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  • The fact that no matter what color team you are, you're the good guys and the opposing players are the bad guys.
  • When wielding a roller, you can bump straight into another Inkling with their own roller and both characters will get splatted at the same time.note 
  • In a similar fashion, brushes' melee attack consists of swinging the brush wildly in front of you. This leads to some amusing scenes when two brush wielders attack each other, as it comes off looking like a Wimp Fight. It was especially amusing when the Inkbrush was first released, as everyone was using them, leading to whole teams getting involved.
  • A common tactic for roller users is to hide in a patch of ink and wait for players to walk by, then leap out and splat them instantly. It's hilarious to watch, even if you are the unfortunate victim.
    • Just try to think about where the Inkling's weapons are being stashed when they are hidden and/or in squid form. Especially if it's a huge Splat Roller...
  • In Tower Control mode, whenever your team captures the eponymous Tower, it begins to play a jingle that sounds like an ice cream truck. It's so incongruous with everything else that it becomes funny.
  • Despite the extremely low damage they inflict per-hit and the relatively slow ink spray speed, Sprinklers are perfectly capable of splatting Inklings who stand too close. It can be genuinely hilarious to splat a player who disregarded your thrown Sprinkler, and is also kind of amusing, in an embarrassing fashion, to accidentally get yourself splatted by an enemy Sprinkler.