and evolve into the dominant species in this new world.
  • Jossed, because it is Earth All Along.
    • You're no fun. Mario has visited many countries in various sports games so the Mushroom Kingdom is a place on Earth. Also the WMG is a spoof on Zelda Timeline theories.
    • Then again, the Olympic games are a non-canon crossover... and the Mario series (maybe even Sonic?) has Negative Continuity anyway. Though, I must give it that the actual story is very similar to the prediction, except replace "ruin from all the ink" with "rising sea levels" and Bloopers with real squid.
      • Actually, Mario and Sonic both have continuities. Mario's is just hard to understand as most people just ignore it.
      • Sonic's continuity has mostly been in line with the order of the games being released. Mario, on the other hand, has continuity between specific games, but doesn't seem to have a single, overarching plot that is easily connected. Galaxy 2, for example, might not have been a "real" event, just a bedtime story version of the plot for the first Galaxy. And Mario DOES take place on Earth, just not the real one.

Splatoon takes place in the same world as Pikmin
The Inklings and Octopi live on the same human-less Earth that the Pikmin live in. Remnants of humanity are still standing in the world of both games, and the fact that none of Pikmin's astronauts have come across either species can be explained by the fact that they are so small that the chances of coming across them in the few areas of Earth they explore are minimal.
  • Jossed. It's been explained that most of the world in Splatoon is submerged in water, with the Great Turf Wars enacted to fight for the remaining parts of the surface. Pikmin's version of Earth is full of land and fauna, so this would not work.
  • Not entirely. one can easily just say Pikmin takes place in the same world, but in an entirely different area.
    • Not to mention that since the scale of the Pikmin games is very tiny, it's possible that the entire surface areas of Pikmin does take place on the entire area of the world of Splatoon with room to spare. Also looking at all the various creatures that exist in the Pikmin games, and a great chunk of them resemble sea creatures that now live on land.
    • This would also explain how things such as food and Nintendo products in the Pikmin games (mainly 2) have not deteriorated, since it seems the Inklings are still using those things.

The Inklings and Octopi are a result of an experiment by Aperture Science
The Octopi live in underground domes, much like the ones built by Aperture Science, as shown in Portal 2. Both species are a product of Cave Johnson deciding they should put some more science on the gels they created, which then resulted in intelligent creatures that took over the Earth, surface and underground.

This game takes place in one the universes in the Portal 2 multiverse
The underground domes in one of the trailers could be the Octopi's version of Aperture Science. In the Perpetual Testing Initiative trailer for Portal 2, it is shown that there is a universe where octopi are sentient, and operate their own version of Aperture. So, it might be possible, that in the Portal 2 Community Test Chamber campaign, the Splatoon universe is visited, although we only see one test chamber from it.

Animal species from this game will appear in future Animal Crossing games.
They apparently have the same development team, and a few of the animal characters look like they'd be right at home in Animal Crossing.

The final boss will be a...
  • Giant paint Kraken. Think about it- What's similar to octopi and squid, ferocious, giant, and powerful? Could be some kind of evil pirate captain guy who turns into a Kraken form- His tentacles could come out of the paint and attack at different times, and he'd occasionally pop his face out of the paint, which would be when he could be attacked.
  • Alternately, it may be a disgraced Cap'n Cuttlefish, who ends up betraying you and joining the Octarians once they make him an offer he can't refuse...except it turns out even the Octarians are disappointed with his poor performance against you, meaning the real final boss will be the Octarians' last stand. As potential evidence, Cap'n Cuttlefish's entry in the Squid Research Lab notes supposedly looks like he wrote it himself, perhaps posturing himself as incorruptible even though the Octarians can see a few flaws in him to exploit.
  • Both are jossed. The final boss is Octopus Skrillex in a giant turntable-powered mecha.

The Splatoon 1 servers will shut down following Splatoon 2's release...
...and the online multiplayer mode will be no longer available. Supporting facts??
  • There are no more Splatfests; Callie vs. Marie was confirmed to be the final Splatfest.
  • Splatoon 2 will have most of the weapons and features from the first game and then some.
  • Splatoon 1 was on the Wii U, which was a failure in terms of sales and had been discontinued before Splatoon 2 was released.
    • Thankfully Jossed. It'll happen someday, but presumably only along with all other Wii U games.

Judd is immortal and the Turf Wars were originally ritual games.
Take a close look at the Splatoon Direct when they introduce the Sunken Scrolls. When they get to the fourth one, they show an ancient-looking picture of eight adult Inklings split into two teams and armed with ancient versions of the weapons, the judgement being presided over by an oddly familiar cat. This of course says two things: the turf wars were going on for centuries in the Inklings' world and presumably used to be for holy rituals (like, say, Mesoamerican court ball), and Judd has been judging these games for just as long. This at the very least helps explain how Judd got to be so accurate with counting the percentage of ink that covers the stage, though it also implies that he wasn't so fat back then.
  • Kinda-sorta Jossed; while the activity of "turf war" has apparently been around in some form for almost as long as the Inklings have possessed civilization, the capital-letter Turf War was an actual war between the Inklings and Octarians, and a safe, sportlike version for kids was developed afterwards using the weapon designs from the real war.
    • That was called the Great Turf War (to distinguish it from the lesser turf wars). I don't see how that necessarily Josses anything.
  • That said, the "Judd is immortal" part has been confirmed by the Splatoon 2 artbook.

Annie and Spyke are siblings.
It's mostly a case of one has soft, spiky hair, and the other has sharp and spiky hair.
  • One thing going against this is that they're different species; Annie is an anemone, and Spyke is a sea urchin.

The Inklings can change their color at will.
This would explain how one person can be on multiple different teams during their play time.
  • Welp, my point was Confirmed: If you quit a battle where you had a different color than the last match, your new color sticks.

The Inklings found a time capsule of modern human culture.
This might explain why they have cosmetics that we might see as modern now.
  • Confirmed, with the contents being Judd.
  • The Inklings just kinda took over human cities since humanity died off. So it makes sense they could have adopted some human practices.
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  • Plus a giant statue that may or may not be a giant laser-beam machine of death

Octarians didn't evolve on Earth, they're aliens.
That's why they use UFOs, have technology far beyond the Inklings, and the importance of the Golden Record that the Inklings sent out into space. There were no Octarians on the Golden Record because they are the ones who found the disc and came to Earth.

The Inklings are the aliens and octarians are native.
The only proof we have that the inklings are from earth is some sketchy scrolls that could easily be some sort of Inkling propaganda. The inklings invaded earth and caused the flooding the Octarians are just highly evolved octopi but inklings are clearly some sort of goo creature that resembles a squid.
  • Several problems with that. Why in the world would Inklings need propaganda about their own past if they had the technology to somehow invade Earth and also flood it? And why would they be so ignorant of humanity if they invaded it? (Again, if they had the means to space travel and invade another planet, that kind of info wouldn't just dissapear. Not to mention all the technology). Also, there's Judd the cat; he was put in stasis for 10,000 years, complete with some notes from his owner regarding the events. Why would the Inklings need to make fake propaganda that convoluted for this one fatass furry creature?
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  • Jossed by Word of God, which confirms that the Inklings are indeed descended from Earth squids.

Splatoon will feature battle arenas from the Mario Kart series as DLC.
Mario Kart 8 has no battle arenas and Splatoon is the only Wii U game by Nintendo that has (sort of) true battle mode.
  • The inversion of this has been confirmed: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will have Urchin Underpass as a Battle Mode stage.

Squid Girl is the distant ancestor of the squids.
Along with obvious spoilers, it's also why they have such a human like society. Having been among them for a little while herself, she could come back to her people/ Squidkind's ancestors and tell them everything they would need to know before humanity's giant wipeout.

Judd is NOT the last mammal.
This seems to be Fanon at this point, but a few things point to it possibly just being humans. The most important thing is that Callie mentions ice cream when talking about available stages, and you can see it on a menu inside a cafe from outside. The milk for that ice cream had to come from somewhere. It's still possible it's made from a milk substitute, but then why would it be called "ice cream"? Cows and other livestock may have survived while humans couldn't, and might be adapted to semi-aquatic life similarly to hippos.
  • There are animals called water buffalo.
  • There is also a cat shirt that the player can dress their inkling in that doesn't look like Judd. There are other ways that they could have known that (Judd, for example, drawing a picture or something), but it's possible that at least non-talking cats still exist. There's also the Cats vs. Dogs theme used in the North American Splatfest event.
  • Also note the "catfish burgers" vs "hot dogfish sandwich" dialogue by Callie and Marie, though, which may lend credibility to semi-aquatic land mammals adaptation, though mostly for dogs, since catfish already exist even if they don't actually look like cats.
    • Dogfish are also a real thing - they're a group of sharks. I think Marie was more making a joke about hot dogs.
  • Perhaps it's whale milk ice cream.
  • Confirmed as of Splatoon 2, with Judd's smol counterpart, Li'l Judd. They're hyping up his origin.

General Cuttlefish and the final boss are actually friends, and the whole single player campaign is actually just them wanting attention
In one of the sunken scrolls, There's a picture of an inkling who looks like cuttlefish being friendly to an octopus wearing DJ Octavio's helmet. It should also be noted that in the final boss fight, Callie and Marie mention that "grandpa's (Cuttlefish) is probably just lonely"; Add their generally calm reaction to their grandpa's kidnapping to their older agent status and cuttlefishes odd amounts of preparation for a sneak attack (why did he have all those stuffed fish toys and snow globe just lying around?) and the likely truth is that DJ and the Captain rekindled their friendship after the war, and now they're just trying to avoid being forgotten.

DJ Octavio is an Octoling
Despite his size, Octavio looks extremely like an Octoling's octopus form. That, coupled with the fact that one of the sunken scrolls shows what is clearly a humanoid DJ Octavio next to a younger Captain Cuttlefish leads me to believe that Octavio is in fact the only male Octoling seen in the game. Now, why does he rely on a machine instead of using his Octoling abilities against you, and why doesn't he take humanoid form anymore? Well, Octavio must be about the same age as Cuttlefish, and Cuttlefish said he can't really shoot ink anymore, and he never is seen transforming, though the forms they stay in are different the principle is the same.

Humanity survived
At the very last second, we either built a rocket or created some sort of hidden shelter that the Inklings somehow haven't found.
  • After all, none of the sunken scrolls say humanity is extinct, only that they will be if no-one does something.

Possibilities for an expansion pack
This Tropers theory is that at somepoint there will be a expansion pack dlc and here's what i think it includes.
  • Octoling hero mode. play through a new set of challenges as Agent C he/she is sent out to explore an abandoned inkling city to secure some new zap fish. turns out the city isn't quite abandoned though.
  • playable octlings male and female.
  • to go with all this we get three new Amiibo's Octoling girl octoling boy and octopus.
    • Jossed. Them being in Splatoon 2 is still open though.
    • Turns out the sequel is getting an expansion pack in summer 2018.
      • Turns out that the expansion pack was actually about octolings, huh.

The Inklings are technically a One-Gender Race or have No Biological Sex
Pretty much the only thing that differentiates male and female Inklings is the way they wear their hair/tentacles; if an Inkling boy let his tentacles down he'd probably look exactly like a girl. This is because the Inklings no longer have any biological division between genders, but most Inklings identify as one or the other for cultural reasons. It also explains why Agent 3 can switch back and forth between being a boy or a girl; they're just wearing their hair differently.
  • Pronounced Hartman Hips on female Inklings and Octolings say hi. Plus, the character creation screen does imply they are different characters (both boy and girl appearing there instead of one character changing back and forth); with the single player stuff being chalked up to Gameplay and Story Segregation.

All of the bosses are piloted
They all have the same x-marked scar on the tentacle that emerges from them, except the final boss. Because he fights you face to face, and you can see for yourself that the scar belongs to DJ Octavio.
  • Basically confirmed by the Sunken Scrolls in Splatoon 2.

Most single player themes are popular Octarian songs.
Shortly after the game was revealed, the developers said that the songs that played during matches were meant to be popular songs amongst the Inklings. Given the big difference between the rock/pop inspired tracks in multiplayer and the techno/futuristic beats in single player, it's not unreasonable to think that the single player tracks are ones popular with the Octarians, especially since most stages take place on their turf. This would be most exemplified during the Final Boss: Phase 1 has DJ Octavio's techno/dubstep beats, while Phase 2 has the Squid Sisters taking over the radio with their J-Pop-like song.
  • Confirmed. Music in the single player game is credited to Turquoise October, which is noted in the Splatune OST CD booklet as being an Octarian band. DJ Octavio's track is titled I Am Octavio and has backing vocals from other artists.

The ink is self-replicating.
Do the math: you expend your supply of ink spreading it, dive into it, and are supplied the same amount. That colorful ink is Grey Goo.
  • I'm calling Jossed on that one. Sunken Scroll #7 states that all ink sprayed during a Turf War (almost) immediately vanished after the end of a battle. Grey Goo doesn't vanish: it keeps spreading without hesitation.
    • If it disintegrates faster than it can spread if not actively aided by inklings, doesn't mean it isn't a self-replicating substance.

The series takes place underwater.
Similar to Spongebob Squarepants, the whole game takes place underwater, but all the characters behave like they're above it.
  • Jossed. Water is a hazard - Inklings can't swim, they dissolve. While underwater lakes do exist in Real Life (they're called brine pools), they're not even close to the extent that would create the hazards seen in the game.
  • How about the Spongebob beach episodes where there's blue stuff that passes as "water" underwater? The stuff that Spongebob almost "drowns" in before Larry the Lifeguard saves him.
  • Still Jossed. The Sunken Scrolls explicitly state that the Inklings crawled out onto land about 2000 years ago. The first thing they found was Judd, an air-breathing mammal, who had been sealed for 10,000 years at that point.
  • There's also the fact the "water" is slime. Hence "Goo" Lagoon. Also, who says this game has to follow the logic of an unrelated tv show?

Should an inkling get into Smash, there will be a Splat fest to promote the DLC
In-Universe, it's stated that a few "mysterious guests" chose a few select inklings to appear at a fighting tournament, and the event is occurring to advertise it.
  • Jossed as of the first game. Splatoon 2, though...

Sheldon can remake his grandfathers weapons...
... He won't because those are actually weapons. Turf wars of today are a fun competition using non lethal weapons, but the old Turf Wars the blueprints are from was a violent struggle for control of territory. Sheldon is glad to have the plans back but he's not going to let some squid go into a Nerf fight with the equivalent of an M1. So he says he couldn't replicate the tech, or waters it down a bit.
  • Splatoon 2's campaign gives this some credence; he outright tells you that the Rainmaker he gives you to fight the final boss is a modded version that's presumably not tournament legal.
  • A lesser version of this is also possible: the military-grade weapons are not actually more deadly than those used in the sporting turf-wars, since they don't prevent respawning or anything, but when selling weapons for that purpose in his shop, Sheldon still has to comply with the regulations passed down by the tournament committee, which limits weapon capabilities primarily for the sake of Competitive Balance. He won't sell the military grade weapons in his store for more or less the same reason that sporting goods stores generally don't sell corked bats or nonstandard golf clubs.
    • Sheldon does lament that he can’t soup up the Hero weapons when you unlock them. Apparently some parts of the creation process are beyond his control, even should he have the skill.

Most Octarians are severed tentacles
Octopuses have a distributed nervous system, some of their thinking power is in their brain. If you sever one of their tentacles it will operate on it's own for a bit, even bringing food to a mouth which is no longer there. They can also regenerate tentacles. This ability is present in octolings as well and has also been refined. If they cut off one of their tentacles and feed it, it will grow eyes and a mouth, legs and a brain. Only octolings are born from sexual reproduction.
  • Confirmed by the artbook.

Inklings are actually .mutant humans
  • Most likely Jossed. The Inklings are said to have crawled out of the oceans and taken over as the dominant life form.
    • Still, a possibility is that the Inklings were created by combining human and squid DNA in an attempt to avert extinction. 12,000 years is not long enough for an entire species to evolve without some sort of outside influence, especially not from marine to terrestrial. Not so much "mutant" in that case as "genetically modified".
    • Gonna blatantly steal from Game Theory here, but squids IRL can perform some kind of forced speed-evolution by manipulating their genetics directly instead of the roundabout way that most animals use. That way squids could quickly evolve to, say, have a much smaller body and a suit of ink-armor that they can reshape and control at will.

Splatoon is a Stealth Sequel to Bloodborne.
Specifically, the "Childhood's Beginning" ending where The player character is transformed into a squid monster known as a Great One, that will usher in a new era of humanity. This era is actually the Inklings of Splatoon.

Rainmaker is what caused the end of humanity
Hence why it's called rainmaker

The titles or sub-titles of all future games will be parodies of the titles of other shooter games.
Here are some ideas:
  • Kraken Ops/Splat Ops (Call of Duty Black Ops)
  • World Turf War (Call Of Duty World at War)
  • Counter Ink-Strike (Counter Strike)note 
  • Calamari of Duty (Call of Duty)
  • Cuttlefield/front (Battlefield/Battlefront)
  • I'd say something about Halo, but whales seem to be absent... for now.
  • Urchin Warfare (Call of Duty Modern Warfare)
    • Jossed. The second game is simply called ''Splatoon 2.';

There will at some point be a crossover with Animal Crossing
Which sounds better, Animal Crossing characters in Splatoon's art style or the other way around?
  • Confirmed. Since the release of Happy Home Designer, Splatoon-themed items, events, and even characters have frequently popped up in the series. However, the Splatoon games themselves have yet to feature anything related to Animal Crossing, though maybe we’ll see a Splatfest nearing AC’s release on the Switch.

Sunken Scroll #5 was Octarian wartime propaganda from the Great Turf War

The ink doesn't actually dissolve after a match, it may not even be biodegradable, and it needs to be cleaned up somehow.
First off, a small WMG: the ink may not really be biodegradable, but it does no harm to the plants in the stages, so it isn't harmful per se.

You might think Turf Wars are only 3 minutes long because the ink will dissolve soon after. However, throughout the results sequence, no such thing happens. In fact, in Ranked Battles (which are 5 minutes long), the ink still stays put the entire time! That's not to mention the fact that Splat Zones battles can go into overtime for a virtually infinite time, and hypothetically speaking, overtime could last forever.

So ink in multiplayer doesn't dissolve after an arbitrary amount of time. Same could very well go for Hero Mode; it would be ridiculous if your Inkling was splatting dangerous enemies and mechas with biodegradable ink. (Then again, this point could be Jossed considering the fact that you can only bring replicas of the weapons into online multiplayer, so maybe the Hero Shot et al. really are more dangerous? Then again again, the Final Boss doesn't die from being splatted, so maybe not so Jossed.)

Yet going back to Hero Mode, whenever a boss Turns Red, it lets out a screech so loud that all the ink is lifted off of the battlefield. So here we see that the ink can easily be removed upon exposure to a really loud noise, louder than even (hypothetically, again) eight Killer Wails. And who knows, really loud sounds may not be the only way to remove the ink, but it could be rather convenient—and with all the Inklings gone after a match ends, there would be no feasible consequences for blasting sound through the arena after a whole match. Or, again, it could be removed some other way, but that's the best I've come up with.

EDIT: Then again, the ink could just be cleaned up using water. Assuming the ink isn't biodegradable, it's more than likely that the Inklings' squid forms (and maybe hair?) are made out of the stuff. And Cap'n Cuttlefish does say he's too old to produce any more ink, so putting two and two together, the ink being sprayed everywhere are your Inklings' bodily fluids. And Inklings do dissolve in water and all, so putting four and two together, they could just hose down the arenas after each battle. Matchmaking isn't the only reason you have to wait between battles—it could be that you're waiting for the stages to dry off. (You know, given how they'd be covered in deadly dihydrogen monoxide and all.)

  • I still go with the "dissociates slightly after Judd's judging" excuse being put up by the game. However, in case it doesn't, my mundane solution besides the organizers or janitors hosing everything down with H2O, is just the Squeegees from singleplayer. Organizers or janitors probably have these machines stacked up in a storeroom somewhere to bring them out after a match.
  • To be clear, the way Overtime works doesn't allow infinite length matches. It only occurs if the team that's behind controls all Splat Zones or the Tower, and it can only last until said team either loses control of the Splat Zones/Tower or takes the lead. In other words, it can only last about 100 seconds at the maximum. So the possible length of matches still doesn't rule out the possibility that ink disappears about 8-10 minutes after being laid down.
  • 100% Jossed by Splatoon 2; one of the Scrolls outright states that Inkling ink naturally biodegrades thanks to ink-eating airborne microbes.

The ink is an extremely volatile and low-density fluid.
The reason that it disappears shortly after a match isn't so much that it's biodegradable, as that it's volatile. If it were merely biodegradable then it would require all kinds of bacteria and enzymes and time. But I think maybe it just evaporates after laying out in the sun for about 10 minutes or so. It being low-density would also explain why the Inklings (whose bodies are primarily composed of the ink, rather than water) have such a low falling speed and cannot be injured by falling: their bodies are so light that simple air resistance is enough to keep them from ever accelerating to a dangerous speed when falling. The ability to take on a "living ink vapor" form may even explain the little "squid ghost" thing that flies back to the spawn point every time you get splatted.

EDIT: The Inklings and Octarians being able to remain alive while vaporized also explains why the Octarians were able to build, and Inklings also able to use, the "tea kettle" transport system. The kettles work by boiling the user, followed by high-speed transport via steam pipe.

  • Partly jossed by Splatoon 2's Sunken Scrolls, which outright state that Inkling ink is biodegradable thanks to ink-eating airborne microbes.

Inklings can change the overall solubility of their bodies.
They most obvious way they do this via their Squid-Kid transformations. During a turf war, or other ink intensive event, inklings let themselves become more loose so their squid forms can merge with their ink and flow through grates. When they're not in these situations, they shift towards being more solid so they can interact with water without dissolving. They have to be able to deal with liquids during daily living. Otherwise, Arrowana Mall might as well be built over a lava pit. And if it rains, it might as well be death from the sky.
  • Jossed by Word of God, which has stated that Inklings are just naturally really porous and vulnerable to osmosis.

The Zapfish used to belong to the Octarians prior to the war.
In the EU version of the game, the first thing DJ Octavio says when you engage the level is "I will take back what's mine." But he had only taken the Zapfish. Unless he was planning to retake the surface...
  • If you account for other dubs (except for the NA dub), it's jossed. In the Japanese version, what he says translates to "I will reclaim my turf."
  • You'll note the future tense, "I will take back what's mine." He'd already taken the zapfish, so he couldn't have been talking about that.

Callie and Sheldon have some kind of history.
Whenever she and Marie announce new weaponry available, she grimaces whenever she mentions seeing Sheldon for details. Kind of makes me wonder if something had happened between them in the past.
  • If Marie's and Sheldon's interactions in Splatoon 2 are any indication, it's just because Sheldon has a habit of blabbing on and on and on and on and on ad nauseam; Marie is clearly annoyed by it, and I imagine Callie feels the same way.

The made-up genre of Splatoon’s music, Squidcore, will one day become an actual music genre.
Its defining characteristics will be:
  • Sounding extremely energetic and upbeat
  • Distorting the singer’s voice to sound like they’re gurgling water, much like the Inklings’ own voices

Inklings are immortal, and Cuttlefish is just in bad shape
It would explain how Octavio, despite being as old as him, seems younger

Octolings will be playable
The Splatoon US tumbler recently posted a picture of an Octoling without goggles, then announced that new features would be introduced in early August. Among these is matchmaking options. Since Octolings are never encountered that way in the single-player game, it suggests that they'll somehow get integrated into multiplayer.
  • Jossed, at least with regard to the first game.
  • But confirmed in Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion!

The Octarians are mutated hectocotyluses.
A hectocotylus is a highly specialized, detachable tentacle that a male octopus uses to transfer sperm.. An average Octarian looks like a tentacle with legs and a face. Yup, a mutated hectocotylus.
  • Not quite confirmed, but the artbook does confirm that most Octarians are created by removing a tentacle from a "mother' Octarian.

Modern Turf Wars are actual gang wars.
Think about it: two sides, each with their own color, fighting in urban locales. These are NOT fun competitions. No, these kids all hate each other since the concept of color is the same as race in our world, and they are constantly fighting over territory, like actual gangs. And everytime it happens, civilians flee the area and all gang members flee the scene before authorities can arrive, let alone make any arrests.

The wars occur with such frequency that many are capitolizing on them for profit. Callie and Marie provide coverage for the masses to see "a bunch of stupid kids splat each other for your entertainment" and secretly open betting windows, Sheldon is an arms dealer who is supplying all sides for the purpose of cash and carry wholesale, the shopkeepers sell gear that infuses Inklings with performance-enhancing stimulants (their shops themselves are fronts for smuggling operations to obtain such stimulants), Spyke is the black market, producing knock-offs of what the shops are selling (and surprisingly at the same quality, but for ludicrous prices), and Judd gives payouts to the winning gangs, all of which is profits from the Squid Sisters' betting window, and Cap'n Cuttlefish is the one who steals the Great Zapfish and gives it to DJ Octavio, to train newcomer Inklings before they join the gang wars.

  • Except civilians are seen around the maps either watching the battles or simply hanging out around the area, and Inklings can change color at will, are constantly switching sides match after match, and they all can be seen hanging out with each other after finishing (in spite of having different colors). And not to mention the "training plan" would involve a Great Zapfish that's constantly disappearing from the premises.
  • Also, there is one Great Zapfish and thousands of teenagers willing to splat each other for profit. If only it doesn't need the Great Zapfish to disappear, Hero Mode could've been interpreted as an elaborate VR simulation.
  • Things that support the gang war theory I can see in-game are the jellyfish people "hiding" in shops in Arowana Mall and the random jellyfish NPC at Kelp Dome you can sometimes see in the stage intro disappearing from view once the match starts.
    • That guy could be a stadium employee, checking that the turf is ready for play. Also, the theory presupposes a violent sport. Would you want to watch a hockey game from somewhere on the ice? Would the stadium managers let you watch a game from in the middle of the rink? No, you have to be behind plexiglass panels for safety reasons.
      • Indeed, the developers have stated that non-Inklings are starting to take an interest in turf wars as a spectator sport.
  • Seeming jossed by Word of God, which has said that modern turf wars are more akin to the Inklings' version of soccer/football (though given the history of football hooliganism...) and/or extreme sports like skateboarding.

Inkings lay eggs

They are squids after all, and it seems like the squid females, as far as I can tell, aren't busty even by Nintendo standards, which is a trait found in the only species that don't lay eggs (or just live birth and abandon, which the Inklings do not appear to be).

  • The fact that they aren't that busty could simply be because the ones in game aren't old enough and/or it might have something to do with the game's art style. Besides, though it's incredibly hard to see in-game, Inklings have navels, indirectly confirming that they're placental, or give live birth (navels are a feature exclusive to placental mammals). This, combined with some of their other non cephalopod features, like the possibility of having nipplesnote  (they seem to put forth a lot of effort to cover their chests) or being warm blooded (why else would they wear clothes?) suggests that they're not entirely squids, but some kind of squid/mammalnote  hybrid.
    • The wearing of clothes may just be a cultural holdover from the human civilization that came before, like much of Inkling culture. Certainly it seems that their clothes, while superficially similar, must be made in a very different way and using very different materials compared to human clothing, otherwise it wouldn't dissolve into ink along with their body when going into squid form. Likewise, it may even be that they have some degree of control over their appearance when shapeshifting into humanoid form, and that some physical features like the navel, etc. are just superficial imitations of humanity rather than being indicative of their actual biology. That is, they may just deliberately "put on" a bellybutton when transforming into their bidpedal form, simply because conventional wisdom dictates that it's supposed to be there.

Inkling can "splat" themselves to leave a spot or area.

Inklings vanish in smoke when they disconnect from matches, and that same smoke appears when Inklings fall from large heights or vanish in the water after attempting to swim for a few seconds. They probably can do this to avoid deadly situations, such as potentially drowning in water.

  • Y'mean, like a ninja smoke bomb? Cool!
  • Kind of confirmed when Marina mentioned that Pearl accidentally splatted herself one time in battle.
Someday, there will be an Inklings vs Octolings Splatfest.
If there will be an Inklings vs Octolings Splatfest, I foresee a Hostile Show Takeover. DJ Octavio and another Octoling (or maybe even a new Octoling Idol Singer character, possibly even one of Octavio's granddaughters?) will appear on the right side of the studio (in relation to the camera) and Marie will be forced to move to the left, so it's 2vs2 on the studio. Also, that will be right after the patch when Octolings become playable, which will help the Octarian numbers because it's new and fresh.

The following are the changes from the usual Splatfest:
  • Instead of the Squid Sisters singing on the plaza all the time, 50% of the time it will be DJ Octavio with a turntable on one truck with the Octoling Idol singing on the other truck. There's a new song, of course.
  • 50% of the crowd are Inklings and the other half are Octolings.
  • In addition to being forced to wear a shirt, You cannot customize your inkling/octoling during the Splatfest.

Note: If the Octarians win, Callie and Marie will just say this doesn't mean the Octarians take over Inkopolis.
  • Interestingly, some save file hacking has shown that the capacity to play as an Octoling was programmed into the game, so this could be possible.
    • In fact, since the credits imply that the Inklings and Octarians have made peace, it's possible for them to hold a Splatfest against each other to celebrate their newfound peace.
  • Jossed in the original game; the closest there's been are sushi types (ika vs. tako) for a Japanese Splatfest. This was later confirmed for Splatoon 2, however. In addition to the other guesses:
    • It doesn't seem there will be any other Octarians besides Marina performing, so that's partially jossed.
    • The crowd having both Inklings and Octolings is confirmed; everyone who chooses Team Octoling will play as an Octoling for the Splatfest even if they haven't unlocked/don't play as Octolings. Likewise, Team Inkling will all be Inklings, even if they normally play as an Octoling otherwise.

The Inklings, Octarians, and all other species of Splatoon did not evolve naturally. They were created.
Spoilers ahead, obviously

12,000 years is far too little time for any kind of major evolution of a species to take place; let alone such a dramatic evolution for that many different species. Whatever went down with them couldn't have been a random natural event.

Think to Judd - a fat humanoid talking cat that, after waking up after being placed in cryogenic stasis, has survived for more than 2,000 years. It's to be assumed that Judd, who had a scientist owner, was a genetically modified cat. Knowing that, it's not farfetched to think that either that scientist or whatever group he was part of had also been genetically modifying other creatures. If that's the case, these scientists had been anthropomorphizing several sea species in their experiments/project, with the humanoid shapeshifting ink squids and octopi being the result of some serious human tampering over a good amount of generations.

Going by Judd, these modified creatures may have very well been intelligent from the get-go, if primitive. Once humanity dissapeared and they were left to their own devices, they began to prosper and eventually started their own cultures that lead to civilization. 10,000 years is a far more reasonable time frame for already intelligent species (with access to a previous civilization's technology, no less) to develop a civilization of their own.

  • This makes a lot of sense from a scientific perspective. 10,000 years is far to short of a time for speciation to occur, much less for an intelligent species. Humans have been more or less physiologically the same for 2 million years. The fact that Inkling culture is a clear hodgepodge of existing human cultures seems to point toward goal-oriented development, which is NOT something that happens in nature.

The world of Splatoon is basically a Crapsaccharine version of Roadside Picnic

Humans were close to or effectively were Sufficiently Advanced Aliens at the time of their self-destruction, and left many reality-bending devices and unnatural environments in their wake, such as the Salmonid's seas and Tartar and his domain.

Also, in a variant of the above, Inklings and/or Octolings and/or Salmonids, etc. were not created explicitly by humans through genetic manipulation, however, they are the result of their ancestors encountering... something that the humans left behind, which nudged them into more humanoid shapes and behaviors at an unnaturally fast rate.

Inklings did naturally evolve.

Rehashing what Game Theory said, but squids apparently have different rules where genetics are confirmed, and can change their genetics in response to stimuli. They probably couldn’t evolve to be made entirely out of ink in that short time regardless of their head-start, but evolving to be tiny (the ghost squid that appears when you’re splatted) and being able to reshape their ink into humanoid/squid forms seems like a possibility to me.

  • And the ability to reshape their ink on command would also explain their humanoid forms - they saw human remains and copied them, with a few personal details thrown in.

Humans are still around.
Along the same lines as theories about humans being alive above this troper believes that we saw what was coming with the floods and moved out. Yes the Inklings believe we are extinct but as we have seen before Inkling science isn't exactly a precise art. More likely then not we're hanging out somewhere else in the solar system observing the situation on earth from somewhere they haven't noticed yet or looked at much, I'm thinking Mars.

Since Inklings and Octarians had a big technological boost from all the human stuff laying around it's not likely they're really looking too much at space beyond sending there own to the moon once or twice and the golden record on there version of voyager since all there needs are taken care of, besides power and territory of course which only relatively recently became scarce, and they are still catching up scientifically to all the stuff around.

As for why we don't see more direct human influence, prime directive? We're staying out of the way until the catch up enough for us to be on relatively even ground and with earth being unsuitable for mass habitation anymore we don't really want to take it back all that much so we mostly just keep an eye on them from afar. We watch there TV broadcasts, make sure they don't find anything really dangerous we might have left behind, and divert the occasional asteroid away.

  • This is potentially supported by where Callie and Marie get their splatfest topics from: "messages from space". Maybe we enjoy watching the events from space and send them a Message in a Bottle every now and then to give them suggestions.
    • Actually, the developers have said that the "messages from space" are actually just ancient human transmissions that went into space before bouncing off various celestial bodies back to Earth.

Splatoon takes place in the same universe as Waterworld.

When the sea levels rose, much of humanity died, but those who did became either the Atollers or Smokers. Meanwhile, the many nuclear power plants worldwide began leaking radiation unabated, causing mutations. These mutations were the next evolution of sea-life. Creatures such as squids, octopi, anemones, crabs, lobsters, sea urchins, and jellyfish evolved and mutated to the point where they were able to instantly change their physical form to a humanoid, or simply became anthropomorphic. A human crossbred with one of them, giving rise to the gilled humans (which explains where the Mariner came from).

Humanity is too busy surviving and fighting each other to realize that the evolved sea life has managed to create their own landmasses to restart civilization.

The Inkling language is gibberish, but a future game will retcon it to make it translatable

  • Official word from Nintendo's customer service is that the spoken language is gibberish. Even then, I have my doubts about it being complete nonsense, as there is a structure to it.
    • Maybe half the text seen in-game is Jellyfish language and is fairly easy for Inklings to read.
    • Despite the claim that it's gibberish, there are some English and Japanese words thrown in there. In particular, the song the Squid Sisters sing during the second half of the boss fight has more actual words in it than the rest of the game combined.
    • The only written text I’ve seen with any consistent relation to an existing language are the numbers, which are all rotated or otherwise warped - the three is written backwards and the 0 has a horizontal line in the centre, for example. It’s possible that Inklings found voice recordings and text from the human era, and integrated the words they could decipher into their own language.

In-universe the final incarnation of Transformers was that of a live-action TV show
The inklings eventually dug footage of this show up and became convinced the Autobots and Decepticons were real. Explaining why Marie was defending the Decepticons yet didn't imply they were either fictional or real.

Inklings don't dissolve in water.
At least, not in human form.It's only the squid form that forces them to dissociate and reform. However, because of their biology, Inklings are awful swimmers and falling into water wearing turf war equipment would make things worse, leading them to easily drown. So, when during a turf war they fall into water, they chose the lesser evil and turn into squid form so they can quickly return to the safety of the spawn point.
  • Jossed by the developers, who have indicated that Inklings are just really porous no matter the form.

The weapons Inklings use in Turf War and Ranked are completely un-upgraded
One of the reasons Sheldon can't make weapons as powerful as the True Hero Shot is that he doesn't enhance them using Power Egg technology. The other reason is that some of the weaponizing technologies are restricted to the real military, so Sheldon can't use them for the kiddies (and the squiddies). Can't let the young'uns run around with actually dangerous Turf War weapons!
  • Seemingly confirmed by Splatoon 2's final boss: You fight the final phase with a non-tournament-legal Rainmaker.

Sheldon secretly sabotages players' weapons at the behest of some unspecified entity
If this is an official sport, then there is almost certainly a body to create and enforce rules. And Sheldon has been deputised to downgrade any weapon that they deem to be too overpowered.
  • Confirmed by Splatoon 2's final boss: You fight the final phase with a non-tournament-legal Rainmaker.

Splatoon takes place in the same universe as 9
The War Machine's gas killed all surface dwelling life almost instantly, which would explain that guy was killed in the middle of play on his Wii. The Fabrication Machine's numerous creation probably made a lot of pollution, resulting in the ice caps melting. After the Fabrication Machine was destroyed, and new microorganisms formed, the air eventual cleared and ocean life-forms, which where safe from the War Machine's gas, eventually crawled up on land, resulting in the evolution of the Inklings, Octarians, and other species.

9, 7, 3, and 4 may be still alive.

The Squid Research lab is run by Time Lords.
  • It explains why they are able to document on a species that existed 12000 years after the extinction of humankind.

Octolings are native but the other Octarians are aliens
  • Jossed. The artbook reveals that Octotroopers are made from the severed tentacles of a larger "mother" octopus.

The reason why there are only female Octolings is because of their hair.
Any Octoling male that takes human form will instantly have their tentacles form an absolutely amazing pompadour that dazzles any nearby being into submission, even their own allies.

There will be a co-op mode in a future update.
In this co-op mode, a team of four Inklings fight against waves of Octarians. The goal is to stop them from stealing the Zapfish. Players can also take part in co-op campaigns to net some cool items in the form of gear and weapons.

Basically, a mode like Team Fortress 2's Mann vs Machine mode, but without any bombs or hatches.

  • Jossed with regard to the first game, but Splatoon 2's Salmon Run mode is pretty similar to this, except that you're fighting mutant salmon instead.

A future Splatfest will be Shin Megami Tensei vs. Fire Emblem.
It's already been revealed that Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE has a reference to the Squid Sisters Perhaps it could occur shortly before the game's Japanese and/or western release.
  • Jossed.

Inkling biology.
Simply put: natural selection would not be kind to creatures made of ink, even if they did evolve artificially. However, if one were to examine Sunken Scroll #5, which shows the anatomy of an inkling, it shows that inklings are made of some kind of muscular, spongy material, and are said to have a "high-pressure, high-capacity ink sack". Keeping this in mind, I believe that the ink inklings use have some kind of unstable compound that determines color, and this compound doesn't mix with other compounds, but can change easily. Meaning, inklings can change their color voluntarily, something that is well known already, though how they do so is still debatable (I believe it is through some voluntary internal process or through ingesting something). As for ink of different colors not mixing, this is where the ink sack comes in. When an inkling gets hit with enemy ink, the ink begins to seep into the body, which of course, causes pain. When an inkling is entirely covered in ink, the enemy ink fills the ink sack and it violently expels the ink as a defense mechanism. When this happens, the inkling's clothes and weapons are thrown about, and the inkling is reduces to a shrunken state that gets teleported back to the spawn in the form of a ghost like entity along with their clothes and weapon. The technology that allows for this most likely lies in the ink tank (that thing isn't connected to the user's weapons yet is still feeding physical ink to it. I'm sure there are a bunch of other things it can do.) Inklings are stated to naturally produce their own ink, so it's possible that an inkling could recover from the ink expulsion on their own, but would recover faster is submerged in ink of their own color, such as at their base. Case in point, inklings are not composed primarily of ink, but rather are like giant complex sponges that have ink as their body fluid, kind of like how humans are around 70% water.

As for being able to move through grates in squid form, that is likely a property of the ink itself. Single player has established that the ink is of the "pocket dimension fluid" variety, as object made of solid metal are shown to sink in 2D puddles of ink. As the animation for changing back from a squid shows the inkling releasing a layer of ink, it's possible that an inkling's squid form has the solid squid covered in a thin layer of ink, which allows it to move through solid grates and merge with ink of their own color. This also provides insight on where an inkling's clothes and weapons go when in squid form, as the ink containing a kind of pocket dimension could mean that the equipment is stored in the ink and released when the inkling clears the ink from their body.

And lastly, by going with the above theory that inklings can control the solubility of their bodies, inklings can control whether or not enemy ink can seep into their body by means of tiny pores across their skin. These pores are what releases the ink for the squid transformation, and where enemy ink can seep in to result in a splat. If these pores are closed, then the inkling won't get hurt by enemy ink, but can't change into a squid or interact with their own ink. And inklings don't die in water. Going with the above theory, if you look at the animation for when an inkling falls in water, they just flail around a bit before releasing a poof of ink and turning into the little ghost thing. The reason they can't swim is because they are biologically incapable of doing so, since they have no bones or water jets, and those fins look pretty vestigial. They are not directly affected by water at all, so things like rain and puddles are still very harmless to them, and the reason water doesn't seep into their bodies is because they are already saturated with their own ink.

  • Some of the above has been jossed by this interview. Specifically, Inklings do indeed dissolve when dunked in water, because their "skin" is so porous that simple osmosis is enough to cause them to basically "bleed out" (which further indicates that Inklings have very little ability to directly control their solubility). The same interview also indicates that the Inklings being able to move through ink and grates is them literally turning into a (semi-)liquid form.

The Inklings are descended from the Squibbons from The Future Is Wild
Their history is correct, but the timing is off; their evolution actually took hundreds of millions of years.

Callie and Marie's dads are brothers
Since people apparently believe that they really are sisters until they learn that they're cousins, their last names must be the same in order for the ruse to work. Assuming that inkling society fallows the same matrimony rules that our's does, then their dads must be related in order for them to have the same surname. Additionally, with the reveal that Cap'n Cuttlefish is the grandfather to both of them, and I highly doubt that they're double first cousins, their dads must be the Cap'n's sons, resulting in the Squid Sister's last names being Cuttlefish.

Inkopolis was built to shelter young Inklings from an actual turf war going on outside
And the Turf Wars you play are organized by adult Inklings to train the younguns for war.
  • If Splatoon 2 is any indication, the only thing Inkopolis was made to shelter Inklings from are the Salmonids; besides, the Squid Sisters Stories indicate that the Inkling countryside is actually fairly peaceful.

The final Splatfest will be Callie vs. Marie
This has been by far the most requested Splatfest on Miiverse and on Splatoon forums, and it seems like it would be most fitting as the final Splatfest for if Nintendo ends up shutting down Splatoon some time after the launch of the NX or at the end of the Wii U's lifespan. Here's how I envision it: during the Splatfest announcement, Marie becomes disgruntled over her jealousy of Callie winning the majority of previous Splatfests, and Callie in turn expresses her own jealousy of how much more popular Marie is with the community. After their on-air feud the players are asked to help settle it by picking which of them is their favorite. After the results are revealed their feud escalates to the point where the Squid Sisters break up and Inkopolis News is cancelled, to let players know that the game is officially over.

The following are changes from the regular Splatfest format:

  • Like the Pokemon Red vs. Pokemon Blue Splatfest, it would be a global Splatfest, except it would be unified, meaning players from Japan, America, and Europe can all team up with and against each other, with unified results as well.
    • Can be possible. From the thirteenth Splatfest, American players can battle against European players and vice-versa.
    • The fourteenth Splatfest (Fancy Party vs. Costume Party) united all three regions together for matchmaking and results, so this is now definitely possible.
  • The Splatfest would last 48 hours (Friday-Sunday) instead of the normal 24.
    • Also can be possible. The thirteenth and fourteenth Splatfest lasted for 30 hours.
  • All 4 game modes will be incorporated into the Splatfest, with the mode and maps changing every 12 hours (Turf War for the first 12, Splat Zones for the next 12, Tower Control for the next 12, and Rainmaker for the last 12). People have suggested the idea of incorporating the Ranked modes into Splatfest, so why not?

The Switch version of Splatoon will be a sequel
To support this, we have to look not only at the differences between the game seen in the trailer, but the systems themselves.

As of now, it does not appear that the Switch will be incorporating Gamepad functionality by default. The trailer showed no touchscreen features for the Switch, and besides showed players docking the Switch before starting the game. If the system is backwards compatible, it might allow the player to link a Gamepad to the console. Why is this important? The superjump ability is dependent on the touch screen (which includes Beakons as a result), as is the Inkstrike. It might not seem like much, but Beakons and Inkstrike are used on a large number of weapons and are used pretty heavily in the metagame - simply removing them would require a significant amount of re-balance. Add in the amount of work needed for the new features (new hair styles, new clothing, pants) and it wouldn't make much sense to simply market it as an Updated Re-release.

Besides the advantage of being able to sell again to existing players rather than simply updating the original while trying to draw in new customers, it could also potentially lead to higher than normal post-lifetime console sales. Nintendo didn't end production on the Wii until a couple months before announcing "Project NX", and refuted the rumor that the Wii U would stop production early due to low sales. So combining the possibility of selling a discounted Wii U after the Switch has entered the market with the sheer amount of new content, it's well worth their time to add a new story mode and market it as a new title.

  • Confirmed!!! The superjump and map are relegated to buttons now, and it seems like the Inkstrike and several other specials have been rehauled completely.

water is actually harmless to inklings as long as they stay in kid form
Some characters make mention of showers despite inklings dissolving in water, the solution? they don't, it only affects the semi-solid squid mode(they can go through grates like they are air after all). you might ask "why would they go squid form when submerged when they know it's a really bad idea?" and to that i say instinct is the cause. Since the water-proof humanoid form is only accessible after becoming a teen, the only experience with moving in a liquid they have is as a squid, so when suddenly exposed to deep water they panic shift and then POOOF! presumably an inkling could be trained to resist this urge and then learn how to swim like us.
  • Seeming jossed by this interview, which seems to indicate that Inklings are vulnerable to dissolving no matter their form. Also, they might just be using some form of ink to shower.
The "clothing" that Inklings wear is not actually just clothing
Although it is designed to look like human clothing, due to the Inkling's cultural fixation on things from the previous human civilation, it's actually quite different. It is actually special technology used to hold the humanoid form together and enhance its performance. Without any clothes, they either can't assume human form at all, or at least are very clumsy, slow, and fragile. Every piece of clothing they wear, down even to the simplest tee shirts and such, is actually made out of an advanced material that dissolves in ink and disappears when in squid form, yet reconstitutes itself when the wearer enters humanoid form and provides structural support to the body. This is all necessary to compensate for the fact that Inklings don't actually have bones. It also helps explains how even similar-looking sets of clothing may provide very different sets of stat buffs depending on the manufacturer.

Cap’n Cuttlefish is an actual cuttlefish.
He repeatedly mentions his ‘cuttlebones’ aching, and his body language shows that he has a bad back, but the cuttlebone is unique to the cuttlefish and squids don’t have any bones to ache. He’s also never seen in squid form, while Octavio uses his octo form and is clearly healthier for it - but that would make sense if Cuttlefish’s squid form is secretly a cuttlefish. Like squid, cuttlefish also have ink, and it would also explain his non-standard character design beyond merely being old. So he was put in the Squidbeak Splatoon, was betrayed by Octavio and decided that he’d pretend to be an Inkling rather than have suspicion turned on him for being a different race.
  • One issue with this is that we do see Cuttlefish's squid form, in the ending credits. Not counting his beard, which seems to stick even in his squid form, he doesn't look that much different from any other Inkling.

Inklings and Octolings CAN swim in water...
...Just not in battle. Why? Because they need to change into a more soluble form in order to get ink into their weapons. Why do I think this? Well, in the Octo Expansion, you can stand in the space between the subway cars (which looks like it's underwater in some areas) and not dissolve. In addition, the Inklings in Mario Kart 8 can drive underwater.

Splatoon takes place on earth thousands of years after humanity became extinct when COVID-19 never stopped.

Future entries will introduce sea hares as characters, either playable, as enemies, or both
Sea hares are mollusks that use ink and some can even use jet propulsion like cephalopods do. This could also work as a reference to the playable characters in Splatoon originally being rabbits that fits the aquatic-themed setting.


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