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Splatoon, its sequel, and its sequel's sequel are paintball-themed shooters with a colorful, 90s-cartoon style, and they have the music to match.

Single-player (Hero Mode)

  • Tentacular Circus, the first track heard in the Hero Mode trailer, is an odd, but energetic and catchy track that perfectly captures the frantic, fun, and quirky atmosphere of Octo Valley.
  • Eight-Legged Advance is an interesting blend of synths.
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  • Octoweaponry, the boss theme, captures just how disturbing the bosses can be with not many instruments.
  • Cephaloparade is a song that can be described at times as "burpstep", which is as bizarre and interesting as it sounds.
  • Octoling Rendezvous, which accompanies the Octoling missions, is suitably low-key and menacing.
  • Inkstrike/Tornado Shuffle, the UFO mission song, has a fitting stealthy sound with some Variable Mix for when you've been spotted. It may be short, but it's so infectious that you won't care.
  • The final boss theme, "I Am Octavio", is an awesome electronic tune with some Variable Mix thrown in during different portions of the battle... until the end, where it's overridden entirely by the Squid Sisters' Calamari Inkantation. The live version throws in a killer guitar solo as well!
  • The ending theme, Maritime Memory, is a relaxed medley of "Calamari Inkantation" and "City of Color".
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  • From Splatoon 2 we have Buoyant Boogie, an upbeat, bouncy song with solid percussion and nautical synth riffs.
  • Shooting Starfish is an interestingly catchy song that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of the more difficult levels it plays in.
  • Splatoon 2's final boss music more than lives up to the high standards set by the first game's:
    • The theme of the first phase, a Dark Reprise of "Bomb Rush Blush", is a fast-paced, heart-poundingly intense song with awesome vocals to boot.
    • The theme of the second phase of the fight, entitled "Tidal Rush", is a far more hopeful and surprisingly emotional duet rendition of both "Bomb Rush Blush" and "Tide Goes Out", as Marie is singing with all of her heart to bring Callie back after she is freed from the Hypnoshades and all the while you're making Octavio pay for what he's done. It's exhilarating.
    • The theme of the final phase is "Spicy Calamari Inkantation", a remake of the first song, now doubled in length, now with an introduction that will get you hyped up for the finale.
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  • Fresh Start, the credits theme for Splatoon 2. It's a different kind of awesome for what it represents: the Squid Sisters getting back together and making music again. It's also just gorgeous, and the context is likely to wring some warm-hearted tears out of even the stoniest-faced Octarian. The crowd went nuts when the Squid Sisters put on a surprise performance of this song during the Off the Hook Concert at Polymanga 2018, and there was barely a dry eye in the house.
  • The 2018 Polymanga Live version of "Spicy Calamari Inkantation" puts even more love into the instrumentation, making it even fresher.

Octo Expansion

  • Nasty Majesty, the theme for Octo Expansion, Splatoon 2's first DLC, is easily the hardest music to ever be associated with Splatoon. It takes a lot of cues from 80s techno and Dirty Rap to give Agent 8's campaign a very unique feel compared to the rest of the setting. In the game itself, it kicks in around the time you begin arming yourself to escape from the facility for real.
  • Nintendo released a mix of some of the songs heard in the Octo expansion, ostensibly (octensibly?) made by an Octoling DJ called dedf1sh, and it is all amazing. Some other dedf1sh highlights include:
    • "#8 regret", which plays during the 8-Ball levels is a relaxing and unexpected Vaporwave track with minimum instruments.
    • "#14 crush", which plays in the puzzle platforming levels (like "Ride with Me Station") is an electro swing tune that's as catchy as it is oddly eerie, thanks in no small part to some wonderfully goofy vocals.
    • "Splattack! (Octo)", the techno-heavy remix of Splatoon 1's main theme. This is the tune for Agent 8's one-on-one with the Brainwashed and Crazy Agent 3. The brokenness of the track is a perfect accompaniment for Agent 3 being out of control.
  • Shark Bytes kicks in during a certain sequence of the endgame - specifically, the back half of the climb out of the facility, in which you secure the Energy Core and get to the elevator, kicking butt all the way. It's an awesome, high-energy tune to accompany this.
  • Fly Octo Fly ~ Ebb & Flow (Octo) kicks in during the final boss of the expansion, wherein you have to completely ink a human statue to prevent Commander Tartar from charging his Wave-Motion Gun to wipe out all life on Earth. It lives up to the hype and insanity of the situation, and has elements of the signature Octoling battle theme(s) in it that make it sound like a Triumphant Reprise of them. The Octotune soundtrack version is even crisper and brings out the vocals more.
  • Into The Light caps it all off, letting Off The Hook take a crack at a credits theme, set to Off the Hook, Cuttlefish, and Agents 3 and 8 looking over the bay at the city they helped save as the sun comes up. It's an utterly perfect capstone to the DLC and a great way to welcome Octolings to Inkopolis.
  • Pearl's solo track, "#$@%* Dudes Be #$@%* Sleepin", is a brutally metal 40 seconds of head-thrashingly addictive beats. Mad props to her drummer.
  • Marina's solo track is her original composition of Ebb and Flow (Demo), which shows that her songwriting skill back then was still pretty good for a newbie at it. In-universe Pearl was impressed that this was done with only her voice and a damaged keyboard.
  • Just in case you didn't hear enough of it, the match against Inner Agent 3 is set to the Calamari Inkantation. Hope you like getting owned to Squid Sisters music!
  • January 2019 brings us another Off the Hook LIVE performance, and it features updated live renditions of several of their latest hits from Octo Expansion, including extended solo sequences, new dance steps, and Pearl even bringing her Killer Wail to wow the audience. "Fly Octo Fly" is given an extended outro and new dance steps, "Into the Light" is given a heartfelt slow number, and "Shark Bytes" is pumped up with a more intense instrumentation.

Multiplayer Tracks

  • Splattack!, the first game's main theme and the Bootstrapped Theme of the franchise as a whole. Present from the very first trailer, it is a highly energetic rock theme tune that fits the game's aesthetic perfectly. It's been compared by many to the music of 80s kids game shows, especially Double Dare and Fun House. The song is even so popular in-universe that it has received various remixes and covers by other in-game bands, all of which are equally as awesome.
  • Shellfie ("Friend List" in Europe and Japan), added with the first game's 2.0.0 update, is an incredibly upbeat, catchy chiptune track.
  • The game's soundtrack was already a tad reminiscent of Pop Punk bands like blink-182, but Split and Splat ("Quick Start" in Europe and Japan), makes the connection more explicit.
  • Sucker Punch, also added in an update of the first game, is a delightful, keyboard-heavy piece.
  • During the first game's Splatfest events, all of Inkopolis' music gets a Squid Sisters override: City of Color plays in Inkopolis Plaza, Ink Me Up plays during battles, and a variant of Now or Never! plays during the last minute of a round. We also get a reprise of "Calamari Inkantation" overriding "Ink Me Up" during the second half of the final Callie vs. Marie Splatfest.
  • The solos Callie and Marie debuted during their second concert at Chokaigi 2016, "Bomb Rush Blush" and "Tide Goes Out", respectively. Callie's song is upbeat and catchy, while Marie's song is more relaxed and really shows off her vocals. Bomb Rush Blush also made the transition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Splatoon 2's main theme is Inkoming! by in-universe band Wet Floor. It's every bit as infectious as "Splattack!", if not more. A few other great tracks from Wet Floor include Rip Entry which has a really catchy guitar riff, and Don't Slip, a catchy prog-rock tune featuring changing time signatures.
  • Ink Another Day, also from 2, is a definite candidate for the smoothest and most relaxing "You lose" theme ever. It's even one-upped in that department by Party's Over, Off The Hook's remix of the same tune.
  • In the second game's Splatfest events, all of the battle music is replaced with Off the Hook songs (namely Ebb & Flow, Acid Hues, and Muck Warfare), which all do a great job of blending hard-driving electronica with hip-hop and pop vocals; DJ Octavio's not the only Octarian with spicy wasabi beats! Additionally, Off the Hook can be found on stage in the main square performing Color Pulse, a lovely duet between Marina's smooth vocals and Pearl's rapping.
  • The 2.0 Update for Splatoon 2 gave us five new songs from two new bands, the art jazz of Ink Theory and Celtic punk from Bottom Feeders. Both offer distinct sounds to complement the mayhem that is a Splatoon 2 match: for Ink Theory, the stand-out is "Broken Coral", while Bottom Feeders has the song used for the trailer, "Seafoam Shanty".
  • Also from the 2.0 Update comes two other hits from Bottom Feeders: "Fins & Fiddles" and "Shipwreckin’". Both songs sound like the sort of thing you'd hear in an Irish barfight (in a good way!).
  • Splatoon 2's 3.0 Update adds two new songs from Chirpy Chips! Blitz It! feels right at home in an intense Ranked Battle, while Wave Prism is super upbeat and perfect for a Turf War.
  • Update 4.0 adds a song from a new band SashiMori, titled "Entropical." Given the initial reactions from when it was revealed in the September Nintendo Direct, it would make a really great anime opening theme.
  • The 2018 Off the Hook concert ended with a rendition of "Now or Never!" performed by both Off the Hook and the Squid Sisters. This would later override the standard "Now or Never!" theme on the second day of Final Fest: Splatocalypse.

Salmon Run

  • Both of the main battle tracks, Deluge Dirge and Fishing Frenzy, are a brilliant synthesis of eerie low strings and pulse-pounding percussion and electronics that perfectly capture the absolute chaos that is a round of Salmon Run. Their 15/8 and 7/8 time signatures add to the hectic feeling of being face first against a horde of Salmonoids.
  • The 4.0 Update adds Frantic Aspic, which only plays on regular waves during random loadouts. Appropriately enough for the only time it's heard, it manages to be even more chaotic than either of the tracks that came before it.
  • Grizzco Industries' main theme, Happy Little Workers, is a strange little tune mixing a goofy and catchy main melody with an eerie and dissonant backing track, plus the occasional creepy laugh.


  • The Splatoon 3 reveal trailer gives us a more rock-like cover of "Splattack", the iconic theme of 1. It's just as cool as the original, and conveys 3's chaotic feel perfectly.

Remixes and Fanworks

  • Given the success of the "Calamari Inkantation" song, it got quite a few remixes:
    • The official Splatunes! OST includes the original folk version of Calamari Inkantation. The "Chorus of Calamari County" has an old-school Japanese feel to it in the style of a Bon Odori dance number.
    • "Little V" Mills' "Calamari Inkantation" rock cover. Had it surfaced during Europe's "Pop vs. Rock" Splatfest, it could have easily tipped the balance in the latter's favor.
    • This Peaceful Mix of "Calamari Inkantation" harkens to the Traditional Calamari County version of the song, and gives it a more mellow feel.
    • Jonny Atma's metal cover of "Calamari Inkantation" was recorded in honor of the final Callie Vs. Marie Splatfest, and it captures the intensity of the final battle perfectly!
    • The Man on the Internet channel gives us its own version of "Calamari Inkantation" with catchy English lyrics, just in time for Splatoon 2's release.
    • How awesome is Calamari Inkantation? Well, a Otamatone cover of it still sounds inkredibly good.
    • One user on Tumblr made a remix of "Calamari Inkantation" in the style of the Sonic Advance Trilogy, giving it a perfectly retro-sounding vibe, and even making the vocals of a lower sound quality to match the sound limitations of the Game Boy Advance. Have a listen here.
    • A Japanese Minecraft player made a looping rendition of this wonderful song in Creative Mode. Link Here.
    • Hyuman's rendition, Shamisen Sisters, puts Calamari Inkantation to some traditional Japanese instruments with some unique instrument choices.
    • This chiptune rendition of the Spicy version from 2 embraces the retraux love and has wonderfully layered instruments.
    • This dual mix proves that Calamari Inkantation goes well with itself, as the two versions sync up for the first minute and a half before transitioning into a perfectly-timed duel.
  • This rendition of "Maritime Memory" in otamatone somehow manages to make for a spot-on performance despite only using a single instrument to do everything.
  • Mega Flare's fine take on "Maritime Memory", Good Bye Ink.
  • Thomas Vienna's cover of "Shellfie", taking the already-chiptune piece to its logical retraux conclusion.
  • AJ DiSpirito's metal medley of themes from multiplayer pumps up the energy even higher.
  • Songs that convert the in-game Inkling speech into English:
  • Mashups of Splatoon music with other songs:
  • This rock cover of "Ink Me Up" captures the feel of the original pretty well, while this Otamatone cover manages to capture the funkiness wonderfully.
  • The 2018 Chokaigi concert Off the Hook put on gives us the live version of "Nasty Majesty", which trades a bit of the grunge of the album version for going all in on the high-power synth.
  • This 8-bit demake of "Fly Octo Fly ~ Ebb & Flow Remix" is actually catchier than the original. Somehow. Must be the magic of chiptunes. This second intepretation uses slightly different instrumentation, and is just as amazing.
  • Sheddy's takes on several Splatoon themes are pretty nifty:
    • Fresh Start starts out simple, then layers on the instrumentation in a way that clicks perfectly.
    • Bomb Rush Blush and Tide Goes Out get turned into sweet little music box songs. They also get turned into some pretty interesting instrumental mixes.
    • Calamari Inkantation has a unique twist added to it that makes it sound different, yet familiar with a somewhat traditional twist.
    • Tentacular Summer gives "Ebb and Flow" a beach holiday styling, complete with seagulls.
    • Sea-PU Blitz gets tinkered with, making it even better for parties.
  • Fly Octo Fly as done by the Chirpy Chips is an impressive cover job, complete with chiptunes and their vocalist's cute singing.
  • Ebb & Flow Inkantation, a mashup of "Ebb & Flow" with "Calamari Inkanation", make Off the Hook the easy vote for Silvagunner's music tournament finals, and clearly shows that the Squid Sisters and Off the Hook really need to collab for more songs.
  • This piano solo of "Nasty Majesty" manages to convey the main parts of the song wonderfully, and even has high-note sections that sub in for Pearl's rapping.
  • There's a bunch of Splatoon songs done as music-box themes:
  • Hard in the Paint, an incredibly catchy tune that has a similar feel to the game's soundtrack and wouldn't be out of place on the album of a Ska Punk band like The Aquabats!.
  • The 2019 Kyoto Mix concert kicked off with a brief acoustic guitar rendition of "Splattack!" ...performed by K.K. Slider, of all characters. After performing the theme for New Horizons, he ends with another performance of "Splattack!", this time with vocals.

Other Related Works

  • Off the Hook's vocalists, Alice and Lighter190E, came together to collaborate for "This is How We Do", the closest we will get to a real-life Off The Hook performance in a language we can fully translate.

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