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  • Why does Marie not look for Agent 3 to help with the search for Callie, CPT Cuttlefish, the Great Zapfish, and Octavio?
    • Maybe they just got too busy after hitting level 50, mingling in the crowd of level 50 players. Or maybe Marie just didn't have the time or tech to contact them.
    • They're too busy trying not to die from blue shells in Mario Kart 8.
    • They're battling to become the best squid in the world.
    • One of the Sunken Sea Scrolls explains that they're out helping Cuttlefish with research at the time of Splatoon 2, so they probably just weren't close enough to be useful.
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    • They're preparing for an all-new all-different kind of battle.
  • Octo Valley was said to be in an energy crisis, at the emergency level, in the first Splatoon. Looks like they're not only doing fine, there seems to be more energy-intensive regions now. What's the problem?
    • In the Squid Sisters Stories, it's implied that the Octarians re-kidnapped the Great Zapfish. The Inklings, however, appear to have less energy and must find alternative ways (i.e. the solar panels on Crusty Sean's van).
    • They did rekidnap the Great Zapfish, and apparently, they were able to get by just fine over the course of 2 years with no electricity. How? No idea. I'm gonna assume they still had some little Zapfish after the events of the first game to keep them going.
    • We actually have an official answer to this from the developers; the Octarians have been using Salmonid eggs acquired in trade deals to power their stuff.
  • If Crusty Sean is running a food stand, then who will sell you shoes now?
    • On that note, are Annie, Moe, and Jelonzo here too? Will they still sell hats and shirts?
      • The gear shops are all run by new characters; Sheldon is the only returning shopkeeper who's kept his job. It's possible Jelonzo didn't move from Inkopolis to Inkopolis Square. If he did, he probably just found other work.
      • To be more specific; in Splatoon 2, Bisk the spider crab sells shoes, Jelfonzo the jellyfish sells clothes, and Flow the sea slug sells hats. To be frank, given that Inkopolis is a big city, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that it'd have more than one clothing/shoe/hat store.
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    • Who sells you pants and gives you different hairstyles?
      • Both pants and hairstyles are treated like skin and eye color, and are customized from the character creation menu (which can be accessed at any time in the plaza).
  • Where is Spyke? (He does have a connection with Murch, right?)
    • He was seen watching the Off the Hook concert in the July 6 Direct. He may just not be in business anymore. You can also find him working a music booth in Inkopolis Square as well, between the Central Tower and the Recording Room. There seems to be an implication that he's working backrooms now, and Murch is his frontman "on the street".
      • That last sentence has been confirmed by the developers.
  • Where the heck did Li'l Judd come from? Did he get frozen for 12,002 years?
    • The Sunken Scrolls imply that he's a clone created to keep Judd company.
  • What exactly does Grizzco Industries want the salmon eggs for?
    • It's been hinted that they want the eggs for power reasons. Considering that Inkopolis is actually being hit by an energy crisis, that would make some sense if that's the case.
      • The developers have been confirmed that Salmonid eggs can be used as a source of energy.
  • How did Spyke and those Jellyfish get into that café, and how do they intend to leave? There are no visible exits, and every wall is visible from the windows. (Unless he's trying to look up a way to get out from his laptop.)
    • The windows double as doors? Hidden entrances? Or maybe we should just remember the MST3K Mantra.
    • There's a grate on the ceiling. Inkling patrons could get through it in squid form- maybe Spyke and the jellyfish have a similar way to get through it.
  • Okay, how old even is Agent 4? I remember an interview saying that the Splatoon 2 inklings are around 14 like their predecessors, according to the characters page here Agent 4 two years older than Agent 3 was in Splatoon 1 (which would place them at around 16), and THEN the usually-reliable Splatoon wiki says Agent 4 is 'At least 18'.
    • Agent 3 was at least 14 during Splatoon 1. With Splatoon 2 happening two years later, Agent 3 has likely gotten older.
    • Bugging Marie enough will earn you the line "You remind me a lot of Agent 3. You know, if Agent 3 were, like, 2 years older. And practiced basic hygiene." Since it's been 2 years since Agent 3 was 14, 14+2+2=18. Artistic Age could be in effect, but Agent 4 doesn't look 18 to me. Further complicating matters, the shop keepers call them "squiddo" (Obviously a pun on "kiddo") and the like quite a lot.
  • Why does Crusty Sean fry his drinks?
    • He doesn't. Who the hell told you that?
      • Crusty Sean, of course. When you order a drink from him, he'll ask if you want him to "fry it up." Selecting no means you don't get the drink.
  • So we know Agent 1 is Callie, Agent 2 is Marie, Agent 3 is your player character in Octo Valley in the first game, and Agent 4 is the player character in Octo Canyon in this game. In the Octo Expansion trailer, your player character is named Agent 8, which leaves one important question: who are Agents 5-7?
    • Well, there's Pearl and Marina, who look like they're going to be agents, but that still leaves one Agent. My best guess is Sheldon is Agent 5.
    • It seems that Cap'n Cuttlefish dubbed Agent 8 as such because they didn't have a proper name, with the 8 being derived from their test subject number, 10,008. Pearl and Marina are not named Agents, and no new Agents are seen.
  • When C.Q.Cumber first appears, Cap'n Cuttlefish exclaims "Egad! A talking sea slug!" (Or something similar). Ignoring C.Q. obviously not being a slug of any sort, how is a talking sea slug at all surprising in this world? Flow's a sea slug, and isn't treated as at all out of the ordinary. Is Cuttlefish's speciesism showing again, or what?
    • Just about every other sentient being in the game has a degree of anthropomorphism to it; Flow might be a sea slug, but she a much more humanoid appearance than C.Q. Cumber, who's pretty much identical to a "normal" sea cucumber aside from the hat. There are probably plenty of non-evolved sea creatures in the world, and Cuttlefish mistook C.Q. Cumber for one of them.
  • Why isn’t there an option to rescue Iso Padre? The poor guy’s been trapped on the Metro for some time, but Agent 8 and Cuttlefish just ditch him.
    • After beating the expansion, there's nothing stopping you from going back to the Deepsea Metro, and Cap'n Cuttlefish is there as well, saying the place has grown on him. If those two can go back in, then the exit path is likely clear, so there's nothing now stopping Iso Padre or any of the others from leaving the Metro whenever they'd like.
    • One of the messages once you finish Octo Expansion is that there are a lot of Octolings populating Inkopolis all of a sudden. This suggests that Agent 8 finding a way to the surface and reaching Inkopolis also cleared the way for everyone else to get there too, including Iso Padre. As mentioned directly above, Cap'n Cuttlefish is in the Deepsea Metro train too and is there because he likes it, so it seems that after the defeat of Commander Tartar and the fall of Kamabo Co., the Deepsea Metro is pretty much a means of fast travel in the deepsea regions.
  • So, Agent 8 escaped the Deepsea Metro and made it to Inkopolis, and that's all well and good. Where are they going to live, though? Would Pearl and Marina help them get a place, or let them crash at their pad for a while?
    • My personal headcanon is that they live with Agent 4, which is why they have the same equipment as them. As far as actually canon explanations, I have none.
      • Surprisingly confirmed by promo stuff, apparently Agent 8 and Agent 4 re sharing an apartment now. In fact exactly like the previous troper supposed that's the in universe justification for the shared equipment.
    • There's also the fact that Pearl is canonically extremely rich. If she can mobilize a fleet of helicopters at a moment's notice, I'd think that buying Agent 8 a condo or renting them an apartment or something wouldn't be a problem for her.
  • Squid Beatz 2 gets a few new tracks for Octo Expansion, but except for the special Splattack! remix, none of Dedf1sh's music is on there. Any idea why?
    • Same thing with the music from the first game heard in Splatoon 2, but weren't in Squid Beatz 2 (some of the Turquoise October tracks).
    • We still have 5 more Splatoon amiibo (Off the Hook, and the Octolings) coming later. Each Splatoon amiibo (excluding recolor variants) unlock gears and a music track for Squid Beatz 2.
    • It's also possible the developers just couldn't turn Dedf1sh's more minimalist and quiet songs into a decent rhythm game.
  • Some of the stages in this game (and the last one) contain parking spaces in locations that don't seem possible to drive to, such as Inkblot Art Academy and The Reef. How does anyone actually use those parking spaces? Does Inkopolis have flying cars?
  • Something has been bothering me about the Deep Sea Metro. The train will go through different places when you exit levels and true to its namesake, some of those places are clearly underwater. And when Agent Eight moves to a different car they’re stepping into open seawater. How? Wasn’t it established in the first game that Inklings and Octolings melt in water?
    • The laws of physics are heavily distorted in the Deepsea Metro due to intense magnetic fields, according to some of Marina's Chat Logs.
  • Was Kamabo Co. aware of what Tartar was doing? From what C. Q. Cumber said after the end of the campaign, Kamabo Co. seemed like it was entirely separate from the Professor. But they created the tests designed to filter out less intelligent lifeforms. Whose side are they on?

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