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Tear Jerker / Splatoon

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"Oh, my beloved Judd... It seems the day has finally come. This capsule is designed to remain cryogenically sealed for 10,000 years. Good-bye, my purrfect little kitty cat. May your meows echo through the ages."

The Games Themselves

  • Depending on how you view it, the homes of the Octarians, and their situation that caused them to steal the Zapfish in the first place. They had to live underground after the Great Turf War and eventually, they were losing precious power causing their homes to deteriorate rapidly. And according to Sunken Scroll #6, they even state that the future doesn't look good for them...
  • Spyke is a Street Urchin. Both literally and figuratively. While he doesn't seem to mind it, one can't help but feel at least a little sorry to see him living in a back alley like that. Alleviated a bit in the sequel, where Word of God has it that Spyke has made so much money off of his business that he no longer has to work.
  • Some of the losing animations can be considered this. Especially for the female Inklings.
    • Losing with a gun-type weapon will have them slamming their weapon to the ground out of frustration.
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    • Losing with a Charger as a female Inkling will cause her to fall and cry.
    • Losing with a Slosher as a female will have the Inkling throw the bucket up into the air and hit her on the head, which also makes her cry.
    • With the release of Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2, many of the Octolings' losing animations have them falling to the ground in defeat. The Octoling boy's losing animation with a Brella in particular is rather sad - he just collapses to his knees and hangs his head, looking utterly depressed. Given that it's all but stated that the playable Octolings are former Child Soldiers... yeah, that can't be good for their mental health.
    • One must admit it is quite sad to hear the sad little sounds the Inklings/Octolings make after getting splatted. It almost makes you feel bad for the splatting, because by the sounds of pain it must hurt like hell. Then againm getting blown up and shot by ink at fast speed (this is why why paintball players wear protective gear)does not feel like a pleasant experience anyway even if you're able to respawn.
  • In the lead-up to Splatoon 2, the Squid Sister Stories that have cropped up are legimately tear-inducing. The worst part is that the way Callie and Marie are said to have drifted apart is all too realistic, as their different career choices turn their timetables around so they have less and less time to spend together.
    • Even worse? It was implied at first that this is all because of the last Splatfest. The sisters broke up the band...and it's all your fault. Later on, this was revealed to not be the case, but the actual story isn't much better: Marie went on vacation, and Callie was set to join her one day in...but she never showed up. After a whole day of waiting, Marie cut her vacation short to go home, but could not find a trace of Callie...but she did find that DJ Octavio escaped from his snowglobe, and the Great Zapfish disappeared again.
  • Imagine growing up with a beloved family member, spending years together as an inseparable pair, but slowly growing apart as the two of you slip into different walks of life, always meaning to get back in touch one day but never actually going through with it. Now imagine that you see your cousin again, for the first time in potentially months, to discover they've fallen in with a known criminal, having seemingly renounced their former life with you. Now you have an idea of Marie's situation in Splatoon 2. For such a lighthearted game, the writing and soundtrack do a commendable job of expressing Marie's worry and horror at what has happened to her cousin. It becomes even more clear when she destroys Callie's hypnoshades and begins to sing "Tidal Rush", a lovely orchestral medley of "Tide Goes Out" and "Bomb Rush Blush". Marie is audibly trying (and failing) not to cry, and around the second verse, Callie seems to begin remembering how close the two were and herself desperately tries to hold back tears. All in all, it makes for one of the the most emotional songs, and moments, in the entire series.
  • BOTH. CREDIT. THEMES. They were made to touch your heart with the stories behind the Squid Sisters.
  • In a way, the Big Bad for the Octo Expansion, Tartar. Even as an Omnicidal Maniac Misanthrope Supreme, it's hard to not feel bad for this thing once you figure out its Start of Darkness. It's still loyally devoted to the professor that made it, and all it was programmed to do was pass down human knowledge to any sentient life remaining, but unfortunately, it saw right through the Inklings and Octarians and noticed their flaws first i.e. how vain, lazy and hedonistic the former was and how unreasonably vindictive the latter was - and to say it was distraught with how these two species turned out would be an understatement. Its defeat dialogue even has it hoping to reunite with its creator in the afterlife. Downplayed in that it's still chosen that genocide of at least two intelligent species and destroying Earth is the best way to pursue its long-dead creator's goal.
  • If you fail anywhere in the finale of Octo Expansion (between the blender scene and the final boss), Pearl, Marina, or Cuttlefish will frantically call out for Agent 8 before you cut back to the last checkpoint. In a developer interview, it was revealed that Agent 8 dies if the player fails in the finale. Dying on the final boss instead shows you a brief scene of Inkopolis getting decimated by Tartar's slime as any of the previous three lament its destruction, and worst of all, the ultimate fate of Earth itself, once destroyed by humans and then ravaged once again.
  • During one of the chat logs Captain Cuttlefish reveals to Pearl that Marina is not only an Octoling but one of their chief weapon engineers. Pearl is surprised but then immediately comes to Marina's defense and would not accept any threats thrown her way. When Marina discovers what happened needless to say she is stunned that Captain Cuttlefish revealed everything about her past. What's awful is that Marina is on some level ashamed of who she is. Rather than being angry about her past being dug up, she was very scared that Inklings would not accept her for being an Octoling. Which can speak to people on various levels about being ashamed about who they are and having difficulties accepting themselves.
  • It's a happier kind of tearjerking, but watching the sunrise with Off The Hook, Cuttlefish and Three as you view the credits to Octo Expansion while Into The Light plays is likely to wring tears of joy and happiness out of you. Particularly when, at the end, Eight looks back at the camera, e.g. at you the player, in wonder before giving a smile and turning back to Inkopolis.
  • The dead scientist who preserved Judd and made Tartar clearly had good intentions. But not only did he fail to save his species and only managed to save his pet, his AI went rogue, completely failed to pass on humanity's knowledge to its replacements whom it grew to hate beyond all measure, murdered thousands of innocent people and even tried to destroy Earth. This poor guy just can't catch a break in the slightest even discounting the extinction of humanity.
  • Marina's dialogue during the Chaos vs Order Splatfest announcement gets very emotional and it's obvious that for the first time (until the final few lines that is), she really doesn't want to participate in it. Specific points she makes is that she's worried that she'll never see her friends again (Agent 8 and Cpt. Cuttlefish to be exact) as well as she's worried what the outcome of her friendship and career with Pearl will be if Chaos winsnote . It's probably the most uncomfortable and emotional bit of Splatfest dialogue since Marina's outburst during the Fork vs Spoon results.
    • Some of Marina's comments in the pre-fest banter are genuinely upsetting, even if you don't put them into any greater context. She's absolutely terrified of what's to come, and she all but openly admits to having had clinical depression at one point, and outright says that Off the Hook and her friendship with Pearl are "the only thing[s] she [has] in this world". Now think back to the chat logs from the Octo Expansion; Pearl and Marina first met on Mount Nantai. Marina was going through a very dark time in her life, and was climbing a mountain. It isn't hard to put two-and-two together. note  If Pearl hadn't shown up at just that moment...
    • When the results come in, Pearl accidentally makes Marina think they really are breaking up via a poor choice of words (the "breaking" she meant was actually "into new genres of music"), and Marina doesn't take it well until Pearl clears things up.


  • It may be only a Meta Example, but the fact that the Callie vs. Marie Splatfest was the final Splatfest produced by Nintendo is being seen as a tearjerker by many players if both Miiverse posts and attempts to push #SaveSplatfest are any indication. Thankfully, they returned for the second game.
  • With Splatoon 2 out, the first game has effectively been rendered obsolete, mostly because of the fact that Splatoon 2 has most of the weapons and features from the first game and then some, and that Miiverse, an integral part of the Splatoon community, shut down in November 2017, making one of most popular and active Wii U games, the one that defied all expectations, feel a lot less full.
    • During the Retro vs. Modern Splatfest in Splatoon 2, Marina mentions that Inkopolis Plaza has become a ghost town with nearly all the Inklings (and the Great Zapfish) moving to Inkopolis Square. It's a harsh Leaning on the Fourth Wall reminder for player veterans of the original Splatoon, especially those who choose Team Retro.
  • Splatoon is the last New Original Nintendo IP with Satoru Iwata's name listed in the credits, as the next original Nintendo IP, ARMS, does not list him at all. This bit of info can hit players pretty hard, especially if they really looked up to him or grew up during the time he was President/Executive Producer.

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